Male Idol V12c60

Volume 12 Chapter 60 Victoria, My Sister’s Hobby

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 In the morning, when I woke up, my sister Kanon was lying next to me with a happy expression.

 Why is Kanon in my bed… Oh! I remember that I came to Japan.


 As I turned my gaze towards Kanon, I saw my other sister, Hermie, lying quietly on her back in a beautiful posture.

 So as not to wake up my sleepy sisters, I slowly got out of bed.


 After getting out of bed, I stretched my body and tied my long hair with a hairband.

 I never imagined that I would sleep in the same bed with my sisters like this in Japan.

 Just a few days ago, when I was at Stars, I never thought something like this would happen.

 ”Ehehe, Aqua~… I lov wu~”

 Honestly, this child has such an irresponsible face…

 Seeing Kanon’s expression, I couldn’t help but smile.

 And I had never seen this when I was at Stars, which made me feel a mixture of relief and guilt. If only I had been more responsible, maybe even at Stars… No, let’s stop with the “what if” talk.

 Even if Kanon had stayed at Stars, I don’t think she would have shown such a carefree expression if the two of us, who were primarily responsible, weren’t here.

 ”Hey, you’ll catch a cold, you know.”

 I gently fixed the slightly disheveled blanket and quietly left the room so as not to wake the two of them.

 Um, which way is the living room again?

 As I tilted my head and pondered, I felt a presence behind me and turned around.

 ”Good morning, Victoria-sama.”

 ”Oh, it’s Pegonia. Good morning.”

 She’s definitely the most peculiar one.

 Although she has a soft expression now, when she was with the Stars, she really looked like a machine.

 Of course, that was her role as the “Omotenashi (wholeheartedly look after guests)” girl, but I somehow noticed that she truly loved Kanon. That’s why I didn’t oppose when Pegonia became Kanon’s servant.

 I still think it was the right decision, but what happened last night was no good. Even if it’s true that Kanon had an accident while playing a horror game, it should have remained a secret among us girls!! My cute Kanon had a bright red face and teary eyes, you know!!

 And to try to deceive me with false information like how Shirogane Aqua happily collected Kanon’s wet pants… I mean, anyone can tell that it’s 100% a lie! No matter how cute Kanon is, there’s no way I can think of a boy who gladly accepts wet pants. There’s a limit to how much you can lie…

 ”Oh, by the way, I still haven’t thanked Victoria-sama for that time.”

 That time…? Oh, if it’s about when I released you from confinement, it’s fine already.

 Shirogane Aqua came and made a mess of everything, and we resolved it by force.

 ”There’s no need to worry. What I did in the end was pointless anyway.”

 Actually, the reason it turned out that way was because of my own incompetence.

 I smile self-deprecatingly at Pegonia.

 ”Even if that’s the case, if you don’t mind, please come this way.”

 Pegonia says that and opens the door to a room labeled “Kanon’s Secret Room.”

 My body flinches as I sense a sweet yet sinister and provocative scent leaking from the gap in the door.

 ”Victoria-sama… Are you prepared to peek into the depths of Miss’s abyss?”

 Pegonia’s words make me hold my breath.

 ”Kanon’s secret… It’s not really nice to see my sister’s secret without permission, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. After all, I’m Kanon’s big sister. Ah, right, if I’m her big sister… I need to get a handle on my little sister.”

 ”Then, go through the door ahead and touch the abyss. After all, Miss’ friend Emily-sama enters without permission almost every day.”

 That woman was just kidding after all. When you get home, the first thing you’ll do is put a nail in it.

 After making up my mind, I slowly put my hand on the door knob.

 I wonder what kind of thick miasma it is. The air is stagnant.

 I immediately covered my mouth with a handkerchief.

 ”Then take your time. I’m getting ready in the morning, so if you need anything, please let me know.”

 Pegonia bowed and quickly stepped back.

 When I made up my mind, I opened the door wide and stepped inside.


 As soon as I entered the room, many Shirogane Aqua Goods greeted me.

 I slowly moved forward and looked at the stuffed animal in front of me.

 ”Why are there so many of the same stuffed animals here?”

 Well, if I look closely, the costumes and faces are different.

 But really, isn’t just one enough?

 Or maybe I just don’t understand, and there’s a reason to collect all the different costumes and expressions.

 When I looked at the shelf next to me, I found several identical acrylic stands lined up.

 ”T-there must be some deep meaning to this too, right?”

 Otherwise, I can’t explain why there are ten acrylic stands with Shirogane Aqua wearing Yuujin-sama’s costumes.

 Suddenly, the word “early-onset Alzheimer’s” comes to mind.

 I thought it couldn’t be true, but the symptom of forgetting that you’ve already bought something and buying the same thing again matches perfectly.

 I should advise Pegonia to take Kanon to Miyamochi Tamamo-sensei, the royal physician, later.

 Now,I look at another shelf.

 ”Books… come to think of it, I heard that child used to visit our grandmother’s library and loved books.”

 As I reminisced about the past, I approached the bookshelf with a slightly sentimental feeling.

 Huh? What’s this book?

 I lowered my gaze onto the book with the title I picked up.

 [Shirogane Worship Records / Eastern Holy Aqua Religion]

 Oh, it’s a book about religion.

 To broaden my knowledge, I casually flipped through the pages.

 [From the real world to the overflowing entities, your destination is the bulletin board. This book is a doujinshi that compiles the stories of the bulletin board users who were in chaos due to the various events caused by the main god, Shirogane Aqua-sama.]

 Nani kore…?

 I continued to flip through the pages.

 •Chapter 1: City Prince’s Side Story ~ The Beginning of the 616 Incident

 •Chapter 2: Shironeko Holy Book Chronicles ~ I Have to Ride this Big Wave

 •Chapter 3: Dream Time-Space Broadcasting ~ The Beginning of Beryl

 •Chapter 4: Yuujin Fantasia ~ Shumi-chan’s Great Victory!

 •Chapter 5: Dried Steamed Cake Mystery Tales ~ The Day Biscuits, Udon, and Eggplants Disappeared from Japan

 •Chapter 6: Shirogane’s Path ~ Shirogane Aqua Exists in Japan!

 •Chapter 7: Department Store Commotion ~ Gather at the Wisteria Department Store


 Chapter 5, I wonder what happened there…

 There was a time when Japan didn’t produce enough food and had to rely on imports, so I worry if this country is really okay.

 I put a book back where it belonged, and then picked up another book nearby.

 [Big Brother / White Cabin.]

 Hmm, this picture is Shirogane Aqua. Such a skillful drawing. I flipped through the pages.

 Oh, it all starts with a young girl without any family summoning a demon and asking the summoned demon, Shirogane Aqua, to become her brother.

 But this demon shows a lot of skin, isn’t that inappropriate? I don’t think that’s good.

 I read the manga intently to see if it’s okay for Kanon to read.




 Is this labeled as “1,” I wonder if there’s more to it?

 I glance at the bookshelf. Huh? There’s a sticky note here. I wonder what it says?

 [Volume 2 is currently on loan to Emily-senpai]

 I couldn’t help but stomp my foot on the floor.

 Huh? That girl went to Stars without returning the book? Un-be-lie-va-ble!

 I’ll definitely tell Kanon later that she should think about the friends she hangs out with, like, 10 times!

 ”Sigh… There’s no helping it, I guess.”

 I calm my heart and return the book to its original place.

 This work is really great because within the turn where the big brother spoils his little sister, you occasionally catch a glimpse of his devilish nature, the aggressiveness. It had some s*xual scenes between the siblings, but there have been many works in the past that dealt with such themes in art, so it’s just another form of new art, desu~wa.

 I’ll contact the author later through the embassy and make sure it gets released in Stars with my recommendation.

 I wonder if there are many wonderful works like this here? With that thought in mind, I pick up another work.

 [By Chance on Friday / Yukishiro Dairy]

 Hmm, what kind of shady book is this based on the title?

 Is there too much emphasis on the lower part of a man’s body?

 I flip through the pages. Hmm, hmm…




 I see. At first, I thought it was going to be a naughty book, but it wasn’t at all.

 It’s a pure love story that starts with encountering Shirogane Aqua “by chance” on the way home, feeling excited on the last day of work or school before the weekend, on the train and so on.

 The story unfolds in various situations, depending on whether the main character is a student (Shirogane Aqua is a teacher) or a company employee (Shirogane Aqua is a senior at the same company), which is wonderful.

 Now then, what’s next… Huh? There’s another sticky note here.

 [I’ll borrow some stock for missionary work. Kirika Kotono]

 Um, well, that’s understandable. It’s really noble to spread such amazing works to the world.

 And, Yukishiro Dairy, you write such good stories. Could this be a textbook for morals? Let’s suggest translating this for the Stars School’s textbook.

 As expected of my sister, she’s reading a good book.

 I eagerly pick up the next one.

 [The Book That Shows Off Panties with a Disdainful Look / Animal Welfare]

 Yes, this is a no-no! This is definitely not okay.

 Showing underwear to men is definitely a violation of the law and a serious crime in the country.

 I flip through the pages to check if it’s harmful to my sister Kanon.




 Let’s give this author a special medal from Stars.

 Ideally, they should come to Stars National University and give a lecture to the students.

 At first, I felt a sense of aversion to this work’s title, but when I read the content, it was completely different.

 The queen is a tsundere queen who misunderstood by the people because of her shy expressions and choice of words, and her only loyal aide, the butler Shirogane Aqua. The lively conversations and indescribable relationship between these two are absolutely amazing.

 Especially the butler’s idea to eliminate the queen’s shyness, which caused her to show her panties to the butler and become tsundere, in order to make the queen liked by the people, is wonderful.

 At first glance, it may seem like a foolish act, but it’s all because of the relationship between these two. Even I couldn’t help but blush when the queen lifted her skirt.

 ”Oops, what should I do if I accidentally stain these shorts for Kanon? Hopefully it won’t leave a stain…”

 I reached for Volume 2, making a worried face. So, isn’t there a second volume of this too!? What’s going on?! I look down again and read the contents of the sticky note.

 [I borrowed the second volume and later. Pegonia]

 By all accounts, it’s you! Too!

 I’ll secretly go and borrow the next volume later!!

 I reach for the next book.

 [Aqu-tan’s H Book / Author: Nasuten Udon]

 Yes, out! This time it’s definitely out.

 I breathe heavily and open the book.




 Phew. I want to punch myself before even opening the book.

 This book was a deep analysis of Shirogane Aqua’s words and actions, in other words, its wisdom.

 I see, I thought of him as someone who acted on a spur-of-the-moment idea, but it turns out that there was wisdom behind his words and actions.

 There must have been some deep meaning behind all of his actions at Stars.

 To me, both Shirogane Aqua and Yukishiro Emily seemed like they were acting on a whim…

 It seems like there is a continuation of this book… but it has some sticky notes attached to it. As usual, I looked down at the sticky note.

 [This was a great book. Thank you. Natalia Rosenesta]

 Natalia Rosenesta, as expected. Natalia is a serious person, so she probably saw this title as well, and thought it might be harmful to Kanon, so she checked the contents.

 Now, I reach for the next book.

 [Idol Ballad/Author: Kiterax]

 Judging from the title, is this a story about the idol Shirogane Aqua?

 The design is warm and cute, and the obi says it’s a heartwarming story drawn by idols and fans. I’m sure this book will be just as great as the previous ones.

 I open the page with a soft smile.




 Yes, it’s completely out! It was a completely 18+ book about Shirogane Aqua, a bad idol who s*xually manipulates and abandons his fan girls with clever words. The content of the s*x is basically r*pe, and as a big sister, I feel sad that Kanon would read such an erotic book.

 Moreover, this includes the entire series!

 Actually, I’ll have to tell Pegonia about this later and have her remove it. It is not good for the education of unborn children!

 I peeled off the sticky note I had put on it.

 [I found a good book, so I’ll leave it here. Guhehe…! From kind Mary’s senpai.]

 Oh, it’s you again! This girl named Yukishiro Emily is really acting up.

 Kanon, you really need to think carefully about the friends you hang out with!!


 When I took a closer look, all the books here are related to a company called Convex Chest Printing.

 Wow, they seem to have a wide range of activities.

 After tidying up the books, I leave the room and head to the living room.

 ”Oh, Big Sister (Onee-sama), good morning.”

 ”Good morning, Kanon. And Hermie too.”


 I gently support Hermie’s wobbling head with both hands.

 Seriously, is she still in a dream? Acting so carelessly will only cause trouble for everyone.

 Hehe, I never knew that perfect Hermie was weak in the morning.

 She never showed any signs during breakfast, so she must have been hiding it at Stars.

 Coming here to Japan, I feel like I’ve noticed a lot of things that I didn’t know before.

 ”Now, everyone, let’s have a meal. Today’s breakfast is also a classic Japanese dish that Victoria-sama likes.”

 We have plum rice, seasoned seaweed, tamagoyaki, grilled fish, miso soup, simmered vegetables, and pickles.

 It’s good, isn’t it? I also realized the depth of flavor in the broth when I had udon, but it’s often the simple -looking Japanese dishes that are the most delicious.


 I was surprised last night too, but Pegonia is also eating with us.

 It’s hard to believe in my country, but it seems to be a rule set by the Shirogane family’s Shirogane Aqua.

 And Kanon also has a happy expression, so I’m sure this is the right thing to do.

 ”Pegonia, pass me the soy sauce.”


 Hehe, I’m a little frustrated, but that boy must understand Kanon better than me.

 I thought once again that it was a good thing for Kanon to marry him.”

 ”Big sister, do you need soy sauce?”

 ”Let’s see. Just a little bit, okay?”

 I divide the Tamagoyaki into two pieces, leaving one as it is, and drizzling a little soy sauce on the other.

 It’s my subtle pleasure to enjoy the gentle taste of the broth in one half, and savor the flavor of the soy sauce in the other.

 ”By the way, big sister, would you like to go out somewhere?”


 As I answer with a smile, Kanon shows a bright smile.

 ”Do you have a place you’d like to go?”

 ”Yes, actually… I want to go to the bookstore because there’s a book I want to buy.”

 I blush slightly as I recall the book I read earlier.

 Kanon and Hermie exchange glances as they see my expression.

 Oh no, I’ve let my guard down in front of my little sister.

 ”Your Royal Highness… Whenever you want to have special training to overcome your shyness, like showing your panties, please let me know. I will take full responsibility and accompany you!!”


 I turned bright red as Pegonia whispered in my ear.

 Pegonia, you’re such a tease!!

 Come on! Instead of that, hurry up and return the 2nd volume of “Disdainful Look” already!!

 I lightly tapped Pegonia’s arm and when Kanon and Hermie saw it, they looked at each other and burst into laughter.

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