Male Idol V12c61

Volume 12 Chapter 61 Shirogane Aqua, Missionary Work

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Sender: Kohina Yukari

 Recipient: Useless Aqua

 Subject: URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT, You’ll be cursed if you don’t read.

 Message: Ayana definitely, *sob sob*, come back here.

 So, I opened an email real quick and then closed it in a flash.

 Yeah, I don’t really care about Kohina-senpai, but I’m a bit worried about Ayana.

 I sent an email asking Maron-san, the captain of eau de Cologne, to check on her for me. Alright, that should do it.

 I put my phone in my pocket and turned my gaze to Natalia-san, who was sitting next to me.

 ”Hey Natalia-san, you doing alright? Not tired or anything?”

 ”Oh… yeah, I’m fine.”

 Natalia-san, Emily-san, and I have been going to parties and events at the filming location every day, in addition to shooting.

 It’s partly our job as Beryl, but the other half is the official duties that Victoria-san was supposed to handle.

 I wonder if Kanon and Victoria-san have reunited by now and become close. I thought Kaede would be able to help make it happen, so I asked for her assistance, but I haven’t heard anything since then.

 I get it now why Onidzuka-san scolded Kaede and told her to report the results properly since she’s a working adult!

 Now, I got up from my seat and covered Emily-san, who was lying on the other side of the couch, with a blanket.

 On the surface, it may seem like a gentlemanly act, but honestly, I couldn’t think of anything else because Emily-san’s bouncy chest has been catching my eye. Seriously, she’s so defenseless. If I were a bad guy, I might accidentally give her a little squeeze while covering her with the blanket, you know?

 ”Everyone, I’m taking the day off today.”

 Abby-san was sleeping in the hallway earlier, so I carried her like a princess and brought her to the room. Everyone is clearly overworked.

 Even if I’m okay, I can’t inconvenience those around me any further. I want to firmly convey to everyone that I want them to rest well.

 Fortunately, today’s schedule is fine for me alone even without Abby-san, Natalia-san, and Emily-san.

 So, I convinced Natalia-san and arrived at the first destination, the orphanage.

 ”We’ve been waiting for you, Aqua-sama.”

 ”Kythera-san, and Claire-san, please take care of things today as well.”

 I bow my head to the two of them and gaze at the appearance of the orphanage.

 So this is it… Looking around, it’s well-kept, and the building is simple but solidly built.

 It’s located in the mountains away from the town, but there’s plenty of space for the kids to play outside, and it’s nice that there aren’t many cars passing by the street.

 ”Here you go. Inside.”


 I heard that Kanon was putting a lot of effort into charity work when she was at Stars.

 Supporting this orphanage was one of those efforts. It seems that even now Kanon continues to provide support, but she was really concerned about not being able to visit and provide comfort in return.

 I found out about this when I took over Victoria-san’s official duties, and it turns out that Victoria-san had been quietly taking over after Kanon was gone.

 Hearing that made me happy in many ways.

 I was happy to know that Victoria-san was thinking about Kanon, but I also realized that Victoria-san is a kind person after all.

 ’Hello, everyone.’


 As I entered the large hall where the children were, I looked at everyone’s faces.

 Yeah, it doesn’t seem like the children are being abused, and the adult staff members seem enthusiastic, so it should be fine. Besides, Victoria-san doesn’t seem to be as lenient as Kanon in that regard, so I feel like she’s got it together.

 Even so, I was surprised to hear that Victoria-san isn’t really popular among the people at Stars.

 She’s such a good person, so why is that? Is she bad at making herself known? Hmm, that’s the feeling I’m getting.

 Alright! In that case, I’m going to go ahead and promote all the good things about Victoria-san on my own!! Yeah, it might sound weird to say it myself, but I have a really good feeling about this!!

 ’Hey there, I’m here today instead of Her Royal Highness Victoria. I’m Shirogane Aqua.’

 The staff members and politicians and nobles who were dispatched from Stars, who had arrived earlier, looked surprised when they heard my words.

 Most of them probably thought I was here as a replacement for Kanon.

 But this time, it’s not financial assistance, but rather a visit to bring comfort, so it should be correct to say that I’m here as a substitute for Victoria-san, who took over the visit.

 ’I’m grateful to Her Royal Highness Victoria for giving me this wonderful opportunity. So, everyone, if you want, let’s play together with big brother today!’


 ’Oh, can we also have some grown-up fun? Haha.’

 Huh? It seems like there’s one little girl who’s breathing heavily… Maybe it’s just my imagination.

 Anyway, first, let’s think about what we should play. I shake my head from side to side and look around.

 Oh! Since there’s a piano, we can all sing that famous song together!

 ’Hey everyone, let’s sing a song with big brother now!’


 ’A free live concert!? Awesome!’

 There’s one kid who’s really energetic. That’s great! Big brother doesn’t mind that kind of thing.

 With a smirk on my face, I distribute the sheets of paper with the lyrics that I had prepared to everyone.

 ’Alright, looks like everyone has got them. Let’s go~! Sing with a lively voice, everyone!’

 As I start playing the piano, I sway my head from side to side and open my mouth wide, singing with a big smile.

 ’Anyone who opposes me, I’ll brush them off. Brush them off. Today, I’ll confidently walk right down the middle of the road. What? Do you have something to complain about now? From today, this road belongs to me.’

 Presenting the Shirogane Aqua Project, the time has finally come to make the giant monster Yukari-Gon popular worldwide.

 If I were to do this in Japan, I would get caught right away and forced to stop. But this is Stars. Even Kohina-senpai wouldn’t dare to interfere. Hehe.

 Ayana told me that I would get in trouble if I were caught, but it’s okay, as long as I don’t get caught!!

 ’Hey, if anyone messes with me, they’re getting burnt. Seriously, they’ll get burnt. Today, someone’s getting roasted. What? You want to mess with me too? I’ll show you exactly what happens when you go against me.’

 When it came to finishing this song, Shintaro wrote the lyrics, Toa composed the music, and Tenga-senpai helped with the arrangement.

 The three of them worked together enthusiastically, being humble and all, but as soon as it was done, Aqua suddenly claimed that he did everything. How shady, right?

 Don’t worry, the printed sheet has the lyrics, music by Nekoyama Toa, lyrics by Mayuzumi Shintaro, and arrangement by Tenga Akira! After all, we’re a team, right? Haha, don’t make me say embarrassing things like this.

 By the way, while I’m not around, Kohina-senpai is supposed to appear on a variety show with the three of them as my replacement. I wonder if that’s okay. Well, Ayana is also on the show, so if anything happens, she’ll surely help out. Yeah, that’s for sure.

 ’If there’s someone annoying, just ignore them. If you have any complaints, keep them to yourself. I’m the big guy, Yukari-gon~!’

 It was a wonderful choir. I was so moved that tears almost fell.

 I ask each child and staff member to firmly continue spreading this song.

 For it to become a hit, I need steady grassroots efforts.

 ’Thank you, everyone, for singing with big brother!’

 ””’Thank you very much!””’

 ’I got some great material! I’ll spread it on the Stars’ bulletin board later. Hehehe…!’

 I’m glad. It seems like everyone enjoyed it.

 That energetic child, in particular, is smiling with delight.

 ”As expected, I can’t do this…”

 Hm? Claire-san, did you say something?

 I thought I heard something murmured, but maybe it’s just my imagination.

 I turn my gaze back to the children.

 ’The weather is nice, so let’s all play outside with big brother!’


 ’Hm, is it okay to touch him unavoidably? No, no, that wouldn’t be good. Onina, hold yourself back!’

 What’s wrong? The child who was lively just a while ago is now crossing her arms and making a funny face. Maybe she doesn’t really like playing outside? I’ll ask the staff nearby.

 ’Oh, Onina-chan loves playing outside, so it’s okay. Maybe she’s just feeling a bit confused and happy that Aqua-sama is here. She’s well-developed and acts like a big sister in this orphanage, even sharing her snacks with the younger ones.’

 I see, she’s trying to act patient because she’s like a big sister.

 In my previous foster home, I was also an big brother, so I totally understand that feeling.

 I slowly approach Onina-chan.

 ’Onina-chan, want to play cops and robbers with big brother at the police station?’

 ’Huh? Play cops and robbers at the police station!? The time has finally come… But, if it’s with Aqua-sama, I’ll be happy even in a jail cell!’

 No, no! We’re not going to be arrested by the police, we’re going to play cops and robbers at the police station.

 And why are we both being arrested from the start!? Did I and Onina-chan do something wrong!?

 I gather myself and explain the rules to the children, and we start playing cops and robbers, splitting into the police and the thieves.

 ’Yay, I caught you!’

 ’Oh no, I got caught!’

 Around the third person, I noticed something. Hey, are you guys intentionally getting caught?

 Come on, since you’re playing thieves, make sure to run away properly.

 ’Grrr, everyone is so lucky. I wanted to touch big brother legally too! Well, since it’s like this, I’m going to catch everyone faster than big brother!’

 Wow! Onina-chan is motivated.

 She creeps up on her opponent and corners them in a place where they can’t escape. She throws three people into the jail one after another.

 This child is smart. She just learned the rules and is using the best strategy.

 But, stop groping sensei’s chest when you catch them. Because of that, big brother leans forward and slows down.


 Behind a big tree in front of me, I spot Annamarie-chan, whom I met at the welcome party the other day.

 She seems to be passionate about this support activity because she knows that kids around her age are placed here due to family circumstances, or like me in the previous life, they don’t have parents since birth.

 Annamarie-chan mentioned that her goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, can receive a good education. I remember her saying that while eating my udon. It’s amazing to hear a girl younger than Lapis talking about such things.

 I catch Annamarie-chan from behind as she tries to escape and lightly lift her up in my arms.

 ’Yes, I caught you.’

 ’Oh no, I got caught. Aqua-sama is really good at hunting, isn’t he?’

 Haha, I was surprised when Annamarie-chan asked me to hunt together, but her idea of hunting wasn’t about being a monster hunter or real hunting. It was just a game of tag.

 That’s what I find cute about her, it’s kind of nice.

 ’Shall we get in the cage, milady?’

 ’Uh, um…’

 Hm? Annamarie-chan, your face is red, are you okay?

 I touch my forehead to Annamarie-chan’s forehead to make sure she doesn’t catch a cold.

 Hmm, seems like she has a slight fever.


 Oh no, she fainted.

 Hey, are you okay?

 ’Shirogane Aqua-sama, I will take care of Miss Annamarie.’

 ’Ah, yes. Thank you. It might be a good idea to show her to a doctor…’

 Huh? Resting is okay? Shouldn’t she go see a doctor… Huh!? The doctor can’t solve the problem by doing a handstand!? Is that so… Annamarie-chan didn’t show any signs like that, but maybe she has a pretty serious illness. The maids also said it’s a very serious illness.

 I hand Annamarie-chan over to the maid and return to playing tag.


 I spot Claire-san wearing a nun’s outfit.

 Alright, a chance to hug Claire-san legally! Just kidding, I seriously try to catch Claire-san.


 ”I’ve been caught.”

 Oops, sorry. My hand slipped and I pulled a bit too forcefully.

 Hm? What’s wrong? Something seems strange, but is everything alright?

 After a moment of thought, I try pulling a bit harder again, just to test it out.


 Phew… just to make sure, did a slightly naughty voice accidentally slip out just now? Huh? Is it just my imagination? Hmm… as an experiment, I’ll try pulling Claire-san’s hand a little harder.

 ”Hmm hmm.”

 Yep, definitely a naughty voice slipping out!! Even if you cover your mouth with your hand, it won’t work. Hehe.

 Feeling playful, I pull Claire-san closer forcefully.

 ”Claire… don’t think you can escape from me.”

 Just kidding! I heard from Kanon that Claire-san likes Yuujin, so I tried to recreate a line that Yuujin said to the heroine, how was it?


 Huh? No reaction.

 Someone tugs at the sleeve of the clothes I’m wearing.

 ”It seems like she’s fainted. I’ll take care of her~de gozaru”

 Oh, it’s true.

 Sorry, Rin-chan, but please take care of Claire-san… huh? Even if you show her to a doctor, it won’t help? Will resting a bit heal her? Is that true…

 With Annamarie-chan, I wonder if this kind of illness is spreading recently. I’m worried about Kanon, Kotono, Yui, and Ai. I’ll email them later.

 I leave Claire-san with Rin-chan and return to playing tag.

 Then, I found an incredible thief right in front of me.


 I was thinking, “Wow, those are some huge breasts,” but it was Kythera-san.

 Before I knew it, my suppressed hands almost started squeezing air breasts.

 ”Kythera-san, you better run or I’ll catch you.”

 ”Oh my, what should I do?”

 Uh, uhh… Sometimes when I see Kythera-san or Sister-san with a blindfold, I almost mistake the sister outfit for being a naughty outfit.

 The tight sister outfit perfectly emphasizes the curves of the hips, making the lines of the big butt and breasts stand out a lot, which is really distracting for a healthy high school boy like me.

 I’m desperately trying to resist the urge to bend over right now.

 ’I caught you.’

 Oh, while I was hesitating, Oniina-chan came from the side and caught Kythera-san.

 I feel a complicated mix of disappointment, relief, and disappointment again.

 ’Yay! We won!’


 I give Onina-chan a high-five.

 In the end, I got tangled up with the girls who were hard to catch, and it was awesome.

 Huh? Is this the kind of game it is?

 Well, it was fun, so who cares about the details!

 Kaede was saying on the Morning Power News that if you use your brain too much, your brain will get sore like muscles. So it’s better not to think about the little things. Yeah, yeah.

 ’Alright, after we have all played, before nap time… let’s wash our hands and gargle, and help the older girls with what they always do!’

 I washed my hands and gargled with the kids, and we did things like bringing in the laundry and making curry and udon for dinner. Of course, in the middle of all that, we sang Great Kaiju Yukari-gon’s song and preached thoroughly.

 ’Everyone did a great job!’

 Being praised is always a happy thing, no matter when it happens.

 I’m the type who likes to praise and encourage, so I’ve decided to always praise kids who work hard.

 ’Wow, Onina-chan, you’re amazing for helping and teaching the little ones.’

 I pat Onina-chan’s head as she sits beside me.

 She was really doing her best. Big brother notices things like that, you know.

 I remember when I was in the orphanage, it made me so happy when the older girls praised me like that.

 That’s actually how I started liking big sisters, you know, from my past life.


 I’m sure this experience will be really helpful for Onina-chan in the future.

 And as for my skills in household chores, I learned them from taking care of younger kids.

 That’s why I’m able to make everyone smile like this.

 Onina-chan is talented and caring, so I think she’ll make a great big sister.

 ’Well, everyone did a great job. So, even though it’s a bit late, let’s take a nap.’

 I open the picture book I brought here.

 It’s a book about the famous monster Yukari-Gon that I personally funded.

 Nene-cho-san drew the illustrations, and since Ai was too busy, Tsukasa-sensei wrote the text for me.

 When I emailed them to ask for their help, both Tsukasa-sensei and Nene-cho-san were really excited and enthusiastic about it.

 By the way, I haven’t read it yet, so I’ve been looking forward to reading it for the first time today. I flip through the pages.

 ’Once upon a time, there was a lonely giant monster named Yukari-Gon.’

 She didn’t have any friends and was always alone?

 Ugh, tears are already coming out from the first page.

 As I held back my emotional tears, a girl next to me asked, “Hey, big brother, are you okay?”

 ’One day, Yukari-Gon noticed that the villagers nearby were taking care of a field that was being destroyed by a monster. When Yukari-Gon saw this, she decided to blow fire to defeat the monster.’

 But sadly, the villagers misunderstood and thought that Yukari-Gon was the one causing the fire and destroying the field. Oh no! What a sad story! At this point, the words “this needs to be made into a movie” popped into my head.

 ’On another day, a fire broke out near the village. Yukari-Gon noticed it and used her powers to destroy the house so that the fire wouldn’t spread to other houses.’

 The villagers, misunderstanding that their houses were being destroyed, began to fear the great monster Yukari-gon.

 I’m telling you, the whole world must have cried. I mean, I’m already crying at this point, and I’m using a handkerchief to wipe away my tears with Onina-chan next to me.

 ”Akko, who knows that the great monster Yukari-gon is actually a kind monster, went around comforting each villager. At that time, a young person came to the village. This young person introduced themselves as the hero Ayana.’

 Yes, we won! When Ako-san and Ayana appeared, it was already a sure victory.

 Without a doubt, it will be the highest-grossing film. Even if the theater is empty, I will flood review sites with high ratings and fill the theater to capacity.

 ’Ayana, the hero, was searching for the great monster Yukari-gon. It was because the great monster Yukari-gon had been misunderstood in the previous village and the village before that, so it was hiding in a secluded place.”

 But then, the villagers who later learned the truth asked the hero Ayana to convey their apologies and regrets to the great monster Yukari-gon. They also asked if she would come back if they were forgiven.

 When Yukari-gon heard this, she was troubled. However, in front of her, a demon appeared.

 ’Hahaha, my name is Demon King Aqupontan (Useless Aqua)! I will become your friend, great kaiju Yukari-gon!’

 Heh, this Aqupontan guy has such a silly name.

 And if you look closely, his face is all smitten, and he seems really weak. On top of that, he even calls himself a demon king in parentheses.

 Aqupontan, the self-proclaimed demon king, was also an outcast in this world.

 Aqupontan proposed to Yukari-gon that they embark on a journey to find a place where the two of them can live together.

 ’I’m just like you. That’s why I’m tired. But I’m lonely all by myself. Let’s live together in a quiet place.’

 In response to Aqupontan’s proposal, the great monster Yukarigon hangs their head, saying that she owes Akko, the village head of this village, a debt of gratitude for the time when they were chased away from another village and got hurt. The village head, Ako, helped heal the monster’s injuries. So, when Akupontan proposed something, Yukari-gon didn’t agree.

 Hmm, I see, I see.

 Then, a hero named Ayana and the village head Akko arrived.

 At first, there was a misunderstanding and tension between the two groups, but Aqupontan was weak and quickly explained the situation honestly, which helped calm things down.

 ’Then let’s go together. I’ve already done what I needed to do. I’ll leave the village to the young people.’

 Wowwww! Even though I was reading a picture book, I got excited and did a victory pose because of the village head Akko’s words.

 ’Can I also do something about this?’

 I heard that Hero Ayana had defeated a real demon king before, and was treated like a hero in the capital city and her hometown. But she felt out of place in other towns because of that.

 ’So, the four of them set off for a place where they could spend time quietly.’

 Chapter 1, Departure of the Great Kaiju Yukari-Gon, Complete…

 I closed the book quietly and wiped away the tears that had gathered at the corner of my eyes.

 I think it was really good that I asked Tsukasa-sensei and Nene-cho-san for help.


 If this work were to be made into a movie, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I provided all the money.

 In fact, I could even try my luck and voice Aqupontan myself by process of elimination!

 When I return to Japan, I swear to invite Grandma Ranko for a date at the tea shop and see if I can convince her with my smooth words.

 ”Um, Aqua-sama?”

 ”Hm? Oh, sorry.”

 I noticed that Mikoto-chan was patting my shoulder lightly.

 Upon closer look, it seemed like everyone was tired, as the children from the orphanage and Annamarie-chan were also asleep.

 I gently removed Onina-chan’s arm, which was clinging onto mine, and covered her with a blanket while stroking her head.

 ’Hehehe… Aqua-oniichan!’

 She has such a happy expression, so she must be having a good dream.

 I leave the room with Mikoto-chan and the others.

 ’Thank you for taking care of me today. Please also thank Oniina-chan for me.’

 ’Yes, thank you very much as well. Let’s make sure to pass on the message to Oniina Hackadoll too.’


 For some reason, Claire-san, Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, Rinon-san, and Kythera-san were all behind me and they all fell down.

 Hey, is everyone okay?

 ”Oh, no, we’re fine…”

 Haha, everyone, you must have tried so hard in the game of tag. Don’t push yourselves too much. Take it easy.

 Even though we didn’t give permission for interviews outside the orphanage, many media outlets gathered there.

 ’Shirogane Aqua-san, is today’s visit at the request of Kanon-sama!?’

 ’If Kanon-sama has a child, is there a possibility of returning here? Please answer!’

 I pressed my index finger against my lips and whispered “Shh” in a soft voice.

 ’Right now, the kids at the orphanage are sleeping, so let’s be quiet. Or maybe everyone wants to make me angry?’

 Kohina-senpai taught me that if I want to make the surroundings quiet, I should consider the entire area my territory.

 Here in this space, I need to show that I am the king and ruler, so I exert pressure.

 ’Hey, who are you?’

 ’Um, well, I am…’

 I caught each reporter one by one, making them tell me their names, company, and the name of their boss.

 When I heard that, I looked at Mikoto-chan.

 As expected of Mikoto-chan, she had taken notes without me having to say anything.

 ’There’s only one thing I can say. Today, I’m here in place of Her Royal Highness Victoria.’

 ’Huh? Th-That means…’

 ’I fully support what Her Royal Highness Victoria is doing. She is a thoughtful person who makes firm decisions after careful consideration. However, she can also make quick decisions when necessary. She may not have flashy qualities, but she’s like Kanon, always able to make considerate judgments. I know her better than anyone… no, I know her better than Pegonia-san, Emily-san, Kotono, and Kaede. I’ve been doing Her Royal Highness Victoria’s work for the past few days, so I understand that the two of them are fundamentally similar. However, there are both easy and difficult aspects to the situation. So please take this book home, read it carefully, and study it thoroughly.’

 I handed the picture book of the great kaiju Yukari-gon to a person among the press corps who had been quietly observing from a distance.

 ’You are…’

 ’I’m a journalist from The Saint…’

 Ah, yes. I remember now.

 I think I’ve seen her a few times before.

 ’There are important things written in this book. I want you to know that even a single event can be completely different depending on how you perceive it. You, as members of the press, have the duty, responsibility, and mission to convey accurate information. I want you to remember that once again.’

 After handing her the picture book of the great kaiju Yukari-gon, I get into the prepared car and leave the scene.

 I think it would be good for Victoria-sama if she could see things from a few different angles.

 Hmm? I notice that my smartphone is flashing with an alert.

 Sender: Kohina Yukari

 Recipient: Useless Aqua

 Subject: URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT, You’ll be cursed if you don’t read.

 Message: What is the picture book of the great kaiju Yukari-gon?

 Hey, wait, what? How come it got exposed… Huh? Did she really see the footage from earlier being broadcast live at my home?

 And Victoria-san, who heard my interview, said she couldn’t get married because her face turned all red?

 No way! I didn’t even hear that it was being broadcast live!

 I quietly put my phone back in my pocket and decided to pretend I didn’t know anything, putting everything else on hold.

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