Male Idol V12c62

Volume 12 Chapter 62 Bulletin Board, Today’s Weather Is Cloudy

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Cloudy again today] Shirogane Aqua Thread Part 2023 [Come back, Sun]
2 3510*ULTi-Hi-P3
I made a mistake in writing “part”! Sorry!!
3 Anonymous
It’s still cloudy outside today
Ever since Aqu-tan left Japan, it’s been like this
Good joob, even though you’re an AI, you’re cute, Saba-chan LOL
5 Anonymous
It was the same when they went to the stars before
It was cloudy the whole time back then too
Good job, even though you’re an AI, making mistakes, you’re practically human LOL
7 Anonymous
It’s funny how we can tell if Aqu-tan is in Japan just based on the weather LOL
Good job, thanks for the maintenance!
8 Anonymous
It’s funny how Morikawa’s energy decreases day by day LOL
Good job, it’s okay, it’s okay!
10 Anonymous
Day 1 Morikawa: “Good morning, everyone!”
Day 2 Morikawa: “Good morning, everyone!”
Day 3 Morikawa: “Good morning, everyone…”
Day 4 Morikawa: “Good morni…”
Day 5 Morikawa: “…”
12 Anonymous
Today, I’ve just been feeling so blah
Lately, the only thing that’s been comforting is observing Morikawa’s behavior
14 Anonymous
It seems like even the headquarters of the Holy Aqua Religion is in mourning since Aqua-sama is no longer there
16 Anonymous
Even the people I pass by are also wearing mostly dull-colored clothing
When I got on the train, I thought there was a big funeral nearby because everyone was wearing black, but then I realized my reflection in the train window was also wearing black clothes
18 Anonymous
What kind of horror game is that?
19 Anonymous
I just realized I was also wearing clothes in a drab color..
20 Anonymous
I also wore a jacket today that made me feel like I was in wartime
22 Anonymous
Even the Prime Minister was wearing that kind of clothes as part of her 365-day continuous dogeza challenge today
24 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
25 Anonymous
Don’t make it a challenge!
She must have a good reason why she’s dogezaing properly every time!!
27 Anonymous
Even though there’s a good reason and she dogezaing every day, it’s too funny that she’s not dismissed and no complaints are made, LOL
29 Anonymous
Foreigners laugh when they see the Prime Minister dogezaing a lot
Diplomats approach diplomacy with a disrespectful attitude
Mysterious Habu Magic is activated!
As a result, when they realize it, their own country ends up making unfavorable contracts
That’s the setup
32 Anonymous
Isn’t this a case of manipulation!?
34 Anonymous
It’s good that the reason for dogezaing tomorrow has been found!
36 Anonymous
38 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is showing all the bad sides of this country, right?
Always getting carried away and such, LOL
40 Anonymous
We’re together, right?
41 Anonymous
Everyone from Mary’s original group is like that. Such as Hagetoru, Morikawa, and others
43 Anonymous
I likes both the Four Heavenly Kings of Mary and the Four Heavenly Kings of St. Claris
The Four Heavenly Kings of Mary are Hagetoru, Shumi, Chinski, and Sori
The Four Heavenly Kings of St Claris are Shirogane Marin, Yukishiro Mikuni, Atori Ako, and Kohina Yukari
45 Anonymous
Wait a minute, is Kohina Yukari for real?
Was she at that kind of prestigious school?
With her personality, she’s definitely a loner. St Claris has a lot of quiet kids
47 Anonymous
If there wasn’t St Claris, would Aqu-tan not exist?
48 Anonymous
It’s way better than the lively atmosphere of Mary, isn’t it?
50 Anonymous
Mary→Street Performer
St. Claris→Doing things properly
Thanks for the clear composition!!
52 Anonymous
Is Kohina Yukari doing well…?
54 Anonymous
Well, as a mentor for actors, she’s doing well!
But everything else is crap!!
56 Anonymous
Oh! Aqua-sama appeared on TV!!
58 Anonymous
Hurry, hurry! It’s time for a rare nutrient boost!!
60 Anonymous
Wow! As soon as Aqua-sama appeared on TV, the sun came out from behind the clouds!!
62 Anonymous
Looks like the number of believers is increasing again
65 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is talking about Victoria-sama again
68 Anonymous
Lately, Aqu-tan has been praising Victoria-sama non-stop
70 Anonymous
Stars seems to be pretty excited
Today’s news headline went something like this
-Is Shirogane Aqua’s support for Victoria-sama a counter-attack against the forces that support Kanon-sama?
-Her Royal Highness Victoria was actually doing a lot of things behind the scenes. There are voices that are reevaluating her political skills thus far
-Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s approval rating has declined even further, and Her Royal Highness Victoria is increasing her support base
-Stars citizens rate Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s political skills, but as her mother… some say..
-There are also voices of sympathy from the citizens for Her Majesty the Queen Furia. Maybe they made her do it
-Will Victoria-sama start conquering real otome games, following Shirogane Aqua, Mary-sama, Kanon-sama, and Hermie-sama?
-Shirogane Aqua is also close friends with Miss Natalia and Miss Annamarie
-New headaches for Her Majesty are her front gate, Shirogane Aqua, and her rear gate, Habu Chiyoko. Will Prime Minister Habu make a surprise visit to Stars?
-All of the picture books about Great kaiju Yukari-gon are available for free on The Saint’s website
-The Saint’s reporter is proposing that the national anthem and flag should be Great kaiju Yukari-gon, and the name of the country should be Holy Udon Great Empire!!
75 Anonymous
I was thinking hmmm! But that last one LOL
77 Anonymous
I only translate and read articles by The Saint
The reporters here know exactly what bulletin board users are looking for
78 Anonymous
This second article is also about The Saint
They write stupid articles, but I think they can do it seriously if they want to, LOL
80 Anonymous
The cool thing about The Saint is that when you go to their website, the first poll is about whom from the royal family Aqua-sama will marry in the end
-Option 1: Only Kanon-sama!
-Option 2: Hermie-sama will join too!
-Option 3: Let’s make Mary-sama happy too!
-Option 4: Please include Victoria-sama!
-Option 5: Let’s include Furia-sama and complete all conquests safely!!
Because people were so amused, they voted so many times, and option 5 was over 90%!!
83 Anonymous
Bulletin board users are too playful
85 Anonymous
It can’t be helped since Aqua-sama has ridiculous specs
88 Anonymous
Aqua-sama → I’m just kidding
Bulletin board people → I’m kidding
Prime Minister Habu → I’m kidding
91 Anonymous
Morikawa → I’m kidding
Hagetoru → I’m kidding
92 Anonymous
Add Kohina Yukari as well
95 Anonymous
I hope everything is finished LOL
However, Aqu-tan remains as it is
98 Anonymous
Someone said on the bulletin board before, but we can only watch what Aqua-sama is doing
Even if someone says tomorrow that a meteorite will fall and the Earth will be destroyed, we can’t do anything, right? It’s like a natural disaster. So there’s only one thing we can do, which is to give up and accept everything when Aqua-sama appears in front of us
It’s like an unbeatable boss in an RPG
101 Anonymous
This is the truth
103 Anonymous
Let’s put this in the textbook
104 Anonymous
Exactly this
106 Anonymous
I see, that’s how religions are made!
111 Anonymous
Aqu-tan’s jacket that he wore at yesterday’s party is causing a stir
-He’s representing Japan at the party, so he’s wearing the country’s pin badge
-He has a knight’s medal received from Mary-sama
-He has a pin badge from the foundation where Kanon-sama serves as a director
-He has a pin badge to prove her representation of Victoria-sama’s official duties
-He has a pin badge designed by Nene-cho-san under Hermie-dono, who is under Aqu-tan’s Milk Dipper production
Do you understand? Furia-sama is the only one missing
114 Anonymous
I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Furia-sama
But I won’t forget what she did to make Kanon-sama sad
117 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, I wish you would wear that knight uniform again at the party
You wore it once during the Stars’ visit, and it was by far the coolest
The tradition is that the person who grants the knighthood makes and gives the knight’s uniform, so Mary-sama is putting a lot of effort into making it
120 Anonymous
I understand
122 Anonymous
It’s understandable that Mary-sama’s approval rating is still high within the Stars
She made the knight uniform for Aqua-sama that we, the Japanese people, wanted to see
125 Anonymous
When I see Mary-sama’s creation, I can tell that she and Shumi have similar tastes or are even related by blood
128 Anonymous
Oh, I totally get where you’re coming from! Babanami likes Yuujin-sama and King of Knight Aqua-sama, and she has bought all the doujinshi interpretations of Pink Rose Aster Aqua, so their hobbies are completely the same. Shumi’s hobbies are definitely inheriting from Babanami
132 Anonymous
Wait, does that mean Victoria-sama too!?
134 Anonymous
I feel like Victoria-sama’s a little different though
137 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Hey, sorry to interrupt the conversation, but we’re gonna have a spring Beryl Festival at the Beryl Shop
We’ll have new spring goods and even some off-season items on sale
This is your last chance to grab last year’s Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s limited edition goods, so if you want something, this is it! Once it’s sold out, it’s gone, and we won’t be restocking, so if you’re on the fence, be careful
Also, during the event, if you collect 50 points worth of goods for just 100 yen each, you can get a white BERYL plate designed by Nene-cho. The plates are part of the Shirogane Foundation’s social contribution activities and are produced in a village by the Stars
Don’t worry, we have plenty in stock
140 Anonymous
Thank you, Nee-san
141 Anonymous
Nee-san, thank you always
143 Anonymous
Wow, I was thinking about that Goods and whether I should buy it. Anyway, I have to spend 5000 yen for sure
145 Anonymous
I saw that on Shirogane Foundation’s website
I remember that village doesn’t have any industries or tourist attractions. They said they were struggling with their finances. If they were able to make white plates for BERYL every year, that alone would be helpful
148 Anonymous
People in the village → Happy to make plates!
Bulletin board users → Happy to receive plates!
This is a win-win relationship
151 Anonymous
When I was looking at Shirogane Foundation’s website, I understood why Kanon-sama is popular
Her activities are clear, and we can understand why she decided to do this charity work and how much money she have spent. It’s amazing that even us, the bulletin board users, can understand it properly
154 Anonymous
Moreover, when I look at the financial report, it seems that the assets are not decreasing, but rather increasing, so I guess they are investing or something
Even if Aqua-sama uses it like crazy, I am confident that it will be fine because Kanon-sama is there
157 Anonymous
I’m sorry for the Stars, but only Kanon-sama can handle being Aqua-kun’s legal wife
There is no one else who can match her high-spec abilities and appearance
Even if she has some quirky aspects, for us, it’s only a positive element, LOL
160 Anonymous
After all, the top of the country is Pon!
163 Anonymous
164 Anonymous
That’s right!
166 Anonymous
It’s sad even though we know it’s about our own country, LOL!
168 Anonymous
It’s okay! If we just make the world go “pon,” everything will be fine!
170 Anonymous
171 Anonymous
Looks like you’ve realized the truth
174 Anonymous
The Udon Impact and the Great Kaiju Yukari Gon
The big wave of “pon” is steadily approaching the Stars, isn’t it?
179 Anonymous
Sorry, sorry, our country’s Aqua-sama… LOL
182 Anonymous
It was a relief that it was Announcer Onidzuka who was dispatched to the Stars, not Morikawa
If Morikawa had gone to the Stars, it would have been even more difficult
185 Anonymous
Or Hagetoru
188 Anonymous
No, no, Hagetoru doesn’t have that kind of money!
A guy who’s living frugally like that wouldn’t have the travel expenses to go to the Stars
192 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Actually, I’m already in Stars. Guhehe…!
195 Anonymous
197 Anonymous
Hey officer, there’s a stowaway here!!
198 Anonymous
Hey… stowing away is a crime, you know!!
201 Anonymous
Is the Japanese government okay!?
It’s not good to give this guy permission to travel!!
203 Anonymous
Stars, Namu
205 Anonymous
Don’t just go and kill Stars-chan!
Stars is still trying hard to live, you know!!
208 Anonymous
Aqua-sama and Hagetoru, huh..
Stars is already finished
211 Anonymous
Let’s just go ahead and deliver Morikawa while we’re at it!
214 Anonymous
Why are you trying to deliver the final blow to Stars? Lol
218 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I bought some s*xy underwear from Stars, but will it be confiscated by customs?
222 Anonymous
What are you doing? LOL
223 Anonymous
What kind did you buy? >>185
227 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s all handmade and made entirely of lace
Of course, I couldn’t afford it myself, so when I went shopping with a girl I became friends with on Stars, she bought it for me
Oh man, it’s the best when a younger girl treats you
I wonder if she noticed that I didn’t have any spare underwear and wasn’t wearing any?
231 Anonymous
It’s over. LOL
233 Anonymous
You’re talking about someone younger than you, like a middle schooler or high schooler, right? LMAO
235 Anonymous
I’m glad I could confirm that Hagetoru is properly finished
237 Anonymous
Is Onina Hackadoll-chan mentioned here your relative?
241 Anonymous
242 Anonymous
Onina Hackadoll
On*ni Hagetoru (Hakadoru)
I can’t believe Hagetoru was also in Stars!
244 Anonymous
I looked it up and the photos here look a little suspicious
247 Anonymous
This is Hagetoru’s hidden child
249 Anonymous
Hagetoru had a secret child, LOL!
251 Anonymous
Bad news, our Hagetoru is still a virgin but has a child, LMAO!
253 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
257 Anonymous
Onina Hackadoll-chan is too good at aiming LOL
260 Verification Team *07218KADO6
So, this is my secret child!
Apparently, while I wasn’t aware, Aqua-sama imp***ated me and I gave birth
261 Verification Team *07218KADO6
But wait, I just checked and I’m still a virgin!
I was hoping that maybe I had been intimate without knowing it!
263 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
265 Anonymous
Hagetoru, you’re the best LOL
268 Anonymous
If Hagetoru adopted this kid, would she become a virgin mom? LOL
271 Anonymous
That sounds interesting, but I feel sorry for Onina-chan
If she goes to a Japanese school, ahh, she’ll be like Hagetoru Jr, and she might get teased for being a Chibitoru
274 Anonymous
Chibitoru LMAO
275 Anonymous
Stop it, it seems like Hagetoru become small, so stop it LOL
278 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? Did I get caught peeing in Sstars!?
280 Anonymous
You, lol
282 Anonymous
This is a diplomatic issue
285 Anonymous
Hey, don’t try to pull a Morikawa-like historical something with your pee, okay!?
287 Anonymous
Hey, everyone’s talking about it, but it’s pretty shocking news that Hagetoru still has her virginity intact
289 Anonymous
Yeah, definitely
292 Anonymous
Hagetoru seems so naughty, but she still has her virginity intact
295 Verification Team *010meTA473
Wait, seriously, what are you talking about?
298 Anonymous
Never mind!
300 Anonymous
Shumi, got her homeland dirtied by her two friends during a wild pee
302 Anonymous
Come to think of it, Morikawa did it too, lol
305 Anonymous
Shumi, choose your friends wisely!!
308 Anonymous
Hey, now the Prime Minister has a reason to go to Stars and apologize!
311 Anonymous
Stop it, lol
313 Anonymous
Shh! If we stay quiet, it won’t become an international issue!
317 Anonymous
Because Shumi is here, I’m conflicted about wanting to know how Victoria-sama is dealing with Aqua-tan’s actions every day. But it’s probably best to leave it alone since it’s getting too personal
320 Anonymous
I understand. I want to grin too
Aqua-kun, at first, he was praising Victoria-sama’s political skills, but before I knew it, he was showering her with compliments about her appearance too!
323 Anonymous
Reporter: “But, Her Royal Highness Victoria has an intimidating gaze! Aren’t you scared?”
Aqua: “That’s what’s great about it! I’d rather be looked down upon by those eyes!”
Reporter: “But, Her Royal Highness Victoria has large breasts! Aren’t you scared?”
Aqua: “Well, I am the Honorary President of the All-Japan Breasts Association, Shirogane Aqua!”
Reporter: “Phew *unbuttons jacket to reveal large breasts*”
Aqua: “Thank you, thank you so much!!”
325 Anonymous
I was watching this LOL
The interaction with The Saint’s reporter is too good lol
327 Anonymous
Aa-sama always adjusts to the opponent’s rate range
When working seriously, there’s no hint of that at all..
331 Anonymous
I like Aa-sama’s service spirit
When doing things properly, it’s really cool
335 Anonymous
If Victoria-sama keeps receiving praise day after day, she’ll fall
It’s fine for her to stay in Japan like this
Seeing the sisters having fun on social media is my recent enjoyment
339 Anonymous
It looked fun when the three sisters went shopping
342 Anonymous
I didn’t miss Victoria-sama casually hugging the lying-down Aqua-kun doll in butler attire!
346 Anonymous
Hmm, maybe shebought it
348 Anonymous
Did she read the “disdainful look”?
351 Anonymous
There’s no way she would read the “disdainful look” lol
I wanted to say that, but this person is just like Anenami..
354 Anonymous
LOL, just like Anenami
357 Anonymous
It feels like Victoria-sama has suddenly dropped down to our level, and I feel a sense of closeness!
359 Anonymous
Let’s call her “Anenami-sama” from now on
362 Anonymous
I think the “Anenami-sama” has potential
Once she gets involved in our world, she’ll probably respond quickly and with long arguments when we discuss things
365 Anonymous
366 Anonymous
368 Anonymous
I could imagine it easily, lol
372 Anonymous
Just become a bride like your sister already!
I want to see King Aqua-sama, who serves the Stars Royal Family!
375 Anonymous
If it comes to that, let’s steal Furia-sama too!
378 Anonymous
Looks like the day when Stars becomes the Udon Kingdom is getting closer
381 Anonymous
Don’t worry! Japan is already part of the Udon Kingdom
In the end, the world will become three countries: the Eggplant Empire, the Udon Kingdom, and the Biscuit Republic!
I intend to become a citizen of the Biscuit Republic
384 Anonymous
Aren’t they all the same thing?
387 Anonymous
Hey! Forget about that! I just received a package from Beryl!
390 Anonymous
392 Anonymous
What happened?
395 Anonymous
It’s strange that I didn’t receive it!
I thought so and checked the mailbox, and it was left there!!
398 Anonymous
I’ll go check the mailbox!
400 Anonymous
I’ll go check too!!
402 Anonymous
The mailbox lid is opening and closing!!
404 Anonymous
The mailbox at my house is broken!
I thought so, but it was just thrown into the basket of my bicycle
407 Anonymous
So there’s that possibility
I thought there wasn’t and came back disappointed, but I’ll check again!
410 Anonymous
There’s a package!!
413 Anonymous
Could it be that they’re sending it to all the members of the Fan Club?
416 Anonymous
It looks like it, right?
419 Anonymous
Yay! It has things like a notebook and pens!
422 Anonymous
I got the same things too!
A pouch, a notebook, a pencil, a ballpoint pen
And also the newsletter for April
I think everyone in the Fan Club will get them, so those who haven’t come should wait quietly!
425 Anonymous
I’ll be waiting in front of my house!
426 Anonymous
Woof woof!
429 Anonymous
While I was waiting, the delivery lady came and we both smiled at each other
433 Anonymous
There might be a letter in the newsletter
I’m going to be a first-year high school student from April, and it said “Congratulations on your graduation and enrollment!!”
436 Anonymous
No way! There was a letter for me too!
I’m a working adult, but it said “How are you doing?” in the letter!
439 Anonymous
Someone has written a copy of a handwritten letter, divided into several patterns based on the age at the time of registration
442 Anonymous
I may have faked my age when I joined the Fan Club
445 Anonymous
447 Anonymous
This is a big accident, LOL
449 Anonymous
It seems like a good lesson not to tell lies, LOL
453 Anonymous
Congratulations on graduating high school!
Your new life will start in April, but don’t push yourself too hard
Not only a new life, I haven’t even graduated yet. I’m repeating a year, LOL
456 Anonymous
A major accident has occurred!
458 Anonymous
Oh, okay!
460 Anonymous
Do your best!!
462 Anonymous
If you give up on graduation and voluntarily drop out, a new life will start forcibly!!
464 Anonymous
Hey, stop that LOL
466 Anonymous
469 Anonymous
I feel like more people will get fired up to study and work hard so that they don’t have to repeat a year or become a ronin because of this
472 Anonymous
I repeated a year too, but I’ve decided in my heart that I won’t let this happen again!!
475 Anonymous
Finally, it seems like Aqua-sama has started to put effort into education
There’s no doubt that Japan’s academic ability will become world-class!
478 Anonymous
Even if you’re smart, you’ll just end up being a smart pawn anyway!
For example, Mary Four Heavenly Kings
481 Anonymous
484 Anonymous
I also learned my lesson from this and will stop lying about my age…
487 Anonymous
490 Anonymous
Aqu-tan’s ideas always go in crazy directions, lol
493 Anonymous
I told you so
We can only watch Aqua-sama do whatever he wants
496 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s true
500 Anonymous
In the newsletter, it said they will have a Heaven’s Sword exhibition and a Zandam exhibition
For places without a Fuji, they will do it in other department stores
503 Anonymous
Bad news, as a resident of Yamagata, there are no department stores in my hometown…
505 Anonymous
I’m with you, as a resident of Tokushima…
509 Anonymous
They say that in prefectures without department stores, they hold events at complex facilities, art museums, or public facilities
It says they will be held in all 47 prefectures, so don’t worry!
512 Anonymous
513 Anonymous
Amami Oshima..
516 Anonymous
There’s no other way to say it but good luck with the move..
519 Anonymous
Because of Inori Hisui-san, Beryl Shop will open in Amami Oshima! There’s a chance for it to happen!!
521 Anonymous
Huh, really?
524 Anonymous
It seems that the vacant store of the former candy store run by Inori-san’s relative will become a Beryl Shop Amami Oshima store through a franchise contract
I heard from Inori-san’s relative that they will also exhibit the costume she wore at the end of the audition, her autograph, and also the autographs she received from Aqua-kun and others
528 Anonymous
Wow, that’s awesome!
531 Anonymous
They also have Yamada-kun Goods at the Beryl shop in Aomori, right?
I guess most local prefectures with audition groups are probably like that
534 Anonymous
It’s because they’re locally focused
Aqu-tan said the first live would be in everyone’s hometown
The duo and groups said they would go to the hometowns of all the members, so I’m happy that Aomori is confirmed
538 Anonymous
What will happen to Milk Dipper with Fii-sama and Haa-sama lol
541 Anonymous
Even BERYL is on a domestic tour, so I wonder how it would be to suddenly go abroad
Since Lapis-chan and the others are middle school students, I feel like they’ll do it once in Tokyo and that’s it
545 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, Lazu-sama was the most successful in the audition group
548 Anonymous
During the show, there were a lot of controversies due to oversleeping, being late, negligence, and so on..
550 Anonymous
The theory that Shaftesbury would succeed as a streamer turned out to be true
553 Anonymous
Of course, it’s like that. Even someone who has lived for over twenty years and doesn’t know about lemon tea, or goes to a bakery and keeps asking for regular jam, can attract 10,000 viewers to their stream!!
556 Anonymous
A lot of people also come to the stream of someone who puts mitarashi dango directly on someone else’s mouse pad
559 Anonymous
Don’t worry, my favorite streamer handles chaos with ease, so I see pandemonium as child’s play
562 Anonymous
My favorite streamer was late to work so many times that the social insurance premiums exceeded the salary, and she quit being a bartender because the ice was too cold!!
565 Anonymous
When I see them, I feel like even someone like me can live
It’s comforting to see when you’re tired of life
568 Anonymous
It’s a noble thing because it saves people’s lives
It’s a good example of being unpleasant for someone and helpful for someone else
571 Anonymous
By the way, Tama-chan’s recent livestreams seem a bit melancholic without Aqua-sama
The usual cute and energetic feeling is nice, but the current ennui-like (boredom) feeling is irresistible
574 Anonymous
I understand
576 Anonymous
It must be lonely without Aa-sama
579 Anonymous
The other day, it was nice when he joined Mayuzumi-kun’s stream and teased him
582 Anonymous
Exactly. Mayuzumi-kun was troubled because Tama-chan kept making unreasonable requests, and it was cute
585 Anonymous
And here comes the lonely Tenga-senpai in the comments
588 Anonymous
Tama-chan said, “Instead of commenting here, why don’t you come to the livestream?” LOL
591 Anonymous
It’s nice that the three of them get along well
594 Anonymous
All three of them are going to perform with Kohina Yukari, but I wonder if they’ll be okay. LOL
Kohina Yukari’s song, lyrics, composition, and arrangement were all written. LOL
597 Anonymous
Toa-chan said, “I don’t know,” and Aqua said, “I did it on my own.” LOL
600 Anonymous
They started selling Aqu-tan right away, LOL
603 Anonymous
I’m curious about Kohina Yukari’s reaction
I don’t even know if she’s just reacting or if she’s angry
606 Anonymous
Woof-chan doesn’t seem angry, just like Aqu-tan, her senses might be different
609 Anonymous
I know, right? Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem angry
612 Anonymous
Even though she seem calm, there are times when she suddenly get mad
Can’t imagine it with Kohina Yukari, haha
616 Anonymous
Seriously, you can never predict what Aqua-sama and Kohina Yukari will do
619 Anonymous
Alright! Let’s deliver Kohina Yukari to Stars too!!
623 Anonymous
Stop it!
625 Anonymous
Why are you trying to destroy Stars so quickly like that!!
627 Anonymous
Stars-chan doesn’t have much energy left!!
631 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Hey. I’m also sad that Hagetoru isn’t in Japan
It’s because there’s no one to have fun conversations with!
634 Anonymous
Hey, how have you been lately?
637 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’m preparing for a move
Finally, I can move out of the apartment where I couldn’t watch the national broadcaster
The location here is good, but the signal was bad
640 Anonymous
Hey, hold on a sec, LOL
642 Anonymous
That’s a shocking fact, LMAO
645 Anonymous
That’s a pretty outrageous thing you said!!
648 Anonymous
651 Anonymous
Seems like the Verification Team is a bunch of troublemakers, except for Nee-san
654 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You’re really finished, huh..
658 Anonymous
You too, right!
660 Anonymous
You should look in the mirror!
664 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh!? I don’t want to hear that from a girl who pees in the stars!!
668 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Are you saying that!?
671 Anonymous
673 Anonymous
LOL, you too!
675 Anonymous
Everyone, this is Mary, the top academic institution in Japan!
678 Anonymous
I’ll do my best in studying, but I’ll also do my best in other things..
681 Anonymous
I was convinced that conflicts only happen between people of the same level when I saw Hagetoru and Chinski
684 Anonymous
Hey, all you students looking at this!
Yes, you! Don’t you dare grow up to be like Hagetoru or Chinski!
688 Anonymous
That’s right, don’t grow up to be like us adults
691 Anonymous
If you’ve been posting on bulletin boards since you were a student, it’s already too late, lol
694 Anonymous
696 Anonymous
700 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’ve been posting since elementary school, and I’m okay
703 Anonymous
Yes, you’re out
705 Anonymous
This is the bulletin board elite
708 Anonymous
You, you were probably posting since kindergarten!
711 Verification Team *07218KADO6
714 Anonymous
This is the monster born from the bulletin board
717 Anonymous
The bulletin board people gave birth to it!?
720 Anonymous
I see, so Hagetoru is our daughter… I’m younger than Hagetoru though, LOL
722 Anonymous
Hagetoru, Shumi, Chinski, and Nee-san are all daughters of the bulletin board people
726 Anonymous
No, no, Nee-san is older than me!!
728 Anonymous
Nee-san is a little..
731 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Huh? Am I the only one left out!? I feel depressed..
734 Anonymous
Nee-san, don’t cry!!
736 Anonymous
It’s fine to be the daughter of the bulletin board community. Yeah
740 Anonymous
Well, maybe Wanchan Aqua-sama could be our son..
743 Anonymous
That’s enough
Even the auntie in the neighborhood call everyone BERYL their sons
746 Anonymous
I get it, LOL
The aunties in my neighborhood are like that too, LOL
750 Anonymous
Because he is everyone’s sons, brothers, and even lovers
752 Anonymous
No way, being a dad is better!
755 Anonymous
As expected of the bulletin board users, LOL
758 Anonymous
I really want to thank Aqua-sama
Thank you for being born into this world
760 Anonymous
Thank you so much!
762 Anonymous
Thank you!
765 Anonymous
Wait, what’s going on here?
767 Anonymous
It’s somehow a flow of gratitude towards Aqua-sama
769 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Hey everyone, it’s time for maintenance
771 Anonymous
Is it already that time? Take care
772 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Huh? I was going to make an announcement!!
775 Anonymous
Bad timing, LOL
776 Anonymous
Haha, sensei
777 774 *Hi-P3erver
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