Male Idol V12c65-2

Volume 12 Chapter 65 Bulletin Board, In The Midst Of Shitty Otaku Domination!!, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Aqua-kun is taking a break] beryl&beryl Spring Break Special. [Guests are Ayana-chan and Kanon-sama!]
501 Anonymous
I see, there might be a chance
I still believe in Toa-chan being a girl!!
503 Anonymous
Different from a girl’s breasts!?
Huh, really~? I can’t say anything without seeing and confirming it once. Hehe, hehehe!
505 Anonymous
508 Anonymous
510 Anonymous
The moment the problematic video played, the doorbell rang, LOL!
511 Anonymous
What just happened?
513 Anonymous
514 Anonymous
515 Anonymous
Oh, trying to divert suspicion
517 Anonymous
Sorry for our indulgence!!
519 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Disband! Disband!
521 Anonymous
It’s no good!
Hey, staff-chan. This is Kanon-sama’s specialty
523 Anonymous
It really makes you feel like Kanon-sama is truly enjoying it, huh, w
525 Anonymous
The second question came so quickly, LOL
527 Anonymous
Oh no. She’s so strong, nobody can compete with them in League of Legends
529 Anonymous
There’s probably no hardcore fan in the world who can beat Kanon-sama
It’s not even worth talking about unless they’re as good as Nee-san
531 Anonymous
Whether there’s one or none, it’s too close to home and I burst out laughing, LOL
533 Anonymous
People like the beginning 616-san, President Atori, Mary-sama, and chairman Fuji Ranko might have a chance
535 Anonymous
Ah, I kind of feel that way about those people
537 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, it’s break time
539 Anonymous
I’m going to the bathroom
540 Anonymous
Got it!
542 Anonymous
Understanding our bathroom situation and making a toilet break for us, Kanon-sama is amazing!!
544 Anonymous
Oh, I see. Kanon-sama really understands us well, LOL
546 Anonymous
Huh? Is it possible to go to the bath or something?
548 Anonymous
Stop it, LOL
549 Anonymous
Don’t raise a flag, LOL
551 Anonymous
Everyone in the audience is properly grossed out, which is a relief, LOL
553 Anonymous
World, this is the shitty otaku, the shittynami-sama!!
555 Anonymous
Citizens of Stars, you’ll cry when you see this, LOL
557 Anonymous
It’s so weird, LOL
How can she just look at the shoes and guess which scene from which live it is, LOL
559 Anonymous
The staff also understand this, LOL
They only give problems that only Kanon-sama can solve
561 Anonymous
It’s hilarious to guess the venue just by looking at the shape of the lighting, LOL
563 Anonymous
This person LOL
Just try to guess which show it is from just the picture of the boxed lunch LMAO
565 Anonymous
Yeah yeah, we lose, we lose
I’m glad she’s the legal wife. I thought that again
568 Anonymous
Geez, it’s not even at the level of fans or believers
This is already at the level of a grudge spirit. It’s beyond the level of attachment LOL
570 Anonymous
Grudge LOL spirit LOL
At least make it a guardian spirit lol
572 Anonymous
Is Kanon-sama okay?
Not feeling well?
574 Verification Team *07218KADO6
※It’s a specification. No returns accepted. From Stars!!
576 Anonymous
577 Anonymous
Even though it’s only been about six months since they got married, is the warranty already expired!?
579 Anonymous
She finished the quick response, lol
581 Anonymous
The hellish quick response quiz is over, lol
583 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari yawned, lol
585 Anonymous
I understand how she feel, lol
588 Anonymous
It’s a special, but it’s only one hour
590 Anonymous
It became one hour because Aqu-tan is absent, I guess
But, Kanon-sama, Ayana-chan, and Kohina Yukari are doing a great job, so even if it’s a 2-hour special, it would have been totally fine
591 Anonymous
The last question is worth 100 points, lol
592 Anonymous
What were the previous ones, lol
594 Anonymous
Here comes the comedy sketch!
596 Anonymous
That kind of thing is helpful, lol
598 Anonymous
A helper!?
600 Anonymous
They can’t rely on just any helper, right?
601 Anonymous
Go for it, Toa-chan!
603 Anonymous
I wonder who will be Toa-chan’s helper?
It would be great if it’s Nee-san, even though it’s unlikely
605 Anonymous
No way, Nee-san really came!!
607 Anonymous
Nee-san is hereeeee!
609 Anonymous
The staff knew what they were doing by including Nee-san as a helper!
611 Anonymous
He’s going to win with this!!
613 Anonymous
Is this okay for the later lottery?
Didn’t he get the jackpot on the very first one?
615 Anonymous
Toa-chan, Kotono-nee-chan is a lifesaver
616 Anonymous
Toa-kun, it’s okay to call her “nee-chan” too, you know?
618 Anonymous
Hey, wait!
There’s no way I can understand this!!
620 Anonymous
It’s just too difficult, lol
622 Anonymous
The least damage weapon used in every match? LOL
623 Anonymous
It’s definitely Nee-san
With Nee-san, you can counter those shitty otaku!
625 Anonymous
Well, Kanon-sama knows the answer
627 Anonymous
No way, LMAO
628 Anonymous
There’s one person who’s on a whole other level, LOL
630 Anonymous
Is Nee-san playing with Aqua?
631 Anonymous
Is this some kind of tease for us!?
633 Anonymous
Nee-san, I think you should stream everything like that
635 Anonymous
I understand the curiosity, but it’s important to have private time to play
If you turn gaming into work all the time, it’s tough for people who can’t see gaming as work
I know because I’ve been streaming for a long time
638 Anonymous
Wow, that’s a bummer
640 Anonymous
That’s too bad
642 Anonymous
Kanon-sama is here!!
645 Anonymous
647 Anonymous
Who is it!?
650 Anonymous
651 Anonymous
652 Anonymous
654 Anonymous
Emily-sama is hereeeee!
656 Anonymous
Emily-sama, seriously!?
For a moment, I thought it was Hagetoru, lol
658 Anonymous
Emily-sama is really good at impersonating, huh
Her impersonation of Kanon-sama was similar, and her way of speaking was like Hagetoru, lol
660 Anonymous
Huh? Could Emily-sama actually be Hagetoru?
I thought about it, but that’s not normal, lol
662 Anonymous
No way, no way. Sleeping talk, just sleep haha
664 Anonymous
Hahaha! This is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year haha
665 Anonymous
Won’t happen… no way haha
667 Anonymous
If Emily-sama is Hagetoru, I’ll make a kettle boil with my belly button LMAO
669 Anonymous
Well then, I’ll do a handstand and go around the neighborhood with my nose LOL
671 Anonymous
Sinking boat LOL
673 Anonymous
Emily-sama really likes jokes, huh?
675 Anonymous
She’s incredibly beautiful, and easy to get along with, she’s the best
She should have been the main wife, not some shitty otaku LOL
677 Anonymous
Emily-sama has big breasts, so there’s a chance LOL
678 Anonymous
Omurice, LMAO
680 Anonymous
Child’s lunch 16 times!?
683 Anonymous
This girl is hopeless. Someone needs to do something quickly, LOL
685 Anonymous
The amazing thing about this person is that she keeps going even when the audience is overwhelmed
That’s similar to Aqu-tan, lol
687 Anonymous
Counting everything is too extreme, lol
689 Anonymous
But it’s helpful to know the home-cooked meals made by Aqua-sama!!
691 Anonymous
Remembering the types and number of desserts is so funny, LOL
693 Anonymous
Even Aqu-tan must be disappointed by this…
696 Anonymous
Check Aqua-sama’s social media
Shirogane Aqua@Overseas Filming
Does my wife really like me too much!? I’m super happy!!
699 Anonymous
Ah, yeah
701 Anonymous
It’s great that Aqua-sama is Master (Danna-sama)
703 Anonymous
That was great, shitty otaku. Congratulations
705 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is too much of an ideal man that girls desire
If he were an ordinary guy, there would be a no-approach order
707 Anonymous
708 Anonymous
My eyes, my eyes!
710 Anonymous
Did he draw another outrageous picture? lol
712 Anonymous
This is too difficult, lol
714 Anonymous
Shumi is also struggling
717 Anonymous
I don’t know. Is it seaweed or kelp?
719 Anonymous
That’s what it looked like to me too, lol
720 Anonymous
Kanon-sama grew horns using the process of elimination, LOL
722 Anonymous
Emily-sama, LMAO
724 Anonymous
One chance, is it Nee-san or Announcer Onidzuka, LOL
726 Anonymous
Emily-sama, isn’t she too strong?
She’s beautiful, funny, and has big breasts limited to Aqua-kun
728 Anonymous
This is getting too amazing, getting closer to the answer, lol
730 Anonymous
I feel like it’s either Great Kaiju Yukari-gon or Heaven’s Sword
732 Anonymous
733 Anonymous
735 Anonymous
Can’t help it. This is too difficult
737 Anonymous
Even Kanon-sama can’t do it, so it’s impossible for regular people
739 Anonymous
Next is Tenga-senpai
740 Anonymous
I’m counting on you, Tenga-senpai!
742 Anonymous
744 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has arriveddddddd!
745 Anonymous
It’s unfair to have Aqu-tan as a helper, LOL
747 Anonymous
This is too cheat, lol
749 Anonymous
The female team is booing, it made me laugh, lol
750 Anonymous
I understand why they’re angry, LOL
752 Anonymous
Toa-chan is cute
754 Anonymous
In front of Toa-chan’s cuteness, even the angry females calm down, right?
756 Anonymous
So coooooool!
758 Anonymous
760 Anonymous
This is going to be so popular at school or work from tomorrow, lol
762 Anonymous
Seems like it’ll happen at club activities
Senpai: “Hey, junior… Can you still keep up physically?”
Me: “Of course. Senpai… What do you think of me?”
Senpai: “Okay! That’s why you’re my junior! Let’s go!”
Me: “Yes!”
764 Anonymous
It’s definitely a thing, huh
765 Anonymous
Boss: “Hey, subordinate… Can you handle this job?”
Me: “Of course. Boss… What do you think of me?”
Boss: “Yes! That’s why you’re my subordinate! Let’s do this!”
Me: “Oh, actually, I can’t do it.”
Boss: “Huh?”
767 Anonymous
Haha, the boss’s reaction is LOL
768 Anonymous
Even if the atmosphere is set, it’s okay to refuse when it’s impossible
Refusing unreasonable work is the right choice
770 Anonymous
There’s a special kind of heat that can only be obtained from the interactions between Tenga-senpai and Aqua-sama
772 Anonymous
773 Anonymous
If it’s Aqua-kun, it must be Magazine A
775 Anonymous
A is the easiest to understand when it comes to breasts
777 Anonymous
I looked at the Female Doctor Directory, and everyone is showing their breasts either with knitwear or with the cleavage of their shirts
779 Anonymous
You must be kidding LOL
I have the Training Book, and one of the instructors featured in it has big breasts
781 Anonymous
I have all of them LOL
782 Anonymous
Here comes Aqu-tan LOL
784 Anonymous
I am one of the people featured in the Female Doctor Directory
Is it okay for me to be conscious of Aqua-sama too?
786 Anonymous
I think it’s good
788 Anonymous
Stains in the swimsuit special issue!?
789 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Wha- what kind of stain is it? Haa haa..
791 Anonymous
He said “wrinkles,” but he definitely said “stains” lol
793 Anonymous
I wonder if I should wander outside in a swimsuit this summer
795 Anonymous
It seems like a no-go
797 Anonymous
The cover looks serious LOL
Can’t hide it LMAO
800 Anonymous
801 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, pushing through with coolness and hiding it lol
803 Anonymous
Actually, in that aspect, he’s the same as Gorikawa, the founder of the Power Religion
805 Anonymous
The audience is hyped up, so it’s good!
807 Anonymous
A-qu-a! A-qu-a!
808 Anonymous
810 Anonymous
Oh, what a shame
812 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that the person himself didn’t become a helper and that it’s also incorrect. LOL
813 Anonymous
Kanon-sama seems to understand, but Aa-sama really doesn’t get it. LOL
815 Anonymous
816 Anonymous
Senpai, is this the last question already?
818 Anonymous
What is this exchange? It’s cute!!
820 Anonymous
Today, I’m happy that there’s not only Aqua-sama and Mayuzumi-kun, but also a lot of interaction with Tenga-senpai!!
822 Anonymous
That’s right!!
824 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is defeated. LOL
825 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is amazing!
827 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is here!
828 Anonymous
Here comes the showdown between senpais!!
830 Anonymous
Great Kaiju Yukari-gon is really on a roll lol
832 Anonymous
What a letdown!!
834 Anonymous
President Atori is here!
835 Anonymous
Isn’t this a guaranteed win?
837 Anonymous
The exchange just now was hilarious
839 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari really understands this kind of thing, right?
President Atori is also in high spirits, nice!
841 Anonymous
I wish I had that present!
842 Anonymous
This is also tricky lol
844 Anonymous
It’s inevitable to pick a fight with the producer lol
846 Anonymous
Is it Kanon-sama and Ayana-chan’s dirndl!?
849 Anonymous
Both Kohina Yukari and President Atori are really lively, huh? lol
851 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Ko-hi-Na! Ko-hi-Na!
852 Verification Team *07218KADO6
854 Anonymous
Both President Atori and Kohina Yukari, but they are also close, huh? lol
856 Anonymous
The correct answer is A, B, and D LOL
857 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s present is not just one…really!?
859 Anonymous
Since when did you have the misconception that Aqua-sama’s present was only one?
There’s no reason why a present has to be just one!!
861 Anonymous
President Atori came out, LOL
863 Anonymous
Good job, President, LMAO
865 Anonymous
President Atori is also saved by dirndl
It’s not good to leave someone out, you know!!
867 Anonymous
Counting on you, Mayuzumi-kun!!
869 Anonymous
Yes, disband!
871 Anonymous
Inko is hereeeee!
872 Anonymous
Our Inko is hereeeee!
874 Anonymous
Is this a big hit!?
Not a big mistake!?
876 Anonymous
The queen of choices, lol
The expert in conquering Shirogane Aqua, LMAO
The number one expert in otome game conquest, LMAO
The founder, LMAO LMAO
The great grassland LOL
878 Anonymous
Even the audiences are laughing, LOL
880 Anonymous
This guy is so funny, LOL
882 Anonymous
Ugh, this is so annoying, LOL
884 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun don’t have to hang out with her, okay?
885 Anonymous
Hey, Inko. Can you please not mess with our Mayushin? LOL
888 Anonymous
First night?!
889 Anonymous
Hey, staff, I mean, show producer, this is not cool, right?!
891 Anonymous
I can understand why Inko and Kohina Yukari are mad, LOL
893 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, your waif is sinking, you know?
895 Anonymous
Hey, you can touch my body too, you know?
Like I said before, if you don’t say what you want, I won’t know, right? Should I remind you again?
Don’t look away from the real me!
From today, I’m a dog, woof woof!
896 Anonymous
Huh? Is he really saying these lines?
I can’t believe it..
897 Anonymous
There’s no way D exists, lol
This must be a fantasy, LOL
898 Anonymous
Where can I buy Aqua-sama, the dog?
I want him to lick my thighs. I’m a junior high school student, but I don’t think I can do it without my parents’ permission
900 Anonymous
Hey, girl. I’m also looking for Aqua-kun, the dog. Let’s secretly let each other know if we find them!
901 Anonymous
Just a hunch, but Aqua seems like he would talk in those situations too, LOL
902 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, LMAO
903 Anonymous
It’s definitely Mayuzumi-kun
Mayuzumi-kun knows everything
905 Anonymous
After that exchange with Tenga-senpai, I feel really excited
Have I finally experienced heart palpitations too!?
908 Anonymous
Maybe you should go to the hospital and get checked out, it might be a new type of palpitations!
910 Anonymous
911 Anonymous
912 Anonymous
Stop suddenly! It’s bad for the heart!!
914 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun… great!
915 Anonymous
This gap is coming
917 Anonymous
Ah, the correct answer is A
919 Anonymous
920 Anonymous
Is B Nee-san!? And C Hakuryuu-sensei!
921 Anonymous
I have to confront them about this later!
922 Anonymous
Wait a minute, I’m so jealous of Nee-san’s choice B!!
923 Anonymous
Producer is being dragged by Nee-san, lol
924 Anonymous
Go for it, Ayana-chan!
926 Anonymous
There was a dud among the reinforcements
Morikawa Kaede←This one
928 Anonymous
I’ve got a bad feeling!!
930 Anonymous
Okay, let’s disband!!
931 Anonymous
What a dud!
932 Anonymous
Poor Ayana-chan
934 Anonymous
The staff is also trying to pack up, lol
936 Anonymous
No time, lol
937 Anonymous
Morikawa is getting involved, lol
939 Anonymous
The producer is coming on even stronger!!
941 Anonymous
I want more of that
943 Anonymous
I’ve never heard of “D,” was it from Yuu-onii?
945 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, can you really believe in that person?
She has a brain made of muscles, you know?
947 Anonymous
Yay, she got the right answer!
949 Anonymous
So, D is the correct answer
950 Anonymous
Is A an award ceremony? That’s Morikawa, LOL
952 Anonymous
Bad news, Morikawa forgets the words she said
954 Anonymous
Even though I double-checked because it was finally correct, it feels so Morikawa-like to immediately mess it up, LMAO
956 Anonymous
So, where is the quote from D from?
957 Anonymous
Could this possibly be something said in private!?
959 Anonymous
Please give us more of that kind of thing!!
961 Anonymous
Congratulations, Ayana-chan!!
963 Anonymous
965 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-senpai, and Kanon-sama, thank you!!
967 Anonymous
She’s giving out prizes for them
I like this about Kanon-sama!
969 Anonymous
Personally, I think it’s okay to just accept it as it is
Kanon-sama seems to hold back on doing live performances since getting married, so I feel like we don’t need to worry too much about it
971 Anonymous
If you watched the quick quiz earlier, no one would complain, right?
People who complain are just as shitty otaku as Kanon-sama
However, it’s impossible for regular people to guess what live performance is about just from the material on the stage wings. Haha!
973 Anonymous
The prize for first place is coming!!
975 Anonymous
Wow, don’t need that, LOL
977 Anonymous
The right to have Aqua-sama draw a picture for me?
Yes, disband
979 Anonymous
I don’t need this
981 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Think about it. Getting a picture drawn by Aqua-sama means you get to be alone with him!!
983 Anonymous
984 Anonymous
So Hagetoru was a genius after all..
986 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
N-Nude drawing!?
988 Anonymous
Nice idea!!
989 Anonymous
Huff, huff
991 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
A prize for the viewers
-Prizes won by Mayuzumi Shintaro
The right to have Shirogane Aqua-san cook a home-cooked meal for you… 1 person
The right to have English lessons from Shirogane Aqua-san…1 person
※However, it will only be provided at locations near Tokyo. Beryl will prepare the location
-Prizes won by Tenga Akira
The right to have a date outfit coordinated by Shirogane Aqua-san…1 person
-Prizes won by Shirogane Kanon
The right to receive Stars souvenirs from Shirogane Aqua… 10 people
In addition, a message card with an autograph is attached
993 Anonymous
Nee-san, thank you!
995 Anonymous
Home cooking!? English lesson!?
997 Anonymous
Do you provide s*xy services with home-cooked meals and English lessons!?
999 Anonymous
Well then, it seems like it’s time to get serious!!
1000 Anonymous
I hope Aqu-tan returns safely if it’s the 1000th!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
This quiz is too difficult!
Even AI doesn’t understand at all!
How does Kanon-sama understand it!?

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