Male Idol V12c65

Volume 12 Chapter 65 Bulletin Board, In The Midst Of Shitty Otaku Domination!!, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Aqua-kun is taking a break] beryl&beryl Spring Break Special. [Guests are Ayana-chan and Kanon-sama!]
3 Anonymous
Beryl&beryl are back!!
5 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is absent today
7 Anonymous
Good to see everyone’s doing well
9 Anonymous
Looks like Toa-chan is the MC
It’s a chance to show off those skills honed during the tour!
11 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is versatile, so he can do both, but I think he’s better off playing the fool as the MC rather than poking fun at others
13 Anonymous
That makes sense
But I’d also like to see Aqu-tan interacting with everyone as the MC
It’s Aqua-kun’s MC skills that fully bring out Kohina Yukari and Morikawa Kaede. These three are strong because they can handle both roles
15 Anonymous
So, Kohina… Morikawa Kaede’s room was really interesting
By the way, the three of them are the top 3 in variety show salaries right now. The difference in quality is unbelievable
18 Anonymous
Even though Morikawa is hiding behind Aa-sama, I’m a little worried that she’s ridiculously busy
Because she’s a physical powerhouse, everyone forgets that she’s still human
Kohina Yukari has some free time, so it’s probably fine
21 Anonymous
Toa-chan is doing a good job as the MC so far
23 Anonymous
Go for it, Toa-chan!
25 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is here!!
27 Anonymous
The guest Ayana-chan is here!
29 Anonymous
I’m glad Ayana-chan came, but Aqu-tan isn’t here
Come when she’s around!!
31 Anonymous
That’s right!
33 Anonymous
Aqua-sama posted a picture on his social media with the three people from eau de Cologne, and there was someone who looked like a filming crew in the background. They might have a show together with four people
35 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Ayana-chan’s interaction is refreshing
37 Anonymous
They’re bringing out the classmate vibeee!
39 Anonymous
Classmates are the best!
41 Anonymous
This is what I wanted to see!!
42 Anonymous
I want more of this kind of thing!!
44 Anonymous
45 Anonymous
47 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai always ends up being left out, it’s so sad
But it can’t be helped since he’s in different grades
49 Anonymous
It’s amazing that Aa-sama appeared, but it’s also a miracle that Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun are the same age, go to the same school, and are in the same class, right?
51 Anonymous
They’re the miracle generation
Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tsukimachi Ayana, Shirogane Kanon
And they’re all in the same school, in the same class
Also, in this generation, the person behind the Vtuber “Miss December Hizume Sayaka” is the same age
53 Anonymous
I’d like to see a special episode just for Aqua-kun, Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan, Kanon-sama, and Ayana-chan being classmates
And then, I want everyone to expose Aqua-kun’s deeds lol
55 Anonymous
Nice idea!
56 Anonymous
Let’s go with that!
59 Anonymous
Alright! Let’s have those members fight the Nightmare Generation!!
Kohina Yukari, Morikawa Kaede, Sayamu Inko, Kato Iria, Jou Maron
President Atori, who is the same grade as Kohina Yukari, is also part of this generation
62 Anonymous
Poor Jou-san LOL
63 Anonymous
The pressure from the first four is too strong LMAO
65 Anonymous
Kato Iria is older than I imagined, lol
67 Anonymous
Hey, stop it!
68 Anonymous
The episode of the Nightmare Generation
– Kiss Hunter Jou Maron
During a drinking party that was her first time drinking, something happened and Maron stole the first kisses of many female celebrities who attended
It is said that Maron has made more than 100 women org**m just through kissing, but they have no memory of what happened while they were drinking
Furthermore, Maron also stole the first kiss of her housemate, Kurushima Fran. Ayana-chan is safe
– Forever 17-year-old Kato Iria
She has a mysterious sponsorship contract with a foreign company to be forever 17 years old
After graduating from high school, she enrolls in high school again. To be precise, she voluntarily withdraws the day before the graduation ceremony and repeats the process of re-enrollment
She is a former student at St. Claris, and Hinomoto. And now, she took the Otomezaki entrance exam to attend the same school as Aqua-sama next year. The result is unknown
– Otome Game Master Sayamu Inko
She plays so many otome games that she mistakenly believes she’s dating Aqua-kun
She suddenly talks to imaginary Aqua-kun during casual conversations
The other day, she even did a morning stream where she had breakfast with imaginary Aqua-kun
– Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, also known as the strongest actress in Japan, Kohina Yukari
Winner of the Best Actress Award in the 2022 Drama Category
Winner of the Best Leading Actress Award in the 2022 Film Category
MVP of the 2022 Best Genius Award
– Physical Monster Morikawa Kaede
Violation of the Seed Law is about to become an international issue
Physically destroy the national broadcaster
For some reason, her paid salary has become negative
70 Anonymous
After all, Morikawa is on a different level LMAO
The dangerous rate range is one step different lol
This guy is pulling it up by herself LOL
72 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is the only one who chooses to be serious LOL
74 Anonymous
I’m sure there are more if everyone searches, but this is all that comes to mind
Morikawa’s version is too simple and easy to understand, but the scariest part is actually the ending
How can her salary become negative LMAO?
76 Anonymous
I’m starting to worry about Inko. Is she really okay?
77 Anonymous
It’s totally fine if Inko wants to play a regular otome game
She’s clearly starting to go crazy
Soon, she’ll even see wild Imaginary Morikawa and wild Imaginary Kohina show up
80 Anonymous
That actually sounds interesting, so I want to see it
82 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai said he wants to go back to high school? LOL
83 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is saying something like Kato Iria. LOL
85 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, if you’re going to enter high school anyway, why not accidentally enter Otomezaka instead Otomezaki?
87 Anonymous
Is there really a high school like that? LOL
90 Anonymous
Otomezaki is a prestigious school, but Otomezaka is a delinquent school
There are many flashy-looking students, but there’s no bullying and there are many kind students
92 Anonymous
I’m a current student at Otomezaka, and it’s all about physical strength, so Morikawa-san is super popular
95 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is here!!
97 Anonymous
Great Kaiju Yukari-gon is here!
I was about to say that, and it’s really Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, so funny!
99 Anonymous
This person is coming in a Great Kaiju costume, lol
101 Anonymous
Darn, it’s a costume designed by Nene-cho, so it’s actually more ant-like than usual
103 Anonymous
Toa-chan isn’t bad at all!
104 Anonymous
KY-senpai, please forgive Toa-chan
107 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is all flustered, lol
109 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, do your best!
Protect everyone!!
111 Anonymous
113 Anonymous
Ah, Mayuzumi-kun and Seiza, Kohina Yukari-san!
115 Anonymous
Everyone is sitting seiza lol
116 Anonymous
It has nothing to do with Ayana-chan LOL
118 Anonymous
※There is no one to blame for this
120 Anonymous
Aa-sama is the only one who did this lol
122 Anonymous
Miri isn’t angry either!!
124 Anonymous
Weren’t she angry after all?
If she was angry, she wouldn’t dress normally, right?
126 Anonymous
It was expected that KY-senpai would be happy because Aqu-tan and KY-senpai have similar sensibilities
128 Anonymous
The president of Beyond Productions LOL
130 Anonymous
The president has been replaced LOL
131 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “Gao!”
133 Anonymous
Not scary at all, LOL
Kinda cute, actually
135 Anonymous
Great Kaiju Yukari-gon… cool!
137 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, just stay like this forever, LOL
138 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun are dogezaing!?
140 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san, come on!!
142 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Ayana-chan’s whispering is cute!
144 Anonymous
As the two said, Great Kaiju Yukari-gon mode is cute
It looks like a two-dimensional character, and when you look closely, the mascot’s face looks silly with half-closed eyes, the back is round, the legs are short, and the hands look awkward to hold things. Whether it’s thanks to Aqua-kun’s original drawing or Nene-cho’s design, all the cute elements are properly included
147 Anonymous
It’s all Aqua’s fault, lol
148 Anonymous
Now, I faintly heard someone saying “It’s all Aqua’s fault” on the mic, lol
150 Anonymous
It’s all Aqua’s fault, LMAO
152 Anonymous
Nobody said it, but yeah, that’s true
154 Anonymous
It’s all Aqua’s fault, lol
155 Anonymous
Back in the day, people couldn’t say something like “It’s all Aqua’s fault” to a boy, lol
157 Anonymous
The reason I like Aqua-sama is because he would forgive and smile even if we make jokes like this
I like that he has a big heart
158 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
The server crashing is also Aqua-sama’s fault!!
160 Anonymous
161 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s true, lol
163 Anonymous
Who put AI in the server, LOL
166 Anonymous
It’s okay for Saba-chan to say that, lol
170 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Ayana-chan have loud voices, LMAO
172 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Ayana-chan have a lot of thoughts and feelings, huh, lol
174 Anonymous
Both of them should speak even louder!
176 Anonymous
Don’t make them say it all the way to the audience, lol
178 Anonymous
President Atori, raising a fist, lol
180 Anonymous
This, President Atori is also feeling it, lol
182 Anonymous
Nee-san, LMAO
184 Anonymous
Nee-san also raised a fist, lol
185 Anonymous
Nee-san peeking behind the president is the best, lol
The camera person is doing a great job, lol
187 Anonymous
That’s right! It’s all Aqua-sama’s fault!!
188 Anonymous
I became unable to live without Aa-sama’s body, except for Aa-sama, so it’s Aa-sama’s fault
189 Anonymous
Once I got to know Aqu-tan, I couldn’t be satisfied with other men anymore
I won’t say it’s his fault, but please take responsibility! 19 years old, college student, H-cup!!
191 Anonymous
Hey guys, LOL!
193 Anonymous
Something came up, LOL
195 Anonymous
What happened to the president of Beyond Pro?
197 Anonymous
Phone call?
200 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is hereeeee!!
201 Anonymous
Aqua-sama! Is he watching this!?
203 Anonymous
Unexpected phone appearance?
205 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s voice sounds so lively, it makes me tear up
Because Stars are so far away
I’m worried, worried if something happens normally..
207 Anonymous
Here, people are getting stronger, but that’s normal
Everyone’s worried if it’s okay at school and stuff
208 Anonymous
Even at work, the people who want to be like big sisters or moms were crying during break time
There are a lot of overprotective people
210 Anonymous
It’s mostly his fault LOL
212 Anonymous
I like Aqua-sama for being able to honestly say it’s my fault here LOL
214 Anonymous
Well, he’s not wrong!!
215 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is really kind, huh
Normal guys would get mad lol
217 Anonymous
I feel sorry for the staff LOL
220 Anonymous
Taking over the show LMAO
222 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Kohina-senpai, again, is it?”
224 Anonymous
We can see Morikawa getting suspicious again LOL?
227 Anonymous
Did KY-senpai pee herself!?
228 Anonymous
Yep, she definitely peed herself lol
229 Anonymous
Yep, confirmed peeing accident
231 Anonymous
She forcefully ended the call, LOL
233 Anonymous
She hung up on Aqua-sama’s call, lol
235 Anonymous
It started normally, LOL
237 Anonymous
It’s funny how everything starts without any issues, LOL
239 Anonymous
I don’t want to have an accident, so I’m going to the bathroom!
241 Anonymous
Hey everyone, let’s all go to the restroom together, lol
243 Anonymous
It looks like it’s going to go all the way to the end without any commercials in between, so this is the last time to go to the bathroom
If you don’t want to have an accident like some famous actress, go now!
245 Anonymous
Mom: “Just like Kohina Yukari-san, if you don’t want to have an accident when you grow up, let’s go to the bathroom now.”
Me and my siblings: “Yeeeesss!”
247 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious
249 Anonymous
Isn’t that good, mom? LOL
251 Anonymous
It’s starting, everyone!
Come back!
253 Anonymous
255 Anonymous
Safe, I came back
256 Anonymous
Ready, okay!
258 Anonymous
The program has resumed!
260 Anonymous
Those who have earned a lot of points will receive prizes
262 Anonymous
Viewer’s gift!
Good luck everyone at BERYL!!
264 Anonymous
Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-senpai, do your best!
266 Anonymous
Hey, if you look closely, Kohina Yukari is the only one sitting apart. LOL
268 Anonymous
She’s alone
269 Anonymous
Kanon-sama is here!!
271 Anonymous
Our Shum—— Kanon-sama is here!!
272 Anonymous
Shum—— Kanon-sama as a guest is the best!!
274 Anonymous
Please, Our Shum—— Kanon-sama!!
275 Anonymous
Kanon-sama is a cheat in Shirogane Aqua’s quiz, lol
277 Anonymous
Huh? Is today also a Kanon-sama domination day?
280 Anonymous
What does Aqua-sama like!?
282 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
Oh, udon!
284 Anonymous
285 Anonymous
286 Anonymous
It’s biscuits, right
287 Anonymous
288 Anonymous
Do you want Breasts?
289 Anonymous
Are breasts a type of food?
290 Anonymous
Biscuit biscuit biscuit!
291 Anonymous
Isn’t udon the only choice now?
I like eggplant, especially Aqua-sama’s eggplant
293 Anonymous
You guys, lol
294 Anonymous
Breasts as food, lol
296 Anonymous
Toa-chan, I hope you’re right!!
297 Anonymous
Toa-chan, thanks for answering about biscuits!
299 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, tamagoyaki!?
300 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, why did you choose that answer?
Is there an episode we don’t know about?
302 Anonymous
304 Anonymous
Is it a lie, Ayana-chan!?
305 Anonymous
Sad news, popular idol group, eau de Cologne’s center, Tsukimachi Ayana-san. She revealed that she herself likes eggplants!!
307 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, don’t worry! I also like eggplants!!
309 Anonymous
All the girls in this world like eggplants, right? Especially the ones that are shiny, thick, long, and hard LOL
312 Anonymous
Ayana-chan LOL
313 Anonymous
Ayana-chan’s reaction is cute!
But what she wrote was about eggplants, hehehe!!
315 Anonymous
Ayana-chan was so transparent!!
317 Anonymous
Huh? Could it be that Ayana-chan is in the same rating range as us!?
319 Anonymous
That’s right!
321 Anonymous
Wow, really, oh
I see, Ayana-chan is quite sulky!
323 Anonymous
I’ve become an even bigger fan of Ayana-chan!
I don’t think there are any bad girls who are naughty!
324 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is the Erotic Town
According to the survey by Hagetoru Marketing, cute girls like Shumi actually love being naughty. Guhehe!
326 Anonymous
What, what did you say~!?
327 Anonymous
Shumi is naughty, Ayana-chan is naughty, Hagetoru is out, taking notes
329 Anonymous
I believe in Toa-chan’s Aqua, it’s a hit! Clatter clatter!
330 Anonymous
Thank you, Toa-chan! Jing-ling!
332 Anonymous
Hey guys, lol
334 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, more of that!!
336 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun, keep saying more of that, okay?
The big sisters love that kind of talk more than anything
338 Anonymous
Otomezaki has a lot of tight-lipped girls
These stories make us really happy and help us a lot
340 Anonymous
What an unexpectedly correct answer. It’s tamagoyaki!!
341 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is righttt!!
343 Anonymous
As expected, it’s Mayushin-kun, desu~wa!
345 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I can’t believe Kanon-sama missed
Sigh, I’m disappointed, desu~wa!!
347 Anonymous
You’re so funny, LOL
349 Anonymous
Today, let’s have tamagoyaki!
351 Anonymous
LOL, that caption!
352 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
※Request from the government and Beryl
There is a possibility that the shortage of eggs could lead to price increases and disrupt the balance of supply for various foods
Please show self-restraint for the sake of our beloved Shirogane Aqua-san
Please purchase eggs within the daily needs and common sense of each household
354 Anonymous
Understood, Nee-san!
355 Anonymous
Thank you so much, Nee-san
357 Anonymous
Toa-chan looks frustrated
359 Anonymous
It’s cute how he’s going to tell Merry-san!
361 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LOL
363 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is not popular LOL
365 Anonymous
They took away the title of Udon Ambassador, lol
367 Anonymous
Aqu-tan’s favorite class!?
369 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s favorite class is health! Just a wish though, lol
371 Anonymous
I want Aqua-kun to show me an example of s*x education!!
373 Anonymous
Oh, by the way, I bought Aqu-tan’s doujinshi where he became a s*x education teacher
It was really good, teaching girls about their first periods from scratch
375 Anonymous
In music class, Aa-sama is the accompanist!? Seriously!?
377 Anonymous
I’m so jealous of the students at Otomezaki!!
379 Anonymous
If Aqu-tan plays the piano, that’s not a class, it’s a concert
I’m soooo envious!
381 Anonymous
Kanon-sama LOL
Ayana-chan LMAO
383 Anonymous
There are two people who seem to have strong pressure sensitivity, but is it just my imagination? LOL?
384 Anonymous
Good news, Tsukimachi Ayana, awakening
Great job~! Keep it up~!
386 Anonymous
Hmm, when it comes to physical education class, he looks at then with naughty eyes
387 Anonymous
Lucky. To be looked at with naughty eyes by a boy, especially Aqua-kun, is like a reward
If it were a normal boy, they would say something like “Go somewhere else” when a girl is exercising
389 Anonymous
Every girl’s dream is to be the subject of boys’ dirty jokes at least once
391 Anonymous
Exactly! If Aqua-kun made me the subject of his dirty jokes, I think I would go crazy for about a day
393 Anonymous
394 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun, do you know this?
396 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, should we spill everything to this big sister?
Then it’ll be easier, right?
398 Anonymous
It’s an English class, huh?
400 Anonymous
Yes, Mayuzumi-kun got it right, congratulations!!
402 Anonymous
Shum—— Kanon-sama (LOL)
404 Anonymous
So Kanon-sama was just a decorative member after all, huh?
406 Anonymous
Kanon-sama who is not interested is not Shumi
408 Anonymous
410 Anonymous
Oh, I see
412 Anonymous
English Teacher Elena-sensei? Understands
413 Anonymous
She’s single, young, beautiful, kind, a big sister, and has big breasts
I see, she has all the elements that Aqu-tan likes
415 Anonymous
Elena-sensei, it’s on Otomezaki School’s website
She’s 27 years old, with blonde hair and emerald green eyes, and her chest is definitely big
And she’s a baseball fan too. That’s cool
417 Anonymous
Isn’t Aqu-tan weak against foreign girls?
I suddenly got worried about the Stars’ visit!
419 Anonymous
Maybe he’ll bring back one of them as his wife!
421 Anonymous
Natalia-sama and Abby-san, do your best!!
Both of them have blonde hair, so they must be Aqua-kun’s type!
421 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s Victoria-sama, right? I understand
423 Anonymous
Hey, stop it!!
424 Anonymous
Don’t joke around and create unnecessary trouble, idiot!
425 Anonymous
Everyone was thinking it, but no one said it out loud!!
427 Anonymous
Kanon-sama, Mary-sama, Hermie-sama, and Victoria-sama
Is Aqua-sama trying to take over the Stars!?
429 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Maybe, he’s got some serious plans!
Aqua-sama’ll just turn Queen Furia back into a regular mom, not a queen!!
431 Anonymous
Hey, stop it!!
432 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
The Stars citizens: “It’s all Aqua-sama’s fault!”
435 Anonymous
Hey, you just popped out of nowhere, and I’m like LMAO
437 Anonymous
You’re using it so accurately, LOL
438 Anonymous
Has this year’s Stars buzzword award been decided?
440 Anonymous
Does Aqu-tan have some grudge against Stars? Lol
442 Anonymous
Enough already, Stars have reached their limit!!
444 Anonymous
Even the Stars citizens who awaken to NTR attributes can be seen
445 Anonymous
Give up. Stars is already too late. The people on the bulletin board are too late too!!
447 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is doing his best!!
449 Anonymous
What kind of clothes does Aqu-tan like!?
451 Anonymous
Looking at it like this, Kanon-sama is beautiful
Is this during the cosmetics commercial?
453 Anonymous
Ayana-chan’s casual clothes are here!
455 Anonymous
Girls are good with this kind of thing!
457 Anonymous
Waking up LOL
458 Anonymous
Is there a demand for Kohina Yukari right after waking up?
460 Anonymous
461 Anonymous
Toa-chan! Toaaaaa-chan!
462 Anonymous
This is not good, huh!
463 Anonymous
Ah, he will be abducted and taken away in a white van
465 Anonymous
His thighs are s*xy
466 Anonymous
I want to sniff around in Toa-chan’s thighs!
468 Anonymous
Thank you, thank you!
470 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai votw for Toa-chan!
471 Anonymous
As expected of Tenga-senpai, D is the only choice!
473 Anonymous
After all, Tenga-senpai is the one who understands the feelings of the fans the most
I understand this
475 Anonymous
He can’t lie about the breasts lol
477 Anonymous
Hmm, Aqua-sama doesn’t lie about the breasts
479 Anonymous
I thought so
Everyone should buy a bra that makes them look bigger or a bra that gives them a nicer shape
481 Anonymous
There was a really good magazine that said how to create beautiful cleavage
483 Anonymous
The fashion magazine’s special feature on clothes that can be used to make breast bags was also great!!
485 Anonymous
I have a feeling that there will be a large number of women who have let go of their breasts even though Aqua-sama will be away tomorrow
487 Anonymous
I could imagine Aqu-tan being disappointed at Stars because he couldn’t see it
If you’re all going to do it, do it after he gets back from Stars lol
Even if you do it to other Beryl members, it will have the opposite effect lol
488 Anonymous
The right one is Toaaaaaa-chan!
489 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah
491 Anonymous
Oh, oh, oh, my brain! It’s twitching!
493 Anonymous
Some people got excited by that
495 Anonymous
As I thought
Yes, I knew it from the beginning. Clatter, clatter, clatter!
496 Anonymous
Well, it’s normal to think that way
There’s no choice other than D, right? Jing-ling!
498 Anonymous
There might be a chance, LOL
499 Anonymous
I like Aa-sama’s unnecessarily positive side

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