Male Idol V12c66

Volume 12 Chapter 66 Chihiro Claire, It Started And Before I Knew It, It Ended

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 ”Ouch, that hurts!”

 I wake up in the morning because of the pain in my stomach.

 Aqua-kun and Emily-san are the ones causing my stomachache right now.

 Or maybe it feels like I’ve been constantly being pushed around by these two.

 Yeah… let’s just say it’s all in my head.

 I feel like it’s not good to think too deeply about this.

 ”Excuse me.”

 It seems like one of the Saint’s Guard members has come to visit me.

 I get up from the bed and put on light clothes before heading to the adjacent office where she is waiting.

 ”Good morning.”

 ”Good morning. Here is today’s report.”

 I skim through the documents sent by everyone.

 First, let’s see what Rin-chan has to say.

 [Some people tried to get close to Aqua-sama, but I took care of them. After interrogating them with a cream from Asagi Pharmaceuticals that makes them 3000 times more sensitive, it turned out they were all just media personnel and extreme fans. Nothing else of note~de gozaru]

 Ugh, just looking at the report from serious Rin-chan makes me cry.

 Hang in there, Rin-chan. You’re one of the few sensible and useful people here. Holy Aqua Religion has too many people who are useful but lack common sense. Ugh!!

 Ah, just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt. I lightly pat my stomach.

 Next is… Rinon-san’s report.

 [While being watched by the media and fans from a distance, I spotted some nobles’ spies and the royal family’s dogs. I’m letting them swim for now, but if they become a hindrance, I’ll eliminate them immediately.]

 Hmm… the royal family’s dogs, huh? It seems like a hassle when the royals are involved.

 Personally, I don’t really care about what happens to the Stars’ royal family or the Stars’ country, but if Kanon-san gets sad, then Aqua-sama will get sad too, right? So if I think about it that way, we can’t act openly, and it would be good if they understand their place and back off.

 Ugh… it’s so troublesome. Why does everyone want to give me more work?

 Is this some kind of bullying or something?

 I shift my gaze to the next report.

 [No big movement in the Stars network. Unlike the folks on Japanese bulletin boards, they seem pretty calm and quiet!]

 Oh, that’s probably because, um, those comedy bigwigs… I mean, Emily-san and Morikawa-san aren’t around, right? Even in the Japanese bulletin boards, things would be a bit better without those two… I think.

 Plus, one of them is our top person. Everyone worships her like a saint, but she’s just a regular woman.

 She doesn’t really think about anything, and because of that, all the problems end up coming my way. It’s starting to make me really frustrated, or maybe… no, wait. It feels more like my stomach is upset and frustrated. I need to relieve this stress soon…

 ”Thanks. You can step back now.”

 I make the members of the saint guard step back and change my clothes.

 Phewww. I can’t help but let out a heavy sigh.

 I’m just a regular kid from a normal family, you know?

 So why am I being made to be the top representative in this crazy religious group?

 Shouldn’t Emily-san be the one to do it normally? Right? Right? Right?

 ”I’m going out for a while.”

 I said hello to the Saint’s Guards at the entrance to my room and left the hotel.

 Huh? There seems to be a crowd of people. I approach where there are people.

 ’We need nuclear weapons!’

 ’Nuclear missiles are necessary for deterrence!’

 ’Let’s get rid of nuclear weapons!’

 ’We can’t negotiate without nuclear missiles!’

 Click, click, click… Ah, I feel something deep inside.

 There’s no better way to relieve stress than clicking buttons between anti-nuclear and pro-nuclear forces.

 Well, this is a fake. My words are the real activation switch that launches the nuclear missile.

 Start a holy war

 Using this word will prepare all nuclear missiles hacked by Holy Aqua Religion for activation.

 And another word.


 When I whisper these words, all the missiles will fly towards their destination.

 Sometimes I feel like I’m going to make a mistake, but since Mikoto-chan is in between, it won’t be fired even if I make a mistake.

 I look up at the sky and look far away.

 I’m just a high school girl, though. Please don’t give the end-of-the-world switch to a mob of ordinary people like this. Huh? Did I do something wrong?


 A phone call? I wonder who it is?

 Oh no, did Emily-san or Aqua-sama do something again?

 Yes, it’s always the same pattern. I understand, I understand.

 Without even looking at the screen, I answer the call.

 ’Chihiro Claire… no, Holy Aqua Religion, one of the twelve bishops, Sister Claire, also known as Workerholic. This is the first time we’re talking like this, huh?’

 The moment I answered the phone, I almost dropped my smartphone.

 Two members of the Saint Guard who were blending into the crowd immediately stood on both sides of me.

 Furia Stars Goshenight… The Queen of Stars and Kanon-san’s mom.

 Did she find out about me? No… if you think about it normally, being this close to Aqua-sama and accompanying im on two visits to the Stars, if there were proper intelligence agencies, they would have already found out. Maybe I’ve become too used to the people on the bulletin boards who still haven’t realized that Hagetoru is Yukishiro Emily, and I’ve become too complacent as well.

 ’I’m sorry in advance.’


 Wait, are we surrounded? Women in suits have somehow surrounded us.

 When did that happen? One of them steps forward and starts speaking to me in Japanese.

 ”Chihiro Claire, right? We are from the Stars government’s direct intelligence agency. We are detaining you on suspicion of being a spy under the International Cooperation Law.”

 Stars government’s direct intelligence agency… the secret information department, maybe?

 At first, I wondered why such a place, but considering what we, the Holy Aqua Religion, are doing, it makes sense.

 Haha, we’re just doing whatever we want in other countries, and it’s all illegal.

 If it’s the secret information department, then it means Queen Furia herself went out of her way to call and apologize…

 ’Your Majesty Queen Furia… am I just caught up in this?’

 ’Yes, that’s right.’

 So, it seems that these people’s target is not me, but the Stars royal family.

 Mary-sama and Kanon-san leaving the Stars has weakened the royal family’s influence.

 That’s why it wouldn’t be strange for there to be people trying to bring them down.

 But, it’s strange. If that’s the case, Saba-chan should have sensed something, but…

 ”Why? You’re looking puzzled. I know there’s an incredible AI called the High-Performance Server among your allies. That’s why we used primitive methods for communication when planning among ourselves.”

 Well, I guess that’s understandable.

 It’s true that we relied heavily on Mikoto-chan’s capabilities.

 ”Don’t worry. I promise not to harm you until everything is over as long as you behave.”

 There are still ordinary people around. To be honest, I don’t care what happens to these people, but it would be bad if Aqua-sama were to be saddened by it. Let’s just stay quiet here.

 After ending the call with Queen Furia, I call Rin-chan.

 ”Sorry. I got caught. How about you?”

 ”Mikoto suddenly stopped moving. The communication with the Server was cut off, so I need to reboot…”

 Internet trouble? Did they completely cut off communication between Stars and Japan?

 Mikoto-chan said that the communication with the giant server in our home country suddenly got cut off, so she had to shut down the main system to protect it from overload and started rebooting it to operate with minimal functions.

 ”I’ll go help right away!”

 ”No, it’s fine here. Just stay by Aqua-sama’s side. I don’t think these people will mess with you there.”

 The representative woman in front of me bowed her head.

 ”I appreciate your quick understanding. It’s good to have someone like you who can understand the situation at the top.”

 ”Let me make it clear, I’m not at the top. I’m just filling in for someone else.”

 Please don’t confuse me, a normal high school girl, with these weirdos.

 I’m only doing this reluctantly, you know!

 ”Hehe, you’re being modest.”

 No, it’s not about modesty. Emily-san is the boss here!!

 Actually, Mary-sama or Kukuri-sama have even more boss vibes than me!!!

 ”Okay then, please take care of Aqua-sama for me.”

 ”Got it.”

 In my case, even if I get caught, it won’t have much impact since it’s just for show.

 People like Kukuri-sama and Mary-sama would definitely notice this situation, and I feel like Emily-san will do something if she finds out I’ve been caught.

 ”By the way… it’s fine to restrain me, but is it okay to leave those people alone?”


 I pointed to a large monitor nearby.

 The news program was showing images of people wearing modified versions of the Sisters’ uniforms, different from ours, the Sisters of the Stars Orthodox Church.

 ’All the people living in the Stars. We are the Holy Stars Orthodox Church.’

 I heard about it in Kythera-san’s report, but the Holy Stars Orthodox Church was formed by a radical faction of the female supremacist movement within the Stars Orthodox Church.

 It would have been better if we had completely stopped it at that time, but it seems like it was difficult to do so.

 ’We are a legitimate sect of the Stars religion, formed only by like-minded individuals who believe in female supremacy!!’

 They hijacked the broadcast to express their beliefs to the people in Stars.

 They’re saying the same things as before, aren’t they?

 ’What is the Holy Stars Orthodox Church? What does that mean!?’

 ’Well, I don’t know…’

 Hmm, I see. I kind of guessed half of it, but it seems like these people are different from the Holy Stars Orthodox Church.

 In that case, it’s normal to think that when Victoria-sama went to Japan unexpectedly, it was seen as an opportunity for the Senate and other nobles to start a coup against the Stars royal family.

 And at that timing, the Holy Stars Orthodox Church also took action… It seems like the Stars people didn’t like it, but Victoria-sama was quietly doing her own thing, so it was probably a nuisance for both sides.


 Wait a minute.

 Does that mean if Aqua-sama hadn’t acted and Victoria-sama hadn’t gone to Japan, this wouldn’t have happened?

 Phew! As expected of Shirogane Aqua-sama, the great prophecy that leads everything to destruction! He can definitely bring chaos to the world with just a single move.

 That’s what a lovely word that recently came to my mind.

 It’s all Aqua’s fault!

 You know, Kohina Yukari-san really understands Aqua-sama.

 She’s the only shrine maiden in this world who can summon a wicked god with just a phone call.

 ’Let’s inform the Stars Government. They must release our fellow Sister Mees and her companions within 24 hours. If they’re not released, we’ll broadcast killing one hostage in this orphanage every hour.’

 On the screen, Miss Anna Marie, who has recently been close with Aqua-sama, is shown.

 I can also see other children of nobles.

 I’ve heard that noble children who visit here every day since Aqua-sama’s visit… I guess this is also a result of the chaotic power of the wicked god Aqua-sama.

 I look at the person on the edge of the screen and smile faintly.

 Emily-san… why are you there?

 I have a really bad feeling at this point.

 Hey everyone from the Holy Stars Orthodox Church! The person there loves chaos even more than Aqua-sama and is loved by chaos in return!

 I’m sorry for them, but I think it ended as soon as it began.

 Of course, when I say “it ended,” I mean for them… Namu, namu.

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