Male Idol V12c68

Volume 12 Chapter 68 Shirogane Kanon, Goodbye Suddenly

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It’s been two weeks since Aqua went off to Stars.

 It’s kinda lonely without Aqua next to me, but it’s okay because Aqua calls me every day.

 ”Hum hum hum hum”

 Today, I’m wondering what to do with Victoria-oneesama.

 We could go to the bookstore together, do some regular shopping, watch a movie, sing at karaoke, have tea at a cafe, play bowling, and make lots of fun memories that I couldn’t do when I was a kid.

 After finishing up some light work in my office, I head to the living room where everyone is waiting for me.

 ”Hey, hey, come on, isn’t this a bit too much?”

 ”Oh no, it looks great on you!”

 ”Master (Danna-sama) would totally love this, right?”

 ”I get it…”

 Hmm? I hear voices coming from the living room. It sounds like my Big Sister, Kaede-senpai, Pegonia, and Nee-san are having a blast.

 I wonder what they’re up to? With a little smile, I open the door to the living room.

 ”Hey sister, what happened?”

 As soon as I opened the door, I was frozen by the sight of my sister wearing the Otomezaki uniform.

 ”Umm… Kanon…”

 My sister hugged herself and turned her blushing face away from me, saying not to look at her.

 Huh? Why is my sister wearing the Otomezaki uniform?

 ”Oh, it’s not me. It’s Pegonia-san’s fault!”

 ”No, no, it’s Kotono-sama…”

 ”N-No! It’s because Kaede-san said something weird…”

 Ah, I see. So all three of them got carried away.

 I understand since I’m in the same position as my sister, but this is also a common thing.

 ”Ugh… I can’t believe I’m being humiliated like this!”

 Sister, please give up.

 When it comes to the Verification Team, Pegonia, Emily-senpai, Aqua, and Kohina-senpai, nothing good comes out of it. And this is still on the cute side. If Emily-senpai and Aqua team up, things will get even worse.

 ”Big sister, it looks really good on you.”

 ”F-flattery won’t work on me.”

 Hmm, it’s not really flattery, you know.

 If it were Aqua, I think he would cry with joy at the sight of you in your school uniform.

 As Aqua’s main wife, I’m starting to understand Aqua’s preferences little by little.

 Aqua really loves it when women act shy!!

 Yes… um, he’s exactly like Emily-senpai.

 ”Hey, hey, since you’re already dressed up, why don’t you try on a school uniform too, Kanon?”

 Kaede-senpai!? Please don’t joke around, especially when Aqua and Emily-senpai aren’t here!

 ”Oh dear, in that case, I’ll prepare it right away.”

 ”Hey, Pegonia!?”

 In the blink of an eye, I was also forced to change into the Otomezaki school uniform.

 Jeez, Pegonia, you really have no restraint now. Well, it’s not a big deal, but still…

 ”Hey, both of you look great~”

 ”This is so amazing!”

 ”Can you both put your cheeks together, with your hands clasped symmetrically, like this?”

 Hey, Nee-san! Where did you get that bazooka-like camera from? And wow, you’re so particular with your orders!

 Wait, Pegonia, do you have the same one too? Huh? Yours is from a different brand? Oops… Sorry, I don’t know much about cameras, it’s not my area of expertise…

 ”See, even with the same shot, they look completely different.”

 Oh, you’re right. Pegonia’s skin looks really nice, and Nee-san’s costume material looks nice.

 Huh? The Aqua photo that you both took at the event looks completely different too? Wow… that’s amazing!

 Hmm… I might be getting a little interested now.

 As I was getting captivated, my sister next to me gave them a stern look.

 ”Hey! It’s not just us, you two should wear uniforms too!!”


 Nee-san, Kaede-senpai, and Pegonia looked at each other’s faces.

 Oh yeah! Oh yeah! It’s so unfair for just us!

 ”Well, there’s no other choice, right? Shall we join in too?”


 Seeing Pegonia’s happy face, Kaede-senpai and Nee-san exchanged glances.

 You know, Pegonia is always super excited in situations like this.

 ”I’ve prepared outfits for both of you too. Otomezaki uniforms.”


 Why do you have so many Otomezaki uniforms?

 Huh? As a skilled maid, you always predicts the situation and buys what’s necessary?

 Well, Aqua would definitely be happy, but is it just Pegonia’s personal taste?

 Ah! Pegonia, you definitely just looked away right now, didn’t you!? Ugh!

 Pegonia took Nee-san and Kaede-senpai with her, and the three of them went to change clothes before coming back.

 ”Wait a minute. Why is my uniform so tight?”

 ”I’m sorry. I accidentally ordered a size too small.”

 No way, this has to be a joke, right?

 It’s just Aqua’s style, isn’t it?

 Poor Nee-san…

 ”My school uniform, the skirt is so short…”

 ”I’m sorry. We only have that size available.”

 No way, that’s also a lie, right?

 She probably made it shorter to show off Kaede-senpai’s nice legs.

 This must be Aqua’s style too.

 Oh, wait? Could it be that Pegonia does understand Aqua better than me?

 ”Well, well, ladies, calm down. Let’s take a picture together since we’re all here.”

 ”Yeah, well, I guess that’s fine…”

 ”Well, there’s no other choice, right?”

 ”Just for today, alright?”


 Hehe, despite everything, both Nee-san and my sister seem happy.

 Kaede-senpai is getting carried away, saying that she can still pass as a normal high school student because she has a baby face, and Pegonia… yeah, she seems genuinely happy. Not just pretending, but full of confidence while wearing the uniform.

 ”Then, I’ll post the photo on Miss’ social media account for the sake of Master.”

 ”Oh, um… huh!? That’s not good, is it!!”

 I took the tablet from Pegonia.

 But by then, it was already too late.


 Shirogane Kanon

 Starting today, we are classmates!

 Shirogane Aqua

 Is it okay if I come back there right now!?

 If possible, please stay as is and wait until the day I return!!

 RE: Kohina Yukari



 Hehehe, I knew Nee-san and Pegonia-san were naughty, but Victoria-sama is quite naughty too!!

 Also, could you please move aside, Announcer Morikawa is getting in the way?

 RE: Kohina Yukari

 This guy is so silly.

 RE: Dull-related People

 Wait, is Hagetoru really in the Stars to run away from debt collectors?

 Kohina Yukari

 Maybe I should join in too.

 RE: Shirogane Aqua

 Let’s also involve Ayana and Ako-san!

 Can you also send a photo for reference?

 RE: Tsukimachi Ayana

 No way, I always wear it!

 Unnamed Person

 Nee-san in her school uniform!?

 Let’s hurry, it’s a festival!!


 Phew… Nee-san is really naughty, huh.

 Also, please say hi to Hakuryuu-sensei for us.

 RE: Hakuryuu Aiko

 Don’t involve me!!

 RE: Shirogane Aqua

 Huh? You’re not going to do it?

 Regular Person

 We’re smiling too as we watch happy Aqua-sama.

 774 people

 Aqua-kun looks very happy. lol


 Wait a minute!

 I’m getting a lot of replies!

 ”I-it’s over…”

 Ah, my sister crawled on all fours.

 Are you okay. Aqua is happy. hey?

 ”This is terrible… I’ve been told not to cause any more trouble… but now I have no choice but to run away to the Stars.”

 Escape to Stars…

 If you do that, won’t you lose the paid benefits you’ve regained? Is that okay?

 ”Hehehe…the first step towards my ambition to relocate a school to Shirogane Kingdom…”

 Huh? Pegonia, what did you just say?

 Didn’t you say that? Hmm, maybe it’s my imagination…

 ”By the way, ladies…what do you like about that man? His face?”

 Sitting on the sofa with her arms crossed, big sister looks serious.

 Oh, big sister, it’s fine to sit with your legs crossed, but your underwear is showing from under your skirt.

 Aqua and Emily-senpai would definitely peek if they were here, so be careful, okay?

 ”Aqua-kun’s face is nice though…”

 ”Yeah, Aqua-san’s face is definitely nice…”

 ”Master’s face is nice too.”

 The three of them exchange glances.

 ”I wonder if he treats even someone like me as a girl here?”

 ”Yes, yes, I’m the same!”

 In response to Nee-san’s words, Kaede-senpai energetically raises her hand.

 ”And also, things like being kind to everyone, working hard towards goals…”

 ”Yeah, yeah, and doing diligent efforts behind the scenes, and also the part where you say ‘follow me’.”

 Yeah, yeah, I nod repeatedly at their words.

 ”And being a bit naughty is also a big plus. Personally.”

 ”””Yeah, yeah!”””

 Ah, I accidentally nodded my head out loud.

 Now everyone is looking at me and I’m blushing.

 Hey! Why am I the only one who looks like a naughty kid?!

 Everyone else was nodding too!!

 ”Hmm, I see. Well… I guess I understand but…”

 ”Taking notes, so Victoria-sama also likes it when Master is naughty.”

 ”Hey, Pegonia! Why are you only picking up on that!! You really have no restraint. Even when you made me wear the uniform, it was kind of forceful…”

 I nod repeatedly at my big sister’s words.

 Wait, so Pegonia was the main reason why my big sister wears the uniform. I kind of had a feeling though.

 ”What about you, Victoria-sama? Master’s is amazing.”

 Pegonia twirls her index finger around the ring.

 Hey, Pegonia?!

 ”I’ll think about it. Receiving exceptional seeds is a necessary duty for the next queen.”

 My heart tightens at the words of my big sister.

 Because of me, it has been decided that my sister will become the future queen.

 Because of that, my sister also has to think about the successor.

 In the case of Grandmother Mary, it was artificial insemination, and our dear mother had a love marriage after a political marriage, but my sister might become an unmarried queen like Grandmother Mary.

 When my sister sees my face, she stands up and hugs me.

 ”Kanon, it’s okay. I was always prepared for this, so you don’t need to worry.”

 Saying that, my sister pats my back gently.

 Am I really allowed to depend on her so much?

 ”Both you and Hermie are my precious sisters, so there’s no need to worry. Besides, I wanted to become the queen like Queen Mary from the beginning. So, don’t ever think it’s your fault.”


 I give my big sister a tight hug.

 It’s almost time to say goodbye to her in about a week, and it makes me feel sentimental.

 ”Oh, you seem to be getting sentimental. Should we watch TV?”

 As soon as my sister turned on the TV, everyone froze.

 ’This is an emergency announcement. There have been simultaneous coup attempts in Stars aiming to overthrow the government and terrorist incidents by extremists. I repeat, in Stars…’

 Huh? Coup in Stars? Terrorists?

 What’s going on? Everyone quietly stared at the screen.

 ’Currently, there is a localized radio interference in Stars, and we are unable to contact Shirogane Aqua-san who is there.’

 With fluctuating emotions, my eyes trembled slightly.

 Nee-san, Kaede-senpai, and Pegonia all turned their eyes towards me at once.

 I immediately called Aqua. Please pick up…! But no matter how many times I called, I couldn’t reach Aqua.

 It’s okay, he was responding normally on social media until a moment ago, so he must be safe.

 This is the time for me to stay strong! I took a deep breath and spoke calmly.

 ”Everyone, just wait patiently for now. It’s okay. I’m sure Aqua will be fine.”

 Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, and Rinon-san, who Pegonia recognizes, are with Aqua.

 Also, Natalia, Claire-san, Kythera are there, and most of all, Emily-senpai is by Aqua’s side, so I kept telling myself it would be okay.

 ”Well said, Kanon.”

 I turn my eyes towards my sister next to me.

 ”Kanon, it’s a little early, but I’m glad I was able to spend time with you in Japan.”


 My sister patted me on the shoulder.

 ”I’m going back to my country.”

 I wanted to tell her to please stop doing something so dangerous like returning to the politically unstable Stars, but I couldn’t find the voice.

 My sister’s face was so serious that I realized that my words wouldn’t stop her.

 ”It’s okay. I’ll make sure to bring your husband back to you safely.”


 I hugged my big sister again.

 Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder.

 Hey! Kaede-senpai, don’t interrupt me right now!

 Huh? Look at the screen?

 Sender: Former Chief

 Recipient: Chief

 Subject: To the Beloved Chief

 Message: Shirogane Aqua-shi is safe, Yukishiro Emily-shi and Chihiro Claire-shi are detained, and Sabato Mikoto-shi is unconscious.

 Is this an email from the people in the remote area? I wonder what the situation is.

 Emily-senpai seems like she can handle things herself, but I’m worried about Claire-chan and Mikoto-chan.

 ”By the way, how did big sister get to Stars…?”

 ”The problem is there. But, right now, there should still be a place for me in Stars.”

 As we contemplated what to do, the living room door suddenly burst open.

 ”Tell me what happened!”

 ”Grandmother Mary!?”

 ”Grandma Mary-sama!?”

 Everyone is surprised to see Grandma wearing formal ceremonial attire for emergencies.

 By the way, where did Prime Minister Habu, who was wrapped in a straw mat, find it!?

 ”Now, I’ll use this child’s government aircraft to launch a special attack on the Stars. So, Victoria, you come with me too!”

 ”Y-yes, Grandmother!”

 Grandmother Mary approached us, and instead of me, she grabbed Kaede-senpai’s arm.


 ”I’m taking this child with me too.”

 ”Uh, well, I…”

 ”You have some paid leave left, right?”

 ”Oh, yes…”

 Ah, this feeling of Grandmother not taking no for an answer.

 ”That was a joke. I’ll make sure to say it was an interview for the national broadcaster.”

 ”Oh, thank you.”

 No no, it’s not like Kaede-senpai has to say thank you or anything!

 ”Well then, Kanon, I’m off!”


 ”Pegonia, please take care of my grandchildren!”


 With just those words, Grandmother Mary took the two of them away.

 She’s really bold, being a former queen and all.

 ”I hope everyone comes back safely…!”

 I put my hands together and offered a prayer.

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