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Volume 12 Chapter 69 Shirogane Aqua, Girls Are Really Strong, Huh

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 A coup d’état by the nobles and a hostage standoff by the Holy Stars Orthodox Church occurred simultaneously in Stars.

 We noticed it while watching TV in the hotel room.

 ”I’ll explain later. It’s dangerous here, so let’s move to the Japanese embassy. The question is how to get there…”

 ”Then please leave it to us.”

 As we turned toward the voice, Rinon-san entered the room with someone familiar.

 I’m pretty sure that person was the chief of the tribe that Kaede is close with…

 Huh? The chief gave way to Kaede, so now she’s the vice chief? Wow.

 ”Natalia-sama’s decision is correct. I don’t think the side that caused the coup will harm Aqua-sama, but I don’t know the movements of the Holy Stars Orthodox Church that has taken over the orphanage. I think it’s best to take refuge at the embassy for now. Come this way. We’ve already made arrangements to escape from the hotel.”

 We managed to escape from the hotel, thanks to the people from the tribe that Kaede is close with, and we sought refuge in the Japanese embassy.

 ”As they said, if something happens at the Japanese embassy, it would become a big diplomatic issue, so I think this is the safest place. Let’s wait here for a while and then find the right time to return to Japan.”

 I nodded at Natalia-san’s words.

 At the embassy, I saw Announcer Onidzuka, but I couldn’t see Claire-san.

 I hope she’s safe, but I’m worried because I can’t contact her.

 I laid Mikoto-chan, who had suddenly collapsed, on the bed in the room they prepared for us.

 Mikoto-chan, are you okay? It seems like you fainted suddenly. Shouldn’t we show you to a doctor?

 ”She’s fine. She just got surprised and fainted~de gozaru.”

 Well, if that’s the case, it’s okay, but I think she should see a doctor just to be sure.

 Rin-chan said she would take care of her, so I entrusted Mikoto-chan to Rin-chan and talked to Rinon-san.

 ”Um, Rinon-san. Emily-san…”

 So, today, Emily-san had a day off from filming and went to the orphanage with Annamarie-chan.

 But it seems like they got caught up in a hostage situation at the Holy Stars Orthodox Church.

 ”…Emily-sama got involved in the hostage situation at the Holy Stars Orthodox Church, so there seems to be no mistake about it.”

 Argh! If only I had followed Emily-san…!

 Among the hostages are Annamarie-chan and Onina-chan, whom I’ve become friends with.

 Is there anything… anything I can do?!

 To be honest, I’m a guy, and all my opponents are girls.

 If it were a simple physical fight, I would never lose. Even if the women I’m up against are trained, they can’t beat my strength and physical abilities as a man. I’ve proven that against Kaede. Actually, I’ve never lost to Kaede in an arm wrestling match.

 Even when I sparred with Pegonia-san, who seems to be quite strong for a woman, I would win in a simple physical competition. However, if it comes to grappling, I would almost certainly lose, especially in a s*xual way.

 But if the opponent has a weapon, like a gun, that’s a different story. In that case, strength alone won’t help. Maybe, just maybe, I could manage to dodge a single bullet with my reflexes, visual acuity, and the ability to anticipate the enemy’s gaze, but if they come at me with a submachine gun or a shotgun, it would be impossible.

 Above all, if I act on my own, it would inconvenience those around me.

 ”In the end, am I really unable to do anything…!”

 I’m frustrated by my own powerlessness, so I slump down on the sofa.

 Then, I hear footsteps approaching.

 ”Aqua-kun, I heard that the tribe members were able to safely deliver the message to Kanon-san and the others from a place without communication issues. And the Prime Minister and others from our home country are coming to pick us up, so let’s wait here until then.”

 ”Got it. Thanks for everything, Natalia-senpai.”

 Natalia-san is amazing. Even in times like these, she remains calm and does what needs to be done.

 Is the only thing I can do really just to return safely to Japan?

 Images of Kanon, my family, and the faces of the children I haven’t met yet flash in my mind.

 If something were to happen to me, it would make everyone sad.

 That’s why I keep telling myself that I can’t act on my own.


 I wonder how much time has passed.

 Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep just like that.

 ”I’m feeling sore probably because I slept in a weird position…”

 After doing a quick stretch, I leave the room.

 Then something collided with my body.


 I was surprised.

 Thankfully, it was me, but if it was someone weaker, it could have been a major accident.

 Honestly, I thought maybe a sheet of metal flew in with the wind or I sleepily collided with a telephone pole.

 ”Wait a minute. Why are you here, Kaede!?”

 ”Hehe. I came here with the Prime Minister, Grandma Mary, and Victoria-san.”

 What’s going on? I ask Kaede about how she ended up here.

 Within that, one question came to mind.

 ”I see… Well, setting that aside, isn’t it early for everyone to arrive?”

 The incident happened just before noon, and it’s now around evening.

 Even with a normal plane trip from Japan to Stars, it takes at least half a day.

 It doesn’t seem possible if you think about it normally, right?

 ”I hopped on this super fast passenger plane called KAMIKAZE1, which was developed by Fuji Heavy Industries. I don’t really understand it, but they were talking about accelerating with a turbojet engine and then switching to a rocket or something.”

 So it’s Grandma Ranko’s company… Come to think of it, when we met before, she said she would make sure I could come back to Japan quickly even if I go abroad. I guess this is what she meant by making overseas work possible in a day trip.

 If it only takes three hours from Japan to the Stars, I thought that once this matter is resolved, Kanon can easily go visit her big sister.

 ”According to the Prime Minister and Grandma Mary, tomorrow we’ll split into two teams and work on things at the same time. As for Emily, leave it to me, I’ll help her out! Well, she’s the type who could probably handle it herself…”

 ”Huh? Kaede is joining too?”

 Kaede is just a regular national broadcaster announcer, right?

 In the first place, it’s not good for a girl to be in such a dangerous place!

 ”Aqua, I’m okay! Leave it to me, the girl people call Mary’s Gorilla!”

 ”No, no, why Gorilla… That’s just a joke everyone makes! Kaede is a normal, cute girl!”

 When I said that, Kaede’s face turned red. Wait a minute, where did that come from?

 ”Of course, it’s only you, Aqua-kun. You treat me like a proper girl… So leave it to me! I’ll protect my important junior and this country that my other important junior loves!!”

 Ah… After saying just that, Kaede waved her hand and went to where Prime Minister Habu and the others were.

 Even though I should have stopped her, I couldn’t say anything when I saw Kaede’s determined expression.

 Left alone, I walked into the garden within the embassy with a sense of frustration.


 When I stepped into the garden, Victoria-san was there.

 ”I wanted to thank you when I saw you. Thank you for everything. It was nice to see Kanon, Hermie, and grandmother after a long time. I had a peaceful and enjoyable time.”

 It seems like the misunderstandings between Kanon and me have cleared up.

 I’m glad to see Victoria’s smile.

 ”No, I didn’t do anything…”

 I stand next to Victoria and look up at the night sky.

 As if drawn by that, Victoria also looks up.

 ”I don’t think so. At least, I was saved by your actions. Of course, Kanon too.”

 ”But… maybe because of what I did, Victoria-sama leaving Stars led to all of this happening…”

 I thought that maybe the side that caused the coup and the side that caused the hostage situation, it might have been because of that.

 ”Yeah, that’s possible. But… even if I had known that, I would have gone to Japan. So you really don’t need to worry about anything.”

 When I turned my face to the side, Victoria-san also turned her body toward me.

 ”It’s not like you, is it? I don’t know what you’re worrying about, but if there is something you’re thinking like before, why don’t you just say it?”

 ”…If I were to say that, it might inconvenience those around me, so maybe I can’t say it!”

 I raised my voice slightly at the end. I apologize to Victoria-san.

 ”You have that similarity to Kanon. I always say what I think, no matter the circumstances. It’s better to say it and regret it than to keep it inside and regret it. And if it doesn’t work out, someone will stop me, or if there’s no one to stop me and I fail, then it just means I’m not capable enough.”

 I felt overwhelmed by Victoria-san’s determined gaze.

 It seemed like she had completely let go of her worries after going to Japan.

 ”At least Kanon, your wives, friends, and colleagues, they all like you for who you are, right?”

 ”Maybe…that’s true.”

 But, this time it’s different.

 Doing things freely in work and personal life is different from doing things that involve danger.

 ”You know, human lifespan is generally about 70 to 80 years. And within that time, the time to do what you really want is limited. So, you should live your short life the way you like. It’s ultimately up to you to decide how you live and where you end up.”

 Slowly, Victoria-san approached me and patted my shoulder.

 ”I have a message from Kanon. Aqua… uh, uh, uh”


 I wonder what’s wrong?

 Victoria-san suddenly seemed to choke on her words, and her face turned red like that of a woman her age.

 ”Aqua, I love you. I love the straightforwardness of Aqua. So, do what you want, Aqua… that’s what she said. I’ll say it again, this is Kanon’s message, so don’t misunderstand!”

 Wow, it seems like Kanon can read my mind.

 Can I rely on those words?

 ”Oh, and there’s a message from your company’s president. Hey, remember our initial promise? To definitely come back alive. She said it’s okay to do anything else.”

 Ako-san is really something.

 I quickly realized that our initial promise meant she wants me to do what I want.

 ”You look a little better now. Well, I have to get up early tomorrow, so I’m going to bed. Goodnight then.”

 ”Um, yes. Thank you very much! Goodnight.”

 Victoria-san gave a slight smile and patted my shoulder before moving towards the entrance of the building.

 Along the way, something seemed to occur to Victoria-san, and she stopped in front of the door.

 ”Oh, and there was one more message.”

 One more? What could it be?

 ictoria-san cleared her throat lightly and pointed towards me.

 ”Alright, listen up! Just focus on what you want to do, and everything else will fall into place. I made sure to communicate everything perfectly, so just go for it, okay?”

 Haha, I can kinda imagine who said that and it makes one corner of my mouth twitch.

 ”Um, what was her name again? Was it Koguma… no, was it Kotanuki? Japanese is so tricky, right? Anyway, that person with the tricky name had a message. Well then, goodnight for real this time.”

 ”Oh, thank you so much!”

 After Victoria-san left, I looked up at the sky again.

 What do I want to do? How can I stop the coup or the hostage situation?

 I feel like I’m about to come up with a good idea. Hmm, hmm.

 As I sat on the ground, thinking hard, I sensed someone approaching from behind.


 ”Oh… Natalia-san”

 Natalia-san sat down next to me, as if to comfort me.

 ”Tomorrow, I’m going with Victoria-sama to stop a coup.”


 I wondered why Natalia-san would do that, but she said that the Rosenesta family, being a family of knights, is destined to fight on the front lines during times of crisis.

 She said it’s their pride as nobles and as the future head of the Rosenesta family.

 ”Aren’t you scared?”

 ”I am scared. It would be a lie to say I’m not scared when I could die. But the ones who will suffer if this coup succeeds are innocent citizens. The political situation will become even more unstable. That’s why both Victoria-sama and I will fight.”

 I thought Natalia-san is strong, just like Victoria-san.

 I couldn’t tell Natalia-san not to take such risks.

 I didn’t know what to say and my words got stuck.

 ”So, before going into battle tomorrow, could you please grant me one wish?”

 ”A wish?”

 I wanted to do anything I could for her.

 Natalia-san looked at me intently, then averted her gaze and smiled with self-deprecation.

 ”I’m sorry. Forget what I just said. It’s just too cunning. Please forget about it.”

 Natalia-san said that and stood up.

 I unintentionally grabbed Natalia-san’s hand.

 ”It’s okay to be cunning. Natalia-san, I’ll do anything I can for you! So, please tell me!”

 Natalia-san’s hand that I held was trembling faintly.

 Of course, she must be afraid.

 To ease this fear, I seriously thought I would do anything for her.

 ”T-then…c-could you…embrace me?”


 Wait a sec, what’s going on?

 Is this like that suspension bridge effect thing you see in movies?

 ”Hey, Natalia, let’s just calm down for a moment.”

 ”Well, yeah…even though we look alike, I have a tougher face than Kanon, and unlike her kind and cute personality, I don’t have that much charm, do I?”

 Natalia’s words trigger something in me.

 ”That’s not true at all!”

 I raise my voice.

 ”It doesn’t matter if Natalia-san looks like Kanon or not, Natalia-san is attractive just as a woman. Not just in appearance, but I also like your cool vibe, your big sister-like gestures, and, I’ll admit it, I’ve fantasized about Natalia-san many times!”

 Uh, wait, what am I saying?

 As I regain my composure, I try to apologize.

 ”Okay, um, I can do it. You and me…”

 Gosh, when a girl says that, as a guy, I have to respond.

 It’s my fault for getting into this mess in the first place. Yeah, Kohina-senpai also said it, but it’s all my fault.

 ”Of course!”

 ”Well then, um… it’s the first time, but please take care of me.”

 Alright! Let’s go!

 I pick up Natalia-san and lead her to my room.

 I might be doing something important before the big mission day, but if it’s for Natalia-san, I’ll do it as a guy.

 Once in my room, I set Natalia-san down.


 Natalia-san puts her hand on my chest and kisses me with a cute look on her face.

 She’s so cute! Normally, she’s a cool and kind big sister, and the situation of her depending on me, her junior, is just the best, to say the least! Maybe I’m going crazy from the suspension bridge effect, because I was getting painfully aroused.


 Natalia-senpai’s lips, similar to Kanon, felt completely different.

 Oh, so Natalia-senpai has a lower body temperature than Kanon.

 A cool kiss that made my lower body feel hot.


 I undressed Natalia-san and she was left in her underwear.

 The twinkling of the night sky leaking through the window made Natalia-senpai’s slender body stand out even more beautifully.


 ”Aqua-kun, just for now, call me Natalia-senpai like you do at school.”

 I held Natalia-senpai’s trembling body tightly in my arms.

 ”Natalia-senpai, you look really beautiful.”

 ”Thank you.”

 I kissed Natalia-senpai again.

 Unlike the previous surface-to-surface kiss, this time we had an intense kiss, our tongues intertwining.

 Ah, Natalia-senpai’s lips and the temperature inside her mouth are both cool. That only excites me even more.


 When I naturally unhooked her bra, Natalia-senpai blushed and covered her breasts with her arms.

 I found that gesture really cute.

 ”Natalia-senpai, show me more.”

 I made Natalia-senpai sit on the bed and hugged her from behind, then started kneading her breasts.

 It feels amazing. The sensation of her breasts is completely different from Kanon’s. They feel firmer when I grab them.

 And compared to Kanon, her n**ples are er*ct and her areolas are smaller and lighter in color.

 While I feel it’s impolite to compare Natalia-senpai to Kanon, my brain keeps noticing the differences between them that I’ve experienced.

 ”Ah, hmm…”

 I play with Natalia-senpai’s hardened n**ples with my fingertips.

 Feeling the desire to lick them, I push Natalia-senpai down onto the bed, making her lie on her back.

 And then, I firmly attach my mouth to Natalia-senpai’s n**ples.


 Natalia-senpai let out a small, surprised noise and covered her mouth with both hands.

 ”Don’t worry, the room is soundproofed, so you can speak louder if you want.”

 As I took off my clothes and was left only in my underwear, I sucked on the other n**ple with enthusiasm.

 Her breasts were firm and bouncy as she sucked.

 I gently squeezed Natalia-senpai’s breasts, feeling their softness in my hands.


 With my other hand, I touched Natalia-senpai’s private area through her underwear.

 It felt amazing. It’s all wet now. I slowly removed my hand from the top of my underwear and showed Natalia-senpai that I was pulling the strings.

 ”I-I’m sorry. I didn’t expect things to turn out like this…”

 ”Don’t apologize. I’ve been in similar situations before.”

 I took off my underwear and showed Natalia-senpai my er*ct self.

 ”Oh, wow… This is Aqua-kun’s real…”

 Natalia-senpai unconsciously rubbed her lower abdomen.

 While Natalia-senpai had a dazed look on her face, I used my finger to check if I could take off her underwear and insert myself.

 Yeah, if she’s this wet, it should be okay to insert now.

 ”Natalia-senpai, what should we do? I do have a condom just in case…”

 ”Oh, if Aqua-kun doesn’t mind, please do it without a condom. I want to feel Aqua-kun’s raw…”


 I pressed my thing against Natalia-san’s v**ina and slowly penetrated inside.

 Unlike Kanon, who was quick to cozy up to me the first time, Natalia-senpai’s v**inal muscles seemed to tighten with pain and tension, but I desperately tried to loosen them.

 Thanks to that, I was able to easily insert all the way to the deepest part.

 However, whether it was shallower than Kanon to begin with or because my uterus was descending in this situation, I couldn’t fully insert everything, which made me feel a little sad.

 ”Deeper, it’s okay, I promise.”

 Thanks, Natalia-senpai.

 I pushed my p**is deep into Natalia-senpai’s uterus in one go.


 Natalia-senpai showed a pained expression, so I patted her head and said, “You did well.”

 ”Huff, huff… I, I’ve graduated from being a virgin.”

 When I looked down, there was a faint trace of blood.

 ”Natalia-senpai, thank you for giving me your first time.”

 ”No, thank you for accepting my virginity.”

 I whispered in Natalia-senpai’s ear, “It’s unnecessary, you’re a wonderful woman, so I should be the one thanking you.”

 I pressed my thumb against Natalia-senpai’s lips and opened them slightly, then we shared another passionate kiss.

 I waited for Natalia-senpai to get used to the pain.

 ”Hey Aqua-kun, it’s okay to move now. Please, let me feel you more inside me.”

 ”Yes, Natalia-senpai.”

 I gently stroke Natalia-senpai’s body.

 ”Ah… ah… oh… no… ah, I’m… ah…”

 Damn…! Even though I should be taking more control, it seems like I couldn’t hold back after such a long time without s*x. I guess we haven’t used protection either.

 I pause for a moment and speak to Natalia-senpai.


 ”Go ahead! Inside me, please.”

 Huh? Inside?

 As I hesitate, Natalia-senpai tightly embraces my body.

 ”Yes, please. Make me pregnant with your baby!!”

 Natalia-senpai looks up at me with a longing gaze.

 ”I might do something reckless if it meant only my life. So please imp***ate me. In order to survive this battle…!”

 ”Natalia-senpai…I understand!”

 I was also inspired by Natalia-senpai’s determination and decided to make up my mind.

 ”I want a kind, dependable and serious senior like Natalia to give birth to my child. Natalia, please give birth to my child!!”


 I continued to increase the speed of my piston until I finished inside Natalia.

 I wondered if I could feel so much after not mast***ing for almost two weeks. The pleasure of releasing what has been stored up lasts for a long time.

 I eja**ated so much inside Natalia that I thought I might have imp***ated her at once.

 ”Huff, huff, thank you for inseminating me. Now I have a reason to go home alive.”


 I kissed Natalia-senpai on the forehead and gently held her close to my chest, stroking her head.

 After our first time having s*x, whether it was the relief of tension or a calmness in her heart, Natalia-senpai fell asleep inside of me.

 ”Well, if it’s come to this, I’ve got no choice.”

 I… no, I believe I can stop this war.

 If I want to become the world’s strongest idol, I can’t let coups or acts of terrorism go unchecked.

 I’m sorry to the members of Stars, but I wanted to do things my way in order to protect what’s important to me.

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