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Volume 12 Chapter 70 Natalia Rosenesta, It’s All Aqua-Sama’s Fault!!

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 The morning of the decisive battle. When I woke up, Aqua-sama was not there.

 I touched where Aqua-sama had been, savoring the warmth and lingering fragrance.

 I wished we could have spent the morning together after the first night.

 But, that would be too much to ask for, wouldn’t it?

 I got up from the bed and changed my clothes.


 While changing, I found a note left on the table.

 [I’ll apologize in advance. Sorry!!]

 Is this an apology for not being able to spend the morning together?

 Hehe, I did feel a little disappointed, but there’s no need to apologize.

 I lightly kissed the note and left the room to go where everyone else was.

 ”It seems you’ve made up your mind, Natalia.”

 ”Yes, Victoria-sama. I will also fight to protect Stars!”

 I have no regrets now. Even if I make a mistake, I will stop this coup.

 Yes, no matter who is behind this coup…!

 ”Everyone, we’re ready. Let’s go!!”

 Victoria-sama and I nodded and got into the prepared vehicle.

 Prime Minister Habu and Morikawa-san’s group has already headed to the orphanage for the rescue of Emily-san and to resolve the hostage situation. Victoria-sama, Mary-sama, and I will head to the palace to suppress those who initiated the coup.

 Fortunately, it seems that the airport is still accessible, and the coup plotters have only taken Her Majesty the Queen Furia as a hostage, so they haven’t completely taken control of the country.

 In other words, if we can reclaim Her Majesty the Queen Furia and the palace, we should be able to end this coup.

 ”It seems like the citizens are confused as well.”

 Victoria-sama looked out the window with a worried expression. I followed her gaze and looked outside as well.

 The usually bustling street was deserted today, with not a single person walking and all the shops closed.

 We must end this coup as soon as possible.

 If we don’t, the citizens’ lives will only become more difficult.

 I gathered my courage and asked Victoria-sama a question.

 ”What does Victoria-sama think about the coup?”


 Victoria-sama closed her fan with a snap and turned to face me.

 ”Neither I nor dear mother are popular among the people, and above all, we, the Stars royal family, have enforced strict policies against the nobility since my grandmother’s time. So, this was probably our inevitable fate.”

 Certainly, Mary-sama and Her Majesty the Queen Furia have both adopted policies that undermine the power of the nobility.

 This is also true for Prime Minister Habu, who inherited Mary-sama’s teachings, and the former head of the Sumeragi family.

 The outdated privileges of the nobility have been nothing but obstacles to male social advancement and liberalization.

 ”To be frank, I am willing to accept defeat in this battle.”


 I am shocked by Victoria-sama’s words.

 ”If I win this battle, I can quell the coup. However, if I lose, both the current queen and the next queen will fall into the hands of the coup. Either way, with a change in leadership, the citizens can regain their daily lives. The side that instigated the coup is already broadcasting their policies on television every day, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that dear mother was detained without resistance is also significant in successfully carrying out a bloodless coup. However… it might be a living hell for men.”

 The policies proposed by the group that initiated the coup are the same policies that Stars implemented before Mary-sama took charge as the queen.

 Their main objective is to restore the privileges of the aristocracy.

 One of the greatest benefits of these privileges is the ability to secure and exploit men.

 Victoria-sama slowly bows her head towards me.

 ”Natalia… If anything happens, please take care of my grandmother.”


 I hastily ask Victoria-sama to raise her head.

 ”No, this is not a request as a princess, but as an individual. Also, I have already discussed with Prime Minister Habu about protecting as many men as possible and taking them to Japan. I have already informed her about it.”

 I heard that Victoria-sama lowered her head to Prime Minister Habu and asked her to maintain a relationship with the citizens, even if the coup side wins.

 Among the three sisters, Victoria-sama is the most unworthy of being a queen.

 Who could have said such a thing?

 Without a doubt, the person standing in front of me is more suitable to be the queen of this country than anyone I know.

 ”Victoria-sama… I’m sorry, but I can’t grant that wish.”


 I made up my mind from Victoria-sama’s words.

 ”Victoria-sama… Even if it’s just me, no, I will stay by Victoria-sama’s side until the end. For Kanon, and most importantly for myself…!”

 ”For yourself…?”


 Honestly, I don’t care about Furia-sama, but I can’t let Victoria-sama die here.

 She is important to Stars. She cares about Stars more than anyone else.

 I joined the Holy Aqua Religion prepared to abandon Stars, but… no, precisely because of that, I thought that helping Victoria-sama win is the only way I can repay Stars.

 ”So, please just focus on winning. I’ll fight with that intention too.”

 ”Natalia… Yes, I understand. I’ll do my best with that intention too.”

 We nodded at each other.

 ”We’ve arrived at the royal castle!!”

 Victoria and I looked out the window again.

 It seems like they’ve closed the gates and reinforced the inside completely.

 Now, how should we get in?

 ”Your Highness Victoria, leave this to me!!”

 At the same time as the voice came through the communication device, someone jumped outside.

 Oh, that’s…!!

 ”The world’s oldest and strongest siege weapon. This is my ultimate log method!! Log of Satou, full speeeed!!”

 Satou, a Japanese councilor, carried a log and smashed it against the castle gate.

 However, the gate didn’t budge at all.

 ”To the people of the mountain!!”

 Mary-sama, riding on a tank, shouted through a megaphone.

 ”All forces, attack!! Real Power Raid and Zombie Attack!!”


 The people from the tribe who had been hiding near the royal castle rushed at the gates with logs.

 No way, that’s… not like the last survivor… Oh, it just opened normally…

 ”Alright! Let’s all rush in together!!”

 Eh, um… Mary-sama?

 Couldn’t we have easily opened it using the main gun on that tank?

 Huh? If we did something so dangerous, there might be casualties? Oh… I see…

 ”Victoria! Natalia! You two go to the throne room!!”

 Clad in armor, Mary-sama charges towards the opponent with swords in both hands.

 Oh, huh? Mary-sama is an old lady, right? But she’s just jumping down from the second floor and sliding around normally… Oh, huh?

 ”Natalia, don’t worry about the details now! Come on, let’s go!”


 Victoria-sama and I enter the room with the throne.

 There, we find Her Majesty the Queen Furia tied up and seated on the throne, and… my dear mother.

 ”Oh? You’re not surprised.”

 ”Yes… I knew that mother was on that side.”

 Mother has a motive.

 Stars is a country that was formed by many nations coming together.

 For example, in my Rosenesta family, there is the blood of the ancient Germanic royal family.

 Members of the royal family who are not part of the original Stars family, like us, are not allowed to use middle names, even if they are aristocrats.

 My mother has been concerned about that.

 ”I see. As expected of my daughter. You’re quick to understand. In that case…”

 Mother slowly stepped forward and threw one of the swords she was holding towards me.

 ”If it belongs to the Rosenesta family, you should understand, right? Come on, take the sword. Let’s have our first and last fight as mother and child.”

 I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and picked up the sword that had rolled onto the floor.

 I knew it would come to this.

 That’s why last night, I received courage from Aqua-sama to fight.


 ”Victoria-sama… Please watch from there.”

 I hold the sword with both hands.

 ”My name is Natalia Rosenesta! I dedicate this victory in battle to the future Queen of Stars, Her Royal Highness Victoria!”

 ”Well done! That’s my daughter! In that case, I shall dedicate this victory in battle to the future of the Rosenesta family!”

 I jump back to avoid mother’s strike.

 While taking small steps, I try to entangle her sword by sweeping my sword sideways.


 Against my mother, who attacks with height and strength, I skillfully evade and counterattack with agility and strategy.

 ”Come on, Natalia. What’s wrong? Being too defensive won’t get you anywhere!”

 My mother is right.

 If I continue the fight without a decisive blow, I will eventually lose due to a difference in stamina.

 That’s why I decided from the beginning that I only have one chance.

 I keep waiting for that moment, continuously creating an opportunity.

 ”Unlike me, you really can’t be shaken, can you? Have you never once thought about being born into the Stars royal family instead of the Rosenesta family, wishing you were Kanon? You have the blood of the main Stars royal family, not just the Rosenesta family. I can’t tell you’ve never felt being treated as a spare.”

 ”…Yes, that’s right. I definitely didn’t like being treated as a spare.”

 My mother and I keep our distance and prepare to duel.

 ”So why?”

 ”I… I always wanted to become Kanon’s Knight and someday be the queen’s knight, since I was a child. Just like Victoria-sama admired Mary-sama and wanted to become a queen, I… I admired mother, who is a knight!! That’s why I wanted to be Kanon’s Knight, not just a spare of the royal family!”

 I, with a raised voice but remaining calm, focus on mother’s opening.

 She is also trying to shake me with words.

 We face each other, moving clockwise, trying to find an opening.

 ”But Aqua-sama made me realize something. What I truly wanted wasn’t to become a knight. It was to become the kind of knight who could protect the smile of my dear friend Kanon, someone dear to me. Just like dear mother was a knight who protected the smiles of this country!”

 I could see a hint of emotion in my mother’s expression, just a little bit.

 Even if I’m called cowardly as a knight, it’s okay.

 If I can surpass her, then I have to use the fact that I am her daughter. That’s why, for the first time in my life, I confronted my mother with my true feelings.


 ”My dear mother… you’re still a great knight to me. That’s why, now, in this moment, I will surpass you!! The first person I loved always aimed higher and overcame obstacles!!”

 The battle was over in an instant.

 As I stepped forward, I managed to deflect my mother’s weapon, revealing a small opening.

 She lost her balance and fell to the ground.

 ”Dear mother… I have won.”

 ”Haha! Indeed, it brings joy to a mother’s heart to see her child grow. Natalia, I knew you would be the one to stop me.”

 I thrust my sword towards dear mother’s throat.

 ”You have become a fine woman, Natalia.”

 My mother raised both hands in a gesture of surrender.

 I shifted my sword to the side and extended my hand to her.

 The fight had already been settled, there was no point in further conflict.

 ”That’s enough!!”

 In response to the voice, I looked around and saw that we were surrounded by the people who had initiated the coup.

 Although I had won the battle against my mother, it seemed that the coup side had emerged victorious.

 I dropped my sword to the floor and slowly raised both hands.

 Aqua-sama…and Kanon…I’m sorry.

 I also apologized to the baby that might be in my womb.

 ”Patricia. Your sweetness towards her daughter has come out.”

 ”Ha! No need to be naive, my daughter just knew the most important thing as a knight. What a knight should truly protect is neither pride nor fairness. That’s why I’m so happy.”


 ”Victoria-sama, if you don’t resist, I won’t take your life. So please, please remain restrained.”

 If I remember correctly, that was the Senate…I see, that’s what you mean.

 Several women approach Victoria-sama to restrain her.

 However, a new force appears.

 ”I won’t let you do that!!”

 The Holy Aqua Religion’s proud Saint Guards suddenly descended into an avalanche.

 My mother and I both picked up our swords at the same time and stood with our backs to each other.

 ”Is it alright, dear mother?”

 ”Hmph! I was a double spy from the beginning. I am not siding with them!”

 When I heard that she was sent as a spy to the coup side, I felt relieved.

 Oh, wait? Then what was the point of fighting with me earlier?

 ”The parental desire to fight with one’s own daughter, you will understand when you become a mother. Natalia!!”

 I see, now I understand why Renata-san calls mother a brute.

 Now, both sides are locked in a stalemate, glaring at each other.

 At that moment, a familiar voice echoed around.

 ’To all those in Stars, I announce. I repeat. To all those in Stars, I announce.’

 Everyone’s movements stopped at Aqua-sama’s voice resonating in the throne room.

 Is it sound? No, it’s not just that. We can also hear the sound coming from our phones.

 ”What is going on!?”

 ”Are our phones being hacked!?”

 ”T-This smiling yellow mark…”

 ”The high-performance server must have launched an attack on the Stars bulletin board!!”


 It seems like she has successfully rebooted.

 I reached into my pocket and took out my phone, looking down at the screen.

 The video switched, and Aqua-sama and many men behind him appeared on the screen.

 Among all these men, one familiar man took a step forward.

 ’Nice to meet you, I’m Charlie. Everyone living in Stars, do you really think it would be good if the coup succeeded? If the coup succeeds, us men will go back to the situation before Mary-sama’s rule, where our rights were taken away. I, I absolutely hate that! After meeting Aqua-san and finally finding my dream, I… I don’t want to give up on this dream. Because our lives should be more free, and we should be able to live the way we want!’

 Charlie-kun’s words made the ones who initiated the coup uneasy.

 The camera shifted slightly, and a boy stepped forward slowly.

 ’I’m Oliver, a baker! I always thought I could only make bread with wheat. So when I first tasted udon, I was shocked! I want to become an udon chef instead of a bread baker!! I would love to go to Japan and learn about different udon flavors!! That’s why I absolutely don’t want to go back to the old ways!’

 Oh, yeah, I remember that kid. Oliver, the baker who was s*xually assaulted by a woman when his mom wasn’t around, and he became a recluse. It was said on the Stars bulletin board that he wouldn’t show his face for a long time, but now he has a lively expression, thanks to his new goal.

 He found a new goal. That’s great…

 ’I don’t want to be stuck indoors without freedom either!

 That’s right! We have rights too!!

 We should be allowed to pursue what we love and work hard at it, right?

 I absolutely hate a life or a society where we are controlled by girls!!’

 Oliver-kun was followed by other boys raising their voices.

 Among them was Benjamin-kun, who had given a flower corsage at Aqua-sama and Kanon’s wedding.

 The people who started the coup cannot hide their agitation in response to many men raising their voices.

 At that moment, Aqua-sama stepped forward with an unusually serious and cool face.

 ’I have decided to stand up here and protect the boys in Stars!’

 Aqua-sama clenched his fist with strength.

 Oh, what’s this? It might just be me, but when I see Aqua-sama with a cool face, I have an incredibly unpleasant feeling.

 ’I, Shirogane Aqua, hereby declare a coup against the Japanese Embassy and Japan!’


 Wait, why would that happen?

 Everyone’s eyes turned into dots of equal size.

 As the footage changed, Rin-san and Rinon-san were shown taking embassy staff hostage.

 Judging by the expressions of the embassy staff, it’s clearly a farce.

 ’And now, I, Shirogane Aqua is declaring the founding of the Republic of Great Udon right here, right now! Everyone was shocked!


 Republic of Great Udon?!

 Everyone opened their mouths wide open.

 ’Republic of Great Udon will now welcome more citizens. If you think you belong to Republic of Great Udon, come gather in front of the palace! We’re heading there now too!’

 Um, um… What’s happening here?

 Was this a note left behind? Sorry in advance. Is this really happening?

 ”I-I want to be a citizen of Republic of Great Udon too!”

 ”Are you betraying us?”

 ”Well, even if we take over the government, all the boys are over there!”

 ”That’s right! That’s right!”

 ”Calm down! They’re coming from over there. We just need to control them and take back the boys!”

 ”If you do that, Japan will kill you!”

 ”That’s right! You don’t know how scary Japan is, that’s why you say that!”

 ”If we just return Shirogane Aqua, Japan won’t come after us, right?”

 ”You don’t know how scary Habu is, that’s why you say that. This isn’t a country where we can have that kind of discussion.”

 ”That’s right, that’s right. A country where the politicians with tanks crash into the gates with logs isn’t normal!! This is the country where Aqua-sama is!”

 Yeah, yeah. Ah… I accidentally agreed with the last person’s words.

 While the coup side argues, the Saint Guards are buzzing with excitement over Aqua-sama’s words.

 ”Hyahaha! All hail the evil god! Great job! Smash Stars, no, the world into chaos!!”

 It seems like one of the Saint Guards is quite extreme.

 It somehow sounds like Claire’s voice, but it’s probably just my imagination.

 ”Ahahaha! Oh, I’m c*mming!”

 See? The elegant Claire would never say something so vulgar.

 The Saint Guards wear masks that cover their eyes, just like the Saint.

 Because of that, we don’t know who’s inside, but one thing’s for sure, it’s not Claire.

 ”Hehe, as expected of Aqua-sama. That person always exceeds my expectations. So, you’re saying you want to destroy and regenerate even this country that I’ve built?”

 Mary-sama, before I knew it…

 Mary-sama, who appeared in the throne room, had a distant look as if lost in thought.

 ”What’s that? I hear something!”

 ”Hey! Look over there!”

 Everyone looked out the window.

 It’s no longer a simple conflict between the two sides.

 My mother and I also put down our weapons and looked out the window like everyone else.

 ”U-DO-N! U-DO-N!”

 ”A-QU-A! A-QU-A!”

 ”U-DO-N! U-DO-N!”

 ”A-QU-A! A-QU-A!”

 ”U-DO-N! U-DO-N!”

 ”A-QU-A! A-QU-A!”

 Phew! An unprecedented number of people is rushing towards us.

 Oh, everyone in this country has already sided with him. I understood it in an instant.

 Because all the boys went to Republic of Great Udon from the Stars, there is no reason for the girls to be attached to Stars.

 ”Absolutely… That man is still so reckless.”

 Victoria-sama sighed with a bewildered expression.

 I understand. That feeling. What on earth were we doing.

 ”Hahaha. Amazing. What an incredible feat!”

 Mother, it’s fine to laugh, but please don’t pat my back so hard.

 It’s quite painful, you know.

 ”Kuh! Not yet! We still have hostages…”

 ”It’s pointless.”

 Everyone was surprised by the boy’s voice.

 A woman near Her Majesty the Queen Furia untied the ropes and removed her disguise herself.

 ”Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Ethan. I used to be traumatized and shut myself in after being shown your mast***ation by you ladies when I was a delivery person, but I overcame my trauma by watching Toa-chan and Aqua-oneesama and then mast**ating while cross-dressing.”

 Oh… come to think of it, I remember seeing that name on the Stars message board.

 I mean, can you really overcome trauma with such a miraculous method?

 Some women were overwhelmed and fainted due to unexpected s*xual remarks from men.

 And then, Ethan-kun? Ethan-chan? A woman appeared from behind who looked familiar to me.

 ”Give up already. Your plans have all been in vain.”

 ”Kythera, the bishop of the Stars Orthodox Church…!”

 Kythera raised one corner of her mouth and had an evil smile that I had never seen before.

 ”The Stars Orthodox Church? No, that’s not it. I am one of the twelve bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion, the Dark Saint known as Ahegao… I mean, Instant Double Peace!”


 Everyone was shocked by this unexpected revelation.

 Also, earlier, didn’t she say “Ahegao”? Maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ”Ethan, you did well. The information and connections you had as a delivery person proved useful to our god, Aqua-sama.”

 ”Yes! I… I mean, I am not a member of the Holy Aqua Religion, but I believe in the same god. We help each other when in trouble. That’s how the country of Stars was formed.”

 Oh… Everyone looked at each other upon hearing Ethan’s words.

 That’s right. The beginning of Stars was when there were fewer men, and it led to women helping each other.

 And it’s quite ironic that the man who the women’s association was supposed to protect reminded us of that.

 Her Majesty the Queen Furia, who had been observing the situation, spoke up.

 ”You all should give up. We knew we were already losing when the Holy Aqua Religion took over the Stars Orthodox Church. However, even Kythera didn’t expect Shirogane Aqua to do something like this.”

 ”Hehe… Can you really predict what mere humans are trying to do as gods? I was also surprised when Aqua-sama asked me if I could make contact with the men in Stars. Give up. In front of a god, even nobles and queens are just ordinary people.”

 Ah, yeah. That may certainly be the case.

 ”I see…I’m just a person too. I’m not a queen, I’m just…”

 Her Majesty Queen Furia looks down and looks as if she regrets something.

 Victoria-sama also looked like she was thinking about something.

 ”Hahaha! Time to loot!!”

 ”Hehehe…! Are there any women with big breasts? I’ll humiliate you with eggplants like in an erotic game!”

 ”Hey, Prime Minister, stop! Also, Emily, your real self is showing!!”

 I heard some loud voices in the distance.

 Ah, it’s over. The moment I think that, I feel an indescribable feeling.

 At the same time, those words from that person, that Aqua was all to blame, came to mind.

 Aqua-sama… please take responsibility for messing up this country, okay?

 I looked up at the sky from the window, unable to say anything.

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