Male Idol V12c71-2

Volume 12 Chapter 71 Victoria, If You Think It’s Wrong, Take Responsibility, Okay?, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 As I leave the grand hall, I pick up a few bottles of strong alcohol and drinks from the table where people were toasting, and head to the balcony to feel the night breeze.


 I sighed and chugged down the straight liquor.

 It was hot, burning my throat, but the pain felt strangely comforting.

 Am I being a little self-destructive?

 I usually just enjoy a drink, but today I feel like getting drunk.

 ”What’s with that flag? Seriously, it’s not even udon noodles.”

 I burst out laughing when I saw that ridiculous flag waving on top of the castle.

 Seriously, that guy is just absurd.

 After finishing my first drink, I reach for the second one.

 It reminded me of the time when I was drinking traditional Japanese alcohol with my adult friends, Yui, Kotono, and Aiko.

 I didn’t have many close friends my age, so that time was quite enjoyable. Everyone seemed to have their own struggles, and that was one of the reasons why it was fun, I think.

 ”Hehe, if I lose the election, maybe going to Japan wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

 It might be nice to invite mother and father and go to Japan together.

 Shirogane Aqua even said it was for Kanon’s sake… Huh? I didn’t realize it at the time because I was caught up in my own thoughts, but why did Shirogane Aqua recommend me?

 If he truly cared about Kanon, he wouldn’t have recommended me to go to Japan.

 I couldn’t help but wonder about the reason behind it.

 ”I guess I’ll have to ask the person directly, huh?”

 When I finished drinking the water from the plastic bottle to sober up, I made up my mind and headed to Shirogane Aqua’s room.

 ”Huh? Victoria-san, is something wrong?”

 This person, when we’re alone, gets a little more casual.

 Even though in front of a lot of people, he refers to me using honorifics.

 ”There’s no this or that. I’m just going to enter the room like this.”

 I barged into Shirogane Aqua’s staying room and dove straight onto the bed.

 I actually planned to sit on the sofa, but I ended up flopping down on the futon, maybe because I was a little tipsy.

 ”Hey, Victoria-san, you might catch a cold.”

 When Shirogane Aqua tried to cover me with the futon, I brushed his hand away and turned from lying face down to lying face up, looking up at the ceiling.

 ”Hey, why did you recommend me…?”

 I turn to look at Shirogane Aqua.

 ”That’s because… unlike Kanon, Victoria-san seemed to want to do it herself. Thinking about Kanon, I think she would be happier if Victoria came to Japan, but Kanon… I think the thing that Victoria-san would be most happy about is letting her do what she wants. So please leave the election to me. I’ll do my best to give a speech of support!!”

 What is this guy…

 He really loves Kanon.

 As an older sister, I’m happy, but as a woman, I’m jealous of Kanon, who is loved so much.


 Hmm? Where have this guy been looking?

 When I followed Shirogane Aqua’s line of sight, he was facing towards my breasts, which were flowing to the side.

 This guy…I thought he was joking, but he really likes this mere lump of fat.

 Come to think of it, when I wore clothes that showed my cleavage or my bulge, he kept looking at me, so it wasn’t just my imagination.

 ”Hey… You, did you have s*x with Natalia?”


 From his looks, it seems so.

 I got up from the bed and, wanting to tease Shirogane Aqua just a little, I straddled him, who was sitting on the sofa, facing me.

 At that moment, I noticed something touching my body.

 Could this be… a man’s… thing?

 ”Hey… If you’re feeling pent-up, you can use my body.”


 I loosened the strings and quickly discarded my dress, pulling up the hem.

 Shirogane Aqua stared at my breasts, which weren’t covered by a bra.

 ”Hehe, they might not be as big as Grandmother’s, but my breasts are bigger than Kanon’s or Natalia’s, right?”

 Ah… Just by swaying my breasts a little from side to side, Shirogane Aqua, who had been in control until now, is now under my control. It feels nice. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some drinks, but I’m getting excited too.

 ”Hey, don’t you want to touch? You can touch, squeeze, and suck as you like, you know?”

 Shirogane Aqua’s hand reaches towards my chest.


 Wow… so this is what it feels like to be touched by a guy.

 Shirogane Aqua confirms the softness and suppleness of my breasts, squeezing and playing with my n**ples, and then sucking on them like a baby.

 It’s funny how someone can be so engrossed with just a pair of breasts.

 ”Oh… that feels good. Yeah… you’re good. Ahh.”

 Occasionally, I show signs of feeling with a seductive voice.

 Well, I do feel it, but it’s not like I lose myself completely in pleasure, just a tingling sensation.

 I see, I understand the pleasure of s*xual intercourse between a man and a woman.

 ”Hey, you can do more than just my breasts, you know.”

 Shirogane Aqua steals my first kiss.

 I thought kisses were more romantic according to Kanon, but there’s an instinctive pleasure like animals mating, huh? Anyway, you can explore more inside my mouth with your tongue. I’ll do the same for you. See?

 ”Victoria-san, is it really okay?”

 ”Stop using ‘san’.”

 I put my index finger on Shirogane Aqua’s lips.

 I told him not to call me that because it doesn’t get me excited.

 ”You recommended me, so take responsibility and see it through to the end.”

 I snatch the rubber that Shirogane Aqua took.

 This is just too crude. I heard that intercourse with insertion and eja***ion feels the best, so this would just get in the way.

 I playfully inflate the opened rubber and casually throw it into the trash.

 ”Come on, hurry up.”

 I lie back on the bed to make it easier for Shirogane Aqua to insert.

 Seeing that, Shirogane Aqua discards his pants along with his underwear.


 Wait a minute!

 The guy’s p*nis, um… isn’t it supposed to be as small as a woman’s pinky finger?

 But Shirogane Aqua’s was different from what I had heard in terms of thickness, length, and shape.


 Uh… um, wait a second!

 If, if that thing gets inserted, will my important parts tear apart or my uterus burst? B-because that would definitely reach up to my belly button….


 I let out a loud gasp.

 Wait! Wait a minute! Damn it…!

 I bite my lower lip and endure the pain of defloration.

 This guy… even though it’s my first time, couldn’t he be a little gentler?

 He always treated Kanon and Natalia gently…!

 But I didn’t want to ask him to be gentle because it hurts in front of this guy, so I desperately endured it.

 And just when I had gotten a little used to the pain and let my guard down, Shirogane Aqua’s thing hits my sensitive spot.


 I quickly cover my mouth with both hands.

 How vulgar of a voice is that… I feel so embarrassed that such a voice came out of me, and my face turns bright red.

 Seeing that, Shirogane Aqua, using his ferocious p*nis, stimulates the pleasurable parts of me over and over again.

 ”Ah! Ah! Ah!”

 No good. It feels too good and my voice leaks out. I can’t bear it.

 Ah, I desperately endure as the waves of pleasure rush over me, causing my eyes to roll back.

 But you have to hang in there, Victoria. You’ve always endured like this.

 It’s okay, once you get used to the pleasure, you’ll be able to endure it eventually.

 But then, Shirogane Aqua shifts his focus and forcefully stimulates my cervix with the tip of p*nis.


 Ah, ah, ah, this is impossible.

 Against my will, the flesh of my v**ina enveloping Shirogane Aqua’s p*nis tightens on its own.

 Hey! Don’t you dare demand c*m from my p**sy on your own!!

 Ah, my eggs are commanding my brain over and over again, saying they want to be imp***ated, they want to be imp***ated.

 ”Victoria, should I… Is it better for me to go outside after all?”

 When I averted my gaze from Shirogane Aqua with a pout, I silently crossed my hands behind his neck and crossed my legs behind him.

 Since you’ve brought me this far, you… you already know the answer, right?

 With my cheeks turning bright red, I turned my face towards Shirogane Aqua and stared at him with teary eyes.


 Shirogane Aqua gave me a childlike kiss that would make Kanon happy, and silently started moving his hips.

 Ah, so this is the piston for eja***ion… My heart flutters as I watch Shirogane Aqua desperately trying to sow his seed in me. I’m sure this is just a momentary lapse of judgment.

 I repeatedly tell myself that I’m just being consumed by the pleasure of s*x.


 Ah… I was… filled up inside…

 Even though I kept telling myself it was just a moment of confusion, the moment I was embracing, my heart was filled with Shirogane Aqua.

 Ah, I like you, I like you, I like you. Even with a guy like this, once we’ve been intimate, I can’t help but feel love.

 I wonder if I’m just as easy as Kanon.

 I can’t help but love Shirogane Aqua.

 ”Thank you. That felt really good.”

 ”I… me too. Um, thank you.”

 I whispered to Shirogane Aqua’s ear, “If you want to do it again, just let me know.”

 Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t mind intertwining with this man no matter how many times.

 ”But I hate you. Because you took not only Kanon from me, but also Stars. Even though you understand me, that kind of thing really annoys me.”

 Shirogane Aqua listened to me without saying a word.

 So I told him. That I hate that kind side of him… Well, it’s a lie, I really like it.

 But, I’ll never say that to him.

 ”Hey, as a thank you for listening to my story, is there anything else you want me to do?”

 Huh? You want to smell my armpits and underboob and lick the sweat?

 You’re… wow, you’re quite a pervert.

 Following Shirogane Aqua’s instructions, I raised my arm and let him smell my sweat while he licked it.

 Ugh! I feel so humiliated, like never before.

 ”While we’re at it, do you want me to squeeze your thing between my breasts? Fine, here you go…”

 I wonder if this really feels good.

 I grabbed Shirogane Aqua’s p*nis and squeezed it between my own breasts, moving it up and down.

 Huh? You want me to hit your lower body with my breasts even harder? Like this…ahh!

 I ended up seeing Shirogane Aqua’s s*men shooting out right in front of me.

 Wow…it’s so powerful. I can’t help but feel that c*mming must feel really good to have that kind of impact.

 ”Oh, you really want me to use my feet or something…?”

 I noticed that this man was a little strange.

 For example, in your right mind, you wouldn’t want to be stepped on by a woman.

 But he got easily aroused when I stepped on his p*nis and rubbed it up and down.

 Well, this play may be surprisingly fun for me. Let’s try again.

 ”By the way, what kind of play is this?”

 Shirogane Aqua asked to be my chair, so I got on all fours and wiped him.

 Do all men want to look like this? No, that’s definitely not the case. This kind of play was not written in the textbook.

 After all, this man is the only one who is wrong.

 ”Are you satisfied yet?”

 ”Thank you!”

 I changed my clothes and left Shirogane Aqua’s room so that no one would notice.

 I feel like I’ve finally let go of a lot of things.

 So, I decided to work hard again for the election with a fresh feeling.

 ”Alright! I’ll do my best again!”

 I pumped my fist and got pumped up.

 After that, the election ended safely, and Stars came back with a slightly different name, Republic of Stars, but the national flag and anthem did not come back.

 It seems like we have to keep raising this ridiculous flag and singing this silly anthem until we die, the citizens are overjoyed, but I felt a little bit of despair.

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