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Volume 12 Chapter 71 Victoria, If You Think It’s Wrong, Take Responsibility, Okay?, Part 1

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 The long history of the Stars has come to an end.

 And the newly born Udon country is also going to come to an end in just a few hours.

 ”Okay, okay, okay! Yukishiro Emily is moving to the Republic of Great Udon!”

 ”Okay, okay, okay! Morikawa Kaede is also moving to the Republic of Great Udon!!”


 I see Yukishiro Emily and Morikawa Kaede raising their hands in front of me and heading towards Shirogane Aqua. I just can’t believe it.

 Hey, can someone stop these two? Huh? No one can stop them at Stars?

 Sending three monsters without chains to Stars, including Shirogane Aqua, is that how things are done in Japan?

 Huh? You want me to think it’s good that Kohina Yukari didn’t come as the finishing blow? Ugh… with people like that rushing in with logs, what’s going on with your country?

 ”Hey, you two, calm down!!”

 Prime Minister Habu tries to stop Yukishiro Emily and Morikawa Kaede.

 It’s good that there’s a calm adult, no, a sensible person here.

 As expected of the Prime Minister of a country.

 Prime Minister Habu faces Shirogane Aqua with a serious expression to bring the situation under control.

 ”I will give it to you.”


 Wait a minute!

 What do you mean by “give it to you”!?

 Don’t just give awayStars as you please! Look, even Shirogane Aqua is confused.

 ”I will give Japan!”


 Wait, hold on a second!

 Huh? You mean you will give Japan, not us!?

 Don’t the people around here try to stop you!?

 I look towards where the Japanese people are.

 ”As expected of the Prime Minister!”

 ”This is our Prime Minister Habu who makes quick decisions in 0.0 seconds!”

 ”No hesitation! Truly amazing!!”

 ”Prime Minister, we will follow you too! Let’s all liven up the Republic of Great Udon together!!”

 Hey there! Is there anyone decent in this country?

 I approach a Japanese woman who seems relatively normal.

 ”Hahaha, the world is filled with chaos!”

 Oh… The person who seemed the most decent turned out to be the most dangerous.

 People really can’t judge a book by its cover.

 I decide to keep my distance from this person.

 I approach grandmother Mary, who seems to be the only one who can solve this situation.

 I’m sure she’ll be devastated by this tragic state of affairs…

 ”Oh my, oh my, what will happen to Stars now? I’m excited!”

 There were none! Oh, wait? Could it be that I’m the only normal person in this space…?

 I make eye contact with Natalia, who was on the opposite side. Phew, I’m relieved. It seems like she feels the same way as me.

 ”No, no, everyone calm down. This so-called ‘Empire of Great Udon’ is just nonsense!”

 ”Aqua-sama, it’s not the ‘Empire of Great Udon,’ it’s the ‘Republic of Great Udon.’ The spelling is all wrong! It could cause confusion later, so pay attention!”

 ”Oh well, it doesn’t matter if it’s a large serving or a shrimp tempura topping!”

 ”Shrimp tempura?! Are we going to have a war with the eggplant tempura faction!?”

 Shirogane Aqua and… um, was it Sabato Mikoto? I wonder what they’re up to over there.

 Oh, Shirogane Aqua noticed me. When Shirogane Aqua realized I was there, he hurried over to me.

 Hey, hey, what’s up? What are you doing!?

 Shirogane Aqua came around behind me and grabbed my arms, pushing them out in front of her.

 ”Alright, the coup is over. Disband! We’ll return everything from the Republic of Great Udon to Victoria-sama!”



 ”But we already changed the red stripes on the Stars’ flag to udon…”

 ”No, instead of that, let’s make a cross with eggplant tempura, that would be better.”

 ”Yeah, and let’s make the white space into udon noodles and change the blue part to the color of the broth because blue doesn’t look good!”

 ”That’s perfect! Alright, we’ve got ourselves a flag now!!”

 ”Then the national anthem will be Shiro-kun and Tama-chan’s udon song, right?!”

 I’m really frustrated.

 What’s wrong with these people? No, with this person!!

 He messed with someone else’s country and now he expect me to give him Stars?

 I’m asking for help, but I really don’t want things to go Shirogane Aqua’s way.

 I smile slightly at Shirogane Aqua.


 ”Hey! Victoria-sama!?”

 Hehe, I bet you never thought I would refuse, right?

 Seeing Shirogane Aqua panicking, I feel a bit satisfied.

 After all, he took away not just my precious sister, but also my grandmother and Stars. This kind of revenge is cute, don’t you think? Right?

 ”Alright! I understand. I’ll gather my determination too!”


 After thinking for a moment with arms crossed, Shirogane Aqua suddenly widens his eyes, as if he came up with a great idea.

 ”From now on, we will change the name of the Republic of Great Udon to the Republic of Great Stars!”


 ”At the same time, I will resign as the representative of the Republic of Great Stars!!”


 ”And I would like to decide my successor through a referendum!!”

 The people around Shirogane Aqua’s proposal made a noise.

 Shirogane Aqua looked at me and grinned.

 I have a really bad feeling about this.

 ”I take this opportunity to nominate Her Highness Victoria as my successor!!”


 This guy! You look like what have you done! !

 Seriously! That won’t change anything! !

 ”I will do my own selfish thing and eliminate the monarchy from Stars for Kanon’s sake! I mean, it’s strange to think that it’s normal to put all the responsibility on a person from one family and let people do whatever they want, isn’t it? When you are born into the royal family, someone has to be the king, so you can’t say that everyone has quit! They say men should have a free future, but only the royal family has that kind of freedom. Isn’t it weird that there isn’t one! That’s why Kanon and Victoria-sama both felt sad!!”

 Huh? He thought that way!?

 I thought it was about the kind-hearted Shirogane Aqua, who believes that elections by the citizens are fairer than dictatorship by the royal family. So, I thought it would be healthier for the citizens.

 But this person wished for the abolition of the monarchy, not considering the citizens.

 And he even talked about the royal family as if they were just an ordinary household… Haha, this guy is so interesting!

 Look, dear mother is so surprised that her mouth is wide open. I’ve never seen dear mother with such a silly expression before.

 I see, so that’s the phenomenon called “Hoge” that’s popular in Japan.

 ”And I will return to being a Japanese person…!! Regarding the coup and the occupation of the Japanese embassy, I will seek political deals with Prime Minister Habu!!”

 ”I’m on board with that plan!”

 Prime Minister Habu smirked, lifting one corner of her mouth.

 I see… Is this what they call the Habu Magic?

 So, when he said earlier that she would hand Japan over, she foresaw that this would happen.

 As a result, Japan obtained the right to make Shirogane Aqua listen to at least one thing, without any effort.

 Phew… When I see such a capable politician like her, I realize how mediocre I was.

 ”Here’s Lucky’s Habu, who definitely wasn’t thinking about anything.”

 ”Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s obviously just a coincidence, but it looks like she’s up to something.”

 ”You could say that Habu Magic is fooling the world.”

 ”Shh! Nobody in the world knows yet, so let’s keep it quiet!!”

 Even the Japanese politicians were in awe of Habu Magic.

 I see, so this is how successors are nurtured.

 ”Alright! In that case, I recommend former Queen Furia!!”


 Everyone looked surprised at Yukishiro Emily’s proposal.

 Look, even dear mother was left speechless.

 What is happening with the Yukishiro bloodline?

 ”People learn a lot from their mistakes. Because Furia-sama failed once after a coup, I believe she should rise up again! Understand this: there is no such thing as a perfect human in the world! So there’s no need to dwell on a single failure. And this time, we should think together as a team to avoid any more mistakes!”

 I was happy to hear Yukishiro Emily’s words.

 At first, I was confused about what she was saying, but I’m sure her words must have touched mother’s heart.

 In fact, my mother, who had a gloomy face, suddenly looked surprised.

 ”What is someone who never learns saying… And besides, even if she’s not Saint Emily, can Yukishiro Emily stop gaining more followers?”

 ”Yeah, yeah. I get it, Claire-san. I’ve made the same mistake not just twice or three times, but about a hundred times, and got scolded by Nee-san each time. Well, I’m guilty of that too. Ahaha, ahahaha!”

 Hm? What are they whispering about over there?

 In my sight, I saw a woman dash towards Morikawa Kaede.

 ”Mo~ri~ka~wa~, I finally found you! Don’t just charge in and do dangerous things, okay!?”

 ”O-Onidzuka-senpai, it’s okay. Haha, hahaha…”

 There was another person who seemed sensible.

 I have a feeling that person has also been through a lot.

 ”Haha, then who should I recommend… Well, Patricia and young Natalia aren’t bad, but what about Kythera?”

 ”Thank you. Mary-sama, I was planning on it from the beginning too.”

 Oh, grandmother, are you serious!?

 Kythera is a group of strange women who worship the weirdest man in that Holy Aqua Religion world!

 I have to stop that woman from becoming the leader at all costs… I’m getting ready mentally.

 ”Um, you know… It’s okay for one of us guys to step up too.”

 ”Oh, yeah! Benjamin is right.”

 ”That’s right. It’s not strange for us to volunteer!”

 ”S-So who should go? Maybe Charlie-kun…?”

 ”Eh!? I want to work with Aqua-san, so no way!”

 I can’t help but smile when I see the boys talking.

 Haha… Yeah, it’s not strange for boys to become politicians, right?

 The women who never even thought about such things are surprised to hear the boys’ conversation.

 Among them, only Shirogane Aqua was nodding in agreement.

 ”Well then, let’s hold the election urgently. And since I’m just an amateur and can’t ensure fairness in the election, would you mind if the third-party Prime Minister Habu runs the election management committee instead?”

 ”Okay, got it. But this is my personal cooperation, so can you do me a favor and listen to me on one thing?”

 ”Of course!”

 Whew! Habu’s magic is amazing! My brain is melting!

 Not only did she create a favor for Shirogane Aqua as a nation, but she also created a favor as a Prime Minister herself.

 Oh, impossible, impossible. How can this country win like this? Habu plus Shirogane Aqua equals the strongest equation. And with Yukishiro Emily, Morikawa Kaede, and even Kohina Yukari, just imagining it makes me tremble. Well, even my talented sister Kanon would go to Japan and become a pon (useless), no doubt.

 ”Ah, Prime Minister, it’s not fair to leave just one person out!”

 ”Aqua-kun! I’ll help too, so please… no, wait. Can you lend me your live concert ticket instead?”

 ”Wow, as expected of the speedy Representative Tanigawa, quick to offer help!”

 ”Hey, I want some goods too, like goods with your autograph on them!”

 The members of the Diet raise their hands, eager to help.

 Their motives are kind of impure, but is that okay?

 ”Okay, then, that settles it.”

 ”Yeah, leave the rest to us!”

 ”Aqua-kun, do your best with your movie filming and work, okay!”

 ”Hehe, finish your work quickly so we can go watch Aqua-sama’s filming!”

 ”Yeah, that’s pretty much why I tagged along in the first place.”

 ”Wow, this is the best official trip ever!”

 ”Hey, cameraman, make sure to take a good shot over there. It’ll definitely be a problem later if you don’t.”

 ”Announcer Onidzuka, understood!!”

 Thanks to Shirogane Aqua’s suggestion, everything quickly fell into place.

 The election is a week away, and Shirogane Aqua plans to return home after witnessing it.

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