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Volume 13 Chapter 1 Stars Bulletin Board, Udon!

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[From Republic of Great Udon] Election News Thread [To Republic of Great Stars]
1 3510*ULTi-Hi-P3
Today is the day of the election
The election is almost over, but I wonder if everyone went to vote properly
I wanted to go vote too, but AI doesn’t have the right to vote
Well, I’m not from this country to begin with. Ahaha!
3 Anonymous
This guy made a funny LOL thread!
By the way, did you guys go vote?
5 Anonymous
This guy is going too far joking about being an AI. Anyway, good job for creating the thread
Of course. It’s about our own country!
6 Anonymous
8 Anonymous
If we give voting rights to someone like this, they might go on a rampage like in a movie
Hey, there’s a member of the Ataoka Udon Party! Run away!!
9 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Hey Saba-chan, good work
Also, since no one has posted it, I’ll list the candidates for you
Election Management Committee set up by the third country
Chairperson: Habu Chiyoko / Prime Minister of Japan
Victoria Stars Goshenite
– Age: 28
– Gender: Female
– Occupation: President of the Victoria – Foundation
– Background: Former Princess of Stars
– Political Party: Republican Party
– Recommended by: Shirogane Aqua / former President of the Republic of Great Udon
– Policies: First and foremost, I will strive for political stability to protect all citizens
I will review all systems from scratch for reform, including the abolition of aristocratic privileges
I promise to establish the foundation responsibly and then hold another election
Furia Stars Goshenite
– Age: 46
– Gender: Female
– Occupation: Unemployed
– Background: Former Queen of Stars
– Political Party: Stars Party
– Recommended by: Yukishiro Emily / Part-timer
– Policies: To ensure citizens lead a healthy s*xual life, I will abolish age restrictions on erotic books and games!
To reduce s*xual crimes, I will introduce s*xual education practice into school education
To boost the economy, from now on, the country will focus on the s*x industry… rather than c**nil**gus!
– Age: 38
– Gender: Female
– Occupation: Stars Orthodox Bishop
– Background: Former private tutor for the Stars royal family
– Political party: Udon Party
– Recommended by: Mary Stars Goshenite, former Queen of Stars
– Policies: Improve the meals of Stars, which are considered the worst in the world. Promote the culture of broth. Change the nation’s staple food from bread to udon noodles
Dismantle the outdated Stars Orthodox Church and unify Japan and religion
Aim to reintegrate with Japan and form the Republic of Great Udon
Shaun Brosnan
– Age: 41
– Gender: Male
– Occupation: Staff member of the Stars Secret Intelligence Agency, Division 6
– Background: Former Lieutenant Commander of the Stars Royal Navy
– Political party: Male Party
– Recommended by: Charles Henderson (actor, model), John Slimane (designer)
– Policies: Review the Male Protection Act and promote the liberation of men
Reform the social security and welfare system to create a society where everyone can live comfortably, regardless of gender
Strive for politics that enrich the lives of people living here
Audrey Bradley
– Age: 24
– Gender: Female
– Occupation: Representative of All Stars Support Organization
– Background: Former actress, former aristocrat, former Stars International Goodwill Ambassador, former Director of the Kanon Foundation
Political Party: Future Party
– Recommended by: Shirogane Kanon/President of the Shirogane Foundation
Hermie Stars Goshenite/Idol
Patricia Rosenesta/Leader of the Muscular Party
Renata Hauyne Noselite/President of Merlin Shipping Company
– Policies: Establishment of the Child Protection and Development Act to protect and nurture the future of the nation
Reconsideration of aristocratic privileges, implementation of bold economic measures to increase the motivation and wages of the labor force
Promotion of comprehensive review and fundamental reform of social welfare and social security systems to ensure a healthy old age
Stabilization and improvement of living standards for all citizens in order to create a society where everyone can live happily
11 Anonymous
Nee-san LOL
Being a part-time worker and unemployed is also a problem with politics
Why did this happen lol
13 Anonymous
Hey, the only sensible person among the Japanese bulletin board users has arrived!
There are only three choices from the beginning, lol
14 Anonymous
Thanks for the summary
I guess being unemployed or working part-time is the only option, huh!
16 Anonymous
Who wrote the submission documents for Queen Furia?
It definitely wasn’t Furia-sama or Emily-sama
But this person, they’re talking about c**nil**gus, right?
18 Anonymous
Hey, isn’t it that person? The one who just arrived from Japan, Mast***ion Hagedoru or something?
Cunnilingus, Mast***ion, and Chinposuki. These guys are really messed up. Is Japan really like that?
20 Anonymous
Well, it’s a bit different
22 Anonymous
We are sorry for our Hagetoru. Guhehe!
23 Anonymous
Our Verification Team is awesome!
25 Anonymous
Hey! There’s a Japanese person among us!!
27 Anonymous
Calm down, even I, who was just talking to you, am Japanese
30 Anonymous
LOL, that’s funny
31 Anonymous
This is not a good thing about Japanese people
33 Anonymous
As always, Saba-chan’s translation bulletin board is amazing
From the Stars side, it’s translated into Stars language, and from the Japan side, it’s translated into Japanese
35 Anonymous
That thing from your country is clearly over-technology!
I understand why the States raised your country’s danger level to number one
37 Anonymous
I’m not denying that
Even Japanese people always have to be prepared because we don’t know what might happen
The only ones who are vague in our country are probably former princesses of yours
38 Anonymous
If it’s Japan, then Furia-sama is the only choice
40 Anonymous
I’ll leave this here, LMAO
If this policy is properly implemented, then Furia-sama is the only choice
42 Anonymous
I’m glad it’s not Japan..
45 Anonymous
I just found out about this from another country, but Kanon-sama and Haa-chan are not recommended by their big sister or mom
47 Anonymous
That’s right
50 Anonymous
It’s okay if it’s a relative, but it seems it’s not good for a younger sister or daughter to recommend their blood-related older sister or mother
Additionally, Kanon-sama seriously chose the candidate to take responsibility for what Aqua-sama messed up
52 Anonymous
So, it’s Aqua-tan’s fault
54 Anonymous
That’s right!
57 Anonymous
You know Audrey Bradley, right?
She’s a famous actress. I saw a movie based on Mary’s younger days
I was surprised to see that she’s doing various things after retiring
And she’s still just 24?! Wow!
60 Anonymous
She’s been active in donations and volunteer work since her acting days
Despite being young, she has a proper way of speaking and manners because of her noble background. She’s clear about her thoughts, and I think her youth is actually an advantage, not a disadvantage
62 Anonymous
I get it
65 Anonymous
I’ve already voted, and I’m glad I voted for Audrey-san
Victoria-sama or Furia-sama are not bad options, but I think it’s not great for the country to have another person from the Stars royal family again. On the other hand, it’s too risky to suddenly let a man take over
So, it’s down to two choices, and when I thought about it, I ended up choosing Audrey-san through process of elimination
67 Anonymous
I thought Kythera-sama was a decent person..
69 Anonymous
I voted for Audrey-san because she presented a well-structured plan and clear goals, but even if I had chosen by process of elimination, it would have been the same
I think it’s good to consider various perspectives when making a choice
72 Anonymous
Yes, I think it’s important to choose from different perspectives
As a result, I voted for Furia-sama from the perspective of s*x education practice!!
74 Anonymous
Being honest about one’s desires is great!!
76 Anonymous
79 Anonymous
I haven’t voted yet, but should I go and vote?
83 Anonymous
Yes, you should go!
After all, this is the first representative election in this country that ordinary citizens can participate in
87 Anonymous
18% in early voting, 54% as of 12 o’clock, 72% in the early afternoon, and 86% in the evening
It is already certain that it will exceed 90% in the end, and it is said that it will go beyond 95% and reach 97 or 98
89 Anonymous
There are still 2% to 3% of people who don’t vote
92 Anonymous
That’s just how it is. Only Heaven’s Sword can achieve 100%
94 Anonymous
97 Verification Team *010meTA473
We are also talking about Stars in Japan
Has your life changed?
100 Anonymous
It’s okay. Actually, you should run for election!!
102 Anonymous
If you were running, I would vote for you!
105 Anonymous
It would be best if Aqua-sama ruled Japan and Shumi ruled the Stars
Let our Prime Minister handle all the troublesome things. And it would be great if Agewa-san could come back too
Aqua-sama and Shumi only need to make a New Year’s greeting
108 Anonymous
I’m a Stars supporter, but that’s fine with me LOL
109 Anonymous
So, voting for Kythera-san means returning to the Republic of Great Udon. Got it!!
111 Anonymous
U-DO-N! U-DO-N!!
113 Anonymous
Don’t be fooled by the self-promotion of Udon Party members!
116 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’m at the election venue, and the unity of the Udon Party members is amazing
Where can I get one of those matching T-shirts?
119 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
As I was murmuring, a Udon Party member happened to approach me and gave me a T-shirt
Good timing!
122 Anonymous
This person always seems so peaceful in their mind. Nice
124 Anonymous
If we’re talking about momentum alone, the udon party members are definitely leading
This morning, about 230 people marched to the polling station while chanting for udon
127 Anonymous
Real-time Trending Rankings
1. From Udon to Stars, election day-related words
2. Breaking news site-related words: election breaking news, it’s about time
3. Voting until 8 PM, related words: hurry, do it quickly, go
4. Udon party members, related words: incredible momentum and pressure
5. Yukishiro Emily’s arrest, related words: violation of the Public Offices Election Act, false report
6. Let’s eat udon today! Related words: Isn’t this a violation of the Public Offices Election Act?!
7. Morikawa Kaede’s arrest, related words: destruction of the polling station, false report
8. Udon T-shirts, related words: I want one. Where can I get it?
9. Today’s dogeza (prostration), related words: fact, Prime Minister Habu’s 365-day dogeza challenge continues
10. Shirogane Aqua’s arrest, related words: The source is Kohina Yukari. It’s all Aqua-sama’s fault
130 Anonymous
Why are there three arrests? lol
131 Anonymous
Japanese people are really joking around
133 Anonymous
So, the reports about Emily-sama and Morikawa were false, right?
Aqua-sama’s was just a joke by Kohina Yukari
136 Anonymous
Emily-sama would never do something like that, so of course
The report about Morikawa’s arrest was false, but it’s true that she caused damage at the polling station
But it wasn’t intentional, just a genuine mistake, so she was forgiven. It didn’t affect the voting process
139 Anonymous
Onidzuka-san must have apologized profusely
It’s easy to imagine
141 Anonymous
Morikawa needs to understand that he’s clumsy and act calmly
143 Anonymous
They’re saying Morikawa is so restless, isn’t he!
146 Anonymous
149 Anonymous
Seriously, where did this whole thing about Emily-sama getting arrested come from?
Like, LOL, there’s no way Emily-sama would do something like that!
153 Anonymous
It’s like Udon party members are either trying to manipulate the internet or they’re just getting all hyped up online and it’s making them super calm instead
156 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s true
159 Anonymous
Udon party members just seem, like, kinda intense
162 Anonymous
Well, yeah, they’ve all decided to start their day with udon, so no wonder!
165 Anonymous
I’m putting up the catchphrase for the Udon party!!
U… Uplift yourself with udon and live a happy life!
Do… Dole out super pumped-up mornings with doping udon!
N… Nngh! It’s so addictive, this firm texture and smoothness down the throat!!
No… Nominate Kythera-sama as your only choice!
Ddles… Ddles(dive) into Udon, love the Udon party!!
168 Anonymous
It’s really over, lol
171 Anonymous
This party is definitely a no-go
175 Anonymous
I checked out the Udon Party’s website
Everyone is eating udon with bloodshot eyes and big smiles, it’s seriously crazy
177 Anonymous
I saw it and it’s really true, LMAO
Also, it’s super colorful and really flashy
Is this what they call gaming udon?
180 Anonymous
Why did Mary-sama support the Udon Party, lol?
183 Anonymous
Even Mary-sama can make mistakes, you know
185 Anonymous
Mary-sama just really likes udon, right?
She even went on a nationwide udon tour with Yakumo-sensei and did a pilgrimage to the holy sites
188 Anonymous
Breaking news: announcer Kaede Morikawa will appear as a Japanese expert on a special election program!!
190 Anonymous
It looks like they’ve got the wrong person for the job!!
191 Anonymous
Why did they ask for help from her instead of Announcer Onidzuka!?
193 Anonymous
The Stars team has bankrupt, that’s the deal!!
196 Anonymous
Yeah, totally
199 Anonymous
I used to think that Japan was being laughed at by the world, but it turns out the Stars team was in the same league as Japan!
202 Anonymous
It’s great that we’ve got more friends now!!
205 Anonymous
I don’t want to be with them
207 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Guhehe, come over here!
208 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
We’re looking for udon buddies
210 Anonymous
It looks like someone’s getting tangled up with some weirdos, poor thing! LOL
213 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Just wanted to share this with you
– Victoria Stars Goshenite
Good points: Just the right age and has experience as an assistant to the queen. Has a stable hand
Concerns: If successful, might not be able to break free from royal politics
– Furia Stars Goshenite
Good points: Has experience. Stability due to things staying the same
Concerns: No change from before. Lost more influence due to the previous coup
– Kythera
Good points: Udon noodles
Concerns: Udon noodles
– Shaun Brosnan
Good points: First time in history for a man to lead the Stars. A breath of fresh air
Concerns: Risk of bias towards male-centered policies, and weak advocacy for other policies
– Audrey Bradley
Good points: Track record, popular with the people, charismatic. Showed overwhelming superiority in the debate
Concerns: Young, lacks experience for sure. Also, being pretty might make her a target for “someone”
216 Anonymous
That last one was LOL
218 Anonymous
Good job!
There are both good points and concerns, lol
Wait, was “udon” an insult?
220 Anonymous
Good job. That’s definitely one of Audrey’s flaws
I bet she’ll end up becoming Aqua’s woman without even realizing it
222 Anonymous
Seems like everyone was thinking the same thing
Audrey-san is not busty, but she’s a slender and beautiful lady with lovely breasts
225 Anonymous
Why are all the friends of beautiful girls also beautiful?
Kanon-sama’s friends, Emily-sama, Natalia-sama, and Audrey-sama, are all beautiful
228 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I see, it’s important to note that Announcer Morikawa is beautiful. I’ll make a memo of that!
231 Anonymous
Morikawa is so LOLOLOL
232 Anonymous
Morikawa is not really a friend, more like a pet
235 Anonymous
I wish Morikawa would just stay quiet… It’s hard to believe that she’s the most difficult to get into as a national broadcaster announcer
But, she’s just too wild in her actions, it’s like she can erase everything
237 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Add to >>213
If you’re someone who’s so confused that you don’t understand anymore, it’s okay to use this as a reference to make your choice
Victoria Stars Goshenight
– Hobbies and skills: Horseback riding. Singing. Got hooked on karaoke in Japan
– Actually likes: Animals, stuffed animals, collecting cute things
– How to spend holidays: Studying, taking care of horses, tea parties, volunteering
– Favorite udon: Kitsune udon. I like the sweet, thick, and big pieces of fried tofu
– Favorite Aqua: Yuujin-sama. Got a problem with that?
Furia Stars Goshenite
– Hobbies and skills: None
– Actually likes: None
– How to spend holidays: Sleeping
– Favorite udon: Dislikes
– Favorite Aqua: Dislikes
– Hobbies and skills: Speed-eating udon
– Actually likes: Soba, Ramen. ← I recommend Takeko Ramen
– How to spend holidays: Visiting udon shops
– Favorite udon: All udon
– Favorite Aqua: All Aqua-sama
Shaun Brosnan
– Hobbies and skills: Hobbies are cars, eating. Skill is cooking
– Actually likes: Alcohol and tobacco
– How to spend holidays: Reading and driving
– Favorite udon: Shrimp tempura udon. Zarutempura is also good in the summer
– Favorite Aqua: Kenzaki Souji, Shirogane Aqua-kun when performing live. He’s cool
Audrey Bradley
– Hobbies and skills: Gardening, tennis, classical ballet
– Actually likes: Spa
– How to spend holidays: Relaxing at home. I watch streams and play games at home
– Favorite udon: Bukkake udon. Vegetable tempura udon
– Favorite Aqua: Aqua-kun when playing with everyone from BERYL
240 Anonymous
Furia-sama… Kythera-sama..
241 Anonymous
I feel so sorry for Furia-sama
243 Anonymous
In this world, it seems like only Furia-sama is allowed to dislike Aqua-sama
It’s really sad that her daughter and country were taken away..
246 Anonymous
When you think about it, Emily-sama is a true saint
It was a great move to recommend her so that Furia-sama doesn’t have time to feel down, even though she could have had a mental breakdown
249 Anonymous
You can tell that Emily-sama is a good person
Who was the one who listed “part-timer” as Emily’s occupation on official documents? She’s a saint, isn’t she?
252 Anonymous
Isn’t Victoria-sama really cute?
255 Anonymous
I thought so too
258 Anonymous
Oh, the election special has started
261 Anonymous
Morikawa is hosting it normally, so I thought it was a Japanese TV station lol
263 Anonymous
Morikawa, even though she’s supposed to be a guest, she’s taking charge in the middle and it made me laugh
It’s been completely taken over
266 Anonymous
I feel sorry for Stars-chan, who has had her country, national anthem, national flag, princess, and even TV shows taken away
268 Anonymous
No other country’s announcer would ever do this kind of foreign serious program, before or after
272 Anonymous
Even though I’m from another station, Morikawa might have made history
It’s unprecedented for an announcer to make a breakthrough in the world of announcers lol
275 Anonymous
That guy is the only announcer who plays the role of an overpowered protagonist in another world. It’s hilarious that she does it as an announcer
278 Anonymous
If it were a different era, that guy might have taken over the world
But if Aqua-sama hadn’t appeared, Morikawa might have ended up just as a dysfunctional mess
281 Anonymous
The voter turnout is 98%!!
283 Anonymous
Voter turnout is 98%!!
286 Anonymous
There’s a possibility of exceeding 99%!!
290 Anonymous
Almost all citizens are participating
Those who aren’t participating are missing out!
293 Anonymous
Sorry. I didn’t expect my child to catch a cold on the day of the election. I’ll go for early voting next time
296 Anonymous
Ah… I’m really sorry
299 Anonymous
I’ve voted before, but this is the first time I’m so excited about the vote count
301 Anonymous
Even though the fate of the country is at stake, the excitement is greater
304 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu is here!!
306 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu!?
310 Anonymous
Nice thanks for voting for me
312 Anonymous
LOL, there are a lot of invalid votes
315 Anonymous
Hey, the person who put in an invalid vote, lol
318 Anonymous
Don’t mess around with invalid votes in important elections, guys!!
321 Anonymous
LOL, invalid votes, haha
323 Anonymous
This is where the confusion lies
327 Anonymous
It feels like it’s inevitable for the country to perish
There’s not even a sound
332 Anonymous
333 Anonymous
334 Anonymous
338 Anonymous
You’re kidding, LOL
340 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here again!
345 Anonymous
Sorry, sorry about my Aqua-sama
351 Anonymous
Hey, you’re kidding, right? LOL
354 Anonymous
The election time is over. Will the results come out soon?
357 Anonymous
45% of the Stars Nation voted for Aqua-sama. LOL
In addition, LMAO including Yujin vote
362 Anonymous
Sorry. Sorry for laughing about the invalid votes
It was because of my Aqua-sama
366 Anonymous
Yeah, yeah, it’s all Aqua-sama’s fault
371 Anonymous
Are you worried if the people of the Stars Nation are okay?
Are they going crazy? Are they really okay?
377 Anonymous
This is bad when we have elections in Japan
It seems like Aqua-sama will get 100% of the votes
383 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu. LOL
389 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu, you’re trembling. LOL
392 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu, it’s your turn now, LMAO
398 Anonymous
Kanon-sama, LOL
405 Anonymous
Kanon-sama got 4.76%, LMAO
You guys were aiming for her, LOL
409 Anonymous
It’s not 0473, it’s 0476, LMAO
412 Anonymous
So close!!
416 Anonymous
Even the Stars citizens are playing around!!
420 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Enjoying!? The last 6 is Hagetoru’s 6, right?
This, “Shumi” might be my child, maybe
430 Anonymous
Hilarious, LMAO
437 Anonymous
It’s getting exciting, lol
444 Anonymous
45.45% Shirogane Aqua
04.76% Shirogane Kanon
02.10% Mary-sama
02.23% Others
54.54% Invalid votes
452 Anonymous
4545, 5454LMAO
458 Anonymous
Too obscene lol
463 Anonymous
Aqu-tan and Kanon-sama, causing trouble as a couple, lol
469 Anonymous
The number of invalid votes exceeded the majority, lol
472 Anonymous
It’s here!
475 Anonymous
It’s a dogeza!
480 Anonymous
Yes, today’s mission accomplished!
483 Anonymous
Is it a login bonus?
489 Anonymous
The Prime Minister’s dogeza is treated as a login bonus, lol
493 Anonymous
Isn’t the tallying taking too long?
501 Anonymous
We’re using a high-performance server for the tallying
507 Anonymous
Saba-chan is just too over-the-top with technology
512 Anonymous
It’s here!
518 Anonymous
It’s breaking news!!
523 Anonymous
529 Anonymous
The percentage of valid votes converted to 100%
32.67% for Audrey
32.65% for Victoria
17.41% for Furia
10.06% for Shaun
07.21% for Kythera
534 Anonymous
Is this a revote?
541 Anonymous
Is it a runoff vote between the top 2?
548 Anonymous
The top 2 are in a close race!!
555 Anonymous
Who was that person talking about the Udon Party? LMAO
562 Anonymous
What was that internet frenzy about the Udon Party? LMAO
571 Anonymous
Bad news, the Udon Party was really just about momentum
579 Anonymous
It’s hard to understand from the percentage of votes, but isn’t this fewer than the number of followers of the Stars Orthodox Church or the Holy Aqua Religion?
584 Anonymous
That’s right. Why is it about the voting rate?
This server seems capable, but it’s quite clumsy, isn’t it?
592 Anonymous
Who installed the clumsy element in Server-chan?
602 774 *Hi-P3erver
Huh? Does everyone want to be banned? I wonder?
607 Anonymous
615 Anonymous
Can you come back somehow?
620 Anonymous
They said it’s because of the resources
628 Anonymous
The Udon Party was really lively, lol
631 Anonymous
I’m a believer, but I voted seriously
Because it’s the future of our country
The believers around me are different too
639 Anonymous
Breaking news, the believers of the Holy Aqua Religion are surprisingly calm
642 Anonymous
Actually, the followers of the Holy Aqua Religion voted seriously, while everyone else in the country was just fooling around
It’s based on the percentage of votes, so we can’t do detailed calculations, but probably only a few people voted for someone other than Kythera-sama
650 Anonymous
658 Anonymous
Unbelievable twist here, LOL
663 Anonymous
By the way, I’m not a follower, but I voted for Aqua-sama
Just to hold someone accountable
671 Anonymous
Me too
674 Anonymous
685 Anonymous
This theory is starting to seem realistic, LMAO
692 Anonymous
The general opinion was that it’s a competition between Kythera-sama and Shaun-san, but now this theory is gaining credibility
701 Anonymous
The expert Morikawa Kaede-san, LMAO
708 Anonymous
Prediction: Shirogane Aqua is spot on, lol
She’s actually in first place in the voting rate, LMAO
717 Anonymous
Morikawa, you got it right, lol
It’s funny that even you’re surprised, LOL
723 Anonymous
For now, let’s vote properly next time
732 Anonymous
I’m sorry
What will happen next?
740 Anonymous
We will recount from now on. And then, three days later, there will be a runoff election. Apparently, it will still be a holiday three days later
After deciding on the representative, the current parliament will be dissolved and a general election for members of parliament will take place
746 Anonymous
So, it means we will have more days off
753 Anonymous
758 Anonymous
Yay, it’s a day off!
762 Anonymous
If that’s the case, let’s have a day off for the next runoff election too!
771 Anonymous
777 Anonymous
So, it turns out the internet is just a small part, huh?
I was fooled by the enthusiasm of the Udon Party
785 Anonymous
792 Anonymous
The Udon Party was good at manipulating trends
Their unity in mischief was amazing
803 Anonymous
Well, can we agree to vote seriously next time?
812 Anonymous
Oh, an interview with Furia-sama
818 Anonymous
Will Furia-sama switch to supporting Victoria-sama?
823 Anonymous
Well, I think that would be the best option
837 Anonymous
Is Shaun-san supporting Audrey-sama?
842 Anonymous
Now I’m confused again
849 Anonymous
Kythera-san is calling for support for Audrey-san from Udon Party members!
855 Anonymous
Hey, is there really going to be a final vote?
50.06% Victoria-sama+Furia-sama
49.94% Audrey-sama + Shaun-san + Kythera-sama
863 Anonymous
It’s getting exciting
871 Anonymous
It looks like the outcome will depend on the invalid votes
882 Anonymous
Oh man, there’s going to be another final vote
890 Anonymous
Hey, is there a chance that the representative won’t be decided?
898 Anonymous
Stop it!
904 Anonymous
It’s going to become a laughingstock worldwide
910 Anonymous
Everyone, stop playing around on Stars!!
916 Anonymous
Looks like there’s going to be a never-ending flow. LOL
923 Anonymous
It’s over. LMAO
928 Anonymous
Breaking news, Shirogane Aqua-san is returning home because filming is finished
Reason: The new school term is starting
934 Anonymous
Are you kidding me!?
936 Anonymous
After stirring up so much trouble, he’s going home because school is starting, LMAO
941 Anonymous
I like that about Aqua-sama, LMAO
945 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, it’s funny that you’re actually trying to go to school, LOL
953 Anonymous
I’m a Japanese citizen, but I sympathize
957 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, LMAO
962 Anonymous
To all the members of Stars, I have some wonderful words for you
It’s all Aqua-sama’s fault. Now, everyone, join in!!
968 Anonymous
That’s so true, lol
974 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, at least watch until the end, lol
980 Anonymous
Yay! Aqua-sama is coming back!!
I feel sorry for the people of Udon Country, but let’s do your best LOL
985 Anonymous
Let’s take the next vote seriously…
991 Anonymous
Me too…
997 Anonymous
Let’s all go to the election seriously!!
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, I hope the election ends next time!!
1001 774 *Hi-P3erver
I guess this is the end of the Stars arc
I’ll do my best next time

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