Male Idol V13c12

Volume 13 Chapter 12 Tsukasa Kei, Opened Beryl Cafe

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 To be honest, I’m super busy.

 I mean, it’s been like two days, or maybe it’s already the third day? Well, whatever. I’m just so busy that I don’t even have time to sleep.


 I frantically scratch my long hair and then grab a Saint Energy from the nearby mini fridge and chug it down.

 ”Ahhhhh! I’m alive again!”

 Hehehehe, I can still dance. I can still dance, you know!

 Of course, I throw the empty can behind me.

 My big sister or my little sister will clean it up later.

 ”Now, what work is left…”

 After calming down for a moment, I glance at the list of tasks I need to do.

 - Script for Beryl in Wonderland stage play.

 - Directing BERYL nationwide live tour in Hiroshima.

 - Providing lyrics for Shirogane Aqua’s new song.

 - Script for additional DLC pack in the otome game, Yandere Aqua mode.

 - Supervising Makishima’s lines in the Nocturnal Darkness movie.

 - Writing the Makishima side story for the novel version of Nocturnal Darkness.

 - Supervising the Makishima side story in the manga version of Nocturnal Darkness.

 Hmm? Hey, wait a minute, isn’t everything about Beryl here?!

 ”No way I can handle this!”

 I leaned back on the chair’s backrest and kicked the desk, causing the chair to fly backward.

 At that moment, the pile of cans I had thrown behind me came crashing down with a loud noise.


 I lifted my feet and spun around in the chair. Ahh! So much fun!

 If only I could have a job where I could do this all the time!

 As I was enjoying my escape from reality, the door to the room creaked open.

 ”Keito-oneechan, are you okay? I heard a crashing sound.”


 My little sister Ui peeked her head through the gap in the door.

 It seemed like she came to check on me, worried about my condition.

 Ui, who had become a college student this spring, quietly supports me in my work.

 When I had a fever on the day of the singing contest, Ui attended as a substitute judge for me.

 Once I regained my composure, I stopped the silly play and showed a determined face.

 After all, I always want to be a cool big sister in front of my beloved little sister.

 ”Keito-oneechan, if you’re tired, you should take a break. Actually, most of the work you have been waiting for has already been completed, right?”


 As Ui said, the work list written earlier has all been completed.

 After it’s finished, I keep rewriting it to see if it can be made better.

 For example, I rewrote Makishima’s lines in episode 1 of Nocturnal Darkness about 10 times, and after talking with Kisuka-sensei and Great Itsuki-sensei on voice chat, I rewrote the entire script for episode 1 to make Makishima’s character stand out. That led to the success of the first episode.

 Maybe it would have been better without doing that, but what I want to make is a work that everyone thinks is the best, not a work that is better and where one person compromises on something.

 Besides, passion is important for creating better works. If you have passion, you can do anything. Aqua-kun also said in a magazine interview that if you have passion and muscle, you can do anything.

 I never thought he would even change the name of a country because of his passion. Hahahaha!

 ”Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ve hit a bit of a wall, so maybe I should take a break.”

 ”Sure, that’s a good idea. I’ll go prepare the bath, so in the meantime, please put any unfinished manuscript papers that you don’t want me to tidy up in the box.”

 ”Got it.”

 I put the unfinished manuscript papers into the box and placed the completed ones into a portable case.

 The publishers keep telling me, “Sensei, it’s about time you switch to digital,” but they don’t understand the beauty of writing on paper manuscripts.

 After all, writing on paper gives a sense of doing a proper job!

 ”Keito-oneechan, you can take a bath now!”

 ”Yeah, I got it. Thanks as always, Ui.”

 Come to think of it, it’s been three days since my last bath…

 I’ve been working out every day, but even I have to admit I smell.

 I check my reflection in the mirror when I’m naked.

 ”Hmm…it’s not that bad.”

 I may say this a little proudly, but my figure is quite good.

 I’m tall and have long legs, and I do muscle training on Aqua-kun’s recommendation, so I’m toned.

 My big butt and chest are a bit of a problem, but my waist and abs look pretty good.

 ”Ah… it’s been a long time since I’ve had a bath. It’s the best.”

 After washing my body, I take a relaxing bath.

 Oh, I also have to take care of the hair in my sensitive areas. I just forgot.

 I get out of the bath, look a little pathetic, and process my hair to make it smooth.

 Well, it doesn’t mean that someone will see it even if I clean it up nicely. Hahahaha!

 ”Hmm, I feel like my muscles stand out better when I don’t have hair and it’s smooth.”

 After taking a bath, I pose in front of the mirror again.

 Hmm, perfect. I put on just my underwear and head to the living room.

 ”Keito-oneechan, you’ll catch a cold if you’re just in your underwear again.”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay.”

 Ui is such a worrywart.

 Well, that’s what makes her cute and endearing, but I wish she’d trust me a little as her big sister.

 ”You said that, and you were running a fever even during the singing contest, remember?”

 ”Eek! W-well, that was just a clever fever. Yeah, a clever fever.”

 I quickly averted my eyes from Ui.

 In times like this, I need to divert the conversation and distract her.

 I grabbed the remote nearby and turned on the TV.

 ’Welcome to Kaede Morikawa’s Weekly Power News~~~!’

 Oh, it’s just in time for the Power News.

 Come to think of it, I read online that today is the day Aqua-kun and Morikawa-san’s one-week suspension from school and work will be lifted.

 ’Alright, everyone, it’s time for Kaede Morikawa’s Power News.’

 ’And, Announcer Onidzuka, please join in. You can’t let me hog all the fun… I mean, ‘hog’ all the news!!’

 You guys haven’t missed a beat, as usual.

 Wait, Beryl Cafe!? Huh? Today is the grand opening day!?

 I’m holding the TV with both hands, completely captivated by the screen.

 ’So, here I am, Morikawa, reporting live from Beryl Cafe. The tickets are only available through a lottery system, but it seems like a lot of people have gathered just to take pictures.’

 ’Yeah, it looks like it. And guess what? Beryl Cafe has special daily events where different talented people under contract with Beryl perform. Is it true that Announcer Morikawa will also be there?’

 ’Yes! I’ll be there too!! Since we’re at it, let’s make Announcer Onidzuka wear a maid outfit with me!!’

 ’Huh? I really don’t want to do that. I don’t want to leave behind a digital tattoo that only brings pain.’

 Wow, wow, wow!

 Suddenly, I didn’t feel like working anymore, so I rolled on the floor and waved my arms and legs around.

 ”I want to go! I want to go too!”

 Ugh, I’m so done. Just a moment ago, I was all high and mighty, but when I heard that Beryl Cafe was opening, I didn’t want to write a single word anymore. I want to have tea too! I want to meet everyone at Beryl and be healed!

 Ah, I’m even thinking of doing something terrible like abusing my authority to somehow go to Beryl Cafe.

 At that moment, the living room door opened with a creak.

 ”Hmm? What’s up?”

 Yuka-nee, the eldest daughter of the Sakura family, looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

 ”Welcome back, Yukana-oneechan.”

 ”Welcome back, Yuka-nee.”

 ”Mm, I’m home.”

 Yuka-nee, who works at a publishing company, had just come back from somewhere and placed the package she was holding on the table.

 Since Yuka-nee is also my editor, she must have taken the completed manuscript to various places for me, for the time being.

 ”Thank you for your hard work early in the morning.”

 ”Um, that’s fine, but, is Keito up to her usual antics again?”

 Yuka-nee’s words made Ui smile wryly.

 After all, I really, really don’t want to work.

 ”Um, Keito-oneechan, was super focused and serious about work until just now. But then she found out that Beryl Cafe is opening today, and suddenly threw a tantrum…”

 ”Oh, really?”

 Yuka-nee turned her gaze towards me.

 Even if it’s Yuka-nee, I won’t write another word!!

 ”Keito, if you really want to go to Beryl Cafe that badly, should we go now?”


 Wh-what does that mean!?

 I looked at Ui and blinked my eyes.

 Yuka-nee puffed out her chest and took out a ticket from her bag.

 ”Hehe. Actually, I have tickets for today. Keito, do you want to go?”

 ”I want to go!”

 When I answered immediately, Yuka-nee grinned showing her double teeth.

 ”Then, let’s go, the three of us. Keito and I have been working hard at work, and we thought we needed a break, so we secretly entered the lottery.”


 I need to change my clothes right away!

 When I return to my room, I stare at the clothes in my closet.

 What should I do!?

 There are leather jackets for riding motorcycles, but there are no cute clothes for girls to wear to cafes!

 In despair, I sank down on the spot. What’s more, my hair is a mess, and Aqua-kun will hate me when he looks me like this!

 I trudged out of the room and cried because I couldn’t stay in the living room.

 ”It’s okay, we still have time so we’ll go to the hair salon and buy some proper clothes!”


 Yuka-nee, who respects Kohina Yukari-san, doesn’t have big breasts, is short, has a young-looking face, and when the three of us go out together, people often mistake her for a grade schooler. She’s even teased by the neighborhood troublemakers, being called “shorty” and made fun of. But to me, she’s a reliable big sister.

 Yuka-nee is quick to book spa and hair salon appointments and arrange taxis.

 She’s really efficient!

 ”Yuka-nee just like Kohina Yukari-san!”

 ”Hehe, yeah, isn’t she?”

 If I say Yuka-nee is like Kohina Yukari-san, she’ll do almost anything for me.

 But never think she’s an easy target. Yuka-nee is simply pure-hearted.

 Anyway, we head to the salon she booked once we’re in the taxi.


 ”H-hi there.”

 I’m nervous because I don’t usually come to places like this.

 I hope they’re not laughing at me.

 ”Wow, you have long and beautiful hair!”


 ”What would you like to do today?”

 ”Um… well…”

 ”Keep the length as it is, understood?”

 ”Uh, ye… yes, please.”

 ”Alright, got it. Leave it to us.”

 Wow, this employee is amazing…

 How did they understand what I wanted to say?

 ”Hehe, actually, one of your sister’s friends is really good at lip reading. She taught me.”

 I see.

 I’ve been avoiding hair salons because I don’t like this topic, but I guess it’s okay here.

 I think I’ll go here next time.

 ”How is it?”

 Wow, amazing! I look so much like a college girl!

 Come to think of it, I was told that I didn’t have to attend, so I went to my university, but the girls around me were so excited that I only went to university for one day.

 The lady at the hair salon gave me a modern, fluffy look, and I feel like going to college for the first time in a while. But what kind of university did I attend?

 I’m sure it’s a famous place, in katakana…that’s right! I remembered! It’s Mary! I think it was a university with that name. that? Was it wrong? Was it Emily? Hmm, I forgot. Let’s ask Yuka-nee next time.

 ”Ah, thank you very much.”

 ”Yes, please enjoy the Beryl Cafe.”

 The beauty stylist, Kusatsu-san, who took care of me, was also a fan of Aqua-kun, just like me.

 Yeah, I’ll definitely come to this salon from now on. If I see the stylist here about ten more times, I think we’ll be able to have a proper conversation by next year.

 ”Oh, you look so beautiful. Hehe, I’m glad.”


 Her hair looks like that of a capable and professional woman!

 When I complimented her, saying she look like Kohina Yukari-san, she had a happy expression on her face.

 ”Sorry for keeping you both waiting.”

 ”Yeah, you look cute!”

 ”Oh, you went for braids. I think it suits you.”

 Yeah, my little sister looks way more like a college student than me!

 She has this gentle and fluffy vibe, which suits her well.

 ”Okay then, next stop, shopping for clothes and a spa!”

 We finished everything in quick succession, traveling by taxi.

 The lady at the department store and the spa attendant were both incredibly kind people.

 ”We’ve arrived, huh?”

 Ohhhhh, I’m starting to get nervous now. Should I do some squats to calm down? Huh? You want me to stop because it’s embarrassing? Okay, got it.

 And, do I look weird? Are you sure? Really? I check my reflection in the shop window.

 The Fuji store staff picked out a puffy-sleeved blouse to show off my upper body and a mini skirt to flaunt my long legs, along with some chunky boots.

 I think it’s good, but my sense of style isn’t always right. People say Tsukasa Kei is a bit off… I’m really anxious.

 ”If you have a ticket for the Beryl Cafe, this way is the entrance.”

 ”If you’re taking pictures, please be considerate of the people around you.”


 It’s Lapis-chan and Subaru-chan!!

 Angel maids are so cute!! I want to take them home!!

 ”Do you guys do takeout?”


 Oops, my true thoughts slipped out unintentionally.

 Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to scare you two.

 Don’t worry, I won’t confine you like Rina or Sayuki!!

 ”Sorry, but we’re not doing takeout today.”

 ”Today, we’re only serving customers with reservations. Takeout will be available starting from June, so please look forward to it!”

 Oh, wow! Is this the real Meido Café with mini-skirted, sweet and innocent-looking maids with angel wings?

 With not having slept for three days, the dopamine rushing through my veins from being at Beryl Café, and the energy drink I had a few hours ago wearing off, it feels like I’m being transported to heaven.

 ”Ah, uh, um…”

 I wanted to ask if I could take a photo, but I got flustered and couldn’t say anything.

 Yuka-nee saw that and conveyed to the two of them what I was trying to say.

 ”Excuse me, can we take a picture?”

 ”Oh, sure, go ahead.”

 ”Let’s take it together!”


 We took a picture with Lapis-chan and Subaru-chan.

 Hehe, they’re both so cute, unlike a big girl like me.

 ””Thank you!””

 ”Oh, thank you very much.”

 ”The pleasure is mine.”

 ”Thanks for your support!”

 Phew, I’m glad we came.

 I’m already satisfied even though I haven’t met Aqua-kun or even entered the cafe.

 Next to me, Yuka-nee shows the tickets she had to the two.

 ”Oh, you’re the reserved guests, right? Please come this way.”

 ”You’re the reserved guests, please follow me.”

 They call out to a man standing at the entrance of the store.

 Wait, isn’t that Yamada Maruo-kun over there?

 ”Hey, um, ah, wait a sec, it looks like the seats aren’t ready yet, so, um, please wait here!”

 He feels as nervous as everyone else. But thanks to that, I’m starting to feel a lot less nervous.

 It’s true what they say, seeing someone more nervous than you makes your own nerves go away.

 Yamada-kun, wearing a vest, guided us to the waiting area near the entrance.


 ”That’s amazing…!”

 Whoaaa! There are costumes, microphones, and various props displayed in the showcase! Wait, is that a script? And isn’t it Aqua-kun’s script? And it’s the latest Makishima, right?

 It’s incredible how he has really absorbed the lines I wrote for Makishima… He has even added his own interpretations and thoughts. I see, that’s why he can act like that.

 The Makishima I saw was exactly the same as the one I imagined and created. The entire approach is written here, every detail. I want to know… I want to know, want to know, want to know! If I can unravel the process of how he incorporates my words, I feel like I can create even better things.

 ”Hey Yuka-nee…”

 ”I know, I’m going to take some photos since it seems okay to take pictures here.”

 Yuka-nee is asking Yamada-kun for permission to take pictures.

 Huh? Are they actually molding the hands in the script from Aqua-kun’s real hands!? That’s an amazing idea… It means that there are some hardcore people involved in producing this cafe.

 ”Sorry about earlier. I just started working here, taking over for Kujaku, and you were my first customer, so I got nervous.”

 ”Oh, no worries.”

 ”Hehe, do your best, okay?”

 ”Go for it!”

 Wow, amazing. He’s really working hard.

 I was thinking earlier that I didn’t want to work anymore, but seeing Yamada-kun’s effort has given me about 10% motivation.

 And when I think about working together with the service from Lapis-chan and Subaru-chan before, my desire to work has recovered about 20%.

 ”Hey, while we’re waiting, how about taking some photos? I don’t have much to talk about, except maybe how to tell apples apart…”

 ”Well then, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

 Personally, I was fine with just talking about apples, but since we had the opportunity, I asked her to take some pictures.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, dear customer.”

 When I turned towards the cute voice, there stood an incredibly beautiful girl.

 ”Let me show you to your seat.”

 Wow, real Kanon-shama is like an angel…

 I remember Aqua-kun saying something about his brain melting if he were with Kanon-sama in an interview.

 Now, I understand why. Can such a beautiful girl really exist in this world? Ahh, I’d love to write a story where she experiences some naughty adventures. Like Aqua-kun forcing her to have his child or something. But it would be a story filled with deep love, gradually binding their bodies and hearts together, until they’re completely dependent on each other. It would be nice if it was just a story about the two of them, spending their days from morning till night in a world of affectionate and passionate moments.

 ”Hey, wait a minute! Is that Ui-senpai?”

 ”Hehe, long time no see. Kanon-san.”

 Oh right, Ui is from Otomezaki, so she must be Kanon-sama’s senpai.

 Ui introduces the two of us to Kanon-sama.

 ”I’m Sakura Yukana, Ui’s big sister. Nice to meet you.”

 ”Likewise, I’m Sakura Keito, Ui’s big sister. Nice to meet you.”

 Thanks to Yamada-kun, my nervousness has eased, and now I can make a proper greeting.

 Thank you, Yamada-kun.

 ”Nice to meet you, I’m Shirogane Kanon. Both Aqua and I have been greatly taken care of by Ui-senpai during our time in school.”

 After finishing our greetings, Kanon-sama guides us to our seats.

 Hmm, the design of Kanon-sama’s maid outfit is well thought out.

 Even though it’s about time her stomach starts to show a bit, the fluffy design hides it well.

 ”Here’s your seat. I’ll bring you the menu right away, so please relax until then. Enjoy yourself, Ui-senpai.”

 ”Yes. Thanks for guiding us, Kanon-san.”

 Oh, I see. Kanon-sama is pregnant, so she’s only doing the guiding. It’s lucky that it’s only during this time.

 As soon as we sat down, someone familiar came over with the menu.

 ”Here’s the menu.”

 Kohina Yukari-san!? Why are you here!?

 As the three of us were clueless about the situation, Kohina Yukari-san explained everything to us.

 ”I came here to tease that guy who’s working because I had nothing else to do. But he seemed busier than I expected, so I’m helping him out. Got a problem with that?”

 Ah, yes. Come to think of it, Kohina Yukari-san is that kind of person.

 Even though she’s doing something good, that initial teasing because she had free time is definitely unnecessary. If that didn’t happen, it would have been perfect…

 When Kohina Yukari-san’s gaze met Yuka-nee, she suddenly leaned in closer.

 ”Hmm? Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”

 Wow, do you actually remember Yuka-nee?

 ”Oh, oh, oh, I’m Sakura Yukana, the one you signed for before.”

 ”Oh, now that you mention it, that did happen, right? What? Are you already working?”


 Yuka-nee glanced away slightly from Kohina Yukari-san.

 Kohina Yukari-san is sharp, so if she were to say that she’s Tsukasa Kei’s assigned editor, she might realize that I’m the real person.

 It doesn’t really matter if Kohina Yukari-san finds out, but there are other customers around, so it might be difficult. Tsukasa Kei’s fans wouldn’t want to know that the person behind it is like this. Hahaha…

 ”Hmm, well, whatever. By the way, have you been doing well all this time?”


 ”Good. That’s good then. Come on, hurry up and choose from the menu.”

 At one point, I felt like she was looking at me, but was it just my imagination?

 She doesn’t notice anything in the present moment, does she?

 I pretended I didn’t notice anything and looked down at the menu.

 Drink menu

 - Shirogane Aqua coffee set/Cafe Tomarigi collaboration menu.

 - Milk dipper cafe au lait set.

 - Nekoyama Toa’s bittersweet cafe latte set.

 - MojaP’s unsweetened espresso set.

 - Mayuzumi Shintaro’s freshly brewed matcha set.

 - Nobu-san’s carbonated water set that makes you beautiful from the inside out.

 - Natsuki Sana’s freshly squeezed orange juice set.

 - Yamada Maruo’s rough squeezed fresh apple juice set.

 - Kokuchō Kujaku’s cloudy grape juice set.

 - Akami Hajime’s 100% tomato juice set.

 Snack menu

 - Shirogane Aqua’s homemade udon set

 - Shirogane Aqua’s handmade rice set/Cafe Tomarigi collaboration menu

 - Morikawa Kaede’s Gyoza Assorted Eggplant Curry Set/If you would like a small portion, please order the Hoge Mori.

 - Yukishiro Emily’s special berry ramen set/Ramen Takeko collaboration menu

 - Hakuryuu Aiko’s healthy sandwich set/Nou Rin collaboration menu

 - Lazu-sama’s rich sauce hamburger lunch set

 - Kinetik STAR glitter pasta lunch set

 Sweets menu

 - Shirogane Kanon’s sweet strawberry parfait set

 - Tenga Akira’s Homemade Countryside Ohagi Set

 - Uryuu Anko’s freshly made dumpling set

 - Inori Hisui’s local aqua roll set/Akumaki

 - Tomoe Setsuna’s Cool Ice Cream Set

 - Amamiya Kotori’s fluffy pancake set

 - John’s Whimsical Cake Set/Cake will be random

 Secret Menu

 - Try Nee-san’s All-Nighter Energy Drink Set, a collaboration with Saint Energy, with a concentrated formula of 92%.

 - For those who have been prescribed the famous emergency supplement by Fujibayashi Misono but do not have it on hand, you can order it here.

 - Enjoy Atori Ako’s exclusive Afternoon Tea Set for company presidents, and you can also take home the portions you can’t finish.

 Limited Time Menu

 - Introducing the Adult Lunch Set created by Kohina Yukari and inspired by the Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, with input from Shirogane Aqua.

 Each set menu comes with two special biscuits, designed by Nene Nene-san and manufactured by the esteemed Morinaga-sama. They are individually packaged, making them perfect for takeout. One of the biscuits is guaranteed to feature Shirogane Aqua, while the other will be randomly selected from Mayuzumi Shintaro, Nekoyama Toa, and Tenga Akira. Additional designs will be gradually added starting next month.

 Wow! There are so many menu options!

 Which one should I choose? I can’t decide!

 ”Should I go with the adult lunch set? Come on, you should.”

 ”Yes, I’ll go with that!”

 Ignoring the pressure from Kohina Yukari-san, I carefully choose from the menu.

 ”Um… in that case, I’ll have Shirogane Aqua’s homemade Homme Rice Set and Natsuki Sana’s freshly squeezed orange juice.”

 Ui, you hit the nail on the head.

 I actually wanted to order the Homme Rice Set or the Udon Set, but I want something more filling!

 Maybe I should go for a hamburger. No, wait. Maybe I should order ramen and then get dessert after!

 ”In that case, I’ll have Yukishiro Emily’s special Berry Ramen Set! Oh, and while you’re at it, I’ll have Nee-san’s special energy drink too.”

 ”Alright, alright. Take your time.”

 When we finished ordering, we looked around excitedly.

 Oh, they’re using unpublished photos as the wallpaper. That’s amazing.


 Huh? What’s wrong, what’s wrong?

 All of us customers turned our gaze towards the direction where the voice came from.

 And there, right in front of that customer, Haa-sama, dressed as a maid, was preparing matcha tea for them.

 So that’s what freshly brewed means!! Wow, that’s awesome!

 ”Thank you for waiting. Here is your ordered menu.”

 Oh, it seems like Ui’s ordered menu has arrived.

 Wait, is that Kukuri-sama!? Kukuri-sama serving in a maid outfit!?

 ”For the person who ordered the Homme Rice.”

 ”Oh, yeah!”

 Kukuri-sama smiled at Ui.

 Oh my, those twin tails suit her so well, and that black and pink “landmine” maid outfit is absolutely irresistible.

 ”For those who order Homme rice, we offer a service that will make it even more delicious. I’m sorry, but it’s not Aqua-sama, but what do you think?”


 Kukuri-sama makes a heart symbol on her chest, sways her skirt and twin tails from side to side, and casts a spell on Homme rice that makes it delicious with her upturned eyes.

 ”Be delicious, be delicious. Love me too. Kyun♡”

 Ah, yes. I was just looking at it from the side, but now I like it. Next time, I’ll buy the Goods.

 Even though she is clearly not a character, I was moved by her perfect performance, which didn’t make her feel out of place. As a fellow professional, I was moved by her performance.

 ”Customer ordered Yukishiro Emily’s special Berry Ramen!”

 ”Ah, yes”

 Oh, it’s the real Yukishiro Emily-sama! Even though she’s wearing a cute maid outfit, I can’t help but feel that it’s a little ruined by the Takeko apron. Or maybe that’s just my imagination? Oh, wait, her name tag says “Part-time Leader Yukishiro Emily.” Huh? So she’s just a regular part-time worker?

 ”It’s not in the cafe menu, but you can add garlic from that bottle over there. But…”

 Emily-sama quickly looks around to make sure none of the other staff members are watching, then she whispers to us so that we can hear.

 ”Aqua-sama is on standby right now, so if you want to see him, it’s better not to add garlic.”

 ”Oh, thank you very much.”

 Emily-sama is so kind. I’m already a fan.

 Ah, I’m glad I came today.

 ”Hamburger Lunch Customers!”

 Oh man, it’s Lazu-sama, the streamer who managed to set fire to the game house a listener worked so hard to create in just five minutes!

 After that, the stream where Lazu-sama tearfully announced her retirement and the listeners spent three hours convincing her to stay was so entertaining.

 And can you believe that just when everyone was ready to rebuild the house, the server crashed? Who could have predicted that? But that’s the charm of Lazu-sama’s streams. I gotta say, it’s pretty impressive how Lazu-sama remembers all the names of her loyal followers. According to her stream, though, her test scores are really bad…

 ”Um… I actually ordered the adult lunch, not the kids’ one.”

 ”Huh? This isn’t the place…?”

 Lazu-sama looks disappointed.

 Hold on, hold on, hold on. This kind of job is definitely not suited for Lazu-sama!

 Even the staff should know that if Lazu-sama starts working, a meteor will hit the Earth tomorrow!

 Mama Risu-san, please protect and save Lazu-sama as soon as possible!

 ”What are you doing? You’re the customer at Hamburger Lunch, aren’t you?”

 ”Oh, thank you”

 Wow, Fii-sama came to the rescue. But you know, Fii-sama is actually younger than Lazu-sama….

 People who appeared to be Lazu-sama’s servants, including me, couldn’t help but wonder.

 ”It’s not a kids’ lunch, it’s an adult’s lunch~nano. Here you go!”

 ”Thank you”

 Haha, Fii-sama is always so full of energy.

 By the way, Yuka-nee… when you eat the kids’ meal, you really look like an elementary school student. I won’t say it out loud because it might hurt her feelings, but I catch her eye and we both stay silent. Let’s just keep it between us.

 Oh, and if I look closely, the flag sticking out there is the flag of the now-defunct Republic of Great Udon. Ah, I see, you’re taking it home as a keepsake.

 Since I was feeling hungry, I quickly devoured the Berry Ramen and guzzled down the Saint Energy with a concentration of 92%.

 Uhihihi, this is the intensity of almost pure concentration. It’s a stimulating sensation that hits my brain.

 ”Hey, Keito-oneechan, are you okay?”

 ”Well, I might not be okay.”

 Oops! I suddenly felt overwhelmed and now I’m starting to feel queasy.

 I stumble to my feet and head towards the restroom.

 On the way, I almost trip and fall, but someone behind me catches me.

 ”Oops, are you alright?”

 ”Oh, yes. Thanks a lot, Aqua-kun!”

 The real Aqua-kun is here!

 Maybe the energy drink I had earlier, Saint Energy, is starting to kick in because my eyes are wide awake.

 ”If you’re feeling unwell, maybe you should take a short rest there.”


 Aqua-kun guides me to a nearby small room and lets me sit on the sofa.

 It seems like this place is a Break Room where people like me, who feel sick at a café, can use.

 I see, even though I’m here for work, there are probably people who got too excited after making a reservation and couldn’t sleep, so they ended up coming here.

 ”Yeah, water. Oh, you don’t have to force yourself to drink it.”

 ”Thank you so much for everything.”

 Aqua-kun, in real life, looked much cooler than on TV.

 Wow, so CG rumors were floating around for a while, but it’s amazing that he actually exists in reality.

 Fully awakened, I gaze at Aqua-kun, observing him intently.

 ”How about Beryl Cafe? Are you enjoying it?”

 ”Yes! It was fun with the live script and everything!”

 I gather up my courage and ask Aqua-kun a question.

 ”Aqua-kun, when you portray a character, is there something important that you focus on?”

 ”Something important, huh… Let me think.”

 Aqua-kun shows a slight gesture of thinking and smiles.

 ”Maybe it’s about their life. For example, I know someone who’s really good at household chores. The reason they became skilled at it is because they never had parents since birth and were passed around among relatives, raised in foster care, took care of little kids, worked part-time jobs, basically had to be self-reliant. The script says this character likes cooking or is good at household chores, but it’s interesting to think about why they came to enjoy cooking. Considering the path that led them to become skilled at household chores adds depth to portraying that character. So, I guess I value that aspect.”

 Yeah, it’s the same. That’s how I delve into the characters’ thoughts too.

 Everything has a reason, and those paths breathe life into each character.

 When I realized that Aqua-kun and I have a similar approach, I got really excited.

 ”What do you think of Makishima Keigo?”

 ”Well, in a nutshell, he’s kind of shallow… He talks a big game, but deep down, he’s always seeking instant pleasure in the thrills and all that. Following those selfish desires obediently makes him seem like a bit of a loser, you know? Oops, never mind. Forget what I just said. It’s just that, with the drama currently airing, I can’t say more than that. So let’s pretend I didn’t say anything, okay?”

 ”Got it.”

 Looks like my interpretation matches his.

 When Kisuka-sensei asked me about Makishima, I thought he seemed like a formidable opponent, but deep down, his motives seem childish, making him kind of a loser. I see… So Aqua-kun must have already reached the answer that lies beyond.

 Hahaha! It’s true that only he can portray the Makishima we’ve created.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 ”Huh? Ah, don’t worry about it.”

 Hehe, I bet Aqua-kun thinks he’s being thanked for taking care of me.

 Well then, I can’t keep causing trouble, and it seems like I’m feeling better, so maybe it’s time to go.

 As I was thinking that, I heard a noisy commotion from outside.

 ”Keito, are you okay?”

 Ah, it’s Yuka-nee. And Ui too.

 It seems like they were worried because I hadn’t come back for a while.

 ”Ah, it’s Minihina-senpai! Oh, and Ui-senpai, long time no see.”

 ”Aqua-kun, it’s been a while. You seem energetic.”

 What is this Minihina-senpai!?

 Huh? Did Yuka-nee meet Aqua-kun somewhere without me knowing? Just by chance in the apartment!?

 Unfair, unfair, unfair! Even though we live in the same apartment, we’ve never met!!

 ”Thank you for taking care of my big sister (Yukana).”

 ”Don’t worry about it. Thanks for coming today, Ui-senpai!”

 We decided to go home already, and Aqua-kun guided us towards the register.

 ”Oh, Ui!”

 ”Oh, Sana-chan.”

 Natsuki Sana-san, come to think of it, she was Ui’s classmate.

 The two of them were delighted to meet each other by chance.

 When Aqua-kun kindly stepped in for Natsuki-san at the register, Yuka-nee paid for everyone.

 Thanks, Yuka-nee. Wait, what’s this?

 ”A Beryl gacha?”

 I noticed a gacha machine next to the register.

 Huh? Each person can play once!? Yay!

 I have to try and win this. I started preparing, counting “one, two, one, two.”

 ”Ui seems engrossed in the conversation, so Keito, you can play three times.”

 ”Got it!”

 I spin the gacha cheerfully.

 What will come out? When I opened the first capsule, I couldn’t help but say,

 ”Wow, this is the Great Kaiju Yukari-gon badge designed by Nene-cho!”

 I decided to give a gacha gift to Yuka-nee, who loves Kohina Yukari-san.

 ”Thank you, Keito, you’re lucky that something good came out from the beginning!”

 Well, I wonder what will come out next! When I spun the gacha energetically again and opened the capsule that came out,

 ”Oh, it’s Aqua-kun’s mini Axta!”

 But I’ll give this to Ui.

 ”Keito-oneechan, is it okay?”

 ”Oh, of course! Take good care of yourself.”

 When I spun the last gacha and opened the capsule that came out.

 ”Huh? What is this?”

 Inside was a piece of paper with a voucher written on it.

 ”Congratulations! You won the Shirogane Aqua-designed pass case and the priority procedure pass for future use at Beryl Café!”

 I don’t know how, but I wonnnn!

 I hold hands with Yuka-nee and the others and we celebrate together.

 ”The priority procedure pass for Beryl Café allows you to make reservations earlier than others, but only once a month. For example, reservations for June will start on May 1st, but with this pass, you can make your reservation a day earlier on April 30th. However, please note that you can only make one reservation per month, just like other customers.”

 This must be a reward for all the hard work I’ve put in.

 Staying up for three days was worth it.

 I look down at the picture on the pass case that was handed to me.

 ”What’s this?”

 ”I-It’s creepy…”

 Huh? What are Ui and Yuka-nee saying?

 ”This is Shiro, the cat owned by the Vtubers Shiro-kun and Aqua-kun.”



 Hey, what’s with those surprised faces?

 You guys look like you’ve seen a ghost or something. I turn my gaze towards Aqua-kun, who was at the cash register.

 ”Come on, come on, people who understand will understand!”

 Geez, because everyone reacted strangely, I thought maybe I was wrong. See, isn’t it the right answer?

 ”Yukana-oneechan, could it be that Keito-oneechan…?”

 ”I know, okay? Ugh. I’m also despairing because I found out that my sister is on the same level as that Shirogane Aqua-san. Or maybe it’s because geniuses are drawn to each other, some kind of connection in their sensibilities… I absolutely don’t want to admit that this picture is like that.”

 Hey, hey, what’s going on with you two since earlier!?

 It’s not good to exclude me and whisper secretly like that!

 ”Wait, there are people who understand Aqua’s thing?”

 ”Oh, the break is over?”

 ”Yeah, I just came back. Oh, if it’s Kanon-san, she’s already finished.”

 ”OK! Thanks!”

 Oh, it’s Toa-chan. And he’s dressed as a little devil maid? Who came up with that idea, it’s awesome!

 With Aqua-kun’s suggestion, we all take a group photo in the end.

 And if possible, I want to stand next to my little angel maid sister, Subaru-chan… Oh, thank you so much!!

 ”It was amazing…”

 ”Yeah, that’s right, Keito-neechan. Thank you, Yukana-oneechan.”

 ”Keito, you did well. You should thank me for getting the tickets.”

 Thank you both. Thank you so much!!

 After receiving the pass cases, we step outside the cafe and catch a taxi.

 Ah… it’s like I suddenly woke up from a dream and got tired all at once.

 That Saint Energy is so concentrated that it brings on downtime or chill time all at once.

 Feeling sleepy, I fall asleep in the taxi.

 Alright, when I wake up, I’ll do my best again!!

 In my happy dream, I raise my fist up high.

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