Male Idol V13c13

Volume 13 Chapter 13 Shirogane Aqua, A New Kid On The Block

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 After my suspension was lifted, I officially joined the Beryl Café event as a member of BERYL on Saturday and Sunday.

 Originally, I had planned to only participate on Saturday, but I was having so much fun that I ended up staying until Sunday without even realizing it.

 That’s why I ended up getting suspended, but please forgive me, it was just the aftermath of a week-long break.

 ”So, after causing everyone so much worry, I can finally go back to school tomorrow!”

 On Sunday nights, I spontaneously started live streaming.

 During my suspension, I couldn’t do any live streams, so my evenings were spent either hanging out with friends or working out.

 However, the good thing was that even if Kohina-senpai called me during my suspension, I could just say, “I’m on suspension,” and politely decline. Maybe I should keep telling Kohina-senpai that I’m still suspended whenever she calls me in the future.

 [Welcome back from your suspension!]

 [You better not get suspended again, okay?]

 [I’ve been waiting for this forever!]

 [Thanks for the livestream!!]

 [I went to Beryl Cafe!!]

 [Yay! It’s a comeback!]

 [Yukari Goha: Start up Minecraft]

 [↑ What’s this person doing?]

 [Breaking news, Kohina Yukari is streaming]


 I have a bad feeling about this. Well, for now, I’ll pretend I didn’t notice…

 [Yukari Goha: Hurry up and come]

 [Yukari Goha: Did you start the game?]

 [Yukari Goha: Still not yet?]

 [Yukari Goha: It’s Minecraft, you know]

 [Yukari Goha: Still not yet?]

 Oh, Kotono? Ban this person from the livestream.

 Geez, come to think of it, someone commented earlier that this person is livestreaming.

 While pretending not to notice, I check Kohina-senpai’s livestream on my secondary PC.

 ’Hey, what’s taking so long!?’

 Huh? What are you doing?

 Aren’t you on a hardcore mode, trying to defeat the Ender Dragon?

 I turn my gaze towards the title of the live stream.

 [Beryl Headquarters Building and Surroundings Complete Reproduction Live Stream. w/ Sayamu Inko, Yukishiro Emily, Shirogane Kanon, Morikawa Kaede, Kirika Kotono, Hakuryuu Aiko, Habu Chiyoko, Natsuki Sana, Shirogane Aqua]

 Hey, don’t just randomly add people’s names, okay!!

 [This one’s definitely going to take until morning, lol]

 [Doing a project that won’t even finish until morning, how funny]

 [Kanon-sama participating like it’s nothing feels so weird, lol]


 [Kanon-sama and Nee-san are experts in architecture, so they can’t be left out]

 [Breaking news, our prime minister. Her sense of architecture is so bad that she’s been assigned to civil engineering]

 [Huh? Sana-chan is here. Has she finally started getting involved with Kohina-senpai?]

 [↑Being her first actress role, there’s no way Habu Prime Minister’s daughter won’t become a toy with that acting skills!!]

 [This girl, Aqua-sama knows she has school tomorrow and she’s still inviting him, lol]

 [↑That’s Kohina Yukari for you]

 Hey, guess what? Turns out my wives are joining in too!

 Hey, everyone! That person is someone we shouldn’t get involved with, you know?

 ’Hey, hold on, everyone! Don’t stop working just because their livestream started. Keep working while listening! Otherwise, morning will never come, seriously!’


 Kohina-senpai’s character is beating up the Prime Minister, Inko-san, and Kaede’s characters.

 Sure, the Prime Minister and Inko-san’s characters were stopped, but poor Kaede was just working normally and got caught up in it.

 ’Hey, is there anyone available from the architecture pro team?’

 ’I can go!’

 Kanon!? You have school tomorrow, you know?

 Look, check the time. It’s already time for you to be sleeping!

 ’Okay, then, please head towards the station.’


 And on top of that, that station is huge, so it’s gonna take forever!!

 Once I left the streaming room, I asked Pegonia-san to at least let Kanon sleep.

 ’Instead, I’ll do it.’

 ’Yeah, sure. Thanks!’

 Is Kotono okay too?

 I’ll send her a message, telling her not to push herself too hard.

 ’Shirogane Kingdom is complete!’

 ’Nice job, Emily-chan!’

 What is Shirogane Kingdom?

 Wait, they built that in the huge park?

 Um, I haven’t heard anything from Ako-san, so it must be another story unrelated to me and Shirogane-san. Yeah, that’s probably it.

 [So it’s complete over there…]

 [What? They can do that in Tokyo now?]

 [Oh wait, when I saw it, it said “Fuusetsu-whatever Castle”…]

 [Sorry. I live in a different region. Is Shirogane Kingdom the theme park that Beryl is currently building?]

 [↑No, that’s Beryl In Wonderland. It will open during summer vacation.]

 [↑What?! From the announcement to the opening, isn’t that too fast?!]

 [↑Elite workers from all over Japan are working in shifts 24/7 using a human wave strategy, that’s why.]

 [Is it true that the noise issue from the construction was resolved by giving early tickets to the surrounding residents?]

 [↑Yes, that’s right. So the selling price of used apartments including early tickets has skyrocketed.]

 I checked the streaming situation and quietly closed the screen.

 Alright! Let’s just pretend I didn’t see anything!

 ’Thanks everyone for coming to Beryl Cafe. I’m going to bed soon to prepare for tomorrow. Goodnight! And don’t stay up too late!’

 With that, I ended the stream.

 ”Phew, I’m tired from hustling too much. I guess I’ll go to sleep now.”

 Before that, though, I need to make sure I turn off my phone to avoid any messages from Kohina-senpai.

 I just sent a quick message to Ayana and went to sleep.

 ’Good morning! Wake up! If you don’t wake up, I’ll blow you away!!’


 Huff, huff. I woke up with Kohina-senpai’s shouting.

 I remembered. This alarm was originally recorded by Kanon and Lapis, saying “Good morning! Wake up!” But then Kohina-senpai added her voice while I wasn’t around.

 I’ll ask Kanon and Lapis to redo it later…


 I woke up and checked my phone for the livestream site.

 ’Seriously, it’s morning already! What? The temporary parliament session got canceled because the my suspension is over? Are you kidding me? This is more important, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s just going to be a pointless debate. Might as well skip it!’

 Wow, this person is incredible. I’m starting to feel like I’ll never be able to beat her, and I’m okay with that.

 I deeply regret opening Kohina-senpai’s stream first thing in the morning.

 [※Looking for Aqua-kun♡ Today, as always, starting the day with a breast massage. Working on turning my G-cup breasts into H-cups♡]

 Sigh… For now, let’s subscribe to the channel and silently send some donations.

 It’s important to support these amazing streams and help them grow as content creators.


 [Wow, he really fell for it, lol.]

 [This is gonna be a trend!]

 [Aqua-kun probably thought he wouldn’t get caught if he stayed quiet. So cute.]

 [↑ Yeah, we all know what’s up, lol.]

 [Yukishiro Emily: I’m done with building stuff. I wanna do a breast streaming too.]

 [↑ Emily-sama!?]

 [Bad news, Emily-sama. This endless train station building is driving her crazy].

 Oh no, I got busted.

 I quietly close the stream.

 Oh, but when Emily-san does her breast streaming, be sure to call me.

 I’ll max out my donations.

 ”Good morning, everyone.”

 ”””””Good morning to you too.”””””

 As expected, the maid crew Pegonia-san, Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, and Ruuna-senpai, along with Rinon-san, are all here early in the morning.

 After sweating it out with a morning run, I joined everyone for breakfast.

 ”Alright, here I go!”

 With my excitement at maximum, I leave the house all by myself after a long time.

 I deeply reflected on the suspension I received and thought about starting the new school year by going back to basics, like commuting by train.

 ”Oh, oh, it’s Aqua-sama!”

 ”Aqua-kun is at the station!?”

 ”Wow, this is amazing!”

 ”I have to post it on the bulletin board!”

 ”Oh, the members of the fan club are here.”

 ”Well, if that’s the case, it should be fine.”

 Um, let’s see, I think I have to take this train from this house.

 Oh well, if I make a mistake, I make a mistake.

 I get on the train that has arrived at the platform.

 ”Aqua-sama is on the train!?”

 ”Don’t you dare touch him!”

 ”What about the smell!? Smelling it is irresistible, right!?”

 ”Darn it, even after a year, he’s still defenseless!!”

 ”This guy hasn’t changed a bit, even after being suspended!”

 ”Well, if he’s come this far, he should stay like that forever!”

 Oh, by the way, there’s a men-only train car, right?

 But it’s too late to move now, so I’ll just stay here.

 I grab onto the hanging strap and give a smile to the lady sitting in front of me.


 Huh? When I take a closer look, I see that the handle of the lady’s handbag in front of me has a keychain with a design of a cat with cat ears, drawn by Nene-cho-san.

 These BERYL Cat Goods were limited edition items created to commemorate Cat Day on February 22nd and could be obtained from Beryl Shops, stations, and commercial facilities through gacha. Among them, the items featuring both me and Toa are said to be rare.

 As if they weren’t already rare enough, the employees accidentally ordered too few straps of Tenga-senpai, making them even rarer. At that time, the phrase “Only Hachiware (split face) Tenga appears on social media” became a trend, and I thought I was going to get caught up in it. But thanks to the netizens who found it amusing, they ended up collecting Tenga-senpai’s cats and starting a mysterious TENGA Cat meme, which saved the day.


 I pulled out the Mayuzumi strap in the form of a black cat to challenge the lady. Actually, this black cat Mayuzumi is usually seen wearing glasses, but the one I have is a rare version without glasses and has a fierce look.

 I happened to win it when I tried pulling it out at the Beryl Shop during work.

 ”What? It’s without glasses!?”

 ”It actually exists!?”

 ”I’ve seen it online, but never in real life!”

 ”I thought it was just an urban legend or AI fake…”

 ”If it were a TENGA cat, I’d have a hundred of them at home!”

 ”So, Aqua-kun has Mayuzumi-kun’s item!?”

 ”Grr! My heart is racing!”

 Ten days before February 22nd, it’s Bra Day on February 12th. If there are Goods for Cat Day, it wouldn’t be strange to have Goods for Bra Day.

 I approached Ako-san with a serious expression and said, “Let’s make bras inspired by our female members. I’ll supervise.” But she completely rejected the idea. So, I thought of using an Aqua-kun pin with Nene-cho’s design and a bra on his head as a compromise, but even that was deemed unacceptable…

 As I remembered such silly things, I arrived at my destination station.

 ”We have confirmed that Aqua-sama has arrived safely. Please.”

 ”Alright, right on time!”

 ”Oh, and make sure to thank our helpers for the advance call.”

 ”We’ll make sure to protect and guide him all the way from here to school!”

 ”Those newbies at Oto-school must be shocked, huh?”

 ”But compared to them, the second and third years are something else. They’re not even fazed by Aqua-sama’s little mishaps. You can tell just by looking at their faces. The second years, especially those in Class A, have a different aura about them.”

 ”Look, that one over there, in particular…”

 Huh? Is that…?

 As soon as I arrived at the station, I bumped into an acquaintance.

 ”Hey there! Claire-san!”

 ”Oh… Aqua-ku, Aquaa-kun. How’s it going?”

 Come to think of it, Claire-san was suspended for some reason.

 I saw her during extracurricular classes and was really surprised.

 ”Hey, since we’re already here, wanna go to school together?”

 ”Yeah, sure, I’d love to.”

 Claire and I left the station and made our way through the shopping district towards Otomezaki.

 ”Attention, Saint Maiden Guards! Worker-Holic has secured Aqua-sama.”

 ”As expected of the number one. She made contact in such a natural way. We should learn from her.”

 ”She’s the woman who has Mary-sama and Kukuri-sama under her command. She’s definitely something else.”

 ”Maybe her panicked reaction earlier was just an act!”

 ”Hmm, it really does seem like they just happened to meet and got surprised, but who knows?”

 ”Tsk tsk tsk, you’re still a rookie, so you don’t understand. The terror of that Worker-Holic…”

 I see a few unfamiliar faces here and there. Are they new students?

 But wait, some of them seem a bit more mature…

 Multiple women gather around that lady.

 ”Hey, miss, can I see your student ID?”

 ”Yeah, sure. Don’t run away, okay?”

 ”I’ve been doing these checks since last year. I knew this kind of thing would happen when spring comes.”

 Oh, the sexy girl in a school uniform was taken somewhere.

 I wonder what happened? Is she being bullied?

 ”I think she’ll be fine. There are a lot of suspicious people around this time.”

 Suspicious people?! Things have become quite dangerous while I was suspended…

 I change my shoes in the shoe locker after a long time. It feels like a fresh start with the new school year.

 Alright, I should act like a senpai and show the underclassmen how cool I am.

 I briskly head towards my classroom, just like Yuu-oni’s Kazuya.

 ”Oh, wait, Aqua-kun!”

 In an unusual hurry, Claire-san reaches out to me.

 But once the runaway train, Shirogane Aqua, starts moving, it can’t be stopped.

 I forcefully open the door to Class 1-A.

 ”Hey everyone, good morning!”

 Huh? Is it just me or is everyone not reacting? If you start the new school year with that kind of energy, it won’t last a year, you know.

 But when I looked closely at the students in the classroom, they were all strangers.

 ”Oh no…”

 Oops, I forgot that the classroom changed when we moved up to the second year.

 I accidentally came to the first-year classroom like it’s normal.

 This is embarrassing. So that’s why Claire-san desperately tried to stop me.

 ”U-um, sorry about that~”

 I tried to step back as if nothing happened.

 Then something soft bumped into my back.

 ”Oh, sorry.”

 ”No, it’s okay.”

 I turned around to apologize for bumping into someone.

 And there stood the person I admired, the past Myojo Lily, or rather, Inori Hisui-chan before she became Myojo Lily.

 ”Ah, Hisui-chan.”

 ”Aqua-sama, I heard your suspension has been lifted. Congratulations on advancing to the second year!”

 ”Thank you. And congratulations to you too, Hisui-chan, on your enrollment.”

 You know, sometimes when I talk to her, I get unsure of what to say.

 Lily-san, who I know, is already in her twenties, so compared to 15-year-old Hisui-chan, she still seems so young. It feels strange, almost like something is off.

 Also, I wonder if it’s even okay for someone like me to guide her.

 Originally, my style was inspired by her brilliance as an idol, and it all started with imitating her.

 That’s why I feel like there’s nothing I can do for her.

 I even thought about reproducing and conveying the future I know she can have, but that’s something she should create for herself. So I’m struggling with whether it’s better for me not to do anything strange.

 ”Should I talk to someone about it?”

 But even if I were to talk to someone, I wonder how I should go about it. Kohina-senpai doesn’t know that I have memories from a past life, and if I suddenly told her, she might seriously take me to the hospital. I thought I should hide that and explain it carefully.

 ”Talk about it?”

 ”Oh, sorry. It’s nothing.”

 Hisui-chan tilts her head with a curious expression.

 It seems like I accidentally said it out loud.

 I show a smile to Hisui-chan to brush it off.

 By the way, whether it’s Hisui-chan or Akiko-san, I occasionally encounter people in this world who I knew in my past life. I wonder if I’ll meet others, like Kohinah-senpai, who I also knew in my past life?


 ”Oh, Kukuri-chan.”

 When Kukuri-chan calls me senpai, I say Gene.

 Moreover, Kukuri-chan knows that he is Twinte’s junior.

 ”Maybe you came to see me?”

 Kukuri-chan winks at me.

 Oh! As expected from Kukuri-chan. This witty attitude is one of the reasons I put her in Milk Dipper.

 Thanks to Kukuri-chan, I was able to cover up the fact that I had come to the first grade classroom by mistake.

 ”Oh, he definitely came here by mistake.”

 ”Damn! He’s usually cool, but sometimes he’s cute.”

 ”Kohina-san said that it’s not a good idea to pamper him and say he’s cute, but that’s impossible. Even though I’m younger than him, I want to spoil him!!”

 ”And the fact that he seems to think he’s fooling himself is the cutest thing ever.”

 Oh! The underclassmen are sneaking glances at me.

 I guess as a second-year, I must look like a grown-up to them.

 I better put on a confident and reliable senpai act.



 When I turn my face towards the voice, I see a flashy girl wearing a mask.

 Wait, isn’t she Oto Rurika-san, the actress?

 Wow, she joined Otomezaki.

 ”I’m Shirogane Aqua from BERYL. You’re Oto Rurika, right? Nice to meet you.”

 ”Nice to meet you too, I’m Oto Rurika, a first-year. Can you please move aside? I want to enter the classroom.”

 ”Oh, sure. Sorry about that.”

 As I move aside, Oto-san nods politely and thanks me before heading to her seat.

 She’s so cool. Her fashion sense seems to establish her own unique world, and I can’t help but think she’s pretty cool.

 It’s a stark contrast to someone like Kuga Reira, who claims to be a cool beauty.

 Huh? Now that I think about it, Mommy Mikuni, Kohina-senpai, and even Reira-san, the top three actresses in our country, all seem like children. Is this country okay?


 ”Whoa! Iria-san, don’t come at me like that right off the bat.”

 Looking at her uniform, she really did enroll in Otomezaki, huh?

 I wish it were just a lie.

 Well, it’s not like I had any personal qualms about older girls wearing school uniforms, but Iria-san really did look like a high school girl through and through. It’s like she froze time in her first year. When she mentioned having that ability, my head started to ache, but I couldn’t completely dismiss it as a joke.

 Just then, Claire-san came along, walking with a spring in her step.

 ”Aqua-kun, um… the SHR is about to start.”

 ”Yeah, I know. Thanks for trying to stop ,e earlier.”

 I said goodbye to Kukuri-chan, Hisui-chan, and Iria-san, and together with Claire-san, we arrived at our classroom.

 But wait, as soon as we entered the classroom, I couldn’t help but feel like someone was giving me a disapproving look.

 Was it just my imagination, or had they somehow found out that I had mistakenly gone to the first-year classroom?

 Lost in these thoughts, I felt a pat on my shoulder.

 Somehow, I knew it without even turning around; my intuition warned me not to look back.

 And so, I obediently followed my intuition’s advice.



 Hey, um, Ayana. I’m sorry.

 I’m really sorry for pushing Kohina-senpai onto you.

 ”Just kidding. I mean, it’s not just me, but I’ve slept with Kotono-san and Natsuki-san before, and Morikawa-san, Emily-san, Inko-san, and even Prime Minister Habu have been kept up until morning.”

 Come to think of it, Ayana wasn’t there when I watched the stream in the morning.

 I mean, the Prime Minister was up all night. I hope she’ll be okay for today’s parliament…

 ”Good morning, Aqua-kun!”

 ”Aqua-kun, good morning.”

 ”Kokona, Uruha, good morning!”

 Huh? Where’s Lisa? Oh, there she is.

 I’m surprised to see Lisa looking so down behind the two of them.

 ”Lisa, what’s wrong!?”

 ”Oh… um, it’s just something in the industry…”

 ”The industry?”

 ”Well, not exactly. It’s a different company, but… well, I was called by someone who’s like a senpai, and we had some work to do at night… I mean, not construction work, but… sorry about that.”

 Senpais? Construction? Being called in at night?

 I heard a little bit about it in the comments section yesterday. Is it the construction happening in Beryl Wonderland?

 I know Emily-san was considering taking up a part-time job because of the hourly pay. I wonder if Lisa also needs money.

 Maybe her dad’s company is going through some tough times or something. With that thought in mind, I gently take Lisa’s hand in mine, wrapping both my hands around it.

 ”Lisa, if you ever need money, just let me know. Your parents are like family to me too, you know.”

 ”Uh, uh, thank you…”

 Wait, what? I tried to be cool, but it only made Lisa feel even more exhausted.

 Kokona and Uruha, who saw the whole thing, start whispering to each other.

 ”That was probably overwhelming for Lisa-chan, who was already working overnight to help Kohina Yukari-san with the Imperial Theater.”

 ”Hehe, Lisa-chan, I’m glad for you.”

 I check with Lisa if she wants to go to the infirmary.

 She said she’s fine, but I remind her not to push herself too hard.

 ”Oh, Shirogane, you came to school.”

 I salute Sugita-sensei with a sharp motion.

 ”Shirogane Aqua, shamefully returning to 2nd Year Class A!”

 ”Haha, what’s that? Stop joking around and take your seat.”

 Ah, this feeling is great.

 Sugita-sensei is the best, always willing to help me without any hassle.

 I won’t introduce Kohina-senpai to her, though. She seems to have a soft spot for people like her and I can see her getting clingy if they meet.

 ”Aqua always looks so happy, right?”


 I call out to Kanon and then take my seat.

 ”Alright, let’s start SHR!”


 School after a long time was honestly fun.

 After finishing the morning classes, I checked the streaming site during lunch break.

 ’Huh!? The layout is messed up!? Seriously, who did the measurements here?!’

 They’re still doing it…

 And it was Kohina-senpai who was doing the measurements there. I’m sure of it because I saw her doing it last night before going to bed.

 I better leave a comment and run…

 ”Lisa-chan, are you okay?”

 ”It might be better for you to rest in the infirmary until the next class.”

 It seems like Lisa has reached her limit.

 I could hear Kokona and Uruha, the two of them worrying about Lisa.

 ”Lisa, let’s go to the infirmary.”


 I picked up Lisa like a princess and took her straight to the infirmary.

 Along the way, the first-year students who saw us were frozen in shock. Ah, it feels nostalgic in a way.

 On the other hand, the second and third-year students, as well as the teachers, were looking at us with warm smiles, as if they were used to it.

 ”Excuse me!”

 Huh? Is the health teacher not here?

 I gently lay Lisa on the bed and cover her with a blanket.

 ”I’ll wake you up around the time afternoon classes start, so go ahead and get some rest, even if it’s just for a little while.”


 I lightly pat Lisa’s body on top of the blanket.

 And then, whether it was because the rhythm felt pleasant or because she had reached her limit of tiredness, Lisa started to make soft sleeping sounds.

 Alright, she should be okay now.

 ”Oh, I wonder if someone is here?”

 I froze upon hearing that voice.


 Invited by that gentle yet sweet voice, I slowly turn around.

 ”Oh… you’re Shirogane-kun.”

 I freeze as I look at her face.

 There’s no mistaking it. She is the exact same person I know, no, the person I know very well.

 She does not have her gender reversed like Akiko, nor does she become younger like Hisui-chan.

 She stands there in the same form as when I first awakened to the concept of gender.

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Nemoto Neneka, filling in for Yamanobe-sensei while she’s on leave.”

 ”The… health teacher?”

 I remember once trying to find Nene just in case.

 But the orphanage where I first met her doesn’t exist in this world, and her name doesn’t come up online either, so I couldn’t find any trace of her.

 ”Yes! It’s only until Yamanobe-sensei returns, but I became the health teacher at Otomezaki starting this April. Nice to meet you, Shirogane-kun.”

 I freeze as I watch Neenee moving in front of me.

 When I was at the orphanage, she was always kind to me.

 She was the reason I started liking older women, liking women with big breasts, and awakening to my s*xuality.

 Who would have imagined that I would reunite with Nene in this way? I was at a loss for what to do.

 ”Um, by the way, about that child…”

 ”Oh, sorry. I was lost in thought.”

 I explained to Neenee, that Lisa was sleep-deprived and not feeling well, so I let her rest here.

 ”I see. So you brought her all the way here. Thank you. But, you know, when something like this happens, you can call sensei, okay? If you try to do everything on your own, Shirogane-kun will end up shouldering all the burden. Alright?”

 While gently admonishing me like this, it really felt like that time all over again.



 ”I want you to call me Aqua.”

 Just like back then…

 Wait, what am I saying? I am!

 The moment I tried to dismiss it, Neenee smiled at me with a kind face.

 ”I see. Kanon-san is also a Shirogane, so it can get confusing, right? Well then, nice to meet you again. Aqua-kun.”

 Ah…it’s really just like it was back then.

 Even though I have reincarnated into this world as an adult, I still remember that time vividly.

 You in this world probably don’t remember, but when I was in elementary school, your sweet whispers when we took a bath together made me realize that you were a woman for the first time. That night, I made you my “material” for the first time.

 ”Yes, thank you. Neenee-sensei.”

 ”Huh? Aqua-kun, did you know that everyone was calling me Neenee?”

 ”No, somehow.”

 Yes, somehow.

 There’s nothing important about it now, but I pulled myself together and talked to Lisa for a while while she was sleeping.

 ”Washimiya-san, are you okay?”

 ”Y-Yes! Sorry for the inconvenience.”

 Hmm, it looks like Lisa’s health has improved a little.

 I’ll keep an eye on her this afternoon, and if it looks bad, I’ll ask Kanon to take her home.

 The two others, including Lisa, plan to get married in the future with me, but for now we have decided that we want to enjoy our relationship, so they are all still living at their parents’ house. But they should be able to stay the night here once in a while.

 I also enjoy being with Lisa, Kokona, and Uruha.

 ”Neenee-sensei, thanks for everything!”

 ”Hehe, Aqua-kun, don’t push yourself when you’re not feeling well, okay?”


 Seeing Neenee-sensei’s face, a smile naturally spreads across my own. Thank you, God. I was really happy because I thought I would never see my first love, Neenee-sensei, again. But that’s all in a past life. It doesn’t really matter. The Neenee-sensei I see now has a happy expression. That’s all I need.

 To attend the afternoon classes, I left the infirmary with Lisa.

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