Male Idol V13c14

Volume 13 Chapter 14 Character Introduction, III

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

As before, a little bit of the future is written here
If you don’t like even the slightest spoiler, please skip this page

Shirogane Aqua
Main character 15 years old → 16 years old / December 7th Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 1st year → 2nd year Class A 180cm (5’9ft) → 182cm (5’97ft)
He is is affiliated with Beryl Entertainment and is also the goodwill ambassador for Udon noodles. He was the former representative of the Republic of Great Udon
The comedian Shirokane Aqua-san and the Aqua-oneesama who drives many people crazy are the same person
He is also work as a Vtuber under the name Hoshimizu Shiro
According to the famous actress Kohina Yukari, who plays the role of the hero who saves the world, Beryl is the source of all the trouble
In terms of fanbase, they are known as the Shirogane family. They took the liberty of making their last name Shirogane and treat Aqua as if they were his wife, mother, big sister, and little sister. In other words, he has quite a handful of troublesome fans, and the leader of those fans is Kanon
Spouse: Kanon, Yui, Kotono, Ai, and Kaede
Fiancée: Washimiya Lisa, Kurogami Uruha, Kurumi Kokona, Natalia?
Parents: Shirogane Marin, Shirogane/Yukishiro Mikuni
Sisters: Big sister/Shirogane Shitori, Little sister/Shirogane Lapis
Relatives: Yukishiro Emily, Grandmother-in-law/Mary, Sister-in-law/Victoria
Mother-in-law/Furia, Father-in-law/Hercules, Sister-in-law/Hermie
Half-sister/Lazuli, Lazuli’s mother/Renata
Mentor: Kohina Yukari
Best friends: Mayuzumi Shintaro, Nekoyama Toa, Tenga Akira
Juniors: Akami Hajime, Yamada Maruo, Kokuchō Kujaku
Servants: Kazami Rin, Sabato Mikoto, Asumi Runa, Kagari Rinon
Lover?: Kokucho Agewa
Manager: Atori Ako
Nekoyama Toa
Classmates 15 years old → 16 years old / April 16th Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 1st year → 2nd year Class A 154cm (5ft)
He belongs to Class A and is also active as the Vtuber Oumi Tama. He is also a composer
He has a certain gender. He generally likes wearing girl’s clothes and loves cute things
He sometimes holds small girls’ nights out with the girls in his class
Among the members of BERYL, he is the second best at singing and dancing after Aqua. He is also a skilled actor and is the type of person who can do it well
His fan name is Nekomin. However, he has many dangerous fans who are self-proclaimed gentlemen and self-proclaimed ladies who have been poisoned by Akuto Aya Aqua. The first among them is Nyankoski
Mother: Nekoyama Kanata
Sister: Nekoyama Subaru
Best friend: Mayuzumi Shintaro
Senpai: Tenga Akira
Manager: Kirika Kotono→Fujibayashi Misono
? ? ? : Shirogane Aqua
Mayuzumi Shintaro
Classmate 15 → 16 years old / August 1st Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 1st year → 2nd year Class A 180 cm (5’9ft)
He is a member of Beryl and also works as a Vtuber under the name Mameda. Mayuzumi is not only a songwriter, but also a translator of Shirogane Aqua’s language
According to a famous actress, Mayuzumi is the one who spoils Aqua the most, even more than the president, his wife, his mother, and Toa-chan
Mayuzumi’s popularity is gradually growing as people are drawn to his relatable and down-to-earth personality, as well as his journey of growth from zero
He no longer wants to be known as the guy with glasses, as Aqua says he is someone who gives his all when he needs to
His fans are called “Mayura” and “Mayurist.” While most fans refer to themselves as “Mayura,” the core fans who have supported him from the beginning identify themselves as “Mayurist.”
Mother: Mayuzumi Kiyoko
Relatives: Kokucho Agewa, Kokuchō Kujaku
Best friends: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa
Senpai: Tenga Akira
Manager: Hanabusa Kaoruko
Lover? : Awashima Chigiri
Tenga Akira
Senpai 19 → 20 years old / February 19th National Akamon University 2nd year → 3rd year Science 1st class 191cm (6,2ft)
He belongs to Beryl and is also active as Vtuber Oshiritari Mitsu. Additionally, he is also a composer
Akira’s dream for the future is to be an action star and rock’n’roller
Initially, he had a slender build, but he worked on body modification and transformed into a muscular body
His hairstyle hides one eye, but he ties it back when he sings
His fan name is TENGA Zoku, and although he looks like a fucking avant-garde guy, he is actually a very kind person
Spouse: Tenga/Sakuraba Haruka
Mother: Tenga Yumeko
Juniors: Shirogane Aqua, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Nekoyama Toa
Mentor: Iwanari Nico
Manager: Kaito Miyuri
Verification Team
Shirogane Kanon/Kanon Stars Goshenite
Legal wife 16 years old/September 18th Mary Jogakuin High School → Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 1st year → 2nd year Class A 158cm (5’18ft)
She is a stunning beauty with long golden hair, deep blue eyes, and a perfect figure, ranging from a D to E cup
On bulletin boards, she goes by the name “Shumi,” a nickname derived from her love for all things girly. As a member of the Verification Team with the username *010meTA473, she is actively involved in various activities. However, her real name is Shirogane Kanon
As the head of the Shirogane Foundation, Kanon is responsible for managing everything related to Shirogane Aqua
Her catchphrase is “Shumi-chan dai shouri,” which translates to “Shumi-chan’s great victory,” followed by her signature “Shumi○ne.”
While she may seem like a perfect princess, whenever Aqua is involved, she becomes a bit of a klutz. Ever since getting married, she has been constantly affected by the “klutz debuff.” Hence, she is affectionately referred to as “Ponnamisan.” It was through this connection that she became an ambassador of goodwill for Ponkan. It’s all so puzzling!
Currently, Kanon is pregnant and expecting twins, a boy and a girl
It seems that States is attempting to establish contact with Shirogane Aqua as a breakthrough point..
Spouse: Shirogane Aqua
Best Friends: Yukishiro Emily, Kirika Kotono, Morikawa Kaede
Marriage Companions: Yui, Ai
Parents: Mother/Furia, Father/Hercules
Siblings: Big Sister/Victoria, Little Sister/Hermie
Grandmother: Mary
Relatives: Cousin/Natalia, Natalia’s Mother/Patricia
Mother-in-law: Shirogane Marin, Yukishiro Mikuni
Sister-in-law: Shirogane Shitori, Shirogane Lapis
Head Maid: Pegonia
Servants: Kazami Rin, Sabato Mikoto, Asumi Runa, Kagari Rinon
Classmates: Tsukimachi Ayana, Chihiro Claire, Washimiya Lisa, Kurogami Uruha, Kurumi Kokona, and others
Yukishiro Emily/Saint Emily
18 → 19 years old / May 4th, 1st → 2nd year of Mary Girls University, height 158cm (5’18ft)
She is active on the bulletin board as Mast***ion Hagetoru, Verification Team *07218KADO6, and is commonly known as Hagetoru
She usually has black hair, and when she was a saint, she was a beautiful woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and an F cup, the s*xiest figure
She is sometimes a saint of the Holy Aqua Religion, sometimes a part-time leader and acting manager at Ramen Takeko, a maid to Mary-sama, and also the mysterious underground idol Shiroichigo Koneko
She is probably the only heroine in this world who can save Aqua, who is in a desperate situation. She and along with Kanon, she is another hero to this world
She is the number one woman Aqua wants to become his wife and get pregnant soon. She is planning something at her wedding
Furthermore, the person in charge of educating the child she had with Aqua is the famous actress Kohina Yukari
Spouse: Shirogane Aqua (Future!)
Best Friends: Shirogane Kanon, Kirika Kotono, Morikawa Kaede
Parents: Mother/Yukishiro Noel, Father/Yukishiro Danjou
Relatives: Yukishiro Mikuni
Victims: Chihiro Claire, Sumeragi Kukuri, Kazami Rin, Sabato Mikoto
Shirogane Kaede/Morikawa Kaede
Wife 23 → 24 years old / July 22nd National broadcaster announcer 152cm (4’98ft)
On bulletin boards, she goes by the name Chinposuki and is part of the Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki, where she is known as the “Sommelier.”
She holds the qualification of being a “Chinposuki sommelier,” and while everyone knows it, they keep it a secret
She has chestnut-colored ponytail hair, a C-cup, and a slender figure with beautiful , healthy legs
She received the tribal leader’s proof from the original inhabitants of Stars
She is the founder of the Power Religion and the source of the Hoge-lar Waves
Due to her criminal history, including violations of international seed laws and involvement in a coup d’etat, she is on the States’ list of dangerous individuals
In the world of “Narou,” she has become a person whose name cannot be spoken. She is also known as Hogekawa, Gorikawa, and Wild Morikawa Kaede
It should be noted that she is currently pregnant with a girl, but she herself is completely unaware. Eventually, someone will notice
Spouse: Shirogane Aqua
Best friends: Kanon Shirogane, Emily Yukishiro, Kotono Kirika
Wife companion: Yui, Ai
Parents: Nyankoski
Senpai: Kyoko Onizuka
Nightmare: Kohina Yukari, Sayamu Inko, Kato Iria, Jou Maron
Shirogane Kotono/Kirika Kotono
Wife 29 → 30 years old / August 26th, Director of Beryl Entertainment, height 176cm (5’77ft)
She is active on bulletin boards as 9n2Nee-san, 9n2-neesan, Verification Team *9n2SARETAi, and her nickname is Nee-san
She was a former manager of the Tenkai Aviation Development Industry Division, changed jobs and became that manager, and was promoted to general manager
She is a G-cup girl with sharp eyes and a firm body overall
In the past, Morikawa-san was the only drinking buddy she had, but over the past year her number of drinking buddies has increased
When she heard the news of the Republic of Great Udon, she panicked and said, “Republic of Great Udon!? What? Why is Aqua-san supposed to be the one to found the country?! Aqua-san must have made a mistake. Isn’t it!?” she shouted
It should be noted that she is currently pregnant with a girl, and the reader can already see her daughter struggling
Spouse: Shirogane Aqua
Best friends: Shirogane Kanon, YukishiroEmily, Morikawa Kaede
Drinking companions: Shirogane Yui, Hakuryuu Aiko, Atori Ako, Onidzuka Kyoko
Juniors: Miyuri Kaito, Kaoruko Hanabusa, Aika Kai
Beryl Entertainment
Atori Ako
23 → 24 years old / April 5th Beryl Entertainment President Motofuji Advertising Worker
At first, she was a tired older sister, but now she is able to work normally
She has medium brown natural bob hair and is a D cup
As Beryl’s president, she has sealed off her love for Aqua
After the three of them live together, she shows her natural childish side, pampering Ayana who can do all the household chores
Best friend: Kohina Yukari
? ? ? : Shirogane Aqua
Shirogane Ai/Hakuryuu Aiko/Shirosaki Ai
Wife, XX years old, October 7th. Novelist Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
Her most famous work is “No-Rin,” which has captivated many women
She has long beautiful hair and possesses quite a lot of charm. If she takes care of herself, she can be quite beautiful
She and Aqua are always together, but they decided to live separately because they couldn’t relax when they were together.Currently, they are trying to conceive a baby
Spouse: Shirogane Aqua
Wife Companions: Kanon, Kotono, Yui, Kaede
Followers: Mary, Fuji Ranko, Morinaga Megumi, and many others
Hongou Hiroko
27 to 28 years old, a director of dramas and movies
Her most acclaimed work is “Heaven’s Sword,” and she became the youngest director to win a drama award
She is usually seen wearing slippers and a tracksuit, with her hair tied up in a pineapple shape using a hairband, and she holds a rolled-up script like a megaphone
MojaP/Kobayashi Daigo
Mustache Moja’s talented music producer
He is Tenga-senpai’s trusted advisor and is like a father figure to everyone
He originally ran his own studio
Nobu/Oda Nobuhisa
Beryl’s exclusive photographer
He is someone Aqua can rely on and is like a big brother to him
It all starts with a photo of this person, who takes a miraculous photo
John Slimane
A designer of Corolle
He is working hard with his buddy Chris
He also provides art direction and costume ideas for Beryl
Iwanari Nico
Tenga Akira exclusive trainer
Former suit actor
He has an only daughter
Sabato Koyomi
26→27 years old Beryl Entertainment Auditor
She was previously the head of server management at Beryl Entertainment and a former head of Polaris Network
She is a genius who created a high-performance server, and she was actually the one who created the Emilian in the extra edition
Sister: Sabato Miyako, Sabato Mikoto
? ? ? : Shirogane Aqua
Fuji Ranko
64 years old woman and holds a position as a director at Beryl Entertainment
She is also the chairman of the Fuji Zaibatsu, a powerful business conglomerate
Ranko plays a behind-the-scenes role in supporting both Beryl Entertainment and the Holy Aqua Religion
Big sister: Fuji Shion
Relatives: Fujibayashi Misono
Morinaga Megumi
53 years old and serves as a director at Beryl Entertainment
She is also the president of the Morinaga Group
There are two people inside Merry-san, and the other one is Chachamaru
Shirogane Mary/Mary Stars Goshenite
A 66 years old woman and serves as an outside director at Beryl Entertainment
She used to be the queen of the Stars and is now the honorary president of the Holy Mary Foundation
When Stars disappeared, the royal family was gone, so Mary took the opportunity to legally change her last name to Shirogane by blending into the Shirogane family’s register
In her younger days, she was a stunning beauty who transformed Kanon into an adult and made her breasts bigger
Interestingly, in the main story, it is said that Mary became pregnant and gave birth while still being a virgin, according to the Stars Orthodox Church. However, the father’s identity remains a mystery and will forever be unknown
Daughter: Furia
Grandchildren: Shirogane Kanon, Victoria, Hermie
Relatives: Patricia, Natalia
Shirogane Marin, Shirogane Shitori, Shirogane Lapis, Yukishiro Mikuni
? ? ? : Shirogane Aqua
26-year-old executive director at Beryl Entertainment
She is also the representative of the Arabian Peninsula Joint Oil Development Agency
She has an account called “Abradevich.”
Sister: Shams, Finus
Arisugawa Abigail
A 28-year-old auditor at Beryl Entertainment
She used to be the head of the Human Resources Department and a director at STAR LIGHTS PARTNER
Bannai Fumi
A 28-year-old Representative Director and vice president at Beryl Entertainment
She used to be the president of Emily Capital Investments
Despite being very capable, she is a regular follower of the Holy Aqua Religion
Tanukihara Tsunemi
32 years old Beryl Entertainment Director
She is a former head of the accounting department and a former head of Kokucho Financial Group
He has a bad relationship with his subordinates and serves as Beryl’s safekeeper. He is also a Seijo Energy enthusiast
Tokumoto Kaori
32 years old Beryl Entertainment Director
Former sales department manager and former Kokucho Financial Group manager
She has a bad relationship with her boss and serves as Beryl’s gun. She is also a Saint Energy enthusiast
Machimura Aoi
27 years old Beryl Entertainment external auditor
She is also the representative director and CEO of PRiSM agency Co., Ltd
Wachikura Mao
49 years old Beryl Entertainment external auditor
She is also the representative director and CEO of BIRD Leader Co., Ltd
Hanabusa Kaoruko
Mayuzumi Shintaro’s manager
She is serious about her work and wears glasses. She’s looking forward to Mayuzumi’s potential
Kaito Miyuri
Tenga Akira’s manager
She used to be a Yankee, but now she’s a gentle big sister. She was paired with Onidzuka Kyoko
Kai Aika
Maruo and Kujaku’s manager
She used to be a Yankee gal, but she’s the kind of person who can get along with anyone
Affiliated talent
Natsuki Sana
17 years old → 18 years old Private Otomezaki Gakuen University 1st year student 165cm (5’41ft)
She graduated from Otomezaki Private Gakuen High School, and she is a former student council president
Her nickname is Summer King. She is a young lady with black hair and strong eyes, and she had a short cut for the photo shoot. She is a C cup, and she has grown from a beautiful girl to a beautiful woman
She also shows her extraordinary talent as an actor and becomes involved with Yukari Kohinata
Parents: Habu Chiyoko, Natsuki Meika
Friend: Sakura Ui, Asumi Runa
Juniors: Natalia Rosenesta, Chihiro Claire and other student council members
Inori Hisui/Myojo Lily
14 years old → 15 years old Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 1st year student 153cm (5’01ft)
She is from Amami Oshima, and she graduated from Amami Prefectural Junior High School. She had an illness, but due to her early detection, she made a full recovery
She is a girl with a ponytail, a big smile and a healthy body. Also, she is an E cup and a beautiful girl
She is known as the prototype of the idol Shirogane Aqua
Friend: All humanity is a friend
Classmates: Sumeragi Kukuri, Oto Rurika, Kato Iria?
? ? ? : Shirogane Aqua
Lazuli Hauyne Noselite
13 years old → 14 years old streamer 150cm (4’92ft)
She looks a lot like Lapis. She is an A cup and a beautiful girl
She is known for always being on fire. Her motto is “A woman who can’t cook has no value.”
She tried to disguise her extreme shyness, but that was discovered and she couldn’t do it anymore
She has little ability to make a living, and Lazu-sama considers her listeners to be friends, but the listeners call themselves her servants. In other words, she didn’t have any friends to begin with
She is one of the Bocchi (loner) Four Heavenly Kings: Kohina Yukari, Sumeragi Kukuri, Lazuli, and Tsukasa Kei
There are only ○○ days left until these four girls admire glittering girls and hold a Despair Catastrophe Girls’ Party
Mother: Shirogane Marin, Renata
Relatives: Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Lapis
Shirogane Shitori, Yukishiro Mikuni
Akami Hajime
13→14 years old 2nd→3rd year middle school voice actor
He continue to keep in touch with Miyajima Yurika-san, whom he helped at that time
He promised Miyajima-san that he would go to Otomezaki with her
And someday, when he become a strong man who can protect Miyajima-san, he plan to confess his feelings
To that end, he’s participating in Tenga-senpai’s physical fitness training program with Yamada
He is talented as a voice actor and is also eager to learn, so his senpais in the field seem to love him
Admires: Shirogane Aqua
Senpais: Tenga Akira, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro
Classmates: Yamada Maruo, Kokuchō Kujaku
Likes: Miyajima Yurika
Tomoe Setsuna
23-year-old singer who is 171cm (5’61ft) tall
Formerly working at Fuji Department Store, I-cup, long black haired, naughty older sister
Amamiya Kotori
18 years old, leader of the next idol group, center 159cm (5’2ft)
She graduated from Akita Prefectural Agricultural High School. Her face, voice and gestures are very cute, and she herself has a C cup bust
Relatives: Tenga Akira, Amakusa Shikimi, Atori Ako
Uryuu Anko
21 year old Beryl Land’s exclusive stage actress 161 cm (5’28ft)
She used to work at Teito Hotel Hakata, but she is currently training at a theater company. Her introduction was made by Kohina Yukari. She has an E cup bust
Milk Dipper
Shirogane Lapis
Sister 13 → 14 years old / March 24th Private St. Clarice Girls Junior High School 2nd → 3rd grade 149cm (4’8ft)
She has platinum blonde hair and odd green and indigo eyes. She has an A cup bust and can be called a beautiful girl
Although she is not as high spec as her brother, she is very talented as a talent
She is the type who is loved by everyone around her, just like Kanon. Her cuteness is justice
Siblings: Big brother/Shirogane Aqua, big sister/Shirogane Shitori, half-sister/Lazuli
Parents: Shirogane Marin, Renata, step-mother/Yukishiro Mikuni
Best friends: Nekoyama Subaru, Sabato Miyako
Sister-in-law: Kanon
Sumeragi Kukuri
14 → 15 years old / December 4th 3rd year junior high school student at National Hinomoto Girls’ School → 1st year student at Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 154 cm (5ft)
One of the Twelve Bishops and also one of the real operators. She represents the Emperor Sumeragi Group
She has beautiful black hair and switches between a normal style and twin tails. She’s a B-cup and a cute girl
She often wears kimonos in public, but usually dresses more edgy
Even though it’s been a week since starting school, she still hasn’t made any friends. Sad face
In an interview, she said, “I thought I’d make friends automatically when I got to high school because I’m not nobility anymore. But that didn’t happen.”
This person actually thinks Emily and Aqua, without really thinking about it, are the best. That’s why the country is in chaos!
Mother: Sumeragi Kikuri
Love: Kokucho Agewa, Yukishiro Emily, Shirogane Aqua
Nekoyama Subaru
Toa’s little sister 13 → 14 years old / July 1st Private St. Clarice Girls’ Junior High School 2nd → 3rd grade 151cm (4’95ft)
She looks exactly like Toto, but Subaru has a more winning personality and is a B cup
She became an idol because she admired them, but she’s depressed because there are so many amazing people around her
Beryl is planning to have the other two do something at the event
Brother: Nekoyama Toa
Mother: Nekoyama Kanata
Best friends: Shirogane Lapis, Sabato Miyako
Shirogane Hermie/Hermie Stars Goshenite
Kanon’s little, 10 years old, former Starz royal third daughter, height 143cm (4’69ft)
A live photo of Kanon in her childhood, AA cup, and a beautiful young girl
She senses Mary-sama’s movements intuitively and carefully follows the flow
It seems that Mary’s cunning side has been inherited by her, not Kanon or Victoria
She is good friends with Fi-chan and they share a room
She looks at Yukishiro Emily, and she’s starting to realize that maybe she’s not actually thinking about anything. However, her eyes towards Aqua are cloudy, just like her sister
Sister: Shirogane Kanon, Victoria
Parents: Mother/Furia, Father/Hercules
Grandmother: Mary
Relatives: Natalia, Patricia
Papa: Shirogane Aqua
Guardian: Yukishiro Emily
Manaat’s younger sister, 12 years old, third daughter of the Arabian Peninsula Royal Family, 140cm (4’9ft) tall
Finus was a lively and beautiful girl with a tan complexion and a small AAA cup size
Because Emily is so pure, she respects Emily, who is knowledgeable and can do anything
Despite the grandeur of palace life, Finus found more joy in her current everyday life
Sister: Shams, Manaat
Papa: Shirogane Aqua
Mama: Shirogane Kanon
Guardian: YukishiroEmily
Sabato Miyako
Koyomi’s little sister 13 → 14 years old Private St. Claris Girls’ Junior High School 2nd → 3rd grade 156 cm (5’11ft)
Milk Dipper support member. Girl with glasses, H cup
She plan to become an employee someday
Sisters: Sabato Koyomi, Sabato Mikoto
Best friends: Shirogane Lapis, Nekoyama Subaru
Childhood friends: Nekoyama Toa
Maruo and Kujaku
Yamada Maruo
17 years old Prefectural Seiten High School → Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 3rd year Class A 175cm (5’74ft)
On the male bulletin board, he goes by the alias Shirogane Aqua*aquaaquaaa
Maruo often enjoys teasing his roommate, Kujaku
Currently, he is studying while working as a back dancer for BERYL
Admired person: Shirogane Aqua
Best friend: Kokuchō Kujaku
Friends: Just an old man, Nyankosuki
Senpais: Tenga Akira, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro
Scary person: Kohina Yukari
? ? ? : Kai Aika
Kokuchō Kujaku
18 years old, 186 cm (6’1ft), working part time at Beryl Cafe
Active on the men’s bulletin board as Butterfly Mask*B4T4FLYM4N
Sharing a room with Maruo awakened his Okan (motherly?) attribute
While Maruo is at school, he works at a cafe
Respect: Shirogane Aqua
Best friend: Yamada Maruo
Friends: Tadanojisan, Nyankosuki
Seniors: Tenga Akira, Nekoyama Toa
Mother: Kokucho Agewa
Relatives: Mayuzumi Shintaro
Trust: Kai Aika
kinetik STAR
Hoshikawa Mio
16 years old and is in charge of vocals
She is 155cm (5’08ft) tall, is a former maiko, and has a B cup. Recently, she has dyed her hair silver and is a cool girl
Kirihara Karen
17 years old and plays the guitar
She is a third-year high school student at Mary Private School and is 180cm (5’9ft) tall. She is a D cup and her short cut is beautiful
Senpai: Yukishiro Emily
Nanase Nino
A 16-year-old girl who is good at playing the drums
She is 157cm (5’15ft) tall and is a blonde white gal who speaks the Kansai dialect. She is a second year student at Keiyo National College of Technology, and she has G cup breasts
Acquaintance: / Sayamu Inko
Kouko Tsushima
She is a 19-year-old girl who likes to play the keyboard
She is 168cm (5’51ft) tall and is known as a flashy-eyed young lady. She is a second year student at Ueno National University of Art and has J-cup breasts
Sister: Tsushima Tsukino
Kayano Serika
A 21-year-old girl who is good at playing the bass
She is 167cm (5’47ft) tall and has a cool vibe. She is a fourth year student at Tokyo University of Linguistics and has D cup breasts
Wife/fiancée/mistress etc.
Shirogane Yui/Miyuki Heliodor Yui
A 24-year-old woman who works for the National Confidentiality Bureau’s Health and Safety Division. She is a Shirogane Aqua S*men Extraction Officer
She is 165cm (5’41ft) tall and has strawberry blonde hair tied back and blue eyes
She has an expressionless face and has a bust size beyond explosive proportions, I-cup
She currently serves as the director of the Shirogane Aqua Sperm Management Organization located in the bas*ment of the Hoge-lar Wave Research Institute
She has become an independent agency through the efforts of Prime Minister Habu and Amakusa Shikimi, and Kuga Rihito
Therefore, she does not face any pressure from the government
Her recent concern is that Aqua wastes sp*rm on tissues
Wife-mates: Kanon, Kotono, Ai, Kaede
Former boss: Amakusa Shikimi
Kurumi Kokona
16→17 years old Private Otomezaki Academy 1st→2nd year Class A Height 152cm (4’98ft)
Kurumi-chan is a cute freckled girl who belongs to the home economics club
Now she is not only working hard to build up her physical strength, but also doing all the household chores
Her dream for the future is to become a normal girl and get married
Best friends: Washimiya Lisa, Kurogami Uruha
Classmates: Chihiro Claire, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro and others
Washimiya Lisa
15→16 years old Private Otomezaki Academy 1st→2nd year Class A Height 163cm (5’34ft)
Lisa-chan is a member of the drama club and has the look of a villainess, with her blonde hair in vertical curls
She is the Vtuber December Hizume Sayaka, but she is just Washimiya Lisa and aspires to work in musicals
Best friends: Kurogami Uruha, Kurumi Kokona
Classmates: ChihiroClaire, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro and others
Kurogami Uruha
15→16 years old Private Otomezaki Gakuen 1st→2nd grade Group A Height: 158cm (5’18ft)
She’s the head of the tea ceremony club and has a surprising, mature charm that you wouldn’t expect from a girl her age
Despite her appearance, she’s just a normal girl on the inside. She’s working hard in school because she wants to get a job that will support Aqua after she graduates
Best friend: Kurumi Kokona, Washimiya Lisa
Classmates: ChihiroClaire, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro and others
Relatives: Mayuzumi Shintaro, MayuzumiKiyoko, Kokucho Agewa, Kokuchō Kujaku
Kokucho Agewa
A 32-year-old woman who is the leader of the Kaishinto Party and later the Holy Maiden Party
She is described as a beautiful lady with a cool demeanor and a voluptuous figure
She is also known by her online username, “8SHiNAiTAi,” where she actively participates on discussion boards
One day, she is informed about the truth behind the Holy Aqua Religion by a certain person, which leads her to make a comeback in the political world for the sake of Yukishiro Emily
After a certain incident, she reconciles with her friends, Amakusa Shikimi and the Kuga siblings, and they become close friends once again
In her apartment, Kokucho takes care of everyone and her daily routine includes cleaning the road in front of her house
Benefactor: Shirogane Aqua, Yukishiro Emily, Sumeragi Kukuri
Son: Kokuchō Kujaku
Relatives: Mayuzumi Shintaro, Mayuzumi Kiyoko, Kurogami Uruha
Comrade: Habu Chiyoko
Friends: Amakusa Shikimi, Kuga Rito, Kuga Reira
Seniors: Yukishiro Noel, Fuji Shion
eau de Cologne/Eau de Cologne
Tsukimachi Ayana
15-16 years old, enrolled in Class 1-2 A of private Otomezaki Academy on May 30th, and is the center of the idol group eau de Cologne with a height of 160 cm (5’24ft)
She is known as an orthodox beautiful girl with long glossy black hair, a well-shaped face, a slender body, and C-cup breasts
She won the Best Supporting Actress award and is a rising star as an actress, but she is afraid of Aqua who is ahead of her and the new generation of idols who are approaching from behind
Even as idols, strong rivals such as Milk Dipper and Inori Hisui have emerged, and the female idol groups are headed for a three-way battle including Fairies
Special: Shirogane Aqua
Mentor: Kohina Yukari
Friends: Shirogane Kanon, Chihiro Claire, Kurumi Kokona, Washimiya Lisa, Kurogami Uruha
Comrades: Jou Maron, Kurushima Fran, Kato Iria
Jou Maron
The 24-year-old captain with a charming smile and a decent amount of wealth
She wishes for Ayana to be happy
Maron is like a big sister to everyone, with a domestic side
However, when she gets drunk, she becomes a kissing maniac. Her recent worry is keeping Ayana and Fran, who are attractive even as solo artists, in the group
She is one of the members of the “Nightmare Generation”. She usually acts like a Buddha, but even Kohina Yukari kneels when she gets angry. In fact, she can easily manipulate Aqua
Comrades: ATsukimachi Ayana, Kurushima Fran, Kato Iria
Nightmare: Kohina Yukari, Morikawa Kaede, Sayamu Inko
Kurushima Fran
The 12-year-old future ace who is a good kid, even with her tomboy style
She joined eau de Cologne because she admires Ayana
Like Ayana, she has the talent to go solo. She is being taken care of at Maron’s house. Maron, who never stops working hard, is respected by Fran as a person
When she appeared on the Milk Dipper and music program, she exchanged contact information with Fi-chan and Haa-chan
She used to call Kato Iria “auntie,” which froze everyone around her, but that was the catalyst for them becoming close friends
Respect: Tsukimachi Ayana, Jou Maron
Friends?: Finus, Hermie
Kohina Yukari
23→24 years old / December 17th
She’s a famous actress at Beyond Production
She’s also known as Koguma-senpai, Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, Wild Kohina Yukari, and more
She’s the best actress in Japan right now!
Surprisingly, she spoils Aqua even more than Mayuzumi does
She’s a genius who works even harder than other geniuses. She believes she’s still in a growth phase, not a finished product
She’s small and looks young, so she thought she couldn’t make it big overseas. But now, she’s determined to become the best in the world for Aqua and Ayana
Love: Atori Ako
Cute: Tsukimachi Ayana, Shirogane Kanon, Shirogane Lapis, Nekoyama Toa
Good: Natsuki Sana, Awashima Chigiri, Kanade Ichika, Ayafuji Midori, Hermie
Cheer for: Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira
Take down: Yukishiro Mikuni, Kuga Reira, Mutsumiya Seijuu, anyone with the title of actor/actress
Scary: Kirika Kotono
Nemesis: Cats/Shirogane Shiro
Nightmare: Sayamu Inko, Kato Iria, Jou Maron
Silly: Yukishiro Emily, Morikawa Kaede, Habu Chiyoko, President of Beyond Production
Silly-head: Shirogane Aqua
Shirogane Mikuni/Yukishiro Mikuni
Aqua’s parent Mishu
She possesses unquestionable talent and is considered the best in the world
However, her overpowering presence and protagonist bias tend to turn every film into a movie solely for Yukishiro Mikuni
The screenplay, director, and other actors are merely options to highlight her overwhelming talent
She stands in stark contrast to Kohina Yukari, who has surpassed even Yukishiro Mikuni herself, causing a mutual synergistic enhancement with those around her
Losing to Kohina Yukari becomes the catalyst for Mikuni to strive for new growth as a genius
Spouse: Shirogane Marin
Children: Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Shitori, Shirogane Lapis
Friend: Renata
Relatives: Yukishiro family, Miyuki family, Lazuli
Nemesis: Kohina Yukari
Kuga Reira
Kuga Rihito’s younger sister 27 years old 178cm (5’83ft)
She possesses looks, physique, and height that rival those of Hollywood and Stars’ actresses. Not only does she have the perfect package, but her natural talent allows her to excel in acting and even perform action scenes
She became a successful actress, destined for stardom, without enduring any hardships. Reira quickly soared to fame and made a name for herself worldwide
Despite her admiration for Yukishiro Mikuni, she only recognized Kohina Yukari as her true rival recently, prompting her to question what it truly means to be an actress
Brother: Kuga Rihito
Sister-in-law: Amakusa Shikimi
? ? ? : Yukishiro Mikuni, Kohina Yukari
Kobayakawa Yuki
She is a promising young actress known for her action skills
Although she didn’t have high expectations for male actors, her perception changed when she co-starred as Night Shadow Misa in “Heaven’s Sword.”
Unlike Night Shadow, who appears cool and talkative, Yuki herself is a character who doesn’t speak much in her daily life. She also happens to be a big eater
Interestingly, she is a fan of Morikawa Kaede
Awashima Chigiri
A young actress who has received high praise from colleagues like Kohina Yukari and Mutsumiya Seijuu
While Mayuzumi has a preference for small breasts, she herself possesses a decent size. She also has long legs and a model-like figure
Sometimes she plays cool characters, but she also takes on roles of flawed characters, earning the nickname “Dameshima-san” among fans when playing such roles
Her closeness to Mayuzumi began when she co-starred as Tora-uma in the drama “Heaven’s Sword.”
However, of all people, she confides her feelings for Mayuzumi to someone like Aqua, who is a bit of a scatterbrain. Why didn’t she choose Tenga-senpai or Toa-chan instead?
? ? ? : Mayuzumi Shintaro
Abe Akiko
She’s 57→58 years old
Known for having the lightest HP in Japan
In Heaven’s Sword, she played the role of Commander Tajima
Mutsumiya Seijuu
The Empress
She has a wide range of acting abilities, from lead roles to supporting roles and even making cameo appearances
Because Yukishiro Mikuni and Kuga Reira went abroad quickly, she has been the top actress in Japan for a long time
With Hara o Kiru (Commit Seppuku), many actresses gave up on trying to defeat Yukishiro Mikuni and Kuga Reira, but she was convinced by Kohina Yukari’s words that we would defeat them together, and I decided to participate
She loves to provoke Kohina Yukari and take the upper hand
Recently, she has been enjoying nurturing Mayuzumi Shintaro and Awashima Chigiri. She also thinks highly of Shirogane Aqua and Yukishiro Emily, with whom she has co-starred. However, as an individual actress, she realizes that she dislikes the talent that seems to be inherited from the Yukishiro family, where just standing still is picturesque, but it becomes even more artistic when she moves
Comrades: Kohina Yukari
Cute: Mayuzumi Shintaro, Awashima Chigiri
Kanade Ichika
After her appearance in “Heaven’s Sword,” she showcased remarkable acting skills even as an onmyoji
It seems like she has a knack for attracting good opportunities and is steadily climbing up the ladder of success
Ayafuji Midori
One of the rising young actresses to watch out for
When she debuted in “Hana-ata,” she flawlessly portrayed the then-unknown Shirogane Aqua
Her determination and perseverance during that time were highly praised, leading to her being in high demand for various projects
Sakuraba Shii
Recipient of the Kohina Yukari Award and now a member of the Beyond Production talent agency
She is a versatile and quick learner. She fondly refers to Aqua and Kanon as her “mommy” and “daddy,” respectively
Mother: Sakuraba Nodoka
Mentor?: Kohina Yukari
Kamonohashi Kazuhi
A cool middle-aged man with a bald head
Though he had talent, he had given up halfway due to his weak physical condition
However, when he saw Shirogane Aqua’s performance, something inside him ignited
For Kazuhi, Shirogane Aqua is not just an idol or someone he admires, but a spark that motivates him
For his own sake, and for the future actors, he joins Tsuwabuki’s ambitious plan to create an unprecedented historical masterpiece of male actors
Spark: Shirogane Aqua
Accomplice: Tsuwabuki Hiromasa
Tsuwabuki Hiromasa
He realizes what it truly means to be an actor after seeing Aqua’s performance
He originally played the role of a handsome actor, but he awakened as a versatile actor
While he excels in comedic characters, he actively expands his skills by taking on various roles
He is also secretly working on a plan to create a film starring Aqua and other male actors, dedicated to all the cool men out there
Admiration: Shirogane Aqua
Accomplice: Kamonohashi Kazushi
Charles Henderson
Nickname is Charlie14 → 15 years old, 175cm (5’74ft)
Beautiful blonde hair with a loose perm and clear blue eyes
His face is cool, but if anything, he has a cute and childish feel to her
Admiration: Shirogane Aqua
Work Friend
Sayamu Inko/Himachi Sumire
23→24 years old Vtuber affiliated with Catastrophe operated by BIRD Leader Co., Ltd
She used to live in Kansai, but she moved to Tokyo to distribute otome games and is under house arrest in her office.However, it seems she can go out
She is the only one who can clear the demo version of the otome game, which has the highest difficulty level, except for the Verification Team
Her hair is green to match her character. Sayamu Inko also has big breasts, but the one inside her is huge. She seems like a beautiful girl when she’s silent
Wild: Kohina Yukari
Wild: Morikawa Kaede
Maiden: Shirogane Aqua
Nightmare: Kato Iria, Jou Maron
Kato Iria
An eternal high school idol, turning 23 to 24 years old at Otomezaki Academy, in the first year of Class A
She dropped out of St. Claris, Mary Girls’ Academy, and Hinomoto Girls’ School
She has a mysterious contract with sponsors that stops her from aging
Surprisingly, she’s also into kickboxing and follows the teachings of Powerism
She’s part of the “Nightmare Generation” along with Kohina Yukari, Morikawa Kaede, Sayamu Inko, and Jou Maron
Comrades: Tsukimachi Ayana, Jou Maron, all idols
Nightmare: Kohina Yukari, Morikawa Kaede, Sayamu Inko, Jou Maron
Nanama Yachiyo
She is the owner of Cafe Tomaligi
She helped in devising the menu for Beryl Cafe
Actually, Aqua sometimes comes to help too
Also, at Cafe Tomarigi, she preferentially hire women with large breasts so that Aqua can come anytime
Chacha Maru
She is one of the members of Merry-san who co-stars in the commercial
She used to work part-time, but she got a job in order to become Merry-san
An ordinary girl could not withstand the attacks of Shirogane Aqua, who has a lot of skinship even in her costume
She even wears costumes in everyday life. Because of this, she was photographed and the incident was spread online
Matsumoto Takako
She is a crutch department manager who works at Asahi TV
She shows her passion at the production site of Heaven’s Sword
She is also involved in the production of She Resolved Night Counseling, and she likes hot programs and human interest programs
Her policy is to create programs that make viewers smile at the end
Saijo Shiori
She co-starred with voice actor Aqua in the anime [Zandam]
Mizumori Mimori
She co-starred with voice actor Aqua in the anime [Zandam]
Euris Cato
An EPEX pro gamer
John’s partner
trash punks
A world-famous duo DJ
Erica Vermillion
She is a world-class opera singer
Renilla Barnes
He is a world-class conductor
Aria Catalini
She is a world-famous soprano singer
She is a woman in her early 20s and serves as the exclusive maid for Shirogane Kanon
She used to be a member of the Stars Foreign Mercenary Corps and has known Rinon since then
She always hides her artificial eyes. She has a very large bust and is quite attractive
She is actually pregnant with her daughter, but she keeps it a secret to avoid worrying others
Despite being pregnant, she continues to work as Kanon’s maid and aims to return to work as soon as possible. She is an extraordinary person
Miss: Shirogane Kanon
Master: Shirogane Aqua
Mentor: Akiko
Former Partner: Kagari Rinon
Colleague: Miyamochi Tamamo
Subordinates: Asumi Runa, Kazami Rin, Sabato Mikoto
Gratitude to: Yukishiro Emily, Morikawa Kaede, Kirika Kotono
Sabato Mikoto/Ultimate High Performance Server
An independent AI that embodies the pinnacle of Japanese technology
She is active on forums under the aliases 774 *Hi-P3erver and 3510*ULTi-Hi-P3
In her visual appearance, she embodies the likeness of Sabato-nee, resembling a beautiful girl in her late teens, using a variety of cutting-edge technologies
She serves as one of the twelve bishops and the administrator in the Holy Aqua Religion
Sister: Sabato Koyomi, Sabato Miyako
Master: Shirogane Aqua, YukishiroEmily
Boss: Pegonia, Shirogane Kanon, Chihiro Claire
Colleagues: Asumi Runa, Kazami Rin, Kagari Rinon
Asumi Runa
A former student of Otomezaki High School, where she served as the Student Disciplinary Committee leader
Now 17 years old, she has recently turned 18
Her hobbies include sleeping, and she has a unique talent for it too. However, despite her love for sleep, she hasn’t grown much in height
Instead of pursuing further education at a university, she decided to become a maid in the Shirogane household
While she is strong among ordinary people, she finds herself surrounded by extraordinary individuals, almost like monsters (bakemono)
Friend: Natsuki Sana, Sakura Ui
Host: Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Kanon
Boss: Pegonia
Colleagues: Sabato Mikoto, Kazami Rin, Kagari Rinon
Kazami Rin
A female college student attending Merry Women’s University. She is one of the Twelve Bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion and is also known as the Kunoichi. She also has another name: Kunoichi
She was the strongest ninja, but her ninja village didn’t sell popcorn or pancakes, so she decided to quit being a ninja
If she quit being a ninja, she would be disposed of or brought back according to the ironclad rules of her village, but since no one can defeat her, she is left alone
Although her power is not very strong, her explosive strength exceeds the human limit. And she has a way of killing people with precision. According to Pegonia, she is definitely the strongest he has ever met
God: Shirogane Aqua
Saint: Yukishiro Emily
Friend: Chihiro Claire
Boss: Pegonia
Colleagues: Sabato Mikoto, Asumi Runa, Kagari Rinon
Kagari Rinon/Rinon Sarges
A former member of the Stars foreign mercenary unit. She is also one of the twelve bishops of the Holy Aqua religion and works as an observer. She is over 190cm (6’23ft) tall and has a complex about her plump thighs and big butt
Her favorite fighting style is long-range sniping, but she is also adept at close-range combat
Furthermore, she doesn’t seem to have any experience of killing anyone. There is also a touching story about how Pegonia kept her away from such missions
God: Shirogane Aqua
Saint: Yukishiro Emily
Bishop: Chihiro Claire
Mentor: Akiko
Former Partner: Pegonia
Colleagues: Sabato Mikoto, Asumi Runa, Kazami Rin
Miyamochi Tamamo
She used to be Shirogane Kanon’s personal physician, but now works as the exclusive doctor for the Shirogane family
She’s one of the most rational people in the story, suggesting that Kanon, who has become a superfan of Aqua, should have her brain examined
She’s also one of the most sympathetic characters in the story, especially after Yukishiro Emily and Morikawa Kaede got married to Aqua, as she has to take care of their medical check-ups
She often talks with Yui-san due to her position, and was amazed by the data she produced during Shirogane Aqua’s medical examination
Employer: Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Kanon
Private Otomezaki Academy personnel
Sugita Mari
27 → 28 years old, homeroom teacher for 1st → 2nd grade Class A at Otomezaki Gakuen Private High School, height 170cm (5’57ft)
She is an adult woman with a short cut and a refreshing atmosphere
The Holy Aqua Religion tried to recruit her, but she was not moved at all
Although she likes Aqua, she keeps her distance as her teacher’s moderation
She is respected by many girls for her calm demeanor even though she is in her position alongside Atori Ako
Students: Toa Nekoyama, Shintaro Mayuzumi, Kanon Shirokane, Ayana Tsukimachi and other Class A students
Problem Child: Shirogane Aqua
Natalia Rosenesta
Natalie 16 → 17 years old, student council president of Private Otomezaki Gakuen High School 2nd → 3rd grade Class A
She is a beautiful woman with a firm and slender body and ample breasts
She was once a Starz noble, but her entire kingdom was destroyed by Aqua
She reports to Kanon that she had a relationship with Aqua, and consults her regarding her subsequent relationship
Best Friend: Shirogane Kanon
Mother: Patricia
Relatives: Stars Royal Family
Like: Shirogane Aqua
Friend: Chihiro Claire
Respect: Natsuki Sana
Student Council: Sakura Ui, Asumi Runa
Chihiro Claire
A 15-year-old student at Otomezaki Private High School, is now 16 and in her second year of Class A. She also holds the position of Vice President in the Student Council
Being half-Stars, Chihiro spent her middle school years studying abroad on Stars, making her fluent in multiple languages
She is also one of the twelve bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion, known as the Worker-Holic
Originally just an ordinary girl, Chihiro’s life took a drastic turn when she became involved with Yukishiro Emily and Shirogane Aqua. She was considered a pitiful girl whose life had changed completely. However, some might argue that it was simply because the sealed door that she had kept shut for so long had finally been opened
Evil God: Shirogane Aqua
Friend: Yukishiro Emily
Homeroom teacher: Sugita Mari
Classmates: Shirogane Kanon, Tsukimachi Ayana, Washimiya Lisa, Kurogami Uruha, Kurumi Kokona
Nemoto Neneka
A temporary teacher in the school infirmary at Otomezaki Private High School. She has taken over for Yamabe-sensei, who is on leave
Her pen name is Nene Nene
? ? ? : Shirogane Aqua
Oto Rurika
A 15-year-old student in Class A at Otomezaki Private High School, is making waves with her exceptional acting skills
However, her talent has drawn unwanted attention, leading to baseless rumors of drinking and smoking in a weekly magazine
Unfortunately, her agency’s weak and self-serving actions were unable to protect her from these accusations. While Oto Rurika herself is unfazed by the rumors, her family has grown distrustful of the agency’s failure to safeguard their daughter. As a result, she is currently on hiatus from her acting career
Classmates: Inori Hisui, Sumeragi Kukuri, Kato Iria
Mikomae Suzu
She attended High School, from 2nd to 3rd year, Class A, Student Council Secretary and Treasurer
Saionji Reona
Reona, Otomezaki High School, from 2nd to 3rd year, Class A, Student Disciplinary Committee President
Tsubaki Botan
Botan, Otomezaki High School, from 2nd to 3rd year, Class A, Student Disciplinary Committee
Tsukasa Kei
Sakura Keito
Tsukasa Kei, 20 years old, Mary, 3rd year at a women’s college
She has killer abs.Tall with a big chest and a booty, with a foreigner-like figure
She’s a bit of a narcissist, but a beautiful one at that. Loves drinking Saint Energy. When she reaches her limit, her emotions go on a rollercoaster ride
She’s a big fan of Shirogane Aqua, but also supports everyone around Aqua
Sisters: Big sister/Sakura Yukana, little sister/Sakura Ui
Sakura Yukana
A 23-year-old editor
She is called “Minihina-senpai” by Aqua. She is short and has small breasts
When her sister Ui was bullied, she vowed to become a strong woman. At that time, she saw Kohina Yukari and began to admire her ideal strong woman
She is a common sense person, but she is very honest when praised
Sister: Sakura Keito, Sakura Ui
Sakura Ui
A first year university student at Otomezaki Academy who is now 18 to 19 years old. According to Aqua, she has the biggest breasts out of her three sisters!
She used to have a complex about her large breasts, but she was able to overcome this when Aqua affirmed her body at her school festival
Even after her graduation, she keeps in touch with Sana and Ruuna
Sister: Sakura Yukana, Sakura Keito
Best friends: Natsuki Sana, Asumi Runa
Junior: Natalia, Chihiro Claire
Government officials
Habu Chiyoko
She is Natsuki Sana’s mother and also the Prime Minister
She is a prime minister who loves the people and is loved by the people. She is currently attempting the Dogeza project for 365 consecutive days
Even though she is the Prime Minister, she pops up in various places, broadcasts normally on the internet, and appears on comedy shows to share stories. She also appears on TV when she has a new policy or plan to implement, and asks the people to think about it together. Her footwork is very light and active
On the other hand, she also has the decisiveness and leadership to make decisions on her own discretion and responsibility when it comes to matters that are difficult for her people to judge or that have both merits and demerits
She sometimes takes brave actions against terrorism, such as going to the front lines with a rocket launcher. For this reason, she is popular overseas, and three episodes, including the terrorist incident she actually experienced, were made into movies starring Yukishiro Mikuni and Kuga Reira
She is undoubtedly the best Prime Minister of all time, but she is the only one to be suspended
Spouse: Natsuki Meika
Children: Natsuki Sana
Teacher: Mary
Expectations: Shirogane Aqua
Kuga Rihito
The older brother of Kuga Reira and serves as the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister of Japan
He is married to Amakusa Shikimi, even though he already had four wives
It seems that while maintaining a suitable distance from his four previous wives, he now lives together with Amakusa Shikimi
He is considered one of the potential candidates for the next Prime Minister, although he personally believes that he is not fit for the role. He feels this way because he believes he cannot handle Shirogane Aqua
Spouse: Amakusa Shikimi
Sister: Kuga Reira
Fuji Shion
The Secretary-General of the ruling party in the government
Among the six noble families, Fuji has the most peripheral connections and is considered the matriarch of a family that knows everything
Due to not wanting to be resented by her sister, Fuji Shion maintains a respectful distance from Shirogane Aqua
However, behind the scenes, she is scheming to send someone from her own family to gain Aqua’s favor
Sister: Fuji Ranko
Relatives: Fujibayashi Misono, Ayafuji Midori
Amakusa Shikimi
Director of the National Confidentiality Bureau Health and Safety Division
Although she had planned to resign and pass on the family’s leadership to Tenga Akira, the abolishment of the aristocratic system freed her from that obligation, allowing her to continue her role as head
Following a fateful arranged marriage party, she married Kuga Rihito and is currently expecting a child
Additionally, she, along with Prime Minister Habu, took on a new role to protect the male members of Aqua and BERYL from the shadows
Spouse: Kuga Rihito
Sister-in-law: Kuga Reira
Former subordinate: Shirogane Yui
Friend: Kokucho Agewa
Relatives: Atori Ako, Tenga Family, Amamiya Kotori
Shirogane Marin
Mother, aged 36 to 37 / July 30th, Chairman of Beryl Entertainment
She is also the director of Shirogane Chakado Group
She has glossy black hair like a raven, a beautiful woman with a G-cup, and looks stunning in traditional Japanese clothing
After being with Aqua, her skin became even more youthful and radiant
She sometimes sends Aqua n*ked photos that she took with her mom friends
Spouse: Yukishiro Mikuni
Partner: Renata
Children: Eldest son, Shirogane Aqua; Eldest daughter, Shirogane Shitori; Second daughter, Shirogane Lapis Lazuli
Shirogane Shitori
Big sister, aged 19 to 20 / October 30th, 2nd to 3rd year student in the Faculty of Law at National Ichimori University
She is a full-time employee at Beryl Entertainment and is proficient in foreign languages, serving as a contact for contracts
She has honey-colored hair and teardrop-shaped beauty marks around her eyes. She is a beautiful woman with a G-cup and has a calm and gentle older sister vibe
To avoid making mistakes, she keeps a certain distance from Aqua and focuses on her work
Little brother: Shirogane Aqua
Mother: Shirogane Marin, Yukishiro Mikuni
Little sister: Shirogane Lapis
Relatives: Renata, Lazuli
Nekoyama Kanata
Nekoyama Toa, Subaru’s mom
She’s a kind and busty mom. She looks so young that she could pass as Subaru’s big sister
She’s actually not too worried about Toa, but she’s more worried about Subaru, who’s a bit clumsy
Children: Nekoyama Toa, Nekoyama Subaru
Mom Friends: Shirogane Marin, Mayuzumi Kiyoko, Tenga Yumeko
Mayuzumi Kiyoko
She’s Shintaro’s mom
She’s the type of busty widow that makes you want to protect her
She often talks to Aqua about Shintaro, but Aqua’s advice is usually a bit of a mess
Children: Mayuzumi Shintaro
Relatives: Kokucho Agewa, Kokuchō Kujaku, Kurogami Uruha
Mom Friends: Shirogane Marin, Nekoyama Kanata, Tenga Yumeko
Tenga Yumeko
Tenga Akira’s mom. She is a farmer
She gives advice to Beryl when they talk about farming on the show
She has a good relationship with Sakuraba Haruka
Children: Tenga Akira
Mom friends: Shirogane Marin, Kanata Nekoyama, MayuzumiKiyoko
Family: Tenga Haruka
Relatives: Atori Ako, Amamiya Kotori, Amakusa Shikimi
Tenga’s Grandma
Tenga Akira’s grandmother. She is a farmer
She’s a big fan of Mayuzumi Shintaro. She started going to the gym to live longer
The recipe for Tenga Akira’s ohagi at Beryl Cafe comes from her
Descendants: Tenga’s Yumeko, Tenga Akira
Family: Tenga Haruka
Relatives: Atori Ako, Amamiya Kotori, Amakusa Shikimi
Tenga Haruka/Sakuraba Haruka
Tenga Akira’s wife. She is a housewife
Currently, she lives a peaceful life with Tenga-senpai
In order to help the busy Tenga-senpai, she sometimes goes to check on Yamada Maruo and Kokuchō Kujaku
Spouse: Tenga Akira
Family: Tenga Yumeko
Yukishiro Noel
Yukishiro Emily’s mother
She used to be the leader of a delinquent group called “Dark Angel.”
She made a fortune by investing in a company with a pineapple-like name, but she donated the money to those in need and returned to a life of poverty
She had lost hope, thinking that Japanese boys lacked determination, but she was moved by Aqua’s bravery during the Kokucho incident and Yamada Maruo’s character
She likes individuals with determination, passion, and ambition, regardless of gender
Spouse: Yukishiro Danjou
Only daughter: Yukishiro Emily
Relatives: Yukishiro Mikuni, Shirogane family, Miyuki family
Yukishiro Danjou
Yukishiro Emily’s father
He is a round and charming father who is like a mascot. But when he gets angry, he suddenly looks like the end of the century, so scary and strong
He loves his daughter and wife very much. So he might get really angry if Aqua breaks his promise
Danjou: “But Aqua-kun isn’t that cruel, is he?”
Aqua” “Ah…hey. I was so sick with a fever that I can’t say I don’t remember much…”
Danjou: “Did you just say something?”
Aqua: “No, it’s nothing!!”
Spouse: Yukishiro Noel
Only daughter: Yukishiro Emily
Relatives: Yukishiro Mikuni, Shirogane family, Miyuki family
Natsuki Meika
The mother of Natsuki Sana
They live together now because the Prime Minister announced her marriage and the existence of a child
Spouse: Habu Chiyoko
Only daughter: Natsuki Sana
Stars Orthodox Church and the Royal Family of Stars
One of the twelve bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion, a 38-year-old Dark Saint
She is the top bishop of the Stars Orthodox Church but she abandoned her own god for Aqua
In reality, the Holy Aqua Religion is not straightforward either. There are groups scheming behind the scenes like Mary-sama and Kythera, and groups like Claire-san, Rinon-san, Rin-chan, and Mikoto-chan who are working hard without being informed about important matters, as well as Kukuri-sama’s group who is trying to properly control the Holy Aqua Religion
However, despite being the top saint, Kythera is completely left out. Additionally, Sabato Koyomi is involved with each group but she is acting alone because her goals are different
Furia Stars Goshenite
Kanon’s mother, a former Stars Queen, is 46 years old
She was a pitiable person, betrayed by a bad man who took away her country, her daughter, and her mother
However, now that she has been freed from the curse of the Stars royal family and has lost the election, she is enjoying a peaceful time
She considered running as a candidate for parliament, but instead, she is supporting the country and aiming to enrich the lives of its people from a different perspective
Although she could have easily suffered a mental breakdown, she was saved by the words of Yukishiro Emily, who reassured her that everything would be okay after her own failure. Emily is a truly saintly figure
Mother: Mary
Spouse: Hercules
Children: Eldest daughter/Victoria, Second daughter/Kanon, Third daughter/Hermie
Benefactor: Yukishiro Emily ← However, she is also one of the key members who contributed to the destruction of Stars
Strong Dislike: Shirogane Aqua
Hercules Stars Goshenite
Kanon’s father, 44-year-old former Stars prince
The fact that Furia is no longer queen is actually the happiest thing that has happened to him
He thinks her daughter is prettier than others, but Furia is more important to him than anything else
He has become Tsukasa-sensei’s doting character, to the point where he doesn’t care about the world or even her daughter as long as he has her
Even if Furia is wrong, he is a supremacist who accepts everything as long as she wants to do it. So he’s grateful to Aqua for taking his daughter away from the troublesome Stars, and the mother. In fact, he was the mastermind behind this incident and was supporting Holy Aqua Religion’s activities at Stars from behind the scenes
Adoptive mother: Mary
Spouse: Furia
Children: eldest daughter/Victoria, second daughter/Kanon, third daughter/Hermie
Victoria Stars Goshenite
Kanon’s older sister, 28-year-old former Princess of Starz
Unfortunately, she lost the representative election
She is currently supporting the new representative as a limited-term lawmaker until the summer when the next election is held
Although she maintains an appropriate distance from Aqua as if they were just friends, she is interested in a physical relationship and having children
Although she doesn’t like Aqua, she really likes his relationship with her s*xually, and she actively invites him in. Her favorite position is face-to-face, and she likes being pistoned while her body is in close contact with her. She also likes kissing, just like Kanon, but unlike Kanon, she likes to act as older woman. Her erogenous zone is the whole v**ina and she likes having s*men inside her womb
Mother: Furia
Sister: Kanon, Hermie
Relatives: Natalia, Patricia
Thanks: Kirika Kotono, Morikawa Kaede, Yukishiro Emily ← She has no choice but to
? ? ? : Shirogane Aqua
Onina Hackadoll
Onina was an orphan who had excellent academic results, which led her to study in Japan
She lives with Annamarie in the same apartment as Emily and the others
She is the type of person who can do anything well, just like Hagetoru
However, she still doesn’t really understand the meaning of “erotic”. When she first met Pegonia, she wanted to become a skillful woman like her, so she became her apprentice
Guardian: Yukishiro Emily
Mom: All the people on the bulletin board
Friends: Annamarie, Finus, Hermie, Shirogane Shiro
Mentor: Pegonia
Annamarie Nana LaVientis
Annamarie was a 12-year-old Starz aristocrat
She also lives with Onina in the same apartment as Emily and the others
Recently, she realized the meaning of Emily’s moans. In other words, she has awakened to s*xuality
In the future, she wants to become a beautiful lady like Kanon and Natalia, both inside and out. However, since she is pure, she does not know that Kanon is Pon (useless)
Guardian: Yukishiro Emily
Friends: Onina, Finus, Hermie
Liselotte Einhorn
Liselotte is an actress who often stars in Stars Wars and Formula movies
Despite being quiet in everyday life, she portrays characters who wear her emotions on her sleeves
Patricia Rosenesta
Patricia is Natalia’s mother and is also known as the “Muscle Lady.”
She is a follower of the Power Religion and dreams of battling Morikawa Kaede. If given the chance, she would also like to fight Shirogane Aqua
Although she was a double spy who participated in the coup, she fought her daughter with all her might
The Rosenesta family motto is “Fight. Fight and seize.”
Child: Natalia
Relatives: Stars Royal Family
Renata Hauyne Noselite
Renata is Lazuli’s mother and has built her wealth through trading and shipping companies
She chose to live away from the noble families of Stars and settled in Africa and Southeast Asia, where trade flourishes
She maintains a close relationship with Mary-sama, serving as a connection between the Holy Aqua Religion in Japan and the Stars Orthodox Church. They can exchange messages and goods secretly without using the internet
Additionally, her company engages in trade with all countries, including the States. You can probably guess why
Friends: Marin Shirogane, Mikuni Yukishiro
Children: Lazuli, Shirogane Lapis
Step-children: Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Shitori
6→7 year old flower shop boy
He later became an MP and the first male Prime Minister of the Republic of Great Stars
Even as he became an adult, his kindness continued to grow
Around the world, he was also known as the Benevolent Prime Minister
14 → 15 year old baker → udon chef
He changed his career from being a baker to becoming an udon noodle maker and came to learn how to make udon noodles in several places in Japan
Later, he opened udon restaurant Aqua with Shirogane Aqua, which became a successful worldwide franchise
He acquired a huge amount of wealth and came to be known as the “Udon Daimyo (noble)” by those around him
16 → 17 year old delivery man → Holy Aqua Religion believer
He has discovered cross-dressing and is on his way
He is good at disguise and seems to be involved in espionage activities in various places
He is also a chronic Toaqua and Aqtoa user
A priest in the Holy Aqua Religion, specifically in the Stars branch
She holds the important position of branch manager
A radical priest in the Holy Aqua Religion
Currently, she is imprisoned
Tachibana Yuu
A girl who has feelings for Mayuzumi
The two of them have an ongoing friendship, and they even fulfilled their promise to run together
A few years later, Yuu seeks the help of Shirogane Aqua, a counselor, to confess her love for Mayuzumi. Shirogane Aqua involves Nekoyama Toa and Mayuzumi Shintaro in this plan. The whole process is captured and aired as a special program, and it even makes it to the front page of the news after the show ends
I love: Mayuzumi Shintaro
Best friend: Mai
Yu-chan’s friend
She is a girl who admires Aqua, and she supports Yuu-chan’s love life
Best friend: Tachibana Yuu
Yumesono Mayuko
As a model prisoner, Yumesono Mayuko is currently serving her sentence
However, due to a restraining order imposed by the country upon her release, it is nearly impossible to meet her unless there is a formal request for visitation
Holy Aqua Religion’s Twelve Bishops
Agnese Taylor Czessic
Former professional gamer and current streamer, Agnese Taylor Czessic is also an extreme sports athlete
Holy Aqua Religion Twelve Bishops’ Powder Maniac Billboard
Despite her childish appearance with crooked teeth, she possesses remarkable physical abilities and can perform acrobatic moves
Maria Lowry McClane
Although renowned as a world-class doctor, Maria Lowry McClane’s true passion lies in drawing
She is the divine artist of the Holy Aqua Religion’s Twelve Bishops, also known as MARIA in her artistic pursuits
She is acquainted with Miyamochi Tamamo and will lend a helping hand to the Shirogane family if they ever need assistance
1. Director Official / Worker Holic / Chihiro Claire
2. Library / Akashic Record / Mary Stars Goshenite
3. Powder Maniac / Biscuit Junkie / Agnese Taylor Czessic
4. Holy Farmer / Eggplant Professor / ?
5. Perfumer / Real Kunkakunka / ?
6. Duet / Mimi Raper / ?
7. Artist / Godly Artist / Maria Lowry McClane
8. Observer / Secret Stalker / Kagari Rinon, Matawo Rinon Sagesu
9. Administrator / High-Performance Server / Sabato Koyomi + AI (Sabato Miyako)
10. Servant / Masked Tiger / Sumeragi Kukuri
11. Kunoichi / Popcorn Pancake / Kazami Rin
12. Dark Saint / Instant Double Peace / Kythera
After the fall of the Stars, they are gradually eating away at the States
Their relentless advance, armed with the ultimate absolution that blames everything on Aqua, continues
Six Noble Families, ranked from highest to lowest
Sumeragi Family
Current Head: Sumeragi Kukuri
Former Head: Sumeragi Kikuri
Yukishiro Family
Current Head: Yukishiro Noel / Acting Head: Yukishiro Emily
Relatives: Shirogane Family, Miyuki Heliodor Yui
Kokucho Family
Current Head: Kokucho Agewa
Relatives: Kurogami Uruha, Mayuzumi Shintaro
Kuga Family
Current Head: Kuga Rihito
Relatives: Kuga Reira
Fuji Family
Current Head: Fuji Shion
Relatives: Fuji Ranko, Fujibayashi Misono, Ayafuji Midori
Amakusa Family
Current Head: Amakusa Shikimi
Relatives: Atori Ako, Tenga Akira, Amamiya Kotori
The Kokucho family disbanded as the aristocratic system disappeared, but their devotion to the Sumeragi family seems to remain unchanged
The Sumeragi family, which holds the Emperor Sumeragi Group and occupies key positions in the country, continues to maintain its wealth and influence, in a way, preserving its status
It should be noted that the Yukishiro family is not engaged in such dimensions, but somehow the part-time leader, Yukishiro Emily, has unknowingly gained control behind the scenes of the world..

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