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Volume 13 Chapter 15 Shirogane Kanon, Completed Shirogane Kingdom

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 ”So Shirogane Kingdom is almost completed.”

 One day in April, Emily-senpai called us and we headed to the same place.

 At first I thought it was a joke, but the palace was too big to be a joke…or rather, a small town had been completed.

 ”Wow. This is amazing.”

 Hakuryuu-sensei saw the building and took a picture of the exterior with a camera in her hand.

 It seems that she participated in the tour today not because she is Aqua’s wife, but because she is a novelist and wants to use it as reference material for her novel.

 ”It’s huge! I wonder how the security is like?”

 Yui-san carefully checks the security around.

 I have to say, or rather, what can I say, Yui-san seems so calm even in this situation.

 ”No way…”

 Nee-san, upon seeing the finished product, holds her head in despair.

 Yeah, I feel the same way, so don’t worry.


 Kaede-senpai had a really simple and funny expression.

 Hey, don’t make me laugh at a time like this!

 Huh? It wasn’t intentional? Is this the normal reaction of an average person? I see. Let’s put aside whether Kaede-senpai falls into the category of an average person for now, but it’s true that anyone would react like that if they saw it.

 ”So, with that being said, I will now guide you to Shirogane Kingdom.”

 Wearing a bus guide uniform and holding a flag, Emily-senpai leads us to the entrance gate.

 I feel like Emily-senpai’s efforts are directed in the wrong direction, preparing that uniform and flag specifically for this moment. Instead, there are more important things, like approaching Aqua, right?

 ”Um, first, let’s talk about the security at the entrance gate. It’s handled by a company called SEIJYOM. They do 24-hour shifts for inspections, patrols, and surveillance using cameras.”

 Yeah, yeah. It’s the front company for the Holy Aqua Religion. They don’t even bother hiding it.

 The reception desk is right next to the thick gate, and we have to sign our names to enter.

 Oh, Emily-senpai, why are you heading towards the counter?

 ”Please present your identification.”

 Emily-senpai puts on a serious face.

 Here we go again, with another one of her silly jokes.

 Aqua and Emily-senpai really love these kinds of things, don’t they?

 ”Shirosaki Ai? It’s not Hakuryuu Aiko?”

 ”Yes, Hakuryuu Aiko is my pen name…”

 Emily-senpai had a serious, stern expression on her face, just like an immigration officer at the States’ airport.

 She was definitely giving off that vibe of suspicion right from the start.

 ”Hey, miss, didn’t you once dogeza in front of everyone while nak*d?”


 Hakuryuu-sensei, upon hearing Emily-senpai’s words, was hit hard with the memory of her embarrassing past.

 ”Hey, miss, you seem a little suspicious. Should we investigate you further behind the scenes?”


 The security guards grabbed sensei by both sides and dragged her to the back of the interrogation room.

 Yeah, Emily-senpai, is this going to be a long-running joke?

 ”Next, please!”

 Kaede-senpai showed her passport with a hoge expression on her face.

 ”Violation of the International Seed Law and engaging in terrorism in another country!? This is clearly a no-no. Arrest her! Call the police immediately!!”

 Yep, that’s right. I totally bought it without question…

 Kaede-senpai was taken by the security guard to a room at the back, still wearing that hoge face.

 I wonder if she’ll keep that expression all day?

 ”Alright, next person.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 Yui-san hands Emily-senpai her passport.

 Am I the only one who thinks Emily-senpai looks a bit pervy?

 ”Um… Shirogane Yui-san. Your body looks naughty, huh?”


 ”Naughty bodies are supposed to be interrogated behind the scenes, guhehe!”

 ”Hey, wait!?”

 Emily-senpai, that’s definitely some personal thing about Emily-senpai, right?

 It’s obviously an abuse of power. The security guard restrains Yui-san.

 Aren’t the security people enjoying this a bit too much?

 ”Yes, the next person.”

 I don’t know, but I guess I’ll keep up. I finally agree to show her my passport.

 ”Shirogane Kanon!? This guy is out! Out! Just being Aqua-sama’s first woman must be some sort of sin!!”

 The security guards didn’t restrain me.

 Ah, I guess they’re taking care of me because I’m pregnant. Thank you.

 ”Here, the last person.”

 Emily-senpai, looking excited, receives the passport from Nee-san.

 Am I the only one who knows the punchline at this point?

 ”Ah, this is no good. Both breasts and ass are too big. This is definitely Chijo’s disguised form, and it’s also the executive’s big p**is… Guheh!”

 Nee-san’s right hand grabbed Emily-senpai’s face.

 As expected. This is how it turned out after all.

 ”Emily-san, can you say it again?”


 Emily-senpai, like, even though she knows things will end up like this, she still goes and does it anyway.

 I guess that’s probably not a good thing. She apologizes to everyone and thanks us for putting up with her, then guides us to the hidden detention area.

 ”It’s good that there’s a proper cage here.”

 Yui-san checks the strength of the iron bars and inspects them closely.

 It’s great that there’s a place for confinement, but what’s up with the eggplant-shaped tools and whips that are placed there? Oh, and what’s the wooden horse-like thing used for?

 ”Kanon, you’re such a… “

 ”Just stay as you are, Kanon-san.”


 Wait a minute! Why are both of you looking at me with those parent-like faces?

 And Nee-san, it’s fine, but I don’t really like being patted on the shoulder by Hagetoru and nodded at like that!

 Also, Kaede-senpai, it’s about time you come back!

 ”Here is the main street.”

 As we stepped inside the gate, we were amazed by what we saw on the main street.

 ”Huh? A town?”

 Everyone roared in response to Hakuryuu-sensei’s words.

 Looking at both sides of the main street, there were various shops such as a general store, a hat shop, a toy store, and a Japanese sweets shop.

 ”They’ve really created so many things here…”

 Yes, indeed. I nodded in agreement with Nee-san’s words.

 But it feels like a shop area in a theme park, and it’s really exciting.

 Oh, look, there’s a fabric store!

 As a cosplayer, I’m curious to take a look… I peered inside the shop.

 Oh, it seems they haven’t stocked the merchandise yet, and there are no staff members inside, so I can’t see the interior. What a shame.

 ”It may be challenging to evaluate the people we hire, but if we make sure everyone is capable, it might solve the problem of Aa-sama wasting tissues and underwear.”

 Yui-san mumbles while checking the location of the surveillance camera.

 I looked up and noticed that the streetlights were gas lamps! So cute!!


 Kaede-senpai! It’s about time to come back!

 Your eyes are even wider than before.

 We’re aiming for the fountain square in the center while gazing at the shops lining Main Street.

 Wow, this might be the perfect spot for taking photos in fantasy cosplay!

 ”If you go right from this fountain square, there’s an arcade street made in reference to Stars. Unlike the shops on the main street, there are many specialty stores here.”

 Wow, it’s true! It’s like Passage at Stars, with small shops lined up.

 It’s really nice that the lineup of shops isn’t bundled together like at a stationery store, but divided into specialty stores like an ink shop or a paper shop! I feel like Tsukasa-sensei, who is still particular about writing on paper, would be delighted if I brought him here.

 ”The largest building at the back is Fuji Department Store Shirogane Kingdom branch. By the way, the lineup of shops inside Shirogane Kingdom is also selected with a focus on quality by Grandma Ranko and Mary-sama.”

 Grandma Ranko, you’re putting too much effort into it. Also, I wonder what my grandmother is doing secretly without telling me? When I thought she was going out somewhere with a lively face, she was actually doing something like this behind the scenes…

 ”And the street to the left from the fountain square is mainly food stores and restaurants.”

 Hmm, the street is made in a spiral shape, like a twisting spiral, and the shop at the highest point in the back and the side road of the first shop are connected by stairs.

 It’s a bakery! I’ve seen it in a Japanese animated movie!

 It’s a bakery with a black cat that every girl wants to visit at least once!

 ”Hey, wait a sec!”

 That’s what Emily-senpai said as she skipped two steps and raced up the stairs.

 We thought another one of her funny moments was about to begin, so we casually strolled around the nearby shops.

 Oh? A chocolate specialty store!? How cool! I wanna go check it out!

 ”Sorry I made you wait!”

 Oh, Emily-senpai is back. I couldn’t help but be amazed by her outfit.

 With a big red ribbon, black clothes, and a broom in her hand… Wait, isn’t she clearly the protagonist from that anime!

 ”This is the Shiropan, named after the famous Shiro. Enjoy!”

 Emily-senpai handed out bread to everyone.

 Wow, it’s freshly baked! We looked at each other and took a big bite of the Shiropan.

 It was a fluffy, soft bread filled with rich custard cream.

 ”It’s delicious!”

 Everyone nodded at Yui-san’s words.

 It really is delicious. And the different designs of Shiro-chan’s face on the bread were cute.

 But why is my bread the only one with a mischievous Nishishi expression?

 ”Thank you. By the way, I baked it in a stone oven.”

 ”No way…”

 Nee-san looked at Emily-senpai, who had a proud and determined expression, and sighed.

 Emily-senpai is like that, huh? I feel like she’s really going in a different direction.

 It’s just that the bread is so delicious, it’s really disappointing in a way, and that aspect reminds me a little of Aqua.

 ”Yum yum.”

 Kaede-senpai ate the bread with a munching sound.

 Oh, there’s cream on your cheek. Let me wipe it off for you.

 ”Guhehe, there’s cream on Kanon’s cheeks…tsk, isn’t there?”

 Emily-senpai, I heard everything you said, you know?

 ”I think I want to live in the town instead of the back castle.”

 Hakuryuu-sensei, I understand.

 ”There are extra employee houses available, so if Hakuryuu-sensei applies, I think you can live there. By the way, Kanon is not allowed. You should live in the back palace.”

 Yeah, yeah, I understand.

 Emily-senpai hands the application form to Hakuryuu-sensei.”

 ”By the way, can we get the funds for profit or operating expenses from this?”

 I also nod in agreement with Nee-san’s words.

 It’s impossible no matter how you look at it.”

 ”Thank you for asking!”

 Emily-senpai hands a paper with top-secret information to all of us. It’s really well-prepared, but I wish she could show this in a different way.

 I mean, if you can make this kind of material and plan, then it should work out fine with Aqua too!!

 Why haven’t you hooked up with him yet!? It makes no sense, especially since Aqua clearly likes you. I just don’t get it at all.”

 ”First, we’re going to sell Shirogane Kingdom exclusive goods. We’re thinking of setting up a shop outside the castle gates to sell them. We might also sell the goods online, but I think having items only available in the store would be cool.”

 Yeah, that sounds like it could make some money!

 ”And another thing, just like how there’s a castle gate at the back of the Fountain Square, the palace inside is divided into different sections. So, we’re thinking of opening it to the public on holidays.”

 Oh, that sounds great! If I were a fan, I’d totally want to visit.

 Plus, since it’s been made so beautifully, it should be shared with the people who worked on it.

 ”The issue is the security, but we’re thinking of using signage to address that.”

 We all look at the sign Emily-senpai pointed out.

 [Wild Morikawa Kaede, Wild Kohina Yukari, and Hagetoru from the fields are wandering around.]

 What’s ‘Hagetoru from the fields’? Oh, they’re probably talking about people picking grass on the hills. Yeah, I get it… or maybe not, that’s kind of a silly reason.”

 ”Listen up. If there’s someone tougher than you, most tough people tend to calm down. That’s why I selected these three. Except for Aqua-sama in this country, there’s no one tougher than these three!!”

 Emily-senpai said that with a smug look, but one of those three is her.

 Yui-san and Hakuryuu-sensei, who don’t know that Hagetoru is Emily-senpai, nodded and said, “I see,” but Nee-san, Kaede-senpai, and I were forcing smiles. Well, Kaede-senpai is also one of them! It’s not someone else’s problem!!

 ”Lastly, it’s also to stimulate the economy. Just like Aqua-sama, Fuji Ranko, who owns Beryl and Beryl’s stocks, and Morinaga Megumi-san, we don’t want all the money to be concentrated in their hands. So, everyone throwing their personal funds into the operation of Shirogane Kingdom will also have the effect of expanding employment.”

 Indeed… Why is it that sometimes, even though you can think things through so well, there are times when you act without thinking at all!? Aqua is the same, right? Sometimes he becomes incredibly foolish, doesn’t he!? Why is that?

 ”Well then, let’s go underground.”


 Huh? Is there even an underground?

 Guided by Emily-senpai, we enter the underground.

 And there, we see something like a subway.

 Yes, it’s not exactly a subway, but something similar to it.

 ”Inside Shirogane Kingdom, we made it so big that you can travel in all four directions! And to prevent any accidents, we created a system where these tube-shaped vehicles run inside tube-shaped pipes. That way, there won’t be any accidents of falling off the platform. By the way, the genius behind developing these vehicles is none other than Sabato Koyomi, the creator of the Ultimate Hyperperformance Server!”

 No way… That person is just too amazing, don’t you think?

 She’s clearly a master of all trades, and it feels like she’s the ultimate cheat code.

 ”There are three stations: the North Station, East Station, and right here, the South Station. Now, let’s head to the East Station first.”

 We hop onto this kind of subway-like thing to get around.

 It’s like a low-speed bullet train system.

 Oh, I heard they even tested it in the Arabian Peninsula Federation. How cool is that?

 ”Alright, so this here is the Eastern Area.”

 When we got to the ground, we froze when we saw the building in front of us.

 ”Um, that castle you see in front of you is the Wind and Snow (風雪) Emily Castle. Can you believe it? We were supposed to stop the construction, but here it is, standing tall. I wonder what they’re going to use it for. Ahaha…”

 Yeah, there’s nothing left to do but laugh, right?

 Actually, even though it doesn’t look like a set for a period drama, there’s a proper cityscape around it.

 Oh, look, it’s Dango Shop!

 ”This is a street lined with shops that focus on traditional Japanese goods. Well, think of it as the Japanese version of the Western area on the main street. On the opposite side of Fuji Department Store’s Western-style building is the Japanese-style building, and they’re connected.”

 Wow, this really feels like a town. And not just one town, but two. I couldn’t even understand what I was saying.

 Wait, is Emily-senpai’s religion really that crazy?

 Come to think of it, everyone’s been speaking less all of a sudden. When I looked around, Hakuryuu-sensei, Yui-san, Nee-san, they all had faces like Kaede-senpai.

 I get it. I can’t keep up with any of this either. Emily-senpai is just trying to play it off with that “teehee! I messed up!” face, but we’ve reached a point of no return.

 ”Alright, let’s head to the North Station.”

 We boarded the underground slow bullet train again, heading towards the North Station.

 ”Hmm, something seems strange.”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Emily-senpai looked around anxiously.

 ”I can’t find Exit 8…”

 Now that I think about it, it feels like we’ve been seeing signs with the number 1 on them continuously.

 And if I look closely, those signs over there and the ones here, they’re exactly the same. It’s confusing!

 ”Oh, I see what happened. It’s just a regular installation mistake.”

 Emily-senpai immediately made a phone call.

 Wait, she used to work as a construction supervisor at this site?

 How did that happen? I was curious, but it seemed like a long story, so I decided to let it slide.

 ”Oh, there it is! Everyone, over here!”

 Emily-senpai guided us towards Exit 8.

 As we stepped out of Exit 8, a large hall stood before us. What is this? Could it be a concert hall? I wondered in surprise.

 ”In this hall, you can watch musicals, live performances, and even movies!!”

 ”””””Isn’t that awesome?!”””””

 We tightly shake hands with Emily-senpai.

 You see, there’s a big Sumeragi Martial Arts Arena on the north side of the street, so they made this place into a mini hall. I think it’s pretty cool.

 Emily-senpai guides us as we explore the music hall.

 ”It’s nice here. The sound system is really good.”

 Nee-san checks the equipment.

 At this point, it’s more of a hobby than a job.

 ”It’s great to be close to Aa-sama, but I do worry about the security.”

 On the other hand, Yui-san diligently checks the security.

 Seriously, Yui-san makes a great wife. Some even say she’s the most reliable one.

 ”Hmm, maybe I should write a script for the mini hall.”

 Oh, Hakuryuu-sensei!

 When everyone heard those words, their eyes lit up.


 Oh, hey Kaede-senpai. We’re done with the tour, so let’s move on to the next place.

 ”Alright then, let’s head back south.”

 By the way, I wonder what’s up with the west?

 When I asked Emily-senpai why there’s no West Station, she said there’s a farm there where they grow vegetables for meals.

 It seems that it’s not open to the public, so there’s no station.

 ”So, we’re back to where we started. Now, let’s go through the second gate.”

 Emily-senpai, you’re really good at being a guide now.

 Oh? You’ve even worked part-time jobs? How many jobs have you experienced?

 ”Here we are, the castle, the imperial palace, and the school!”

 ”Why is there a school here?”

 I couldn’t help but blurt out, and then Emily-senpai, being her usual self, gave me a sharp look and said, “You really had to blurt that out, huh?”

 Does it seem like only I’m getting a bad feeling at this point?

 ”Here for play.”


 We exchanged looks at Emily-senpai’s words.

 ”We’ve recreated not only the school building, but also the club rooms, gym, pool, and more, just like Otomezaki’s school.”

 No way… I thought, but when I looked closely, it really was Otomezaki.

 There are fewer classrooms, so the size is a bit smaller, but it’s definitely Otomezaki.

 I just couldn’t believe it.

 ”Here, we have facilities prepared for Aqua-sama to enjoy playing. Of course, I produced everything!! By the way, my recommendation is the Secret Lovers’ Park. You can even play Chijou like Ro-Schutz-Marr. How about giving it a try, everyone?”

 We’ve come so far that I can’t help but be moved.

 When we looked at each other, we all applauded for Emily-senpai.

 Seeing that, Emily-senpai shed tears. What’s this? Is it some kind of act?

 Huh? These tears aren’t tears of joy but tears of frustration?

 ”I worked so hard on this, and now I can’t even use it myself! What’s the point!?”

 ”Well, you see…”


 ”Just normally”


 ”I think it’s Emily-senpai’s fault for being so slow”

 Upon hearing our words, Emily-senpai slumped her shoulders in disappointment.

 Well, there’s no help for it. We encouraged Emily-senpai.

 ”Come on, since you worked so hard, please show us the inside too.”


 While pampering Emily-senpai, we were guided inside.

 ”Alright, now I would like to hear everyone’s opinions and make improvements from here. At the same time, I want to secure personnel and have it fully operational by July 21st, Mast***ion Day. Thank you for today!”

 All people are clapping.

 Yeah, I’ve already accepted it as normal, but how did it really become like this?


 After we parted ways with Emily-senpai, we all came back looking like Kaede-senpai.

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