Male Idol V13c16

Volume 13 Chapter 16 Sakura Yukana, Solutions Night Counseling

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Hey, Keito! It’s about to start, you know!”


 After recharging at the Beryl Cafe the other day, Keito went back to work like a madman.

 She could have taken a break or relaxed, but once Keito’s pen starts moving, it doesn’t stop. Well, I do manage to stop her when it looks like she’s seriously overdoing it.

 Last time, when she tried to work immediately after coming back from the Beryl Cafe, I made her listen to Aqua-kun’s sleep voice and forced her to rest.

 ”Hah… My own talent is terrifying. Is this what it means to be a genius?”

 When Keito stepped out of the room, she had an incredible smug look on her face, and then she chuckled.

 Ah, I guess this feeling has reached its limit. Let’s have her eat while watching TV, give her a bath, and then put her to sleep.

 And seriously, your manuscript was already perfect from the beginning, so trying to make it 200 points or 300 points is just not necessary. If you’re a commercial writer, getting a perfect score out of 100 is good enough. In fact, there’s no writer who can consistently score 100 points while aiming for 100 points. If I can compromise and write a work that gets a score of 100, then maybe I’m just not cut out to be a creator

 ”Look, it’s about to start.”

 I make Keito sit on a chair.

 Today is the day the special program I’ve been looking forward to begins.

 ”Yes, Keito-oneechan. I made mapo eggplant today.”

 ”Yes, thank you!!”

 Keito sprinkles the mapo eggplant on top of the rice and eats it.

 Well, it’s fine inside the house, but it’s bad manners to do that outside.

 I tend to eat them separately, so I don’t understand the idea of ​​pouring mapo eggplant over rice like Keito does.

 ”Ah, it has begun”

 At Ui’s words, Keito and I turn to face the TV.

 ’Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Kohina Yukari, the first director of Solution Night Counseling.’

 It’s started!!

 Solution Night Counseling, which starts today, is a program starring my favorite Kohina Yukari-san.

 Huh? But isn’t that strange? Didn’t it say that Kohina Yukari-san was a counselor?

 ’Objection! Why is Kohina-senpai the director!?’

 Ah, it’s Shirogane Aqua-san’s voice.

 ’I’m the director! Kohina-senpai is just the advisor, right!?’

 Shirogane Aqua-san, wearing a blue jersey, steps forward.

 Upon closer inspection, there’s a white fabric attached to the front of the jersey, with the word [Aqua] written on it.

 ’What!? You as the director? You’re way too inexperienced. Even if you were given power, you’d just fawn over the secretary, wouldn’t you!’


 Aqua-san slumps his shoulders in defeat and walks away dejectedly. It’s a typical scenario, really.

 Most girls would see this and want to comfort him. They’d say things like, “Poor thing,” or “How cute!” But not me, I won’t be deceived!

 ”Aqua-kun is so pitiful! Kohina-senpai is a demon!”

 There she was, my little sister, completely fooled, right next to me.

 Hey, Keito, you have mapo on your cheek! And stop talking with your mouth full!

 Your manners are terrible, you know!!

 ”Hehe, Aqua-kun is as cute as ever.”

 Well, Ui can’t really help it.

 Ui has always been the type to stay in the background, clinging to someone else.

 Since she was a child, Ui developed early, and that caused her to almost become a hikikomori because boys made fun of her.

 Thanks to her friends Sana-chan and Ruuna-chan, Ui managed to avoid becoming a school dropout, but her large breasts still remained a complex for her.

 One day, when Ui was in her third year of high school, I remember when she came home from school with a beaming smile.

 ’Hey Ui, what’s up?’

 ’Hehe, Yukana-oneechan, you know… during the cultural festival beauty pageant, Aqua-kun told me that I looked beautiful. And not just that, he looked at my biggest insecurity, my large chest, with such intense gaze. Even when he was giving serious comments, he didn’t blink and kept staring at my breasts. And, he even said he wants to hug me…’

 Ever since then, I couldn’t help but notice this guy named Shirogane Aqua.

 Of course, I knew about his appearances on Yuu-onii and his activities in the entertainment industry, but that was all just on TV.

 In reality, there are plenty of guys who are nothing like that. But he was different.

 Especially recently, he stopped hiding his naughty side, and he became the ideal guy that girls in this world desire.

 He’s kind to girls. Not just in looks, but in actions too, he’s cool. His slightly foolish or childish side is cute and stimulates my maternal instincts. His vulnerability awakens woman’s protective instincts. And he’s naughty too. Well, there’s no woman who can resist falling in love, right?

 I focus back on the TV.

 ’Geez, there’s no helping it, huh? I mean, there’s probably gonna be a next time, right? They said the secretary and advisor roles are on rotation, so why don’t you become the department head next, and I’ll be the consultant?’


 Aqua-san, who was looking down just a moment ago, suddenly lights up like a puppy who’s been given attention by its owner.

 The words “so simple” come to mind.

 ”Aww, aww, Aqua-kun, that’s great! Kohina-senpai is so kind! An angel!!”

 So, Keito, pick one: eating, talking, or crying!

 And is it just me who can’t keep up with Keito’s roller coaster of emotions?!

 Also, was there even a reason to cry just now?! And hey, how come you can write such complex stories but you’re so pure and simple in real life?!

 ”Aqua-kun, you look so happy. That’s great, that’s great…!”

 Hey, wait a minute! Is Keito responsible for making Ui cry too?

 Wait, maybe I’m the weird one for not crying… No, that can’t be right. Please, someone tell me I’m not wrong.

 ’Um, um… Can I move on to the next part now? Oh, by the way, I’m Tsukimachi Ayana, and I’ll be your secretary for today. Nice to meet you!’

 Oh, it’s Ayana-chan! So cute!!

 ’Earlier, Kohina-senpai spoiled something for me, but it turns out the secretary position is on rotation. Kanon-san, Emily-san, Lapis-chan… they’re all candidates for the next time.’

 ’Hold on a second!!’

 Huh? Why is there another stop here?

 Just for a moment, I thought I knew who it was just by their voice.

 ’Hey, did you know that there’s a national broadcaster here? But you know what? I’ve never heard any interesting stories from them! Usually, the beautiful secretary-type sitting next to the director is supposed to be a calm and composed beauty like me, right?’

 Oh, it’s Morikawa-san…

 Morikawa-san was wearing a green jersey with a patch that said “[Kaede]” in a different color from Aqua-kun’s.

 ’The reason why you find that more interesting than being a secretary is probably because it’s more fun, right? Just give up already. Alright, next, next. And who said anything about being calm and beautiful? I feel like I’ve never heard that before.’


 Kohina-san is definitely the strongest. She effortlessly drove away Morikawa-san and Aqua-san.

 I admired Kohina Yukari-san because I was drawn to her strong side.

 When Ui-chan was being bullied, I wanted to become a strong older sister who could protect my two younger sisters.

 It was around that time that I first learned about Kohina Yukari-san.

 Kohina Yukari-san is not much taller than me, and I admired her for boldly speaking her mind, even to male actors. I thought it was cool how she faced criticism with unwavering talent and acting skills.

 I want to become a strong woman, no, a strong human being like her.

 That’s what led me to become a fan of Kohina Yukari-san.

 ’Well, if you really want to be a secretary, I’ll make sure to tell the producer later.’

 ’Thank you so much!!’

 Morikawa-san is really easy to understand.

 But with so many candidates, it might take a while before it comes back to her, I think.

 ’Hey, everyone! Say hello! Sayamu Inko, the advisor who was called up at the last minute because Kohina Yukari-san said she wanted to be the department head! Please take good care of her today!’

 Inko-san, it seemed like the otome game stream was quite popular, but I’m glad to see you’re doing well.

 Everyone around me was rushing you to play the demo version of the otome game, but why not let you play a regular otome game? Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit unfair?

 ’By the way, isn’t this being produced by the Osaka station? Why are there so few Kansai people as cast members? It would be nice to have more, don’t you think?’

 This is a production by the Osaka branch.

 Oh, really?

 ’Since we’re at it, let’s invite Tsukasa Kei-sensei as our advisor. I heard a rumor that she’s from the Kansai region.’

 ’Huh? Is that so? That’s surprising.’

 Yeah, it is. Our hometown is over there.

 Keito, who had finished eating the mapo donburi, showed a determined expression.

 ”I want to do it… I want to, but I don’t want to show my face!! It’s just too impossible for me to be in the same space as Aqua-kun in my natural state…!”


 Hmm, as an editor, it sounds interesting to have her do it, but as my sister, I understand that it’s too much for her.

 Last time, Keito was at the absolute limit, so it worked out, but I think if it’s the usual Keito, she probably wouldn’t be able to say a word and it would end there. So, the idea was to push her to the limit and then have her appear, but I thought the publishing company might make it a no-go since it would ruin her image.

 ’Alright, so I’ll talk to the producer later… What? Huh? Hurry up because there’s no time? Ugh, how annoying! Haven’t you seen Kohina Yukari’s room? With me, Morikawa, and that person, don’t you think the program will end within the scheduled shooting time?! What? We can’t talk about other networks? Like I care about your circumstances! Fine, fine, I get it. Alright, then, everyone from the counseling team, let’s get started. We don’t have time, so let’s skip the self-introductions.’

 ’Hey, wait a minute!’

 ’This is outrageous!’

 ’Down with oppression!’

 As soon as Aqua-san, Morikawa-san, and Yukishiro Emily-san in her yellow jersey appeared, Kohina-san showed a smug smile.

 Ah, I immediately realized that this was going to take even longer. When the camera focused on the counselors, Tenga Akira-san, Nekoyama Toa-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, and others were shown.

 ”The reaction speed of Morikawa-san and Aqua-kun, who are used to variety shows, was amazing, but Yukishiro Emily-san’s reaction was also amazing. As expected, she only competed with Aqua-kun for the title in the Small Impersonation King Championship.”


 Yeah, that’s true, but it got me thinking, what’s the difference between an idol used to variety shows and a national broadcaster’s announcer used to them, you know?

 ’Ugh, well, I guess there’s no helping it. Alright, I’ll introduce everyone one by one. Here we go, the self-proclaimed idol, Shirogane Aqua-san!’

 ’Hey, what do you mean “self-proclaimed”!? And, aren’t you being a bit too easygoing!?’

 I bet only Kohina-san could treat Shirogane Aqua-san like this in the whole world.

 ’I still can’t figure out why this guy is still a broadcaster, but here’s our consultant, Morikawa Kaede-san.’

 ’Could you please stop badmouthing my company?’

 It’s like a whirlwind of gossip, but instead of being about the company, it’s about Morikawa-san. Should I keep quiet about it? I wonder.

 ’This is Yukishiro Emily-san, a part-time worker.’

 ’That’s right’

 Can you believe that explanation?

 Both Keito and Ui burst out laughing.

 ’And then we have Tenga Akira-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, and Nekoyama Toa-san from BERYL.’

 ”’Please take care of us”’

 Hmm, I think the three of them must have been trying to be considerate towards the staff, but this isn’t the place to be careless, right? I think Kohina-san was also waiting for something more substantial.

 However, I couldn’t help but appreciate their sincere and kind nature.

 After all, those three aren’t comedians. It’s actually the previous three who are the odd ones.

 ’Today’s Trainee Conselours are Yamada Maruo-san, Kokuchō Kujaku-san, Natsuki Sana-san, and Shirogane Lapis-san.’

 ””Nice to meet you all!!””

 Wow, there are trainee Conselours too.

 They seem so fresh and nice.

 ”Yamada-kun and Lapis-chan look nervous. On the other hand, Kujaku-kun and Sana-chan seem their usual selves.”


 I agree with Keito’s words.

 I wonder if the trainees’ jackets are grey because they’re trainees, while the conselours’ jackets have color?

 The camera turns towards Tsukimachi Ayana-san.

 ’In Solution Night Counseling, we receive consultations from people in distress, dispatch conselour, and aim to resolve the issues. We are also accepting requests from everyone on the program’s website, so if you’re interested, please check it out.’

 Wow, sounds interesting. I didn’t know what show it was, but I think it’d be nice if the BERYL people came as conselours. I’m a bit worried about Morikawa-san coming though…

 ’So, the first conselour is Morikawa!? Huh? Are you sure you’re okay!?’

 ’What are you saying, director? Trust me, leave it to me, conselour Morikawa Kaede. I’ve got it all sorted out.’

 Kohina-san shows a puzzled expression similar to Announcer Onidzuka’s.

 I think many viewers are feeling the same way as Kohina-san right now.

 ’Really? Ayana-chan, won’t we get complaints about the show later?’

 ’Hey! It’s all good, okay! Look, watch the VTR. We’ve got it all sorted out!’

 ’Alright then. Ayana-chan, please!’

 ’Yes! Here’s the VTR, please take a look!’

 Ah, that wink is cute!

 And then, out of nowhere, Aqua was like, “Dang it, I knew I should’ve gone with the director,” and I nearly burst out laughing. They totally could’ve cut that out, but I swear the staff did it on purpose.

 ’Yes, I’m Morikawa Kaede, a conselour. Um, the client…’

 ’Ishida here.’

 ’Yeah, Ishida-san!’

 I gotta admit, I was feeling kinda nervous from the get-go. They show Kohina with this worried look on her face.

 And I’m thinking, “Morikawa-san must be something else to make Kohina Yukari-san worry like that.”

 ’Ishida-san, what is your problem today?’

 ’This one’

 Ishida goes and puts this jar of umeboshi on the table.

 ’This lid won’t open.’


 Huh? Can you really make such a request?

 If that’s the case, I think everyone will apply right away.

 Honestly, I feel like she should just smash it herself and figure something out, but maybe there’s a reason why she can’t do that?

 ’Well, actually, my grandma passed away last month, and the umeboshi she made is inside this jar.’

 ’Oh… I’m sorry for your loss.’


 Ishida-san, I’m sorry. I thought you could just smash the jar without knowing the situation.

 But when I looked closely, I noticed there was a sticker on the jar, and it’s also a precious memory.

 ’So, that means there are special feelings attached to this jar as well, right?’

 ’Yes. It’s a jar I’ve been using since I was a child, and it holds memories with my grandma and my mom. So, after my mom was feeling down since my grandma’s passing, I really wanted to give her this precious memory by having her eat these umeboshi. That’s why I made this request.’

 Morikawa-san tapped her chest with tears welling up in her eyes.

 ’If it’s something like that, leave it to me, Morikawa Kaede, the power specialist! I’ll open it in 0.3 seconds!’

 I truly believe that no one is more suitable than Morikawa-san.

 She held the bottle and firmly grasped the lid, exerting all her strength.


 Morikawa-san’s face showed a realization as she gently placed the bottle back on the table.

 Wait, did she already open it!? We leaned forward in front of the TV in excitement.

 ’It’s no use.’

 ’Oh… I see.’

 Wait, even Morikawa-san couldn’t do it? Does that mean there’s no one in this world who can open it?

 ’I can definitely open it, but there’s almost a 100% chance that I’ll destroy the jar and spill its contents!’

 Oh, is that so!? Tsukimachi-san and Lapis-chan also had surprised expressions. How cute!

 ’Hey, everyone, give it a try too!’

 The staff members struggled to remove the lid from the jar, but it didn’t budge at all.

 ’It’d be great if we could warm up the lid… It has a seal on it too, so we’d want to open it without peeling that off if possible.’


 Morikawa and the others tried using rubber bands and rubber gloves to open the lid, but it was no use.

 Kohina Yukari and the others, reflected in the VTR, watched the video with worried expressions.

 ’Um… it’s okay to break it now. Or maybe we should try warming up the lid.’

 ’Yeah… It’s too bad, but we have no choice.

 There’s a set filming time, and I think Ishida-san, who requested this, wouldn’t want any more trouble.

 However, Morikawa didn’t nod.

 ’You can’t give up just yet!’


 Morikawa-san grasps Ishida-san’s hands.

 ’My beloved Aqua-kun never gives up, no matter the circumstances! Even the smallest things, we must not give up!’

 ’Ah…yes, you’re right!’

 Morikawa-san’s words ignite a fire in my chest.

 She is absolutely right. We must never give up, no matter the situation. That’s what our idol, Shirogane Aqua, has taught us, the people of Japan.

 With just one person, Aqua, standing up, Japan, no, the world is on the verge of change.

 ”Morikawa-san is right! Don’t give up. Keep going!”


 Ui and Keito face the television, repeatedly chanting “keep going, keep going.”

 Morikawa-san takes out her smartphone from her pocket.

 ’Excuse me, may I call someone because they have a clue?’

 ’Ah, yes.’

 Morikawa-san makes a call somewhere.

 I wonder who she is calling?

 ’Hello, this is Morikawa. Thank you for your assistance.’

 ’This is Kotono. Is there something wrong, Morikawa-san?’

 The person who answered the call was Manager Kirika.

 Could it be that she is asking Manager Kirika to open a bottle lid for her?

 ’Right now, I’m at the client’s house for the show called “Solution Night Counseling”…’


 Manager Kirika’s tone of voice switches into work mode.

 Morikawa-san explains the details of the request to Manager Kirika from scratch.

 ’That’s the situation. So…’

 ’Do you want me to open the lid for you?’

 ’Yes, that would be fine, but… I called to borrow Beryl’s brilliant mind.’

 ’I see. In that case, leave it to me.’

 Beryl’s greatest mind? What are they talking about?

 I exchanged glances with Keito and Ui.

 ’So, we’ve got the best reinforcements here. First up is Beryl’s Kirika Kotono. As far as I know, only Aqua-kun and Nee-san have the power and control.’

 ’Nice to meet you… I’m Kirika Kotono from Beryl. Thanks for having me.’

 Manager Kirika shook hands with the client, Ishida-san.

 ’And one more person, Beryl’s… no, the greatest mind that Japan boasts! The creator of that famous Ultimate Hyper Performance Server, Sabato Koyomi!’

 ’Nice to meet you, I’m Sabato Koyomi from Beryl.’


 Oh, um, they say she’s the developer of the Ultimate Hyper Performance Server that never crashes?!

 Wow, that’s amazing. It’s the first time I’ve seen her, but I didn’t expect such a young person to create it.

 I remember she’s the older sister of Miyako-chan, who belongs to Milk Dipper.

 Huh, I see… She looks a bit unhealthy with dark circles under her eyes, but she’s quite beautiful.

 And being Miyako-chan’s older sister, she’s also busty.

 ”This is to Aqua’s liking.”

 ”I think so too.”

 I agree with Ui and Keito’s statements.

 ’Koyomi-san, this is it. Can’t we do something about it?’

 Koyomi-san examines the jar in her hand carefully.

 ’…I think it’s likely that the salt contained in the plum evaporated and stuck to the lid, crystallizing and becoming like adhesive. So, if we can remove the adhered part, the lid should open, don’t you think?’


 We all exclaim in excitement.

 I feel like the lid is about to open.

 ’So let’s just open it with a hair dryer’


 Oh, right…”

 I realize that heating doesn’t necessarily mean using boiling water.

 Koyomi-san hands Ishida-san the gloves and proceeds to warm the lid of the bottle with a hairdryer.

 ’Here you go. Be careful, it’s hot.’

 ’Alright! Mmmmm!’

 Shida-san put all her strength into twisting the lid.

 And then, with a loud “pop,” the lid of the jar opened.


 ’It’s open, yayyyyyy!’

 Morikawa-san, Ishida-san, Manager Kirika, and Koyomi-san all hugged each other in joy.

 That’s great. It’s so great. I also hugged Keito and Ui and rejoiced.

 And then…

 ’I’m home… huh!?’

 Ishida-san’s mom (Kaa-san), the client, returned home and was surprised.

 Well, of course she would be. Anyone would be surprised if there was a camera in their house and Morikawa-san and the others were there.

 Ishida-san, the client, explained the situation to her mom.

 ’So, this is Grandma’s umeboshi.’


 Mom looked at the dishes on the table and was astonished

 What happened? I wondered, and then a flashback video started playing immediately.

 ’You know what? Let’s have a special meal with Grandma’s famous dishes.’

 Oh, I get it now. That’s what it was all about.

 Ishida-san, the client, must have cooked with Morikawa-san and others, remembering Grandma’s flavors and recipes.”

 ’Give it a try.’


 When Ishida-san’s mom tasted the food, she was moved to tears.

 ’How is it? Delicious?’

 ’Yeah. It tastes just like Grandma’s… It’s amazing. You all did a great job, Morikawa-san and everyone… Thank you. Thank you so much!’

 At first, I thought it was just a silly request to open a jar lid.

 But who could have predicted it would turn out like this?

 Ui, Keito, and I were all in tears.


 As the screen changed, Kohina Yukari-san’s face appeared, tears streaming down her cheeks.

 Wait, what!? I never expected Kohina Yukari-san to cry for real, not just in acting. It’s so surprising.

 ’This is me, Grandma Kohina. So stop it, okay? Why bring it up at the beginning?’

 Oh, I see. I didn’t know because we don’t talk about family stuff on TV or in magazines. This is the first time I heard about it.

 ’How is it, director?’

 ’It’s good…but if you think about it calmly, if you wanted it to open with a hairdryer, you should have done it from the beginning. Were you really an excellent student as Mary? Or were you just rolling a pencil?’

 Kohina’s words make everyone burst into laughter.

 I think it was one of Mary’s seven wonders that Morikawa-san was a scholarship student for excellent academic performance in the regular entrance exam, not through a sports recommendation or anything like that.

 ’Well, let’s put that aside. Isn’t it great?’


 Ayana-chan next to me wipes her eyes with a handkerchief.

 The counselors nod in agreement and share their joy.

 When I take a closer look, Kujaku-kun next to Yamada-kun hands him a handkerchief smoothly.

 ’Yes, that’s true! But seriously, did they really have to call that amazing person who created the Ultimate Hyper Performance Server just to open a lid with hairdryer?!’

 ’Yeah, that’s true. There must have been someone else available!’

 Yeah, I mean, it’s great and all, but couldn’t they have just called on the phone like normal?

 ’So, I actually have some news on that matter…Sabato Koyomi-san will continue to be the science and technology expert for our show!’

 ””’What?! No way!””

 No offense, but couldn’t they have found someone else?

 Koyomi-san is way too good for this show!

 ’Koyomi-san, I’m really sorry!’

 ’Listen to the adviser. Koyomi-san, if it’s a silly story, just say no like anyone else would!’

 Inko-san and Kohina-san bow their heads towards the camera.

 ’Hey, so let’s move on to the next request, okay? The counselor in charge of the next request is…’

 ’It’s me, Counselor Yukishiro Emily!’

 Wow, Yukishiro Emily-san, you look really beautiful, just like when Mikuni-sama was young.

 Unlike Morikawa-san, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

 ’Ayana-chan, please.’

 ’Yes. Now, let me read the letter from the client. Dear counselors at Solution Night Counseling, my name is Nagahara. When I was in elementary school, I lent my friend a basketball. However, I recently remembered that I had forgotten about lending it. Is there any way I can get it back? Please, I’m begging you.’

 Hmm, I see.

 I wonder if that basketball holds any special memories for her?

 ’I see… Borrowing without permission is a big no-no. You should always pay back what you owe, right?’

 ’Of course. Leave it to this debt collector, Emily.’

 Out of nowhere, Yukishiro Emily-san takes out sunglasses from her pocket and puts them on.

 Wow, she looks more like a famous actress from some states than a debt collector.

 ’Now, let’s roll the video!’

 Ayana-chan’s blowing a kiss!?

 The screen switches with Aqua-san’s scream, as if his heart has been shot.

 ’The client is Nagahara-san, right? Nice to meet you, I’m Yukishiro Emily.’

 ’Wow, it’s Emily-sama…! Amazing. I thought someone like Morikawa-san would come for the request, so I’m glad.’

 Morikawa-san’s voice saying, “Wait a minute!” can be heard in the studio.

 Hehe, I couldn’t help but laugh.

 ’When I was in elementary school, I asked my friend to return the basketball I lent them…’

 ’Sure. But that’s not the real reason…’

 The client hesitates there.

 ’Actually, I’m going to become a professional basketball player soon.’

 Wow!! Now that I look closely, the client is wearing a uniform with the words “Okinawa Platinum Queens” written on it.

 She must be really strong, right? That’s amazing.

 ’When that friend moved, we promised to meet again as professionals. But I haven’t seen them in any student tournaments, and… I haven’t been able to reach them since they moved. I just wanted to know how they’re doing now.’

 ’I see, I understand. In that case, let’s start by going to the place where your friend, Kitamura-san, moved.’


 The two of them get in the car and head to the location where Kitamura-san moved.

 However, they find a different nameplate there.

 Emily-san presses the doorbell.

 ’Excuse me. I’m Yukishiro Emily from the Solution Night Counseling. Can I have a moment to talk?’

 ’Solution Night Counseling…? Wait, Yukishiro Emily, as in Emily-sama!?’

 ’Yes, that’s me, the same Yukishiro Emily who wrote ‘part-timer’ in the occupation section of Stars.’

 That’s not normal, right?

 Isn’t she supposed to be related to Mikuni-sama or Aqua-san?

 The residents start to panic.’

 ’I’m a huge fan of Mikuni-sama, and wow, you really look like her when she was young. Amazing, kyaa!’

 Ah, this person must be a hardcore fan of Mikuni-sama.

 From her perspective, Emily-sama must be irresistible.

 After Emily-san shakes hands with the residents and helps her calm down, she starts talking about Kitamura-san.

 ’For the previous residents…’

 ’Do you know if she went anywhere?’

 ’Hmm…Ah, but I guess we’ll find out at school, right?’

 ’I see, that’s right. I’ll go and have a look. Thank you!!’

 ’Thank you, please do your best!’

 Emily-san and Nagahara-san head to middle school.

 Naturally, the students who saw Emily-san at school made a fuss.


 ’It’s the real Emily-sama!!’

 ’Hey, hey, filming!? Filming!?’

 ’It says it’s solution night counseling.’

 When the two go to the school reception desk, they hear about Kitamura-san.

 ’I’m sorry. It’s true that a student named Kitamura was enrolled at this school. But…I’m really sorry, but due to confidentiality obligations, I can’t tell you where the student moved.’

 ’There is no way’

 Emily handed over a photo from her pocket.

 ’This is Kanon’s sleeping face photo. Can’t we do something with this?’


 Laughter erupted from the studio in response to the retort.

 Kanon-sama, even though not shown on the screen, was visiting the studio. Or maybe it’s a double take?

 ’I’d like to see that… But I’m really sorry!’

 ’Is that so. Understood. I’m sorry for asking too much as well.’

 Emily-san and Nagahara-san walked out, looking dejected.

 Even though the two kept asking around, they couldn’t get any information.

 Just as they were about to give up, a call came to the staff.

 ’Huh? A call from one of the residents earlier?’

 Emily-san received a cellphone from the staff.

 ’Hello, this is Yukishiro Emily.’

 ’Oh…! Emily-sama, you see, when I bought this house, I explained the situation to the real estate agent, and they contacted the previous owner. They gave me the address. Can you take it down now?’

 ’Yes, of course!!’

 A miracle happened unexpectedly.

 ’I guess you should always keep good relations with fans. The power of fans is amazing.’

 ’Yeah, you’re right.’

 I nodded in agreement.

 Emily-san finished the call and returned her phone to the staff.

 ’Oh, I found the address.’


 The client, Nagahara-san, jumped with joy.

 ’It’s in Okinawa.’


 Emily-san’s words surprised not only the people in the studio but also us, who were watching TV.

 It was not only surprising because it’s far away, but also because it felt like some kind of destiny that Nagahara-san, the client, had a professional team in that location.

 The staff were also surprised and flustered by this.

 ’Well, um, I wonder if they will cover the travel expenses to Okinawa.’

 ’Well, I’m not sure about that… I’ll have to check.’

 Ah, it must be a budget issue. After all, it’s the Osaka station. They can’t just immediately provide the amount of money needed based solely on the judgment of the on-site staff.

 ’So, if that’s the case, I’ll take care of it.’


 Everyone is surprised by Emily-san’s words.

 Emily-san takes out her smartphone from her pocket and makes a call somewhere.

 ’Oh, President Atori, actually, I want to borrow my salary in advance… Yes. Please! I’m willing to do any part-time job, even wearing an eggplant costume!!’

 What kind of part-time job involves wearing an eggplant costume!? Is that even a thing…

 ’So, that’s how the Okinawa trip was decided. Well, actually, when I explained the situation, the president offered to cover it for me! Thank you so much!!’

 As expected of President Atori. It’s because she likes Kohina-san, the woman who gives everyone dreams. Only someone like that can be the president of Beryl Entertainment!

 A caption will appear later, saying that they obtained permission and reimbursed the travel expenses from the show’s production budget. Well, I guess there’s no other choice.

 That’s just how it is.

 ’Okay, let’s go. To Okinawa!’


 The two of them boarded the plane and really arrived in Okinawa.

 Huh? Did they really just go straight to Okinawa?

 ’Yes, so that’s why it’s already night. Um, the thing is, I got in touch with the family but I’m going to meet Kitamura-san first. So, basketball. I’ll get it for you!’

 With sunglasses on, Emily-san headed to the gymnasium to meet Kitamura-san.

 We were casually watching TV when we were taken aback.

 ’Um… are you Kitamura-san?’


 Kitamura-san, in a wheelchair, was holding a basketball on her lap.

 Huh? Huh? What’s going on?

 ’Um, sorry if this is difficult to talk about, but, um, the wheelchair?’

 ’Actually, I was in an accident in middle school and have been in a wheelchair ever since then.’

 Everyone in the studio, including us, didn’t know what to say and felt stuck for words.

 ’To be honest, it was tough at first. I couldn’t play my favorite basketball… But still, this ball that I promised with Nari-chan gave me the courage to stand up again.’

 As Kitamura-san said this, she took off her sweatshirt and revealed herself in a basketball uniform.

 ’Now I’m playing for the local wheelchair basketball team. And I hope to become a part of the Japan national team and play in the world someday!’

 ’Wow… That’s amazing!’

 Emily-san hugged Kitamura-san, and even Keito and Ui, who were standing nearby, were in tears.

 At that moment, everyone had forgotten about the unimportant request for a basketball.

 ’Um, I heard about the program. So, um… if it’s okay, could you listen to a request from me?’

 ’Of course! Leave it to me, the counselor, Yukishiro Emily!’

 Kitamura-san expressed her gratitude by saying, “Thank you.”

 ’My only request is to give Nari-chan back this basketball and play basketball with her like we did back then.’

 ’Okay!! Yukishiro Emily will fulfill that request and let me show you.’

 Emily-san’s face looked similar to Aqua-san’s for a moment.

 It’s not like she’s just a relative or something. I thought that these two people were very similar in their essential aspects.

 Emily-san called Nagahara-san.

 These two girls, who vowed to each other to become professionals when they were in elementary school, were reunited several years later.

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