Male Idol V13c17

Volume 13 Chapter 17 Sakura Yukana, Solutions Night Counseling, Part Two

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It was late at night, so they decided to meet the next day. And guess what?

 They were going to spend the night together. Emily-san, are you okay with money? Well, she’s from one of Japan’s six noble families, so she probably has a lot of money.

 But wait, if that’s the case, she wouldn’t need to work, right? Oh, maybe it’s for social studies or something. Yeah, that must be it.

 ’The day of their long-awaited meeting has finally arrived. Nagahara-san, please put on this blindfold right away.’


 Nagahara-san put on the blindfold in the car.

 Emily-san took her by the hand and led her into the gymnasium.

 Inside, Kitamura-san, who had already put on the blindfold, was waiting.”

 ’That’s why, Nagahara-san, Kitamura-san, please take off your blindfolds.’

 The two of them removed their blindfolds as instructed by Emily-san and looked at each other with surprised expressions.

 Kitamura-san, wearing the uniform of a professional team, was genuinely moved by her friend’s dream coming true and struggled to find the right words.

 On the other hand, Nagahara-san, seeing Kitamura-san in a wheelchair, was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say.

 Emily-san couldn’t bear to see this and put her sunglasses back on.

 ’Kitamura-san, you have a basketball that you borrowed from Nagahara-san, right?’


 Kitamura-san slowly pushed her wheelchair towards Nagahara-san.

 ’When I realized that I couldn’t walk anymore after the accident, I couldn’t play basketball and everything became unbearable. It was so painful, but that’s when I discovered wheelchair basketball. At first, I didn’t have the courage to try again, but when I saw this basketball that I had borrowed and never returned from Nari-chan, I knew I wanted to play basketball again. Thank you. And I’m sorry for not being able to keep our promise all this time.’

 ’You don’t need to apologize for that… Miyabi-chan!’

 Nagahara-san hugged Kitamura-san tightly.

 ’Nari-chan is still a crybaby.’

 ’Same goes for Miyabi-chan.’

 The two cry as they rejoice at being reunited.

 When we and our counselor Emily-san saw this, we were moved to tears.

 ’Nari-chan, I’m sorry for being late, but I’m going to return this basketball that I borrowed back then. I’ve been borrowing it for a long time…but thanks to this ball, I was able to stand up again.’

 Kitamura-san handed Nagahara-san the basketball she was holding in her lap.

 ’When Nari-chan feels like giving up in the professional world, looks at this ball. This ball that I borrowed from Nari-chan gave me a lot of courage. I’m sure this ball will help Nari-chan compete in the professional world. I think it will help us. We’ll be fine. No matter what the situation is, you don’t know what’s going to happen until the buzzer sounds.’

 ’Miyabi-chan…Thank you.’

 Nagahara-san received a basketball from Kitamura-san.

 At that time, I saw the two of them and thought they were so wonderful.

 Then, from somewhere I heard the sound of dribbling.

 When everyone turned their heads in that direction, Emily-san made a beautiful 3-point shot, and her back view was shown as everyone watched.

 Emily-san turned around and stuck out her tongue and pointed three fingers at them.

 ’Nari, Miyabi. Let’s all play basketball together!’

 Seeing this, the two looked at each other with smiles.


 Just when I thought they were going to have fun playing basketball, Emily-san grinned and pointed to the entrance to the gymnasium.

 ’So, for this special day for the two of you, Solution Night Counseling has prepared special opponents! The Okinawa Platinum Queens and the wheelchair basketball team to which Kitamura-san belongs!’

 The Okinawa Platinum Queens… I remember that it’s the professional team that Nagahara-san joined, right?

 When the video transitions, we see Emily-san bowing and asking for help for the two of them.

 Ah, I see… so that’s what it is.

 ”Emily-sama~ You’re so cool~”

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 Keito is getting excited and crying again.

 Geez, can’t you decide whether to cry or be happy?

 ’Now then, we would like to play a 5-on-5 game with all of you starting now.’


 The two of them have surprised expressions.

 What about the other three people?

 Even if Emily-san plays, it’s obvious that they don’t have enough people.

 The worried staff member speaks up.

 ’Emily-san, we only have 5 people, what should we do? How about this?’

 Hmm? I feel like I’ve heard this staff member’s voice somewhere before…

 ’Of course Nee-san does it, why wouldn’t she. Why do you think you came as a manager for?’

 ’Whaat!? Me!?’

 All three of us exclaimed in unison. Huh? Manager Kirika is here too?

 The caption shows that the filming took place in early March.

 I see. Even though Manager Kirika is an executive now, at that time, she was accompanying Emily-san as a manager.

 ’Even if I’m in it, I think we’re still missing one person…’

 ’Haha, you think so, huh! Now, everyone in front of the TV, try to remember. This show is produced by Osaka station, but do you remember which station and which Sunday morning show it’s being broadcast on?’

 Um, I think the station for this show is…

 ”It’s Asahi TV, right?”

 ”And when it comes to Sunday morning, only that show comes to mind…”

 Ui and Keito’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

 Even I could tell what was happening. Asahi TV, Sunday morning, and a hero.

 Probably everyone watching in front of the TV was reminded of Heaven’s Sword and had a feeling that Kenzaki Souji, no, idol Shirogane Aqua, was about to make an appearance.

 ’Welcome to Solution Night Counseling, Matsumoto Takako, the head of the department, also known as Crutches Department’s Head!!”

 ’Hey there, it’s Matsumoto Takako, back from my crutches life. Nice to meet you all!!’

 And then I heard Inko-san’s voice saying, “Is that so!”

 It was a perfect tsukkomi that seemed to speak for the entire nation.

 Even I couldn’t help but think, not Aqua-kun or any other BERYL member, not even Director Hongou, Awashima-san, or Kobayakawa-san, but that!?

 ’When I was going to Okinawa, I later found out that something might happen, so my boss decided to join me at the last minute. Wow, she’s really something, that boss of mine. Her intuition is sharp!’

 ’Even when the wave of layoffs came, I clung to my desk by the window at the company and managed to sip my salary without getting fired. But now, after all these years, my intuition has finally run out.’

 Hey, don’t ruin the good mood with your laughter.

 Ui seemed to find it hilarious, as she laughed so hard that she held her stomach.

 Once everyone was gathered, Emily-san explained the rules to everyone.

 ’The rules are based on wheelchair basketball. We’ll have 3 players from the Okinawa Platinum Queens and 2 wheelchair basketball players. Also, how about a match-up between Kitamura-san, the wheelchair player, and Department’s Head Matsumoto, who just recovered from an injury? Captain, coach, is that rule okay with you?’

 ’Yes, that’s perfectly fine.’

 Wow, I wonder what’s going to happen.

 As the camera rotated, there were many people who came to watch in the gym.

 Before the match, the Solution Night Counseling team formed a huddle, and Department’s Head Matsumoto spoke up.

 ’Honestly, I want to say let’s show our passion to win, but as the person in charge, if any of the talents, staff, or clients get injured, the show might get canceled, and it could also affect my salary. So let’s all play without getting hurt.’

 ’That’s right!’

 Hahaha! Even the counselors shown on the screen couldn’t help but smile at those words.

 The three of us, Ui, Keito, and I, also laughed at Matsumoto-san’s words and Emily-san’s quick response.

 ’Alright, let’s start the game with a jump ball. It will be a 10-minute period. Sounds good?’


 Wow, the referee is really serious, isn’t she?

 And it looks like Manager Kirika is going to make the first jump ball.

 Just as the ball soars high into the air, Emily-san’s voice echoes through the gym.

 ’Nee-san, show them Deka-onna’ determination!’

 ’But it’s impossible against the pros!’

 Yeah, even though Manager Kirika is tall, she can’t beat a pro who’s even taller.

 After losing the jump ball, Emily-san’s team quickly scores 2 points with a dunk from a fast break.

 However, right after that, Kitamura-san receives the ball and passes it to Nagahara-san with perfect coordination.


 ’I got this!’

 Wowww! Nagahara-san, who received the pass from Kitamura-san, quickly makes a beautiful jump shot and scores, taking back the lead with a fast break!

 Seeing these two play so well together after such a long time shows that they must have played basketball together when they were kids. Even though I only know the basics of basketball, it still gets me a little fired up.

 After quickly having 2 points scored against them, this time Nagahara-san draws the defense and passes to Kitamura-san.

 Kitamura-san catches the pass and sinks a 3-point shot, successfully turning the game around.

 ’Miyabi, your shooting touch today is on point!’

 ’Of course!’

 The two players returned to their own court and bumped their fists together.

 ”Nice! Watching them play like this sparks my creativity. As Hakuryuu-sensei would say, I don’t want to lose in reality.”

 Keito smiled happily. It seems like the genius of our team has ignited a fire in both of our hearts.

 And it seems like the opposing team has caught that fire too.

 The pro team immediately launched a counterattack.

 However, there was one woman who had been patiently waiting for this moment.

 ’Offensive foul!!’

 A professional player knocked down Emily-san and committed a foul.

 ’Hehe…Mary prides herself on her sticky defense, and I am the embodiment of that, Emily.’

 Even in this situation, Emily-san remained calm and skillfully drew a foul from the opponent’s ace.

 I mean, isn’t it amazing to get a foul from a pro player like it’s no big deal?

 ’I can go! Everyone can go!’

 We nod at Department’s Head Matsumoto’s voice.

 But their opponent is a professional. It’s also a strong team. So far it has worked.

 By the time three minutes pass, Nagahara-san’s physical strength begins to decline, and the burden on Nagahara-san increases.

 Then, after 5 minutes, something happened.


 Nagahara-san was at her physical limit, but she still called for a pass to Kitamura-san who had the ball.

 However, due to her momentary confusion, the ball was cut off by her opponent.


 ’Damn, you’re really persistent!’

 Even though Emily-san’s legs are tangled, she inserts herself ahead of the course her opponent wants to take.

 The opponent’s ace, who was too attached to Emily-san, was a little reluctant and put in a one-step.

 Without missing that timing, a long hand reaches out from the side.

 ’If we’re talking about the art of synchronized breathing, I won’t lose either!!’

 Manager Kirika had planned this timing and steals the ball.

 And the ball rolls back to Kitamura-san.


 Kitamura-san tries to pass the ball to Nagahara-san without hesitation.

 But Nagahara-san, whose stamina is running low, couldn’t call for the ball.


 Due to the delayed reaction, the ball that hit her hand bounces out of the court.

 Everyone simply watches it with their eyes and lets it go.

 But among them, only one girl jumps sideways while chasing the ball.

 ’Don’t give up!’

 Department’s Head Matsumoto, who touched the ball, rolls and crashes into the wall.

 Hey, hey!? Are you okay even though you just recovered from an injury? Wait, did you hear that loud noise just now? Isn’t that dangerous?

 ’Haah… haah…’

 The sound of Department’s Head Matsumoto’s heavy breathing is picked up by the microphone.

 Thank goodness. She’s alive. Of course, the referee immediately stopped the match.

 ’Department’s Head!’


 Emily-san and Manager Kirika rush over to where Department’s Head Matsumoto is.

 Department’s Head Matsumoto slowly stands up and holds the ball in front of Kitamura-san and Nagahara-san.

 ’I may not have been very helpful, but I still want to say it. The match isn’t over yet, right?’

 Upon hearing her words, Nagahara-san and Kitamura-san are taken aback.

 Seeing their expressions, Department’s Head Matsumoto smiles gently.

 ’If it was you who started this story, then it’s up to you to decide its ending, right? Nagahara-san, Kitamura-san, what do you want to do with this match?’

 Department’s Head Matsumoto sent the ball towards the two.

 Keito, who was watching the scene on TV in front of me, narrowed her eyes with an unusual serious expression.

 ”This match is not only a game where the time of the two players who were at a standstill starts moving again, but also the first step in the lives of Nagahara-san, who is about to enter the professional world, and Kitamura-san, who aims to become a representative of Japan as a wheelchair athlete. That’s why Crutch Department’s Head Matsumoto explained the meaning of this match.”

 Keito clasped her hands together and turned her gaze towards me.

 ”Yuka-nee, do you know why there are winners and losers in the world of sports? It’s because many people find value in the efforts of a team striving for victory. That’s why there are winners and losers in sports. Within that radiance they show, there is undoubtedly something genuine, their life’s journey. That’s why sports, or rather, the sight of striving for greatness, is fascinating.”

 Keito… Can you please stop suddenly getting serious?

 This is Keito when she reaches her limit and becomes a bit strange, but then something stimulates her and she quickly returns to normal. In other words, she’s already physically exhausted.

 I thought about forcing Keito to sleep after finishing watching TV.



 No more words were needed.

 The two of them locked eyes and nodded silently.

 ’W-Wait, Department’s head?! Your leg, it’s swollen, isn’t it?!’


 The camera captures Department’s head Matsumoto’s swollen calf, as Emily-san speaks.

 Wait, it’s really swollen! A-Are you okay?!

 ’Ouch, ouch, ouch… No, it doesn’t hurt! This is not an injury.’

 ’No, no, Department’s head, it’s clearly broken!!’

 ’Shh, shh, it’s really bad for the show right now. Oh, let’s cut here…’

 Department’s head Matsumoto kept emphasizing that she wasn’t injured, but it was pretty obvious to everyone that she was.

 I guess it’s really not possible to continue like this. It’s a shame, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

 ’What should we do? Should we ask someone from the other team if we can borrow a player?’

 ’Um… well, actually, we do have some insurance just in case…’

 Just as Emily-san was about to say something, someone walked into the gym.

 The spectators noticed and let out a scream that sounded like a gasp.


 ’No way!?’

 ’Why are you here!?’

 Seriously, it’s like he’s coming out at the perfect timing on purpose.

 But for this guy, that’s just normal.

 Keito flashed a happy smile, showing hrt teeth. Next to hrt, Ui had a big smile on her face too.

 ’Emily-san… I hopped on a plane to fulfill our promise for a second date that I made back then with you.’


 And you’re saying it’s the second time?!

 Wait, are these two actually in a relationship?!

 I tried checking on social media, but the internet itself crashed.

 Well, yeah, I guess that’s pretty normal.

 It seems like everyone who was watching TV checked at the same time.

 ’Oh, Aqua-sama, thank you for coming!’

 Emily-san runs up to Aqua-san.

 ’Well, it’s not a big deal, but if there’s a situation like this, you don’t have to go all the way to Okinawa for a sports date… I mean, even if I say that, Emily-san is the type of person who would do something like that.’

 Aqua-san shows a smile and pats Emily-san’s head.

 Wow, that’s nice… Even I, Keito, and Ui can’t help but pat our own heads.

 ”Wait, so Emily-san had promised to go on a date with Aqua-kun, but used that date for this?”

 ”Yeah, that’s what it looks like. Wow… Emily-sama is just too nice! She’s so cool!!”

 How many women in Japan would actually use their right to go on a date with Shirogane Aqua for someone else?

 Yukishiro Emily… she’s so cool! I thought she was the second coolest person after my respected Kohina Yukari-san.

 Aqua-san is heading to Department’s head Matsumoto’s place.

 ’Department’s head Matsumoto, that sideways jump earlier was too cool. Please consider your age!’

 ’Haha, when I see young people working hard, I can’t help it… you know. So, that’s how it is. Can we count on you later? You’re our hero.’

 Aqua-san nodded at Department’s Head Matsumoto’s words and headed towards Nagahara-san and Kitamura-san.

 ’Hey, look behind you!’

 The two turned around and their eyes widened.

 ’Nari! If you give up so easily, you’ll never make it as a pro!’

 ’Miyabi!! Don’t hesitate! Your pass can make Nari the strongest!’

 ’Both of you, show some determination!’

 What were they up to…

 ’Aqua-sama, is that…?’

 ’I received a call from Emily-san, and immediately confirmed the situation with Kanon. Kaede helped too, and we asked everyone from the mini basketball team they played with when they were kids to come along. Sorry, that’s why I’m a little late.’

 The caption on the screen read, “Unfortunately, the program was not involved in this matter, so there is no footage available.

 So, that means Aqua-san is acting out of goodwill, regardless of the program, right?

 Hmm… I see. No wonder Keito and Ui are so captivated, and my idol Kohina Yukari-san is also fond of him.

 You’re just a little too cool, aren’t you?

 By the way, make sure to contact the staff and have them record the footage. The girls in this country want to see you working hard, you know.

 Well, actually, imagining you working hard in the background makes my heart race and fills me with excitement.


 ’I wonder what synchronized’s breathing is like here too?’

 Aqua-san pats Manager Kirika on the head.

 Hehe, it’s amazing that that scary Kirika manager has a normal girl’s face.

 ’That’s why you two are at your physical limits, right? Let’s take turns. It’s okay, leave the rest to us.’

 Ah… Two children emerge from among the children who rushed to cheer them on.

 The Solution Night Counseling Team, which had replaced three players, regrouped in a circle.

 Of course, it was Department’s Head Matsumoto who took the lead.

 ’Well, we only have five minutes left, but let’s all do what we can.’

 The next person to speak up was the manager of the mini basket team that rushed to the scene.

 ’You guys must have experienced matches like this many times when you were in elementary school! Remember the passion you felt back then!!’

 The players smile as they remember the past.

 The next person to speak up was Kitamura-san.

 ’I… want to turn the tables! I want to win!!’

 ’Same! Miyabi, I want to win too!’

 Nagahara-san responds to Kitamura-san’s voice.

 Everyone nodded at those words.

 I remember Keito’s words. I see…this is the real thing you’re looking for.

 ’Okay, if we win, let’s all go eat Okinawan food! We’ll use the program’s money or the director’s pocket money!!’


 Hehe, hehe, Emily-san is surprisingly good at joking.

 It’s true that she may look similar to Mikuni-sama when she was younger, but I think she’s somehow more approachable.

 ’Hey, you guys. I’m sure you understand, but don’t cut corners.’

 ’Yes, coach!’

 And professionals also take this seriously.

 When I saw that, I thought it was okay even though I don’t usually watch sports.

 ’The game resumes.’

 As the ball enters the court once again, a fierce back-and-forth battle unfolds.


 ’Aqua is soooo amazing!’


 Cheers resembling the screams of melting brains echo through the gymnasium.

 Yeah, Aqua-san is just casually hitting three-pointers and dunking like it’s nothing.

 I mean, anyone would think he’s cool no matter who sees him. He really is like the prince charming girls dream about.

 Keito, Ui, and even I couldn’t help but think he’s cool.

 There’s probably only a few girls like Kohina Yukari-san who can casually interact with someone like him.

 ’Miyabi, I’m counting on you!’

 ’Nari, leave it to me!!’

 In this crucial moment, Kitamura-san scores a three-pointer.

 It’s amazing. She’s truly skilled.

 After that, the Resolution Night Counseling Team continued to fight desperately for the remaining five minutes, even though they were changing players.

 And now, it’s the final play. Two wheelchair players mark Kitamura-san, with only 10 seconds left on the clock.


 Kitamura-san was bewildered, unable to find an opening against the double team.

 But just then, she raised her hand.


 Kitamura-san believed that she would definitely deliver the pass to her.

 With that in mind, Nagahara-san started running. The opponent’s ace player and captain tried to block the passing lane between the two, but Aqua-san and Emily-san, who had returned to the pitch, worked together in perfect harmony, opening up the path between them like a screen.

 ’Go! Scoreee!’

 It was the final play. Nagahara-san leaped, trusting that the pass would come.


 ”Just slam it in!”


 We stood up in front of the TV, shouting at the top of our lungs.


 In mid-air, Nagahara-san caught Kitamura-san’s ball and slammed it into the ring.

 At the same time, the buzzer sounded, signaling the end of the game. Everyone erupted in excitement.

 Even the professional players who had been on the court for the full ten minutes showed faces of satisfaction and flashed smiles.

 Kitamura-san looked up at the sky as the buzzer sounded, while Nagahara-san collapsed on the court, sprawled out.

 ’Ohhh! I’m so disappointed that we lost!!’

 ’Really, I’m incredibly disappointed!!’

 Of course, the professionals won the game.

 Well, it’s only natural to think that way. They won’t have any dramatic comebacks like in a movie.

 The pros were serious about it too, marking Aqua-san and Nagahara-san, and even crashing into two wheelchair players who were passing the ball. As a result, they lost fair and square.

 But I thought it was alright.

 The three of them, losers and winners on the other side of the TV, applaud both sides.

 The players and coaches from both teams stand in line and shake hands.

 ’Yeah, so even though we lost the game, how was it for you two?’

 Emily-san points the microphone towards Kitamura-san and Nagahara-san.

 ’It was amazing. Thank you. Really, thank you so much!’

 ’For me too, I never thought it would turn out like this when I first asked for help. Emily-san, Manager Kirika, Department’s Head Matsumoto, Aqua-san, and also the staff and everyone from the opposing team, and the audience who came today, thank you so, so much!’

 Emily-san and Aqua-san hugged each other with big smiles.

 Seeing this, Aqua-san called out to everyone excitedly.

 ’Alright, guys! We’ve worked up a good sweat playing basketball, so let’s go grab some food together! After all, we’re in Okinawa, so why not make the most of it?’

 Aqua-san invited the opposing team and even the spectators to join them.

 Of course, no one turned down the offer.

 ’Nah, Aqua-kun. The spectator seats are already packed with over 100 people. There’s no way we can fit that many people anywhere…’

 ’Well, in that case, let’s just rent out all the restaurants on Kokusai Street. And hey, anyone who eats there today, it’s on me!’

 ’What!? Really!?’

 Aqua-san called out to everyone once again.

 ’Since we’re all here, let’s invite your friends and family, and have a great time together!’

 Wow, Aqua-san really knows how to make things exciting…

 Afterward, Aqua-san actually went ahead and rented out all the restaurants on Kokusai Street and the surrounding area, and everyone had a feast.

 They even managed to involve local residents and tourists passing by.

 ”Aqua-kun is something else. He’s not just an idol, he’s a star. He gives off this feeling of being a big star from the good old days that everyone holds in their hearts. Maybe being a guy doesn’t even matter anymore, or it’s not the category he belongs to.”

 Keito’s words made me and Ui nod in agreement.

 The VTR ended with everyone smiling and eating together after their battles.

 ’sniffle, sniffle… sob’

 And right after the VTR, Kohina-san burst into tears.

 The secretary, Tsukimachi-san, sitting next to her, gently pinched her nose.

 ’That was good. Really good. You did a great job too.’

 ’Oh, no, not really. In the end, it was the residents who cooperated with the investigation and contacted Kitamura-san’s house, Aqua-sama came to help, and Department’s Head Matsumoto looked cool. I didn’t do anything special.’

 ’That’s not true. Everyone moved because you worked hard. Nobody listens to someone who doesn’t put in the effort.’

 I nod along with Kohina-san’s words. I think it turned out this way because Emily-san worked so hard.

 Kohina-san is truly a wonderful woman who pays attention to those things.

 ’Oh, by the way, as a result of working too hard, Department’s Head Matsumoto got scolded by the doctors at the hospital again.’


 The studio burst into laughter upon seeing Department’s Head Matsumoto in crutches.

 ’Department’s Head Matsumoto, while we’re at it, do you have anything to say to the young people watching TV?’

 ’If there’s one thing I want to tell everyone in front of the TV, it’s this.’

 Department’s Head Matsumoto showed a determined face.

 ’What happens twice happens three times! Everyone, be careful of injuries and enjoy sports!’

 Hahaha, that’s right!

 It’s a perfect punchline.

 ’Wait, Kohina, you won’t talk about Aqua-sama!?’


 What do you mean, no!? Is that even an answer!?

 ’Somehow, it’s annoying to touch someone so cool.’

 ’That’s so unfair!’

 Aqua-san immediately responds to Kohina-san’s comment.

 Upon hearing that, Kohina-san quickly fires back.

 ’You should be swooning over the basketball player you made contact with more! Remember, the ace of the other team, the one with big breasts!!’

 ’Even though I tried not to think about it during the game, don’t remind me!!’

 Hahaha, the studio becomes lively with their usual banter.

 ’Ayana-chan, maybe it’s better to stay away from that person after all.’

 ’Yeah, really. I thought he as cool, too.’

 But you also likes Aqua-san, right?

 Even I, who is not a fan of Tsukimachi-san, can tell.

 ’Sayamu Inko-san, what do you think?’

 ’Okinawa trip sounds awesome. I wanna go there too. Okinawa, hell yeah, Nankurunaisa!’

 Yeah, Okinawa is definitely cool.

 So, hey, how about this summer vacation we all go to Okinawa together?

 ’Alright, Ayana-chan. What’s the next request?’

 ’Well, the next client, Tamura-san, lost her point card inside her house. Can you help her find it? Yeah, that’s the deal.’

 ’Ugh! Why do we get such a lame request right after the previous one! I mean, come on! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? It should’ve been the last one! Why do we have to do this second!’

 Laughter erupts from the studio.

 ’Counselor Tenga Akira stepped in to resolve this issue.’

 ’Yeah, so, I’ve been desperately looking for the point card. Check out the VTR of my search!’

 Once the screen changed, Tenga-san visited a regular person’s house.

 ’Hey there, I’m Tenga Akira, the problem-solving night counselor.’

 ’What!? Tenga-senpai!?’

 ’Yeah! I’m here to help!!’

 The person from the house hurriedly came out and looked happy upon seeing Tenga-san’s face.

 And hey, there were TengaGoods at the entrance, so fans must be thrilled.

 ’So, about the missing points card…’

 ’It’s a point card from a local electronics store, and I actually saved up to 100,000 points.’

 Wow, that’s definitely not something you can give up on.

 ’However, it can’t be reissued… and the expiration date is today. So, before giving up, I thought it’s my last chance and applied for help.’

 ’I see, do you know where you might have dropped it?’


 So, the client leads Tenga-san to the staircase that connects the entrance and the second floor.

 ’It seems that when the package arrived, I hurriedly went down from the second floor to the first floor with my wallet. The wallet slipped out of my hands and probably fell somewhere around the gap in the staircase.’

 ’Is it around here?’

 ’Yes, here.’

 Huh? Such a thin gap!

 ’I think I kicked it accidentally in a rush.’

 ’I see… Maybe you have some thick cardboard or something?’

 The client hands Tenga-san the cardboard, and Tenga-san inserts it into the gap in the staircase and starts shaking it.

 ’No luck’

 ’That’s right.’

 Yeah, normally it would catch onto something, right?

 At first, I thought it was a silly request, but before I knew it, the three of us were leaning forward, glued to the TV.

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