Male Idol V13c18

Volume 13 Chapter 18 Sakura Yukana, Solutions Night Counseling, Part Three

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’It didn’t catch it.’

 ’Oh, what?’

 ’But, just because it didn’t catch doesn’t mean it’s not in there. I brought a fiber scope just in case for situations like this!’


 Tenga borrowed the fiber scope from the staff and inserted it into the gap.

 Wow, it’s pretty clear in here!

 Wait, isn’t the card here?

 Despite adjusting the fiber scope’s position, the point card was not visible on the monitor.

 ’Hmm, maybe it wasn’t dropped here after all?’


 Tamura-san, the client, paled.

 What if it’s really not here?

 But we have the VTR, so it can’t be missing, right?

 ’Maybe we should check other places for possibilities, just in case.’


 Tenga-san inserted the fiber scope into other empty spaces.

 Then, with a caption that read “Several tens of minutes later,” a digest video of Tenga-san searching various places played.

 ’Hmm, as I thought, it’s not here.’

 ’I’m sorry!!’

 Tamura-san quickly apologized to Tenga-san and the staff.

 In the end, it wasn’t anywhere, even after checking the wallet.

 Huh? Is this the end? There are cases like this too!?

 ’I’m sorry. It might have been my mistake, maybe I dropped it somewhere else…’

 ’No, since we’re already here, let’s take another look at the first place.’

 Tenga-san suggested inserting the fiber scope into the initial gap once again.

 Yeah, no matter how many times we look, it’s not there.


 Tenga-san noticed something.

 Huh? Did you find something?

 ’This, there’s another gap from here…’

 Oh, really!

 It was hard to see at first, but it looks like there’s another gap that connects to the other side.

 ’It’s unlikely, but maybe it miraculously fell through here and ended up on the other side.’

 ’I’ll take a look!’

 Tenga-san and the client, Tamura-san, went around to the opposite side of the living room and moved aside a small stand.

 ’If it fell through that gap, it’s likely on the other side of this wall.’

 ’I see…’

 Hmm, it seems like that’s as far as it can go.

 They might have to break the wall to go further.

 ’Understood. Let’s break this wall.’

 ’Is it okay? You don’t have to worry about the show, you know?’

 ’…Yes! It’s okay!’

 Tamura-san, that’s amazing. But how do they open the wall?

 ’So, I asked a professional for help.’

 ’Hello! I’m Yukishiro Emily from Saint Construction.’

 Wait a minute!? Huh? Not a counselor!?

 Emily-san skillfully destroys a section of the wall.

 ’Yes, that’s right. We had the professionals destroy a part of the wall.’

 Tenga-san, you’re ignoring the situation!?

 Kohina Yukari-san’s voice comes in, saying, “You should have played around a bit more!”

 It’s true! If it were Shirogane Aqua, the counselor, he would have spent at least 10 minutes here!

 Tenga-san reaches into the gap as if nothing happened.


 ’Did you find it!?’

 Tenga-san smirks and quickly pulls out a card.

 ’This is it!’

 ’Yay! Wait, huh? This is wrong. It’s my driver’s license that I lost before. Wow, I didn’t think I’d find it here. Wow, I look so young in the photo.’

 Does that really happen…?

 Huh? After all that, breaking through the walls at home, and what came out is a totally different card? That’s gotta be a lie.

 Tenga-san reaches into the gap again.

 ’There’s one more!’

 This time it’s here!

 Me, Ui, and Keito lean forward.

 ’This is it!’

 ’Ah, that’s…!? Isn’t that my bank card that I lost!! Oh no, I had it reissued, but it was still here?’

 Tamura-sannn! The tsukkomi in our hearts and the hearts of the viewers overlap.

 How many did you drop there??

 It’s a good thing that she noticed it when she happened to drop her point card, but up until now she hadn’t noticed it at all…

 ’Huh? There’s still one more left!!’

 This time, I’m counting on it!

 Everyone gathered in front of the screen, clasping their hands together and praying.

 Why do we have to pray for something so silly! I even added my own little tsukkomi there.

 ’I found it! It’s the points card!!’

 ’Yahooo! We did it!’

 Tamura-san and Tenga-san clasped hands, overjoyed.

 Wait, where did Emily-san go?

 While thinking about that, a caption appeared at the bottom of the screen.

 [Yukishiro Emily-san had to leave early for her next job]

 Kohina-san’s voice, “Huh? You mean she really just happened to come here for a part-time job, not for the show’s setup?” was followed by Aqua-san’s laughter, clutching his stomach.

 ’Now that we found the points card, what should you do next?’

 ’Since it expires today, I want to use the points to buy some electrical appliances right away!!’

 Tenga-san and Tamura-san are heading to a local electronics store.


 ’TENGA-sama is here!?’

 ’Akira-kun’s jersey is so cute!’

 ’Filming a program!?’

 Yes, the customers will be surprised too.

 Until now, it was not common for celebrities to go to places where they could be seen, but it was common for them to shop in stores reserved for themselves.

 But recently, there have been reports that people have given up on their sense of crisis and that everyone in BERYL is also shopping outside.

 When I see things like that, I think times have changed.

 Well, still, I haven’t seen anyone else like Shirogane-something-san who is happy to be sandwiched between girls on a crowded train after being suspended from school.

 It’s the first time in my life that I’ve seen a boy so happy about something like that. When I see something like that, I think it’s normal for Kohina Yukari-san to greet Aqua-san and say, “You’re an idiot, aren’t you?”

 ’Do you have anything you want to buy?”

 ”Yes! Actually, my daughter is graduating from college and starting a new life in April, so I’m thinking of buying her a robot vacuum cleaner… She’s not good at cleaning, you see.”

 I see. However, a robot vacuum cleaner is useless if the room is dirty.

 I introduced one to Keito’s room, but it got fired after just one day and now it’s smoothly moving behind me.

 ’Oh! Isn’t that one over there? Hello there!’

 Tenga-san called out to the store clerk and asked for their recommended robot vacuum cleaner.

 The store clerk, seizing the opportunity, brought out their recommended product, and as a result, Tamura-san ended up buying both the new life set and the robot vacuum cleaner, exceeding the points.

 ’I made a good purchase. Thank you so much!!’

 ’I’m grateful!’

 The two of them left the electronics store with only a robot vacuum cleaner.

 And hey, wait a minute! Why does Tenga-san have a robot vacuum cleaner too?

 ’We really made a good purchase. And I even got to meet Johnny.’

 Johnny!? The robot vacuum cleaner’s name is Johnny?

 As the screen switched, I saw Johnny diligently cleaning Tenga-senpai’s feet.

 Ah… he must have thought it was attached to him. Tenga-san is so cute when he does that.

 ’Well then, shall we wait until your daughter comes home?’

 Tenga-san and the staff hid in the next room, holding the robot vacuum cleaner that Tamura-san purchased.

 After a while, I saw Tamura-san’s daughter on the fixed camera that was set up.

 ’I’m home!’

 ’Welcome back!’

 Seeing Tamura-san’s smirk, the daughter smiled back.

 ’Hey, what’s up?’

 ’Hmm, actually, remember we were talking about buying that new lifestyle set before?’

 ’Yeah, we did. What about it?’

 ’I went ahead and bought it.’

 ’What?! Really?’

 ’Yep. And you know what…while I was at it, I also bought you a congratulations gift for your new job. Do you want it?’

 ’Huh? I want it! Mom, I love you!’

 ’Oh come on, that’s so sweet of you!’

 Tamura-san turns her face towards the direction where Tenga-san is hiding.

 ’Alright then, bring it over!’


 The daughter looks puzzled, not understanding what’s going on.

 Tenga-san receives the signal and opens the door, entering the living room with a robot vacuum cleaner in his arms.

 ’Hello there.’

 ’Huh? Oh! Whaaat?!’

 Oh, yeah. That’s how it usually goes, right?

 ”It’s bad for your heart if you don’t hear about it in advance.”


 I also agreed with Keito’s statement.

 ’Nice to meet you, I’m Tenga Akira from BERYL.’

 ’I know! I mean, I’m a big fan!!’

 The daughter opens the bag and shows him the Tenga-san goods inside.

 Ahh! The goods displayed at the entrance were the daughter’s!

 ’Oh, I’m so happy. Honestly, I’m even happier than a robot vacuum cleaner albeit a little bit.’

 ’A little bit!?’

 I can hear the laughter in the studio. We felt sorry for Mom (Karsan), but we all nodded and said, “Yes, we understand.”

 Tenga-san explains to her daughter why he is there.

 ’I see. I mean, your mother’s driver’s license photo is amazing.’

 ’That’s right’

 The two of them looked at the driver’s license they had picked up, smiling happily.

 Afterwards, Tenga-san took a commemorative photo with everyone and gave her daughter an autograph.

 ’Hey, I’ve got one more question for you, Tamura-san… Who do you like in BERYL?’


 Tamura-san stumbled over her words and looked away.

 By the way, that item at the entrance was your daughter’s, right? But there was something different in the living room.

 Tenga-san also noticed it.

 ’Tell me the truth!’

 ’Sorry. My favorite is Aqua-sama. I’m really sorry!!’

 Tenga-san burst into laughter at this.

 As the VTR ended, a serious expression appeared on Kohina-san’s face.

 W-what’s wrong?

 ’Tamura-san, this is my honest advice as a celebrity, but you should definitely avoid that one.’

 ’Wait, what!?’

 Even Tsukimachi-san, the secretary sitting next to her, couldn’t help but put a hand over her mouth and laugh.

 ’By the way, why did you work part-time? That wasn’t a joke, it was serious, right?’

 Oh, right, I remember now. The camera turned towards Yukishiro Emily, the counselor.

 ’When I went to Okinawa, in the end, the show covered my travel expenses, but they didn’t cover the souvenirs I bought for everyone. So I had to get a job.’

 Oh… really? It makes me feel so frustrated, you know?

 ’You didn’t have to go to such lengths to buy souvenirs!’

 ’I… I really wanted to treat Kanon to the famous Okinawan chinsuko cookies!! Just imagining Kanon enjoying the chinsuko cookies with a big smile on her face gave me the motivation to do it.’


 I could hear Kanon-san’s retort.

 Kohina-san nodded in agreement with those words.

 ’Ayana-chan, what do you think?’

 ’Um… The chinsuko I received as a souvenir was delicious. I think it was mango flavor.’

 Hmm, I didn’t know there were chinsuko with that flavor.

 Kohina-san looked surprised and turned to Sayamu-san, the advisor.

 ’I was reminded of my mom who is in Osaka. I’m thinking of giving her a call when I get back, after a long time.’

 ’That’s a good idea. If you have a good relationship, then why not?’

 I wonder what Kohina-san’s mom is like?

 I asked someone in the same industry before, but the only thing that’s off-limits in an interview with Kohina-san is talking about her family.

 The camera returns to Tenga-san.

 ’By the way, after this, I heard that the mom also bought the same robot vacuum cleaner.’

 Haha, is that so? I guess even for mom, it feels lonely when her daughter leaves.

 With that background in mind, I thought it was a good story.

 ’But then, I heard that the daughter who was living alone came back to the Tamura-san’s house because her room was too messy and there was no space for the robot vacuum cleaner to move. So, currently, the Tamura family has two robot vacuum cleaners.’

 No way! Everyone laughed at the unexpected twist.

 ’Also, I bought Johnny and brought it back, but the next day when I went to JYOSEI near my house to see Yamada’s household appliances, they were being sold at half price…!’

 Hahaha! That’s so relatable. I go around looking at different places and buy something, only to find it cheaper the next day. I understand!

 ’By the way, I have this image that Director Kohina doesn’t really clean, but what’s the reality?’

 Sayamu-san talks to Kohina-san.

 ’Of course I don’t clean.’

 ’Then, how about a robot vacuum cleaner?’

 ’I don’t need it. I have the fully automatic cleaning machine Useless Aqua at home. It even has laundry and cooking functions!’

 ’Oh yeah! That’s right! I just remembered now!’

 Hey, by the way, isn’t Aqua-san always hanging out at Kohina-san’s house?

 Huh? Tsukimachi-san looks tired next to Kohina-san. Are you okay?

 ’Well, that’s beside the point. Shall we move on to the next request? Thank you, Tenga Akira, for your help.’


 Tsukimachi-san clears hrt throat and opens the letter that was sent to hrt.

 ’Nice to meet you, counselors. My name is Matsumura, and I’m a high school student who’s terrible at sports. And I mean really terrible. Actually, there’s a dance performance at the end of our school’s physical education class, and I want to surprise everyone by performing the boisterous dance from Heaven’s Sword. Please, can you help me with my dance practice? That’s the content of the request… This person has been helping me with resolving it.’

 ’Oh, sorry, not Aqua. It’s Mayuzumi Shintaro.’

 Wow! It’s not Aqua-san, it’s Mayuzumi-kun!?

 Director Kohina Yukari looks really worried about this.

 ’I know everyone’s worried about me being the worst dancer in BERYL, but don’t fret. I was the most worried of all!’


 I didn’t expect Mayuzumi-kun to crack such a joke, it was hilarious!

 ’So, here’s the video for you!’

 When the video switched, there were Mayuzumi-kun and a woman who seemed to be the client, Matsumura-san, standing there.

 ’Nice to meet you, I’m Mayuzumi Shintaro from BERYL.’

 ’H-Hello, I’m the client, Matsumura-san.’

 Yeah, Matsumura-san also seemed a little worried.

 ’I’m really sorry it’s not Aqua.’

 ’No, no, I’m just happy that you’re here.’

 ’Honestly, I’m the worst dancer in BERYL. Also, not great at singing. Still, I’ll do my best to fill in for Aqua and live up to BERYL’s name. Thank you for your support!’

 ’Oh, um, yes. Thank you…!’

 Mayuzumi-kun is really sincere.

 Kohina-san in the studio, are you all watching? A voice says that Mayuzumi-kun is better than Aqua.

 Yeah, I understand. I get it, but the one we girls are weak against is overwhelmingly Aqua.

 It’s like he’s targeting girls’ vital points with precision, and there’s no girl who isn’t weak to Shirogane Aqua. After all, even Kohina-san sometimes pretends to be a girl. No one but him can do that.

 ’Well, first, let’s dance.’


 Matsumura-san dances along with the song from beginning to end.

 Yeah, the tempo was off, the movements were awkward, and I could tell at first glance that it wasn’t good.

 However, it seems like she understands in her head what kind of choreography is going on and where.

 That’s why I feel like all she has to do is move her body according to the timing.

 ’This is all about rhythm!’

 ’Rhythm? What do you mean?’

 ’Ah, I get it because I’ve been taught by Ichise-sensei too. Should we try doing it that way?’

 Mayuzumi-kun practices rhythm with Matsumura-san using a metronome.

 After that, they try dancing it again.

 ’Yeah, I think it’s better than earlier.’


 I definitely think it’s much better than before.

 But, I couldn’t do any somersaults, and I thought this still isn’t the quality the client wants.

 I mean, this boisterous dance is way too hard. And Aqua-san’s part is just insane.

 I didn’t realize it because he makes it look easy, but it’s difficult even for someone who can do regular exercise.

 ’Honestly, I wanted to figure it out on my own, but it seems impossible, so I called for help.’


 ’It’s Mizusumi Ichise-sensei, who is in charge of BERYL’s choreography.’

 ’Nice to meet you~’

 Oh, it’s Ichise-sensei.

 ’I have a suggestion, but I think it might be too difficult for you. Especially the part where you have to twist your body, do a backflip kick, and land…’


 ’So, here’s what I’m thinking. You can handle the easier parts in the first half, and then you can take over in the second half of Mayuzumi-kun’s part.’

 ’I see…’

 Matsumura-san glances briefly at Mayuzumi-kun.

 ’Yeah. The first half was getting better, so I think if you practice your part in the second half, you’ll be able to do it in time. I can teach you there too.’

 ’Got it. Mayuzumi-kun, Ichise-sensei, let’s do our best!’

 Sometimes, it’s important to make compromises.

 Even though it might be frustrating for the person, I think it’s better to focus on what can be done within the limited time.

 That’s why Mayuzumi-kun decides to join in and practice the dance.

 Go for it! And the next day…

 ’Alright, do your best!’

 ’Don’t worry, just do it like you always do.’

 ’Yes! Ichise-sensei, Mayuzumi-kun, thank you so much!!’

 It seems like the counselor Mayuzumi-kun and Ichise-sensei have reached this point.

 Matsumura-san heads to school with the staff members.

 While Matsumura-san attends classes, behind the scenes, the staff members explain the situation to the school and obtain permission for filming.

 And now, it’s time for the dance performance during physical education class.

 ’Alright, lastly, Matsumura!’


 Wow, even we who are watching are getting nervous.

 ”Go for it! Go for it!”

 ”I’m not good at sports either, so I really want Matsumura-san to do well!”

 I also cheer Matsumura-san on, along with Keito and Ui.

 And with the intro, the music starts playing.

 ’As the world becomes more and more violent, we keep asking ourselves questions over and over again. We keep fighting in pursuit of unanswered questions. I believe that one day this battle will end.’

 By the way, is it okay to sing normally in gym class now?

 I think the company prohibits humming that jazz…or rather, that Kass…

 ”Yukana-oneechan, that company went bankrupt a long time ago when Beryl was created.”

 ”A mysterious meteorite fell. I think it was the day after Aqua-kun asked everyone to sing freely.”

 Hey, that’s right. I thought the world was a good place.

 I concentrated on the screen.

 ’A conflict oscillating between ideals and reality.What do we see in this never-ending battle?The accelerating world moves on without stopping.We cannot overcome the past and sadness.’

 Alright! She’s doing great so far, no mistakes at all!!

 Actually, it’s going pretty well!

 ’I, me, strive to grasp the present moment!’

 Ah… Safe! Just barely made it. It was so nerve-wracking!

 ’Keep it up!’

 ’Go, Mihiro!’

 ’It’s all good, it’s all good!’

 The classmates also cheer for Matsuyama-san.

 On the screen, Tsukimachi-san, who supports her, is shown. So cute!

 ’In this intensifying world, I keep questioning myself. Searching for answers without a correct one. Is this really okay?’

 Nice! The flow from the start of the chorus is cool!!

 Cheers of excitement come from the students.

 ’Strength alone won’t solve anything. Thoughts alone won’t save anyone. Intensifying boisterous dance.’

 Yay! This should be enough if she has come this far!

 Now it’s just a matter of finishing Mayuzumi-kun’s part in the second half.

 But just when I thought that, three men come out onto the stage from the wings.

 ’However much you wish, however much you regret…’

 Yamada-kun! As the three of them appeared, the girls’ voices rang out with excitement.

 ’Things lost will never come back.’

 Kujaku-kun sings Mayuzumi-kun’s part.

 ’The whispers of the devil slipping into the heart’s gap.’

 And then, the last one to come out was Mayuzumi-kun!

 ’Can I overcome this weakness?’

 Even though Matsuyama-san was surprised, she was handed the mic and sang Aqua-kun’s part with great momentum.




 ’Go for it, Maruo-kun!!’

 Not only the students, but the teachers also stood up and made a big commotion.

 ’Do not doubt. Do not hesitate. Let’s uphold our ideals!’

 It seems that from here on, Kujaku-kun will handle Tenga-san’s part for both singing and dancing, Yamada-kun will take on Toa-chan’s part, Matsuyama-san will handle the part of Mayuzumi-kun, and Mayuzumi-kun will take on Aqua-san’s part.

 ’Once you decide to do something, never look back. Just keep looking forward. We have no choice but to move forward.’

 Wow, it’s the first time I’ve seen Mayuzumi-kun properly taking Aqua-san’s part like this.

 And they said they were both apprentices.

 ’I don’t want to give up on my ideals’

 Matsumura-san and Mayuzumi-kun stand back-to-back.

 From the audience seats, I could hear voices saying, “That’s amazing.”

 ’I don’t want to abandon reality’

 As I watched Yamada-kun and Kujaku-kun singing while facing each other, some girls seemed like they were about to faint.

 Are they okay?

 ’Ambivalent heart’

 After finishing the second verse, they seamlessly transitioned into the third verse.

 The energy in the venue was already at its maximum.

 ’I have to overcome it. Even if I can’t stop the needle of this world. Don’t give up! Stand up! Push forward!’

 Everyone joins the song and dance as if passing the baton.

 ’To grasp the ideal!’

 Matsumura-san makes this decision beautifully.

 This is the last important part of the Mayuzumi-kun scene, so she practiced it many times.

 The decision was made well, and the three of them jumped up and down.

 ’No matter what awaits us in the future. We believe that there is hope and keep moving forward. We don’t know what is the right answer. Still, we are not alone. We have friends who will walk with us! Pursue your ideals, keep fighting reality, intensifying boisterous dance!’

 And the final scene. All of thrm, the people in the gym, and the people watching in the studio, all opened their eyes.

 Surprisingly, Mayuzumi-kun pulled off that backflip Driver kick that Ichise-sensei said would be impossible to reproduce.

 Aqua-san, who got up from his seat and gave a fist pump, was overjoyed by this, even though his face was completely cut off by the wipe.

 ’Haah, haah…’

 Mayuzumi-kun caught his breath and tightened his grip on the microphone.

 ’After seeing Matsuyama-san’s determined efforts, I felt the need to respond and have been practicing desperately.’

 The footage showed Mayuzumi-kun practicing alone the night before, and on the day, it captured him practicing after seeing off Matsuyama-san.

 Of course, the footage also showed Yamada-kun and Kujaku-kun practicing with Ichise-sensei afterward.

 Wow, everyone is really putting in the effort, aren’t they?

 ’That’s why, Matsuyama-san.’

 ’Yes, what is it?’

 Mayuzumi-kun approached Matsuyama-san and gently held his hand.

 ’Don’t give up just because you’re not good at sports. I was also terrible at sports, but I managed to improve through practice. Compared to Aqua, I’m not as flexible, and maybe my footwork wasn’t great either, but effort doesn’t lie.’

 ’Yes… Yes!’

 Well, I guess compared to Aqua-san, that might be true.

 But I thought there was meaning in challenging things and accomplishing them.

 Mayuzumi-kun smiled, as he and Yamada-kun, Kujaku-kun, and the others joined hands and stood side by side.

 ’It was boisterous dance song of BERYL’s song. Thank you everyone for your support!!’

 The four of them bowed their heads, and the audience showered them with enthusiastic applause.

 Then, the camera returned to the studio.

 ’We let our guard down with the point card, huh~’

 Everyone burst into laughter at Kohina-san’s teary-eyed words.

 ’Ayana-chan, what was it like being a fellow idol?’

 ’It was really great! When I transitioned from being a child actor to an idol, I practiced dancing over and over again. It made me reminisce about those times, or rather, it made me feel nostalgic… Seeing the determination of Matsumura-san and Mayuzumi-kun and the others, I was inspired to start from scratch and put my heart into being an idol once again.’

 Everyone applauded Ayana-chan’s words.

 ’So, advisor Inko will also be dancing at the live show, right? What’s going on there?’

 ’Dancing is difficult, isn’t it? We dance when we do it in 3D, but I think it’s even more difficult in real life because you can’t fake it. That’s why Matsumura-san and Mayuzumi-kun are usually better than us. On the other hand, we dance in 3D. I thought I’d have to try harder. Yeah. We’ll do the backflip Driver kick at our next concert too!!’

 Sayamu-san, are you okay? You may have said it on the spur of the moment, but it’s something you’ll definitely be forced to do later on.

 Even though it’s an otome game, it’s difficult, so please do your best.

 ’Yes, then…’

 ’Wait, wait, I don’t have any comments!?’

 ’Huh? Do you have any comments?’

 Ahaha. The treatment of Aqua-san is really too rough.

 Normally, I think this would cause a fire, but in Kohina-san’s case, it was so hot that it turned into charcoal and couldn’t catch fire.

 ’From Matsumura-san’s initial state to reaching this point in just one day, there must have been considerable effort. But even more than that, once she grasped the knack, she improved rapidly, which means there is absolutely no lack of talent. So I thought that if she practiced more, she would become even better. That’s why I want to work together with her once I can do my part. Let’s do it next time!’

 Wow, Matsumura-san has no choice but to work hard on this.

 ’And Shintaro, you’re amazing! Let’s do the Backflip Driver Kick together and the Cartwheel into Spinning Kick Driver Kick next time!!’

 ’Oh, really? Are you going to do the Cartwheel too!?

 Mayuzumi-kun, it’s tough, but do your best.

 Maybe, Aqua-san is serious at times like this. Because his face looks really serious.

 ”Is the next live in Hokkaido? Ah, I want to go. I want to go!!”

 ”Calm down, Keito-oneechan. You can watch it online. Right?”

 Ui seems to calm down Keito, who is complaining.

 I wonder which one is the big sister…

 ”But live is better…”

 Well, I can’t help it.

 ”It’s no use saying things like that. There should have been space for a collaboration tour, but it’s probably sold out already, so we can’t do anything that’s impossible.”

 ”I know. But I still wanted to go.”

 Hehe, well, I understand how Keito feels.

 Even I wanted to go see what I saw earlier.

 ”Look, the show isn’t over yet, so let’s watch it together.”


 We turned our attention back to the TV.

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