Male Idol V13c19

Volume 13 Chapter 19 Sakura Yukana, Solutions Night Counseling, Part Four

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 *This is all a joke.

 ’Well then, Ayana-chan, the next one please!’

 ’Yes! Hi there, counselor. I’m Yukana Matsuo. My name might sound like a girl’s, but I’m a guy!’

 Whoa, no way! A boy counselor?

 The audience in the studio is totally buzzing with excitement.

 ’After hearing how much fun everyone at BERYL was having talking about school, I decided to start going to school too, starting from the third term. Thanks to that, I’m enjoying going to school now!’

 That’s awesome!

 On the screen, Director Kohina nods with her arms crossed, totally agreeing.

 ’But ever since I started going to school, there’s something about the girls in my class that’s really caught my attention…’

 The studio was buzzing with so much energy, I could practically feel the electricity in the air!

 Could this be love?! Or maybe it’s s*xual… eek, I’m getting so worked up, I might just get a nosebleed!’

 ’And that is…’

 Everyone gasped.

 Without even realizing it, Keito, Ui, and I all leaned in closer to the TV.

 ’It’s what the girls in class do after school – they have a ‘girls’ hangout’.’

 Oh, come on! That’s?!

 Inko-san, Kohina-san, and Aqua-san all chimed in, one after the other, totally surprised.

 ’So, I thought, why not try having a ‘girls’ hangout’ myself? But I have no clue what to do. Plus, I’m the only guy in class, so I don’t have any friends to hang out with. Counselor, please, I’m begging you. Would you hang out with me for a ‘girls’ hangout’? That’s what I’m asking.’

 ’I see. Well, we have just the right person for that here.’

 For sure. Everyone nodded in agreement with Kohina Yukari’s words.

 ’Yes! Hello there! I’m Nekoyama Toa, the counselor, and I went to make someone’s wish come true. Check out the video!’

 Still, Toa-chan is looking cute today, as always. Is he really a boy? Even though his gender is known, sometimes it’s hard to tell. Or is it just me?

 And the way Toa-chan’s jersey is all baggy, I bet the staff did that on purpose.

 ’Nice to meet you, I’m Counselor Toa Nekoyama.’

 ’Ah, nice to meet you too, I’m Matsuo Yuka, the one who asked for advice.’

 Wow, I see. Matsuo Yuka-san is also a cutie with a baby face.

 ’You said you wanted to try having a girls’ night out, right?’

 ’Yeah, I’d love to!’

 ’Got it… So, shall we get started right away?’

 ’C-Can we really…?’

 Toa-chan nods firmly in agreement.

 ’Yes, leave it to me! So, should we get ready for it?’

 ’Get ready?’

 When the screen goes all dark, a message pops up saying ‘Getting ready!’

 ’Yup, and just like that, we’re all set to go!’

 Whoa! Toa-chan is shown wearing Otomezaki’s uniform, and yep, it’s the one for girls.

 So cute. It totally suits him.

 ’Um… is this really okay…?’

 Oh, look who’s here! It’s Matsuo-kun, also dressed up in a girl’s uniform and a wig.

 Is that the uniform from his school?

 It’s different from the Otomezaki one Toa-chan is wearing.

 ’No worries, no worries, yit suits you, Yuka-chan!’


 Matsuo-kun’s face turns tomato red when he’s called ‘Yuka-chan.’ It must be a bit embarrassing!

 ’So, we’re thinking of having a girls’ party, but we’re a bit short on people. We need more!’

 Definitely, a girls’ night out with just two people is a no-go.

 ”So, I thought about calling my acquaintance big sister (Onee-sama), but she’s not around right now.’

 A caption pops up saying she is on a business trip to Stars.

 Ah, I get it. They must have filmed this while she was away.

 ’Also, Kanon-san seemed super busy with the girls’ night out auction, and Tsukimachi-san… well, she looked like she was going to die, so I felt kinda awkward asking her.’

 When Tsukimachi-san appeared on the split screen, she gave a wry smile, and then Kohina-san turned away, pretending nothing was up and started whistling.

 Hmm, suspicious. She had that ‘I’m totally involved in something’ look, just like Aqua-san.

 For Kohina-san, who’s usually such a good actress, to not be able to hide it? It must be something big. I wonder what’s really going on?

 ’So, I’ve called these two here. Please.’

 With Toa-chan’s shout, two girls come out from the side.

 ’Nice to meet you, I’m Shirogane Lapis from Beryl Entertainment’s Milk Dipper. I’m here today in place of Nii——Nee-sama who’s on a business trip to Stars.”

 Ah, she’s in the uniform of St. Claris! Cute!

 Keito, who was sitting next to me, stands up with a sloppy face.

 ”Lapis-chan, an angel!”

 Hehe, lucky you, Keito.

 She’s become a fan after getting a lot of fan service at the Beryl Cafe.

 ’Matsuo-kun, no… Yuka-chan! Nice to meet you! I’m Natsuki Sana from Beryl Entertainment! Leave bug catching and crayfish fishing to me!! Also, I’m good at digging bamboo shoots! Hahaha!’

 Sana-chan is always up to something you wouldn’t expect at a girls’ get-together…

 It’s like, she looks like a picture-perfect pop idol on the outside, but inside, she’s kind of offbeat, maybe?

 That quirky side of her is what makes her so popular on all those variety shows.

 ”Hehehe, Sana-chan, you’re such a character.”

 Ui chuckled, her eyes glued to the TV.

 She seemed genuinely happy to see her good friend doing well.

 ’Natsuki-san… none of that stuff is what you do at a girls’ hangout.’


 Toa and Lapis both looking a bit puzzled.

 Oh, how adorable.

 ’What!? When Inori-san, Emily-san, Fi-chan, and Haa-chan went behind the apartment to the wild hills for a girls’ hangout, it was just like that…’

 ’No, people don’t usually have girls’ hangouts in the hills… Wait, wasn’t that just a picnic?’

 Everyone nodded at Toa-chan’s quick tsukkomi.

 ’Huh? Emily-san said the backyard was so big it’s practically a garden, so having a tea party there is just the usual.’

 Hmm, I guess if Emily-san was having a picnic in the huge backyard, it might not look too different from a fancy lady having a garden tea party. That thought leaves me feeling a bit… I don’t know, funny?

 ’Okay, okay, let’s put that aside for now. What we’re about to have is just a regular girls’ hangout. So, Lapis-chan.’


 ’Lapis-chan, you’re Subaru-chan and Miyako-chan’s classmates, right? What do you guys usually do at your girls’ hangouts?’


 Toa-chan must be getting good at this from all his experience hosting live shows.

 Lapis-chan paused for a moment, as if she was thinking hard about the answer.

 ’Recently, we’ve been renting spaces to hang out, playing games together, watching live shows, buying snacks, chatting, and, oh, we’ve even tried making snacks ourselves.’

 Oh, really?

 In my day, I’ve heard stories about girls staying overnight in pink hotels, and things getting out of hand. Wel… that’s definitely not good. I think Matsuo-kun would be really put off if he knew about that.

 ’Yes, that’s why we rented a space!’


 Lapis-chan, Sana-chan, and Matsuo-kun all applaud in admiration of Toa-chan’s efficiency.

 Seriously, Toa-chan is so efficient. He’s even more organized than Aqua-san’s MC skills.

 Aqua-san is good too, but like Kohina-san, he tends to be more forceful than polite. That’s similar to the power-focused Morikawa-san. That’s why when those three join Kohina Yukari’s room, it becomes really interesting.

 ’Yep, that’s why we got to rent Kotono-oneechan’s house!!’

 ”’Manager Kirika’s family home!?”’

 A caption pops up saying, ‘This is in Shizuoka Prefecture.’

 I thought to myself, Manager Kirika is just a regular employee, a newbie, but ever since joining Beryl, things sure have gotten wild.

 ’Yep, I actually wanted to sneak into Aqua’s room and do it there, but after doing some snooping around, I realized it’d be bad news if certain things got on camera, so we borrowed Manager Kirika’s family home instead.’

 What kind of stuff can’t be shown on TV!?

 Does Aqua-san’s room have things that shouldn’t be on TV or something?

 ”Argh, I’m dying to know! I wanna take a tour of Aqua-kun’s room!”

 ”Hehe, what could be in there? Maybe if we ask Ruuna-chan, she’ll spill the beans?”

 Ui! She just had an ‘aha’ moment, but it looks like they’re not gonna spill the beans because of secrecy stuff.

 Ruuna-chan seems pretty chill, but she’s got her act together when it comes to that.

 ’Let’s go inside and check it out.’

 ’Wow, it’s a two-story house!’

 ’Oh! This entryway with the raised floor area, it kinda reminds me of Habu’s family home. It’s super comforting…’

 Hmm, interesting.

 Where was Habu’s family home again?

 I think it was way out in the countryside.

 Oh, that’s why Sana-chan is so good at catching crayfish and bugs.

 It all makes sense now. It’s like what Keito said before, you can really see a person’s roots in the things they’re good at, and it adds depth to who they are.

 ’Look, there’s even a traditional Japanese room with a veranda in the back!’

 Sana-chan’s eyes light up.

 Lapis-chan seems to be seeing a raised floor area for the first time, looking around with a lot of interest.

 ’Sorry, Yuka-chan. Maybe it wasn’t much like the girls’ parties we see online.’

 Yeah, the house is really traditional Japanese style, so it doesn’t have that sparkly, glamorous look you see on social media.

 ’No worries. For me, there’s something really warm about this place that makes me feel super relaxed. I was pretty nervous before, but sitting here in this Japanese-style room with the porch, feeling the gentle breeze, and smelling the tatami mats—it’s just wonderful.’

 Matsuo-kun, you’re such a sweet guy!

 But I get it. I actually prefer this kind of setting too.

 In winter, I’d love to sit under a kotatsu and eat oranges, and in summer, I’d want to eat somen noodles just like this.

 ’What’s upstairs?’

 ’Let’s go check it out.’

 Everyone heads upstairs.

 ’This room is Kotono-oneechan’s, so we can’t film in there. I wonder what the other room is?’

 ’It says it’s a hobby room.’

 ’If we have permission to film, let’s take a look!’

 When everyone opened the door, they were greeted by a room-sized diorama that took everyone’s breath away.

 ’Wow, look! It’s Zandam! And they even have one of ours!!’

 ’This is so cool, so cool, so cool!’

 Toa-chan and Sana-chan looked around the room with big smiles on their faces.

 ”Wow, I’d love to visit a place like this…!”

 Keito seems to like it, doesn’t she?

 But no way, if she takes it out, she never clean up after herself. I can already see a future where she drops pieces and they get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

 But if she promise Ui and me that she’ll tidy up after herself, then maybe we can get it.

 But no being careless and knocking it over. If she can keep it like Manager Kirika, who takes measures against humidity and keeps everything neatly in a case, then it’s fine. But I have a feeling Keito just can’t do that.

 ’Now I’m really curious about what the other room looks like.’


 Everyone exchanged glances after Lapis-chan spoke up.

 ’Okay then, I’ll just take a quick peek inside.’

 Toa-chan, getting a nod from Manager Kirika.

 He cracked open the door, took a swift look, and then shut it tight, nodding his head.

 ’Well, you know what? There were tons of Driver Goods. Especially Kenzaki and Heaven’s Sword.’

 Yup, that makes sense.

 Manager Kirika is a huge fan of special effects shows, so even without looking, you could easily guess what the room looked like.

 Probably filled with belts on display and a giant poster of Kenzaki…

 ’But hey, let’s put that aside. Right now, I want us four to have an awesome girls’ night out.’

 Oh, right! That was the plan all along.

 They got so caught up in checking out the house that they totally forgot what they were here for!

 ’At a girls’ hangout, chatting is what it’s all about. When picking a safe topic to start with, it’s usually best to go with Beryl or Aqua. So, Yuka-chan, who’s your favorite in BERYL?’

 Toa-chan leans in, with a hopeful look, and asks, ‘It’s me, right?’

 ’Uh, oh… I, I like Aqua-oneesama…’


 Toa-chan!? I hope the mic didn’t catch that tongue click, are you okay!?

 ’I’m done, I wanna go home!’

 Toa-chan throwing a fit is kinda adorable.

 ’Yuka-chan, I would’ve been happier if you’d thought of me and even lied saying it was Toa-chan.’

 ’Oh, I’m sorry…’

 ’Just kidding! Besides, your answer was perfect for a girls’ hangout. I mean, who doesn’t like Aqua? Except maybe Furia-sama. Anyway, stick to talking about Aqua, and you’ll get along with almost any girl.’

 Toa-chan was like, ‘You can’t say that!’ But then, everyone in the studio started laughing when Aqua-san’s voice came through, agreeing with a ‘That’s right!’

 Aqua-san thought he wasn’t aware of it, but yep, he totally knew that Furia-sama didn’t like him…

 Toa-chan started chatting more and more from that first topic. He’s pretty good at this, huh?

 ’Note to self…’

 Huh? I looked over, and there was Keito, scribbling away in her notebook.

 ”What’s up?”

 ”Just thinking this might come in handy for a girls’ hangout I’m planning…”

 Oh, gotcha. I didn’t know what else to say.

 Afterwards, the four of them just kept playing games and singing karaoke.

 ’Whoa, there’s a battle mode in the Suicup Cup game now?’

 A two-player battle mode?

 Lapis-chan looked sad every time her ball came out.

 But it’s all good, you’ll get better! I’m rooting for you, Lapis-chan!!

 ”Lapis-chan is so cute!”


 I’m looking at Ui and Keito with a warm smile while they stare at the TV with serious eyes.

 Both of them are taller than me.

 Since Aqua-san appeared, something big has changed.

 There’s a big debate going on about big vs. small breast sizes in Japan, also known as the “Great Breast War.”

 Before, the small breast side was winning, but now, because of a rumor that Shirogane Aqua prefers big ones, the big breast side is gaining popularity. People on the big breast side are now acting like they’re better than the small breast side, even though Aqua-san never said he only likes big busts.

 Recently, this issue has even been discussed in the national parliament, and Aqua-san himself made a statement saying he loves all breast sizes to try and calm things down.

 It seemed like things were getting so out of hand that Japan might split into a “Big Breast Empire” and a “Small Breast Federation.” I was really relieved when they started to work things out. I felt really hopeless when I saw people changing the Japanese flag online to have a breast shape.

 ’Hey everyone, how about we bake some cookies to wrap this up?’


 And just like that, the two-hour girls’ hangout came to an end.

 Matsuo-kun, who was super nervous at first, finally got to chat with everyone like it was no big deal. Awesome!

 Sana-chan and Lapis-chan, who helped out, had to head home for work, leaving Toa-chan and Matsuo-kun alone again.

 ’So, Yuka-chan, this is where the real challenge begins.’


 What’s that supposed to mean!? Even Kohina-san on the TV screen looks puzzled.

 ’That was just a practice run for the girls’ hangout. Now, let’s invite the girls from your class and have a real party!!’


 Oh wow, they’re really going all out!

 ’Everyone in front of the TV! Our ‘Solution Night Counseling’ is going this far!!’

 Everyone in the studio, including us, clapped their hands.

 ’Uh, but…’

 ’Yuka-chan, no, I wonder why Matsuo-kun wanted to have a girls’ hangout?’

 When Toa-chan asked this, Matsuo-kun looked surprised.

 ’You saw the girls in class having fun at their party, and you really wanted to join in, didn’t you?’


 Toa-chan nodded firmly.

 ’You know, to be honest, I was really scared at first. But because I took that first step, I’m having a lot of fun now. So, you see? I’m watching over you, so why don’t you gather your courage and take that first step too?’

 Toa-chan’s words carried weight and persuasion because of his past experience of being attacked by a woman.

 ’That time, Aqua saved me when I was like that. So now, I’ll be the one to support you, Matsuo-kun. Of course, everyone has their own pace, and if you think it’s too soon for you, you don’t have to do it. But you know… momentum is important! That’s what someone who always goes with the flow told me.’

 Morikawa-san and Aqua-san just popped up on the screen.

 They both had this ‘Who, me?’ look on their faces, but there was no one else around, right?

 ’…Got it. I’ll try to be brave like Toa-chan too!!’

 Well said! Kohina, the director, cheered, and everyone clapped super loud.

 And just like that, Matsuo-kun was off to meet the girls who had messaged him to hang out.

 ’Wait, is that M-Matsuo-kun!?’

 ’So cute!’

 ’He totally looks good on that girl’s outfit!!’

 The girls were totally shocked at first when they saw Matsuo-kun, but they all thought he looked pretty cool.

 Some guys dress up like girls to feel safe, but I bet Matsuo-kun never did that for school.

 And if there’s a cute guy around, girls would totally want to dress him up, right?

 If your boyfriend’s about the same size, you might even let him wear your clothes or match outfits for that twin look. Lots of girls think that’s super fun!

 ’Uh, um… you know…’

 Matsuo-kun stumbled over his words.

 Watching from inside the nearby location bus, Toa-chan whispered encouragement.

 ’Hey, if it’s okay with you, would you like to hang out with me for a girls’ hangout!?’

 At Matsuo-kun’s request, the girls were surprised and exchanged glances, then smiled and nodded in agreement.

 ’So, then, um, please be nice to me.’

 Matsuo-kun led the girls back to Manager Kirika’s house again.

 Arriving there, the girls seemed a bit stiff, maybe because of the unexpected turn of events.

 But Matsuo-kun managed to keep the conversation going, even when it faltered, by recalling the fun they had at the earlier girls’ night.

 Sometimes, Toa-chan would give advice through the earpiece, or they’d share cookies made during their previous get-together to liven up the mood.

 ’Um, everyone, thank you so much for today.’

 ’No, thank you, really!’

 ’Matsuo-kun, today was a lot of fun.’

 ’If you’d like, let’s do another girls’ night together soon!’

 After the girls’ hangout wrapped up without a hitch, Toa-chan popped out at just the right moment.

 ’Hey everyone, did you have fun?’

 The girls from the class were totally taken aback.

 ’You really hung in there till the end, Matsuo-kun.’

 ’Yes, yes…!’

 Toa-chan gave Matsuo-kun a thumbs-up for his effort, then turned to the girls.

 ’Everyone was surprised, right?’

 The girls were so surprised they couldn’t even speak; they just nodded their heads up and down like bobbleheads.

 Toa-chan chuckled, ‘Wow, you’re all so shocked you’ve lost your voices!’

 Toa-chan went on to explain the purpose of today’s show and what Matsuo-kun had requested.

 ’And this place, this is the childhood home of my former manager, Kirika Kotono!’


 Yep, that’s the kind of reaction you’d expect.

 Suddenly, everyone started looking around curiously.

 They had been buzzing with guesses that this might be Matsuo-kun’s house, but this twist was a total surprise!

 ’And guess what? The cookies everyone just ate were made by Matsuo-kun, me, Natsuki-san, and Lapis-chan! We all baked them together!!’


 The girls were so shocked that their eyes were darting all around.

 They were already excited about Matsuo-kun’s homemade cookies, but to find out they were also munching on Toa-chan’s cookies without knowing? No wonder they were surprised!

 One girl was like, ‘I should’ve saved some,’ feeling bummed out. Yeah, I get it, but honestly, leaving them out and letting them go bad would’ve been worse, so eating them was the right move.

 ’Keep up the good work, Matsuo-kun!’

 ’Yes, thank you so much! And I became a fan of Toa-chan today. From now on, I want to cheer for you along with Aqua-oneesama!’

 That’s awesome to hear.

 But I can’t help worrying a little if Matsuo-kun will start acting all weird like Ethan-kun.

 When the camera switched back to the studio, there was Kohina-san, all smiles on the screen.

 ’Phew, that was close. Good job, Matsuo-kun! You really did your best. But the real challenge starts now!’

 Toa-chan, the counselor, nods in agreement.

 ’I hope this becomes a chance for Matsuo-kun to start hanging out with girls more.’

 The studio audience bursts into laughter.

 For sure, starting with a girls’ hangout and then moving to a mixed group could be a way to go.

 Toa-chan must have thought this through; he’s so clever!

 ’I see, that’s what you did… As expected from the brains of BERYL. Alright, I guess I’ll join the girls’ hangout without making it obvious.’

 Aqua-san’s mumble is picked up by the microphone, and the studio fills with laughter.

 Only Kohina-san, Tsukimachi-san, and Toa-chan give him a deadpan stare.

 And yeah, it kind of makes sense that Toa-chan, not Tenga-senpai or Mayuzumi-kun, is the brain of BERYL. Hmm…

 ’Let’s forget the silly stuff, what do you think, Ayana-chan?’

 ’I think it was great. I was moved by Matsuo-kun’s courage to take that step, but I think it was because of Toa-chan that he could do it.’

 Yeah, totally. I feel the same way.

 ’What about advisor Inko?’

 ’Girls’ hangout, I don’t do it much, but I’m thinking we should all get together for a Holospray session after a long time. So, next time with everyone at Holospray…’

 ’Okay then, Ayana-chan, please take care of the last request.’

 ’Hey, wait a sec!!’

 Everyone laughed as Kohina-san ruthlessly cut off the promo.

 Amidst her bickering, the promo still got displayed.

 What’s this? She’s going to stream a girls’ hangout on Holospray? I might check it out if I get a chance.’

 ’Okay, so for today’s final request, I’d like to introduce it to you.’

 Ayana-chan, the host, a bit unsure but managing to keep the show going.

 Well, that’s makes sense. Whether Kohina-san or Aqua-san is in charge, having a secretary who can seriously keep things on track is a must.

 ’The last request is from Osaka Prefecture?’

 The crowd buzzed with excitement. No way, a request from Osaka?

 ’”I’m thinking of inviting an Integrated Resort (IR) to Osaka, so please give us some advice. Thank you!!” That’s right. The request was for Counselor Shirogane Aqua and… huh? Director Kohina went too?’

 ’Of course. I went to give a piece of my mind to Osaka for sending such a request to a minor!’

 That’s right!

 Kohina-san has common sense in these matters.

 ’Alright, switch the VTR!’

 When the screen changes, there’s Kohina-san, sitting smack in the middle of the conference room.

 And looking at the groveling Osaka governors, I can tell, oh, the scolding must’ve happened already.

 Along with Director Kohina-san’s ‘Why did they cut out the part where I got mad?’ came laughter from the audience.

 ’So, it’s about the IR, right? What’s this? What are you trying to do here? I don’t really care about attracting the IR, but do you really think people will come with this plan? Do you, like, underestimate business or something?’

 The staff members hang their heads at Kohina-san’s words.

 The people from the IR-related companies nearby also look flustered.

 ’I also think if it’s going to be in Japan, it should have more of a Japanese touch. It’d be better to emphasize the Japanese style, like making the hotels purely Japanese or even shaping them like castles, creating gardens in the style of dry landscape gardens, or building facilities that look like Zen temples popular with foreigners. Because, with this plan, it’s not much different from going to a casino in another country, is it? Is there really a point in doing it in this country?’

 I couldn’t help but nod along to that.

 Yeah, Aqua-san really has a knack for seeing things in a cool way, right?

 ’I mean, imagine creating a stage where you could have geisha and maiko performances, traditional Japanese music like gagaku and wadaiko, and even have shogi matches. It would be so cool to have a stage like a Noh theater where you could showcase kabuki and noh performances. And hey, seeing a sumo ring, like the ones they have in Las Vegas for boxing matches, and having sumo matches there would definitely get people excited, don’t you think? Oh, and I think it would be awesome to have calligraphy performances and flashy ikebana on the spot too.’

 Oh, speaking of which, isn’t it Aqua-san who’s coming up with the ideas for BERYL and Beryl’s artists’ live performances?

 I feel like I get where he’s coming from with this statement. It’s like he really understands what would get the audience hyped up.

 ’Well, if that’s the case, then instead of regular casinos, we could have games like Chinchirorin or Cho-Han, and instead of playing cards, we could use traditional Japanese playing cards called Hanafuda or Karuta. I even heard someone suggest playing shogi earlier, but we could make it more beginner-friendly for foreigners by reducing the number of pieces or making the board smaller so a game only lasts about 30 minutes. I think it’s important for people to first learn the rules and how the pieces move, so maybe we could even have competitive Karuta games in English, don’t you think? Once people understand the rules, I think it would be really exciting with some flashy performances.’

 ’Yeah, I definitely think that’s a good idea. The popularity of battle royale e-sports comes from having quick 20-minute matches back to back. If we use that as a benchmark, I think we could attract a new audience. Instead of being stuck in traditional thinking, expanding the base could ultimately elevate the sport itself, and I think it’s great that they all feel like unique Japanese culture. Anyway, I think it’s important to create an atmosphere where people can experience something out of the ordinary and really highlight the special feeling that can only be found there.’

 Wow, it’s so cool to see how successful people in one field can also rock it in other areas.

 They’re just bursting with ideas and they’re always thinking about how to make things interesting, rather than getting hung up on what’s impossible. I was really impressed by how they’re so gung-ho about taking on challenges and not just sticking to what they know.

 I totally get why people want to hire them as advisors for their companies on social media.

 ’Maybe we should create a unique street food area with a Japanese twist.’

 ’Yeah, like in a fancy area, but with a cool and eclectic vibe on the flip side. Offering Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki in a more casual way would be awesome.’

 ’On the flip side, we could also offer high-quality Kobe beef that would be a hit with international visitors.’

 ’Yeah, and hosting a matcha tea ceremony event or similar activities would really get everyone excited. Plus, we should involve other prefectures like Kyoto, Wakayama, Nara, and Shiga. Of course, it’s important to make sure that other prefectures also benefit, so make sure to handle that properly!’

 The staff and everyone involved kept taking notes silently as the two of them continued talking.

 Then one of them suggested, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be better if Osaka also had a toilet expo as the main exhibit?’

 That’s when the two started sharing their opinions about the expo.

 ’Do we really need to organize the expo in one place?’

 ’I think it would be more exciting if it’s spread out in different locations. I don’t see a reason why it has to be all in one place.’

 Wow, I never realized that I had this preconceived idea of organizing everything in one place.

 These two are really innovative and not constrained by such notions.

 ’Come to think of it, do we really need to build new structures in the urban areas? Instead, we should focus on replacing old buildings in places like Machimura. If we don’t take this opportunity, we’ll just keep using aging buildings indefinitely. We should use this chance to build new ones in those areas.’

 ’Yeah, the term ‘building boxes’ often gets a bad rap, but there are many contractors involved in construction and events, and they spend a lot of money on food and purchasing goods, so it actually makes a lot of sense. Large buildings are also important for passing on technology and developing new ones. Replacing aging buildings also contributes to earthquake preparedness. There are actually many benefits, but we should definitely highlight these points.’

 The show’s audience, including us viewers, were totally blown away.

 The two of them just kept coming up with one idea after another.

 ’Of course, we’ve got to make a profit, so let’s make sure to handle that properly. Ideal and reality are two different things, you know.’

 ’Yeah, yeah. But it’s good to have an attitude of pursuing the ideal. Passion is always what moves the world and people’s hearts.’

 ’Yeah, yeah, you’re starting to say some good things once in a while.’

 And so, the one-sided opinion submission, masquerading as an exchange of ideas, came to an end.

 Yeah, looks like they’ll be okay for next year’s expo and IR. Phew, that’s a relief.

 ’So, Aqua and I have successfully resolved this matter. Actually, the last one was the most ridiculous. Sorry, Tenga-kun, compared to this, the point card is better.’

 The people in the audience chuckled at Kohina-san’s sharp tongue.

 ’Um, everyone from the Osaka prefectural office, sorry for our director and counselor speaking out of turn.’

 The secretary, Ayana-chan, bowed her head.

 In response, Kohina-san said there was no need for her to apologize.

 ’First of all, the Crutch Department’s Head refused this request, saying it didn’t fit the theme of the show. It’s the fault of those bigwigs at the Osaka station for accepting it without permission! Well, I guess the station had its reasons, but let’s not do this again. It’s a waste to use Aqua like this.’

 Ah, I see. So that’s why the request was so different.

 Hehe, online they’re calling Kohina Yukari the Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, but I’m the only one who really understands.

 I think Kohina-san took charge of this episode’s director because that’s what she wanted to say.

 ’Can we get a final word from our advisor, Sayamu Inko-san?’

 ’Well, as a Kansai native, since the two of you have already said everything, there’s nothing left for me to say. Oh, wait, there is one thing! Aunt Setsuko, who lives nearby in Osaka, said that it’s better to stop because it’s not tasteful. Why does Osaka have to imitate a knockoff of Tokyo? If they’re going to change it, they should show more unique individuality like Hokkaido! They could even compete with the Republic of Great Udon by proposing a flour-based special zone or something!’

 With nods all around, the show came to an end.

 ’Huh? Keito, did you fall asleep?’

 I looked over and saw Keito lying on the table, fast asleep.

 She always have a habit of writing complicated stories, but she falls asleep as soon as she hear a complicated one, doesn’t she?

 ’Keito-oneechan, if you sleep here, you’ll hurt your body!’

 ’Come on, go sleep in your own room!’

 Ui and I carried Keito to the bedroom.

 Even though this kid has a big build, she still acts so childish!

 ’Good night, Keito, don’t overdo it, okay?’

 After tucking Keito in, I closed the door.

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