Male Idol V13c2

Volume 13 Chapter 2 Tsukimachi Ayana, This Person Is Really Annoying

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 I saw the news that Aqua is coming back even though the election isn’t over yet, and I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

 Well, maybe it’s not my place to say, but I’m really sorry….

 ”See, I told you. He’s the ones to blame for everything.”

 Yukari-senpai is happily eating the curry that Maron-senpai had prepared in advance.

 Yukari-senpai insisted on having the kids’ curry, so it’s super mild with zero spiciness.

 ”Oh, it might be time soon.”

 Ako-san murmurs as if she remembered something. Oh, you have some rice on your cheek.

 Ako-san, who finished eating the curry, puts the plate down and changes the TV channel.

 Oh, by the way, Mayuzumi-kun’s drama starts today, right?

 [Nocturnal Darkness]

 A new drama starting today has announced the main cast, with Mayuzumi-kun as the lead and Aqua and Haa-chan also appearing, but no other information has been revealed.

 Still, the anticipation is really high in the world because of the pre-release PV and the leak that Aqua will play the villain.

 I wonder how Aqua will be as a villain? I’m really interested because I can’t imagine it.

 We finished cleaning the dishes and eagerly turned our gaze to the TV.

 ””Oh, it’s starting…!””

 The sirens blare.

 A man runs through the streets at night.

 I caught a glimpse of his face earlier, maybe he’s Tsuwabuki-san?

 Since his name wasn’t mentioned in the main cast, he might be a guest for just one episode.

 ’I’m not a bad guy! I didn’t do anything wrong!’

 The man uses parkour to jump from building to building.

 He wears a hat pulled low to hide his face because a woman is doing stunts in place of Tsuwabuki-san. There aren’t normally actors who can do that besides Aqua, so it’s a common technique in dramas.

 ’Damn it! Damn ittttt!!’

 Excuse me, but Tsuwabuki-san really wasn’t suited to be the main character. When he plays a villain-like character in the third movie, his acting is very lively and he seems to be having fun.

 As Tsuwabuki-san shouts, the video changes from a downtown area late at night to a scene at a police station during the day.

 It’s only the first scene, but it looks pretty good. There’s a lot of attention paid to the detailed breathing, sirens, sound effects, and sounds, and the atmosphere matches the visuals at this late-night hour. As an actor, I had a feeling it would be a good work.

 ’The victim’s name is Kashiwagi Ayaka, she is 38 years old, lives with her husband and daughter, and works at Stellar Network, a state-run special ability research institute. She said that just after 10pm last night, on her way home from work, a strange man threatened her with a knife and told her to follow him. Afterwards, Kashiwagi Ayaka got injured when she scuffled with the suspect, but the man ran away thanks to the screams of someone who happened to be passing by. She is currently admitted to a hospital in Tokyo for treatment of her injuries and psychological care.’

 I see.

 So that connects to the opening scene earlier.

 Also, keep in mind that the setting is in the present day, but it’s a world where special abilities exist.

 ’The suspect has been identified. The man’s name is Toda Jirou, he’s 28 years old and currently on the run. Toda’s objective is to get access to the research data of the Stella Network that Kashiwagi Ayaka possesses. As evidence, Toda was recently caught on surveillance cameras having a secret meeting with a spy from some country.’

 ’Some country? Does that mean it’s Stars?’

 One of the detectives at the meeting teased with a smirk.

 Unfortunately, there are no longer any Stars in this world, you know.

 Ako-san, who had been watching the drama, sighed and faced the reality.

 ’Some country, indeed. Since that’s how the higher-ups decided, we shouldn’t mention the name of a specific country.’

 ’Yeah yeah, got it.’

 As the meeting continued, a woman with glasses sighed. When the passcard appeared, it said “Hanasaku Misuzu.” Hanasaku Misuzu is played by Awashima Chigiri-san, who was also in Heaven’s Sword with Tora-uma.

 She…recently, there have been rumors that she’s getting along well with Mayuzumi-kun. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard those rumors too.

 Because of that, this drama has been highly anticipated even before it airs.

 As the scene switches again, a monitor shows a news program reporting about the incident.

 ’Toda Jirou… Curly, there’s no doubt about it, right?’

 Inside the limousine, Mayuzumi-kun shifted his gaze from the monitor and looked at the person sitting in front of him.

 It’s really refreshing to see Mayuzumi-kun without glasses, but without them, his eyes naturally look a bit fierce, giving a completely different impression than usual.


 Playing the role of Curly is Kanon-san’s sister, Hermie-dono.

 She really looks like a beautiful doll. I heard that she looks just like a young Kanon-san or Mary-sama, so she’ll definitely become a beautiful lady in the future… She really looks like a fairy coming out of a painting.

 Maybe it’s because she lacks emotional expression, but there’s a strong presence that feels like something other than human.

 ”Oh… I see. That’s the type who relies solely on presence without any acting skills. I don’t know the extent of her acting range, but for now, she seems to be the center of attention with just this. Akocchi, you better choose your work properly. The type of work you take on will be completely different depending on the direction you train in.”

 ”Yes, yes, I understand.”

 Is it possible for someone like her to be recognized by Yukari-senpai…

 I wish I could be like that too.

 Having a presence, it’s one of the things I really want. But just because someone is beautiful or handsome, or even because they’re a guy, doesn’t mean they can always get what they want.

 When I see Yukishiro Mikuni, Kuga Reira, Shirogane Aqua, Yukishiro Emily, and even Kanon-san and Mary-sama, who are not actors but still have that special something, it reminds me that the world is not fair at all. But even so, I can’t bring myself to give up, which I guess makes me stubborn.

 I switch my focus back to the drama.

 ’They’re aiming for Stars too. So… I have to secure it first.’

 With a calm tone and expressionless face, I can’t tell what she’s thinking. She has a mysterious aura and can blend in with the scenery despite being a beautiful and unique individual… Huh? Isn’t that amazing in itself? Aqua is sweet to those close to him, but he doesn’t give in to flattery, so I wonder if he saw this talent in her from the audition show.

 I see now. I understand why people from Stars are drawn to Kanon-san and Hermie-chan more than Victoria-sama. Personally, I think it’s impressive that Victoria-sama, who has such overwhelming charisma, doesn’t envy her two talented sisters.

 But well, for me, there’s no way I can’t be jealous of Aqua. I like him, but precisely because I like him, I feel jealous. But more than that, I admire him and have a stronger desire to win. That’s why I feel jealous, admire, and like Aqua.

 When the car went underground and stopped, the doors opened, and a woman entered.

 ’As usual, this place is so gloomy.’

 I think Takami Hisano is one of the main characters.

 The actor Mutsumiya Seijuu takes on that role. She takes out a cigarette box from her pocket, taps it lightly, and takes out one cigarette and puts it in her mouth.

 I thought, no wonder she is called the Empress.

 Just with that one gesture or action, she can draw the viewers into the story.


 Hisano, who had the cigarette in her mouth, looks surprised when Mayuzumi-kun takes it away.

 ’Don’t smoke in front of kids.’

 Mayuzumi-kun crushes the cigarette he took.

 I see, he may seem blunt and intimidating, but he also has a kind side to his character.

 ’As always, you’re kind to even dolls.’

 ’I’m not a doll… I’m Curly.’

 ’A name is just an identification code. Even my name is fake. And you, a child… won’t be around for long. Despite being young, you have used you abilities too much, and there’s hardly anything left.’

 Hisano pressed Curly’s cheek with her index finger.

 Nice. Hermie-chan’s cheeks seem to be soft in a normal way.

 ’We, female ability users, have abilities that are different from male abilities. After all, our abilities are borrowed. Every time we use these extraordinary powers, we’re wearing away our lives. Just like this cigarette, once it’s smoked, only the butt remains. So, it’s easier not to worry about those who disappear.’

 Hmm, this person’s words may be rude, but maybe she’s not a bad person.

 Hisano took out a recording device from her cleavage and handed it to Mayuzumi-kun.

 ’Here, take this. The police are already on the move, so we better hurry.’

 After handing the recording device with the police investigation materials to Mayuzumi-kun, Hisano opened the car door and stepped outside again.

 She walked away from the car, with her back facing it, and took out a new cigarette, lighting it up.

 ’Yuck, it still tastes awful. But… at least it has some flavor.’

 I think it’s a good performance. In that last shot, I could really understand that Hisano actually hates smoking but is doing it for some reason.

 And then the scene switches, and I see a familiar woman being slammed against the wall.

 ’Seriously… you’re so clueless, Mai!’

 Oh, it’s Natsuki-san…

 Her hair is being grabbed by a girl, and she looks scared as she looks up at the girls around her.

 When I look closely, her uniform is all messy and dirty, and she has scratches on her hands and skin from makeup.

 ’You think pretending to be clueless will get you attention from boys, huh?’

 ’Totally. You’re not just doing it to Sakashita-kun from Class A, but even to the new school infirmary teacher.’

 ’That’s so annoying!’

 Natsuki-san gets slapped hard by the girl.

 Wait, her cheek is turning red, but was that a real slap? It’s clearly not one of those camera angles or fake stops that we often see.

 ’Hahaha, I accidentally pulled your hair out. But it’s your fault for having long hair, you know?’

 ’Hey, you know what? Why don’t you just cut your hair?’

 ’Oh, that’s a good idea. We can cut it nicely for you. Come on, don’t be shy!’

 No way…

 Natsuki-san, with a painful and pitiful look after having her hair cut by the girls, is being shown.

 So, that’s why Natsuki-san had short hair at the graduation ceremony…

 Wait, Natsuki-san didn’t have a name in the main cast, so this character is only for one episode, right? Does that mean she cut her hair just for a guest character in one episode?

 That’s amazing. It gave me chills.

 ”I was really surprised by this too. Natsuki-san, just like Aqua-kun, didn’t hesitate to do this because she thought it would look good.”

 ”Oh, I see. That’s fine. Beryl has a lot of kids who put in a lot of effort, just the way I like it. It seems rewarding to discipline them, and maybe I should transfer to Beryl too. Oh, that’s when Beryl should acquire our agency.”

 ”Stop it. Aqua-kun, Morikawa-san, and Emily-chan are already giving me a hard time with their unpredictable actions. If Yukari joins too, it will be too much for our employees to handle…”

 ”Well, in that case, you can use our company president as your underling. I’m sure she’ll be delighted. She’s a masochist, and she’s even more submissive than the new employees.”

 Haha… I chuckled as I listened to Ako-san and Yukari-senpai’s conversation.

 Of course, she must be joking, right? Yeah, let’s just pretend it’s a joke for Ako-san’s sake.

 Natsuki-san, even after her arm being hurted against the wall, managed to stand up somehow.

 Just by watching her back, I can tell how talented she is at acting. I wish she could do her best.

 ”Yeah! There’s no justice for those guys, so don’t lose! Keep going!”

 Hehe, Yukari-senpai really loves dramas and movies, huh?

 She always complains when there’s a bad actor, but this show has such high-quality performers that she’s really into it.



 In that instant, me, Ako-san, and Yukari-senpai, the three of us, exchanged a quick glance.

 It’s Aqua…


 When Natsuki turned around, Aqua, wearing a white coat and glasses, was standing there.

 Maybe he’s wearing a wig or something. His hair is a light blonde color, slightly longer than Aqua’s previous hair.

 Maybe because he’s playing a character in his 20s, I could feel a mature charm similar to when he played Seimei.

 I understood that the infirmary teacher the girl mentioned earlier was referring to Aqua.

 ’Kashiwagi, come over here.’

 Aqua understood when he saw Natsuki’s figure.

 Aqua took Natsuki’s hand and led her to the infirmary.

 ’Here, change into this. And use this to wipe yourself.’

 Aqua handed her spare gym clothes and a sheet to clean herself.

 Even in the drama, Aqua is kind.

 But, I wonder why. Somehow… I don’t really understand, but it feels different from the kindness of the character Aqua usually plays. I don’t know how to put it into words, but it felt like he was just playing the role of a kind man.

 Aqua, playing Makishima-sensei, took care of Natsuki after she finished changing.

 Her student ID says “Mai Kashiwagi,” but I wonder if she’s the daughter of Kashiwagi Ayaka-san, the one who was attacked earlier?

 ’Thank you’

 I wonder what this lingering feeling is…

 Even though Makishima, played by Aqua, seems really kind, my heart just can’t calm down.

 ’Kashiwagi, what happened to your hair?’

 Mai, looking down, trembles her lips faintly.

 Makishima saw that and gently touched Mai’s hair.

 No, Aqua doesn’t touch hair like that.

 Makishima’s figure somehow overlaps with Aqua’s, but I feel something different from Aqua.

 It was scary and unpleasant beyond words.

 ’Makishima-sensei… I, I…!’

 Tears drip onto Maika’s tightly clenched fist.

 Makishima gently places his hand on top of her fist.

 ’It’s okay. Take your time… okay?’

 Makishima simply listens to Mai’s story quietly. It seems that Makishima has been speaking to Mai after she was bullied multiple times.

 The trigger for Mai’s bullying was when she fell and lost during the relay race in elementary school, and the girls were jealous of her being comforted by the boys.

 Even though there are physical aids like actually cutting hair, and with Natsuki’s acting skills, it hurts my heart to hear about the various acts of bullying from her mouth.

 ’Kashiwagi… Let’s go to the police after all.’

 ’No. Sensei! I… I don’t want to cause trouble for my parents. And also…’

 Mai’s eyes tremble with intense emotions.

 ’I was forced… Forced to mast***ate… and… and they took pictures of me…’

 Wait a minute. Who came up with this intense script!!

 Aqua and Mayuzumi-kun are minors, not to mention Hermie-chan, is it okay to have such intense content!? Even children are watching, even if it’s late at night, you know!?

 Mai forcefully scratches her own hand.

 At first, I thought the wounds on the back of her hand were from bullying, but knowing that she was self-inflicted due to the pain in her heart made it even more painful in the depths of my chest.


 ’Don’t touch me!’

 Mai brushes away Makishima’s hand as he tries to stop her self-harm.

 ’Sensei… I-I’m sorry. But, I… I’m dirty…!’

 ’It’s okay. Kashiwagi… no, Mai.’

 Makishima took off his glasses and put them on the desk. Then, he took off his white coat.

 Wow, Aqua made a really cool face, but it was different from her usual smile. It was like a really cool face that seemed almost too perfect.

 It wasn’t the really cool face Aqua makes when people are thinking about naughty stuff.

 ’You’re not dirty.’

 Makishima said as he hugged Maia.

 Hey, hey, is it okay for the school infirmary teacher to do that with a female student?

 It feels forbidden and makes my heart beat fast.

 ’Re… really…?’

 ’Really. That’s why, come on, let sensei have a good look at Kashiwagi’s beautiful body.’

 Makishima slowly took off Mai’s clothes with skillful hands.

 This kind of thing comes from real experience, right? Yeah, I’m sure.


 Of course, from a broadcast ethics perspective, Natsuki-san’s n*ked body was not shown.

 At that time, the only man on the set was Aqua, but it still took a lot of courage.

 Even though it was just one episode, I recognized Natsuki-san as an equal actress who could do so much for just that one episode.

 At least, I and Yukari-senpai, who was smiling happily beside me, recognized her as an actress.

 ’You’re okay. I’m the only one on your side.’

 Makishima gently embraces Mai, who has taken off her upper body clothes.

 Mai’s back trembles slightly, possibly due to the emotions stirred by those words.

 While sensing this, Makishima smirks slightly at the corner of his mouth.

 Somehow, that expression seemed to overlap with that of a snake when it spits out venom.

 When the scene changes again, Kashiwagi Ayaka and her husband appear in the hospital room.

 ’Ayaka, are you okay now?’

 Is this person Ayaka’s husband, Kashiwagi Takaaki-san? He is played by Kamonohashi-san.

 I thought it was amazing that in this day and age, they can use two male cast members for small roles since the first episode.

 Both Tsuwabuki and I said we wanted to co-star with Aqua-kun again, and it seems that wish came true quickly. I’m glad about that.

 ’Yeah, I’m okay now. I’m sorry for worrying you…’

 ’Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad Ayaka is safe.’

 Oh… It feels like the perfect couple.

 It’s such a good scene that makes me wish I had a husband like that.

 Kamonohashi-san, you’ve really become a great actor.

 ’But more importantly, are you really going to be okay to be discharged normally tomorrow?’

 ’Yeah, I’ll be fine. But how about Mai? Is she calm?’

 ’Oh, well…’

 Takaaki showed a puzzled expression as if something was bothering him.

 ’What’s wrong?’

 ’Mai has always been a quiet child, but lately, something seems off. I hope it’s just my imagination…”

 Hmm, it seems like the father is aware that something happened to his daughter.

 The problem is whether parents can listen when that happens, or if children can speak up themselves.

 Maybe the mother noticed the bullying towards the child too, but she always pushed it away thinking she was fine, and that’s why such an incident happened.

 At that time, should I have just honestly relied on my parents? But if I had done that, they would have probably told me to give up on the entertainment industry.

 In that future, Yukari-senpai and Aqua wouldn’t have been there, for sure.

 That’s why I think it was good that I stubbornly stayed in this world back then. It may not be the right answer, but I learned that things are that complicated and that life always has different futures ahead of our choices. However, people who bully others are just jerks. I can say that with confidence.

 ’Okay, got it. If that’s the case, I’ll take this opportunity to take a long break and go home. I’ve been at the company for almost the entire week, leaving the childcare entirely up to you. Maybe I should try my best as a mother too.’

 ’Ayaka, you’re working hard enough, I think. But more importantly, I’m sorry. I should have noticed Mai’s strange behavior earlier.’

 Yeah, sounds good. With this, the bullying problem should be fine.

 I’m curious about Aqua, who plays Makishima, though. But if Mai was embraced by him, it wouldn’t become a bad memory, I feel.

 As the scene switches, a scene of the investigation team centered around Misuzu searching Toda’s apartment is shown.

 ’Is there any evidence left?’

 A woman in a white coat hangs her head low.

 Next to her, Misuzu silently reads through the documents.

 ’Kanae, don’t slack off. Find any clue about where he might have escaped to, even if it’s just a little.’

 ’Misuzu is serious, huh? Even if you say that, there won’t be any evidence. It’s already too late since we let him escape initially.’

 ’Even so.’

 ’Alright, alright.’

 Misuzu and Kanae are not only colleagues, but also good friends. I can feel the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere between them.

 Kanae reached out while sitting down, trying lazily to pull out a notebook from the bookshelf behind her. But, because she carelessly pulled out the notebook from the shelf, books and notebooks ended up falling on her head.


 ’Geez, what are you doing…’

 Misuzu let out a slight sigh and tried to pick up the fallen books. Then, a photo fell out from between them.

 ’What’s this…’

 Kanae stood up and leaned in close to Misuzu, looking at the photo.

 ’Oh? It’s Shinozaki.’

 ’Do you know him?’

 ’Yeah. He was a kid I knew from the same research lab at university… Where was it again? Oh! I remembered. I’m pretty sure this kid got a job at Stella Network.’


 Wow, I see.

 So, since they failed with the first target, they’re going after the next one.

 The investigation team, including Misuzu, decided to head towards Shinozaki, leaving a few people behind.

 As they did, a cat appeared on the screen.

 Wait, huh? Isn’t this the white one that Aqua entrusted to Emily-san?

 ’It seems like the investigation team headed towards Shinozaki. Seriously, they fell right into a trap… Well, I guess it’s easier to move that way.’

 Huh!? This cat can talk!?

 Well, its mouth isn’t open, so maybe this is its thoughts?

 The collar around its neck shines brightly.

 Oh, I see, it’s a communication device.

 ’Got it… Shun.’

 Then the scene changes, and we see Makishima and Mai after everything is over.

 ’Sensei, I… actually, I’ve always wanted someone to rely on like this…’

 ’Mai, you always work so hard and endured so much. It must have been really tough. But don’t worry, I’m the only one who truly understands you.’


 Ah… This feeling is really not good, you know?

 Her parents were planning to talk to her, but why did the timing have to be so bad?

 If her parents had just talked to Mai a little earlier, I feel like this wouldn’t have happened.

 ”Mai, you absolutely have to stop that!! Adults who take advantage of a child’s weakness and try to control them are just so damn awful!!”

 Me and Ako-san nodded in agreement with Yukari-senpai’s words.

 ’Mai isn’t at fault. Who do you think is to blame?’

 ’…The girls who bully me.’

 ’Yeah, that’s right. But what about the adults around Mai who knew she was being bullied? Even I (boku), who just started at this school as a substitute teacher on maternity leave a month ago, noticed. There’s no way the adults around Mai didn’t notice, right?’

 Mai’s eyes trembled with emotion. I used to like Aqua who played this character, but now I hate him.

 After all, he’s the type of adult I hate the most.

 Makishima gently spoke to Mai while running his fingers through her hair.

 ’Are all these adults and the world really not at fault for leaving Mai like this? I (ore) mean, you sent me an SOS, asking for help, but other teachers, your parents…even your classmates, they all knew, yet they abandoned you, Mai.’

 ’It’s terrible… I, I endured all alone like this, even today it hurt, but no one came to help me… I heard people passing by the restroom, my voices should have reached them! I won’t forgive my classmates and the adults who abandoned me… my dad is always busy with mom, and mom is always focused on work, they don’t care about me!!’

 In that moment when “boku” changed to “ore,” I felt like I caught a glimpse of Makishima’s true feelings.

 And for just a moment, the screen showed a flashback scene of Makishima leaning against the wall in front of the restroom.

 ”Hey, this guy is really pissing me off! He’s just abandoning Mai!”

 ”Yukari, stop!”

 Ako-san and I try to hold Yukari-senpai back.

 Ah, this is Yukari-senpai when she’s completely absorbed in her work.

 ’Mai, I… I want to change this shitty world. Will you help me?’


 ’Yeah, it has to be you, Mai. So… come with me. Mai, let’s go together.’

 ’Yes, Makishima-sensei…!”

 Makishima smiles at Mai, as if he’s glued to her.

 But his eyes seem empty, like he’s looking at Mai but not really seeing her.

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