Male Idol V13c20-2

Volume 13 Chapter 20 Bulletin Board, Solution Night Counseling, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

From 1-900 is the live broadcast, and from 900 onwards is the after-sales bulletin board

[Part 2/2]
[New Show] Solution Night Counseling [BERYL]
500 Anonymous
Had to leave because there’s another job. LOL
501 Anonymous
Local electronics store is buzzing!
502 Anonymous
Even people in the back and office came out. Haha, that’s funny! LOL
503 Anonymous
If you don’t like cleaning, maybe skip the robot vacuum
504 Anonymous
A robot vacuum won’t help much if your house isn’t clean
505 Anonymous
Bought new stuff for her new life, but with wall repair costs, it’s negative
But meeting Tenga-senpai is a win!
506 Anonymous
507 Anonymous
Johnny LMAO
508 Anonymous
People were talking about “Johnny” on social media
Thought it was a pet, but it’s a robot vacuum. LOL
509 Anonymous
TENGA people are confused after the mysterious Johnny’s identity is revealed lol
No one saw that coming. LOL
510 Anonymous
Johnny is trying to suck up Tenga-senpai! LOL
511 Anonymous
Johnny says, “Trash, found! Trash, found!”
512 Anonymous
Johnny! Tenga-senpai isn’t trash!
513 Anonymous
Daughter’s home!
514 Anonymous
Huh? Poison Chalice’s Axter?
515 Anonymous
Oh, the daughter is a Tenga fan!
516 Anonymous
Exciting! Exciting!
517 Anonymous
Here it comes!
518 Anonymous
Meeting Tenga-senpai!
519 Anonymous
Happier than a robot vacuum! LOL
520 Anonymous
I get it, but think about mom too. LOL
521 Anonymous
Mom’s old driving license photo is so young!
Looks just like her daughter
522 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, listen to that lol
523 Anonymous
Client, Tamura-san, is an Aqua-sama fan. LOL
524 Anonymous
Makes sense. Older folks love Aqua-sama
If he likes Hakuryuu-sensei, maybe they have a chance too
525 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LOL
526 Anonymous
That’s true
Once you fall into Aqua-sama’s fandom, you can’t get out
527 Anonymous
Haha, you got that right!
528 Anonymous
As expected from Kohina Yukari
Really dove into Emily’s part-time job! LOL
529 Anonymous
Buying everyone souvenirs is too kind
530 Anonymous
When I heard “mango-flavored chinsuko”, I had some naughty thoughts. Maybe I’m a bit dirty-minded
531 Anonymous
Don’t worry, I thought the same
532 Anonymous
Me too
533 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Me too! Me too!
Maybe Emily-sama feels the same way!
534 Anonymous
Hey, hey, don’t lump Emily-sama with you, okay?
535 Anonymous
No way
Emily-sama just wanted to give Kanon-sama some mango-flavored treats because she’s nice like that
536 Anonymous
Don’t compare her to you!
537 Anonymous
538 Anonymous
By the way, hasn’t Inko been stuck in the city since moving there for that otome game?
The office says it’s okay to go home once in a while
539 Anonymous
She says if she goes home once, she might lose heart and not come back
So we’ve got to keep encouraging Inko to play that otome game, even if it’s tough, so she can come home sooner
540 Anonymous
I didn’t know there was such a deep meaning behind playing otome games
541 Anonymous
Two robot vacuum cleaners LMAO
542 Anonymous
Mom is so LOL
543 Anonymous
Throwing a sale at JYOSEI! LOL
544 Anonymous
If Johnny’s half-off, count me in! LOL
545 Anonymous
Fully automatic vacuum cleaner Useless Aqua!?
546 Anonymous
I want that too!!
547 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Are they selling it at JYOSEI?
548 Anonymous
With laundry, cooking, and… extra “s*x” features!?
549 Anonymous
Don’t add features on your own! LOL
550 Anonymous
With extra “s*x” features? That’s awesome
I’d use it every day
551 Anonymous
Next request, a dance?
552 Anonymous
Thought it was Aqua-sama coming, but it turned out to be Mayuzumi-kun
553 Anonymous
Go for it, Mayuzumi-kun!!
554 Anonymous
As a Mayura, my heart’s starting to race!
555 Anonymous
Being a Mayurist, I totally believe Mayuzumi-kun can do it!
556 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is awesome
557 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is just right, you know?
He matches Aqua-kun’s pace perfectly. Aqua-kun leads the way at the front, making sure no one falls behind, and Mayuzumi-kun is at the back, making sure everyone’s keeping up
558 Anonymous
559 Anonymous
560 Anonymous
Oh, I get it now..
561 Anonymous
This seems kinda tricky, huh?
562 Anonymous
Actually, it’s a good thing Mayuzumi-kun is here
Aqua-sama isn’t really the best at explaining stuff, but Mayuzumi-kun can put into words why something doesn’t work because he’s been there
563 Anonymous
564 Anonymous
This is way better than before!
565 Anonymous
Yep, choosing Mayuzumi-kun was the right move!!
566 Anonymous
A helper?
567 Anonymous
I thought it was Aqua-sama for a second, but it turned out to be Ichise-sensei
568 Anonymous
569 Anonymous
Wow, backflip kick! LOL
570 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s definitely tough
571 Anonymous
Yep, gotta make some compromises sometimes
Let’s show the best performance you can pull off!
572 Anonymous
Go for it!
573 Anonymous
I’m getting nervous just watching!
574 Anonymous
They got permission to film properly, huh?
575 Anonymous
576 Anonymous
It’s so much better than the first time!!
577 Anonymous
Yeah, looking good!
578 Anonymous
579 Anonymous
Close one!
580 Anonymous
That was a close call
581 Anonymous
It’s getting intense!!
582 Anonymous
Way to go with the support from classmates!!
583 Anonymous
The client is living a youth life!!
584 Anonymous
Go for it!!
585 Anonymous
This is so cool!!
586 Anonymous
Our Mayushin is hereeeee!
587 Anonymous
588 Anonymous
589 Anonymous
Mayuzumi! Mayuzumi! Mayuzumi! Mayuzumi!
590 Anonymous
Yamada-sama is hereeeee!
591 Anonymous
592 Anonymous
Maruo and Kujaku are here!
593 Anonymous
I’m totally rooting for these two!
594 Anonymous
No way, Mayuzumi-kun is taking Aqua-kun’s part!?
595 Anonymous
For real? Mayuzumi-kun is doing Aqua-sama’s part!?
596 Anonymous
Kujaku-sama is actually good at this, LOL!
597 Anonymous
Kujaku-kun is really nailing it, isn’t he?
598 Anonymous
Yamada-kun, you’re getting better, aren’t you!
599 Anonymous
Yamada-kun, you’re doing way better than Mayuzumi-kun did at the start!
600 Anonymous
This is so lit!!
601 Anonymous
You four, keep it up, you got this!!!!
602 Anonymous
Just seeing Mayuzumi-kun do Aqu-tan’s part is making me tear up
603 Anonymous
Wow, he has improved so much since the early days!
604 Anonymous
And with singing too!!
605 Anonymous
He’s really putting in the work, huh!
606 Anonymous
I wonder if he practices regularly so he can fill in if there’s any trouble with someone from BERYL?
607 Anonymous
Matsumura-san takes over there!
608 Anonymous
I’m jealous of how close Mayushin-kun and the others are!
609 Anonymous
Yamada-kun and Kujaku-kun facing each other is awesome!
610 Anonymous
611 Anonymous
That last part really hits home for me..
612 Anonymous
Matsumura-san, the next part is gonna be amazing, you got this!
613 Anonymous
Alright, alright!!
614 Anonymous
She nailed it here, right?!
615 Anonymous
It feels awesome to pull off what she practiced!
616 Anonymous
Now, all that’s left is to give it her all till the end!
617 Anonymous
Let’s gooooooo!
618 Anonymous
619 Anonymous
620 Anonymous
621 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun with a backflip driver kick!?
622 Anonymous
623 Anonymous
I can’t see the screen, I’m so amazed as a Mayurist!
624 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun taught me. It’s all about keeping at it
625 Verification Team *010meTA473
Wow, I was totally shocked because I thought only Aqua-sama could do that special thing
So, I’m really thankful to Mayuzumi-kun. Thanks for not leaving Aqua-sama as the lone ace!
626 Anonymous
Hey, stop it, I’m a Mayurist and I’m practically dead over here!!
627 Anonymous
Aqua-sama aims to be the top idol, but he doesn’t want to be all alone on top
You know, I’ve been thinking, maybe Aqua-sama created BERYL and held idol auditions to carve out a space for male idols
628 Anonymous
Yeah, Aqua-sama seemed kinda jealous of the relationship between eau de Cologne and the Fairies, huh
629 Anonymous
That ending was seriously amazing
630 Anonymous
Ss a huge fan of Aa-sama myself, I was really moved
Seeing Mayuzumi-kun shine made me feel like all the things Aa-sama has been doing paid off
No one believes in Mayuzumi-kun more than Aa-sama does
631 Anonymous
That’s it!
632 Anonymous
Yeah, the reason I became a Mayura was because Aqu-tan said, Trust in Mayuzumi, he’s gonna do great. After that, I started keeping an eye on him, and before I knew it, I was a fan
633 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun did idol stuff for Matsumura-san
How cool is that?
634 Anonymous
LMAO caught off guard by point card
635 Anonymous
Right? LMAO
636 Anonymous
There is no day when I can sympathize with Kohina Yukari like today lol
637 Anonymous
Seriously, what was up with that point card? It had me all in, LOL
638 Anonymous
The point card mission is my fave, for real LOL
639 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is great!
640 Anonymous
Ayana-chan really lit a fire in our hearts!
641 Anonymous
Inko’s got some pretty decent dance moves, huh
642 Anonymous
If you’ve only watched Inko’s gaming streams, you gotta check out her live show at least once
She’s got killer vocals, awesome dance skills, and her moves and expressions are just cute!!
643 Anonymous
Seriously? LOL
644 Anonymous
Totally. For those who only watch her games, your eyes will pop out!!
645 Anonymous
Inko’s backflip Driver kick!?
646 Anonymous
Flag constructed!
647 Anonymous
This is something she will be forced to do later
648 Anonymous
Building flags on her own style
649 Anonymous
Just as expected from the first-class flag architect Sayamu Inko
650 Anonymous
Wanna do it together at the next live show!?
651 Anonymous
I feel palpitations..
652 Anonymous
Maybe Hokkaido?
I couldn’t take any of the tours that included travel plans
653 Anonymous
Watch out. There’s this spreading sickness lately, Aqtoa, Toaqua is not effective
654 Anonymous
That thing sold out in like, a second!
655 Anonymous
Hey, there’s this new medicine called Aqushin and Mayuaqu. If you need it, you should totally ask for it
656 Anonymous
The next request is from a boy!?
657 Anonymous
Request from a boy incoming!
658 Anonymous
Could it be Aqua-sama next time!?
659 Anonymous
Started going to school after seeing BERYL
660 Anonymous
Aqua-sama showed up, and now things are definitely getting good!
661 Anonymous
I cried at this point!
He did so well
662 Anonymous
Looking at the girls in class and getting curious!?
663 Anonymous
Hmm, tell me more about that story!
664 Anonymous
Oh my, I wonder if he’s interested in this big sister sister’s I-cup breasts?
666 Anonymous
Stop wasting time on those huge breasts and hurry up and finish
There’s barely any demand for them, after all
666 Anonymous
Awakening to s*xuality… that’s nice
667 Anonymous
Is this an ero story!?
668 Anonymous
Is this an ero request!?
669 Anonymous
Board members, suddenly leaning forward LMAO
670 Anonymous
Over here!!
671 Anonymous
Girls’ hangout, huh
672 Anonymous
The tsukkomi sync was perfect just now
673 Anonymous
Eh, is there a possibility of an ero girls’ hangout?
674 Anonymous
Girls’ hangouts are mostly ero talk, you know
Is he okay with that?
675 Anonymous
Will you join me?
676 Anonymous
Yeah, we do a little bit of it, but it’s just a little bit!!
677 Anonymous
You guys are lying
Girls’ hangouts always turn into ero talk when you’re not paying attention
678 Anonymous
You’re good at this
679 Anonymous
What a coincidence
Like Kohina Yukari, I only remember one person
680 Anonymous
This is unanimous. That person is the only one
681 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s here!!
682 Anonymous
683 Anonymous
Today too, Toa-chan is the cutest in the world!
684 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s jersey look is too cool!
The way he calculates the size and length of the sleeves is too cool!
685 Anonymous
Ah, sometimes I can’t tell which gender he is
686 Anonymous
Let’s try it out quickly?
687 Anonymous
I changed into my jersey!!
688 Anonymous
I changed into my jersey!!
689 Anonymous
Otomezaki’s girls’ uniform mode is here!!!!
690 Anonymous
Thank you. Thank you very much!
691 Anonymous
I’m already feeling super satisfied
692 Anonymous
Thank you. I really appreciate it
693 Anonymous
694 Anonymous
695 Anonymous
696 Anonymous
697 Anonymous
Matsuo-kun, won’t this wake you something up inside you?
698 Anonymous
Matsuo-kun is so cute!!
699 Anonymous
Looking good! It suits you!
700 Anonymous
This is just perfect!!
701 Anonymous
702 Anonymous
Welcome to our world, Matsuo-kun!
703 Anonymous
704 Anonymous
My acquaintance Big Sister (Onee-sama)!?
705 Anonymous
Is Aqua-oneesama coming!?
706 Anonymous
707 Anonymous
I wanna be teased by Aqua-oneesama!
708 Anonymous
Oh, maybe it’s during the Stars event
709 Anonymous
Aqua-oneesama is busy making udon, so let’s leave it at that
710 Anonymous
Your fetish is showing! Stop it!!
711 Anonymous
It seems like Kanon-sama’s girls’ meeting was great
712 Anonymous
I attended Kanon-sama’s girls’ meeting, and it was a complete mess
713 Anonymous
Ayana-chan LOL
714 Anonymous
Ayana-chan looks like she’s about to die, huh? It’s Kohina Yukari’s fault, isn’t it? LMAO
Isn’t it true that they’re living together?
715 Anonymous
It’s just a rumor, but isn’t it almost confirmed?
716 Anonymous
717 Anonymous
Lapis-chan has arrived as Aqu-tan’s replacement!!
718 Anonymous
Lapis-chan is too cute!!
719 Anonymous
Natsuki-san’s here!
720 Anonymous
Sana-chan just showed up too!!
721 Anonymous
What even is apprenticeship?
722 Anonymous
That’s nice
I wish I could just chill with these three at a girls’ hangout like normal
723 Anonymous
When Lazu-sama asked what a girls’ hangout is, I died inside..
724 Anonymous
725 Anonymous
Lazu-sama, too sad for words..
726 Anonymous
LOL, catching bugs, fishing for crayfish, and digging bamboo shoots? LMAO
727 Anonymous
Natsuki-san, we don’t do all that stuff at a girls’ hangout, just saying..
728 Anonymous
Natsuki-san’s girls’ hangout looks like a lot of fun, lol!
729 Anonymous
Yeah, that sounds awesome!
I’d totally join that kind of girls’ hangout
730 Anonymous
Kirika Kotono@Beryl Entertainment
Huh? Don’t girls’ hangout usually involve playing pretend with toy cars or messing around with model kits?
731 Anonymous
Nee-san LMFAO
732 Anonymous
I hope Nee-san keeps being herself forever
733 Anonymous
Morikawa Kaede@national broadcaster’s gorgeous adult announcer
Huh? It’s not like that?
Onee-na Hagetoru@part-time worker
Bought some model kits for the next girls’ hangout!!
Shirogane Kanon@Republic of Great Udon people
Can’t wait for our next girls’ hangout!
734 Anonymous
Turns out it was the Verification Team, huh
735 Anonymous
Phew, I’m relieved
I thought I was the only one, but it looks like this is definitely the girls’ hangout
736 Anonymous
This is just like the girls’ hangout I know, feels good
737 Anonymous
Hey, why did Hagetoru end up with such a name?
738 Anonymous
She almost got her account banned because of Mast***ion name, so she imported it back from Onina-chan, and here we are
739 Anonymous
Girls’ hangout in the wild backyard, LOL
740 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that they’re having a girls’ hangout in the wild backyard with that face LOL
741 Anonymous
Emily-sama was like, Let’s have a girls’ hangout in the wild backyard, lol!
742 Anonymous
For real, how did they even decide to go with that squad? LOL
I wanna know the backstory, LOL!
743 Anonymous
Sumeragi Kukuri@MilkDipper
Huh? I’m out of the loop, what’s up?
744 Anonymous
Doesn’t Kukuri live in the same place as Haa-chan and Fii-chan?
745 Anonymous
Poor thing
746 Anonymous
Maybe they didn’t invite Kukuri because she’s always so busy?
Or it was a last-minute thing and she wasn’t around?
747 Anonymous
The wild backyard is basically their garden, LOL!
748 Anonymous
First time I heard LMAO
749 Anonymous
It’s like they’re throwing a garden party or something, LOL!
750 Anonymous
I wanted to say it’s totally different, but if Emily-sama’s here, it kinda doesn’t seem that way
751 Anonymous
752 Anonymous
Rental space, huh? Noted
753 Anonymous
Got it, just a regular girls’ hangout
754 Anonymous
LOL, everyone’s whipping out their notes all at once
Guess you guys were on the same page as me!
755 Anonymous
Just arrived at a normal house
756 Anonymous
Where is this place?
757 Anonymous
Kotono-oneechan’s house!?
758 Anonymous
They ended up at Nee-san’s family home, LOL!
759 Anonymous
For real, it’s like Nee-san was part of half the stuff they asked for today, LOL!
760 Anonymous
Nee-san might as well sign up to be a talent at this point
761 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s room!?
762 Anonymous
Whoa, what!?
763 Anonymous
Hey, watch out there! LOL!
764 Anonymous
What kinda stuff shouldn’t be showing!?
765 Anonymous
What shouldn’t be showing, though…
766 Anonymous
Uh-oh. My heart is pounding
767 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Traces of an affair with Kanon… maybe?
768 Anonymous
Genius alert!
769 Anonymous
Nailed it!
770 Anonymous
Hagetoru’s definitely a genius
771 Verification Team *010meTA473
That can’t be true, you idiot!!
772 Anonymous
Wow, that’s an old house!
But it feels cozy here
773 Anonymous
Just thinking about Nee-san’s family home gets me all excited LOL
774 Anonymous
Doesn’t feel like your typical girls’ hangout, huh?
775 Anonymous
Yeah, I was expecting more sparkles and stuff
776 Anonymous
Hey, Matsuo-kun!!
777 Anonymous
Matsuo-kun, you’re such a good boy!!
778 Anonymous
You know what, I’m cool just calling him Matsuo-kun. And, Matsuo-kun, wanna go out with this big sister?
Let’s hang out together! We can do both grown-up girls’ stuff and late-night fun. It’s totally fine if there’s more than one big sister!
779 Anonymous
Show us around Nee-san’s room!
780 Anonymous
They went up to the second floor!
781 Anonymous
Hobby room!?
782 Anonymous
Is it an ero room!?
783 Anonymous
Ah, this is that room
784 Anonymous
The famous georama room is here!!
785 Anonymous
It’s evolved more than when it was featured in the magazine!!
786 Anonymous
It’s amazing that they’re having a space war in one room!!
787 Anonymous
When I see this, I think a house would be nice
788 Anonymous
Will Toa-chan see Nee-san’s room?
789 Anonymous
She won’t put any ero stuff or anything like that in there, right!?
790 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword Goods LOL
791 Anonymous
It’s even more imaginative than I thought, LOL
792 Anonymous
LOL, so this was totally Nee-san’s room, right?
793 Anonymous
It’s just like Nee-san, you know, or something like that
794 Anonymous
Girls’ hangout has begun!
795 Anonymous
796 Anonymous
*Tongue click* LMAO
797 Anonymous
Toa-chan LOL
798 Anonymous
Hey, Matsuo-kun, what a coincidence
Even this big sister is a fan of Aqua-oneesama
799 Anonymous
Toa-chan throwing a tantrum, here we go!
800 Anonymous
Wanna go home!?
Can this big sister take you home?
801 Anonymous
Furia-sama LMAO
802 Anonymous
Furia-sama LOL
803 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s got this cool way of speaking, huh?
804 Anonymous
Toa-chan can be pretty savage, huh?
805 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how he always comes back with witty remarks
806 Anonymous
Yeah, totally! LMAO
807 Anonymous
For real, that’s so funny! LOL
808 Anonymous
He’s totally aware of it LOL
809 Anonymous
Aqua-sama knows what he’s doing, lol
810 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s actually got a pretty nice personality, huh?
If he loved Kanon-sama that much, wouldn’t it be possible that he fought back against Kanon-sama’s forced marriage back then?
811 Anonymous
Huh? Seriously?
812 Anonymous
If that’s true, that’s hilarious!
813 Anonymous
Better write that down! Aqua-sama might get angry enough to destroy a country!
814 Anonymous
Suicup game, LOL!
815 Anonymous
They added a 2-player mode? When did that happen, LOL!
816 Anonymous
Matsuo-kun, did you want to play like this because there were no boys in your class?
817 Anonymous
I thought the same thing
Maybe that’s why he made that request
818 Anonymous
Having only one boy in the class sounds really tough when you think about it
819 Anonymous
820 Anonymous
Yeah, you’re right
821 Anonymous
Making cookies together sounds great for the end!
822 Anonymous
Everyone is so cute wearing aprons!
823 Anonymous
For real, Matsuo-kun is the one for me
This big sister wanna whip up some sweets with him and squirt some whipped cream
824 Anonymous
LMAO, that’s the worst
825 Anonymous
826 Anonymous
Words hit different when Toa-chan says them
827 Anonymous
Always full of energy, huh? LOL
828 Anonymous
I know what he mean, all about that momentum! LOL
829 Anonymous
Way to go, Matsuo-kun!
830 Anonymous
You got this, go for it!
831 Anonymous
The girls must be shocked too
I’m already getting excited at this point
832 Anonymous
Nice one!
833 Anonymous
You did it! That’s amazing!!
834 Anonymous
Way to go!!
835 Anonymous
You’re doing great, don’t worry, don’t worry
836 Anonymous
Take a deep breath!
837 Anonymous
It reminds me of the girls’ hangout earlier!!
838 Anonymous
Oh, so that’s where cookies come in handy!
839 Anonymous
When you’re stuck for words, snacks are the best
840 Anonymous
Thinking about it, guys making stuff from scratch is super cool
Like, imagine if Toa-chan made something homemade, the girls would totally faint, right?
841 Anonymous
You can do it, you can do it!
842 Anonymous
Wow, awesome!
843 Anonymous
Things were going smoothly from here, so that’s the end of the video
844 Anonymous
Hey, it’s great when people show consideration like that!
845 Anonymous
Phew, I’m glad everything ended well!
846 Anonymous
Whoa, Toa-chan appears!!
847 Anonymous
Even the girls are surprised
848 Anonymous
Alrighty, it’s spoiler time
849 Anonymous
LOL, Nee-san’s hometown!
I’d be shocked too if I were in the same shoes
850 Anonymous
So, did that kid who almost fainted from Toa-chan’s cookies turn out okay?
851 Anonymous
Phew, that was a close one. Seriously, really close
852 Anonymous
Are we gonna root for Toa-chan together with Aqua-oneesama?
853 Anonymous
Matsuo-kun, welcome! Let the world of darkness welcome you
854 Anonymous
We’re talking about Aqua’s world, right? Don’t get it twisted
855 Anonymous
Let’s not sweat the small stuff, okay? No need for drama over silly things!
856 Anonymous
I’m just really glad it all worked out
857 Anonymous
Yeah, yeah, this could totally be the start of the girls hanging out more with Matsuo-kun. That’d be cool
858 Anonymous
Didn’t see that move coming LOL
859 Anonymous
Wait, is Aqua-sama gonna have a girls’ hangout!?
860 Anonymous
Girls’ hangout with Aqua-oneesama? Oh, it’s going to be a big fuss again!!
861 Anonymous
It’s gonna be a wild ride competing with the boys, for sure
862 Anonymous
Let’s just ignore the sillies, shall we? LOL
863 Anonymous
She’s the only one who can call Aqua-kun stupid
864 Anonymous
865 Anonymous
They cut Inko’s promotional segment so smoothly LOL
866 Anonymous
Is she doing a girls’ livestream with Holosplay?
Did Inko come to Tokyo to join?
867 Anonymous
The last request is here!
868 Anonymous
Finally, it’s Aqua-sama’s turn to shine!!
869 Anonymous
870 Anonymous
Huh? Osaka prefecture?
871 Anonymous
872 Anonymous
Come on, read the room
873 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari speaks the truth, LOL
874 Anonymous
There’s no better day to agree with Kohina Yukari than today
875 Anonymous
They cut the part where they got scolded by her, LOL!
876 Anonymous
What’s going on here?
877 Anonymous
Ideas are popping up like crazy, lol
878 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is answering seriously, but it’s hilarious, LOL
879 Anonymous
It’s really interesting how good opinions keep coming up, lol
880 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s right
881 Anonymous
It’s easier to stick to the usual, but if you’re gonna do it, add your own flavor, huh?
882 Anonymous
It’s funny how they’re actually analyzing recent trends, lol
883 Anonymous
Stop talking about food
Now I’m hungry!
884 Anonymous
Seriously, though, it’s pretty impressive
885 Anonymous
Both Aqua-sama and Kohina Yukari have their own opinions and aren’t afraid to speak up
That’s why they’re successful. I bet even if Aqua-sama were born as a girl, she’d still be super popular
886 Anonymous
Totally agree
887 Anonymous
I was like, Let’s check out the Expo too since we’re at it, and then this dude goes and drops his two cents on the Expo too, lol
888 Anonymous
In the end, that’s what it’s all about, right? There are pros and cons to everything, so we gotta talk about all of it. Even the Prime Minister said focusing only on the bad stuff is a no-go
889 Anonymous
Ayana-chan starting off with an apology, LMAO
890 Anonymous
Sorry, Aqu-tan was talking about some deep stuff and I totally zoned out
891 Anonymous
Same here, I blinked and it was over
892 Anonymous
Right? The main point was totally different
893 Anonymous
Yeah, heard the Crutch Department’s HEad said no and I was like, phew, relief
894 Anonymous
Who’s the big shot at the Osaka station?
895 Anonymous
Inko LOL
896 Anonymous
Inko, it’s not about that, but yeah, maybe you should think about a name, LOL
897 Anonymous
Who’s Aunt Setsuko? LOL
898 Anonymous
It’s over, LOL
899 Anonymous
Is that really the end, LOL?
900 Anonymous
Other than the ending, it was great!!
901 Anonymous
It was fun. Will there be a next time?
902 Anonymous
Seems like it. Probably not every week though
Also, it looks like the counselors will be taking turns from now on
903 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari as a counselor sounds interesting
904 Anonymous
Is Ayana-chan only a secretary?
I wish she would come as a counselor too..
905 Anonymous
There is a section where you can write about the counselor you would like
906 Anonymous
The Official Websiter’s taking forever to load, huh?
907 Anonymous
Internet’s back up and running smooth, but the station’s website is dragging. Guess it’s expected right after the show ends
908 Anonymous
Ain’t the big shot at the Osaka station the same one who messed up on Heaven’s Sword and got the boot?
909 Anonymous
910 Anonymous
Should we call ’em out?
911 Verification Team *010meTA473
Kohina-senpai mentioned everyone’s got their reasons, so maybe it’s best not to stir about it like that
912 Anonymous
Besides, wouldn’t it be nice if they could think of this as a loan to the upper management?
913 Anonymous
Got it
914 Anonymous
That’s a good idea. I’ll think the same way
915 Anonymous
916 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Huh? I watched until the end, but was my request cut?
917 Anonymous
Whoa, LOL
918 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
919 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei, what did you request, LOL?
920 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Oh, wait. Maybe next time, sorry. That’s it for now!
921 Anonymous
Guess that’s not possible on an anonymous bulletin board, huh?
922 Anonymous
Sensei? Are you okay?
923 Anonymous
Hey, don’t worry, we’ll just pretend we didn’t notice ’cause, you know, we’re totally adults
924 Anonymous
Um, can I ask counselor Shirogane Aqua to teach me how to have a baby?
925 Anonymous
LOL, asking for advice on baby-making?
926 Anonymous
Save those questions for, like, steamy novels or something. Right?
927 Anonymous
There are probably getting tons of those requests, like, as many as stars in the sky
928 Anonymous
So, should I ask someone to be the dad for my daughter?
929 Anonymous
Whoa, hold up there
930 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Not sure if my mast***ion is on point, so should I request a comparison with Kanon-sama? What do you think?
931 Anonymous
The worst request LOL
932 Anonymous
933 Anonymous
That’s bad, LOL!
934 Anonymous
Can’t you guys hide your desires a bit?!
935 Anonymous
I requested to open a door that won’t open
If a bottle cap and a gap can do it, it should work!
936 Anonymous
Oh, that’s clever!
937 Anonymous
Out of the 6 slots, 2 were like that, so it might get chosen
Isn’t it going to be 3 slots from the next broadcast?
938 Anonymous
939 Anonymous
The first time had 6 slots, but from the second time onwards, it’ll be 3 slots
940 Anonymous
Then I should also make a special request to Emily-sama, LOL!
941 Anonymous
I’d like to know how to avoid collection charges
942 Anonymous
Hey, LOL!
943 Anonymous
You have to return borrowed items!
944 Anonymous
Even if I want to return it, I have reasons I can’t..
945 Anonymous
Wow!? I don’t know the details, but that seems like it could get chosen!
946 Anonymous
Why not try submitting it?
947 Anonymous
OK! I’ll give it a try
948 Anonymous
It’d be exciting if someone from the bulletin board gets chosen
Good luck, everyone!
949 Anonymous
You should also try sending in a request!
950 Anonymous
Got it
I’ll think of something and give it a shot
951 Anonymous
Lol, watch the random stuff we come up with actually get picked
952 Anonymous
So true, happens all the time LOL
953 Verification Team *010meTA473
If my family members were allowed, I would also request Aqua-sama
954 Anonymous
I’d seriously love to see that happen, it’d be so hype! But what would the show say about it?
955 Anonymous
LMAO, imagine Shumi asking Aqua-sama for a favor
956 Anonymous
Just say it like it is
957 Anonymous
But on the other hand, I think it’s surprisingly possible to request something that you can’t say is not an opportunity
958 Anonymous
That’s it!
959 Anonymous
I just tried sending it in normally, LOL. If it gets rejected, then that’s that, LOL
960 Anonymous
It’s difficult to keep up with your family
But I’d like to see Aqua-kun send a request to Kohina Yukari or someone like that, LOL
961 Anonymous
That sounds interesting, LOL
962 Anonymous
I get it, LOL
963 Anonymous
It’d be nice if they sometimes did requests among friends
964 Anonymous
I really want to see Aqua-sama interact with amateurs
We can’t interact like this often, so I’m curious
But yeah, I agree, LOL
965 Anonymous
Exactly, LOL
966 Anonymous
Maybe they could do it as a special event
I agree too, but it would be funny to see Shumi send a request to Aqua-sama, LOL
967 Anonymous
I can’t wait to catch the next show as usual
968 Anonymous
The emotional stuff was good, but I’m glad there’s some silly stuff too
969 Anonymous
Totally agree
970 Anonymous
I’m all for the emotional stuff personally, but having some goofy moments in between is just perfect
971 Anonymous
The TV station’s website is finally starting to work faster now
972 Anonymous
You can apply now if you hurry!!
973 Anonymous
Thanks, I’m on it
974 Anonymous
Surprised the bulletin board didn’t crash more often
975 Anonymous
After all, Ultimate High Performance Server is strange
And who is this Sabato Koyomi-san? She really came out of nowhere, huh?
976 Anonymous
I worked at Polaris before, but back then, she was just your average researcher
977 Anonymous
We were classmates in college, but she wasn’t exactly top of the class
978 Anonymous
Oh, really?
979 Anonymous
Even if your grades aren’t stellar, seeing Saba-chan make it gives me some courage
980 Anonymous
981 Anonymous
Yeah, it makes me want to push myself too
982 Anonymous
Looks like the thread’s wrapping up
Thanks, Saba-chan
983 Anonymous
Saba-chan, you’re the best!
984 Anonymous
Thanks again today, Saba-chan!
985 Anonymous
Hey, Saba-chan should totally sign up too, lol
Like, ‘Hey, Counselor Aqua, please don’t overload the server anymore,’ haha
986 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
987 Anonymous
988 Anonymous
Right? So true, lol
989 Anonymous
Saba-chan totally has the right to say that, lol
990 Anonymous
Saba-chan taking requests? You guys always crack me up with funny stuff, lol
991 Anonymous
For real, Saba-chan should totally speak up to Aqua-sama, lol
992 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Okay, I gonna apply now!!
993 Anonymous
Yesss, here it comes!
994 Anonymous
Nice one lol
995 Anonymous
Is Aqua-sama gonna apologize big time?
996 Anonymous
I’m dying here LMAO
997 Anonymous
What in the world is going on?
998 Anonymous
Got even more to look forward to next time lol
999 Anonymous
To the show’s staff, counting on you LMAO
1000 Anonymous
If this is post 1000, may Saba-chan’s request come true!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Phew, I barely made it through
And just like the ladies said, Mikoto made a request too!! Stay tuned, everyone!!

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