Male Idol V13c20

Volume 13 Chapter 20 Bulletin Board, Solution Night Counseling, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

From 1-900 is the live broadcast, and from 900 onwards is the after-sales bulletin board

[Part 1/2]
[New Show] Solution Night Counseling [BERYL]
1 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Hey ladies, there’s this rad new show starting!
Remember to follow the rules and have fun! Oh, and this here is the main thread, so keep it note
2 Anonymous
Good job!
It’s starting!!
3 Anonymous
Way to go, Saba-chan!!
It’s began!!
4 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you as always, Saba-chan
It has begun!
5 Anonymous
Good job, good job
Let’s hope Aa-sama doesn’t mess up!!
6 Anonymous
Thank you for starting the thread, as always
Hey, isn’t that Kohina Yukari?
7 Anonymous
Thank you
Huh? Isn’t Aqu-tan supposed to be the director?
8 Anonymous
Thanks, Saba-chan
Is this gonna be recorded?
9 Anonymous
Oh no, is Kohina Yukari taking over someone else’s show again?
10 Anonymous
Aqu-tan’s here!
11 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, why do you look cool even in a jersey?
12 Anonymous
‘Cause he’s just naturally cool
13 Anonymous
Yep, it’s blowing up
14 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s comments are seriously wild lol
Every time she says stuff like this to Aqua-sama, I start worrying if everything’s okay instead
15 Anonymous
Aqua-kun has a lot of intense fans, you know?
16 Anonymous
Hey, Aqua-kun, you’re being tricked!
17 Anonymous
Bad news, Aqua-sama is too simple-minded, easily persuaded by Kohina Yukari
18 Anonymous
Here comes Ayana-chan, the secretary!
19 Anonymous
Wow, she looks a bit mature with that blouse and skirt combo!
Ayana-chan is cool too!!
20 Anonymous
Looks like the secretary is on rotation too
21 Anonymous
But hey, that’s what makes it fun!!
22 Anonymous
Can’t wait for Kanon-sama’s secretary episode LOL
23 Anonymous
I bet the Kanon-sama’s secretary episode will get everyone buzzing on the bulletin board
I hope Aqua-sama and her get all lovey-dovey
24 Anonymous
Morikawa LOL
25 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Morikawa LOLOLOL
26 Anonymous
Is Morikawa calm?
I guess Morikawa could be cool if she just stays quiet like a beautiful announcers, but I just heard that Morikawa is calm. Am I the last to know?
27 Anonymous
Morikawa, that’s so you!!
28 Anonymous
Nice one, Kohina Yukari!
29 Anonymous
That’s why you’re the best, always calling out stuff like that!
30 Anonymous
Morikawa’s kinda like a jack-of-all-trades, huh? She can host shows and play all sorts of roles
31 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
I totally think Morikawa-san would make a cool secretary. She’s like this beautiful announcer and a calm and mature woman, you know?
32 Anonymous
33 Anonymous
34 Anonymous
35 Verification Team *07218KADO6
LOL, everyone’s silently freaking out over this
Shumi and Nee-san not even reacting is just hilarious. LOL
36 Anonymous
Inko is coming!
37 Anonymous
Inko, you gotta play that otome game
38 Anonymous
Hey Inko, what about the otome game, huh?
39 Anonymous
Having Tsukasa-sensei as an advisor would be awesome
40 Anonymous
I’d love to see Tsukasa-sensei as the advisor, but will she actually show up?
41 Anonymous
Good news, everyone! Kohina Yukari-san is really getting involved with the staff
42 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
✕ Kohina Yukari’s room
✓ Morikawa Kaede’s room
43 Anonymous
After that? Everyone across the country was in tears
44 Anonymous
They lumped all the counselors together, LOL!
45 Anonymous
Total tyrant!!
46 Anonymous
Aqu-tan and Morikawa are so quick to react, they’re practically comedians
47 Anonymous
48 Anonymous
And Emily-sama’s super quick on the react too, LOL
49 Anonymous
Seeing stuff like this, you gotta admit, these three are high-spec celebs
It’s kinda weird though, they’re an idol, an announcer, and an actress, but they’re leaving marks like they’re comedians or something
50 Anonymous
Self-proclaimed idol LOL
51 Anonymous
Self-proclaimed terrible LOL
52 Anonymous
He called himself an idol lol
53 Anonymous
Well, Well, Well
54 Anonymous
The fact that Morikawa is an announcer for a national broadcaster is one of the seven wonders of Japan
55 Anonymous
Part-timer LOL
56 Anonymous
Part-time worker LOL
57 Anonymous
Well, I guess Stars listed her as a part-time worker in the recommendation list LOL
58 Anonymous
It wouldn’t be strange for a normal actress to lose her temper, but the fact that she can say that is what makes her such a big name, desu~wa
59 Anonymous
There are only 6 left lol
60 Anonymous
61 Anonymous
LOL, putting all the deets about BERYL in one spot? That’s just savage! 😂
62 Anonymous
Whoa, this is the kind of stuff that usually sets the internet on fire! 🔥
63 Anonymous
The six wonders left:
– The true identity of the Saint of Holy Aqua Religion
– The Prime Minister, who holds daily apology press conferences but hasn’t faced a vote of no confidence
– The underground idol miracle, Shiro Ichigo Koneko, who’s actually…?
– Bulletin board people are everywhere
– The last mystery member of the Verification Team, Mast***ion Hagetoru
– And the very existence of Shirogane Aqua
Oh, and don’t forget about Morikawa, who was like a VIP student at Mary’s place
64 Anonymous
65 Anonymous
Natsuki-san is here!!
66 Anonymous
I’m rooting for you!!
67 Anonymous
Kujaku-kun, your lower lashes are super long today too
I wish I could touch them just once, lol
68 Anonymous
Totally agree with that lineup. Especially the last one
69 Anonymous
Lol, Hagetoru sneaking in there got me
70 Anonymous
I love the theory that we’re all bulletin board citizens
71 Anonymous
I thought it was Morikawa at first, LOL
72 Anonymous
Is it really okay Morikawa for this?
73 Anonymous
Are they sure she’s up for it, LOL
74 Anonymous
Props to Kohina Yukari
She totally said what we’re all thinking, LOL
75 Anonymous
Complaints, LOL
76 Anonymous
If it’s complaints, they’ve been getting those all the time, so no worries
77 Anonymous
If Morikawa shows up → messes up and gets complaints
If Morikawa doesn’t show up → “Why isn’t she here?” and still gets complaints
Whether you show up or not, they’ll get complaints
78 Anonymous
Hey, what kind of show is this?
79 Anonymous
80 Anonymous
This is too LOL
81 Verification Team
It’s a show where people ask for help, and the counselors on the show try to solve their problems
82 Anonymous
That’s so random! LOL
83 Anonymous
I know, right? Happens all the time!
84 Anonymous
So silly! LOL
85 Anonymous
Wait, they pick such silly requests?
If so, I would have applied
86 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I sent a request asking Shirogane Kanon advisor to give a lecture on how to improve intimacy between couples in a “practical way”
87 Anonymous
You’re so LMAO
88 Anonymous
That’s totally trash, LOL
89 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hagetoru is definitely an idiot
90 Anonymous
Oh, you just realizing it now, huh?
91 Anonymous
Grandma’s umeboshi..
92 Anonymous
This is suddenly going to be a steamy topic
93 Anonymous
Talking about dead grandma’s umeboshi, huh?
I also like the old lady’s umeboshis from the countryside too
94 Anonymous
← I thought all they had to do was smash the jar
95 Anonymous
I was thinking the same thing… Sorry, Ishida-san, the client
96 Anonymous
Power player coming in hot!
97 Anonymous
It’s like she is the perfect person for this one!
98 Anonymous
Morikawa’s power is finally gonna be useful!
99 Anonymous
Oh snap, so Morikawa can actually be useful for requests that need some power, huh?
100 Anonymous
It seems like humanity’s finally catching on to how to use Morikawa Kaede’s power, huh?
101 Anonymous
102 Anonymous
103 Anonymous
What’s up? Break something?
104 Anonymous
Bad news, Morikawa makes a stupid face
105 Anonymous
Yeah, it’ll definitely open, but it’ll also definitely destroy the whole dang jar! LMAO
106 Anonymous
I guess trying to harness Morikawa’s power for humanity was a bust after all
107 Anonymous
Even though Morikawa knew she could mess things up, she stopped herself
That’s growth, right? Before, she would’ve just gone full power and smashed the jar too
108 Anonymous
109 Anonymous
Bad news, Morikawa’s power isn’t helping at all
110 Anonymous
I thought about warming up the jar, but I guess that’s a no-go
111 Anonymous
Since it has a sticker on it, is it okay to warm it up with hot water?
112 Anonymous
Morikawa… she actually said something smart!
113 Anonymous
Yeah, totally. If Aqua-kun hasn’t given up, then we shouldn’t either
114 Anonymous
Being stubborn is key
You know, like those space probes that get lost or break down but still find their way back?
Just like that, in life, if you keep hanging on, who knows what stuff could happen, even if you stumble
115 Anonymous
Any idea? Who is it?
116 Anonymous
Whoa, is Aqua-sama gonna show up?!
117 Anonymous
Morikawa knows so many people, it’s like, you never know who’s gonna pop in next!
118 Anonymous
119 Anonymous
Nee-san just arrived, OMG!!!
120 Anonymous
※The voltage of bulletin board users reaches MAX when Nee-san appears!
121 Anonymous
Just seeing Nee-san makes the whole thread go whoosh and drop LOL
Saba-chan making a thread so we can keep up with the Verification Team’s comments was a genius move, for real
122 Anonymous
Beryl’s got the best brain around… is she talking about Pon-nami!?
123 Anonymous
Beryl’s best brain, I see, is Aqua-kun
124 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai? Mayuzumi-kun?
125 Anonymous
So, like, after Mary graduated, there’s supposed to be no one smarter than scholarship student Morikawa, right? But I guess there’s always a surprise or two
126 Anonymous
127 Anonymous
Just so you know, those two are from a school for brainiacs
128 Anonymous
Don’t forget about Emily-sama. She’s in a league of her own!
129 Anonymous
Nee-san, you’re here in the flesh! Awesome!
130 Anonymous
Nee-san! Nee-san!
131 Anonymous
The creator of Saba-chan!?
132 Anonymous
Wow, the real genius has entered the chat! LOL
133 Anonymous
This is totally unexpected! LOL
134 Anonymous
Morikawa, props for coming up with Sabato Koyomi-san. That’s pretty clever!
135 Anonymous
You don’t call her just to open a jar of pickled plums (umeboshi), right? LOL
136 Anonymous
This is a waste of good brainpower
137 Anonymous
Well, imagine calling the world’s greatest mind just to pop open a jar lid
138 Anonymous
139 Anonymous
I was like “whoa,” but then I thought, Morikawa, you get this, right? You’re not Mary-level clueless, are ya?
140 Anonymous
Hairdryer LOL
141 Anonymous
Right, they should’ve just used a hairdryer
142 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Morikawa, are you really a grad from Mary’s school?
143 Anonymous
Huh? That actually works to open it?
144 Anonymous
Hey, it’s opening up!
145 Anonymous
Out of everyone, the last person I wanted to hear that from is saying it, LOL!
146 Anonymous
Sabato Koyomi-san’s warming things up, Nee-san’s putting in a bit of effort, and Morikawa’s cheering on – talk about a dream team
Wait, huh? Is Morikawa even here?
147 Anonymous
148 Anonymous
It’s open!!
149 Anonymous
LOL, they didn’t even need Morikawa!
150 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Morikawa-san’s quick thinking really helped out, so with Nee-san and Koyomi-san around, she’s super useful!
151 Anonymous
Uh, yeah, sure
152 Anonymous
Ah, yeah. Totally get it
153 Anonymous
Grandma’s recipe just dropped!
154 Anonymous
Ishida-san, you’re making me tear up!!
155 Anonymous
Morikawa, how’s the cooking going? All good?
156 Anonymous
Morikawa, it’s awesome you get a meal every day
Otherwise, you’d just be here watching, huh?
157 Anonymous
Well, that was a good story
Sorry for thinking it was a lame request at first
158 Anonymous
In the end, it all worked out pretty well, didn’t it?
159 Anonymous
Mom (okaa-san), I hope this helps you bounce back
160 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari!?
161 Anonymous
Kohina, the director, just shed some tears! Epic moment!
162 Anonymous
Even the tough cookie Kohina has a soft spot, huh?
163 Anonymous
Is she a grandma’s girl?
164 Anonymous
Oh, I remember now, she used to live with her grandma, right?
Kohina Yukari doesn’t talk much about her fam, but I wonder if she’s not getting along with her mom?
165 Anonymous
If Kohina Yukari’s mom is anything like her, they must butt heads a lot
It’s not like they don’t get along, but maybe they just need their space?
166 Anonymous
Rolling pencils to get into school, LOL
167 Anonymous
Breaking news: Morikawa got into Mary’s school by rolling pencils!?
168 Anonymous
Really breaking news lol
169 Anonymous
Seibaku Newspaper is on a roll with their suspicions, I can’t help but laugh LOL
It’s like reporter Emily-san knew what was up before anyone else – she posted the article so fast!
170 Anonymous
And while we’re at it, can someone check if that Mast**ion Hagetoru is cheating or not?
I still refuse to believe those two went to the same school as me!!
171 Anonymous
Right?! Totally agree!
172 Anonymous
Inko’s speaking the truth
173 Anonymous
Inko’s right, but come on, speed up your otome game already
174 Anonymous
Science and tech advisor, LOL
175 Anonymous
It feels like someone’s gonna complain about wasting the world’s brains soon LOL
176 Anonymous
Emily-sama is hereee!
177 Anonymous
Isn’t it awesome that Emily-sama is a counselor?
178 Anonymous
Collector Emily LOL
179 Anonymous
Emily-sama is just too cool for school
180 Anonymous
I’m Mary too, but Morikawa is exactly as I imagined. Didn’t expect Emily-sama to be like this..
181 Anonymous
Morikawa-san might be getting roasted without even realizing it, lol
182 Anonymous
It’s the legendary champ, Nagahara-san!
183 Anonymous
People who know a lot about basketball, is this person amazing?
184 Anonymous
Saying she’s gonna go pro is way too cool, huh? LOL
185 Anonymous
She’s the MVP shooter from the triple crown high school
Rumor has it she scored 50 points solo and there’s talk of her heading to the States for the real deal. Total prodigy
186 Anonymous
Ah, I wonder what it is. There’s a different vibe of relief compared to Morikawa’s time before
187 Anonymous
Kitamura-san, huh? I remember that PG Kitamura-san from middle school rumors… but I haven’t heard much lately
188 Anonymous
Yeah, I get it. Back in Morikawa’s time, it was all suspense, but Emily-sama brings this mysterious sense of ease
189 Anonymous
That part-time worker lol
190 Anonymous
That’s her style, rubbing it in
191 Anonymous
The fans are here, LOL
192 Anonymous
Yep, those reactions scream fan, LOL
193 Anonymous
School, huh? They’re not gonna teach easily
194 Anonymous
Back in the day, they would’ve let us in on this stuff, but nowadays, with all these annoying rules popping up, it seems like they won’t bother
195 Anonymous
There’s a lot of fuss at school lol
196 Anonymous
When Emily-sama rolls up, it’s gonna be hype
197 Anonymous
I guess it was a no-go due to confidentiality obligations..
198 Anonymous
There is no obligation to maintain confidentiality
199 Anonymous
Kanon-sama’s sleeping face!?
200 Verification Team *010meTA473
Be sure to delete it later
201 Anonymous
Emily-sama, you really got that!?
202 Anonymous
I wanna see that!!
203 Anonymous
LMFAO, hilarious
204 Anonymous
For real though, I wanna see that LMAO
205 Anonymous
School staff, keepin’ it real af LOL
206 Anonymous
No lie, I wanna see that too
207 Anonymous
I wonder if she looks happy or silly when she’s sleeping
Or maybe that’s when she look like a total cutie?
It’s kinda hard to guess, huh?
208 Anonymous
But seriously, this might be too much to figure out the location
209 Anonymous
Just when I thought it was impossible… but boom, something happened!
210 Anonymous
Nice one, neighbor!
211 Anonymous
That’s the way!
212 Anonymous
Got the address, bingo!
213 Anonymous
214 Anonymous
Huh? Okinawa?
215 Anonymous
Okinawa’s way too far, isn’t it? LOL
216 Anonymous
Hey, isn’t Okinawa where that pro player Nagahara-san signed with a team?
217 Anonymous
Can you believe this coincidence?
218 Anonymous
Travel Expenses LOL
219 Anonymous
The program production costs are set, huh?
This is unexpected
220 Anonymous
Since it’s produced by the Osaka station, the production costs don’t seem that high, right?
221 Anonymous
222 Anonymous
223 Anonymous
Emily-sama is way too cool. I’m falling for this
224 Anonymous
Taking advances on salary, does that mean she’s short on cash?
225 Anonymous
Yukishiro tends to be too kind, so maybe that’s the case
226 Anonymous
Seeing Aqua-sama spend money like it’s nothing, I feel like it’s in Yukishiro’s blood
227 Anonymous
Hey, President~!
228 Anonymous
Wow, President Atori really knows how to handle being the boss at Beryl!
229 Anonymous
President Atori sounded totally confused on the phone at first, but it was hilarious, lol!
230 Anonymous
President Atori’s so chill about everything, probably because of dealing with Aqua-sama
231 Anonymous
Off to Okinawa we go!
232 Anonymous
Is it night?
233 Anonymous
So, Emily-sama’s going to meet her alone first, huh?
234 Anonymous
235 Anonymous
Wait, what?
236 Anonymous
237 Anonymous
What’s up with the wheelchair thing, though?
238 Anonymous
Oh, it’s Kitamura-san after all!
Back in middle school, she was kinda famous for a bit, but then suddenly I stopped hearing about her. I wonder what happened!
239 Anonymous
Kitamura-san is so positive, isn’t that cool?!
240 Anonymous
Go for it!!
241 Anonymous
Wheelchair basketball is getting more recognition, huh?
242 Anonymous
Reverse request!?
243 Anonymous
244 Anonymous
Wouldn’t it be awesome if the two of them played basketball again?!
245 Anonymous
246 Anonymous
Is the budget for the sleepover okay?!
247 Anonymous
248 Anonymous
Heart’s racing, heart’s racing!
249 Anonymous
I’m at a loss for words
250 Anonymous
Borrowed ball LOL
251 Anonymous
So, the first request was to get the basketball back
252 Anonymous
What a great story!
253 Anonymous
That basketball, which was left behind, gave someone the courage to play again
What a nice story!
254 Anonymous
I don’t mind borrowing, but for Kitamura-san, this basketball might have been a big support
255 Anonymous
256 Anonymous
257 Anonymous
It was a good story
But it’s not over yet, right!?
258 Anonymous
Emily-sama, nice three-pointer!
259 Anonymous
It’s the Makishima pose!
260 Anonymous
Let me explain. The Makishima pose is a celebration that pro basketball player Makishima shows when she scores a three-pointer. She had a great game around the time of a drama, and it became popular on social media and was even on TV
Now, even people who aren’t basketball fans know about it
261 Anonymous
They must have recorded this before the drama aired
Emily-sama, you’re so smart to notice that Makishima was doing it even before he appeared!
262 Anonymous
Here it comes!
263 Anonymous
As a fan of Okinawa Platinum Queens, or just a basketball fan like me, I’m so moved
264 Anonymous
265 Anonymous
Are we doing a 5-on-5 game?
266 Anonymous
Special rules for players in wheelchairs, huh?
267 Anonymous
I mean, if you think about fairness and all that, it might not fly, but having a dreams in wheelchairs and those without all playing together is like, super cool. It’s like, everyone just coming together to hoop is pretty sweet
268 Anonymous
269 Anonymous
270 Anonymous
Wait, this voice..
271 Anonymous
272 Anonymous
Nee-san!? Are you going to appear twice in a row? LOL
273 Anonymous
So, Nee-san is basically a regular now?
274 Anonymous
And who’s the other one?
275 Anonymous
276 Anonymous
277 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword incoming!!
278 Anonymous
Is it Aqua-sama coming!?
279 Anonymous
Or maybe Tenga-senpai!?
No way, could it be Toa-chan or Mayushin-kun!?
280 Anonymous
281 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has arrived!
282 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s not arrived..
283 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head spotted LOL
284 Anonymous
epartment’s Head LMAO
285 Anonymous
That’s way above expectations lol
286 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head, your leg’s all good now. Awesome!
287 Anonymous
When the big layoffs wave hit, she clung to her desk like a cat to a warm laptop, sipping just enough salary to not get the boot. Her survival instincts kicked in big time, LOL!
288 Anonymous
That’s a quote for the ages
289 Anonymous
Mad respect
290 Anonymous
Play it safe, I understand
291 Anonymous
Because my paycheck’s taking a hit, LOL!
292 Anonymous
If I get hurt, I might not be able to stream anymore
293 Anonymous
Nee-san is going for the jump ball, LOL!
294 Anonymous
You got this, Nee-san!
295 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s a big nope
296 Anonymous
Even for Nee-san, that’s a tall order
297 Anonymous
If it were Morikawa, maybe there’d be a chance, but with Morikawa, the ball might’ve exploded the moment she touched it LOL
298 Anonymous
Pro skills, wow!
299 Anonymous
Nailed that dunk easily!
300 Anonymous
301 Anonymous
Got it back in a flash!!
302 Anonymous
Nagahara-san is just amazing, could totally go pro, and Kitamura-san is so skilled too
303 Anonymous
Fist bump! Girl power! Awesome!!
304 Anonymous
305 Anonymous
Emily-sama!? Are you okay!?
306 Anonymous
Emily-sama, nice defense, lol!
307 Anonymous
Emily-sama is pretty good
308 Anonymous
Emily-sama, great at shooting and defense too
309 Anonymous
Emily-sama is not just trying to stop the other player; she’s playing it close to the edge. If she gets a foul, it’s like a bonus. She’s all about delaying the game, putting pressure on the other team so they might miss their shots or mess up a pass
It’s pretty awesome how she can make such quick decisions in the game
310 Anonymous
Emily-sama, it looks tough out there, but she finally got a ball after a rebound. Keep it up!!
311 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head, that’s not gonna fly
312 Anonymous
Department’s Head is laughing but she’s out of gas LOL
313 Anonymous
Ah, they’re now more than 10 points behind
314 Anonymous
The pro team is really good, and so are the players on the wheelchair team
315 Anonymous
A 15-point difference, that’s pretty tough, huh?
316 Anonymous
Aw, just when they called for the pass!
317 Anonymous
Hesitated there, didn’t they? I get it though
318 Anonymous
319 Anonymous
LOL, Emily-sama’s defense is so annoying to the other team!
320 Anonymous
I’ve played a bit, so I know. Emily-sama’s got this sneaky timing with her moves, it’s kinda sly. So if you’re the one she’s sticking to, it’s super annoying for real
321 Anonymous
Synchronized Breathing!!
322 Anonymous
323 Anonymous
324 Anonymous
They finally got connected, but darn it, Nagahara-san couldn’t catch the ball at the end!
325 Anonymous
Maybe she felt embarrassed because she didn’t come when she called earlier
326 Anonymous
327 Anonymous
328 Anonymous
329 Anonymous
The crutch department’s head is way too cool!
330 Anonymous
That awesome sideways jump is gonna go down in history!
331 Anonymous
Hey, crutch department’s head, you alright?
332 Anonymous
I just heard a loud noise!?
333 Anonymous
No good, the main thread’s hopeless; everyone’s just hyped about the crutch department’s head!
334 Anonymous
Ohhhh yeah!
335 Anonymous
She’s standing up!!
336 Anonymous
That’s why she is the Crutch department’s head of Heaven’s Sword
337 Anonymous
Things are heating up!!
338 Anonymous
Whoa, that’s sick!
339 Anonymous
That’s right. The game ain’t over yet
340 Anonymous
Don’t give up!!
341 Anonymous
342 Anonymous
343 Anonymous
This might be bad
344 Anonymous
This is definitely not gonna continue
345 Anonymous
The one who said “don’t get hurt” ends up getting hurt. Classic!
346 Anonymous
Trying to act like she’s not injured, LOL
347 Anonymous
That’s pushing it, LMAO
348 Anonymous
She’s trying so hard to act like she’s not hurt because it’s gonna be a big deal. LOL, that’s hilarious!
349 Anonymous
Oh wow! The crutch department’s head is getting a pay cut!!
350 Anonymous
Here we go again, another crutch sighting
351 Anonymous
352 Anonymous
even though she was able to recover..
353 Anonymous
354 Anonymous
This is it! It’s finally happeninggg!!
355 Anonymous
I’ve been waiting for this momenttt!
356 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is the real deal, huh!
357 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here to do Aqua-sama things, yeeeah!
358 Anonymous
With Aqua-sama here, the thread is falling like a shooting star..
359 Anonymous
Second date!?
360 Anonymous
Huh, a date with Emily-sama!?
361 Anonymous
Huh? So, it’s the second time, meaning there was a first time!?
362 Anonymous
What!? Shumi, did you got NTR’d by Emily-sama!?
363 Anonymous
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, what’s going on here!!
364 Anonymous
Hey, check it out! There’s a breaking news article by Seibaku Newspaper, written by someone named 616, saying they’re getting hitched this summer!!
365 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Don’t worry, Shumi’s got this, it’s a win-win from NTR!
366 Anonymous
This is seriously big news!
367 Anonymous
Hey Aqu-tan, did you just fill in the moat from the outside?
368 Anonymous
369 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Seriously!? I never knew that..
370 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s enough about that
371 Verification Team *010meTA473
Why does it have to be like this!?
I didn’t get NTR’d, and I won’t get NTR’d!!
372 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’ll keep track of the dates for the two of them!!
373 Anonymous
Whoa, that’s heavy
374 Anonymous
The weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings social media just went down!!
375 Anonymous
It feels like the whole network crashed, huh?
376 Anonymous
All down at once lol
377 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Count me in! I’ll keep my schedule open!!
378 Anonymous
My computer suddenly stopped connecting to the internet LOL
But my phone’s still got a signal
379 Anonymous
My phone’s signal dropped, but the wifi’s still kicking
380 774 *Hi-P3erver
Hey everyone, the bulletin board is super slow right now
We’re gonna pause the usual live threads and just focus on this one for a bit
Those who don’t have write permissions, please be quiet and use ROM!!
381 Anonymous
Thanks for the update
382 Anonymous
You’re awesome
383 Anonymous
LOL, that last line totally showed your true feelings
Looks like the server team’s having a rough time, huh?
384 Anonymous
Anyway, Emily-sama is just too cool
To use a date with Aqua for someone else? That’s impossible for normal people
385 Anonymous
For real. I wish I could make Hagetoru drink some of Emily-sama’s awesomeness!
386 Anonymous
The crutch department’s head was really cool too
387 Anonymous
It’s kinda deep to see her with crutches and Aqu-tan… I mean, Kenzaki talking
388 Anonymous
I love how they call them their heroes
389 Anonymous
390 Anonymous
Even teammates from the minibasketball days showed up!!
391 Anonymous
I love this kind of stuff
392 Anonymous
Kanon-sama and Morikawa… what a great story!
393 Anonymous
The Verification Team’s on fire!
But wait, turns out one person didn’t show up
394 Anonymous
Hey Hagetoru..
Learn a thing or two from the other three, desu~wa
395 Anonymous
Highest price since the beginning of the year… Kanon-sama, Nee-san, Morikawa
And then… boom! Hagetoru
396 Anonymous
Argh! Feels like I’ve pressed the wrong button or something. Like, I’m missing out on something insanely important and it’s driving me nuts!
397 Anonymous
That might be the Hoge-lar Wave hitting you. Wrap some aluminum foil around your head, seriously
398 Anonymous
Nee-san, head patting, really?!
399 Anonymous
Can we please get a detailed explanation about this whole head patting Nee-san thing?!
400 Anonymous
Nee-san, so jealous!!
401 Anonymous
402 Anonymous
You can still turn this around!!
403 Anonymous
LMAO, using the show’s money or crutch department’s head’s pocket cash
404 Anonymous
Emily-sama doesn’t show that lol
405 Anonymous
crutch department’s head, you gonna end up with a negative paycheck this month with all that splurging, huh?
406 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is so freaking awesome!!
407 Anonymous
No doubt Aqua-sama’s just dominating with pure athleticism, even against the pros
408 Anonymous
Seeing Aqua-sama crush it with sheer physical prowess against pro guys made me realize girls with good training and agility don’t stand a chance
I’m in the boxing club at Otomezaki, but now I’m like, “Can I even win with just instinct?”
409 Anonymous
When people are around Aqua-sama, they feel like they have to act differently. Even if they try to push him around, they end up being the ones pushed
That’s when they realize they’re more like the female side, and they’re the ones who might get pushed by a male
410 Anonymous
Someone was planning to r*pe Aqua-kun before
But they realized that they might be the ones being eaten or r*ped if they make eye contact, so they stopped themselves
The person who planned it said Aqua-kun has a different kind of energy that stops them
411 Anonymous
Even r*pist can’t resist Aqua-sama’s charm
412 Anonymous
Just by walking around, Aqua-sama stops s*xual crimes from happening. LOL
413 Anonymous
Hmm, the professional team is still strong though
414 Anonymous
It’s getting more competitive than before. The pros can’t beat Aqua-sama physically, so they stopped challenging him in that way
415 Anonymous
But it’s good that they keep trying till the end
Trying hard to win is always a good thing
416 Anonymous
Everyone, keep it up!
417 Anonymous
418 Anonymous
Wow, a last-minute twist!
419 Anonymous
It was great how Aqua-sama and Emily-sama teamed up at the end!
420 Verification Team *010meTA473
Awesome! That was really good!
421 Verification Team *07218KADO6
That was touching! Everyone did great!
422 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
If they had the awesome announcer Morikawa-san here…!
423 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Sorry, I wasn’t much help..
424 Anonymous
No, you did fine
425 Anonymous
It was awesome when Nee-san pulled that steal off
426 Anonymous
Everybody just ignoring >>422 like it’s nothing, lol
427 Anonymous
Wait, Aqua-sama’s treating everyone!?
428 Anonymous
So that’s the info about Aqua-sama being in Okinawa, lol
429 Anonymous
Whoaaaaa, so luckyyy!
430 Anonymous
Just inviting random people from around there LOL
431 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s money moves are lit! He knows how to spend big and I like it
432 Anonymous
Director Kohina!?
433 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari crying like a regular person?
434 Anonymous
Emily-sama, it was great
435 Anonymous
Emily-sama, thanks a bunch
Hagetoru needs to take notes from Emily-sama!!
436 Anonymous
Department’s Head LMFAO
437 Anonymous
Yeah, if I were a doctor, I’d be mad too, lol
438 Anonymous
I also have to be careful not to get injured
439 Anonymous
Department’s Head Matsumoto, getting scouted for insurance company ads on social media? That’s hilarious, LOL
440 Anonymous
I thought it was a joke at first, but no, it’s legit LOL
441 Anonymous
Sad news, Kohina Yukari, ignore Aqua-sama lol
442 Anonymous
During the match, she tried not to think about it, LOL
443 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, is it okay if I take a peek?
444 Anonymous
During the match, the reason for that cool expression became clear and I’m dying of laughter, lol
445 Anonymous
Ayana-chan LOL
446 Anonymous
It’s rare to see Ayana-chan being so savage, LMAO
447 Anonymous
Off to Okinawa for a trip, LOL
448 Anonymous
Is that what she thought after watching that hot match earlier?
449 Anonymous
Go, Inko, go!
450 Anonymous
Such a joke, LMAO
451 Anonymous
Huh? If it’s okay to have such requests, I would’ve applied too!! 🤔
452 Anonymous
That difference earlier was crazy! LOL
453 Anonymous
454 Anonymous
It’s cool that Tenga-senpai is coming!
455 Anonymous
Are you a fan of Tenga?
456 Anonymous
There were some goods at the entrance
457 Anonymous
100,000 yen worth!? I can’t just give up on that
458 Anonymous
I really want to find this
459 Anonymous
Go, Tenga-senpai!
460 Anonymous
Can’t find it anywhere
461 Anonymous
I keep thinking it might be stuck somewhere or dropped and I get all excited
462 Anonymous
I get it
463 Anonymous
They didn’t even look through the fiber scope, huh?
464 Anonymous
465 Anonymous
Wasn’t there a gap earlier?
Or is it just me?
466 Anonymous
I thought it might’ve been my imagination since Tenga-kun didn’t mention it, but there was definitely a gap!
467 Anonymous
No, I don’t think so
468 Anonymous
What happens if they can’t find it?
469 Anonymous
Doesn’t that mean the request wasn’t fulfilled and it goes unsolved?
470 Anonymous
I guess it’s on the show, so technically it’s solved. Maybe
471 Anonymous
Yeah, you’re right!
472 Anonymous
Yeah, when this happens, going back to square one might be necessary
473 Anonymous
474 Anonymous
475 Anonymous
476 Anonymous
Oops, totally missed that
477 Anonymous
There’s a gap!!
478 Anonymous
Even if we know where it might be, it feels like… nah
479 Anonymous
If they break this wall, the repair bill’s gonna be sky-high, lol
480 Anonymous
Saint construction!?
481 Anonymous
482 Anonymous
Hold up LOL
483 Anonymous
Emily-sama, that company is like a front for the Holy Aqua Religion!
Run away from that shady religious stuff!
484 Anonymous
Emily-sama is so used, LMAO
485 Anonymous
Emily-sama, she’s pretty slick with her skills, huh?
486 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai ain’t throwin’ shade, lol
487 Anonymous
If this was Aqu-tan or Kohina Yukari, they’d be roasting, but Tenga-senpai just chillin’, lol
488 Anonymous
Straight up ignoring it, lol, classic move
489 Anonymous
Whoaaaa, it’s here!
490 Anonymous
It ain’t here…
491 Anonymous
Driver’s license, lol
492 Anonymous
Next time for sure!!
493 Anonymous
It’s here, it’s here… psych!!
494 Anonymous
Bank card, LMAO
495 Anonymous
Wait, did this person seriously drop their point card, bank card, and driver’s license all in the same place?
496 Anonymous
497 Anonymous
I want to say “yay,” but I’m feeling a bit mixed up. Am I the only one?
498 Anonymous
Emily-sama LOL
499 Anonymous
That’s funny! LMAO
500 Anonymous
Had to leave because there’s another job. LOL

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