Male Idol V13c21

Volume 13 Chapter 21 Shirogane Aqua, I’m The Scariest Guy In This World

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 ”Wow, Aqua-kun, you really saved me. I couldn’t reach Emily-chan, and I was worried about what to do. Thank you.”

 ”Yeah, it’s good we got in touch with Aqua-sama. Danjou-kun.”

 I looked at Danjou-san and Noel-san, who were eating in front of me, with a smile.

 Both of them returned home today, but it seems they couldn’t reach Emily-san.

 So, when Kanon contacted me, and I was free, I decided to pick them up. Since it was still morning and we hadn’t had breakfast yet, we decided to grab a meal on the way back.

 ”Aqua-sama, thank you so much, even though you’re busy.”

 ”No problem, we help each other out when we’re in trouble.”

 Emily-san’s mom, Noel-san, has a strong big sister vibe.

 Emily-san looks more like Mommy Mikuni, but her cool expressions remind me of Noel-san.

 ”Aqua-kun, so how are things with Emily-chan lately?”

 I smile back at Danjou-san, who’s grinning from ear to ear.

 Danjou-san is, how can I put it, a really warm and fuzzy person.

 He’s like a two-dimensional stuffed animal, if my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me.

 ”With Emily-san? Let’s see… We’ve been doing some drama shoots together recently, and she’s been appearing on TV shows. Emily-san is really talented and has a star quality to her. Everything she does seems to shine. When I see Emily-san in action, I can’t help but feel motivated.”

 ”Oh, I see…”

 Huh, that reaction wasn’t what I expected.

 I thought he’d be more excited. I’m puzzled by his somewhat indifferent response compared to what I imagined.

 Was it just me sensing some parental concern?

 ”For example, going somewhere on a date or something.”

 ”A date…? Oh!”

 Oh, right. Since they were in States, they couldn’t watch the “Solution Night Counseling,” but they heard about the date on the show. I see, I see, you wanted to hear about that story.

 ”In March, we went on a date to Okinawa for ‘Solution Night Counseling.’ Emily-san looked really cool at that time. I thought she was just cool while watching up close.”

 Emily-san was cool at that time.

 I was surprised when she said she wanted to go on a date in Okinawa, but I understood the circumstances later.

 It would have been nice if she had explained it as just a show normally, but maybe Emily-san was too considerate or awkward in that way. That’s why I can’t help but be curious…

 In that sense, I think Ayana, Ako-san, and Emily-san are similar.

 They all have awkward sides and are the type to push themselves too hard, so I feel like I need to watch out for them properly.

 ”Wow, really…”

 Huh, huh? That’s not the reaction I was expecting again.

 I thought he’d be a little more excited…

 ”Oh, um, not that, Aqua-sama, but, uh, something else…”

 Noel-san looks at me as if pleading for something.

 Oh! Maybe the information they wanted wasn’t that!

 I start talking to the two about our previous date.

 ”When we went on a date at Shima Stars Village, it was fun.” (T/N: V12 Chapter 41)

 ”Was that more of a private thing?”

 ”Uh… yeah.”

 Danjou-san shows an unbelievably big smile.

 Ah, I see. Finally, I understand that they wanted to hear about that.

 ”We didn’t have much time then, so we could only do a little, but it was really fun.”

 ”Yeah yeah, I see, I

 I’ll tell about the date I had.

 Danjou-san seemed really happy, listening to me with a big smile.

 ”Oh, by the way, did you two go to Stars afterward?”


 At Stars… there were lots of things happening, but it was a fulfilling time, especially work-wise.

 ”Danjou-san, Noel-san. Emily-san has talent as an actress!”

 Thinking they’d be happy, I praised Emily-san, saying she has talent comparable to Mommy Mikuni.

 ”Oh, really…”

 Huh, their reaction seems different from what I expected again.

 Did I mess up?

 ”So, even though you two were at Stars for almost a month, you didn’t go on a date…”

 ”No, we didn’t.”

 I replied firmly.

 Honestly, we didn’t have time for that.

 Our time at Stars was limited, and Kohina-senpai warned me that it’s intense there because the standards are high. So, I packed my schedule with shoots and work as much as possible.

 Emily-san had lots of unfamiliar tasks, and she unexpectedly had to appear in Stars War, so I didn’t want to invite her, thinking she might be tired.


 Uh, huh? I rub my eyes.

 Was Danjou-san really that muscular in the upper body, bulging with muscles like that?

 ”Um, Danjou-kun, both of them were busy, and Emily-chan, despite appearances, is serious, so I’m sure both of them were focused on work.”


 I nod quickly at Noel-san’s words.

 ”Oh, I see… yeah, that’s right. Aqua-kun is a serious and nice young man, and Emily-chan is diligent at work, so that makes sense. Well, both of them need to take a break once in a while.”

 Ah, I’m relieved. It was just my imagination after all.

 Am I tired lately? For a moment, Danjou-san looked like a muscular action star from those classic overseas action movies.

 He even seemed taller than Akio-san or Tenga-senpai, but that couldn’t be true. I tell myself that.

 ”Ah, Aqua-sama, it’s better to have coffee right after eating before it gets cold…”

 ”Oh, yeah, you’re right.”

 Huh? That’s weird. My hand holding the cup is shaking.

 Let’s just take in some caffeine to calm down for now.

 I’ll lean in and sip from the coffee cup to chill for a bit.

 ”Oh, by the way, Aqua-kun, when is the wedding with Emily-chan?”


 I almost spit out the coffee I was drinking, but I managed to hold it in desperately.

 I was able to endure it just because I used to be an idol, but if I were a comedian, I think I would have instantly sprayed hot coffee all over Danjou-san’s face without hesitation.

 Man, I’m really glad I was an idol.

 ”Oh, are you guys not… having a wedding? That’s too bad, I wanted to see Emily-chan in her wedding dress…”

 Danjou-san looked sad and looked down.

 W-wait a minute, please.

 Who’s getting married? I wanted to make sure.

 ”Um, who’s getting married…?”


 Danjou-san tilted his head, looking puzzled.

 ”It’s obvious, isn’t it? Aqua-kun and Emily-chan?”

 Huh? Did that really happen?

 I’ve never heard about it… Wait, am I losing my memory?

 As I hesitated to speak, Danjou-san’s expression turned serious quickly.

 ”Aqua-kun, you didn’t forget about the promise we made, did you…?”

 ”No, not at all!”

 I immediately denied Danjou-san’s words.

 Because even if I don’t remember at all, what promise? I couldn’t grasp the atmosphere to say anything.

 Unable to understand the information in front of me, I thought I might be seeing things and rubbed my eyes multiple times.

 ”Okay, that’s fine then. Hmm, Aqua-kun, is something wrong?”

 ”N-no… it’s nothing.”

 Ah, he’s back to his normal self again.

 Phew… for a moment there, Danjou-san in front of me looked like a muscular macho straight out of a fighting manga from the end of the century, but maybe that was just my imagination.

 Maybe I’m tired? I should ask Ako-san to give me a break. Haha…

 ”Oh, I see… well, that’s good then. Aqua-kun, it’s really nice that you’re such a sincere boy.”

 I show a rare determined expression.

 Remember. Remember, Aqua. How did we get into this conversation?

 I recall the first time I met Danjou-san.

 ’Nice to meet you, Father. My name is Shirogane Aqua. Please give me your daughter!!’

 I was saying it so casually! I were speaking in a completely ordinary way!

 Maybe because I had a fever, my memory became fuzzy and I thought it was a dream.

 I just forgot about it like it was nothing.

 ”Um, if, well, hypothetically. It’s not intentional. Sometimes, because of a fever, you might forget or there might be some unfortunate misunderstandings…”



 When Danjou-san showed that serious killing intent, my cowardly self shriveled up.

 There’s no doubt. That “kill” was serious.

 ”Of course, Aqua-kun isn’t the kind of boy who would toy with my precious daughter’s feelings, right?”

 ”Of course not. Danjou-san, I mean, Father-in-law!! Please trust me, um, trust me with this Shirogane Aqua!!”

 I, who am known only for my momentum, vigorously pat my chest.

 Alright, if it’s come to this, I’ve got to do something about it.

 I have to go on a date with Emily-san right away and officially propose!!

 ”Oh, Emily-chan is so lucky. She’s liked by a guy like Aqua-kun, who’s as sincere as they come.”

 ”Hahaha, hahahaha.”

 All I can do now is laugh. Anyway, for now, let’s just laugh it off.

 ”You know, Emily-chan is actually quite a lonely person. That’s why I felt so relieved when I heard she was with friends. Kanon-san, Kaede-chan, Kotono-chan, they’re all such good girls, so I can feel secure marrying her off.”

 To calm my heart for a moment, I drink some coffee to get some caffeine in me.

 Stay calm. You can do it, Shirogane Aqua. For now, I’ve managed to push the problem away. Now, I have to figure out how to deal with it from here on out…

 ”So, um, I forgot to ask earlier, but when’s the wedding?”


 Huff, huff, huff… I almost sprayed the coffee I was drinking all over the place and barely managed to hold it in.

 I hadn’t really been able to push the issue away. No, it’s more like it came back at me from the other side.

 ”Uh, well…”

 If I respond sincerely, really sincerely, maybe I can handle this somehow.

 But Danjou-san from earlier keeps popping into my mind, and I can’t find the words.

 ”Danjou-kun. Aqua-sama is focusing on his upcoming wedding with Kaede-chan, so he’s probably busy with that right now, you know?”


 Please let me call you mother-in-law, no, big sis!

 ”Ah, I see. Sorry about that. Aqua-kun. I guess Aqua-kun has his own things going on too.”

 ”Geez, Danjou-kun, you’re such a doting parent.”

 ”Hehe. When it comes to Emily-chan, I can’t help but get a bit passionate. I’m really sorry, Aqua-kun.”

 ”No worries, I’m going to be a father too, so I understand those feelings.”

 Yeah, thinking from Danjou-san’s perspective, that makes sense.

 I also felt like I needed to do something. At least I have feelings for Emily-san.

 Even when she first came to the Tomarigi, I can’t deny I had some ulterior motives. I even thought about asking her out if I got the chance.

 ”Oh, really? I’m looking forward to chatting with Aqua-kun about dad stuff. It’ll be fun.”

 ”Haha, me too.”

 Seeing Danjou-san’s happy face made me realize I can’t be careless or insincere.

 The three of us finished eating and left the restaurant.

 At that moment, Noel-san discreetly approached me.

 ”Um, sorry. Aqua-sama, back then, I thought you might have had a fever, so I was wondering…”

 Noel-san noticed after all.

 That’s why she was helping me, I understood.

 ”No, everything’s fine. I don’t go on dates even if I’m not interested.”


 Seeing Noel-san’s happy face, I realized I needed to get serious again.

 Above all, the thought of Emily-san being sad hurts my heart.

 Yeah, Aqua. Things should always be simple, right?

 Are you okay with Emily-san being happy with someone other than me? No.

 Do you want to see Emily-san smiling next to another man? No!

 Or do you want to see Emily-san growing old alone? No way!!

 See? That’s what it comes down to.

 ”Noel-san, please leave Emily-san to me.”


 I’ve made up my mind too.

 This is a quick reference chart of breasts. I made this for those who are concerned about their cup size.

 AAA Cup:

 - Finus

 - Agnese (Powder Maniac)

 AA Cup:

 - Hermie

 - Kurushima Fran

 A Cup:

 - Shirogane Lapis

 - Asumi Runa

 - Lazuli

 - Sakura Yukana

 - Annamarie

 B Cup:

 - Kurumi Kokona

 - Sumeragi Kukuri

 - Kazami Rin

 - Oto Rurika

 - Nekoyama Subaru

 - Hoshikawa Mio

 C Cup:

 - Morikawa Kaede

 - Tsukimachi Ayana

 - Natsuki Sana

 - Ayafuji Midori

 - Amamiya Kotori

 D Cup:

 - Atori Ako

 - Sugita Mari

 - Washimiya Lisa

 - Kato Iria

 - Kanade Ichika

 - Kirihara Karen

 - Kayano Serika

 E Cup:

 - Shirogane Kanon

 - Kohina Yukari

 - Chihiro Claire

 - Inori Hisui

 - Kagari Rinon

 - Kobayakawa Yuki

 - Maria

 - Hongou Hiroko

 - Uryuu Anko

 F Cup:

 - Yukishiro Emily

 - Kurogami Uruha

 - Natalia

 - Sayamu Inko (outside)

 - Yukishiro Mikuni

 - Kuga Reira

 - Sabato Koyomi

 - Keito Sakura

 - Onina (future)

 G Cup:

 - Kirika Kotono

 - Shirogane Marin

 - Shirogane Shitori

 - Sayamu Inko (middle)

 - Sabato Mikoto

 - Miyamochi Tamamo

 - Nekoyama Kanata

 - Awashima Chigiri

 - Nanase Nino

 H Cup:

 - Nemoto Neneka

 - Hakuryuu Aiko

 - Sabato Miyako

 - Jou Maron

 - Habu Chiyoko

 - Victoria

 - Furia

 - Mayuzumi Kiyoko

 I Cup:

 - Shirogane Yui

 - Kokucho Agewa

 - Tomoe Setsuna

 J Cup:

 - Sakura Ui

 - Tsushima Kouko

 K Cup:

 - Kythera

 O Cup:

 - Manaat

 P Cup:

 - Pegonia

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