Male Idol V13c22

Volume 13 Chapter 22 Yukishiro Emily, The Eggplant Fairy

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 ”Okay, here we go! Nice to meet you!”


 I was at a certain supermarket for a job Ako-san passed on to me.

 ”Oh, it’s Nasny!”

 ”Mom, it’s Nasny-chan!”

 Dressed in a costume of Nasny, the eggplant character, I waved to the children.

 I used the hot plate provided to grill eggplants with a sizzle.

 ”Here you go, everyone’s favorite, grilled eggplant!”

 Come on, have plenty to eat.

 With a gentle smile, I distributed the grilled eggplants to the children.

 It’s what they call a tasting promotion.

 ”Ma’am, how about eggplants as your daily side dish?”

 ”Um, I wonder…”

 I sparkled my eyes from inside the costume.

 26 years old, H cup… that’s about right. No mistake. She’s one of us.

 ”Eggplant is a super nutritious veggie! You can eat it, suck on it, or shove in your mouth – it’s good any way you like it. When you’re feeling restless at night, after the kids have gone to bed, why not try it? And guess what, if you get it now, I’ll throw in that Mast***ion Hagetoru’ Nasny book for free!”

 ”The Hagetoru one!? Oh, I’m in!”

 ”Guhehe, thanks as always~”

 Ma’am, enjoy this tonight.

 I secretly hand a book to her along with an eggplant.

 Huh? Well, this book is self-published, so if I distribute it, I’ll end up losing money on the job… Oh well, never mind! Mast***ion Hagetoru, the missionary of love, isn’t one to sweat the small stuff.

 I serve the kids fried eggplant while looking for my next target.

 Oh, there she is! I focus on a high school girl.

 ”Miss, how about some eggplant?”

 ”Nasny-chan!? Wait, that voice, where have I heard it before…”

 Oh no! No matter how laid back Ponnami-san is, she must have heard me.

 Desperately, I change my tone of voice.

 ”It’s Nasny, the eggplant fairy! Look, this big eggplant would fit just right on your crotch.”

 ”Eh? On my… crotch?”

 Guhehe, I chuckled and leaned towards Shumi even more.

 ”Since becoming pregnant, haven’t you missed doing certain things with your husband? For instance, feeling those n**ples get firm during the night…”

 What? Did I go too far, Shumi?

 ”Emily-senpai…what exactly are you doing here?”

 Wha-What?! Why am I the one getting caught!?

 ”I work part-time jobs Ako-san introduced me to because I’m broke. That’s why, come on, buy something from me. Or maybe take everything; I don’t mind!”

 ”That might cause inconvenience for other customers, though.”


 ”Then, let’s just buy one for now. And don’t do anything weird, okay?”

 ”I know.”

 Shumi wants to take a picture with Nasny-chan, so I agree to take a picture with her.

 ”Hey, if you buy this set that comes with tasty eggplants, you’ll also get Nasny’s keychain.”

 ”Okay, then.”

 Allright! I thought she’d definitely buy this for me.

 ”Thanks, as always.”

 Alright, time to find the next target… Oh, there it is!!

 To avoid being found out, I change my tone of voice this time.

 ”Hey, Deka-onna-san. How about buying this eggplant to accompany your alone time… Guheh!”

 ”Emily-san, what are you doing?”

 Huh, how did she find out?

 Before I could react, Nee-san grabs my face firmly enough to make Nasny-chan’s face pop up in my mind.

 ”Ah, through Ako-san’s introduction, I’m selling eggplant samples…”

 ”I see, that’s fine then.”

 Phew, that was close, really close.

 Once I was released by Nee-san, I gently adjusted the face of Nasny-chan, who had been squished in the middle, pulling it left and right to get it back to its original shape.

 ”By the way, you haven’t been up to anything strange, have you?”

 ”Uh, no… I haven’t.”

 I quickly averted my gaze.

 ”You haven’t been doing anything strange, have you?”

 ”Umm… nope.”

 Why did she have to ask again!?

 Nee-san was staring at me from up close.

 Hey, hey, trying to peek inside the mascot costume’s hidden hole is totally against the rules, you know!

 ”Sigh… well, it can’t be helped. Anyway, just make sure you don’t do anything weird. I’ll check later to make sure.”

 ”I understand.”

 Phew… saved again, for real this time.

 I handed a bag of eggplants to Nee-san.

 She’s tall, so it can reach deep inside. Guhehe!

 ”Where’s the Nasny’s keychain?”

 Ah, well then, buy this eggplant set instead.

 I’ll give Nee-san the eggplant set.

 ”So, do you understand now?”

 ”I-I get it already.”

 When I saw Nee-san off, I heard a familiar voice.

 ”Ah, there’s Nasny!”


 It felt like getting hit by a truck.

 I thought I was going to die. But when I turned around thinking it was some wild driver who had crashed into me, it was someone I knew all too well.

 ”Hey, you should cut back a little bit, idiot!”

 ”What did you just call me?! That sounded like…”


 Are you really that stupid?!

 I quickly covered up Chinski’s mouth.

 Is she seriously one of Mary’s special students?! Maybe I should transfer to Otomezaki like Shumi did.

 ”Okay, Chinski. If I get caught here, people’ll figure out who am I!?”

 Chinski nodded silently at my words.

 Well, everyone in the country already knows you’re Chinski.

 You’re the only one who thinks you’re still undercover.

 ”So, go buy some eggplants.”

 ”But, I can’t cook!”

 Don’t you watch cooking shows every day!?

 I sighed and started grilling the sliced eggplants.

 ”Look, this is something even you can do. Heck, you can even munch on it raw. I’ve never seen anyone eat raw eggplant, but I bet you can handle it. Believe in yourself, like I believe in you!!”

 ”You’re right! I’ll go buy it then.”

 Alright, thanks as always!

 Just make sure not to burn them to charcoal!

 I preached about the greatness of eggplants to the approaching kids while looking for my next target.

 Oh, there’s a good one.

 ”Hey, go buy some eggplants for me.”

 ”Huh? Emily-san, what are you doing here?”

 I press the eggplant onto Claire’s chest.

 What’s wrong? Your face is turning blue.

 ”Were you up to something weird again!?”

 ”Don’t worry about it, this is part of Beryl’s job.”

 Claire lets out a sigh of relief when she hears that it’s just Beryl’s work.

 ”That’s good. I hope it’s nothing strange like those drug experiments we had last time. That really scared me.”

 Oh yeah, there was also that other job.

 ”Anyway, go ahead and buy the eggplants.”

 ”Sure, but… umm…”

 Uh, which one should you get?

 Oh, this one looks nice.

 ”How about this shiny black one?”

 ”Wha- shiny black…”

 Hehe, you like this kind of thing, don’t you?

 Don’t worry, I know exactly what you like.

 ”Well then, I’ll buy this one and head back home.”

 ”Oh, don’t work too fast.”

 Hey, why don’t you buy some plastic bags for pickling while you’re at it?

 After giving Claire a warm motherly gaze and saying goodbye, I found another acquaintance.

 ”Ah, eggplant…”

 I slowly approached Agewa-oneechan who looked like a flustered housewife after sunbathing in the afternoon.

 ”Ma’am, what do you think about these curved eggplants? Guhehe…”

 As a harmless spirit of eggplant, wearing a cucumber mask, I got closer to Agewa-oneechan.

 ”Well. I bought ginger too, so today I guess U’ll marinate the eggplant. Oh, I just remembered, I also need to buy bonito flakes…”

 Whoa, pervy… When I take a closer look, it really is provocative. Can I accidentally touch her breasts just a little by pretending to offer her an eggplant and gently pressing it against them? So I did, acting casual and extending my arm towards Agewa-oneechan to press the eggplant onto her chest.


 Oh, okay then. It looks like the neighborhood wives always act like this after lunch.

 Everything they do seems provocative and efficient!

 So, I decided to spontaneously start playing the n**ple-targeting game with Agewa-oneechan using eggplants.

 ”Hey, wait! Aren’t you doing this on purpose?!”

 Oops, maybe I went too far.

 Now, angry Agewa-neesan grabs my arm.

 ”Come over here.”

 Uh oh, this isn’t looking good. I need to find a way out…

 But before I could even think about it, a woman dressed in pink and black landmines fashion approached us.

 ”What are you up to, Agewa-oneechan?”

 ”Ah, Kukuri-chan.”

 Wow, nice KuKuRi!

 I can’t escape now!

 Indeed, Agewa-neesan gripped my arm tightly.

 ”This kid has been trying to target my… n**ples since just now…”

 Guhehe, sorry about that. I got a little carried away.

 ”Agewa-oneechan, costumes have poor visibility, and the person inside probably didn’t mean to.”

 ”Oh, really? Maybe I was overthinking it? Sorry for bothering you while you were working. Eggplant-san costume.”

 Guhehe, I’m the eggplant fairy, Nasny.

 I bow slightly while introducing myself.

 I definitely got too carried away. I need to reflect on this. I should have been satisfied with just the first time.

 It’s a bad habit of mine to get carried away and do it over and over again.

 Well, even though I know that, I can’t help it! Haha!

 ”Emily-oneechan, you owe me one for this.”


 Th-this person, she noticed that Nasny is actually me!!

 I sweat profusely inside the costume as I watch the two of them leave.

 At that moment, Nee-san returned to check on me again.


 Don’t worry; I haven’t done anything weird…hehe.

 I look away from Nee-san.

 “Oh, eggplant.”

 ”It sounds tasty.”

 “I think we should have eggplant too.

 Ah, there they are—Aqua-sama’s mom and Mayuzumi-kun’s mom along with Toa-chan’s mom!

 I present the eggplant stir-fry I made as a tasting sample.

 ”Uh-huh, it’s yummy!”

 ”It sure is nice. However, wouldn’t guys find this insufficient as their main course?”

 ”Why don’t we go ahead and enjoy this tonight, but yes, it could probably use more volume for the male diners.”

 When the time comes, I recommend trying an arrangement of eggplant stir-fry with miso paste.

 Ah, I understand why Aqua-sama gets distracted when surrounded by those three busty women.

 G cup, G cup, H cup… ah, so these are the famous GO, GO, HEAVEN!

 Even someone like me, who is attracted to the same gender, feels tempted by those busty ladies.

 Instead of just giving them a set of breasts, I pass them a plate of eggplant while gently pressing their chests with it. Guhehe!

 ”Hey ladies, if you’d like, feel free to take this along for your night company…”

 I handed out the usual book to the three of them.

 Marin-san didn’t seem to get it, but Kiyoko-san’s face turned bright red, so she must have understood. Kanata-san, well… Ah, with that big smile, pretending not to know anything, but I’m sure she understood everything.

 I watched the three moms off with satisfaction.

 ”Oh, it’s Nasny-chan.”

 Oh, that voice belongs to the top idol, Tsukimachi Ayana-san!

 I approached Ayana-chan, rubbing my hands together.

 ”N-Nasny rubbing hands? Something’s fishy…”

 Oops, guess I let that habit from my sketchy real estate part-time job slip out.

 ”Wow, tasty. Looks like even I could do this.”

 Of course. Of course. With the seasoning included in this set, cooking becomes easy.

 I’ve helped out once in that hellish share house, but Ayana-chan is the only one who can handle household chores properly in that house.

 That’s why I want her to do her best.

 The moment Ayana-chan collapses, that house easily falls apart with just two clumsy ones, Ako-pon and Yuka-pon.

 ”Hey, if you buy the set, you also get a Nasny keychain!”

 Hehe, right now, if you buy this Nasny book as a set, you’ll get it.

 I secretly handed the book to Ayana-chan.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 She blushed, looking so cute. Come on, put it in your bag now.

 Ayana-chan quietly tucked the book into her tote bag.

 Hehe, even though she’s a top idol, she’s still interested in stuff like this.

 ”Buy from us again!”

 Oh, I did something nice.

 I felt satisfied.

 ”Oh, it’s Nasny-chan!”

 Hehe, that cute voice is Lapis-chan.

 Oh, look, Subaru-chan and Miyako-chan are with her too.

 Did all three of them come to buy snacks?

 ”If you’d like, here you go, all three of you.”

 ”Ah, thank you!”

 ”What’s this?”

 ”Huh…? Oh…”

 Nasny’s keychain can only be obtained if you buy the set, but this book with Nasny’s instructions is free.

 I hope this Nasny book will be helpful for healthy girls.

 ”Th-thank you very much.”

 Hehe, even though they’re in middle school, all three of them understand what Nasny means properly.

 I get it. When I was in middle school, my head was full of stuff like that.

 ”Make sure you don’t get too carried away.”

 I wave goodbye with a smile to Lapis-chan, Subaru-chan, and Miyako-chan.

 Well, I did something really nice as an adult woman.


 Oh no! Nee-san, you still haven’t come back!?

 Geez, don’t worry, everything’s fine. Come on, hurry up and come back.

 Come on, it’s time for me to go up too!

 ”I’m heading home, but please be careful until the end.”


 I watched Nee-san with a gloomy face.

 Hmm, is it already that time?

 I want to pass this eggplant set to someone else and sell it out.

 As I was thinking about that, a kid approached and sneakily tasted the eggplant miso stir-fry I prepared for sampling.

 ”Hmm, the miso you’re using isn’t to my taste.”

 Hey, whoa! Who’s this woman talking like that!? Turns out, she’s the last person I should’ve tangled with.

 ”What’s your problem, huh? You got something to say to me?”

 Nope, not at all. I averted my eyes from Kohina-senpai.

 Dealing with people like this is just draining.

 I quickly started tidying up the booth to pack up.

 ”Hey, why are you cleaning up?”

 Because I don’t want to be involved!

 I silently continued tidying up. It’s a good thing I had experience with event clean-up from my part-time job.

 I ignored the bustling Great Kaiju Yukari-gon who was wandering around.

 ”Hey, how can I get one of those Eggplant-Nee keychains?”

 I point to the POP and silently hand over the eggplant set and keychain.

 Unlike my friend Kano-pon, Yuka-pon is sharp, so even just speaking could give me away.

 ”Huh? Haven’t I seen you somewhere before…”

 No way! Aqua-sama’s mentor, who’s known for being clueless, has such keen instincts?!


 I quickly load the packed boxes onto the cart and escape to the backyard.

 ”Phew, that was close… huh?”

 A message came in, who’s it from? I open the messaging app to check the new message.

 Kohina Yukari:

 Why’d you run away!!

 That’s my line.

 Why did you figure it out?

 Huh? Were there any giveaway signs?

 While I’m pondering, Kohina-senpai sends me a picture of the Nasny book I wrote.

 H-how did she… I mean, if you noticed, you should’ve said so then. Jeez!

 I change in the dressing room she prepared and head outside.

 ”Wow, Emily-sama looks amazing!”

 ”So lovely!”

 ”So beautiful!”

 ”So cool!”

 As I pass by, the girls sparkle with excitement as they look at me.

 Phew… I need to make sure my true identity isn’t revealed.

 I have to wear my mask properly from here on out. I hate to say it myself, but I don’t want others to know that behind this appearance, I’m actually quite naughty.

 I’m really grateful to my mom for teaching me how to hide myself when I was little.

 Even Aqua-sama would be devastated if he found out I’m just a naughty girl.

 Huh? Another message? Who could it be?

 Yukishiro Noel:

 I’m back in the country with Danjou-kun!

 Since we couldn’t get in touch, I asked Kanon-chan to have Aqua-sama pick us up.

 We were going to Emily-chan’s apartment directly, but we decided to stay with Grandmother Shion’s for a while. Take care!

 Oh… Both of them came back to the country today.

 But seriously, if Mom and Dad are coming back, they should let us know beforehand!

 ’Communication-is-key. Aqua-san and Emily-san, make sure to keep that in mind.’

 Ah… I remember what Nee-san told me when we made the contract.

 It seems like not just Auntie Mikuni but our whole family is kind of slack about these things. Sorry, Nee-san…

 As I stare at my messaging app, another new message pops up.

 I wonder who it’s from this time? I open the message.

 Shirogane Aqua:

 Instead of Emily-san, I’ve escorted Noel-san and Danjou-san to Fuji Shion-san’s place.

 By the way, are you free tonight? How about having dinner together?


 Got an invitation from Aqua-sama for tonight!!

 I have to c*m from this!!

 Setting aside the joke for now, the problem is what to wear.

 Should I wear that outfit Kanon got me from Fuji last time?

 Alright, once that’s decided, first you have to go home and get ready!!

 I hopped on the bike I inherited from Takako-san and started riding towards my house.

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