Male Idol V13c23

Volume 13 Chapter 23 Shirogane Aqua And Yukishiro Emily’s Operation Date

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The story switches back and forth between Aqua and Emily.

 I, who was going to go on a date with Emily-san, dropped off Noel-san and Danjou-san at Fuji Shion-san’s place before changing clothes at home.

 ”Since it’s a special occasion, should I wear a suit?”

 Among the clothes provided by John, there are also dressy suits unique to top brands.

 However, as a high schooler, the only occasion I wear such a suit is probably for award ceremonies.

 So, I decided to boldly wear it today.

 ”Alright, let’s go.”

 I start the engine as I return to the motorcycle parking area.

 ”Uh, what?”

 Weird. The engine won’t start, huh?

 Huh? I was just riding it earlier, why does it have to break down now?

 I looked up at the sky, thinking this couldn’t be happening.

 ”Oh well. Might as well use a taxi.”

 I called the taxi company.

 ’Sorry. We’re all busy right now…’

 ’Sorry. Today of all days, we’re fully booked.’

 Seriously? Couldn’t catch a single one.

 Oh well. I guess I’ll just go outside and try to grab a random taxi.

 There was probably at least one empty car driving around.

 I stepped outside and started walking along the main street, searching for a taxi.

* * *

 ”This is crazy! This is crazy!”

 I have a date with Aqua-sama starting soon!

 When I got home, I went to put on the expensive dress Kanon bought me… but it’s gone!? Why!?

 Oh… right! I remember now, I took that dress to Stars last time, so it’s at the cleaners! Aaaahhhh!

 Alright, hold up! What should I wear? A Nasny costume? No way, I can’t joke around like that right now!

 I’m staring at the clothes in my closet.

 Nope. I don’t have anything fancy enough, like a cute dress for a date that I can wear to a hotel.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll go with this…”

 I pick up a hand-me-down dress from my mom, which I dyed and repaired myself.

 I think it’s cute, but the design is super old-fashioned. What if people say it looks lame?

 Still, I figure it’s better than going naked or just wearing my regular clothes, so I change into my mom’s dress.

 I might as well add a headband or give it an 80s vibe. That way, if people think it’s old-fashioned, I can kind of brush it off as being intentional.

 ”Alright, let’s do this!”

 I hop on Takeko’s motorcycle and start riding.

 Along the way to the hotel, I spot a lady hitchhiking on the side of the road.

 What happened?

 Since there’s still time before our meeting, I’ll ask.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Sorry. Actually, I heard that my mom collapsed and I panicked to go to the hospital, but the car broke down… and somehow, I can’t find a taxi today of all days!!”

 I see, that’s what happened…

 I ask the lady about the hospital’s location.

 There’s still plenty of time, so if we go now, we’ll make it on time…

 Besides, Aqua-sama isn’t the type to complain about being a little late, and he should forgive me if I explain the situation.

 ”Sister, get in the back!”

 ”Oh, thank you!!”

 Maybe because I’m wearing a helmet, or maybe because she’s too worried about her mom, the lady doesn’t seem to notice that I’m Yukishiro Emily.

 ”Don’t worry. I’ll make sure we get there on time, so relax!!”


 I rode the lady in the sidecar and started driving towards the hospital.

* * *

 Phew… Somehow, I managed to catch a taxi. But my relief was short-lived. While trying to head to the hotel where I was meeting Emily-san, the taxi I was in got stuck in a huge traffic jam.

 ”Sorry. The traffic jam is really bad, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to move forward anytime soon. Are you okay with time?”

 I checked the time on my watch.

 Hmm, I still have a little time to spare, but I don’t think it’s right to keep someone waiting after inviting them.

 ”In that case, could you drop me off here?”

 ”Yes, that’s fine. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it to your destination…”

 ”No worries, these things happen. Your job must be tough, but hang in there. Oh, and you can keep the change.”

 ”Oh, really… Th-thank you so much!”

 I stepped out of the taxi and started walking slowly towards the hotel I needed to reach.


 ”Whaaat? Filming a drama!?”

 ”He’s running in suits, so it must be!”

 Sorry, everyone.

 At first glance, it might look like I’m shooting a movie, but it’s totally private…


 I spot several mature ladies looking for something with a little girl who’s crying in the park.

 ”What’s wrong?”


 ”Um, well, this kid seems to have gotten her balloon stuck in the tree.”

 Ah, I see. So they’re all looking for something like a stick.

 I still have time, and I don’t think Emily-san will be mad if I’m a bit late. Besides, if I’m late for our date, I’ll just apologize.

 I take off my jacket and hand it to one of the nearby mature ladies.

 ”Hold this.”


 I take a run-up and jump.

 But unfortunately, I couldn’t grab the balloon’s string.


 ”He jump so high!”

 ”Clearly, he has got some serious athletic ability.”

 ”Morikawa and Aqua-sama are like from another dimension.”

 ”If Morikawa and Aqua-sama had a kid, they’d probably have an amazing child.”

 Hmm, I guess I have to climb a tree then.

 I muttered an apology to John in my mind as I climbed up the tree next to me.

 When I got as high as I could, I let go of the tree and reached out as far as I could.

 ”Just a bit more!”

 ”A little to the right, just a tad!”

 ”There! Right there!”


 ”Got it!”


 Phew, that’s a relief.

 I climbed down from the tree and approached a little girl holding a balloon.

 ”Here you go, please take it.”

 ”T-thank you.”

 Hmm, she’s good at saying thank you properly.

 I ruffled the girl’s hair and got my jacket back from the mature ladies.

 Now, I better hurry.

 I waved to everyone and started running back to the hotel.

* * *

 ”Thank you so much!”

 ”No problem!”

 I took the lady to the hospital and then rode my motorcycle towards the hotel.

 But, darn it! No gas!! And no money for gas either!!

 Oh well. I think this is where Beryl Entertainment… no, it’s on the Enterprise side, right?

 Should I just leave the motorcycle there?

 I asked if I could leave the bike in the office parking lot, but then I didn’t actually start heading towards my destination.

 Why did I wear high-heeled boots? I questioned myself for like an hour.

 ”Wow, it’s Emily-sama!”

 ”So cool!!”

 ”What an elegant walk.”

 ”Maybe she’s just out for a stroll?”

 ”Just walking makes it look like a fashion show. Even the sidewalk looks like a runway.”

 Dang it, I wanna run!!

 I should at least let Aqua-sama know I might be late… but darn it, my phone battery died!!

 It’s over… no, it’s not over yet!

 Remember what Crutch Department’s Head said, “Don’t give up!”

 That person clung to the window frame by the window and waited for the chance to succeed with the Heaven’s Sword.

 Once I arrive at the hotel, Aqua-sama will surely be waiting. I believe in Aqua-sama, the one I believe in!


 Ah, Grandma spilled her shopping bag right in front of me.

 Oh no!

 I pick up the dropped oranges and put them back into the shopping bag.

 ”Thank you… wait, Mikuni-sama!?”

 Haha, Grandma, unfortunately, I’m not Auntie Mikuni.

 It seems the lady nearby picked up what rolled far away.

 Nice! It makes me happy to see there are kind people around.

 But I froze when I saw that person’s face.

 ”This fell over here too. Here you go… wait, Emily-san?”

 Nee-san, why are you here?

 Could it be you got worried I was working seriously and followed me here during my part-time job!?

 ”What’s with that outfit?”


 The two of us, along with grandma, crossed the pedestrian crossing and explained the situation as we walked home.

 Grandma couldn’t hear well, so it seemed like she couldn’t hear our conversation.

 ”If that’s the case, I’ll take you to the hotel by car. There’s still time, so we’ll make it in time.”

 ”Thank you so much!”

 Phew… Now I feel relieved.

 I would have been worried if I were alone, but with Nee-san, it should be okay.

 I was being foolishly careless.

 As we reached the hotel, we got stuck in traffic.

 ”Nee-san, you can drop me off here.”

 ”Are you sure?”

 I nodded silently.

 Once I pass this station and come out on the other side, the hotel will be right in front of me. I think it’s even closer than taking a detour by car.

 ”Thank you, Nee-san.”

 ”No, please do your best. This is all I can do, but I’ll pray for your success.”

 As I touched fists with Nee-san, I left the car and started walking towards the station.

* * *

 ”Huh? That’s weird.”

 When I tried to contact Emily-san, there was no signal.

 Can this happen right in the heart of the city?

 ’Just now, due to the effects of a solar flare, there’s a localized disruption in radio waves. It’s a very difficult situation to connect, so please be careful of injuries or accidents.’

 When I saw Announcer Onidzuka’s news on the electronic bulletin board, I was convinced.

 Well, if that’s the case, nothing much I can do.

 Anyway, the hotel is right in front of me. If I go through this street, I’ll make it in plenty of time.

 As the signal turned green, a car suddenly sped past me.


 For a moment, I couldn’t comprehend what had happened.

 I turned my gaze towards where the loud noise came from.

 There, a car had crashed into a building.

 As all the cars stopped, I hurriedly ran towards it.

 ”Are you okay!?”

 I knocked on the door, but there was no response.

 Oh no. There’s a smell of gasoline and something like a burnt smell, as if something shorted out.

 I take off my jacket and wrap it around my arm, then smash the glass window.

 ”If you can hear me, please respond to anything!!”

 I reach inside the door, unlock it, and open it.

 Unfortunately, the lady who had the accident doesn’t respond.

 I lower the seat to rescue her and lift the lever that secures the steering wheel.

 All those times I spent driving and studying on private property to get into Formula movies paid off.

 ”It’s dangerous, so everyone stay back!!”

 While keeping people who wanted to help at bay, I carry the lady to a safe place.

 Oh no. Her heart has stopped.

 I quickly administer first aid for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

 Luckily, it works, and the lady starts breathing again.

 Soon, I hear the sound of an ambulance.

 Thank goodness. Someone must have called for help.

 Just when I felt relieved, the car the lady was in exploded.

 Maybe the gasoline ignited with sparks.

 I barely managed to save the lady and felt relieved.

 Fortunately, no one else seemed to be injured in the accident.

 ”Um, thank you very much!”

 I left the lady to the paramedic who rushed over.

 I can’t possibly leave Emily-san alone, even though I can’t eat at the hotel anymore. At worst, I can buy clothes near the hotel.

 I want to see Emily-san as soon as possible.

 I ran towards the hotel while thinking about that.

* * *

 I’ll see Aqua-sama soon.

 I walk briskly towards the station exit, feeling excited.

 Along the way, I spot someone looking down, searching for something.

 ”Is something wrong?”

 I ask the lady.

 ”Oh… I actually dropped my contact lens.”

 Oh, that’s tough.

 I join her in searching for the contact lens.

 But in situations like this, it’s hard to find things.

 ”I’ll help too.”

 ”Me too.”

 Along the way, even people passing by helped with the search, but we couldn’t find it.

 That’s when the savior appeared.

 ”Huh? Emily, what are you doing there?”


 Wild Morikawa Kaede appeared!!

 If this were a game, surely a message box like that would have popped up.

 I explained the situation to Kaede-senpai.

 ”If it’s that kind of thing, leave it to me. They said my eyesight is too good for doctors to measure.”

 Huh? Is that so? Wait? But, doesn’t Kaede-senpai sometimes wear glasses…? Huh? Are you aiming for a position as an intellectual announcer on a national broadcaster because they look smart?

 I hope you realize how ridiculous that thought is at this point.

 ”I found it!”

 Kaede-paisen found the contacts in seconds.

 Wow, impressive! That girl who won the sight showdown against the Stars tribe is on a whole other level.

 ”Thanks, Kaede-paisen. Wait, huh? When we met at the supermarket earlier, didn’t you say you had work after this?”

 ”Oh, don’t worry about that. It turns out I was late because I mistakenly wrote the wrong time in my schedule book. Right now, Onidzuka-senpai is filling in for me on the news program!”

 Well, you better hurry then!

 My date is important, but yours is even more time-sensitive!

 After all, being late for that is a bigger deal, isn’t it?!

 After seeing off Kaede-senpai, I dashed out of the exit and headed towards the hotel.

* * *

 ”Help! Someone! My child!!”

 What now? And it smells burnt.

 Is there a fire? I quickly understood the situation as I saw smoke coming out of the apartment building.

 ”Excuse me! Can I borrow that bucket?!”

 ”Oh, sure… wait, isn’t that Aqua-sama?!”

 Just to be safe, I poured water over my head.

 ”Excuse me! Person in the leftmost room on the 5th floor! I’m coming over there now, could you please open the door for me!!”

 ”Yes, sure!!”

 I enter the apartment next to the one where the fire broke out.

 Just now, the rescuers were delayed, probably because of the traffic.

 The situation is urgent, and I’m not the type to hesitate or stop.

 But still… why was I feeling so confused?

 Emily-san often shows her true self to Kanon, Kotono, and Kaede, but since the first time I met her, she seemed distant to me. Even when we’re alone, she doesn’t reveal much.

 Maybe that’s why I felt like I shouldn’t intrude on Emily-san, keeping some distance.

 ”Excuse me. I’ll use the balcony! Is everything okay!?”

 ”Yes, of course!!”

 I step onto the balcony and leap to the neighboring building.

 Practice my parkour in Heaven’s Sword, Stars War, TOKYO SWEEPER, and Nocturnal Darkness was a good idea.

 ”Are you okay?”


 I smiled at the kid.

 ”Yeah, that’s it! You did great. You’re brave! Now that I’m here, everything will be okay. Hold on to me.”


 I lifted the kid and climbed onto the balcony railing.

 Can I do this alone?

 I hesitated for a moment.

 But it was Kenzaki inside me who pushed me forward.

 ’You can do it, right?’

 Yes! I want to be someone you, Kenzaki Souji, would be proud of!!

 I made the jump to the next building with determination.

 I could hear screams from below, almost like cries of despair.

 ”Huff, huff…”

 It was close. I instinctively held the kid tighter with both arms.

 Thank goodness. I’m just glad this kid is safe above all else.

 ”Excuse me. Can I borrow your balcony for a moment?”

 ”It’s fine. Thank you so much!”

 I decided to evacuate to the first floor with the person from that room because it seemed dangerous.


 ”Oh! I’m so relieved you’re safe. Thank you. Thank you so much!”

 Phew. I look at the parent and child with gentle eyes.

 The mom wanted to thank me somehow, but I declined.

 On the other hand, I gave my contact information to the lady next door in the apartment, saying I’d thank her later for the mess I caused in the room.

 I chuckled bitterly as I saw my worn-out reflection in a nearby shop window.

 I look quite shabby, but at least I need to go to the hotel.

 I hurriedly ran to the hotel.

* * *

 Along the way, I helped a cat who was unable to get off the train and guided a lost foreigner, but I finally arrived at the hotel.

 I took the elevator up to the restaurant upstairs.

 Phew… I made it on time! I thought to myself, patting myself on the back. But then, I regretted it.

 A loud noise rang out as I stepped out of the elevator.

 ”Everyone, hands up! We’re taking over this hotel!”

 Huh? Is this a movie set or something?

 I tried to play it cool and pretend I wasn’t involved, but I couldn’t escape.

 ”Hey, you! Stop!”

 It’s true what they say, things happen in threes.

 Known for being unlucky, I found myself being taken hostage.

 If this were a baseball game, it’d be like getting struck out three times in a row, I thought.

 ”Our only request is to make Shirogane Aqua, who has a s*xual desire far beyond that of other men, the common property of the people!!”

 Oh no, the lady in front of me is now my enemy.

 I’m Yukishiro Emily, the Sister Emily of the Holy Aqua Religion!

 I must protect Aqua-sama!

 ”Hey, you’re Yukishiro Emily, right? We’ll use you for negotiations with the government. Come with us!”

 Okay. I stand up as instructed by the terrorists and feel a gun against my back as we head towards the negotiation spot with the police.

 ”Don’t try anything funny, got it? And don’t even think about escaping.”

 I know, why do terrorists always say the same things?

 I obediently follow their instructions.

 ”We’ve made our demands clear! Just so you know, if anyone gets closer, we’ll detonate the bombs we’ve set in this building and blow everything up!”

 After conveying their demands to the police, the terrorist group warned everyone to stay away from the building.

 On the way back, I pull my usual trick of pretending I need to go to the bathroom. It worked last time, and it’ll probably work this time too.

 It’s become a routine tactic for me, but I’m the type to rub against rough edges. Of course, I’ve got guts! Haha, I crack myself up sometimes

 The terrorist group went back to the restaurant level, leaving two people behind.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting!”

 As I headed to the bathroom, the two terrorists following me collapsed.

 I thought Rin would come to me!

 ”Saint-sama, if you’re planning to escape, come this way, de gozaru.”

 ”No. I have to find the bombs planted in this building. It seems the terrorist group has set bombs in other places too. Rin, please tell this to the other members.”

 Claire or Grandma Mary, or maybe both, will handle things well.

 After parting ways with Rin, I start searching for the bombs hidden in the building, trying not to be found by the terrorists.

 But searching randomly won’t help.

 So, I decided to rely on Mikoto.

 ’Oh, Saint-sama! Finally got through!’

 Because of the solar flare interference, I couldn’t contact Saba-chan, but thanks to the special communicator Rin brought, I managed to connect somehow.

 ’Right now, Kukuri-sama and Claire-san, who are really angry, are heading your way on a super advanced helicopter with camouflage and submachine guns, saying they’ll kill everyone who dares to interrupt your date!’

 Haha… tough luck for the terrorists.

 I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear anything about Kukuri and Claire and ignore it.

 ’Saba-chan, can you tell me where the terrorists might have set up bombs?’

 ’Fully acknowledge!!’

 Does Saba-chan’s way of talking sound a bit old-fashioned to me, or is it just my imagination?

 Following Saba-chan’s directions, I head towards the floor where I suspect the bombs might be.

* * *

 Phew, I finally made it to the hotel.

 I tried to get on the elevator from the back entrance, but it wasn’t working?


 Well, guess I’ll have to sprint up to the fiftieth floor where the restaurant is using these stairs next to me. Oh well, no other choice.

 As I hurried up the stairs, I couldn’t stop thinking about Emily-san.

 I wondered what she would think when she saw me like this.

 Would she smile and maybe show me a glimpse of her expression, like she does with Kanon and the others?

 Or would she be surprised?

 Would she worry about me?

 Oh well, it doesn’t matter.

 What I really wanted was to see Emily-san’s true emotions on her face.

 But for that, I knew I had to take a step closer to her.

 When I reached the top of the stairs, I opened the door. Honestly, I was exhausted, but I managed to climb up just thinking about Emily-san’s face.

 ”Darn it!”

 Some people passed by me.

 What’s going on?

 Wait, weren’t they definitely not armed just now?

 ”The leader of the terrorists and her accomplices took hostages and fled!”

 What? Terrorists?

 Darn it, I don’t really understand, but if that’s true, the hostages are in trouble.

 In an instant, I made the decision and headed up the stairs I had just climbed to pursue the terrorist holding hostages.

 Huffing and puffing, I muttered to myself, “Geez, what a day.”

* * *

 ’I found it! It’s there!!’

 Upon finding the bomb, I asked Saba-chan how to disarm it.

 Even though this Hagetoru, the part-time leader, is experienced. I haven’t dealt with bombs before. Haha!

 ’Got it. Please tell me as much as you can about the bomb’s structure, any numbers or words written on it!’


 I explained the bomb’s structure and any written information to Saba-chan as clearly as possible.

 Suddenly, it dawned on me — in this situation, if Aqua-sama had come to disarm the bomb, we would have been in trouble.

 ’Understood. Now, follow my instructions for the procedure.’

 ’Roger that!!’

 I followed Saba-chan’s instructions to disarm the bomb.

 Along the way, I wipe away the sweat from my soot-stained cheeks and forehead as I pass through the duct.

 ’The last code is… oh, no. Server overload…’

 ’Hey, Saba-chan?’

 I take off my headset and look at the LCD screen.

 Server error? Could it be because of the bulletin board that the server crashed?

 No way… I sigh as I look at the code in front of me.

 Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, white, black… Why are there so many codes left?

 I remember Saba-chan’s last words before the communication cut off.

 ”The last code is…” she said. In that case, I should be able to cut one of these.

 I stare at the communicator.

 ’Well, if it’s come to this, I’ll have to rely on luck.’

 I use the communicator to call the luckiest person I know in this world.

 Please, pick up.


 ”Pant… Princess, what color are your panties today?”

 ”Huh? White… What are you even talking about, you idiot! More importantly…”

 I whispered a quick “thank you” and hung up the phone.

 Even if I get this wrong, I’m glad I found out the color of the pants you’re wearing today before I die.

 I believed you were definitely wearing white!

 Now, I grabbed the white cord.

 ”Ah, if I’m going to die, I wish I could have s*x with Aqua-sama one last time.”

 Well, I was scared of Aqua-sama, so that’s my fault.

 If this stops the bomb, then… I pulled the white cord while thinking about that.

 At the same time, the timer stopped exactly.

 Thanks, Shumi. You’re my super lucky girl, my goddess of luck.

 Thanks to you, I’ve made up my mind.

 I want to meet Aqua-sama.

 And I want him to know the real me and like me for it.

 I don’t know if Aqua-sama is here or not.

 But I felt like Aqua-sama was coming here, so I dashed up to the top floor with all my might.

* * *

 ”I never expected you to come here yourself…”

 ”Release the hostages! Don’t commit any more crimes!!”

 I was on the top floor area, telling the terrorists to release the hostages.

 Maybe the terrorists gave up because they released the hostages and put down their weapons.

 Phew… I thought my persuasion worked.

 Then the terrorists took off their outer garments and were in tank tops.

 ”If we’re going down, might as well have some fun at the end.”

 ”Yeah, you’re right.”

 ”Being able to hug such a handsome guy at the end of life.”

 Wait, are they planning to r*pe me?

 Normally, I wouldn’t mind such play, but they’re criminals.

 I confronted the terrorists with a firm attitude.


 I pushed away the terrorist who jumped at me.

 Sorry, but I don’t plan on losing to a girl who’s just a little trained.

 But all the stuff I’ve been through is weighing heavily on my body.

 My legs aren’t strong enough, so I lose my balance and get choked by my opponent.

 Oh no. If I lose consciousness, even I won’t know what to do.

 Somehow, I manage to break free and pull the person who tried to attack me down to the ground instead.

 ”Pant… pant…”

 Oh, there’s one more. But I’m reaching my limit too.

 I get ready to counter with my fist.

 ”Because of sc*m like you… because you exist, we can’t help but hold onto hope!”

 Someone who seems like the leader of the terrorists is coming at me.

 I wait until the last moment, then dodge ther attack and counter by hitting her pressure point.

 It wasn’t enough to knock her out, but she still fall back in pain.

 ”Darn it!”

 The female leader, despite her spasming leg, tries to stand up by whipping it with a whip.

 On the other hand, I was already physically exhausted. I ended up kneeling on one knee.

 ”Haha, too bad.”

 The leader-like woman pulled out a bomb from the Boston bag she had brought up to the upper floor.

 ”If it comes to this, I’ll take you alone, or even just those on the upper floor, with me!!”

 Oh no. I have to do something. I try to stand up somehow. But my legs won’t cooperate.

 Ugh, it seems like I really sprained my ankle when I jumped onto the balcony.

 And climbing up fifty floors on the stairs in that condition only made it worse.

 It’s a desperate situation, but I grit my teeth and refuse to give up.

 ”Hahaha, even the superhuman Shirogane Aqua has limits it seems. Well, this is the end… huh!?”

 Someone charges at the leader-like woman and they tumble down grappling with each other.

 ”I took it!!”

 The woman who took the bomb from the leader-like woman raises it up to the sky.

 Wait, is that Emily-san!?

 ”Haha, it’s too bad. The bomb’s already activated! It’s too late to defuse it now, stopping it is impossible!”

 Huh? When I looked closely, the timer on the bomb showed one minute left.



 I took the small bomb from Emily-san and whipped my exhausted legs up the stairs in sync with her.

 She was desperately following behind me, and I felt a surge of strength in my legs.


 I kicked open the door to the rooftop area and threw the bomb forcefully into the air.

 But wait. If it explodes down there, it’ll be a disaster! Oh no! I didn’t think that far ahead!!

 Just as I thought that, something pierced through the bomb in mid-air and it exploded.

* * *

 ’Mission Complete.’

 I heard Rinon’s voice through the communicator in my ear.

 Haha, hitting a bomb thrown in the air with a sniper shot from a flying helicopter and hitting it on the first try?

 That’s insane! I realized once again that the Holy Aqua Religion is a dangerous belief.


 Aqua-sama looked at me in a worn-out state.

 Haha, why are you in such a mess?

 But, I guess I shouldn’t talk, looking like this.

 A smile naturally spreads across my face.

 ”Please marry me!”

 ”With pleasureeee!”

 As we gazed at each other, the sound of the bomb exploding behind us filled the air with its powder falling.

 Wait, what just happened? What did I say? What did I respond?

 Even I couldn’t quite grasp the situation.

 I tried to ask someone for advice, but suddenly the communication device malfunctioned.

 Huh?! It was working just fine a moment ago! Why does it have to break now?!

 Before I knew it, Aqua-sama and I were in a hotel room alone.

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