Male Idol V13c24

Volume 13 Chapter 24 Yukishiro Emily, I’m A Real Virgin

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 I was once very sad when I appeared in a street interview without showing my face.

 ’Excuse me, what do you think about the fact that there are many virgins in today’s world?’

 ’I truly regret it. It’s unfortunate, there’s nothing we can do about it.’

 ’Sister, you are really beautiful, but…’

 ’Yeah, I am still a virgin.’

 ’Oh… why is that?’

 ’Well, isn’t it because I’m scared of being hurt?’

 ’So, are you a student?’

 ’Yes, but actually I work more than studying, so I kind of feel like a part-time worker.’


 The video of this incident was shown on the national news in the evening.

 People around me didn’t know because my face wasn’t visible and my voice was processed, but that’s not the problem for me.

 Back then, bulletin boards were buzzing with gossip about some idols who went from doing street interviews to appearing in adult videos.

 When I was interviewed, I totally misunderstood and got tricked.

 That day, I was all excited for the interview, but then I felt really down when I realized it was nothing special. Can you believe it?

 Finally today, I’m letting go of something I’ve been protecting for so long.


 Aqua-sama loosened his tie and casually tossed aside his worn-out shirt.

 Ohhhh! I noticed it during Stard Wars, but his upper body is even more muscular than before.

 It turns out he really was working out to fit into foreign movies, just like he said in the interview!

 ”A-Are you okay?”

 I approached while pretending to check for injuries, holding back my rough breathing.

 His sweaty skin and the scrapes and cuts here and there made him even s*xier.

 I-I wanted to touch, but I had to hold back…! I clenched my teeth and managed to endure it somehow.

 ”Emily-san, please take a bath first.”

 I turn pale as the legendary phrase, ‘Please take a bath first,’ comes to mind.

 376 Anonymous

 I entered the hotel room excitedly with a man.

 While I was taking a shower, my heart pounding, but only to have my money taken from my wallet and he escaped.

 Oh no, he played with my virgin feeling!!! Damn ittttt!!!!

 Aqua-sama isn’t that kind of person.

 But even though I understand it intellectually in my head, the sad cries of the nameless bulltin board denizens fill my thoughts.

 No wait. Did Aqua-sama really intend to seduce me like that?

 Yes, he did propose marriage to me, but being etched and married doesn’t mean equal to losing one’s virginity.

 Even after marrying a man, there are still many virgin women.

 By the way, Aqua-sama invited me to his hotel room and said something about changing into clean clothes beforehand, and taking care of injuries and dirt at the same time. It seems he meant that.

 Oh, huh? Wait, did Aqua-sama really say going to have sex with me!? Uh, um… Could it be that there’s a possibility I won’t lose my virginity even after coming this far?

 When I reached that possibility, I felt despair in this world, and tears fell from my eyes involuntarily.

 ”Emily-san, what’s wrong? Are you hurt somewhere?”

 Aqua-sama, worried, peered into my face.

 I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

 It’s just that this stubborn virgin misunderstood things, got ahead of herself, and is just hurting inside.

 ”It’s okay. It’s all over now.”

 Aqua-sama gently embraced my trembling body.

 It’s not that! This trembling is just from embarrassment, not because I’m suddenly scared from a terror attack or anything!!

 Besides, I’ve encountered terror attacks three times in the past six months, so I’m pretty used to it now. To me, terrorists are like 1-star characters you encounter on a casual stroll in a gacha game.

 ”There, there, calm down.”

 Aqua-sama gently pats my head.

 Haah, haah… Aqua-sama, you smell really nice.

 Perfume and pheromones, mixed with sweat, create such an intoxicating aroma.

 But what can I do? Aqua-sama genuinely cares about me, yet my mind is filled with pink hues, leaving me feeling incredibly guilty.

 ”I’m sorry. I, I…”

 If Aqua-sama knew the real me, he might recoil in disgust.

 But even being rejected would be preferable to having him discover my erect nipples and damp underwear.

 But I can no longer resist this lewd instinct. I spit out the words with all my might.

 ”I’m not the innocent woman you think I am, Aqua-sama.”


 Aqua-sama looked surprised.

 That’s right. It shows in our conversations just how little subtlety there is.

 Sorry, Shumi. Sorry, Nee-san. Sorry… Kaede-paisen is just fine.

 I might get in trouble with Aqua-sama for these feelings.

 But I can’t hide my true self anymore.

 After all, if I’m going to get married, I want to have sex!!

 I’ve already planned out dreams where Kanon joins us too, or even the Verification Team of four people could make those dreams come true.

 That’s why I must confess my real self to Aqua-sama.

 Even though I am just a perverted woman, I cannot keep hiding it.

 ”Because… Every day, I masturbate twice. Once in the morning, once before going to bed, when there’s time for it. I’m sorry. I was hiding it from Aqua-sama the whole time!!”


 Ah… I’ve definitely been caught. I displeased ho,.

 I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. But still, there’s something satisfying about being told that, isn’t there?

 If things get worse, just take a whiff of Aqua-sama’s scent beforehand.

 Chijo-o’s lieutenant, Kunka Kunker, holds my shoulder comfortingly as Aqua-sama’s hand envelopes my shoulder.

 ”I understand. Me too. I too masturbate every day, even though it might be considered bad manners these days. At least once in the morning and once before bedtime, don’t you agree?”

 ”The same goes for me!”

 Tears well up in Aqua-sama’s words.

 That’s right. Despite losing myself to such thoughts each morning, only to crave the emptiness again when I wake up, I console myself at night.

 Even though I had masturbate a lot before going to bed, I woke up in the morning craving something in my uterus area.

 And when I realized it, I was comforting myself!!

 ”Right now, even amidst my filthy thoughts filled with images of Aqua-sama’s upper body, causing me great excitement, I find solace and reassurance within myself.”

 ”Me too!”

 Aqua-sama showed a serious face at that.

 ”I see such lewd eyes of yours every time I meet Emily-san.”

 Ah… it’s the same as me.

 I too have been looking at Aqua-sama with lustful eyes since our first encounter.

 ”I see. Look now, aren’t my nipples standing erect?”

 When I took off my one piece, I unbuttoned my bra and let my ample breasts hang out.

 Aqua-sama looked tearfully grateful. He thanked me twice.

 ”It’s fine, it’s not just Emily-san.”

 Aqua-sama replied, removing her belt and discarding his underwear along with his pants.

 Wow! He’s hot!

 ”Emily-san, look here! See, isn’t mine the same?”

 Ah, indeed, Aqua-sama is quite the hero…

 I became excited as I watched Aqua-sama’s erect penis while he believed himself to be the savior of all women in this world.

 ”That’s not all, Aqua-sama.”

 I then showed him the soiled cloth stained with my own bodily fluids.

 ”It’s wet down there too!”

 ”It’s the same!! Look at my pre-cum!”

 He exclaimed, pointing towards his own pre-cum.

 Aqua-sama leaned closer, revealing the tip of his penis dripping with arousing liquid.

 It didn’t even need touch to produce such an intoxicating smell. My womb tightened painfully in response.


 ”Emily-san…no, Emily. Please call me Aqua. I’ll call you Emily too.”

 Aqua and I… No, we did not embrace each other tightly.

 There, among us, were feelings beyond just love, comrades who had fought together for years, bonded like companions.

 I see! I was accepted into Aqua.

 Aqua is the one who truly loves me.

 Only Aqua makes me blush bashfully like this.

 ”Okay! Do you want to have sex!!”

 ”Yes! I really want to have sex too!”

 We leaned against the window, gazing into each other’s eyes and whispering sweet words.

 Ooohh, oooohh, oooohh, oh wow!

 Is this a kiss?! My brain feels like melting from the sudden surge!

 Unlike Shumi’s soft lips, Aqua’s lips felt firm and resolute.


 Suddenly, Aqua’s tongue entered my mouth.

 My thoughts scattered, leaving only this sensation consuming me completely.


 Aqua’s hand naturally rested on my breasts.

 Wait, it felt different than when I touched myself or when Kanon touched me.

 It feels like his big hands are squeezing them tightly, yet I’m not really being pressed that hard.

 Strange, isn’t it? I sense a strong sensation of being squished despite the mild pressure.

 It seemed unbelievable that just pressing against each other could convey such meaning.

 We changed our posture as we kissed.

 Suddenly, Aqua’s other hand reached towards something precious of mine.

 ”Uh huh!”

 Wait a minute, it’s not the same thing as being myself.

 They said it’s like eggplant masturbator, but it was all a lie.

 Well, even if he shoves something that big into someone fully, it won’t get loose right away, right?

 I mean, I don’t even do that much when Shumi and I caress each other… Aaaahhh!

 I couldn’t resist the waves of pleasure that came over me, and I let go of my body, scattering my urine wildly.

 Yes, this really is a cliffhanger. I looked at Aqua’s face.

 ”Amazing. Amazing. Come on, Emily. Don’t hold back anymore!! Show me Emily completely open!”

 Aqua’s hand supporting me grew stronger, massaging my breasts vigorously. He gently pinched my nipple between his fingers.

 His other fingertips, which had been persistently searching for something important to me, finally found a trigger point.

 ”Aah, aah, aah… I’m sorry. I’m sorry!”

 I acted like a dog being shocked by an electric fence, lifting one foot up high and spraying water dramatically.

 I felt guilty about exchanging sheets later, but I couldn’t suppress my satisfaction.

 No regrets.

 ”Haah, haah, haah…”

 This experience was more enjoyable than anything else before.

 I see, this is a really serious guy.

 ”Emily, I will insert it.”

 Huh? Ah…

 Suddenly, I found myself lying on the bed, covered from above by Aqua.

 It was embarrassing to admit, but I was still a virgin.

 At first, I intended to rely entirely on experienced Aqua-sama, just like Kanon and Nee-san did.

 I believed following their advice would be best, even though I wanted to speak up myself. I am a traditional person who values the guidance of elders.


 It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming!

 This feeling of rupture, it doesn’t hurt, but rather feels good.

 ”I’ll take it slow.”


 Whoa, whoa, whoa I was taken aback at first, but once it started moving, it became more appealing.

 I didn’t realize it until it was inserted, but it was harder and warmer than I thought.

 I knew Aqua was longer and heavier than others, but the insert in the textbook was clearly different.

 ”Ah… ah…”

 My body trembled slightly, causing embarrassing sounds to escape.

 It was just such a pleasurable feeling. But the goodness of that feeling wasn’t constant; it would ebb and flow, pushing against me.


 This is intense, so intense. Sex, it feels so goooood!!

 Everyone else left me behind while enjoying these delightful feelings. Damn, I’m jealous!

 ”Nn, nn, nn…more.”

 Ah, my true intentions slipped out.

 Listening to my words, Aqua lifted up my waist, delving deeper than before.

 Aah, ah, amazing, so great!

 ”Ugh, uh, hmph…nngg…”

 My body seemed to go numb as it twitched uncontrollably, jumping about.

 And Aqua’s movements grew more intense.

 ”Uhn! Ah, ah, ah, no, nngg!”

 Cumming, cumming, cumming! I’m cumming! Ah, it’s too pleasurable. It’s making me fly away.

 Ah, I love, I love sex. I really love sex.

 Sorry, bulletin board everyone, I am graduating from Masturbation Hagetoru.

 It’s because I had sex with the country-ruining Aqua-sama.

 Back then, when I was still a virgin, I fell deeply in love. But now, I just enjoy sex. back then, I was drowning in masturbation.

 But the path I’ve built for myself, someone will surely carry on, maybe Onina-Hackadoll-chan…

 Emily-san will be renamed to Sex Hagetoru starting tomorrow….

 This was just a joke, but I’ve been getting used to it little by little, and there seems to be more room for comfort now.

 ”Emily-san, I’ll cum.”



 It looks like things are heating up.

 Moreover, another deep desire is emerging, leaving me with less spare time.


 Oh, something warm is coming from within.

 Wow… It feels like everything inside me belongs to Aqua.

 Everyone says that giving birth is the most pleasant feeling, and I think I finally understand what they mean.

 ”Emily, are you okay? Was it painful?”

 ”No, I’m fine.”

 Well, I must look quite slutty right now. But I suspect that my face might be masking deeper feelings.

 However, I sense that Aqua may not have taken our interaction seriously.

 That’s why I take the plunge and kiss Aqua myself, placing my hand on the back of his neck.


 It’s now. This is the only timing. I make Aqua lie down and I switch the positions with Aqua.

 I want Aqua to feel comfortable towards me too. He seemed unwilling to put up with me.

 So… shall we try harder?

 Can’t we both feel more comfortable together?

 I smiled gently at Aqua while mounting him riding position.

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