Male Idol V13c25

Volume 13 Chapter 25 Shirogane Aqua, Knows The Truth Of The World

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 Huh? I was surprised by the unexpected turn of events.

 I never thought that in the middle of having sex, and with a girl who was a virgin until just now, she would be looking down at me from above.

 ”Can I try moving?”

 ”Uh, y-yeah…”

 Confused, I faced Emily, who smiled at me like a goddess.

 She’s beautiful. With her long, fluffy hair that makes you want to touch it, long eyelashes that could even catch water droplets, eyes that seem to capture the twinkling of a starry sky, flawless snow-white skin, a straight nose and balanced features. Every part of her face that makes her up is so beautiful that it seems perfect if you were to take even one of them.


 I gaze intently at Emily’s F-cup breasts swaying in front of me.

 What nicely shaped breasts. They’re big and, how do I put it…overall, very sexy.

 Just because someone has a nice or big breast doesn’t mean they’re automatically sexy, so why does Emily’s breast feel so sexy?


 At first, Emily was hesitant, but now she seems to be getting used to it, moving her hips to find the right spots that feel good for me.

 And then, I came to a realization, a truth.

 Oh, I see…

 Emily’s breast is not only beautiful when still, but the way it moves and bounces adds a whole new level of sexiness.

 I realized that the way Emily’s breast moves and bounces is exceptionally sexy compared to other breasts.

 ”Does this feel good?”

 While Emily accurately stimulates the parts that I find pleasurable, she also shows advanced techniques by adjusting the intensity, and rubbing against each other in a way that feels good for both of us.

 It’s safe to say that Emily is a genius when it comes to the art of sex. Without a doubt, she has talent in bed.

 Oh…at first, I thought that Emily was saying she was naughty for my sake, but that’s not it. I realized that Emily really loves being naughty, and it made me truly happy from the bottom of my heart.

 This is truly a divine intervention. I became convinced that Emily is not just a naughty messenger sent to me, but a saint.


 I grabbed Emily’s bouncing breasts.

 They are big, but not overwhelmingly so.

 They are definitely bigger than the palm of my hand and feel nice to squeeze.

 The surface is a little firm, but the inside is soft and has a nice texture.

 I relaxed while holding Emily’s breasts and enjoyed the visual satisfaction with a grin on my face.

 ”Ah, that…yes, mmm.”

 When I lightly pinched Emily’s perky nipples with my fingertips, she let out a sweet sigh.

 The contrast between her translucent white skin and her beautiful pink nipples looks stunning. The shape of her areola is nice, with the boundary color not too blurry or too defined.

 Additionally, the balance between the size of the nipples and the size of the breasts, along with the overall balance of the breasts, is really great.

 Emily’s breasts teach me that it’s not just about being big, but also about the depth of the breasts.

 ”Hehe, that tickles.”

 When I put my hand from her breasts to her waist, Emily makes a cute sound like she’s ticklish.

 The fact that she is slender and has a nice curve is probably because of the balance between her underbust, her skeletal structure, and her firm buttocks.

 Even though I feel like she might break easily when I hold her firmly with both hands, feeling the good amount of flesh on my palm is incredible.

 Oh, I see, Emily’s body is slender yet has feminine curves, and you can still feel the flesh properly, that’s why it’s sexy! It’s like a perfect body filled with a man’s desires!!

 ”Um… Can I kiss you?”

 I nod to Emily’s question.

 Then, Emily’s face getting closer to mine as she aggressively bouncing breasts.


 Emily’s plump lips touch mine.

 Just like her demanding body, her lips are soft yet exude a certain sensuality that excites me.

 ”Mm… ah, mm…”

 It starts with a sweet kiss, gradually escalating into a passionate exchange.

 At times, she weaves in maiden-like cute kisses, trying to tease the manly side of me inside.

 Emily is really good at mixing strength with gentleness.

 For instance, while Pegonia-san always feels strong and tries to extract everything, Emily occasionally mixes in gentleness at the right moments when she wants more.

 Right now, my irritated penis is too erect and it hurts a lot.


 I grab Emily’s firm buttocks and start kneading them in circles.

 It’s amazing how they feel firm yet toned.

 Even though she has a slim body, there is a sense of looseness that can only be described as miraculous.

 Plap, plap, plap!

 Emily, who was on top, started moving her hips with a sound.

 Whether it’s because Emily and I have good skin compatibility or the pleasant sensation when our bodies touch, even the sound when our flesh hits each other like this is good. It excites me accurately.


 Inside Emily’s vagina, there are slightly tight points at the entrance and deep inside.

 It feels very nice as it tightens the base and tip.

 Furthermore, the rough sensation on the front side of my penis, and the countless folds stimulating the back side like waves.

 In addition, the structure of her vagina that seems to suck further and further in is truly exceptional.

 And Emily doesn’t stop there.

 Emily, who is eager for sex, varies the strength and sometimes changes her approach to accurately stimulate the pleasurable areas for me.

 ”Hey, hey? Does this feel good?”

 ”Oh, oh, this feels really good.”

 I said with a relaxed expression. Of course, I was far from relaxed.

 This amazing sensation could easily overwhelm me if I let my guard down for a second.

 If I get overwhelmed, Emily’s vagina will suck in all the semen to the last drop by sucking on my penis completely.

 ”Well, how about this?”

 Ohhhhhhh! Emily’s intense stimulus is messing up my rationality.

 I haven’t received such intense stimulation since my days as a trainee idol in my past life.

 I tightened all the muscles in my body to endure it somehow. Phew, that was close!

 Seeing that, Emily pressed her soft body against my skin.

 ”Are you alright? Your breathing has been heavy, if it’s difficult we can stop?”

 Seeing Emily’s sad expression, I quickly slapped my own cheek.


 Don’t let your worthless pride get in the way!!

 It’s okay to be pitifully squeezed and have Emily think I’m premature!!

 Shirogane Aqua, why do you worry Emily with your small pride?!

 She’s working so hard!! If you were a man, you could cum with gratitude, right?

 Don’t endure such pleasure because of your petty male pride!!

 ”Emily, you’re really great.”

 I gently pat Emily’s head while she looks worried.


 I nod silently.

 That’s why show me everything you’ve got, Emily!!

 ”Then let’s make it stronger.”

 Intense pleasure surges from the tip of my penis to its root.

 And then the pleasure spreads through my balls and reaches deep into Emily’s hole.

 When I focus all my senses on my penis, I surrender myself to Emily’s movements.

 ”Hmm, ah… Hmm, oh… Mmm, ah!”

 I want to impregnate the woman in front of me.

 I want her to bear my child.

 I want to mark her deeply within her womb with my seed.

 I can’t help but be completely controlled by desire.

 ”Ah, ah… Oh, oh, oh…”

 Emily’s beautiful face contorts with pleasure.

 She has finally found it.

 The point where Emily and I both feel the best…

 ”I love it. This… oh, oh, oh, I’m going to… together, let’s go.”

 I unconsciously nod at Emily’s cute plea.

 Creaking the bed, Emily and I float in a sea named pleasure.

 In the end, we intertwine our bodies, pressing each other closely, and enjoy the moment.

 Squirt! Splurt! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 I repeatedly fill Emily’s depths with thick semen, breeding and sharing intimate moments together.

 ”Ohh! I’m cumming, I’m cumming… Ah, oh! Ah, no! I love this. My favorite… love, love it, love it so much.”

 I held Emily’s legs tight while finishing up until the end.

 Whoops, I guess I put too much strength into it, I might leave some marks later.

 ”Haaa… haaa…”

 That felt great. Exhausted, I lay down on the bed facing up and relaxed.


 Emily lifted her hips up and my finished load dripped down slowly.

 Seeing this made my penis react.

 ”Ah, ah, uh, um, oh, ooh, oooh, may I clean up?”

 When I said yes, Emily happily gobbled up my whole penis in one gulp.

 Whoaahhhh! What kind of vacuum cleaning is this?!

 It sucked me dry instantly, just like a vacuum cleaner.

 ”Nnnn, nnnn, nnnn.”


 My limp penis sprung back to life in an instant.

 ”Fuuuuhhh, wa, nnnggg.”

 It’s like my penis is melting in her hot, slimy mouth.

 The suction that feels like air particles being drawn towards my crotch keep pricking my sensitive spot there.


 Emily then further sandwiches my penis with her ripe fruit.

 Is such extravagance really allowed?

 A blowjob and breastjob come together, bringing two pleasures.

 ”Hmmm, hmmm, how does it feel?”

 Of course, it feels great.

 Could this be my longed-for paradise?

 Overwhelmed by pleasure, my muscles naturally relax and lose their tension.


 I realize that I’ve already ejaculated inside Emily’s mouth.

 Even I am surprised by it. It just happened instinctively, like when one urinates, and I ended up releasing a large amount into her mouth.



 My drooling semen fills Emily’s mouth.

 Moreover, some thick cum clings to her teeth, creating a lewd scene.


 Emily is making slurping noises as she swallows semen.

 My penis gets hard again when I see that.

 ”Did you like it when I squeezed it?”

 Emily squeezes my penis between her breasts and starts moving it up and down.

 It seems like my penis doesn’t have time to dry.

 ”It feels better when it’s done strongly, right?”

 Oh, it feels amazing.

 With the elasticity of her plump breasts and the softness of her squishy breasts, Emily skillfully guides my joy to heaven.

 Emily stares at my penis intently. I wonder what’s going on?

 ”Hey, c-can I try touching it with my hand for a bit?”

 Of course!

 Emily grips my penis and with a dreamy expression rubs it against her cheek, gives it a light kiss.

 Then she strokes it gently with a kind expression.

 ”It’s so hard and big.”

 My penis twitches each time Emily’s breath touches it.

 Haa… haa… I might be the lowest as a person, but I want to cum on this beautiful face.

 It might be said that’s something only seen in naughty videos, but an irresistible desire to dirty this beautiful face with my own comes bubbling up.

 ”Um… if you don’t mind, could you cum on my face just like this?”

 Is that okay!?

 I eagerly nodded.

 Emily gently rubbed my penis with a scratchy motion, then firmly grasped it and stroked it vigorously.

 ”If you feel like you’re about to cum, you don’t have to hold back.”

 With her other hand, Emily made a gesture as if holding a plate to receive the semen with an erotic expression on her face.

 I had no choice but to cum massively as a man.

 I endured Emily’s strokes as much as I could, storing up semen in my testicles until the limit.


 Realizing the climax approaching, Emily closed her eyelids.

 Excited, I cumd all over Emily’s head from the top down.

 Oh no, Emily’s beautiful hair is getting all sticky and dirty with my semen.

 Her high nose and long eyelashes are covered with semen, with it dripping down her white skin.

 Even her pink, quivering lips have semen on them, creating a puddle on her chin and in her palms.

 It’s a huge mess, to say the least.

 But Emily still opens her eyes, checks her reflection in the mirror, and looks happy.


 Seeing the fully covered Emily, I got excited and stood behind her in front of the mirror, lifting up one of her legs.

 I want to thank Emily for making me feel so good.

 I thrust my penis into Emily’s vagina in one go.


 I’ve turned into just a wild beast, swaying my hips like animals mating.

 I use my own semen as lubricant and keep thrusting deep into her uterus.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, right there, there, there, there! It feels… so good!!”

 I held Emily firmly against the mirror and cumd multiple times inside her vagina, releasing my semen.

 I stopped holding back and just kept cumming inside Emily’s vagina to impregnate her.

 ”I’m cumming, I’m… ah, ah, cumming, ah, oh, cumming.”

 I continued to have sex with Emily as long as my physical and mental strength lasted.

 As a result, both of us, who were already exhausted, eventually fell asleep next to each other.

 When I woke up next, I saw Emily lying there covered, or rather, soaked, in semen by me.

 ”Emily, let’s take a bath.”


 I picked up Emily like a princess and washed her clean in the bath.

 Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to touch Emily’s sleepy body.

 ”Emily, how are you feeling? Not uncomfortable?”

 ”Mmm, I’m fine. Actually, I’d rather go to sleep…”

 She didn’t have to say more.

 I, Shirogane Aqua, am the man who sees everything.

 I had held back during the second match…no, rather after fighting her for three rounds, I finally calmed down.

 At that moment, I was convinced.

 Yukishiro Emily, her body is essentially a sex organ designed to handle men.

 Even though I understood that treating a girl disrespectfully was wrong, once I experienced what it felt like when she handled me, there was no turning back.

 Once I know what her body can do, there’s no going back, only those who have experienced it would understand.

 So that’s it… Emily-san isn’t a saint, but a slut!!! And now, I have reached the truth of the world, the divine law.

 Recently in ZANDAM, where I work as a voice actor, they introduced weapons such as liquid humans and human bombs, which caused chaos in the world, but if I were to compare them, then Emily-san is like a weapon developed by humanity specifically against men, a human dildo.

 Honestly speaking, if possible, I just want to keep touching her forever.

 I almost lost my mind and asked her to be my penis case from today onwards, but thankfully, my rationality prevailed and I managed to hold myself back.


 Emily looked at my face and tilted her head. Cute!

 Darn it! She’s so sexy, but sometimes she unknowingly shows an innocent side.

 Is she playing me!? No, Emily isn’t that type of person. She seems completely oblivious to the dumb things I’m thinking about.

 That part of her is so similar to Kanon.

 Ugh… just imagining a threesome with Kanon makes my penis feel like it’s about to burst like a virgin.

 We must absolutely do it with the three of us. With a strong determination, I go to report to Kanon and the others, looking like a soldier ready for battle.

 ”Thanks, Emily. Shall we go together to report to Kanon and the others?”


 Emily looked at my face and seemed a bit absent-minded.

 Alright, it seems like Emily didn’t catch on to the dumb things I’m thinking about.

 Emily is good because she is pure, just like Kanon.

 After changing clothes at the hotel, we all went back to the house where everyone was waiting.

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