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Volume 13 Chapter 26 Morikawa Kaede, Seibaku Newspaper Is Not Allowed To Come And Go

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 Lately, I feel like my body is getting heavy. Is it just my imagination?

 And it seems like my stomach area has gotten a little bit pudgy.


 M-m-m-maybe I’ve gained weight because I’ve become complacent after getting engaged!?

 Come to think of it, I remember eating a lot lately because I’ve been so hungry.

 If I continue living this lazy life, Aqua-kun might leave me.

 ”I should exercise…”

 I should increase the number of times I run or go to the gym for now.

 It’s better than doing nothing and leaving things as they are.

 ”Why have you been making faces in front of the mirror since earlier? Is something wrong?”

 Ah, Aqua-kun.

 You look cool in a suit… I mean, nothing!

 ”Huh? Oh… n-nothing. Hehe…”

 I quickly cover up with a smile.


 I have to make sure Aqua-kun doesn’t find out about this.

 Before the wedding, I made up my mind to somehow manage it.

 ”Kaede, you look beautiful. That blouse, you’ve worn it before, but it suits you so well.”

 ”Oh, thank you.”

 Ehehe… I chuckled. Blushing, I looked at my reflection in the mirror once again.

 This fluffy blouse is my treasure, given to me by the Verification Team when I decided to join the national broadcaster as an announcer.

 So, I felt really happy when Aqua-kun praised that outfit.

 ”You’re not nervous about the wedding press conference?”

 ”I’m fine! Aqua-kun… well, it’ll be fine, right?”

 Aqua-kun has also done press conferences with Kanon, so it feels like everything is normal.

 If he could be a little nervous, I could show my dependable big sister side… well, I’ll save that for next time.

 ”If anything happens, you can rely on me.”


 That’s the line I wanted to say, but oh well.

 Since there’s still time until the press conference, I check the top news on the search site on my phone.

 [Shirogane Aqua-san and Morikawa Kaede-san are holding an emergency press conference. You can watch the live broadcast here.]

 [Seibaku Newspaper speculates that it’s a marriage announcement. We have a special feature page looking back on the two of them.]

 [Hoge-lar wave Institute mistakenly congratulates Morikawa as an honorary researcher, hurriedly deletes the post, explains the effects of Hoge-lar waves.]

 [Announcer Onidzuka Kyoko, a national broadcaster, heads to a hotel in Tokyo after leaving. She nods silently in response to reporters’ questions.]

 [Morikawa’s congratulations on marriage are trending on social media. Congratulations flood in prematurely, putting them at the top before the official announcement.]

 [When Shirogane Kanon-san asked by a reporter about Morikawa-san’s wedding, she denies against reporters. Answer that they need to wait a bit longer.]

 [Regarding Kirika Kotono, a Director of Beryl Entertainment, she said that the press conference would be held after the meeting.]

 [An hour ago, people who received the extra edition of Seibaku Newspaper distributed at the station before flying.]

 Oh no!

 Why is the news already out when we haven’t even made the announcement yet?!

 And to top it off, there’s a picture too, featuring Hagetoru, someone I recognize!!

 I sighed and turned off my phone before putting it away in my bag.

 ”Alright then, shall we go?”


 With Aqua-kun escorting me, I headed towards the press conference venue from the waiting room.

 Wow, I felt a little nervous just standing on stage next to Aqua-kun.

 Onidzuka-paisen looked over and gave us a nod.

 ”Now, Shirogane Aqua-san and Morikawa Kaede-san, please enter. Please welcome them with warm applause!”

 As soon as we step into the hall, countless flashes go off.

 Wait, who’s lighting up flash photos from such a close distance?!

 Upon closer inspection, there’s a big seal with the words “Seibaku Newspaper” written on it attached to the camera lens.

 No way, it’s really them!!! Please ban them from entering or leaving!

 Shirogane Aqua-kun and I head towards our designated spot.

 Alright then, let’s show off my skills as reliable big sister here!

 I stand confidently beside him, while Shirogane Aqua-kun receives a microphone from Onidzuka-paisen.

 ”Um, everyone gathered here today, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to be here with us. I, Shirogane Aqua, am pleased to announce that I will be marrying Morikawa Kaede-san, a national broadcaster who is here today. Therefore, we would like to hold a press conference today to share this news with you all.”

 Ah, that’s what I was going to say.

 Aqua-kun smiles and nods at me, then gestures towards the seat beside him.

 ”Morikawa Kaede-san and I will be getting married next month during Golden Week, following the conclusion of my nationwide tour, with the final show in Hokkaido. The details of the ceremony are still undecided, whether it will be fully open to the public or just partially, but it seems that the national broadcaster will broadcast it. So, for those interested, please tune in.”


 Aqua-kun is too serious and has a simple face.

 Huh? Am I a high school student and is Aqua-kun a working adult?

 ”Well then, shall we sit?”


 I am escorted by Aqua-kun and sit down.

 Huh? Wait a minute, I feel like everything I expected is being done, or is it just my imagination?

 ”Well then, Onidzuka-san. Could you move to the question corner now?”

 ”Yes, understood.”


 I’m a useless presence here.

 The two are too capable, and I have no chance to shine.

 In that case, I’m convinced that I have to leave a mark in the question corner.

 Huh? Do I have to leave a mark with a marriage announcement?

 Well, I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff! I’ll lose if I think too deeply.

 ”Now, the person in the fifth position from the right, please.”


 The reporter receives a microphone from the staff.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, Morikawa Kaede-san, congratulations on your marriage.”

 ””Thank you.””

 Aqua-kun and I both nodded in response.

 ”I have a question for Shirogane Aqua-san. Why did you marry Morikawa-san?”

 Hehehe, that’s not a question for me, but it’s a good question!

 Of course, I’m reliable and responsible.

 ”Yes, that’s right. Kaede is, how should I put it, a bit absent-minded…”

 Hey! Why is everyone, not just the reporters, but also the staff around us, laughing?

 And look, even Onidzuka-paisen is laughing!

 Wait, isn’t a marriage press conference supposed to be about me being the center of attention?

 Oh, and now that I think about it, Kanon was also teased quite a bit during her pregnancy announcement press conference.

 ”Well, I couldn’t just leave it alone. I think the answer was already clear when I started to feel curious. Also, she is so cheerful and fun to talk to, and I was drawn to being around someone who makes me happy.”

 Normally, I think it’s the other way around, but could it be that I’m the one Aqua-kun takes care of?

 That’s odd. In my plans, I imagined myself as the one gently watching over Aqua-kun, the high schooler, with the maturity of an adult. But instead, I’m the useless adult being taken care of by Aqua-kun, similar to Kohina Yukari-senpai!

 No, I can’t give up yet! I can still show my dignity as a big sister from here! While I’m not great at chores, I’m much better than Kohina-senpai, and my cooking skills improve every day.

 It’s not time to panic yet. I calmly drink water with a composed expression, pretending everything is fine.

 ”You’re calling her Kaede, huh?”

 ”When it’s just the two of us. By the way, Manager Kirika, or rather, now she’s a director, I call her Kotono in private.”

 Nee-san writhes offstage in response to the unexpected turn of events.

 Great! Keep it up! Let’s keep hitting them with curveballs. Nee-san hasn’t even held a press conference yet, so keep them coming.

 Onidzuka-senpai points to the next reporter.

 ”Congratulations on your marriage. You two often work together, but after getting married, do you feel like things will stay the same or do you anticipate some changes?”

 All right! I finally got a question!

 Aqua-kun takes the microphone first.

 ”Yeah, I think so too. I don’t think I’ve changed much. For example, even at the beginning of today’s press conference, both me and Kaede just slightly change our way of speaking. Whether it’s in Morikawa Kaede’s room or on variety shows, it’s almost like a private setting. So I think that even when we’re at home, it’s similar.”

 Aqua-kun… you might not know this, but Morikawa Kaede’s room is not a variety show, it’s actually an educational and cultural documentary program that focuses on local economy and society.

 I corrected Aqua-kun when he mentioned it as a variety show.

 Hey! Why is everyone laughing there!? Did I say something funny?

 With a puzzled look on my face, Onidzuka-paisen then called on the next reporter.

 ”Earlier when you were at home, you mentioned about the two of you living together. Is that correct? Also, I would be happy to hear Shirogane Kanon-san and Shirogane Kotono-san thoughts on the matter.”

 ”Yes. I also hope Kaede to live in the same house with us.”

 Aqua-kun quietly places his palm on the back of my hand under the table.

 Wait, hold on. I don’t mind it because it makes me happy, but it’s nerve-wracking when you do it so suddenly.

 ”Kanon and Kotono were very happy because they get along well with Kaede. In the first place, when I’m not at home, Kanon invites her to sleep over or have a girls’ night, so I think they are looking forward to being together. Oh, and as a follow-up announcement, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Kotono and I are already living in the same house.”

 Nee-san, who had returned, was once again in agony behind the scenes. Kanon asked, “Are you okay?” as she could see that happening.

 Nice shot! Keep hitting them!

 Onidzuka-paisen glanced towards where Nee-san was, but then proceeded to choose the next reporter.

 ”I am truly delighted by your marriage. Um… who proposed to whom? If possible, please tell us about the proposal and the reaction at that time.”

 ”That’s a secret, as it’s a memory just for the two of us.”

 Aqua-kun promptly replied, causing disappointment to leak from the audience.

 However, there was also warm applause for Aqua-kun, who cherished the memories of the two.

 ”Still, that’s right… I can say one thing: I proposed to her.”

 I blushed as I recalled Aqua-kun’s second proposal.

 After Nee-san’s wedding, he said he didn’t want to leave things halfway and wanted to marry right away.

 I gazed at the beautiful engagement ring, a yellow-green gem that I received at that time.

 Everyone is looking forward to getting matching wedding rings, but the engagement ring that Aqua-kun gave me is the one and only ring for me.

 ”Anything beyond that is still a secret. Because, I don’t want to show cute Kaede to any other guy besides me.”

 Fwahhhhh! The press row gets excited at Aqua-kun’s answer.

 I have to say, Aqua-kun is the only one who categorizes me as cute!!

 But don’t worry, there’s no chance of other guys coming near me. Actually, recently, a little elementary school boy pointed at me and called me Wild Morikawa, telling me to run away…

 After seeing my embarrassed face, Onidzuka-paisen kindly skips to the next question.

 ”Now, a question for Morikawa Kaede-san. Oh, before that, congratulations to both of you on your marriage. What do you like most about Shirogane Aqua-san? And if it’s too hard to answer, even just telling us about your feelings when you were proposed to would be fine. Oh, if that’s too difficult to answer, you can just tell us what you had for breakfast this morning.”

 The reporter is really kind…

 I receive the microphone from the staff.

 ”There are so many things I like that it’s hard to choose just one.”

 Laughter breaks out from the press seats at my response. At the same time, everyone nods in agreement.

 ”If I had to pick one, it would be how he accepted me just the way I am, or how fun it is to be together. Those kinds of things. I was extremely happy when I was proposed to. And this morning, to get energized, I had a huge bowl of Katsu Donburi.”

 With my last answer, the reporters burst into laughter too.

 I noticed that even Aqua-kun next to me, Onidzuka-paisen up on stage, Nee-san and Kanon behind the scenes were all laughing.

 After all, I was hungry!

 ”Haha, sorry about that. Umm, third person from the left, ah, two people back…hahaha.”

 Why is Onidzuka-paisen still laughing?!

 Do your job properly already!

 ”Congratulations Shirogane Aqua-san, Morikawa Kaede-san. Now, may I ask both of you a question? After getting married, do you have anything you want to do?”

 ”Me and Kaede both like to move our bodies, so how about doing sports together? Kohina-senpai… oh, um, Kohina-senpai recently moved into the neighborhood, and somehow ended up becoming the head of the neighborhood association. She’s asking me to participate in events like baseball and sports competitions because they don’t have enough people. So, I’m thinking it would be nice to do that together.”

 Oh… if Aqua-kun participates, a simple neighborhood association event will become a national competition.

 Even I, who is not very perceptive, quickly understood that.

 ”Oh, and if you reporters could look into how Kohina-senpai became the head of the neighborhood association? If she’s been intimidating people, I’ll have to go apologize, you know? I mean, right now, that kind of thing is really not good, isn’t it?”

 ”There’s no way that’s happening!!”

 Ah… from the side of the stage where Onizuka-paisen is standing, the familiar Kohina Yukari-san came out.

 The crowd erupted into cheers at the sight of her.

 ”Huh? Why is Kohina-senpai in such a joyous place? Could it be that she’s here to ruin my and Kaede’s wedding press conference?”

 ”I’m here because I’m co-starring with you two! And also, I definitely came to celebrate, okay?”

 Huh? I feel like I’ve seen this situation somewhere before. Oh, I remember now. It’s from Morikawa Kaede’s room!

 I sighed and thought to myself, “Here we go again.”

 ”Come on, forget about that. Here, this is my wedding gift to you.”


 Kohina-senpai approached me and handed me two bags of presents.

 I was completely taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

 ”Come on, open it.”


 When I opened the first bag, I found tens of thousands of yen worth of travel vouchers inside.

 What!? Is this for real!?

 ”You know, sometimes you want some alone time with this guy, right? So, when that happens, use this. Even if it’s just at a nearby hotel, it’s a good opportunity to make time for just the two of you.”

 ”Oh, thank you.”


 I’m so surprised and touched by this incredibly thoughtful gift that I almost cry.

 ”Come on, open another one.”

 Wait, can I really receive more!?

 Excitedly, I open the other bag.

 Wait, what’s this? Gorilla costume pajamas with a goofy face and a banana-shaped pillow?

 Um, should I try wearing this over my clothes? Okay.

 ”This is a present from your classmates. They call themselves the ‘Nightmare Generation’ around town, but it’s a gift from me, Inko, Iria, and Maron!”

 I-I don’t need this. But I can’t say that. What should I do with this?

 Aqua-kun says it’s surprisingly cute, but everyone is laughing. Aqua-kun, are you okay?

 Earlier, he became so expressionless that the excitement from before blew away.

 ”That’s why both of you, congratulations on your marriage! I came here to say that on behalf of everyone. Be grateful, okay?”

 ”Haha, thank you.”

 ”Thank you. Um, well, I’m really happy. Yes.”

 Aqua-kun and I exchanged wry smiles.

 Kohina-senpai seemed satisfied after saying what she wanted to say and, just like when she arrived, she walked briskly back to the wings of the stage.

 ”Well, since we’re running out of time, let’s make this the last question.”

 ”Yes yes, yesss!”

 There’s a reporter here who seems overly eager to talk about themselves.

 Onizuka-paisen hesitated for a moment on who to pick, but since the other reporters suddenly stopped raising their hands, she had no choice but to choose that person.

 I think they check everyone who enters this press conference venue, so hopefully there are no strange people here, but I’m still worried.

 ”This is Seibaku Newspaper!!”

 Oh, I remember now. That rude reporter who was snapping pictures earlier!

 ”You both seem to enjoy exercising, but do you do intense workouts at night?”

 ”No, we don’t.”

 I took the microphone from Aqua-kun and answered with a straight face.

 I didn’t want Aqua-kun to have to answer such questions.

 ”What are your plans for the next big sports festival?”

 ”We don’t have any.”

 Hmm… Even though she’s changing her voice skillfully, even I, who is pretty insensitive, can tell.

 She’s going all out with this disguise… She’s probably hasn’t thought about what would happen if she were found out.

 ”Do you participate in cosplay relay races, three-legged races with the other wives, group gymnastics, balloon toss, Kibasen (Cavalry Battle), or tug-of-war?”

 ”No, we don’t.”

 You’re really amazing.

 I can kind of sense what you want to say, and it makes me feel indescribable.

 ”I see… got it! I’ll come for a close coverage on the day of the next big sports festival, so please invite me.”

 ”I will definitely not invite you.”

 I’m filled with curiosity about what will happen next.

 Oh, I hope only Seibaku Newspaper goes up in flames.

 By the way, Onidzuka-paisen, could you also stop her?! Aqua-kun doesn’t understand anything!!! Ah… Nee-san took Emily by the shoulder and led her away behind us. Oh dear.

 ”Well then, since our time has come, we would like to end the press conference held by Shirogane Aqua-san and Morikawa Kaede-san. Thank you very much for taking the time to gather today, despite your busy schedules.”

 ””Thank you very much.””

 Aqua-kun and I lowered our heads together in sync with Onidzuka-paisen.

 Phew, we managed to get through it safely.

 ”Kaede, are you okay? Are you tired? You looked a bit uneasy towards the end, were you feeling exhausted?”

 ”Ah, yes. I’m fine. Is Aqua-kun alright too?”

 ”Yes, I’m fine.”

 Hehe, Aqua-kun and I exchange glances and laugh. These casual moments feel like the happiest ones.

 ”Onidzuka-senpai, thank you!”

 ”Onidzuka-san, thank you for today as well.”

 ”No, thank you. Don’t worry, I’ll be hosting the wedding ceremony, so you can relax.”

 Having Onidzuka-senpai as the host today was really great.

 Thanks to her, I feel like I could be myself as usual.

 ”Kohina-senpai, by the way, do you have any gifts for me?”

 ”There’s no way, right? Anyway, make sure to invite me to the wedding. I’ll be there to devour all the delicious food.”

 Hehe, while Aqua-kun is getting teased by Kohina-senpai, I head towards where the Verification Team is.

 ”Seriously, Emily-senpai never learns, huh?”

 ”Please reflect on your actions a little.”

 Oh, Emily was kneeling in front of the two of them.

 Ugh, what a pity. But as a senpai, I guess I’ll lend a helping hand.

 ”Thanks for both of you, but I’m fine. Actually, I’m glad Emily was here until the end.”

 “Ka, Kaede-paisen~!”

 I pat my junior on the head as she clings to me.

 To be honest, if left to me, both you and Kanon would need help, she added.

 Well, that’s what makes you two adorable, though.

 ”Come on, let’s eat some local food together. I think I’ll have two servings.”

 ”Eh, can I take this home? I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday…”

 Why do things turn out this way?

 henever me, Nee-san, and Kanon see each other, we make faces like we’re dumbfounded and sigh before asking Emily why she hasn’t had anything to eat.

 ”Oh, aren’t you guys eating those delicious looking local dishes?”

 ”Hey, Kohina-senpai, that’s my Yakiniku bento!!”

 ”Hehe, it’s first come, first served.”

 I offer the Yakiniku bento I was holding to Aqua-kun.

 ”Aqua-kun, if you want mine…”

 ”Oh… but, Kaede also wants to eat Yakiniku bento, right?”

 ”Yeah. But if Aqua-kun wants it, I’ll give it up.”

 ”Then, should we split it in half?”


 Ah, this feels nice.

 Thinking that this might become part of our daily routine soon makes me happy.

 As I look around at the noisy surroundings, I show the biggest smile of the day.

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