Male Idol V13c27

Volume 13 Chapter 27 Bulletin Board, Tch… Morikawa, Congrats!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Happily Happy] Morikawa Kaede and Shirogane Aqua’s Marriage Announcement [Gorilla Meme]
1 Verification Team *07218KADO6
※ This is not an April Fool’s joke delayed by the Hoge-lar wave. It’s serious
2 Anonymous
3 Anonymous
Hey, why can you start a thread!!
5 Anonymous
Don’t give this guy thread-starting permissions!
7 Anonymous
Is Saba-chan bugged due to the solar flare?
10 Anonymous
I’ll report that thread-starting permissions were given to Saba-chan for trolling
13 Anonymous
Trolling, LMAO
15 Anonymous
※ No tsukkomi to Morikawa up to this point!!
17 Anonymous
20 Anonymous
So, is the information in the thread title true?
23 Anonymous
For real, if the only source is the Seibaku Newspaper, it would have been suspicious, but the Hogewave Institute also announced it
26 Anonymous
The Hogewave Institute retracted it!
29 Anonymous
This is Morikawa Sommelier
Please check out Announcer Morikawa’s social media
Enlarge the hand part in the image holding the signboard for promotion, and you’ll see a ring
Here you go
32 Anonymous
It’s confirmed!
34 Anonymous
Is this a mount?
37 Anonymous
Morikawa doesn’t have that advanced technology
Just regular hogehoge
38 Anonymous
If she could do that, she wouldn’t have used up all her paid leave!
Even though she’s a national broadcaster, being listed as a dangerous person globally, don’t underestimate a woman who can’t even control her own strength!!
39 Anonymous
I’d rather have her mounted
Wake up!!
42 Anonymous
That’s so funny, we all agree lol
44 Anonymous
47 Anonymous
The scary part is that no one around seems to notice
Everyone’s already been affected by the Hoge-lar wave
50 Anonymous
Definitely lol
51 Anonymous
Does Hagetoru notice?
55 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Unfortunately, I just found out. I asked Shumi if she noticed, but she was so surprised, like me, that she didn’t realize
Also, I thought she was waiting for the eggplant, so when I shoved it in, she got angry…I don’t understand
57 Anonymous
LOL, Ponami
59 Anonymous
Hey, if Stars were still around, you’d be in big trouble..
I’m glad Stars is gone
62 Anonymous
All companies started reporting it at the same time
Hey, reporters, you’re not slacking off your work to browse here, are you?!
64 Anonymous
Well, this bulletin board has the fastest information
65 Anonymous
Most reporters these days just wander the net, gather interesting stories that might get clicks, and publish them
Only a handful actually go out and write articles with their own legs and have proper principles
That’s why you should read those journalists’ articles
68 Anonymous
Did they get proper permission for this?
I don’t think it’s a good idea to announce things without permission from the person or the office
71 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I don’t know about other newspapers, but if it’s Seibaku Newspaper, they have Aqua-sama’s permission!
By the way, Beryl and the national broadcaster are also doing it properly. Nee-san is strict, so we don’t need permission from her, but Aqua-sama’s permission is more relaxed. Also, Nee-san should only make her n**ples hard
74 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is the most relaxed lol
77 Anonymous
Don’t regular newspapers and reporters usually need permission from Aqua-kun?
81 Anonymous
Isn’t it all about building trust?
Starting in April, Nakada-san, who writes Shirogane Aqua’s sports column, started with just saying hello to Aqua-kun, but eventually, they were able to have an interview together while eating hamburgers
84 Anonymous
Nakada-san usually writes detailed articles about each player, and her articles are trustworthy. That’s probably why she got close to Aqua-kun
Even Aqua-sama said he approached Nakada-san after reading her articles in the first edition of Sports Diary
87 Anonymous
I couldn’t buy it, but for those who read it, how was it?
89 Anonymous
The first one was about baseball. It mentioned Yuu-onii and Chris-mas and talked about both professional baseball and playing baseball for fun
By the way, they didn’t mention which team he’s cheering for. They probably didn’t ask on purpose to avoid biasing the fans. Nakada-san has such consideration
90 Anonymous
During the Tatejimars game, Inko will be working as the stadium announcer, and Aqua-kun suggested he might handle the cheers for the opposing team in that game
Also, it seems he will appear as a special guest in the All-Star game. The details are unclear, but the first pitch is confirmed. They also talked about wanting to participate in the Home Run Derby if possible, and even discussed the idea of smoothly transitioning from the first pitch to pitching the first inning as a pitcher without anyone suspecting
Additionally, they mentioned that since BERYL has grown into a large group, Aqua-kun thought it would be fun to have a sports festival of some sort within the agency, not limited to just baseball. He is also working on a plan to train Yamada-kun before then, and discussing what to do about Kujaku-kun, who has talent but lacks endurance. Personally, I found it all very interesting
The second round will talk about various genres such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, swimming, and so on
95 Anonymous
Oh, thanks!
97 Anonymous
By the way, what happened with the news about Kohina Yukari playing baseball?
101 Anonymous
Coach Kohina: “The era emphasizes defense and mobility, focusing on solid defense, stolen bases, bunts, and connecting plays.”
Also, Aqu-tan, Morikawa, Emily-sama, Nee-san, and three staff members from the Shirogane family are forming a Formula Seven team inspired by an upcoming movie. It seems that Aqu-tan, Morikawa, and Emily-sama are forced into it, so they didn’t get permission. Others have received permission
In addition, Morikawa, who seems to make a lot of errors, will be designated hitter to focus on defending one point in baseball
Then, she want to bat fourth, so Aqu-tan, Emily-sama, and Morikawa will fill in the first three spots from 1 to 3, lol
105 Anonymous
Playing solid baseball, lol
Emily-sama was good at sports on the show, and her top hitters are seriously good
108 Anonymous
Trying to play regular winning baseball, lol
The gap is in the cleanup spot. That much is clear
107 Anonymous
Morikawa as the designated hitter and Manager Kohina is capable, lol
Rather than being Aqua-sama’s fan, I just want to support normally as a bulletin board member
110 Anonymous
Huh? Wasn’t Nee-san slower than Kanon-sama, if I remember correctly?
113 Verification Team *07218KADO6
That’s right. It doesn’t make sense for someone with that huge butt and big breasts to be fast
117 Anonymous
That’s so true, lol
119 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
We’ll talk later
121 Anonymous
Oh no, lol
123 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Sorry, sorry, sorry
127 Anonymous
Sad news, Hagetoru is gone
130 Anonymous
Hagetoru, you pushed too hard!
133 Anonymous
Hagetoru, rest in peace
135 Anonymous
R.I.P. Hagetoru
138 Verification Team *5E9S8KADO6
Hello everyone, I’m S*x Hagetoru
141 Anonymous
Looks like a fake lol
143 Anonymous
Sure, sure
145 Anonymous
Is it real? Or an imposter?
148 Anonymous
And Morikawa got married too
I also want to get married before I die…no, I want to have s*x just once!!
151 Verification Team *5E9S8KADO6
Sister, you haven’t had sex yet?
You should start worrying
153 Anonymous
Annoying lol
155 Anonymous
It feels like the annoying Hagetoru vibe
160 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey! While I’m sending an apology message to Nee-san, a fake one appears!?
163 Anonymous
Huh? So, the earlier one was fake?
165 Anonymous
We’re at the point where there are fake Hagetorus
168 Verification Team *5E9S8KADO6
I’m not a fake. I’m the real Hagetoru
172 Anonymous
Sorry, let’s give it up for a moment and let’s say the name “Hagetoru” for s*x is fine, but the Verification Team is not good, right!!
175 Anonymous
Yeah, I agree
177 Anonymous
Being able to be part of the Verification Team is special
It would be troublesome if it were given so easily. You>>168
180 Anonymous
The Verification Team has become quite sophisticated without us realizing it, lol
185 S*x Coach *5E9S8KADO6
Is that so? I just came to Japan recently so I didn’t know
I will change the Verification Team. I’m sorry
188 Anonymous
Are you a foreigner? If you come to Japan and start using bulletin boards right away, you might end up like that “Shumi” from somewhere, where your head turns into a balloon!
190 Anonymous
Honestly, I think we, the bulletin board users, might be the reason why Shumi became popular
I feel really sorry about it
193 Anonymous
195 Anonymous
Shumi becoming popular is mostly Aqua-sama’s fault
Before interacting with Aqua-sama, it wasn’t like that!!
198 Anonymous
200 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari also said it’s mostly Aqua-sama’s fault!!
204 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Hey everyone!
Isn’t Morikawa-san’s happy press conference starting soon?
207 Anonymous
Shut up! Now’s not the time for that. Congratulations, Morikawa!
208 Anonymous
Sorry, but now’s not the best time for that. And congrats to Morikawa
209 S*x Coach
Do you really think this is the happiest moment for you?
When you get married and live together, you should feel a sense of crisis about being with Shirogane Aqua-sama almost every day from morning till night
It’ll make you happier. And congrats to Morikawa-san too
210 Anonymous
Hey, read the room. Right now, we’re all excited about fake Hagetoru. But still, congrats to Morikawa
215 Anonymous
Bulletin board folks, acting tsundere, lol
218 Anonymous
Hey lol
This guy is actually pretty cool, lol
220 Anonymous
I got really annoyed when they talked about a sense of crisis, but their good personality is showing, lol
223 Anonymous
Plus, even though everyone’s being informal, calling them Morikawa-san instead of just Morikawa makes it seem more serious, lol
226 Anonymous
Aqua-sama in a suit!
228 Anonymous
Aqua-sama in a suit… I wonder what happened to that worn-out suit from last time
231 Anonymous
It seems like he tried to get it cleaned, but thanks to the hotel staff being considerate and contacting Beryl, Aqua-sama and Emily-sama’s outfits are going to be exhibited
I checked them out for the exhibit, and they still had blood on them, pretty vivid
235 Anonymous
Nobody’s talking about Morikawa, lol
238 Anonymous
Because the folks on the bulletin board are tsundere
241 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, still as reliable as ever!!
245 Anonymous
I’m worried with just Morikawa, but I feel safe because Aqua-sama is right next to her
249 Anonymous
Next to Aqua-kun, Announcer Onidzuka is hosting, and Nee-san is on the side of the stage
To ensure that Morikawa is safe from any Hoge-lar waves, they have a solid triangle surrounding her, an absolute Morikawa protection net
253 Anonymous
257 Anonymous
Hey, you. You keep talking about being a s*x coach, but have you actually ever had s*x?
Just so you know, just sticking an eggplant into your private parts doesn’t count as having s*x!!
262 S*x Coach *5E9S8KADO6
Isn’t having s*x with an eggplant just sex?
264 Anonymous
Huh!? Is that so!?
265 Anonymous
Oh, okay
Oops, I lied to my female friend that I lost my virginity..
268 Anonymous
Oh wait, you’re also on our side
270 Anonymous
273 Anonymous
People on the bulletin board are actually innocent
276 Anonymous
I want you to say that I have a pure heart like a pure girl
280 Anonymous
There’s someone called Shumi the Maiden lol
284 Anonymous
S*x coach should feel a sense of crisis about not having s*x, lol
287 Anonymous
You can see the bad side of the people on the bulletin board, lol
291 S*x Coach *5E9S8KADO6
I haven’t had my period yet, so there’s no need to hurry
Are you all sisters adults? You should feel a sense of crisis
296 Anonymous
297 Anonymous
Ugh, uhhhh!
300 Anonymous
It’s actually working, lol!
303 Anonymous
You child shouldn’t come here if you haven’t had your period yet!!
304 Anonymous
There’s still time!
You should feel a sense of crisis being in a place like this!!
309 Anonymous
There are a lot of decent adults here, lol
312 Anonymous
Good news, the bulletin board members are actually kind
316 Anonymous
You’ll understand in another 10 years
Most women out there are virgins
320 Anonymous
Exactly. I work at a cheap haircut place, but I never meet anyone
I wish someone like Aqua-kun would hold me, even if it’s just casual


323 Anonymous
I am a dental hygienist passing by
I want someone to touch these breasts that nobody needs but have grown unnecessarily
Well, just looking at them is fine too!!


325 Anonymous
I was deceived into joining this job because people said secretaries with big breasts are popular, please, please help me
I have money. Whether it’s a money plant or a wallet or anything, please let met support you…!


329 Anonymous
You guys, post a picture with those unnecessarily big breasts!
It’s an anonymous bulletin board anyway, no guys are here to see it!!
334 Anonymous
It might be an urban legend, but if you add “Deliver to Aqua-kun” in the tags, apparently he will use your ID and image!
If you’re lucky, that is
340 Anonymous
Hmm. I’ll be stepping away for a moment
342 Anonymous
Well then, shall we start the upload?
347 Anonymous
They’re already up on the internet lmao
351 Anonymous
People on bulletin boards are really honest, huh
353 Anonymous
That’s the good thing about bulletin board users
357 Anonymous
Hey, you guys should at least acknowledge Morikawa a little. It’s sad, you know!!
361 Anonymous
Well, you see..
364 Anonymous
She’s been quiet like a cat borrowed from someone since earlier
371 Anonymous
Yeah, Hagetoru suddenly disappeared too
375 Anonymous
Speaking of which, where did Hagetoru go?
378 Anonymous
If it’s Hagetoru, she might get scolded by Nee-san. Probably lol
382 S*x coach *5E9S8KADO6
Japanese is really difficult because of all the nuances
Next time I will take off the nickname and study as an anonymous
386 Anonymous
It’s probably better that way
388 Anonymous
Studying Japanese must be tough, but hang in there
391 Anonymous
Being alone in a foreign land must be lonely
If you ever feel lonely, come here!
394 Anonymous
Despite everything, the people on this bulletin board are kind
397 Anonymous
Back in the day, they used to tell you to “read-only mode.”
401 Anonymous
Actually, Hagetoru should be in read-only mode
You should know that words can be harmful
405 Anonymous
That’s right!
408 Anonymous
You all should learn a little from Morikawa-san!
Since a while ago, I’m the only one reacting here!!
412 Anonymous
Because she look so happy~
Just that alone makes me full
415 Anonymous
Exactly! Wishing them a long and happy life
If it were *Chinski* it would be different, but with Morikawa, it’s kind of… unsure if it’s okay to be happy!!
418 Anonymous
Completely agree
421 Anonymous
426 Anonymous
Should I tell them that everyone notices?
430 Anonymous
If only we could say it, we wouldn’t be struggling so much
434 Anonymous
437 Anonymous
Honestly, Morikawa should probably be the most vigilant
441 Anonymous
443 Anonymous
People on the bulletin board always want to jump into new things right away
447 Anonymous
It’s best for Kanon-sama to be the most concerned
I’d like to say that, but Aqua-sama loves her too much, so there’s really no problem
452 Anonymous
I agree the most with this today
456 Anonymous
Yeah, totally
460 Anonymous
The other day, I remembered worrying about whether it’s legal for a husband to peek at his wife’s bath in backstage footage
It’s just Shumi’s n*ked body, so I think it’s okay to peek as much as he wants
463 Anonymous
I can’t forget Toa-chan’s glare and Mayuzumi-kun’s puzzled expression when I heard it
467 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai was the only one taking it seriously, lol
Tenga-senpai is always like that
472 Anonymous
Aqua-sama thinks it’s okay to peek into anyone’s bath, not just her wife’s
I want him to peek into my bath too
476 Anonymous
Yeah, exactly. No one peeks into baths, steals underwear, rummages through personal belongings, or harasses others. It’s all just urban legends
481 Anonymous
It seems Kanon-sama got mad and said it’s embarrassing, so don’t look
485 Anonymous
488 Anonymous
Hey hey, that’s why she’s a princess!!
490 Anonymous
Tch, ptui!
493 Anonymous
Kanon-sama probably doesn’t want her favorite person to see because she might have been pregnant
Her belly is probably getting bigger now
496 Anonymous
498 Anonymous
I understand
501 Anonymous
I wouldn’t want to be seen in that situation either
504 Anonymous
Shouldn’t someone pass on this information?
508 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I’ll subtly mention it..
512 Anonymous
Thanks, Hakuryuu-sensei!
515 Anonymous
Got it? At that time, ask to peek into my bath instead!!
519 Anonymous
522 Anonymous
As expected of the bulletin board people, competent!!
526 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
You shouldn’t say such shameless things!!
Also, while it might be fine for young ones like Kanon-san, it’s tough for older ladies like me to prepare to be seen properly, you idiot!!
530 Anonymous
It’s okay, Hakuryuu-sensei
532 Anonymous
Someone of my generation, I completely agree
536 Anonymous
So you guys are saying, talk about Morikawa!!
541 Anonymous
But she’s so happy and full already!!
543 Anonymous
547 Anonymous
Morikawa really went through a lot
Becoming the chief of the old tribe in Stars
Participating in the first terrorist activity in Stars, the princess rescue mission
Arrested for violating the seed law by bringing in eggplants, not terrorism
Not realizing a fracture, healing quickly
Participating in the second terrorist activity in Stars, overthrowing the country
Most of it was pretty awful
551 Anonymous
And yet, she’s now a national broadcaster! Normally, she should be in prison!
554 Anonymous
I remember she intercepted the States’ encrypted messages, and in Japan, Prime Minister Habu, Shirogane Aqua, and Morikawa Kaede were said to be on alert, right? LOL
559 Anonymous
That’s right. I thought the Hoge-lar waves had finally reached States
563 Anonymous
Now that I think about it, this guy is a national civil servant
Being a civil servant and engaging in terrorist activities twice is really dangerous, LOL
568 Anonymous
It’s okay, the Prime Minister is also involved!!
573 Anonymous
This country’s doomed! I’m in despair!!
577 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is here!!
580 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s room has started!!
583 Anonymous
Sad news, Morikawa Kaede got overshadowed by Kohina Yukari, even during the press conference
586 Anonymous
LMAO, she totally wrecked the press conference
590 Anonymous
Aqua-kun… that’s correct!!
595 Anonymous
She came to congratulate properly, lol
597 Anonymous
She’s actually pretty kind, lol
601 Anonymous
That Kohina Yukari even prepared a present!!
604 Anonymous
Surprisingly, Kohina Yukari has her thoughtful side
608 Anonymous
A travel ticket would be nice, though
612 Anonymous
The reasons are perfectly fine, too!!
615 Anonymous
Why is she so considerate here, but usually not at all!!
618 Anonymous
Gorilla pajamas and a banana-shaped hug pillow, LMAO
621 Anonymous
624 Anonymous
Quickly losing the good reputation she gained!
627 Anonymous
The nightmare generation select, LOL
630 Anonymous
Here comes the nightmare generation!
635 Anonymous
She actually have words of celebration!?
638 Anonymous
Sad news, Kohina Yukari is more put together than us!
642 Anonymous
Oh, it’s over already
647 Anonymous
Seibaku Newspaper is here!!
653 Anonymous
Seibaku Newspaper, LOL
656 Anonymous
Intense exercise at night, LOL
661 Anonymous
Hey, this guy’s no good, LOL
664 Anonymous
Finally, the press conference is getting exciting!!
667 Anonymous
Morikawa’s serious face is cracking me up, LOL
672 Anonymous
Next is the big sports festival!?
675 Anonymous
Are there any spectators!? Are there!?
679 Anonymous
I want to join the night sports festival!!
683 Anonymous
Yes, yes, it’s a cosplay relay race!!
686 Anonymous
Three-Legged Race!?
What are they doing as a Three-Legged Race!?
690 Anonymous
Leave it to me if it’s group gymnastics!!
I did rhythmic gymnastics and classical ballet, so I can do anything!
694 Anonymous
Tamaire (Ball Bowl)!?
What kind of ball is it, be specific!!
697 Anonymous
They’re doing Kibasen (Cavalry Battle)!
Of course, it’s nak*d, right?
701 Anonymous
The bulletin board users suddenly got interested, lol
704 Anonymous
This place is really not good for education after all
708 Anonymous
It’s over
712 Anonymous
Anyway, Morikawa looked happy, that’s good
Congratulations, really
715 Anonymous
Looking forward to Morikawa’s wedding, should be fun
719 Anonymous
Good for Morikawa. Congratulations
723 Anonymous
Congratulations, Morikawa
Feeling really happy as a bulletin board user
726 Anonymous
Beryl finally shared some information too
731 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
There are some circumstances here as well
But everyone keeps bothering us..
735 Anonymous
739 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Ah, no problem
I’m not mad at the bulletin board users
I’m upset with some unreasonable people
743 Anonymous
I see, it’s Seibaku Newspaper
746 Anonymous
Seibaku Newspaper
751 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Seibaku Newspaper seems surprisingly decent, leaving only one reporter
They asked Aqua-kun for permission properly, and even asked Beryl if it was okay. It’s actually pretty decent, except for that one reporter
754 Anonymous
Definitely the last one for today
757 Anonymous
I see, it’s the reporter who asked the last question
763 Anonymous
But the reporter that got us all the most excited was the last one!!
768 Verification Team *02178KADO6
Hehe. Is this where the naughty bulletin boards are…?
773 Anonymous
What were you up to?
775 Anonymous
What are you talking about now?
780 Verification Team *02178KADO6
I heard there are some naughty pictures here, where are they?
784 Anonymous
What’s up with you?
786 Anonymous
Huh? You seem off… Wait, everyone look! This one’s a fake too!
791 Anonymous
Seriously, lol
796 Anonymous
Today, there are too many fake Hagetorus
802 Anonymous
Are fake Hagetorus trending?
807 Anonymous
>>320>>323>>325 They’re right here
811 Anonymous
You, lol
815 Verification Team *02178KADO6
Guhehe, this is it
818 Verification Team *02178KADO6
Some picture of a big-chested lady popped up..
823 Anonymous
Nice lesson learned
826 Anonymous
Listen, it’s not that easy to find naughty pictures
830 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Another fake popped up while I was away!
835 Anonymous
839 Anonymous
Write your name in the Verification Team section to see naughty pictures!
843 Anonymous
Hey, stop that!
846 Anonymous
That’s not good!
852 Onina Hackadoll*02178KADO6
Thank you. Like this?
858 Anonymous
Onina-chan is here!
861 Anonymous
Is this the real Onina?
864 Anonymous
Sorry for calling you fake
You’re the real deal. Or rather, this one was the real thing
868 Onina Hackadoll*02178KADO6
Huh? Did I get fooled?
Also, I got a call
871 Anonymous
Onina-chan is cute!
874 Anonymous
Where’s your guardian?
You shouldn’t be here
879 Anonymous
Feeling warm and fuzzy now
Why are we even here?
882 Anonymous
You, lol
886 Anonymous
Hint: Hoge-lar wave, gorilla, press conference
892 Anonymous
Come on, guys, lol
897 Anonymous
Because it’s a wedding, there’s no need for a press conference at this point
901 Anonymous
Yeah, yeah
904 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Isn’t everyone excited about Morikawa-san’s wedding?
907 Anonymous
We were excited
912 Anonymous
Yeah, we were really excited
920 Anonymous
You guys, lol
926 Anonymous
I don’t really get it, but it’s a happy occasion
Also, did something good happen to you recently? You’re giving off a different vibe
931 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
How did you know!?
937 Anonymous
Ah, you seem to be in a celebratory mood. Congratulations for now
940 Anonymous
Congratulations, congratulations!
945 Anonymous
952 Anonymous
You guys, lol
958 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Wow, you guys are so full of celebratory vibes!!
Thank you!
963 Anonymous
People here are really kind
967 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
By the way, is it true that a fake Hagetoru appeared?
974 Anonymous
That’s fine
978 Anonymous
It’s over now
982 Anonymous
As a Morikawa Sommelier, I feel relieved
Really, congratulations
987 Anonymous
Good for you
991 Anonymous
What about Shumi?
995 Verification Team *010meTA473
I just arrived. I was watching from backstage earlier
So, Kaede-senpai, congratulations on your marriage!
996 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Then I’ll say it too, congratulations, Kaede-san!
997 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’ll join in too, congratulations, Kaede-paisen!
998 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Hey, hey, hey, Verification Team, you’re too quick. I’m not here!
Congratulations on your marriage, Morikawa-san!
999 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’ve always wanted to say this at least once in my life!
If it’s 1000, Kaede-chan, great victory!!
1000 Anonymous
I’m a Morikawa Sommelier
Morikawa-san seems a little clumsy, so I’ll cover for her. If it’s 1000, both Morikawa-san and everyone on the bulletin board will be happy!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Congratulations, Morikawa-san!
Wow, it’s truly a joyous occasion
By the way, as a server, I work with a strong sense of crisis under Aqua-sama!!

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