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Volume 13 Chapter 28 Shirogane Kanon, Dawn Signal

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 On April 28th, I came to Hakodate in Hokkaido with everyone as the cherry blossoms began to bloom, to participate in BERYL’s national tour.

 ”Um, T’s 473, T’s 473…”

 ”Oh, here it is. Miss, this way.”

 I acquired the tickets for the live performance on the first day of the Hokkaido tour by purchasing a tour package from various travel agencies.

 It was really fortunate that I managed to get them through the lottery for the VVVIP seats that the travel agency had reserved for shareholders, as the regular tour packages were sold out in an instant.

 ”Oh, this orange juice costs 6000 yen… I’ll just stick with water.”

 ”Rin-chan, Rin-chan, even water costs 5000 yen!! This is the VVVIP seat, it’s so amazing…”

 Mikoto-chan’s eyes widened as she looked at the prices.

 Actually, even at festivals, VVVIP seats cost that much.

 When you look at the menu, you can see that the French fries cost 2500 yen, and if you want alcohol, it easily goes up to tens of thousands. The most expensive one is champagne at 250,000 yen… It’s clearly an outrageous price.

 At first, I was surprised, but based on Aqua’s desire to be a nationally loved idol and to be close to the local community, the profits from the exclusive VVVIP seats for the wealthy are returned to each struggling local area for regional revitalization and financial support. In other words, they explained this system during the tour as donating profits to the hosting area.

 So, as Aqua’s official wife, I have to contribute properly.

 ”Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, you don’t have to worry about money, so feel free to order whatever you like.”

 ”Understood, Miss. In that case, I would like to request this 250,000 yen champagne. It’s really inappropriate for a head maid to drink during work, but for the sake of social contribution…!”

 Even though she says it’s for the sake of social contribution, she looks really happy!?

 Pegonia should show a little restraint. Well, it’s not a big deal though…

 ”Then, I’ll have Coke, please. It’s the strongest drink developed by humanity. I snuck out of being a ninja just to drink this.”

 ”Well then, I’ll go with Seijo Energy. It’s time to refuel, or else my batt… never mind.”

 ”Oh, I’ll have Seijo Energy too. And could I also get some water, please?”

 ”Hmm… I’ll go with orange juice. And I’m feeling hungry, so I want something to eat.”

 Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, Rinon-san, and Ruuna-senpai also place their drink orders one after another.

 Of course, you can also order food if you want.

 ”What about Yui-san and Hakuryuu-sensei?”

 ”I’ll have a beer. I’ve decided on an ice-cold beer for my first drink.”

 ”In that case, I’ll have a beer too. I’ll join you, Hakuryuu-sensei.”

 The two of them clink their beer glasses and toast.

 It’s totally okay to do this before the live performance starts.

 ”This fruit platter is really delicious, desu~wa.”

 ”Yeah, for real… Oh, here are the two pizzas. I’ll leave them here.”

 ”The fries are so crispy and tasty. They’re made with potatoes from Hokkaido.”

 Hehe, Lisa-chan, Kokona-chan, and Uruha-san seemed shy when they were invited on the tour, but now they’re having fun, which is great. I really wanted to invite Natalia too, but she’s busy with something else and had to decline.

 I hope we can go see it together another time if there’s another chance.

 ”Okay, 3 minutes left…”

 I look around nervously.

 Oh… Claire-san. Wait, why does she look like she’s about to pass out!? Is she okay!?

 Hmm? Oh, when I look closely, Grandmother Mary and Kukuri-chan are on either side of Claire-san.

 And even Grandmother Ranko and Kythera are here, sandwiching her…

 I went to see a gathering and at first I thought it was just a regular meeting, but then I realized it was a gathering of that weird religious group.

 Yeah, today Aqua is performing and Emily-senpai is apparently making a surprise appearance, so it’s normal to come and watch. I’m really looking forward to it.

 ’So, that’s the plan, so be sure to come along.’

 When Aqua and I came to report together, I remembered Emily-senpai and my face lit up.

 Hehe, I think it’s quite rare to see Emily-senpai getting genuinely embarrassed like that.

 I felt happy and ended up hugging the embarrassed Emily-senpai tightly.

 I was really worried about how it would turn out, but I’m so happy that Emily-senpai and Aqua are together.

 I thought we would always be together as the four of us from now on.

 ’Nice to meet you, I love p**is more than anything. I’m Chinposuki, the Ochinchin sommelier.’

 ’Come on, hurry up and do it, I want to be cunnilicked!’

 ’Hello, hello, my right hand is my lover, my left hand is just for resting on breasts, I am Mast***ion Hagetoru.’

 ’…Huh? All three of you are older than me, right? Are you not embarrassed to say that in public?’


 When I think about how we first met like this, I can’t believe we became such good friends.

 I am still a middle school student, Emily-senpai is a high school student, Kaede-senpai is a college student, and Nee-san is still twe… Cough cough!

 ’You’re so annoying, I don’t want to be told by some annoying middle schooler saying stuff like Shumi-chan’s great victory!’

 ’Outside, to say mast***ion…’

 ’Hmm? I can’t hear you well. Could it be that the princess is a child who can’t even say mast***ion outside?’

 ’If you are a high school student who says such shameful things outside, just be an annoying like middle schooler! Besides, it’s not something you should say out loud!’

 Haha, Emily-senpai hasn’t really changed since those days, has she?

 I just had a distant look in my eyes for a moment.


 As I was thinking about that, the lights in the venue suddenly went out.

 The live show is starting! The excitement I felt before suddenly accelerated and made my heart race.




 The audience, realizing that the live show is starting, gets really excited all at once.

 The sound of the guitar reverberates through the venue. Along with that, a single spotlight shines on the center of the stage.

 ”Emily-senpai!? This early in the show…!?”

 I stare wide-eyed at Emily-senpai standing alone in the center of the stage.

 I heard it was going to be a surprise, but I didn’t expect her to come out right at the start.

 As the spotlight widens, the other members of BERYL are revealed.

 Toa-chan on drums, Mayuzumi-kun on bass, and Tenga-senpai and Aqua on guitar.

 At the duet audition, they performed the same arrangement as before.

 The audience understood that this was one of the rights earned by passing the duet audition, and there was a buzz of excitement.

 ”Great job!”

 The Holy Aqua Religion box seats, far away, suddenly became lively.

 And my heart raced even faster.

 ’What am I living for? I have a predetermined life, what is my wish?’

 When Emily-senpai started singing, I felt something strange.

 Huh? Wasn’t Toa-chan the one who wrote the lyrics?

 Just a tiny bit, the lyrics overlapped with my own feelings.

 ’Unable to achieve even my wishes, always trapped by the eyes around me.’

 No, that’s not it. This is Emily-senpai’s lyrics.

 I understood that instantly.

 ’Complexes, power, the heart of a maiden in my chest. Everything is a treasure to me.’

 Nee-san, Kaede-senpai, and me…

 From the first meeting to today, each day is vividly recalled in my mind.

 ’I see, I can also reveal everything.’

 The same… I am the same. Emily-senpai.

 Because of Emily-senpai, I’m able to show myself, just like Kaede-senpai and Nee-san.

 ’Such pleasant days have become daily life here.’

 I used to think it was impossible, but I wished this time could continue forever.

 In my mind, Aqua playing the guitar and Emily-senpai shouting overlap.

 These two made my impossible… no, my dream-like selfishness a reality.

 ’When I look back, there are countless mistakes I’ve made.’

 That’s right. I’ve made plenty of mistakes too. I have many regrets.

 But even now, I still don’t know how to deal with my dear mother. It’s funny, right? I want to be a mother, but I don’t even know how to face my own dear mother.

 There were times when I thought I might dislike by mother because she prioritized being a queen over me, but I couldn’t bring myself to.

 So when Emily-senpai helped my mother’s heart by saying that she can start over after failing, I was really happy.

 I heard from Victoria-oneesama that mother, who quit being queen, is living much more peacefully now.

 I think it’s all thanks to Emily-senpai and Aqua for taking off the weight of being queen from mother.

 ’But I’ve made it this far because of my friends.’

 I owe everything to the Verification Team.

 When I was struggling, Kaede-senpai’s brightness saved me many times.

 When things were tough, I was able to rely on the mature Nee-san for comfort.

 And… when I felt lonely, Emily-senpai would hold me tight countless times.

 ’I want to be loved by someone, I want to love someone, is that just being selfish?’

 Before I knew it, tears were streaming down.

 I forgot to even blink as I engraved the best session of my favorite person and the person I love in my mind.

 ’I’m fed up with my contradictory self.’

 It can’t be helped. After all, we are living in the present.

 I was able to open my heart because of Emily-senpai, who is full of contradictions, just like me.

 ’I’ve really messed up a lot of things.’

 There are people who are saved by my mistakes.

 But I won’t say that because it might go to my head.

 ’So I will confess at the church.’

 Hehe, that’s right. Since Emily-senpai is a saint, I think she should confess every day.

 I’ll confess with her too, okay?

 ’Don’t you have any biscuits here that make you feel high?’

 Geez!! You’re not regretting anything at all!!

 But, that’s just how Emily-senpai is, and I can’t help but find it adorable.

 Even sentimentality gets blown away somewhere, and the tears that was flowing just shifts to the opposite side.

 Laughter erupts from the audience, and everyone in the Holy Aqua Religion’s box seats was shedding tears.

 ’Even if you stop and look back, time won’t stop.’

 In the midst of that, people compromise.

 I’ve compromised and given up on many things. But these two are different. They don’t compromise or give up.

 ’Then you have no choice but to move forward.’

 Oh… I see.

 Emily-senpai and Aqua, they’re so alike in that way.

 I look ahead, without looking back or turning to the side.

 Everyone wants to follow the person with their eyes set on the future. We believe that this person will show us a new and unseen world.

 Whether it’s Beryl Entertainment or Holy Aqua Religion, I think many people are drawn to these two charismatic individuals.

 ’To prove your existence to the world. Show your guts once in a while.’

 I nod in agreement.

 Aqua and Emily-senpai will eventually soar away from this country.

 No, even the world is a small garden for these two.

 They will surpass space, history, and even dimensions one day.

 We want them to take us far beyond our imagination.

 ’So, I take a step forward towards an unknown future.’

 Once everyone gets to know Emily-senpai, they will surely love her.

 So, I want everyone to know about my favorite Emily-senpai.

 But you know, it’s actually a little boring. Because she won’t be just my Emily-senpai anymore.

 ’Because only I, Yukishiro Emily, can make myself shine! So watch! This moment, my proof of life, my reason for existence!!’

 With Emily-senpai’s shout, the stage is filled with cheers.

 It was an amazing performance from start to finish.

 Without a moment’s pause, the next song starts.

 ’Good luck have fun fxxking go girls, don’t be scared. MNK’

 Wow!? I’m surprised by the shocking lyrics.

 Wait, is this a term from a shooting game?

 ’Wearing a fake face for the outside, hiding inner desires’

 I silently make a joke about Emily-senpai in my mind.

 Oh, well, including myself, everyone has their own unique traits, but I think Emily-senpai’s cat impersonation stands out in our Verification Team.

 ’Follow your desires, be ruled by your cravings, You (Aqua) are in a dilemma’

 Emily-senpai points at Aqua when saying this to him.

 The audience also laughed along with this.

 ’Before you know it, the day is over… sigh, why am I like this?’

 Hehe, the stage is completely dominated by Emily-senpai now.

 Aqua jumps off the stage while holding his guitar and runs through the audience seats.

 It was a free-for-all on both sides.

 ’Don’t overthink okay? Things are always simple. Go straight and hit hard. Don’t be stupid and think of unnecessary things.’

 The crowd bursts into laughter when seeing Emily-senpai imitating Kaede-senpai.

 Kaede-senpai saw that and tried to jump out from the backstage, but Nee-san quickly grabbed her.

 Geez, what are you doing on stage?

 ’Oops, I messed up again. I’ll take a second to apologize.’

 Emily-senpai turned towards the backstage and bowed to the two.

 Then on the monitor behind, words saying ‘Congratulations on the marriage, Morikawa Kaede, Shirogane Aqua’ were displayed.

 This got applause from the audience.

 Hehe, they love surprises like this.

 ’I forget my failures in seconds, and I’ve left my regrets somewhere.’

 When Emily-senpai turned back towards us again, she had a face like she wasn’t regretting anything.

 Geez, she’s gonna get scolded again!

 ’Even though I’m like this, is it still okay?’


 Suddenly, there’s a tense feeling in the air, making everyone watching feel excited.

 Wow, so Emily-senpai can act all sweet and she suddenly become a bit mean. Why didn’t she use that on Aqua? She can be a little sarcastic sometimes.

 ’Say it’s good. Baaaack off!’

 Huh!? Why is she suddenly getting angry?

 Her emotions and tone change too much, like a roller coaster.

 ’Good luck have fun fxxking go gilrs, don’t underestimate me. 2MNK’

 MNK usually means mouse and keyboard, but Emily-senpai is definitely using it in a different way, I think.

 ’In a desperate situation, but I can still dance. I never give up, last-ditch effort, fighting alone. Hiding my… huh! Why did they figure it out!?’

 Oh, it’s that thing that’s popular in battle royale games now.

 Emily-senpai really likes that, but it often leads to her downfall.

 ’There’s no wallhack or aim assist in love! Study your approach and use your character wisely.’

 Yeah, if you knew that, why did it take so long to get together with Aqua?

 I tilt my head in wonder.

 ’Uh-oh, we’ve got a cheater here! Run! With a rising kill count and a familiar name, ‘Look out, Shirogane Aqua is here!’

 Emily-senpai points at Aqua again, and the audience bursts into laughter.

 Come on, I get what you’re trying to say, but could you please not mess around with my husband?

 ’Is there boosting in love? Teaming up with others around you. Let’s crush it together.’

 Even Emily-senpai, with the Verification Team and the Holy Aqua Religion, and even recruiting Kohina-senpai, couldn’t make the teaming work.

 You have no idea how hard we tried… It’s deep in a different way.

 ’Good luck have fun fxxking go girls, don’t give up. 3MNK. The signal isn’t lit up, we won’t know the outcome until the very end. Double-check your weapons, it’ll be okay as long as you have courage. I remember thinking that way in the past… Please, someone lead me to victory.’

 Really though. I wonder why Emily-senpai was acting so excited about those breasts, even though I’ve known her for a long time.

 Even if you have the strongest weapon as DPS, if your aim is off and you’re messing up, that’s probably the issue.

 ’Oh no. What the Fxxk!! It was my first death. I’ve loved you since the moment we met. I know it’s a tough battle with bad odds. But I just couldn’t give up!’

 All the girls resonate with Emily-senpai’s shout.

 Yeah, yeah, when you meet Aqua, all the girls are instantly smitten.

 They say the one who falls in love first loses, and I truly believe that.

 ’Good luck have fun fxxking go girls, don’t be timid. 4MNK’

 4MNK? Hold on, could this be referring to us, the Verification Team?

 ’Finally, the chance for a big victory has come around. I am the champion. Focused gunfire in a favorable position, from all directions, bought too much hate.’

 But it’s always Emily-senpai who buys too much hate, no, Hagetoru only does that.

 Because, myself, Kaede-senpai, and Nee-san, we haven’t been criticized that much.

 ’In the end, a victory due to a bug… no, this is by design. We are champions!’

 I see, in the end it’s a great victory… hey, that’s my line!

 Emily-senpai, do you intend to hide the fact that you’re Hagetoru?

 Or maybe, you’re trying to expose yourself?

 Well, whatever. Just do as you please.

 ’Thank you, BERYL fans, for listening until the end. I’m Yukishiro Emily, the opening act!!’

 Even BERYL fans respond with cheers to Emily-senpai’s MC.

 ’I performed one of the two songs prepared as a reward for the duet audition, and also a new song written just for us. The duet with Aqua-sama will be performed in Hiroshima next, so please look forward to it! Once again, thank you for listening to my song as the opening act today!’

 Emily-senpai bows to the audience, and everyone returns warm applause.

 Everyone’s smiling, but only the Holy Aqua Religion’s box seats were crying. I guess I’m the only one who thinks that space is abnormal, huh?

 ’Alright then, let’s get started! Everyone from BERYL!’

 As Emily-senpai calls out, the audience erupts with excitement.

 And as the stage goes dark, the four changed members jump onto the stage.

 And my heart pounded even faster.

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