Male Idol V13c29

Volume 13 Chapter 29 Kirika Kotono, Midday Heat

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 ”Next preparation, hurry!”

 ”No next costume!! Where!?”

 ”We’re fixing that costume over here! Just 1 minute… 30 seconds please wait!”

 ”Hurry up!!”

 ”During the tour, we brought Hakuryuu-sensei here by kidnapping her and curling her up like a sushi roll!”

 ”All right, quickly let her rewrite the final script!!”

 ”Oh, if it’s the one with Aqua-kun’s idea summarized by Mayuzumi-kun, it’s here!”

 In front of me, Hakuryuu-sensei was carried past me in a rolled-up state.

 April 29, DAY2 afternoon. I watch the busy staff running around.

 Honestly, I want to move around with them too.

 But, in order to give them experience, I have to endure as their boss.

 Besides, I’m pregnant now, so it wouldn’t be good for me to run around like before.

 Compared to Kanon-san, I had a really tough time because I had severe morning sickness.


 As soon as someone gasped, all the staff’s eyes turned towards the monitor at once.

 It seemed like something had happened.

 I quickly asked the child who was looking at the monitor.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Right now, Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun almost collided…”

 I rewound the screen on the sub monitor to check.


 President Atori, who noticed something strange, rushed over.

 When we checked the video, it seemed that thanks to Aqua-san noticing just before, Toa-chan’s hand was pulled, and somehow the collision was avoided.

 ”Mayuzumi-san seems strange, doesn’t he?”

 ”Aqua-kun noticed and moved forward alone, switching to a solo dance performance.”

 I checked if the medical staff are on standby.

 ”The next song is Mayuzumi-san’s solo, right?”

 ”Okay, after that, Mayuzumi-kun and Aqua-kun are planning to sing a ‘Hanabi’ song together.”

 I organize the situation in my head.

 First, Mayuzumi-san got injured, and although it didn’t seem like they clashed, I want to check on Toa-chan’s condition, so these two need to step back for now.

 Plus, Aqua-san has been performing since the first song, so he need to step back here to prepare for what comes next.

 I quickly consult with MojaP.

 ”How about having Tenga-san do a solo performance here?”

 ”That’s probably the only option. We can’t mess up the flow of the song, and it’s the best we can do right now.”

 I quickly put on my earpiece and give instructions to everyone.

 ”Next, we’ll play Tenga-san’s instrumental. The other three, please step back to the side of the stage for now! You can do it!”

 After giving the instructions, I head towards the side of the stage.

 Then, Kai-san had brought a wheelchair to the venue just in case something happened.

 Kai-san is truly thoughtful!

 ”The song’s over. Everyone, please come back!”

 The three of them walked back.

 Mayuzumi-san seemed to have injured his leg, immediately putting his hand on his knee as he descended the stairs.

 Manager Hanabusa-san rushed over.

 ”Mayuzumi-kun, are you okay?”

 ”Yes, I think I just twisted my ankle a bit.”

 Mayuzumi-san showed signs that he could still continue.

 It didn’t seem to be too serious.

 However, even so, we couldn’t allow him to continue here.

 ”Mayuzumi-san, please get checked by the medical staff. It might just be that dopamine is dulling the pain for now. It’s frustrating, but for the sake of finishing today’s live, and for all the fans who will come to tomorrow’s live, please get a proper examination first.”


 Mayuzumi-kun looks regretful as he struggles to speak.

 ”I’m sorry, Shintaro. I may have pushed too hard.”

 ”No, it was my fault for getting flustered when the timing seemed off.”

 Aqua-san approaches the two of them.

 ”Oops, your lips are bleeding.”


 It’s true.

 Aqua-san wipes the blood from Toa-chan’s lips with his thumb.

 ”Toa, you should get some treatment and touch up your makeup. I pulled your arm pretty hard earlier.”

 ”But, what about the next song?”

 Mayuzumi-san and Toa-chan can’t perform, and Tenga-san will have to step back considering what comes next.

 ”The next act… Hisui-chan, are you ready?”

 All eyes turn towards Inori-san. (T/N: Past life Myojo Lily)

 Not just her, but all the audition members are here today to support with chorus and dance.


 Inori-san replies cheerfully.

 She doesn’t seem nervous, and she looks okay.

 ”Inori-san, quickly change your clothes!”


 ”Do you know the lyrics?”


 Stylists and other staff members gather around Inori-san.

 Meanwhile, Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-san head straight to the medical room for treatment.

 Thanks to Aqua-san’s decision, everyone quickly starts moving to do their best.

 Beryl is busy working, and this moment is the most exciting.


 I find a moment to talk to Aqua-san.

 ”Kotono, it’s okay. Even if something happens, I’ll handle it somehow, so just watch with peace of mind.”

 Aqua-san smiles at me and then focuses ahead with a serious expression.

 I feel a sense of unease at his tense face.

 Normally, Aqua-san would be the one to encourage Inori-san, who suddenly has to sing here.

 But even so, this expression is just like when he’s with Kohina Yukari-san…

 ”It’s almost time for Tenga-senpai’s performance to end!”

 ”Inori-san is ready!”

 The prepared Inori-san stands next to Aqua-san.

 When I saw the two of them standing side by side, the backstage that had been noisy until just now suddenly became quiet.

 It’s like there’s a certain atmosphere. When I saw the two of them together, I thought something amazing was going to happen.

 ”Hisui-chan, you don’t have to try to match, just give me everything you’ve got right now.”

 ”Y-Yes! I’ll do my best!!”

 As a senpai, it’s the correct interpretation to accept that full effort…

 But, I didn’t feel that way.

 ”Well then, here I go.”

 Aqua-san heads to the stage first, as if switching places with Tenga-san.




 I gaze at Aqua-san on the monitor.

 ’Hello again, everyone from Hokkaido!’


 Aqua-san smiles at all his fans.

 ’When we talk about Hokkaido, it brings back memories. Like that day trip Ramen tour from hell…’

 As Aqua-san reminisces, laughter erupts from the audience.

 The one-day Ramen tour, hastily organized because Kohina Yukari-san wanted to eat Ramen, was captured by Director Hongou and aired on national TV.

 ’Oh, and speaking of that, a noisy senpai told me to bring back Hakodate Ramen as a souvenir. But I got hungry earlier and couldn’t resist, so I ate one of the souvenirs I bought earlier. It was a pack of 5, but no one will notice if I don’t say anything, right? I’ll just pretend it was a 4-pack from the start!’

 If he says that, it’ll be found out, right?

 Well, maybe he’s saying it even if it gets found out.

 ’By the way, I think there are people whose environment changed in April, but have you all gotten used to it already? I was suspended for a week, so it felt a bit awkward when I finally returned to school late.’

 Once again, laughter from fans leaked out from the audience seats.

 Meanwhile, Inori-san headed to her designated position.

 Aqua-san enjoyed conversations with all the fans while buying time as she moved.

 ’I bet there are people thinking, “I don’t want to go to school anymore, I don’t want to go to work, I don’t want to go to the workplace,” right? But everyone, please remember. Summer is coming in just a few months!! In summer, there will be beach trips, pools, festivals, events, and fireworks displays. So, even though it’s a bit early, I want to sing this song to help everyone get through until summer.’

 He’s good. He seems experienced.

 Fans watching Aqua-san’s performance immediately recognize the next song just from his words.

 ’Hisui-chan… let’s go.’


 The audience stirs for a moment when Inori-san appears.

 But as soon as the intro starts playing, everyone becomes quiet to listen to the song.

 ’I still remember your large back that I saw on that feverish night, cold drops tracing down your flushed cheeks, trembling wet body.’

 When Inori-san auditioned, even though her voice was good, her technique and volume couldn’t keep up.

 But with the guidance of professionals, she has changed so much.

 ’Every time the rain and wind strike the window, my heart makes a loud sound. The moonlight shining in the darkness illuminates your face with drops.’

 Although she didn’t shine that much during the judging behind the scenes, she really stands out on stage.

 Even during the AQUARIUM stage auditions, Aqua-san could see this talent from the preliminary judging stage.

 ’I was watching the flickering flames, glancing away from you quietly. I felt like if I acknowledged these feelings, my heart that I had stubbornly kept closed would melt away. I thought it would be nice if time could just stop like this.’

 My spine tingles.

 Just the other day, she was a middle schooler, but now I suddenly think she has a captivating charm.

 I feel like I could touch her, yet I can’t. It’s like she’s there but not there at the same time. A strange sensation comes over me.

 ’I want to be by your side, seeing you in pain as you wonder how I can support you. Like filling a loneliness, yearning for one another, with a tightening heart and the sound of rain. Fluctuations, a horn signaling the end.’

 Over here, this one is overflowing with charm too.

 Aqua-san’s mature voice fills the air, and the fans sitting in the audience seats blush pink as they listen intently.

 ’I called your name for the first time. To make sure, I called it again. Every time I called that name, you became more dear to me.’

 My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it might burst.

 It’s impossible to have feelings like that, but Aqua-san’s singing voice tightens my… no, our hearts.

 It’s unfair. Just by singing, with that appearance and voice, he can make all the girls in the world fall in love in an instant.

 ’Without looking at the body of the one I embraced gently, I watched the flickering flames. Is this heat because of the summer? Or is it the warmth of our bodies? Bodies intertwined, skin touching, hearts melting together as one. In the slow passage of time, I was actually gazing at you.’

 Just by hearing Aqua-san’s voice call my name, no, just by being spoken to, the whole day becomes enjoyable.

 Just by being touched by Aqua-san’s hand, my entire body feels hot like a midsummer night.

 Just by being looked at by Aqua-san, I can’t take my eyes off him for a second.

 Once you know the idol Shirogane Aqua, I think no one can escape from this swamp.

 ’The flickering flame…’

 ’The warm fire…’

 Aqua-san and Inori-san take turns singing in this part.

 We blush at their charisma.

 ’Face illuminated’

 ’Face illuminating’

 Even though they’re just alternating singing, it sounds like they’re embracing and whispering to each other.

 ’Heart sways’

 ’Heart swayed’

 It’s us who are being moved by this song.

 ’By your side’

 ’Want to be by your side’

 I notice Inori-san’s uniqueness here.

 ’Just a little more’

 ’Just a bit more’

 Doesn’t she hold her own singing next to Aqua-san?

 ’Is this okay?’

 ’Want it to be like this’

 This song is possible because it’s sung by Tsukimachi-san and Aqua-san, the top male and female idols.

 Yet, Inori-san singing next to Aqua-san doesn’t pale in comparison at all.

 ’A night just for the two of us, a world where no one else exists. Memories I still cherish and the warmth of our touched palms.’

 I understand.

 I fell in love with Aqua-san and we got married.

 So when I heard this song, I realized Tsukimachi-san is truly in love with Aqua-san.

 Top female idol Tsukimachi Ayana, with her charisma, singing ability, and her own love, sang a heartfelt song at the matchmaking party. Inori-san approaches that realm without her feelings for Aqua-san.

 ’We gently pressed our lips together, illuminated only by the blazing fire. I felt like I was sensing a beginning at the end of summer. My slowly melting heart makes me aware of my own feelings. In the arms that held me, I dreamed a happy dream.’

 The audience erupts in applause for the two who sang beautifully.

 Yes, I understand because I was in love with Aqua-san.

 Inori-san likes and respects Aqua-san. But those feelings aren’t love.

 Yet, she perfectly sang this song understanding Tsukimachi Ayana’s feelings for Shirogane Aqua.

 It gives me chills. There’s another girl who can stand next to Shirogane Aqua and confront him.


 Lapis-chan and Natsuki-san, who were watching the monitor from the backstage, show serious expressions.

 It might have been good motivation for them.

 Knowing Aqua-san, maybe that was his intention, but that expression at that moment…

 ”Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun, are you ready!!”

 I stop my thoughts and turn my gaze towards the entrance.

 Good. Both of them seem fine.

 And Mayuzumi-kun looks full of energy.

 I was surprised to see Toa-chan’s serious expression next to me.


 I can’t help but call out to Toa-chan.

 ”Kotono-oneechan, did you see what happened earlier?”

 I nodded in response.

 It seems that not only they were the ones who sparked the fire.

 ”It’s amazing, isn’t it, Inori-san. Even though it’s not like Tsukimachi-san is in love with Aqua, she understood Aqua’s feelings and sang beautifully.”

 Toa-chan noticed that Tsukimachi-san liked Aqua-san.

 It’s surprising how he noticed before the person herself. Is it just that Toa-chan has a sharp intuition?

 ”But I’m not going to lose either. I don’t want to lose to Tsukimachi-san, Emily-san, Inori-san…and of course, I don’t want to lose to Shintaro. I’m the one who will sing next to the idol Shirogane Aqua. I will never give up that spot.”

 Among the BERYL members, I think Toa-chan is the one who want to be next Aqua-san, or maybe even more competitive than Aqua-san.

 ”Well, I’m off too.”

 ”Yeah, do your best!”

 I made a fist with both hands and cheered on Toa-chan.

 ”Tenga-senpai, let’s do our best too!”


 Mayuzumi-san and Tenga-san, who were watching Toa-chan from behind, also showed determined faces.

 Seeing that, I thought that boys are cool.

 I feel really envious of them because I can’t stand next to Aqua-san and fight together or compete with each other to make each other better.

 ”Aqua-kun is coming back!”

 With Toa-chan switching out, Aqua-san comes back behind the stage.

 When Aqua-san sees my face, he pats my head.

 ”To all the staff…”

 Staff members react to Aqua’s words.

 Some people look over while working, some just listen with their ears, everyone making sure not to miss Aqua’s words.

 ”It might be tough from here on, but let’s push through to the finish line in one go! We can do it, no, it’s all thanks to the fans who come to the live shows to dream, and to all the staff! Listen up, fans and staff, let’s sprint together with all our might until the end!!”


 Could it be that Aqua saw through what I was thinking?

 Even though he usually doesn’t pick up on things, that’s kind of… sneaky.

 Aqua gently pats my head again and gently nudges my forehead with his index finger.

 Then, silently mouthing, he whispers, “Make sure to pay attention.”

 Oh no… I can’t win this.


 Without realizing it, I might have become a bit nervous.

 I slap both of my cheeks to re-energize myself.

 ”Kai-san, are the two of them ready?”

 ”Yes! Maruo and Kujaku, they’re ready anytime!”

 The finale will be a Heaven’s Sword medley.

 The two of them are planning to be backup dancers there.

 ”Kai-san, let’s do a final check.”

 ”Yes, senpai!”

 I might have thought somewhere in my heart that as an executive, I shouldn’t interfere at the scene.

 In order to support Aqua-san and others from behind the scenes, to make sure the fans have a good time, and to make this stage a success, I headed towards Maruo and Kujaku with Kai-san.

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