Male Idol V13c3

Volume 13 Chapter 3 Tsukimachi Ayana, The Ones Who Lead The Way

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 When the scene changes again, Ayaka lying on a hospital bed is shown.

 There are two female police officers in the hallway. One of them yawns loudly, and nearby, the fluorescent lights in the hallway flicker as if lightning struck. In the next moment, the man from the beginning, Tsuwabuki-san, who plays Toda, appears from the back of the hallway.

 The other police officer notices this.


 Those were her last words.

 A gust of wind blows from the back of the hallway, cutting through the bodies of the two police officers.

 Come to think of it, this is a world with special abilities, isn’t it?

 So, maybe Toda has the ability to control wind or something?

 Ah, that’s why there was an amazing jumping scene in the beginning with parkour.

 Toda nonchalantly opens the door to room 203, where Ayaka is.

 ’It’s been a while, Ayaka-sensei.’


 Huh? Huh? Are these two people familiar with each other? And she’s a teacher too?

 The police said they didn’t know the man, but does that mean Ayaka made a false statement?

 The scene changes, and a younger-looking Ayaka appears on the screen.

 ’Nice to meet you. I’m Kashiwagi Ayaka, and starting today, I’ll be Jirou-kun’s tutor.’

 Is this from Toda’s perspective?

 When I look at the notebook, it says “6th grade.”

 I see, it seems like Toda received lessons from Ayaka when he was in elementary school.

 ’Sensei… I… ah…’

 ’Don’t worry. It’ll be over soon… okay?’

 A scene is shown where Ayaka, partially undressed, is on top of Toda.

 Probably, at this moment, Ayaka r*ped Toda.

 Young Toda’s voice wasn’t Tsuwabuki-san’s, it belonged to someone else.

 ’Is it revenge from that time…?’

 ’No… that doesn’t matter. What I want is your research results. Someone from Stars wants it. I plan to defect to Stars in exchange for it. As a person with abilities, it’s easier for me to live in that country.’

 Toda slowly approaches Ayaka and reaches out towards her arm.

 But in that moment, someone crashes through the window glass of the hospital room.

 ’Damn! Who the heck is it?!’

 Wow, it’s an action scene.

 Although Toda-san can’t see the face, the person who broke in is wearing a mask, so it’s probably a female stunt double.

 Toda, feeling pressured, tries to use his special abilities just like before.

 However, before he can do anything, the masked man tightens their grip on Toda’s arm, restraining him.

 ’Toda Jirou… Who is behind you? Who approached you with that story? Answer!’

 Oh, it’s Mayuzumi-kun’s voice.

 ’I don’t know! Even if I knew, there’s no point in saying it!!’

 Mayuzumi-kun tightens his grip on Toda’s arm and tries to dislocate his shoulder.

 The sound of bones cracking and Mayuzumi-kun’s cold gaze peeking through the mask, along with Tsuwabuki-san’s pained expression, leaves us breathless.

 ’I see. Then I’ll just kill you.’

 As Mayuzumi-kun puts more strength into it, there are footsteps coming from afar, like someone running.

 It’s probably someone from the police who noticed that the communication wasn’t working and rushed over.

 ’It’s the police! Hands up!!’

 The person who burst into the hospital room was Detective Hanasaku Misuzu.

 In that momentary opening, Toda tries to activate his ability.

 Mayuzumi-kun notices and pushes Toda towards Misuzu.


 Misuzu, who was bumped into by Toda, falls to the ground. Toda quickly gets up and starts running away as if escaping.

 On the other hand, Mayuzumi-kun knocks out Ayaka, then carries her on his shoulder and jumps out of the window he came in from.


 Misuzu, who stood up, reaches out her hand, but in the momentary hesitation of which way to go, both of them manage to escape.

 Hmm, I guess there’s nothing she can do about it. It seems difficult to prioritize one over the other in this situation, and both of them were quick to retreat from the beginning.

 ”Awashima-san plays many capable female roles, but surprisingly, she’s also good at playing the role of a clumsy woman.”

 ”Oh, really? Yukari seems to pay attention to those kinds of things.”

 After spending time together, I’ve come to realize that Yukari-senpai pays attention when she’s alone.

 Maybe it’s because it’s fun for her to watch “Heaven’s Sword” and “Zandam” with us, or maybe it’s for our sake, but she usually watches other works alone, and sometimes even reviews “Heaven’s Sword” by herself later. So I thought she would probably watch this work carefully later on.

 ’Misuzu, I heard something. Did you miss both of them?’

 ’Yeah… Thanks to that, I got kicked off the investigation team.’

 The next morning, Misuzu held a can of coffee in her hand and slumped on the rooftop.

 Kanae, who was sitting next to her, patted her back to comfort her.

 ’You know, at times like this, why don’t we go grab a drink? Who knows, there might be a wonderful encounter or something, you know?’

 ’No, it’s fine… Even if I meet someone, a girl like me would probably get rejected right from the start.’

 ’No, no, you can’t give up on everything from the beginning! Come on, see?’

 Misuzu reluctantly said, but as she started drinking, her mood gradually lifted.

 Kanae, sitting in front of her, nodded repeatedly in agreement with her complaints.

 I see. I couldn’t help but think that maybe Kanae liked Misuzu just a little bit.

 The two of them, slightly tipsy, walked through the night streets with unsteady steps.

 There, a limousine stopped.


 When Kanae saw Mayuzumi-kun, who had come out of the limousine in a suit, she exclaimed.

 Misuzu also seemed a little mesmerized by his appearance, causing her to stumble a bit.

 Mayuzumi-kun quickly held her to prevent her from falling and showed her a gentle smile.

 ’Are you okay?’

 ’Oh…yes. I’m sorry. Th-thank you.’

 Yeah, yeah, it can be confusing and nice when a boy does something like this. I understand, I understand.

 By the way, doesn’t Mayuzumi-kun seem totally different from before? Now he seems like a really nice young man.

 ’Young master.’

 ’I know.’

 Mayuzumi-kun, who was called “young master” by one of the women in a suit, smiled at Misuzu again.

 Yeah, he’s definitely different.

 ’Please be careful.’


 Mayuzumi-kun disappeared into a large building with the women in suits. His expression at that moment was so emotionless that it gave me chills.

 The company’s name is Kuroki Concern…wait, that’s an actual company! No, it was a mistake about the company’s existence.

 I see, they’re using the building that collapsed due to the Kokucho incident.

 The next day, Kanae called Misuzu, who was resting at home.

 ’Kuroki Shun, 21 years old, is a university student studying at a prestigious university in Tokyo. And get this, he’s the eldest son of the Kuroki Zaibatsu. Misuzu…this is an incredible opportunity! You have to seize it and marry into a wealthy family!’

 ’Listen here, Kanae. No matter what, there’s a big age gap between me and that guy. There’s no way he would be interested in someone like me! Besides, he only helped me when I was drunk and stumbling. How do you expect anything to develop from there? It’s just ridiculous.’

 Kanae put the phone to her ear, her lips pouted in response to Misuzu’s calmness.

 Oh, I see. So Mayuzumi-kun plays the rich boy role. But now that I think about it, Mayuzumi-kun is from a branch family of the Kokucho, so he has a unique upbringing that shows.

 ’Come on, Misuzu! Dream a little bit!’

 ’Yeah, yeah. Thanks, Kanae.’

 Misuzu smiled gently.

 Even over the phone, Kanae could sense it, and she couldn’t help but show a smile too.

 Hehe, they seem to get along well. Since the guys are all a bit off, maybe the relationship between these two is the soothing element of this story.

 ’Hey, did you hear that Kashiwagi Takaaki is being protected by the police, but his daughter, Kashiwagi Mai, hasn’t come home since yesterday?’

 ’Kanae, is that true…?’

 ’Yes, apparently someone anonymously sent evidence of bullying to the police, and now they’re urgently interrogating those kids.’

 Wow… Mai hasn’t come home.

 I’m really worried because I don’t know what’s happened with Makishima.

 While thinking about that, a figure of Makishima walking down the school hallway, humming a tune, came into view.

 ’Excuse me, are you the school infirmary teacher, Makishima Keigo-san?’


 The one who called out was Misuzu, who was supposed to be off duty.

 Kanae, who was with Misuzu, showed her police ID to Makishima.

 ’I’m Hanasaku Misuzu from the Metropolitan Police Department. Can we talk about Kashiwagi Mai?’

 ’Yes, that’s fine. By the way, is Kashiwagi-san okay?’

 Whoa, that’s messed up. Makishima’s face showed a sad and worried expression after hearing the explanation of the incident from Misuzu.

 ’Oh, really? Kashiwagi-san is missing…’

 ’Yeah, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. Makishima-san, I heard that you reported the bullying towards Kashiwagi-san to the school…’

 ’Yeah, but I’m just a substitute infirmary teacher, and the school won’t do anything without clear evidence… Also, I have no idea where Kashiwagi-san could be. I’m sorry, I can’t really help.’

 ’No worries, thank you for your cooperation. If you have any leads, please contact us.’

 Misuzu handed a note with a phone number to Makishima.

 Hey, Misuzu, notice that shady guy with a suspicious smile right in front of you! He’s the most suspicious one!


 ’What’s up, Kanae?’

 ’What’s up, you ask? If I had such a cool school infirmary teacher back in my student days, I would have gone to school every day even when I had a fever. Maybe I would have even forced myself to go to school when I wasn’t feeling well just to be taken care of in the school clinic. That’s nice…’

 ’You’re just impossible…’

 Misuzu is scratching her head.

 Yeah, I think I get it now. These two kind of remind me of someone, Morikawa-san and Kotono-san. Their conversation feels quite similar.

 The scene switches again, Ayaka and the cat were shown trapped in a room with no windows.

 ’What is the Stella Network researching? What research results do Stars want?’

 ’Hmm…a cat, huh? Are you able to transform into a cat? Or maybe you can control cats? Or perhaps you can possess a cat, or even switch personalities or minds with one another… That ability of yours is quite intriguing.’

 Ayaka was captivated by the cat in front of her, even though she was caught.

 Wow, Shiro-chan is such a good actor…! Well, the voice actor matching Shiro-chan is also really talented, but it seems like Shiro-chan is looking at her like it’s in big trouble. Could it be that a dark horse from the acting world has emerged?

 ”Hmm, hmm…”

 ”What’s wrong, Yukari?”

 ”Well, I feel like I’ve seen this cat somewhere before… Oh, I remember! It’s the cat that ate the salted mackerel from my lunchbox at the park!”

 Ah, ahaha… So, the cat in that article where Kohina Yukari fought with a cat at the park was Shiro-chan… I see, maybe that’s why Shiro-chan has such acting skills, because it’s a cat that can make actress Kohina Yukari serious. Let’s just say that.

 I feel bad for Kohina-senpai, but that cat at the time was Aqua’s cat, right? It’s now in Emily-san’s house… or is it in Kokucho Agewa-san’s care now? Let’s keep quiet about that. I swear to myself that I’ll pretend I don’t know anything to avoid getting involved.

 When the door of the room where Ayaka was captured opened, Shun, wearing a mask, entered.

 ’The data being researching on Stella Network was Kashiwagi Takaaki’s.’

 Shun shows Ayaka a copy of an old newspaper.

 There was an article about a house fire incident written there.

 ’Back then, when Kashiwagi Takaaki was in middle school, he must have awakened the ability to control fire due to some trigger. However, at that time, there was no such thing as special abilities, so it was treated as a normal accident during household chores. I heard that he was taken in by your distant relatives, your family. That’s right, your parents’ house. At that time, I don’t know how it happened, but you found out about Takaaki’s ability. Isn’t that right…?’

 ’…Yes, that’s right. At that time, I was a university student and I wanted to become a researcher in the future. That’s why I became interested.’

 ’No, that’s not it. You were stuck when you entered university. So, you tried to become a researcher by understanding Takaaki’s abilities.’

 Shun’s words pierce Ayaka.

 Even though she remained calm when she was attacked, anger seeps into Ayaka’s expression as if Shun hit the bullseye.

 ’But it can’t be helped! When I entered university, everyone around me was special, and I had nothing!! Takaaki was wounded in his heart, and I didn’t just treat Takaaki kindly in return. Isn’t that an exchange, right!!’

 Wow…. The r*pe scene earlier, and even Ayaka herself is a jerk.

 What was the conversation between the happy Takaaki and her just now, really….

 ’Hand over your access key quietly. We will store your data here before it is stolen by another country.’

 ’Impossible… The access key uses my brainwaves. The server won’t open unless I go. So take me with you. In exchange, you’ll have to guarantee me and my daughter’s safety and go to States. I’m asking for asylum. I don’t know who your backer is, but if you can do something like this, it’s possible, right?’

 Me and my daughter…. After all, was Takaaki just a research subject for Ayaka?

 Or maybe, in any case, it’s difficult to seek asylum for a man in another country, so maybe she was trying to protect herself and her daughter.

 At the very least, it seems like there is affection towards Mai, just trying to protect her own daughter.


 Shun nodded in agreement with Ayaka’s suggestion. The scene changed once again, and this time, I saw a woman dressed in a white coat, tied to a chair with a blindfold.

 Looking at the nameplate, it read “Shinozaki Emi.”

 Wasn’t she the next target that Misuzu and Kanae had found at Toda’s house?

 Someone quietly approached her. Ah…it was Makishima.

 ’Shinozaki Emi…if I remember correctly, your mom’s specialty is combining reproductive cells, right? I read a book written by your mom, and it was really interesting how she wrote about her research stepping into the realm of gods from a human perspective and ethical standpoint. I really love that kind of human thinking.’

 As Makishima whispered in Shinozaki’s ear, he gently touched her cheek and traced her contours with his fingertips.

 Actresses are truly amazing, aren’t they? If an ordinary girl were subjected to something like this by Aqua, there’s no doubt she would be overcome with emotions and wouldn’t be able to act.

 ’Unfortunately, your mom has passed away, but as her daughter, you should know about what Kashiwagi Ayaka, a researcher in the same field as your mom, was doing with her, right? Because when your mom was a professor at university, Kashiwagi Ayaka was her student, and even though it was outside her expertise, she must have consulted with your mom about what she was planning to do. That information should have been passed down to you as the daughter of her accomplice.’

 ’I… I don’t know!’

 Makishima smiled and shoved the towel that was on the desk into Shinozaki’s mouth.

 Then, he intertwined his fingers with Shinozaki like lovers…


 With a dull sound like bones breaking, Shinozaki screamed.

 Ugh, even though I know it’s a drama, it looks really painful.

 I averted my eyes from the screen, looking at the fingers bent on the other side.

 ’Does it hurt? In dramas and novels, they often interrogate like this, but I wonder if it really makes people spill their secrets. Well, isn’t this just another one of your usual experiments? Right?’

 ’Mmgh, mmggghh!’

 Shinozaki gasps in pain.

 ’Luckily, you still have nine fingers. Let me know if you feel like talking.’


 Once again, a dull sound echoes in the room.

 Makishima smiles and says, “That makes it eight fingers left.”

 ’I really don’t want to do this. You probably feel the same, right? Being forced to continue our parents’ research, while they escaped responsibility and went to the other side. That’s why you are in this situation now. It’s not your fault at all, right?’

 Ugggghhh. I shiver and hug myself.

 No, no, obviously, you breaking her fingers is the worst thing, isn’t it?

 Aqua saying it’s all her fault is just a joke, but in Makishima’s case, it’s really all Makishima’s fault! And you’re just making excuses and blaming others!

 Water droplets fall from Shinozaki’s crotch. Oh, does that mean… she wets myself?

 Seeing that, Makishima’s face lights up with delight and he removes the rolled-up towel from Shinozaki’s mouth.

 ’Mai, you can come in now.’


 When Makishima said that, Mai opened the door and entered the room.

 I see, maybe he didn’t want to be seen during that exchange, so she had to wait outside.

 ’Look, tell her the truth.’

 ’I… I’m not at fault! My mom did things on her own, and I was still just a child back then, and I… I…’

 Makishima gently rubs Shinozaki’s trembling back.

 ’She’s a victim just like you. Her life was ruined by her mother…right? So, as someone in the same position, you understand, right? Only you can set her free. It’s okay, if you talk, you will surely feel better. You don’t have to endure it anymore.’


 The sound fades away.

 When Shinozaki says something, Mai shows a disturbed expression.

 Haa, haa, haa…

 With Mai’s quickening breath, the screen goes black.

 Then, as the image switches, a pure white building is projected.

 Ah, it’s the Hoge Wave Institute! It says Stella Network, but it’s definitely the Hoge Wave Institute.

 [Authentication… Kashiwagi Ayaka. Permission granted for passage]

 Shun and Ayaka, who sneaked into the headquarters of Stella Network, head straight to the room with the main computer.

 On their way, they encounter Toda, who was standing in the middle of the collapsed security guards.

 ’I’ve been waiting. Ayaka-sensei.’


 Shun steps forward in front of Ayaka and launches an attack on Toda with a swift and decisive move.

 Maybe even the action scenes here are done by stunt performers.

 It’s easy for Lightning Hopper, a character with not much movement, but only Aqua can do these moves among the guys. Neither I nor Kohina-senpai can do it. Maybe Kuga Reira-san or Kobayakawa-san, or even Nico-san, could pull it off.

 Toda calmly evades Shun’s attack and counterattacks using a special ability, just like he did at the hospital.

 As the scene switches, the police officers who had gathered around the headquarters of Stella Network are shown. Well, it’s normal for the security system to kick in.

 Misuzu and Kanae can also be seen there.

 ’Listen up. Don’t go in. The priority is to release the hostages.’

 One of the officers was holding a tablet that showed Shinozaki, who was tied up, being livestreamed.

 It seems that Makishima is using the hostages to prevent anyone from entering the building.

 Then, the scene switched, and the backs of three women watching from a distance were shown.

 Hmm, I wonder who they are. It’s too far and I can’t really tell.


 Shun’s body was in tatters from Toda’s blade.

 At first glance, it looks like Shun is in a worse situation.

 Come to think of it, Shun hasn’t been using any special abilities since earlier. Maybe he doesn’t have any special abilities at all?

 Shun evaded Toda’s attack like he was rolling and then jumped up, grabbing onto the ceiling pipes. He tried to strangle Toda with both feet and bring him down.

 Wow! He turned the tables in an instant. Shun’s action scene doesn’t have any abilities or anything, but his movements are smooth and the camera work is cool, like in movies.


 Tsuwabuki-san looks like he’s in pain.

 I wonder why he ever got involved in this dangerous situation. It’s such a waste.

 I thought that if Aqua hadn’t shown up, Tsuwabuki-san wouldn’t have awakened.


 Just before Tsuwabuki-san collapses, something happens.

 There’s a big explosion and a loud fire alarm goes off.

 ’What’s happening? What’s going on…!?’

 Shun hears a communication through his earpiece.

 ’We’ve detected a huge heat source at the center of the Stella Network. Someone has exploded the main computer.’

 As everyone wonders who could have done it, Mai appears from the direction of the hallway where the explosion sound came from.

 Her eyes are empty, and her expression is devoid of emotion.


 Ayaka tries to run towards Mai when she sees her.

 But halfway there, she notices something strange about Mai and stops in her tracks.

 ’Mai, I heard you might have been involved in an incident, and mom has been really worried. But don’t worry, mom will be with you from now on. Okay? How about we go to the States together and start over from scratch?’

 ’…Shut up.’

 Ayaka flinched at Mai’s cold voice.

 ’Don’t act like a mother when you’re not even my mother!’


 ’So annoying, so annoying, so annoying! It’s because there are adults like you…!!’

 Mai’s emotions exploded, and along with it, a strong blast of wind erupted from around her.

 The flames reached not only Toda and Shun, but also Ayaka.


 It was just a moment. Mai, who had become mentally unstable, instantly burned Ayaka to ashes with her uncontrollable power. Mai’s abilities spiraled out of control even more when she realized she had killed her own mother.

 ’That place is dangerous! I’ll send you a new escape point!’

 Ah, it was Hisano’s voice. Shun confirmed Toda’s death and ran towards the escape point that had been sent.

 Outside, the police were in a panic but desperately trying to evacuate the people around them.

 And then, the scene transitioned into someone’s flashback.

 Standing in front of them was Makishima Keigo.

 ’Kashiwagi Mai is not the child of Kashiwagi Takaaki and Kashiwagi Ayaka, nor is she the child of Toda Jirou and Kashiwagi Ayaka. Yes… Kashiwagi Ayaka has done something forbidden.’

 Makishima slowly flips through the book with “Shinozaki” written by the author.

 In that moment, I understood the answer.

 ’If it’s possible for females to mate with each other, could it be possible for only male reproductive cells to mate? The answer is yes. So, what would happen if the genes of a male with abilities were combined with the genes of another male with abilities? I think every researcher must have thought about it at least once. Yes, that means the data from the research facility is just a fake for her. As a researcher, you always want to be with the subject of your observation. After all, it’s only natural for a parent to be by their child’s side, right?’

 Haha… When Aqua speaks in a calm way, it sends shivers down my spine.

 This isn’t an ordinary conversation. I don’t think anyone imagined Aqua’s villainous character to be like this.

 At least, except for Yukari-senpai who is sitting next to me…

 ’The human desire for knowledge can be terrifying at times. But if you want to unravel the truth of the gods, you have to break the rules and step into forbidden territory.’

 Aqua is the cool hero.

 He is kind to everyone.

 But here, the gentle and strong hero Shirogane Aqua is nowhere to be found.

 ’I’m the same way.’

 At first glance, he seems like a gentle young man.

 But without a doubt, he keeps a monster inside his heart.

 The voice that makes my spine tremble, that soft yet scary tone, makes my heart ache.

 ’I… I just want to know. I want to know the inner thoughts of the people in this crazy world.’

 Makishima approached the person he was talking to after closing the book and putting it back on the shelf.

 ’Hmm? Why did I leave the documents at Toda’s house at that time? There was no need to use the Stars organization to manipulate Toda in the first place? And I could have handled things in a less risky and more reliable way, so why did I do something so risky and wasteful? It’s because… it’s thrilling. Life would be flat and boring without thrills, you know. Whether it’s a drama, a novel, a movie, or a manga, interesting works entertain readers with drama. Every time I read a book, I used to immerse myself in the main character. I want to live a thrilling and dramatic life like them. Manipulating the story from behind as the mastermind and watching from above, what’s so interesting about that? I just want to role-play as a character in the story.’

 Makishima smiled at the person he was talking to and left the room alone.

 The only thing left in the room was Shinozaki’s charred body.

 Huh? Wait, does that mean he was talking to a corpse the whole time?

 Oh, wait, does that mean the live broadcast earlier was just continuously playing recorded footage?

 Ugh, I can’t believe anything in this story anymore.

 ’Be careful and step back behind the safety line!’

 ’Hurry, get away from here!’

 The scene changes, and I see Shun outside the safety line.

 It looks like he escaped from a building. Shun takes off his outer garment and mask, trying to blend into the crowd.

 Then, he accidentally bumps into someone.

 ’Excuse me.’

 ’No, I’m sorry.’

 Looking at Shun and Makishima apologizing with forced smiles, I felt a shiver run down my spine.

 Wow, Shun… that person in front of you is the worst! I wish I could tell him.

 At that moment, another big explosion happened inside the building.

 The screen goes black along with blaring sirens.

 ’Toda Jirou and Kashiwagi Ayaka have both died. Kashiwagi Mai is missing with an unknown condition.’

 Shun listens silently to the report from Hisano inside the limousine.

 ’Um, it seems like we’re okay with the research data not going to other countries. So, even though it feels bad, we’ve achieved the minimum goal, so there won’t be any blame. That’s why you should also switch your focus.’

 Saying that, Hisano stepped out of the limousine and disappeared into the darkness while smoking another cigarette.

 As the morning came, the scene of the incident was shown, accompanied by the ending song and credits.


 Kuroki Shun: Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Curly: Hermie Stars Goshenite

 Nyan Nyan: Shirogane Shiro/ Voice: YukishiroEmily

 Takami Hisano: Mutsumiya Seijuu

 Hanasaku Misuzu: Awashima Chigiri

 Kobayashi Kanae: Miyata Rika

 ? ? ? ? : Safiria Kingsley

 ? ? ? ? : Anastasia Eckhart

 Toda Jirou: Tsuwabuki Hiromasa

 Kashiwagi Takaaki: Kamonohashi Kazushi

 Kashiwagi Ayaka: Ito Sanae

 Kashiwagi Maiko: Natsuki Sana

 Shinozaki Emi: Uchiyama Mana

 Special Appearance

 Makishima Keigo: Shirogane Aqua

 ? ? ? ?: Yukishiro Mikuni

 Voice Actor

 Nyan Nyan: Yukishiro Emily

 Young Toda Jirou: Nekoyama Toa


 Kuroki Shun: Tenga Akira

 Original Story & Composition

 Shimizu Kisuka

 Episode 1 Script

 Yakumo Itsuki

 Direction/Only for Makishima Keigo

 Tsukasa Kei

 Episode 1 Director

 Hongou Hiroko

 General Director

 Motomura Gensai

 Huh? Wait a minute, did Mikuni-sama appear?

 Oh, maybe one of the three people I saw from behind at that time?

 And Tenga-san is doing stunts for Shun… Wow, that’s really amazing.

 I thought it looked like Nico-san, but come to think of it, didn’t he say he’s studying action?

 And the voice actor for Shiro is really good, it turns out to be Emily-san… Both Aqua and Emily-san are really talented, aren’t they?

 And on top of that, it’s surprising that Tsukasa-sensei is directing, but what does it mean that it’s only for Makishima Keigo? From what I see on social media, it seems like Tsukasa-sensei is only responsible for Makishima’s lines and stuff. Wow, I didn’t know that kind of thing happens.

 There are so many moments to comment on just from the ED credits, I can’t keep up. It was also surprising to see Toa-chan playing the role of being attacked.

 Before we knew it, Yukari-senpai, Ako-san, and the three of us were just silently staring at the screen.

 When the ED ended, the lower half of a man in a suit was shown.

 Oh, I have a really bad feeling about this.

 The man sat down on the sofa and smiled softly at the woman in front of him who was looking down.

 ’Hello, I’m lawyer Makishima Keigo. Don’t worry… you’re not alone anymore. I’m here for you, always on your side.’

 With a chilling smile from Makishima, the show ended…

 During the commercial break, Yukari-senpai suddenly stood up.

 ”Hey, Akocchi… Have you heard about the new actor award for the drama department starting this year? It might be separate from the best actor and actress awards, like in the movie department.”

 ”Huh? Um, yeah.”

 ”Sorry, but I’m going to be in some drama as a supporting actor this year. I just feel like competing with this one here to see who’s better at this point.”

 Yukari-senpai directed a sharp gaze at Ako-san, something she didn’t usually show.

 For the first time, I realized that Yukari-senpai acknowledged Aqua as an equal actor.

 I can’t afford to lose…

 I need to do my best too. I refreshed my determination. I won’t be left behind by Yukari-senpai, Aqua, or the other actors working hard around Aqua. I’ll do my best.

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