Male Idol V13c32

Volume 13 Chapter 32 Shirogane Kaede, The One Who’s Late For The Wedding

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On the day of the wedding, I was rushing to the wedding venue while holding a slice of bread in my mouth.

 ”Late, late!”

 When I woke up in the morning, for some reason, my alarm clock was all over the place next to my pillow.

 What happened while I was asleep?

 The door was locked, the window glass wasn’t broken, and there were no signs of anyone breaking in.

 Could it be a ghost? Otherwise, there’s no explanation for the alarm clock being smashed into pieces.


 I rubbed my red right hand.

 For some reason, my right hand hurt when I woke up in the morning.

 Maybe I unconsciously punched the ghost that came to prank me while I was sleeping, thinking it was a perfect deduction. Yes, I praised myself as a great detective in my mind.

 ”Huff, huff… I made it…”

 Thanks to Aqua-kun reserving the wedding venue close to my home just in case I was late, I managed to make it in time.

 Hey, wait a minute? Even though the participants should already be here by now, when I look around, I can’t see anyone…

 Did I, by any chance, end up at the wrong venue!?

 As I tremble nervously, a familiar face approaches me.

 ”Hey, it’s Kaede-paisen. What’s up?”


 Oh wow! You show up at the perfect timing!!

 Feeling a bit lost, I hug Emily.

 ”Oh no, I might have gone to the wrong place!”

 ”No, we’re in the right place here.”

 Huh? Really? You weren’t wandering around lost like me?

 I follow Emily’s gaze towards the sign she is pointing at.

 [Shirogane Aqua-sama and Morikawa Kaede-sama’s wedding venue is here. Even regular guests can enjoy the same meal in a separate room while watching the ceremony on screens. We have prepared lovely gifts for everyone staying here today, so please join in if you can. Regarding gifts, both of us have decided that donations will be made through the Shirogane Foundation to support children and those suffering from illness or injury. There is no fee to attend.]

 Oh, it’s really written here.

 So… does that mean everyone canceled because it’s my wedding?

 They don’t care about Morikawa’s wedding at all? Sniffle, can I cry?

 ”By the way, the reason no one is here is that they haven’t arrived yet. After all, there’s still an hour until the meeting time.”


 Huh? What do you mean?

 Oh no, did my watch break!?

 Lately, there have been some strange things happening, like Saba-chan going down because of something like a Hogewave. What is going on?

 ”Oh, speaking of which, Kaede-senpai will definitely be late for the real thing, so Announcer Onidzuka said to tell you to come two hours early.”

 I don’t know if I should be happy or sad now that Onidzuka-paisen trusted me to be late.

 But let’s take it positively that Onidzuka-paisen trusted me.

 In Power Teach, deep thinking is prohibited, and Aqua-kun also told Mayuzumi-kun to believe in himself, so I’ll think of it as something similar!

 ”Now, about me… why is Emily here so early?”

 ”Before Kaede-paisen’s wedding starts, I was thinking about doing part-time work for setting up the wedding and such…”

 You must be kidding.

 Huh? If you don’t have that much money, you should have told me. How stingy…

 Of course, I can’t just throw away 700 million yen like that, but I can give about 70,000 yen as a donation.

 After all, it’s Emily we’re talking about, right? I’m sure she didn’t use it for gambling or anything, but for someone else, right? I understand! I actually admire that part of you. I won’t say it again until the day I die because you’ll get too cocky!

 I reach for the wallet in my bag.

 Seeing that, Emily looks really apologetic.

 ”No, I’m sorry. It was just a joke. Since I work part-time so much usually, I thought I could joke about this… Was it bad?”

 ”I was genuinely worried…”

 Phew… I put back the wallet I was about to take out and feel relieved.

 ”Ah… Sorry. I really am sorry.”

 ”Oh, um, yeah. If you’re not in trouble, then it’s okay.”

 What’s up with this awkward atmosphere?

 Oh, don’t look so sorry!

 ”So, why did you come so early, really?”

 ”I thought if Kaede-paisen came early, it might cause trouble, so I came first.”

 It seems like Nee-san and Kanon were going to come too, but Emily stopped them because they’re pregnant.

 I’m touched by the bond of the Verification Team.

 ”Kaede-paisen, since we’re here, let’s tell the hotel staff that we came early. Anyway, the bride was told to come early if she can, right?”

 ”Oh, yeah. I think the hotel staff mentioned something like that.”

 Honestly, during the wedding planning, I was so happy and excited that I don’t remember what we talked about at all.

 I remember staring at Aqua-kun’s face next to me, but when I try to think back, I can’t remember anything else. Huh?

 I followed Emily into the hotel.

 ”Um, today, this is Morikawa Kaede who is getting married and I’m her companion, Yukishiro Emily.”

 ”Oh, I have heard about it. Please come this way!”

 The hotel staff came out and guided us to the waiting room.

 Oh, finally I started to feel the reality that I was getting married today.

 ”Thank you. And sorry for coming earlier than planned.”

 ”I’m sorry!”

 I bowed my head slightly following Emily.

 ”No, no, it’s better for us that you came early. Please.”

 We were guided to the waiting room and ended up receiving a professional esthetician treatment in the adjacent room.

 It seems that out of kindness, the hotel staff will also help with Emily’s preparation.

 ”Oh, it’s that lady from before!”

 ”Hi, long time no see.”

 Huh? Is she Emily’s friend?

 Oh yeah, she’s the one from the spa Emily had booked when her prom date got canceled.

 Wow, she’s good at lip reading. Oh yeah, there was someone good at lip reading on the bulletin board too.

 We talk about Aqua-kun.


 We both shine.

 Pros are really amazing.

 We drink the beauty drink provided by the hotel staff.

 ”I’m Kusatsu Ikaho, the hair and makeup artist for today. Nice to meet you.”

 ”Nice to meet you too. Wait, huh? It’s that lady from before again!?”

 Huh? She’s Emily’s acquaintance again?

 Oh, did we meet for the same reason as before? Huh.

 We chat with Kusatsu-san too.

 ”I, unfortunately, missed that scene because I was in the bath at that time…”

 Haha, speaking of which, I’ve been missing Bath-neki on the bulletin board due to bad timing.

 Huh? Could it be the same person? Nah, that’s impossible.

 ”I brought the costumes.”

 ”Oh, yes.”

 It seems that the wedding dress Aqua-kun and I chose together has arrived from Fuji Department Store.

 The lady who handled it brought the wedding dress in front of me.

 ”Oh, that time…”


 Emily… I thought, but come to think of it, Aqua-kun mentioned it too.

 After getting my hair and makeup done, I gaze at the wedding dress we chose together with a dreamy look.

 Hehe, I was debating whether to wear the same white as Kanon and the others or my favorite yellow, but Aqua-kun said I should wear both.

 I really want to wear it soon, but I have to be patient until the last minute so it doesn’t get dirty…

 Suddenly finding myself with some free time, I help Emily choose her outfit from the sidelines.

 ”How about this one?”

 ”Okay, I’ll wear the one Kaede-paisen chose for me.”

 As I watch Emily change, I hear multiple footsteps approaching from the corridor.

 ”Oh, both of you are here. Good morning.”

 ”Emily-san, you should have let us know if you were coming.”

 ”Morikawa-san, you look beautiful!”

 ”Wow, it’s a wedding dress.”

 Kanon, Nee-san, Yui-san, and Hakuryuu-sensei arrive.

 We chat happily while waiting for Aqua-kun to arrive.

 Yui-san and Hakuryuu-sensei leave to handle reception duties.

 Thank you for today, both of you.

 As if on cue, we hear footsteps again.

 ”Morikawa! Congratulationsss!”


 I hugged Onidzuka-paisen.

 Hey, Paisen. You just got all dolled up, and now you’re crying? Your makeup will smudge!

 But seriously, crying already? Onidzuka-paisen is like Nee-san, scary to others but surprisingly sensitive. Even when we went to see a movie together on a holiday, she cried during kids’ anime.

 Actually, she likes magical girl shows on Sunday mornings. I was surprised when I saw costumes in her closet when I visited her house. Does she wear them alone? Oh, speaking of which, there were magical girl costumes in Nee-san’s closet too… Oh no, I forgot Nee-san gave me a serious sanpaku glare and told me to erase that memory.

 I tried to lighten the mood by joking, “Even demons cry sometimes,” but got scolded for wanting to be scolded even at a time like this. It’s confusing!

 ”Morikawa is getting married… I’m happy for you, but also a little sad. Someday, you’ll become a mom too, and then you won’t be scolded by me anymore.”

 I gaze at Onidzuka-paisen’s profile with a distant look.

 I’ve caused her a lot of trouble.

 From her perspective,

 ”In that case, why don’t you become Aqua’s wife, Paisen?”

 ”Huh!? M-me, an older single woman like me, that’s impossible!”

 I point silently to Nee-san.

 If you go to the reception desk, there’s Hakuryuu-sensei, and there’s also Kokucho Agewa-san, who’s rumored to be a mistress among the wives.


 Emily and I exchange glances and attack the blushing Onidzuka-paisen from both sides.

 ”Big sister, with those assets, Aqua-sama doesn’t stand a chance.”

 ”Onidzuka-paisen, just show him some kindness as an older person, and he’ll acting all spoiled and rolling around on his own.”

 As we continue teasing her, Onidzuka-paisen’s face turns even redder.

 Could this mean that our relationship with Onidzuka-paisen is finally turning around after getting married?

 Kanon and Nee-san step in to stop us from getting too carried away.

 ”Both of you, stop. It’s getting too much.”

 “I feel sorry for anything more than that.”

 Nee-san comforts the overwhelmed Onidzuka-paisen.

 Sorry, sorry. It’s not often that we get to see Onidzuka-paisen blush, so we got carried away.

 Emily and I apologize to Onidzuka-paisen.

 ”Morikawa-san, it’s about time.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 With the help of the staff at Fuji Department Store, I change into a white wedding dress.

 I had a hard time deciding which one to choose first, but I had to choose white first. I’ve always admired it ever since I saw Kanon wearing it.

 ”Well then, we’ll handle the outdoor reception.”

 ”Yeah, thanks, Kanon.”

 ”Kaede-san, please stay here.”

 ”Yeah, Nee-san, got it.”

 ”Kaede-paisen, just stay quietly seated.”

 ”I know even without Emily telling me.”

 ”I have a rehearsal for hosting, so I’ll go now.”

 ”Onidzuka-paisen, thank you for taking on the hosting today.”

 After seeing off Kanon, Nee-san, Emily, and Onidzuka-paisen, I was left alone in the dressing room.

 Then I heard footsteps approaching.

 Was it Aqua-kun? I thought so, but it turned out to be different people.

 ”Oh, you look so pretty”

 ”Uh, uh, Morikawa-san, you look good”

 ”That dress suits you well”

 ”I’m looking forward to the other one.”

 I’m blessed by Granny Mary and Prime Minister Habu’s group.

 Hehehe. Thanks, everyone!

 ”Kaede-chan, you look amazing!”

 ”Kaede-san, you look really beautiful.”

 ”Hehe, I’m relieved we arrived safely.”

 Next, I’m blessed by everyone from the Shirogane family.

 Lapis-chan… Can you call me big sister (onee-san) too?

 After that, Director Hongou and everyone from BERYL come by casually.


 Huh? The wedding hasn’t even started yet, but I already feel satisfied.

 Feeling a bit tired, I sit back and hear footsteps coming from the aisle.

 Is it Aqua-kun this time? I want to be seen as a beautiful big sister by Aqua-kun, so I straighten my back.


 I sigh with relief as I see the person who opens the door.


 ”Sorry. I hardly ever come around here, so I got lost. There were so many people outside.”

 When I saw my Mom’s face after a long time, I suddenly felt nostalgic and sentimental.

 Over the past year, especially since Aqua-kun started to be really active, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to go home much.

 We exchanged messages and calls a few times, but seeing each other like this makes me sentimental.

 ”I never thought Kaede would get married. And to think it’s with Aqua-kun, I honestly never expected that.”

 ”Haha, me neither.”

 Since Mom and I don’t usually meet, our conversation blossomed.

 We talked about work, friends, old stories, trivial gossip, and Aqua-kun.

 ”Still, Emily-chan and Kanon-chan are as beautiful as ever. Just looking at them is a feast for the eyes. For a moment, I thought they were the stars of today.”

 ”Haha, that’s true…”

 Mom looked at me and gently leaned in.

 ”But today, at least for today, my daughter didn’t lose.”

 ”Thank you, Mom.”

 It felt like it had been a long time since I had properly thanked my mom like this, maybe since I got a job.

 I felt a bit like I had returned home for a moment.

 ”By the way, Aqua-kun in person is really cool…”

 Mom said dreamily.

 Wait, had Mom met Aqua-kun before?

 ”If it’s Aqua-kun, he came alone and said sorry for being late. He made time even though he’s busy.”

 ”Wait a minute, I didn’t know that…”

 Mom continued. I was starting to feel left out.

 ”Someone tried to just handle things over the phone because you’re busy.”

 ”I’m sorry.”

 Aqua-kun had offered to go with both of us, but our schedules didn’t align, mostly because of me.

 But even so, Aqua-kun went to report by himself. My heart swelled with a warm feeling.

 ”It’s time.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 I headed towards the entrance of the venue with my mom.

 Huh? Wait, where is Aqua-kun…?

 My face suddenly turned pale.

 N-n-n-no way, did Aqua-kun oversleep instead of me!?

 No, Kanon and the others are already here, so that can’t be it.

 Come to think of it, when I asked everyone about Aqua-kun, they all seemed to have a mischievous smile.

 That is definitely the face of someone hiding something.

 I felt something approaching and turned my gaze in that direction.

 ”Sorry. When I went to get Kaede at the waiting room, I heard that she had already gone…”

 Oh, Aqua-kun, Aqua-kun!

 Aqua-kun in a tuxedo looked handsome and made me flustered.

 I finally understood why Kanon was staring so intently at Aqua-kun during the wedding ceremony without even blinking.

 Wow, so everyone was smiling when they saw this. I get it now.

 ”Kaede, you look really beautiful. I’m glad I chose the white one.”

 ”Aqua-kun, thank you.”

 ”No, I should be the one thanking you. Thank you for wearing both of them for my selfish request. I feel really happy to see both versions of Kaede.”

 Ah, I love you. I love everything about you.

 I feel like men in the world will never be able to say these kinds of lines, even if the male-female ratio was normal forever.

 ”Thank you for coming today, dear mother-in-law.”

 ”No, thank you for making my precious daughter, Kaede, happy.”

 Ah, I love the way he’s kind to my mom too.

 What should I do? My feelings of love are overflowing even though I’m already here.

 ”By the way, there’s someone I want to introduce to you two today.”

 What could it be? Mom and I exchange glances.

 Aqua-kun turns around and calls out to me to come over.

 ”Hello, nice to meet you…so yeah”

 He’s so tall! His bald head is cool! That beard though!

 I was really surprised by this man whom I’ve never seen before.



 My mom seemed flustered when she saw his face.

 Wait, is he someone my mom knows?

 ”My name is Utsumi Hayato. Do you remember Morikawa Momiji?”


 Oh, so he is an acquaintance of my mom.

 I turned my gaze towards Utsumi-san again.

 I noticed his cat-patterned tie and the pocket square with Shiro-kun and Tama-chan on it…even though he looked intimidating, his accessories were cute and I thought they were cool.

 ”Kaede…this is, well, the person who provided the sp*rm for you, your father.”


 Oops, I was so surprised that my jaw almost dropped. That was close! I was about to make a really shocked hoge face and end up having to attend a wedding.

 ”I only saw a photo from the matching service, so this is our first time meeting in person… That’s why I’m really surprised right now.”

 Oh, I see. That’s understandable.

 We all turned to Aqua-kun, who seems to know everything.

 ”I actually know Utsumi-san. I had a feeling when we were talking.”

 ”I had forgotten too, so I had the officer check the data from back then. I was hesitant because I only donated sp*rm, but Aqua-san said it’s a rare opportunity, so come on over…”

 Oh, I see.

 Mom had tears in her eyes from the unexpected surprise.

 Right, that makes sense. In Mom’s generation, this is normal.

 Sure, some people get married and live happily ever after, but for over 90% of people, that’s not the case.

 It seems like Aqua-kun coming into the picture has changed things a lot, but for Mom’s generation and older, they’ve gone through tough times for much longer, so I think they’ve faced struggles I can’t even imagine.

 ”Thank you. Aqua-kun, really, thank you.”

 Aqua-kun puts his hand on Mom’s back as she cries and pats her back gently.

 Oh, I like how kind he is to people around him.

 ”Morikawa Momiji-san, I think raising a child alone must have been tough, but I’m grateful for how you’ve raised her. And to Morikawa Kaede-san, even though I haven’t raised a child myself, congratulations on your marriage.”

 ”Thank you.”

 Oh, so this person is my dad, huh?

 It’s like, maybe it’s because I’m feeling too happy and light at the wedding right now, but I don’t really feel it, but I think I’m really happy to meet my dad for the first time since I was born.

 My mom, me, and Utsumi-san exchange contact information.

 Next time, when things have settled down, we talked about the four of us, no, including Aqua-kun, going out to eat together.

 ”Well then, shall we go?”


 I gaze at Aqua-kun’s face next to me in front of the entrance to the venue.

 ”Aqua-kun, thank you… and I love you. I really do!”

 ”Oh, I love you too, Kaede. Thank you for marrying someone like me.”

 Oh no, what should I do. It’s not time for a kiss yet, but I really want to kiss.

 Oh well, I’ll just kiss already!

 I go up on my tiptoes and give Aqua-kun a surprise kiss.

 At that moment, the doors of the venue opened.

 ”And now, the entrance of the bride and groom, huhhhhh!!!!”

 Everyone in the venue is surprised as Onizuka-paisen’s voice howls.

 ”Kyoko-san, please pull yourself together!”

 Nee-san quickly approaches Onizuka-paisen.

 ”As expected of Kaede-senpai! Is this not a wedding but a public s*x scene!? I’m so thrilled and envious!”

 Emily’s eyes sparkle as she enjoys herself.

 ”Yeah, I totally get what Kaede-senpai is doing. I did the same during the dress change.”

 Kanon remembers the kiss and softly brushes her lips with her fingers.


 I apologize to Aqua-kun for breaking the kiss.

 Aqua-kun then grabs my hands and pulls me towards him.

 ”I’m the one who should be sorry.”

 Saying that, Aqua-kun forcefully kisses me, causing the audience to cheer loudly.

 And thus, our wedding ceremony began.

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