Male Idol V13c33

Volume 13 Chapter 33 Shirogane Aqua, Custom Of The Nightmare Generation

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The wedding reception is coming to an end after all the fun and decorating.

 I look over at Kaede, who is sitting next to me.

 ”This food is delicious!”

 Kaede happily chews on the meal that was served.

 The menu for the wedding reception was decided by me along with the hotel chefs, and it includes a lot of dishes that Kaede loves.

 I’m happy to see her enjoying it.

 ”Kaede, is it delicious?”

 ”Yeah, really delicious!”

 Seeing Kaede’s smile makes me feel happy.

 ”Uh oh?”

 As I savor my happiness, I catch a glimpse of Kohina-senpai holding a microphone at the corner of my vision.

 Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this.

 Kohina-senpai steps onto the stage and, once she sees that everyone’s attention is on her, she points at Kaede.

 ”Morikawa Kaede, no, Shirogane Kaede, you can’t leisurely eat your meal any longer!!”

 My bad feeling came true.

 Recovering the 0.01-second flag, if it wasn’t me, I might have missed it.

 ”Cough, cough…”

 ”Kaede, are you okay?”

 I rubbed Kaede’s back as she choked.

 See, take it slower. Are you feeling better?

 ”Among us five who were called the Nightmare Generation, the first one to get married, we four are challenging you!”

 Kato Iria-san, holding Inko-san’s life-size signboard, the leader of eau de Cologne where Ayana belongs, Jou Maron-san, takes the stage.

 Wait, did Inko-san who was here until a while ago, go to the waiting room? Maybe she’s participating in this?

 When the three people plus the signboard go up on stage, words appear on the large monitor behind them.

 [General Knowledge Test, Nightmare Generation Custom at a Wedding]

 What’s that?

 What even is the Nightmare Generation? Huh? Is my Kaede categorized in such a weird… interesting group?

 Hmm, I understand Kohina-senpai, but the other four are definitely not nightmares. In fact, I wish they would appear in my dreams and do naughty things. But I absolutely refuse if Kohina-senpai appears in my dream, as nothing good ever happens when she does.

 ”Hey, aren’t you being accused of lying about your academic background? What’s this ‘Horaccho (ホラッチョ) Morikawa’ all about? I don’t get it.”

 ”I have no idea either. What is ‘Horaccho’!?”

 What!? Kaede lied about her academic background!?

 No way, Kanon and Emily are both Mary, so that’s unlikely….

 Huh? Even if it’s proven that she is enrolled, she’s still being doubted!? Does that actually happen!?

 ”So, the four of us came up with this plan to show the world that you really graduated from Mary! Be grateful, okay?!”

 ”Oh, um…thank you.”

 Kaede! You’re totally being fooled.

 Kohina-senpai is just doing it for fun, so there’s no need to thank her!

 ”But I felt bad leaving you all alone, so I called for backup!”

 Back-up…? Is she talking about me?

 Kohina-senpai is really something. I guess she wants me and Kaede to bond through this.

 I straighten my tie and put on a determined face.

 ”The back-up team consists of these three!”

 With Kohina-senpai’s cue, Kanon, Kotono, and… huh? Instead of Emily, a Nasny costume appears on stage.

 I was about to stand up, but I sit back down slowly, feeling embarrassed.

 Hey cameraman, you don’t need to film me!!

 ”Shirogane Kanon, Kirika Kotono, and your favorites from RamenHagetoru, the three of them!”

 The audience reacts loudly to Kohina-senpai’s words.

 RamenHagetoru, RamenHagetoru…Ah! RamenHagetoru, who I played with on Last Survivor.

 I see, she often come to my comment section, and she was friends with Kaede.

 ”Kaede-senpai, let’s do our best together!”

 ”Uh, with my academic abilities, I may not be much help, but I’ll do my best!”

 [Don’t worry. I made sure to have some ‘wise time’ in the bathroom for this event.]


 Kaede embraces the three of them.

 Nasny seems unable to speak, so she participates in the conversation using a flipbook.

 When I saw the words ‘wise time,’ for a moment I thought it meant the same thing I knew, but obviously that’s not the case. Yeah.

 ”So, from now on…”

 ”Wait a minute!”


 Announcer Onidzuka, with a slightly red face, goes up on stage.

 Could she be drunk?

 ”That’s it, I will represent the national broadcaster too!! Just so you know, I’m serious about this! I will definitely not lose!!”

 With the entrance of Announcer Onidzuka, the venue becomes even more lively.

 ”It sounds interesting. I think I will help too.”

 ”Sensei, what a coincidence. I will lend a hand here for my friend’s educational background falsification suspicions.”


 Grandmother Mary and Prime Minister Habu stand up.

 Japan and Stars’ leaders coming together, isn’t Announcer Onidzuka’s team too strong?

 Also, both of them are blushing even more than Announcer Onidzuka, are they okay?


 Ah, Ai, who was leisurely eating, is grabbed by both arms by the other two and taken away.

 I’ve noticed recently that Ai tends to get involved in things quite easily. It always feels like she’s getting tangled up with someone.

 ”Hey, your team is committing too many fouls! You should have a Hoge role like our team! Like Inko or Kaede!”

 ”Wait a minute! Why do we need a Hoge role?”

 The venue was filled with laughter.

 By the way, what is a Hoge role?

 ”Well, if you’re going to say that, we have not only Hoge role but also Pon role on our side. There are only two normal ones, Nee-san and me!”

 [You’re a Hoge too, double Hoge Hoge]

 Kaede, who was pinned to the signboard by Nasny, held her head.

 Are you okay? Oh, it’s made of styrofoam, so it’s okay? Understood.

 Alright! It looks interesting, so maybe I’ll join too.

 ”If that’s the case, I’m in too!!”

 A loud cheer erupted as I stood up.

 Of course, the members I would do it with were already decided.

 ”Shintaro! Toa! Tenga-senpai! Lend me your strength!!”

 As I called out the names of the three, a loud cheer and applause erupted.

 ”Let’s make Kohina-senpai gasp here once!”

 ”Huh!? Why me?”

 As Kaede’s husband, I definitely want to show my cool side.

 That’s just for show, but the truth is, this is a rare chance to beat Kohina-senpai!

 After all, we have Otomezaki’s three people, including Tenga-senpai from that prestigious Akamon University!

 Moreover, we are all current students, so there’s no way we can lose!!

 ”Oh, by the way, I don’t think we have a Hoge position on our team, is that okay?”

 ”Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror?”

 I look in the mirror every day, so what’s wrong with that?

 When I tilt my head, Toa, next to me bursts out laughing.

 Seeing that, my father-in-law bent over as if in agony. What’s wrong?

 ”Um, well then, I’ll just do the hosting, but since Announcer Onidzuka has come over here, Ayana-chan, can you do it?”

 ”Huh? Me?”

 Ayana was surprised but went up on stage when Kohina-senpai called her.

 She was able to adapt so quickly. It must be because they live together normally.

 ”Only Ayana-chan can handle hosting with this group. Please do it.”

 ”Y-yes. I’ll do my best.”

 Ayana was handed paper and a microphone by Kohina-senpai, and she quickly switched to work mode.

 Her attitude really makes her seem like a true professional.

 ”Well, we will now have each team answer one question about general social issues, for a total of four questions. Please choose a representative from each team to answer the first question.”

 Kohina-senpai is the leader of the Nightmare Generation team, Kaede is the representative of the Bride’s Friends team, Onidzuka-senpai is the representative of the Gatecrashers team, and I am the representative of the BERYL team.

 First, Kohina-senpai will choose a representative.

 ”The correct answer is to earn points steadily from the beginning. Our lead batter, Maron, is the most sensible one after me!”

 Next to Kohina-senpai?

 I tilt my head. Am I the only one who thinks Kohina-senpai is suspicious among those four?

 ”Then, Kanon will lead the new bride team!! Show us your high school student power!!”

 Go for it, Kanon!

 I want to cheer for you right away, but I’m the leader of the opposing team.

 I grit my teeth and endure it.

 ”If Kanon is going, then I’ll go too!! I won’t lose to these young kids!”

 Pushing aside the announcer Onidzuka, Grandmother Mary steps forward.

 The attendees are thrilled by this.

 ”Well, then I’ll start steadily.”

 I look towards the other three and signal with my eyes, ‘You got this, right?’

 Seeing that, Tenga-senpai steps forward and says, “Let me handle this.”

 ”Shintaro, you got this, right?”


 Tenga-senpai, who thought he was being called, stumbles.

 ”Hey, junior, what about me?”

 ”Tenga-senpai, you’re our secret weapon, so just stay put.”

 With sparkling eyes at the mention of “secret weapon,” Tenga-senpai happily goes back behind.

 The four called names sit on chairs placed in front of the stage.

 ”Now that the first representatives are ready, here’s the question.”

 All eyes turn to Ayana.

 ”Let’s start with an easy one. Please tell us about the three major duties of citizens. Write your answers on the flipchart in front of you.”

 The four quickly start writing on the flipchart.

 This is easy. We learned this in class.

 ”Alright, it looks like everyone has finished filling in their answers, so let’s take a look at them one by one. Nightmare Generation Team, Jou Maron-san, please show us your flip chart to everyone.”

 Maron-san flips over the chart in their hand and shows us the answer section.

 [To live, to work hard, to have children!]

 Having children!?

 Wait a minute, is Maron-san, like, um, a bit… naughty?

 My perception of Maron-san changes.


 ”T-That’s not it! It’s not, um… that kind of meaning!!”

 Hmm, even though she knew it was a bit naughty, she still wrote it.

 The atmosphere in the venue greatly livens up from the first answer.

 ”As expected from the Nightmare Generation! They’re coming in strong from the start!”

 ”Hmm, Jou-san may look like she’s not at all naughty, but she’s actually quite naughty.”

 ”Oh, people can be deceiving. Even idols have the same thoughts as us on the inside.”

 Maron-san, whose face was red from being tipsy, turned red from embarrassment.


 Ayana, seeing this, quickly came to the rescue.

 ”Let’s move on since Maron-senpai looks uncomfortable. Next up is the intruder team’s Mary-sama, please show us your flip card!”


 Grandmother Mary flipped over the card she was holding for everyone to see.

 [Fangirling! Otaku activities! The end of activities!!]

 Hey, Grandmother Mary!

 That’s not a good joke to end on! You’re clearly drunk out of your mind!

 You’re going overboard.

 ”Spending money on fangirling, spending money on hobbies, these are all considered obligations like paying taxes.”

 Huh!? Really!?

 Even the Prime Minister is nodding in agreement, but that can’t be right.

 ”Now, all the mysteries have been solved.”

 ”Kanon-sama, it seems like it’s all genetic, huh…”

 ”Kanon-sama, it’s okay.”

 Hmm? For some reason, Kanon’s face was turning red.

 Are you okay? If you’re feeling unwell, don’t push yourself and let everyone know.

 ”Um… so, Kanon-san from the bride’s team, could you please do that for me?”

 ”Leave it to me!”

 Kanon flips the flip chart so that everyone can see it.

 [Taxes, taxes, taxes!!]

 Laughter erupts from the guests.

 ”Well done!”

 ”I paid a lot too!”

 ”That look on Kanon-sama’s face, for real, desu~wa.”

 Oh yeah, I remember she was talking about tax filing a couple of months ago.

 I think it must have been really tough for Kanon to manage everyone’s, including mine. Really well done.

 Immediately, Prime Minister Habu stands up and bows to Kanon, the guests, and then the camera.

 ”Um, it seems like the Shirogane family has paid a lot of taxes, so thank you. Um… We, as members of parliament, will work hard to give back to the people in our country.”

 This one, unlike Grandmother Mary from earlier, looked like she had sobered up all at once.

 The audience even applauded her.

 ”Today’s apology quota was met perfectly.”

 ”I thought the apology challenge would end today, but to my surprise, it continues. Haha.”

 I can’t believe no one got the answer right so far.

 Maybe we’re the only ones who did? Come on, Shintaro!

 ”Okay, now it’s time for Shintaro Mayuzumi, representing the groom’s friends, to give the final answer!”

 ”Sure thing!”

 Shintaro held up the flip chart for everyone to see.

 He looked really confident. We definitely won.

 [Hell Exam, Long Work Hours, Death]


 I was stunned when I saw Shintaro’s answer.

 All the points connect to the last word.

 Everyone loved Shintaro’s response.

 ”Mayushin, have you discovered a new talent here?”


 ”Before Habu-san became Prime Minister, she was really like this. It’s really good that she has changed since then.”

 No, no, Shintaro, you seem happy but you’re wrong!

 It’s not about winning with laughter or anything like that!

 ”Oh, unfortunately no one got the right answer.”


 What!? No way!

 If the host was Ayana and not me or Kohina-senpai, I would be making jokes!

 ”Um, Prime Minister Habu, can we have your answer as the representative of the whole nation?”

 Ayana is good!

 When the Prime Minister steps forward, she gives a look to everyone as if to say, “Is this a joke?”

 Rihito-san thought it was dangerous, so he said, “Prime Minister, please be serious here,” and laughter erupted again.

 ”Oh, the answer is education, labor, and taxes. However…”

 Prime Minister Habu then looks towards Maron-san.

 ”Starting tomorrow, just like Maron-san said, it was live, work hard, and make children! I’ll create a country where people want to live for today, build a society where they want to work hard, and pass down history to future generations. We, politicians, want to work hard for a Japan like that too! Cheers!”

 She’s just drinking for herself! I couldn’t help but add tsukkomi along with Inko-san.

 The Prime Minister, Habu, gulped down vodka straight, saying she couldn’t handle it sober.

 ”I thought she was saying something good, but she just ended up using alcohol to cover it up.”

 ”This might be tomorrow’s apology reason.”

 ”Representative Kokucho, please hurry back!”

 I wonder if the Prime Minister realizes she has to answer after this…

 I felt like she might get too drunk before then.

 ”Now, let’s give 0.5 points to Jou Maron-san, and each team’s representative, please choose the next answerer for the next question.”

 Shintaro looks apologetic when he comes back.

 It’s okay, it’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. We just need to get all the next questions right.

 ”So, we’re in the lead, and now… Inko, can you do it?”

 ”Leave it to me!”

 Kohina-senpai’s team has Inko-san.

 I hope Inko-san can go get some laughs.

 ”Next time, I’ll go for steady points next time! Nee-san, please do it!”

 ”I got it. I’ll do my best!”

 Is Kotono okay with her red face?

 Huh? Non-alcoholic but feeling drunk from the atmosphere? Got it. As long as you’re okay with that.

 The adults seem surprisingly tipsy, so I have to make sure not to push myself.

 ”So, can we go with Hakuryuu-sensei? Oh, Hakuryuu-sensei?”

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei went to the bathroom from drinking too much.”

 Ai… Are you okay? I feel relieved knowing Director Hongou is taking care of you.

 ”In that case, I’ll take her place!”

 Oh, father-in-law!

 The wedding venue buzzes with unexpected substitutes.

 ”Then Toa, please head to the venue!”

 ”Okay, leave it to me.”


 I bow deeply.

 Father-in-law kneels to the ground upon seeing it.

 A-are you okay!? You don’t have to push yourself if you’ve had too much to drink.

 ”Now that all the answerers are ready, let’s announce the second question.”

 The question appears on the big monitor in the back.

 [Fill in the blanks below according to Article 13 of the Constitution. All [] are to be respected as individuals. Regarding [], [], and [], the [] of [] citizens should be given the utmost respect in legislative and other national affairs unless [] of [] is given. Each team’s respondent should fill in the [] blank.]

 Wow, looks like many might get this wrong.

 Are you okay?

 Everyone struggles to come up with answers.

 ”Now let’s look at each person’s answer one by one. Next up, representing the nightmare generation who’s leading by 0.5 points, please give your answer, Sayamu Inko-san!”

 Inko-san’s answer appears boldly on the monitor.

 [All [citizen of Tatejimars] are to be respected as individuals. Regarding [their desires for league victories], [national championships], and [accountability at shareholders’ meetings], the [voices] of [citizen of Tatejimars] should be given the utmost respect in legislative and other national affairs unless [priority] of [other interests is given].]

 What’s that!! It’s clearly wrong, but it’s filled in without any hesitation! Isn’t that strange?!

 ”Great job!”

 ”This year we’ll definitely win!”

 ”Of course!”

 Fans from the same team cheer for Inko-san.

 ”We’ll win again this year!”

 ”No way, we’re not losing either!”

 ”This year our team will win!”

 Haha, the tension between fans of different teams eased with a smirk and playful jeers, not escalating into a fight.

 ”Well, um, I’d like to refrain from commenting on which team I support and pass it on to the next respondent.”

 Hey! Ayana, that’s not fair!!

 Well, even if I were the host, I wouldn’t say it for sure!

 ”Now, onto the bride’s team, Kotono-san, please!”


 Kotono, are you sure you’re okay with just non-alcoholic drinks?

 Are all the adults wiped out already!?

 Everyone might have forgotten, but this whole scene is being broadcasted nationwide.

 ”My answer is this!”

 Kotono raises the flip chart she had been holding high in the air.

 [All [citizens of Beryl] are to be respected as individuals. Regarding [their support for Beryl Entertainment], [BERYL], and [Shirogane Aqua], the [commitment] of [citizen of Beryl] should be given the utmost respect in legislative and other national affairs unless [violating] of [membership rules].]

 Wow, Kotono seems totally caught up in the atmosphere.

 Despite usually keeping her cool, she’s enthusiastically raising both hands in response to the loud cheers from the attendees.

 She’s even spinning her hands around to pump up the fans even more.

 Hey, someone should rein her in!

 ”Wow, Nee-san is really letting loose.”

 ”Nee-san looks so happy, that’s great to see.”

 ”We rarely see Nee-san like this.”

 Oh, Nasny grabs Kotono’s shoulder and takes her backstage.

 Nice! RamenHagetoru-san, whoever you are, thanks a lot.

 ”Um, so now, instead of Hakuryuu-sensei, representing the bride’s father, Utsumi Hayato-san, please.”

 The venue erupted in loud applause.

 In response, the bride’s father flipped over the flip chart.

 [All [citizens of Neko] are to be respected as individuals. Regarding [their support for Toaqua], [Toa-sama], and [Aqutoa], the [devotion] of [citizens of Neko] should be given the utmost respect in legislative and other national affairs, [interfering] with [interrelations].]


 Whoa! That startled me…

 I stepped back at the overwhelming cheers.

 ”Um, I believe this is a natural right.”

 The venue buzzed even more at Ayana’s words.

 Citizen of Neko, isn’t that referring to those fans? Huh? Toaqua, Toa-sama, and Aqutoa, what are those?

 Huh? Are there things in the world better left unknown?

 Got it. If Toa says so, I’ll pretend I didn’t know either.

 ”Now, finally, Toa-chan from the groom’s team, please.”

 ”Before that, can I redo it even if it’s a zero?”

 Wait a sec, hold on. What do you mean it’s okay to get a zero?

 Toa redraws the flip chart and presents it to everyone.

 [All [citizens of Neko] are to be respected as individuals. When it comes to [the fantasies of Nekoyama Toa], [Shirogane Aqua], and [related matters], the [interests] of [citizens of Neko] should be given the utmost respect in legislative and other national affairs unless [impeding] with [our bond].]

 Hey! Nasny, who dashed back from the waiting room, covers both my eyes.

 I can’t see. I can’t see at all!

 ”Unbelievable, an official response!”

 ”Thank you, thank you.”

 ”As expected of Hagetoru. Doing a great job.”

 ”Hagetoru is the MVP today, huh.”

 ”This is definitely the ‘wise man time.’ After all, Hagetoru is so capable.”

 Phew, I’m finally released.

 But hey, the answer display is already over!!

 Oh no, you did answer correctly, right!?

 ”Mr. Aqua, I’m counting on you next!”

 Father-in-law!? What’s going on?

 Father-in-law, being carried on a stretcher, exits from the venue.

 What on earth happened while I wasn’t looking….

 ”Yes, everyone gets 0 points. The answer is… because the Prime Minister is unreliable, I’ll display it here.”

 Laughter erupts from the venue.

 No, no, even though the Prime Minister is laughing along, you surely can’t laugh at Ayana’s sarcasm!!

 Please, someone make a retort!! Am I the only sane one in this space!?

 ”Now, I’d like to move on to the next question. Representatives, please step forward.”

 The final answers are supposed to be given by each team leader. Kato Iria-san, RamenHagetoru-san, Prime Minister Habu, and from our team, the ultimate weapon Tenga-senpai, finally stepped up.

 ”Senpai, please. Please make a decisive move here!”

 ”Tenga-senpai, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to joke around, but I just wanted to say it. Please do your best for me and Shintaro’s share too!”

 ”Tenga-senpai, I’m sorry. I couldn’t contribute at all. Please take care of our share too.”

 ”Oh! Leave it to me!! I feel like my senpai power has never been higher before!! I’m different today!!”

 Wow! Tenga-senpai is so cool!

 But, I kinda feel like there’s a flag there, but maybe that’s just my imagination?

 No, this must be my imagination. I believe in Tenga-senpai!!

 ”Alright, next question. ‘It’s too late’. Please use this phrase correctly to make a sentence!”

 Easy, right? Yeah, this is a giveaway question.

 No one would make a mistake, right?

 The first one to raise their hand was Kato Iria-san.

 ”Alright, Team Generation of Nightmares, it’s Kato Iria-san’s turn!”

 Iria-san turns the flip chart with a apologetic face.

 [About a month since entering Otomezaki High School, I got scolded for teasing Ayana-chan, who is younger than me, too much. It’s too late to regret it now. I’m sorry!!]

 Ah, yeah, it’s understandable to get scolded for that.

 I bet Iria-san was happy to go to the same school as Ayana.

 Eventually, she was even banned from entering Class 2-A.

 ”Well… it’s a happy occasion, so I’ll forgive it today.”


 That’s good to hear. Everyone sends warm applause.

 ”But, there won’t be a next time.”

 ”Hehe, I love how Ayana-chan always forgives me.”

 Iria-san said as she hugged Ayana, who looked like she didn’t have a choice.

 Seeing them, I thought it was pretty cool that the top two idols from Japan’s biggest groups were so close.

 ”Okay, next person to answer… it’s Nasny-san. Please go ahead.”

 Nasny-san flipped over the board they were holding.

 [After a successful night, I looked at my palm during my wise time, and regretted that it’s too late to change. But I can’t stop!!]

 Huh? What does that mean?

 It probably doesn’t mean what I think it does. Maybe it’s a deep, poetic thing about struggling with a past mistake or something like that. Yeah, it must be that! I’ll just stick with that explanation.

 ”That’s too much.”

 ”That’s classic Hagetoru.”

 ”But I get it.”

 ”Totally agree.”

 Oh, wait! Kotono just burst out of the dressing room, running as fast as she could.

 Based on her expressions, it seems like she’s sobering up, but don’t push yourself.

 [Ouch, Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch!]

 Nasny’s face took a direct hit from Kotono’s Iron Claw, with all the parts coming together in the middle.

 Hey, are you okay? Nasny was then dragged backwards. After that, nobody saw Nasny again… just kidding.

 ”Um, let’s regroup and move on, Prime Minister Habu, please!”

 ”Well, leave it to me.”

 Prime Minister Habu confidently faced the flip chart.

 [Why did I even start the 365-day apology challenge? It’s too late to regret it now.]

 That’s right!

 Everyone nodded silently.

 ”Prime Minister, please truly reflect on your actions.”


 As the Prime Minister was gently advised by high school student Ayana, everyone nodded silently once again.

 But the Prime Minister pretended to reflect and then flipped the flip chart even more.

 [Sorry, I’m not really sorry now. It’s useless to regret things that have already happened. I’ll keep going like this from now on.]

 No good. This person hasn’t reflected at all….

 Well, it’s not like she’s doing anything weird or bad, so it’s okay.

 Prime Minister Habu returns to her team with a smirk on her face, despite being booed.

 ”Come back, Representative Kokucho!”

 ”We really need Representative Kokucho in politics after all.”

 ”I’ll vote for Agewa-san in the next election.”

 Although the attendees were also booing, they all had very calm faces.

 Surely, it’s because this country is heading in a good direction. That’s how I felt.

 ”Now, Tenga-senpai, please go ahead.”


 Tenga-senpai raises the flipboard he was holding high above with both hands.

 [I realized after applying for teaching practice. I should have dropped out of college and transferred to high school…. It’s too late.]

 Senpai!? Whoa, that’s totally against the rules, isn’t it?

 I mean, maybe it’s technically okay…?

 No, no, no, you can’t just go to a top university like Akamon and then re-enroll in a high school like Otomezaki! At least transfer to another university, please!

 ”Tenga-senpai, poor guy…”

 ”Tenga-kun also wants to go to Otomezaki High School.”

 ”Hey! Over there! The Minister of Education is just casually having a meal!”

 ”Grab her, and let’s make her do something about it!!”

 Okay, everyone, stop, stop. Don’t bother the Minister of Education, okay?

 Good, you’re all good kids for listening.

 Ugh, there are so many drunk adults here. When I grow up, I’ll try not to cause trouble for everyone around me…

 ”Okay, everyone got this question right!”

 Now the Nightmare Generation team has 1.5 points, and all the other teams have 1 point.

 Depending on the last answer, every team still has a chance to win.

 ”Okay, team leaders, step forward!”

 Me, Kohina-senpai, Kaede, and Announcer Onidzuka stepped forward.

 ”Now, for the final question. But first… today, we conducted a survey among those who attended the wedding. Everyone else knows about it, right?”

 Huh? They did that?

 I glanced at Kaede sitting next to me.

 ”So, here’s the question: What does the bride, Shirogane Kaede-san, like about the groom, Shirogane Aqua-san? Choose the answer that was most common among the attendees, not necessarily the actual correct answer. Alright, go ahead!”

 This is tricky.

 So, we have to pick the answer that most attendees would think Kaede likes about me, not necessarily what Kaede actually likes…

 I pondered for a moment and wrote my answer on the flip chart.

 ”Alright, now I’m going to check everyone’s answers.”

 Ayana went around behind us to check everyone’s answers.

 ”Oh, I see. Hmm, I see what you mean.”

 Hmm, it’s hard to tell who’s right based on Ayana’s reaction alone, she’s really good at acting.

 After Ayana returned to her original spot, she gestured toward the monitor behind us.

 ”Now, let’s announce the answers from 10th to 6th place all at once!”

 Everyone’s attention turned to the big monitor.

 [10th place: A place where he accepts her even if she’s “hoge”]

 [9th place: A place where she can do sports together with]

 [8th place: A place where she could do a good conversations with, where the talk is interesting]

 [7th place: A place where she can rely on.]

 [6th place: A place where there is acceptance and understanding for everything]

 Uh oh. I started feeling really embarrassed.

 I covered half of my face with the flip chart I was holding.

 ”Rely on? Are you kidding me?”

 ”No no, Kohina-senpai who fully relies on my cooking skills shouldn’t be saying that!”

 As soon as I made a tsukkomi, laughter erupted from the attendees.

 ”Well, aren’t you relying on me too?”

 ”True… now that you mention it, maybe I am.”

 Kaede, who was sitting next to me, suddenly gave me a sharp look.

 ”Again? Are you planning to NTR my husband not just in the show, but also from me, the newlywed?”


 Seeing that, Kohina-senpai hurriedly apologized.

 ”Just kidding, it’s just a joke.”

 Kaede stuck out her tongue and smiled.

 Way to go! It’s amazing how Kaede fired back at Kohina-senpai!

 The attendees even applauded for that.

 ”Alright, alright, we don’t have much time, so let’s move on. Oh, by the way, there were no participants from 6th to 10th place. So, each leader managed to get answers ranking 5th or higher!”

 Everyone cheered at this.

 I breathed a sigh of relief.

 Great. I was really worried about what would happen if I was way off the mark.

 ”Now, let’s announce the answers for 5th and 4th place all at once!”

 Thanks to Ayana’s call, the answers for 5th and 4th place are displayed on the monitor.

 [5th place: a place where s*xual desire is strong]

 [4th place: being stronger than her]

 Wait, 5th place?!

 Everyone burst out laughing at this.

 ”Um, by the way, Announcer Onidzuka, may you show your flip charts to everyone?”

 ”Uh… okay…”

 Though feeling embarrassed, Announcer Onidzuka shows the flip charts to everyone.

 [A place where she can have an intense physical relationships between men and women]


 This is being broadcasted live on national television, you know!?

 Everyone must be drunk and completely forget about these things.

 ”Great job!”

 ”As expected of Announcer Onidzuka. It’s good to be honest as a member of the media!!”

 ”Hmm, I thought Announcer Onidzuka was a serious person, but turns out, she’s just like us.”

 Teased by the attendees, Announcer Onidzuka completely hid her face behind the flip chart.

 Maron-san was comforting her.

 In my mind, I noted in the Aqua Memo that Announcer Onidzuka and Maron-san seemed quite intimate.

 ”Well then, I’d like to announce the 3rd place answer next!”

 The next answer was displayed on the big monitor.

 [3rd place: Cool place]

 ”Oh, this part!,” I said, rotating the flip chart and showing it to everyone.

 Kohina-senpai, upon seeing it, covered her mouth with her hand, showing a surprised expression.

 ”Hey, you wrote ‘cool’ yourself. Are you idiot?”

 ”I-It’s no big deal, right! It’s okay to want to be seen as cool in front of a girl you like, right?”

 Oh no, because of Kohina-senpai, I’m getting really embarrassed.

 I fan my face with the flipbook I was holding and turn away.

 ”Now, let’s announce the second place answer.”

 The monitor displays the second place answer prominently.

 [2nd Place: Kindness]

 Oh man, I’m starting to feel really, really embarrassed.

 I never thought I would end up being the one embarrassed.

 ”Huh!? I put so much effort into considering the answers, why are we only in 2nd place!”

 Kohina-senpai slams the flipbook she were holding onto the floor.

 The way she gently dropped it when slamming it made me think she did it on purpose.

 The audience members laugh and smile at Kohina-senpai’s tantrum, looking satisfied.

 ”Now, before we announce the first place answer, Shirogane Kaede-san, could you please tell us why you wrote that answer?”

 ”It’s okay if I miss the mark, but I wrote about what I like the most.”

 Hey, stop teasing me, it’s embarrassing!

 Don’t look over here with that smirk, Ayana!

 ”Understood. Now, for the final answer, ShiroganeKaede-san, please!”


 Kaede shows the flipchart she’s holding to everyone.

 [The fact that he likes me even though I’m like this!!]

 The same answer is displayed on the monitor in the back.

 Wow, amazing. It seems like the audience understands Kaede well.

 Also, didn’t the announcer Onidzuka write the same in the pre-survey? Then why did she write a different answer earlier?

 Alcohol is scary. I’m going to make sure not to drink as well.

 ”Now, for the final question to Shirogane Aqua-san. What do you like about Shirogane Kaede-san?”

 Hey, the topic has changed!

 Ayana seems to be intoxicated by the atmosphere, not the alcohol!

 I took the microphone from Ayana and stood in front of Kaede.

 ”…Kaede, it’s all about how everyone loves her. That’s why I like her too. Um, can you forgive me for saying this?”

 ”Huh!? Say something cuter like they do in dramas. Say something like ‘You’re beautiful.’ Come on, at least whisper something cheap and give me a kiss!”

 Ugh! Wait, Kohina-senpai’s face is also red!!

 Geez, this guy!! Hey, Ayana, could you take care of her?

 Seriously, when did she drink so much alcohol? I leave the tipsy Kohina-senpai to Ayana.

 ”Aqua-kun, I also like the part of you that everyone loves. Thanks for marrying me!!”

 I caught Kaede as she lunged at me and spun her around right there.

 ”””””Kiss! Kiss!”””””

 I’m sorry. Because of the drunk people around me, I suddenly started feeling embarrassed, but I made up my mind as well.

 I brought my face closer to Kaede’s and kissed her.


 ”Please be happy, you two!!”

 The venue showed the most excitement of the day.

 And so, our wedding was wrapped in the love of many people and came to an end.

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