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Volume 13 Chapter 36 Kohina Yukari, Was There A Reason For Wearing A Leotard?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Ryo, played by Aqua, who was thrown out of solitary confinement, finds himself alone with the Prime Minister in the prepared room.

 ’Let’s get straight to the point. There are forces trying to create a rift between our country and the Stars by harming the princess who is visiting Japan.’

 If something happened to Princess Gina while she’s in Japan, it would be a regular diplomatic issue.

 Well, the ones causing a fuss on TV right now are these two, and I wonder if they’re waiting for tsukkomi from the viewers?

 ’At the end of this visit, a surprise treaty will be signed between our country and the Stars. This will change our unequal relationship to an equal one.’

 I see. So that’s why an early return isn’t possible.

 ’That’s also why the princess’s security is tight. That’s probably why the hostile forces tried to abduct the maid, Rishe-san, there.’

 So, the opposing forces attacked Rishe-san without knowing she was the princess.

 And the government also doesn’t know about it.

 ’If it were true, I thought about asking for Rishe-san to be returned to us… But don’t you think it’s a good opportunity to drag out those hostile forces and find out which country is behind them?’

 ’…So, using maid Rishe-san as bait?’

 That’s what Prime Minister Habu silently nodded to, saying it was also suggested by the Stars.

 ’You’re famous in the underworld, right? Could you protect maid Rishe-san until the promised return time?’

 The governments and the home countries of the Stars don’t know that maid Rishe and Princess Gina have swapped places, and Ryo and the others don’t know that Rishe is the real princess.

 Still, when he hears that Rishe will be used as bait, Ryo doesn’t look too happy.

 ’What if I refuse?’

 ’That’s right, of course, you’d be sentenced to death for murder. Death penalty. Of course, your partner too.’

 I shudder at Aqua’s intense expression while playing Ryo.

 The speed of emotion switching and the ability to express inner emotions without showing much on the surface are truly impressive.

 It’s on a different level compared to other male actors, which even regular viewers can understand.

 ’But if you accept, we’ll pretend like none of this ever happened for both of you. We’ll show some understanding, and of course, this incident can be overlooked. No… actually, this incident can be said to be a result of the Self-Defense Force helicopter malfunctioning, with no enemy attack at all.’

 This Prime Minister seems more competent than the real one.

 But our Prime Minister seems a bit conniving, which might be just right for this messed-up country.

 ’Of course, we’ll provide support.’

 The Prime Minister snaps her fingers as a signal, and the room’s door opens slowly.

 Standing there was Akocchi.

 ”What role is this?”

 ”I’m supposed to be the Prime Minister’s secretary. It’s just opening the door, but I thought why not, so I did it. How’s it going?”

 Even if you ask how it’s going, if I were bad at acting with just this much, that would be worse.

 I reply to Akocchi, “Not bad.”

 ”Hehehe, I got praised by a great actress.”

 I only said it’s not bad, I didn’t praise her though.

 Akocchi’s attitude is just like that Aqua person.

 Well, I don’t have that positive side, so I envy it in a normal way.

 ’I was told by Chief Inspector Reina to carry out a top-secret mission.’

 Emily-chan playing Sae, and Ayana-chan playing Reina, entered the room.

 As the daughter of the Chief Inspector and being in charge of the scene earlier, she was appointed as Ryo’s guardian by the Prime Minister.

 Oh dear, poor thing.

 ’Okay then, count on me. Saejima-san.’

 ’Big brother, just because we’re on a mission together, it doesn’t mean you can do weird things to my big sister!’

 Ah, Ayana-chan is so cute. I have a lovey-dovey expression.

 TV stations, instead of scenes with bulging eggplants, show more of Ayana-chan!!

 After the three of them parted ways with Prime Minister Habu, at Café Cat Mountain, I, playing Kaoru, Kanon-san playing Rishe, Kuga Reira playing Hitomi, Yukishiro Mikuni playing Nozomi, and Utsumi Hayato-san playing Onyudo, explained the situation.

 ’So, what do we do? We know we’re being targeted, but are we supposed to act normally tomorrow too?’

 ’Yeah, that’s the idea.’

 Ryo didn’t say he accepted the deal for Kaoru’s sake. I thought that was a bit similar to Aqua.

 ’For now, let’s take a nap. Let’s prepare for tomorrow.’

 Ryo and his friends took turns taking naps to rest for the next day.

 The following day, Ryo, Kaoru, and Rishe went out to vity as usual.

 The remaining five people stayed back, keeping watch but making sure not to attract attention.

 ’Sorry for all the trouble.’

 ’Don’t worry about it. Rishe-san did nothing wrong. It’s those attackers who are at fault.’

 That’s the truth.

 Ryo and I actually agree for once.

 ’Ah, let’s stop worrying about those unpredictable people who might or might not attack! It’s the last day of your trip, let’s enjoy it!’

 ’Exactly! Who cares about those uncertain people! If they come, let them come!! Bring it onnnn!!!’

 ’That’s the spirit, Kaoru! Good job!’

 ’Saejima-san… Kaoru-san…’

 Ryo and Kaoru held Rishe’s hands.

 ’Let’s go.’


 The five who had been watching from afar smiled at the sight of the three friends.

 Unlike the tense expression she had just a moment ago, Rishe is now enjoying her last day in Japan.

 ’For now, there are no suspicious figures around.

 ’Understood. We haven’t spotted any suspicious individuals either.’

 By the way, the number one suspicious person (Ryo) is right there.

 I wonder if he’ll get arrested in real life for indecent exposure or something.

 ’It seems like there won’t be any attacks.’

 ’Well, if that’s the case, then it’s fine, I guess.’

 Time passes without any attacks happening.

 The signing of the new treaty is scheduled to take place at the airport just before boarding the plane.

 ’Saejima-san, Kaoru-san, should we head to the airport soon?’


 The three of them stop at an intersection on the main road to make their way to a parking lot.

 Suddenly, several military vehicles come speeding towards them.

 Armed forces emerge from the military vehicles stopped at the intersection.

 ’Maid Rishe… If you don’t want to involve the general public, let’s have you accompany us as part of our negotiations.’

 The armed group takes the surrounding civilians as hostages and asks Rishe to come with them.


 ’Rishe! Don’t go!’

 Ryo reaches out to Rishe.

 ’Thank you, Saejima-san. I’m glad to have met a man like you in the end.’

 Kanon-san, who plays Rishe, has a nice expression. It’s understandable why Useless Aqua is intrigued by her.

 Forget about Aqua for a moment, why not act with me? I’ll train you properly from scratch.

 ’Let’s go!’

 The armed group puts Rishe-san in a car and drives off.

 Another car starts following them. It’s a foreign car with a siren on top.

 I think Manager Kirika brought this car from her family home in Shizuoka.

 ’Car in front, wait!’

 Ayana-chan… no, Reina. Those guys who just stopped to wait won’t do anything like terrorism.

 I see, so Ayana-chan is the healing character in this drama too. But, the script for this drama is by Tsukasa-sensei.

 I know painfully well that you can’t let your guard down with Tsukasa-sensei’s script.

 That’s why I hoped that Reina would always stay in that soothing mood.

 And then, another car comes from behind.

 ’Saejima-san! Kaoru-san!! Get in!!’

 Nozomi, who is in the passenger seat, urges the two to get into the car.

 Onyudo is driving the small red car.

 The size of his body doesn’t match the size of the car at all.

 ’Ryo, Kaoru, Nozomi, Hitomi. Hold on tight. I’m going to speed up.’

 I wonder how the seatbelt was tightened with this physique.

 My head is brushing against the ceiling, and I was worried during filming that the car might break down.


 The car sways when it takes a curve due to obvious overweight.

 Hmm, I felt like Aqua, sandwiched between me and Kuga Reira in the back seat, had a happy expression when we turned that curve, but maybe it was just my imagination.

 Should I praise Aqua for enduring and acting well instead?

 The car chase between the armed forces and Ryo continues.

 Shooting in the sealed off streets of Shinjuku definitely adds a lot of intensity.

 ’Hmph, you can’t escape this one for sure.’

 The armed forces with Rishe stop the car at a nearby high-rise building.

 In Japan, during the 60s and 70s, there was a construction boom of high-rise towers due to advancements in building technology, relaxation of building standards, and hosting international sports events.

 The building used in this drama is one of those.

 It used to be the headquarters of the now-defunct TV Japan. The armed forces barge in with Rishe-san.

 ’Sigh, so bored.’

 ’Totally, right?’

 When the scene changes, it switches to footage of two women working as receptionists in a certain building.

 As an extra, Hakuryuu-sensei, who plays the role of the office lady, and Director Hongou, who directs this drama, appear.

 Both of them were dressed in office lady outfits and looked embarrassed, but Aqua, who was watching, was the only one who seemed happy.

 ’I wonder if something interesting will happen.’

 ’Hahaha, I doubt it.’

 It’s definitely just a flag.

 As the two chat, the armed group from earlier bursts in with Rishe-san.

 ’We’re taking over this building!! If you value your lives, get out of here now!!’


 ’Help us!’

 The armed group shoots wildly towards the ceiling.

 Hearing the gunshots, people start to panic and run away.

 Of course, the two receptionists also hastily escape.

 ’This way! Let’s go!!’

 Ryo and the others, who arrived late, rush into the building.

 ’Reina! We’ll prioritize evacuating the civilians!’

 ’I understand!’

 Reina and Sae take separate actions to evacuate the civilians left behind in the high-rise building.

 The remaining four…no, three excluding Hitomi-san, continue to push through the front to pursue the armed group.

 The scene shifts again to show a solemn Japanese-style palace.

 ’Your Highness, it seems the armed group has made contact with Princess Gina.’

 In the high throne where many people prostrate, a woman is seen behind the bamboo blind.

 Your Highness…she is Kukuri-chan, who serves as Princess Sumeragi, but is actually the director’s daughter.

 Emily-chan heard that Director Hongou asked her on a whim to play the role of mom, and she was happy to be able to do it.

 ’And what about the garden guards?’

 ’They have already been organized.’


 Kukuri-sama smiles satisfactorily as she listens to the report from her subordinate.

 The scene then shifts back to show three beautiful women standing on top of a building.

 Ugh, I can’t stand tall and stylish model-like girls.

 ’Hehe, looks like it’s our turn.’

 For some reason, Kuga Reira, Kobayakawa Yuki, and Awashima Chigiri, dressed in leotards, appeared.

 Aqua, seeing these three in their leotards, reportedly collapsed on the spot, shedding tears and muttering words of gratitude. Ugh! So ridiculous!!

 I hope he doesn’t cause a fuss over something so silly.

 ’Let’s go!’



 The three sisters from the garden leaped from the building.

 As the scene changed again, Ryo and the others were engaged in a gunfight with armed forces.

 ’You two, leave this to us!’

 ’Got it! Onyudo, Nozomi-san, don’t do anything reckless!’

 Onyudo and Nozomi nodded at Ryo’s words and deliberately attracted the enemies.

 During that moment, Ryo and Kaoru dashed through to the back in one go.

 Ugh, even in such a simple scene, Yukishiro Mikuni still stands out, and it makes me angry.

 I think I barely won the Best Actress award. I didn’t have much of a lead, and she’s definitely more of a cheat than Kuga Reira.

 Of course, Kuga Reira has cheat-level talent too, but since Yukishiro Mikuni is so worshipped, I was sure she couldn’t surpass her.

 So, I thought if I could beat Yukishiro Mikuni, I could win the Best Actress award. I really think the reason I beat her back then was because of various factors.

 After all, acting is ultimately about how the audience perceives it, and if the judges were different, the results would have been different too. My viewership votes and the fact that I was acting with Aqua also played a part, I’m sure.

 But, yeah, but… I won! It was me, Kohina Yukari!! The outcome doesn’t change.

 So, I’ve sworn in my heart to one-up Yukishiro Mikuni every time I see her for this whole year.”


 すみません. 2回に分けます. ごめんなさい.



 Saejima Ryo…Shirogane Aqua, 新宿の掃除屋

 Machino Kaoru…Kohina Yukari, 公私共にRyoのパートナー

 ReinaSae…YukishiroEmily, 玲奈の姉で刑事

 Ueno Reina…Tsukimachi Ayana, Saeの妹で新米警官

 Aso Hitomi…Kuga Reira, 喫茶店キャットマウンテンのアルバイト店員

 Characters in the story:

 - Ichimonji Nozomi and Yukishiro Mikuni, who work at the Cat Mountain Cafe

 - The big monk, Utsumi Hayato, who is the master of the Cat Mountain Cafe

 - Morikawa Kaede, a national broadcaster

 - The real princess Gina and the fake maid Rishe, played by Shirogane Kanon

 - The fake princess Gina and the real maid Rishe, played by Natalia Rosenesta

 - Kou-kun, who was kidnapped, played by Nekoyama Toa

 - Kou-kun’s older sister, played by Kirika Kotono

 - MachinoYukihide, played by Mayuzumi Shintaro

 - A farmer, Tenga Akira

 - Sumeragi Kikuri

 - The three sisters who are garden guards, Kobayakawa Yuki, and Awashima Chigiri


 Three Special Guests in the Story: Hongou Hiroko, Hakuryuu Aiko, and Atori Ako

 In the story, characters named Aqua, Kanon, and Emily come together in a special event. You can find the extra content of the story at the following link:

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