Male Idol V13c37

Volume 13 Chapter 37 Kohina Yukari, Stop And Retreat

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’Is anyone left behind!?’

 ’If you can’t speak, just make some noise!’

 Sae, played by Emily-chan, and Reina, played by Ayana-chan, guide civilians to safety.

 They encounter a faction of armed militants along the way. I watch the gunfire unfold silently.

 Emily-chan’s action scenes are impressive. I’ve heard she was great in Stars Wars, and with Yukishiro Mikuni and Aqua being skilled, it’s no surprise.

 On the other hand, Ayana-chan’s action scenes still have room for improvement. If we want to make it big in this world, both Ayana-chan and I need to step up our game here.


 Sae, out of ammo, grapples with one of the armed militants.

 Reina aims her gun. But if she shoots now, she’ll hit her sister Sae.

 She knows that, so she can’t pull the trigger.

 ’Reina! Shoot!’

 ’Okay… big sister!’

 Reina decided that now was the time and pulled the trigger of the pistol.


 One of the armed group members collapsed after being shot in the forehead.

 Yay! I cheered for Reina’s success.


 ’Reina, well done. Now, let’s evacuate everyone. Our role as the police is to protect the lives of civilians!’


 That’s great. The two police officers who questioned me when I was arguing with a cat in the park the other day should learn from this!

 There are no adults who seriously fight with cats here, right?! Instead, go arrest that weirdo guy for some kind of indecent exposure charge or something!

 ’Hey, over there!’


 As communication with their allies was cut off, some of the armed group rushed over to Sae and Reina.

 Sae and Reina suddenly found themselves in a pinch again. The three members of the Garden Guard, led by Kuga Reira who plays the role of Hitomi, came to their rescue.

 ’Both of you, leave the rest to us!’



 Well, the action scenes with these three are quite impressive and flashy. They all have the skills to make it in the action world, and without a doubt, Kuga Reira, the world-famous action star, has the best action scenes that Japan can be proud of.

 ’Sae, let’s also…’


 The two of them secure safety while guiding the civilians out of the building.

 As the scene changes, a towering skyscraper, the headquarters of TV Japan, is shown.


 A small explosion and shattering glass windows.

 Outside, many people are evacuating from the buildings and emergency vehicles are rushing to the scene.

 Haha, TV Japan went all out for this scene by blowing up their own headquarters building, that’s impressive. They are truly a company that puts all their effort into each and every drama they make.



 Onyudo, hit by enemy gunfire, clutches his arm in pain.

 Looks like they’re in a tough spot too.

 ’Here goes…!’

 Yukishiro Mikuni, playing the role of Nozomi, leaps out from the shadow of a pillar, gracefully moving to the next pillar with flashy action.

 It seems to be a strategy to draw the armed group towards herself.

 The strategy works. Despite injuring one hand, Onyudo continues to accurately shoot down each person.

 The scene of his huge figure with a bazooka was impressive, but it’s not bad to see him using such a small gun with this huge body. Being Kaede’s father, he’s muscular and impressive.

 ’What’s that…?’

 Just when it seemed like a reversal was about to happen, one of the armed group appears wearing what looks like a powered suit.

 It’s even bigger than the towering Onyudo, likely over 2m (6’56) tall. As the person in the powered suit removes their helmet, it’s revealed to be Kamonohashi Kazushi.

 It’s an unexpected showdown between two baldies. Girls who like bald tough guys would definitely faint seeing two different types of tough, bald dudes here. At least, that’s what it felt like.



 Nozomi rushes to Onyudo, who was thrown aside effortlessly.

 It seemed like all hope was lost. But just then, a guy in all-black tights drops from the ceiling.

 Standing at a towering 190cm (6’2), this guy engages in a fierce battle against Kamonohashi Kazushi in his powered suit.

 Cool action scenes with his long limbs in action. Heh, at first, he seemed like a copy of Iwanari Nico, but now he’s got his own style, which is cool.

 The guy hoists Kamonohashi Kazushi, still in his powered suit, onto his back and hurls him into a pillar.

 The impact completely disables the powered suit, and Kamonohashi Kazushi loses consciousness.

 ’The air here still stinks, as usual. I can’t wait to get back and dig in the dirt.’

 Tenga-kun said as he took off his goggles and glanced out the window.

 Suddenly, a combat helicopter appeared.

 ’No way…’


 Onyudo and Nozomi exchanged looks of disbelief.

 The hovering helicopter aimed its guns at the three of them through the window.

 Behind the controls was Tsuwabuki Hiromasa.

 ’Don’t take it personally.’

 Tsuwabuki Hiromasa’s finger hovered over the trigger.

 Suddenly, the helicopter’s instruments went haywire.

 ’What the…!?’

 Without being shot, the helicopter lost control and spiraled downwards.

 Watching from inside a nearby building, Kou-kun, also known as Toa-chan, was revealed.

 In front of Kou-kun was an old machine used for hacking electronic controls.

 ’Saejima-san, consider us even for last time.’

 Like Tenga-kun, who retired to become a farmer, and Kou-kun, apparently both have ties to some underground organization.

 Well, with all the BERYL members mobilized, it’s impossible not to have a chance to shine. I bet this is Tsukasa-sensei’s way of giving fanservice with the script.

 As the scene changes, we see armed groups cornered on the top floor by Ryo and Kaoru’s pursuit.

 ’Give up already!’

 ’Release Rishe-san!’

 The boss of the cornered armed group points a gun at Rishe, who is being held hostage.

 ’You guys should drop your guns!’

 Ryo looks at Kaoru, then places his gun on the ground.

 Kaoru also sets down her baton-like weapon and steps forward with her hands raised towards the armed group.

 ’See, we’ve dropped our weapons. Now, release Rishe-san.’

 ’Wait, don’t move!’

 Yet, the Kaoru I portray takes a step forward nonetheless.


 The boss of the armed group, feeling pressured by Rishe, turned the gun he had aimed at Rishe’s temple towards Kaori.

 ’I said, don’t come any closer!!’

 One of the bullets grazed my cheek, snapping the hair tie holding my hair together.

 Blood trickled down my cheek. With my hair flaring out, for a brief moment, Ryo’s figure vanished from the enemy’s sight.



 In that moment, Ryo’s bullet took out the lives of the armed group surrounding us.

 Now’s the chance! Rishe thought the same.


 Rishe bit onto the boss’s arm.

 With the momentary distraction from the pain, Rishe ran towards Kaoru and hugged her.

 Of course, they couldn’t film a scene of a pregnant woman running, so her cousin is standing in for her here.

 ’Darn it!’

 The boss of the armed group, feeling pressured by Kaoru, turned the gun barrel that was pointed at Rishe’s temple towards me.

 Ryo, who was behind Kaoru, confronted the boss of the armed group.

 Gunshots were fired at the same time, creating a slow-motion effect.

 The bullet shot by Ryo deflects the bullet fired by the boss of the armed organization.


 The boss of the armed group, shot in the shoulder by the second bullet fired from Ryo’s pistol, falls backwards.


 ’No, not yet. When our mission fails…’

 In the distance, the shadow of a fighter jet carrying missiles is reflected.

 It seems they intend to assassinate Princess Gina, who arrived at the airport directly by missile attack.

 The fighter jet that entered from the Japan Sea side passes through the Hokuriku region and is on its way to Haneda Airport via Shinjuku.

 The scene switches to show the Prime Minister looking out the window from inside a room.

 ’Prime Minister, the fighter jet is heading this way! Please evacuate!’

 Akocchi, serving as the secretary, calls on the Prime Minister to evacuate.

 ’Evacuate while there are still many citizens left at the airport? I’ll only evacuate when every citizen’s safety is secured. Now, don’t worry about me. Take your subordinates and other lawmakers and evacuate. And if something were to happen to me, you’ll lead this country.’

 The Prime Minister urged her secretary, Akocchi, to escape first.

 Alone in the waiting room, Prime Minister Habu poured whiskey into a shot glass.

 Then, a woman entered.

 ’Prime Minister, drinking during working hours?’

 ’…As always, you’re serious.’

 The opposition party leader, Kokucho Agewa-san, sat on the sofa across from the Prime Minister, offering her another shot glass filled with whiskey.

 ’I’ll stay with you until the end, Prime Minister.’

 ’Hehe, not a bad way to go if it’s with you.’

 The two clinked their shot glasses filled with whiskey.

 I heard that in this scene, to ensure fairness in the upcoming election, it was decided that Kokucho Agewa-san, representing the opposition party, would also appear alongside the Prime Minister. I don’t know the actual reason, though.

 And then, the scene changes again.

 ’Kikuri-sama, please escape!’

 Kikuri-sama, who was in another room, responded to the words around her with a gentle smile.

 What a great performance. While gently denying, she also shows the composure of a strong person. Well done.

 The scenes keep changing rapidly.

 From the broken window, the three sisters from Garden Guard look up at the sky, the sisters from the police force, and Onyudo and Nozomi…



 No one is running away.

 Everyone believes in Ryo.

 ’It’s over. Everything is!! Not just the airport, of course. Missiles will be dropped here too to cover up the evidence!!’

 Returning to Ryo and the others’ scene again, the boss of the armed group lying on her back takes off her goggles.

 Ayafuji Midori is an actress who first performed with Aqua when the world didn’t know about him yet, and she nailed that performance on Take 1. An actress like her wouldn’t give a bad performance.

 I definitely think she’s one of the actresses who will lead the next generation.

 Ayana-chan is going through a lot. Hang in there.


 Ryo hugged the trembling Kaoru tightly.

 Ugh, I hate this. My body reacts automatically, remembering the feeling of that moment.

 ’It’s okay, Kaoru. Trust me.’

 ’Yeah, I know. That’s why I trust Ryo.’

 Kaoru separated a bit from Ryo and they looked at each other.

 Without realizing it, I traced my lips with my fingertips.

 ’I thought about it when we became partners. Even if we had a wedding in the middle of hell, I’d want you.’


 Ryo’s face gets closer to Kaoru’s.

 Not just a fake kiss, but a real one. I remembered the first time I kissed this person.

 ”Hey, it’s my first time kissing… but if it feels gross, I’ll smack you, okay?”

 ”Well then, should I give it a try first?”

 We had that conversation in the dressing room just before filming a kissing scene for Yuu-onii.

 I wonder what would have happened if I had said okay back then.

 I felt like our relationship might change if I kissed him privately, so I just ignored his words.

 The second kiss. His kiss tasted different from my first one, sweet and sour.

 ’What are you doing!?’

 Seriously. What are Ryo and Kaoru doing at a time like this?

 Ryo, still kissing Kaoru, aims his gun at the approaching fighter jet.

 The fighter jet passed by once, then turned back to confirm the precise location before launching a missile.

 That decision backfired.

 The quiet sound of gunshots echoed.

 Ryo pulls the trigger of the pistol to stop it.

 ’Ar… Are you kidding me!?’

 Ryo’s bullet pierced through the fuel tank of the flying fighter jet.

 In the next moment, the boost sparks from the missile launch ignited the air, causing an explosion.

 It’s honestly ridiculous, but it’s perfect for a festival drama.

 ’Just give up already.’

 At Rishe’s words, even the boss of the armed group gave in.

 The scene then switched to a real speech by Princess Gina at the airport.

 Afterwards, Kukuri-chan playing the role of Sumeragi and Mary-sama portraying a diplomat, acted as witnesses as a new friendship treaty was signed between Prime Minister Habu.

 ’Gina, how was the outside world?’

 ’It was only a brief moment, but it was really fun.’

 Princess Gina gazed out the window, where she saw two figures seeing off a plane.

 ’Ryo, my first love… I hope you’re doing well.’

 Seeing Ryo and Kaoru kissing in front of her, Princess Gina, also known as Rishe, sealed away her faintly unfulfilled love.

 ’Hey, was it really a good idea to turn down Rishe-san’s offer to become Gina-sama’s personal guard?’


 Let’s go back a bit.

 After Kanon-san, who plays Rishe, was turned down by Ryo, she apologized to them in her native language for pretending to be someone else.

 In response, Ryo also murmurs to her in her native language.

 ’I’m the same way. I’ve always been living a lie. So, no matter who you really are, to me, you’re just Rishe.’


 Kaoru didn’t understand, but it seems Ryo realized at some point that she was the real Princess Gina. And his pronunciation is getting annoyingly good! Ugh, he’s already cool enough, now he’s getting even cooler. Be more stupid, idiot!!

 ’You say that, but aren’t you really regretting it?’

 ’Haha, maybe. But, I’ve got my hands full with just you.’

 Ryo lightly pats Kaoru’s head, and she smiles. In return, Kaoru also smiles.

 As their smiles freeze on screen, the camera zooms out from that angle.

 At the same time, the intro of the ending song starts playing.

 [In the cold, lifeless gaps of the concrete city, I continue to live another day. Always feeling lonely, fooling myself with temporary escapades from reality. His scars, her scars, and someone else’s, if there’s a reason for this life. His regrets, her regrets, and someone else’s, can someone tell me.]

 Written by

 Kei Tsukasa

 [Bet pride and a lifetime, carrying unbearable feelings. Bet pride and a lifetime, intertwining hands with someone on lonely nights. Get out of the status quo, that’s how I’ve been deceiving myself. Get out of the status quo, I wonder if I can escape this nightmare someday.]


 Saejima Ryo / Aqua Shirogane

 Machino Kaoru / Yukari Kohina

 [Amidst the dazzling neon lights of the city, there you were, crying. In the corner of this glamorous city, living every day, wearing myself out. His scars, her scars, and someone else’s, if there’s a reason for this life. His regrets, her regrets, and someone else’s, now is the time, isn’t it?]


 Ueno Sae / Yukishiro Emily

 Ueno Reina / Tsukimachi Ayana

 Aso Hitomi / Kuga Reira

 Ichimonji Nozomi / Yukishiro Mikuni

 Onyudo / Utsumi Hayato

 [Bet pride and a lifetime, holding onto unbearable frustration. Bet pride and a lifetime, looking up at the sky alone on lonely nights. Get out of the status quo, that’s how I’ve been pretending. Get out of the status quo, I wonder if I can escape this nightmare someday.]

 Guest Starring

 Just Rishe / Kanon Shirogane

 Machino Yukihide / Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Farmer / Tenga Akira

 Kou / Nekoyama Toa

 Three Sisters of the Garden Guard / Kobayakawa Yuki, Awashima Chigiri

 Princess Gina’s Body Double / Natalia Rosenesta

 Boss of the Armed Group / Ayafuji Midori

 Soldier in Powered Suits / KKamonohashi Kazushi

 Soldier piloting Helicopters / Tsuwabuki Hiromasa

 National Broadcaster Announcer / Morikawa Kaede

 Kou’s Sister / Kirika Kotono

 Receptionists / Hongou Hiroko, Hakuryuu Aiko

 Secretary of the Prime Minister / Atori Ako

 Stars’ Diplomat / Shirogane Mary

 Sumeragi Kikuri / Sumeragi Kukuri

 Member of Parliament Kokucho / Kokucho Agewa

 Prime Minister Habu / Habu Chiyoko

 [Bet pride and a lifetime, carrying unbearable feelings. Bet pride and a lifetime, intertwining skin with someone on lonely nights. Get out of the status quo, that’s how I’ve been deceiving myself. Get out of the status quo, I wonder if I can escape this nightmare someday.]

 Directed by

 Hiroko Hongou

 [Bet pride and lifetime, bet pride and lifetime, trying to break free from the status quo, that’s how I’m…]

 It was all over. Just as everyone thought so, some members of the armed group who had escaped were trying to flee abroad on a boat. But then someone’s gunshot pierced through them.



 Even the surviving members of the armed group were shot through the forehead and heart, dying instantly.

 Who could have done it? Just as every viewer thought so, the camera turned around.

 ’Ryo… you’re still too soft.’

 It was Mayuzumi-kun, playing the role of Machino Yukihide, Kaoru’s brother.

 Faking his death and still alive, huh?

 Yukihide reached into the armed group’s pocket and pulled out a packet containing some slightly brownish powder.

 ’Heaven’s Trip… so they really are behind this.’

 Yukihide squeezed the package and walked away, flipping his beige trench coat.

 The drama ended here.

 Finally, as the screen blacked out, the last subtitle appeared after the disclaimer.


 TV Japan

 Farewell, Headquarters Building. Thank you, Headquarters Building. Forever, Headquarters Building.

 What’s this…?

 Ugh, so lame. I glanced at Akocchi beside me.

 ”That was fun, right?”


 Someday, I’ll act in a drama with Akocchi that we can watch and laugh together.

 I remember saying something like that before. It’s a faint memory from my school days.

 Maybe it’s because of the lyrics of Aqua’s song, but I find myself reminiscing about my past self after a long time.

 ”Yukari, thanks for remembering our promise back then.”

 ”Akocchi, you remembered…?”

 Akocchi nodded, of course.

 Ah, I still like Akocchi after all.

 But what is this feeling of liking, anyway?

 This liking isn’t the kind you feel for friends, family, or even a romantic partner.

 Maybe if I can solve this puzzle someday, I’ll truly understand what it means to love someone?

 ”Ah, I’m hungry. Hey, since we’re already here, wanna go grab some food?”

 ”Sure, let’s go!”

 I held Akocchi’s hand as we left the old movie theater, chatting excitedly about the movies we watched and laughing together, just like we did back in school.

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