Male Idol V13c38

Volume 13 Chapter 38 Bulletin Board, Find The Extra!!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Golden Week Special Drama] TOKYO SWEEPER [TV Japan’s Serious]
4 Anonymous
I should have gone to visit the TV Japan headquarters building explosion
If I had gone, I could have had a chance to co-star with Aqua-sama..
7 Anonymous
The guerrilla filming in Shinjuku was amazing
By chance, Fuji Department Store-neki, who arrived early for work, also appeared as an extra
11 Anonymous
It’s amazing that bulletin board users can appear as extras playing regular citizens and co-starring with Aqua-sama
Congratulations to those who were able to be extras by chance
14 Anonymous
Oh, it’s starting soon!
17 Anonymous
Hope I get caught on camera!
20 Anonymous
Here it comes, the black van!
23 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is this the rumored Mast***ion Bus with full smoke, also known as the v**ina exposed Bus!?
26 Anonymous
Thanks to you, every time I see a black van with full smoke, my delusions run wild
28 Anonymous
Because of you, there’s a magazine issue featuring Mayuzumi-kun’s glasses collection being called the Mast***ion Bus!!
When they asked for my order, and said “Mast***ion Bus, please,” I felt like I was part of the bulletin board community. Think about my feelings too
31 Anonymous
33 Anonymous
Toa-chan is so cute!
35 Anonymous
Oh, this is a spicy one
I saw it in an erotic manga by Nene-cho’s other pen name!!
37 Anonymous
Hmm, it’s confirmed to be spicy
39 Anonymous
For now, I took my skirt off
41 Anonymous
I got so carried away that I took off my underwear too
43 Verification Team *010meTA473
Nene-cho-san other pen name? Huh? What’s that, I have no idea..
46 Anonymous
It’s better if you don’t know. You can’t buy it anyway due to age restrictions
Buy it when you become an adult
48 Anonymous
[I picked up a boy who was walking defenselessly and brought him home in my car]
[Can my big sister skillfully excrete white poop? First time ejac***ion series]
[Marriage life starting from abduction and confinement rape 3. Ejac***ion management edition]
[The boy who r**ed me had a cute hip, can I seriously reverse r*pe him?]
[Continuation: When I continued to seduce my cute little brother, he started j**king off with me as material]
51 Anonymous
Stop it. This is a hobby for minors!
By the way, I have them all
53 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi is married, not a virgin, has more experience in s*x than any other woman in the world, and is even pregnant, about to become a mom in a few months, but still basically a virgin
Stop it
By the way, I read everything
But my favorite is Nene-cho-sensei’s ‘When I teased a boy too much, he s*xually retaliated and turned me into his own onahole.’ I also liked the sequel, ‘When I tried to discipline the boy, he shaped me into a custom p**is case,’ and the next one, ‘When I made fun of the boy, he turned me into a multi-purpose private toilet.’
The scenes where the boy turned into a s*x monster and kept poking my private parts for 120 pages were super erotic. In this series, it’s not the usual uncircumcised young boy, but the boy is a bit like Aqua-sama
57 Anonymous
59 Anonymous
Bad news, our shumi was still virgin at heart
61 Anonymous
Hagetoru. Your taste is good after all
64 Anonymous
Ahh, shumi the virgin has exceeded her capacity and has become quiet
68 Anonymous
That’s good!
70 Anonymous
I understand why Aqua-sama gets excited about Shumi
As someone of the same s*x, I also got a little excited imagining the quiet Shumi
73 Anonymous
Haa haa, Toa-chan who is bound is cute
75 Anonymous
Why is Toa-chan so s*xual?
77 Anonymous
I get it
80 Anonymous
Ah! Just a little bit of me is shown!!
I’m the girl who was standing awkwardly at the convenience store
83 Anonymous
85 Anonymous
Me too!!
I was just zoning out by the telephone pole back there
87 Anonymous
Wow, lucky you!
91 Anonymous
It’s here!
93 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s here!!
95 Anonymous
Is your first Aqtoa ready!?
97 Anonymous
Darn it! Glup, glup, glup!
100 Anonymous
You idiot, it’s just getting started, so chill out!!
103 Anonymous
I’m a real employee of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Stop drinking needlessly because we’re short-staffed
106 Anonymous
110 Anonymous
Nee-san, named Big Sis, is hereeeee!
112 Anonymous
Nee-san’s making an appearance!?
114 Anonymous
Unexpected appearance by Nee-san
116 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Oh nooooo!
Please stop. It’s embarrassing, so let’s pretend you didn’t see anything
119 Anonymous
Oh, Nee-san is cute
122 Anonymous
Don’t worry. It was just fine
125 Anonymous
At times like this, casually ask Aqua-sama for acting guidance and slyly take off your outer garment!!
128 Anonymous
I’m just a small-time actress, but when I asked Aqua-sama for acting guidance, I received serious training..
But for a moment, I felt he is staring at my chest, so I think it must be Kohina-something who was standing behind me with crossed arms
130 Anonymous
LOL that’s hilarious
133 Anonymous
135 Anonymous
Fee for the request is your smile!!
137 Anonymous
About Aqua-kun, I heard that he trained his upper body for filming “Stars War”
But now it seems like he’s losing muscle for a live performance, as he often tweet about being hungry, which makes me thrilled
140 Anonymous
I want to feed a hungry boy!!
142 Anonymous
I understand!
144 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi, it’s a chance!
Let Aqua-sama drink your breast milk!!
147 Verification Team *010meTA473
It’s not coming out yet, you idiot!!
149 Anonymous
151 Anonymous
Shumi’s breast milk isn’t ready yet…
153 Anonymous
Morikawa is here!
155 Anonymous
Hogekawa is here!!
158 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Announcer Morikawa is skilled! Could she be close to being an intellectual announcer and a great actress!?
160 Anonymous
161 Anonymous
162 Anonymous
165 Anonymous
If you look closely, it says “Japan Hoge Association, NHK” in the upper right corner…
167 Anonymous
Japan Hoge Association LMAO
169 Anonymous
It’s not a Hoge actress, it’s a real great actress who has arrived!
172 Anonymous
There are really only troublesome requests LOL
175 Anonymous
176 Anonymous
178 Anonymous
N*ked, n*ked!
181 Anonymous
Oh, oh, oh, it’s Aqu-tan just out of the bath!?
183 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
185 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, Hey, move over!!
188 Anonymous
Breaking news, Kohina Yukari’s social media is blowing up!!
191 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, Sayamu Inko, Morikawa Kaede, Prime Minister Habu, Hakuryuu-sensei
The social media and comment sections of these five people have been blowing up for a while, regardless of this current incident
It’s like a graffiti book where everyone can freely write whatever they want
194 Anonymous
196 Anonymous
On the bulletin board, there’s a cool feature where you can casually see the real-time number of active users
In the main thread, when Aqu-tan after taking a bath appears, the thread starts to drop off, and the number of users connected also decreases rapidly
199 Anonymous
Bed or in the shower, they’re probably “making a mess” either way
201 Anonymous
Just say you’re going to pick flowers!
203 Anonymous
In our case, we’re picking weeds, not flowers, haha
205 Anonymous
Hagetoru and Chinsuki suddenly becoming quiet is too graphic lol
207 Anonymous
A kiss!?
209 Anonymous
A kissing scene!?
211 Anonymous
● Keeping an eye on the wife
213 Anonymous
At least switch to wife-watching, lol
216 Anonymous
A boost of morale!?
218 Anonymous
What boost!?
220 Anonymous
Turning this down? Kohina Yukari is something else
Even if I knew it was just acting, I’d still be like, “Please!” lol
223 Anonymous
It’s cute how happy they look with just a hug
225 Anonymous
I thought Ryo was all tough and serious, but he’s kind of like a puppy, which is super cute
227 Anonymous
I’m a 21-year-old college girl, and I totally go for the puppy-like guys who wag their tails
Aqua-kun is my favorite
230 Anonymous
It’s amazing that Kohina Yukari has someone like Aqua-sama wrapped around her finger
Back in the day, this would have caused a huge scandal, like news headlines, politicians getting involved, public apologies, and retirements
234 Anonymous
Here’s a representative politician
Prime Minister Habu: “Where can I buy a chair like this?”
236 Anonymous
Yup, that’s definitely an apology waiting to happen
238 Anonymous
The Prime Minister just keeps stacking up things to apologize for
240 Anonymous
242 Anonymous
Director Hongou! Look ahead! Look ahead!!
244 Anonymous
Dang it! The genius camerawork of Director Hongou isn’t showing what’s in front of us!!
246 Anonymous
I wonder how it was for the people who actually saw what was in front
250 Anonymous
According to Director Hongou’s social media, it looks like he’s not wearing it, but he actually is. Because, you know
Aqua-kun apparently tried to take it off normally, but Kohina Yukari, who was surprised, slapped him, saying don’t show everyone something so embarrassing
253 Anonymous
What a waste!!
255 Anonymous
Can KY-san read the atmosphere?
258 Anonymous
Can you believe that slap scene? LOL
260 Anonymous
It’s swollen LOL
261 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is the only one gutsy enough to call Eggplant-sama divine
Honestly, I kinda wanna taste some of that divine eggplant too, just once
Any guys out there who wanna get pampered by a 22-year-old office lady with a big butt, big breasts, and thick thighs?
264 Anonymous
There ain’t no guys that convenient!
266 Anonymous
If Aqua-sama, the older busty lover, was into it, he’d probably just whip it out without saying a word
268 Anonymous
That’s what’s good about it!!
270 Anonymous
Emily-sama’s here!!
272 Anonymous
The sight of Emily-sama turning around is just divine
There’s nothing as intense as Emily-sama and Kanon-sama turning around
274 Anonymous
He’s naturally trying to take her to a hotel lol
277 Anonymous
If those two got together, they’d be a power couple, right?
280 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
If Emily-sama and Aqua-sama got married, the old-school Mikuni-sama fans would freak out
Their kid, whether a boy or a girl, would be insane
286 Anonymous
Even though their kid isn’t even born yet, there’s already a fan club for Kanon-sama and Aqua-sama’s child. It’s gonna be the same deal
289 Anonymous
Am I the only one expecting some kind of physical monster from Morikawa and Aqua-sama’s kid?
Like, the first-ever athlete to win gold in every event or winning both the World Cup and the World Baseball Classic at the same time. Wouldn’t it be cool if they pulled off something glitchy like that?
292 Anonymous
So, we’re talking about Morikawa Kaede jr being born with power control, right? I get it
298 Anonymous
I kind of feel sorry for Nee-san and Aqua-sama’s child for some reason
300 Anonymous
I understand
301 Anonymous
Let’s support them all together on the bulletin board
303 Anonymous
Ayana-chan has arrived!
305 Anonymous
Little sister has arrived!
308 Anonymous
Cleaning, huh?
310 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, could you clean this big sister room too?
Oh, you can take the used underwear home with you if you want!
313 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “Why does it cause an uproar when I act bossy, but Ayana-chan doesn’t stir up trouble with that attitude!?”
315 Anonymous
It’s all about her usual behavior
317 Anonymous
Well, that’s true
319 Anonymous
Café Cat Mountain?
321 Anonymous
There are Toa-chan’s magazines on the bookshelf, and the background music in the store is Tama-chan’s song
I see, it’s Cat Mountain, huh
323 Anonymous
The owner, isn’t he Morikawa’s dad?!
326 Anonymous
Morikawa’s dad was suspected even at the wedding, but this confirms it
Because this apron is a limited edition Tama-chan apron that was sold in the early days
329 Anonymous
By the way, the store staff are Yukishiro Mikuni and Kuga Reira?!
331 Anonymous
This cafe is way too fancy lol
333 Anonymous
Having three top actresses in one place is amazing lol
335 Anonymous
Kanon-sama is hereeeeeee!
337 Anonymous
Congratulations, Kanon-sama’s appearance!!
340 Anonymous
Natalia-san is dangerous lol
When they stand side by side, they really look like sisters. In fact, they look more alike than actual twins
Maybe it’s because they’re doing makeup to become the midpoint of each other
343 Anonymous
The real bride, Kanon-sama VS the fake bride, Kohina Yukari
345 Anonymous
Stop it!
347 Anonymous
Meanwhile, the husband is out on a date looking for a cat with a different woman
350 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, skilled at climbing trees!
353 Anonymous
This cat, it’s that cat, isn’t it?
356 Anonymous
This cat, seriously clever
358 Anonymous
According to Kohina Yukari
The smart one → Shirogane Shiro
The not-so-smart one → Hoshimiya Shiro
Aqua-sama: “I do not understand!”
360 Anonymous
Even though she’s supposed to be smart, Aqua-sama likes the dumb ones
362 Anonymous
A breast touch scene is coming!!!
364 Anonymous
366 Anonymous
I casually touched my own breasts
368 Anonymous
I did too
371 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is so great!
373 Anonymous
Am I the one who will directly nurture them by touching?
375 Anonymous
This is basically a proposal
378 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “Would you let me nurture your breasts?”
Us: “Ye…yes!”
This is the proposal of the next generation
380 Anonymous
Make sure Ayana-chan takes responsibility
382 Anonymous
They have to get married at this point, haha
385 Anonymous
Hey guys, don’t go commenting “congratulations on your marriage” on Ayana-chan’s social media, lol
388 Anonymous
The LOL in this system is too strong, lol
390 Anonymous
Getting thrown into prison, lol
391 Anonymous
Is that a lie, lol?
394 Anonymous
Oh, Sae the big sister came to help him, lol
397 Anonymous
So both of them are police officers. Got it
400 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is so happy, right? lol
402 Anonymous
A restaurant in a hotel!?
Does that mean they’re…you know!?
405 Anonymous
From Emily-sama’s social media
While waiting during the shoot thinking there would be a scene in the hotel, I was excited the whole time, but nothing happened..
408 Anonymous
Poor Emily-sama
410 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, take me to the hotel restaurant
413 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s comment: “Well then, how about we have a meal together at a hotel restaurant sometime?”
415 Anonymous
Sounds awesome!
417 Anonymous
It’s cool how he can say stuff like that right away, unlike other guys
420 Anonymous
Aqu-tan skipping is so cute!!
422 Anonymous
I’m so jealous of those who get welcomed home by Aqua-sama
Anyone willing to say “welcome back” and “I’m home” to me for some allowance?
424 Anonymous
Aqua-sama with a serious face, here we go!
426 Anonymous
Kyaa! Aqua-sama, so cool!
429 Anonymous
Are those innocent-looking underwear from Kanon-sama!?
431 Anonymous
Huh? Are they real?
433 Anonymous
According to the social media, it seems to be a fake
436 Anonymous
Why are my underwear here?
439 Anonymous
Isn’t this WorkerHolic from the comments section? LOL
Is this for real?
441 Anonymous
I bought it but never used it
444 Anonymous
Just casually stuffing underwear in his pocket, lol
447 Anonymous
If it’s Aqua-sama, he would probably just take it home like it’s nothing
449 Anonymous
The trending topic on social media suddenly became all about girls giving away underwear, lol
452 Anonymous
Kaoru LMAO
455 Anonymous
Bulging eggplant, lol
458 Anonymous
Mysterious word like “bulging eggplant,” lol
461 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is trying to woo his wife even in the drama, lol
464 Anonymous
Kanon-sama is too into the drama, lol
466 Anonymous
Shumi, maybe she’s just shy and won’t come, lol
469 Anonymous
Well, can’t help it. That’s what makes her cute
472 Anonymous
Normal date scenes are the best
475 Anonymous
Seriously, I don’t ask for much, just show us scenes of Aqua-kun and Kanon-sama cuddling with a fixed camera in their room
478 Anonymous
Here comes Tenga-senpai!!
480 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai looks cute with a beard!!
483 Anonymous
Is the live-action version of No-Rin starting, by any chance?
485 Anonymous
The image of boys is different, but even a drama starring Tenga-senpai as a farm boy would be cool
488 Anonymous
I went to a farm stand where Tenga-senpai’s family sells their goods, and it was so crowded..
I managed to buy some ohagi, pickles, and umeboshi, and they were all delicious
It was a sunny holiday, so there were lots of biker ladies there
According to the regulars, sunny holidays are especially crowded. They said it was lucky I could buy anything at all
490 Anonymous
I was planning to go next holiday, but maybe I’ll drive there on a deliberately rainy day
493 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is here tooooo!!
495 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is getting really good, huh?
498 Anonymous
There’s already talk about the second season of the late-night drama, looking forward to that too
501 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun seems blunt, but he’s actually kind, which is appealing
Makishima is so intense that I feel comforted even more by Mayuzumi-kun, Haa-chan, and Shiro-chan
503 Anonymous
Makishima is intense, but that’s why he really resonates with some people, so there are a lot of dedicated fans
Some fans are so passionate that it seems they’ve even reached out to Tsukasa-sensei, so Makishima fans, please calm down for a bit
506 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun passed away right when he made his appearance
508 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun might have been busy with starring in the drama, but I wish he had more lines
510 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, soaked in water, is too provocative that I can’t even look at the screen
513 Anonymous
I saw similar comments on social media from fans as well
515 Verification Team *010meTA473
Not too s*xy, but super cool!!
It’s totally different from similar things!!
518 Anonymous
Congratulations, Shumi, on your return!!
520 Anonymous
Meanwhile, Hagetoru who went to pick weeds hasn’t returned…
523 Anonymous
Aqua-sama playing a character with shadows is really nice
I feel like I want to support him
526 Anonymous
I get it. Scenes like just now, or the one where he got wet in the rain right before, had incredible s*xiness
529 Anonymous
When you’re feeling down, eat some food
Even in dramas, it’s nice to have senior colleagues as seniors
531 Anonymous
533 Anonymous
This scene is good
536 Anonymous
Rishe and Ryo, but that scene just now felt like a double of Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama
538 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei’s script is intense. They incorporate parts linked to reality, making it feel like it could be a true story
540 Anonymous
Other professional scriptwriters say Tsukasa-sensei is a genius
They think if Shirogane Aqua and Tsukasa Kei team up, they could conquer the world
It’s really exciting to imagine who will grab the heroine’s seat at that time
543 Anonymous
At this point, it would probably be either Kohina Yukari, Yukishiro Mikuni, or Kuga Reira
I want Ayana-chan to do her best, but Emily-sama is just too good
546 Anonymous
When thinking about an international audience, it seems like Kanon-sama, Natalia-san, and Haa-chan would fit right in
549 Anonymous
Ah, that answer is precious!
551 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei is definitely a genius
Through Ryo and Rishe, she portrays Aqua-sama from a world line where Kanon-sama wasn’t kidnapped
553 Anonymous
This one may be more emotional, but I still prefer the version where Aqua-sama who kidnapped Kanon-sama in the real world
555 Anonymous
Is it time for Night Eggplant bulging time!?
557 Anonymous
Wait a moment lol
559 Anonymous
That’s quite a contrast from the previous scene lol
561 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Guhehe, I still prefer Aqua-sama from Night Eggplant bulging time
563 Anonymous
Remember to wash your hands properly!!
565 Anonymous
Don’t come near me with your dirty hands after mast***ing!
568 Anonymous
Here comes the attack!
571 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, shines even in action scenes
573 Anonymous
If Kohina Yukari were to make a global debut, the main issue would be her petite figure
It’s too small for action scenes
575 Anonymous
It’s interesting that Kuga Reira’s action scene follows after this
577 Anonymous
Kuga Reira is goofing around in a leotard, but still looks pretty cool
579 Anonymous
With the leotard emphasizing her long limbs, the action scenes look even more flashy
582 Anonymous
Reina-nee’s little sister has arrived!
584 Anonymous
Wasn’t the police supposed to be incompetent?
587 Anonymous
When I looked closely, there were posters of Kato Iria and Jou Maron in the room, lol
590 Anonymous
Seriously, lol
593 Anonymous
That’s true, lol
595 Anonymous
They are a duo idol unit, Nightmare LOL Generation LMAO
597 Anonymous
600 Anonymous
Yukishiro Mikuni and Morikawa’s dad has arrived!!
602 Anonymous
Both of them look cool in camouflage outfits!
604 Anonymous
Boys who drive cars are nice. Boys who ride motorcycles are cool too!!
606 Anonymous
608 Anonymous
Here comes the bazooka!!
611 Anonymous
613 Anonymous
Shooting down a helicopter with a bazooka, LOL
615 Anonymous
Are they really doing this scene without any stunts?
617 Anonymous
Kanon-sama has stunts, though
620 Anonymous
It’s strange that no one is criticizing Aqu-tan for not having stunts anymore
623 Anonymous
Aqua-sama arrested!?
625 Anonymous
My daughter says she wants to become a police officer and arrest Aqua-sama someday for a naughty interrogation!! I wonder if it’s okay
628 Anonymous
Looks like the next generation of us is growing up properly
631 Anonymous
The prime minister is here!
633 Anonymous
Huh? The prime minister, in a collaboration with Aqua-sama? Don’t joke around!!
635 Anonymous
Good news, Prime Minister Habu has also come up with an apology reason for the day after tomorrow
637 Anonymous
Don’t keep a stock of apology cases lol
639 Anonymous
There’s this mysterious power phrase that only Prime Minister Habu seems to use, like “stockpiling apology cases,” lol
642 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s mixed with some actual stories
645 Anonymous
Yeah, Mary-sama actually came to Japan during this time to sign a friendship treaty
648 Anonymous
Hey, this prime minister is competent!
650 Anonymous
Switch ours with theirs!!
652 Anonymous
Well, if we had this prime minister, the citizens might struggle, so it’s just right as it is now
654 Anonymous
True. Having a prime minister in this rate bracket has made her more tolerant of some level of joking and slip-ups
It’s good to have rules, but being too strict can be tough. Being flexible, just right, is the best for the world
657 Anonymous
President Atori has arrived!
659 Anonymous
President Atori unexpectedly takes on the role of a secretary!
662 Anonymous
Reina-nee, the little sister returns!
665 Anonymous
Everyone gathers together!
668 Anonymous
This space is amazing, lol
671 Anonymous
Isn’t it the first time Aqua-sama, Emily-sama, and Mikuni-sama are all in the same place in the drama?
673 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s why it’s amazing
676 Anonymous
Right now, Kanon-sama is in the middle of these three, but she stands out as a real beauty without any effort
680 Anonymous
I won’t be able to call her ponnami (useless wife), so please stop
682 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, who interferes with Kanon-sama and Aqua-sama’s date
685 Anonymous
Hey, cut it out, LOL
688 Anonymous
Stop, I can only see that scene in my mind now, LMAO
690 Anonymous
This guy probably does the same thing in the real world
683 Anonymous
Ah, we’re getting close to that intersection!
685 Anonymous
Sayamu Inko is on the electronic billboard!!
687 Anonymous
For real!!
690 Anonymous
New song, “Nightmare,” is being released… huh? Wait, the date, it’s today?
693 Anonymous
They’re doing the same thing with a popping out 3D ad in real Shinjuku. I happened to be in a position where I could see it, and I was surprised
695 Anonymous
That kind of detail in the references is nice
697 Anonymous
I captured it!!
700 Anonymous
702 Anonymous
The bulletin board users are ecstatic!!
704 Anonymous
This car is so cool! It’s definitely not a police vehicle, but LMAO
708 Anonymous
Seems like it’s Nee-san’s
711 Anonymous
Nee-san has good taste. The color is nice. Color
713 Anonymous
715 Anonymous
Looks like a car with the wrong size came lol
717 Anonymous
Staff, are they aiming for this? lol
719 Anonymous
Clearly hitting their head on the ceiling lmao
721 Anonymous
It might be cute to see a big person in a small car lol
724 Anonymous
Car chase looks cool!
726 Anonymous
729 Anonymous
Breaking news, director cameo LOL
733 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei LOL
735 Anonymous
Sensei in an OL (office lady) outfit!?
737 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei and Director Hongou, don’t push yourselves too hard!!
740 Anonymous
It’s so funny how they’re expertly collecting flags, LOL
742 Anonymous
744 Anonymous
746 Anonymous
Oh noooooo!
748 Anonymous
Kukuri-chan is playing the role of Kikuri-sama, that’s so crazy, LOL
750 Anonymous
My grandma almost flipped over and I got really worried
753 Anonymous
Have you seen Kukuri-chan’s social media?
She’s usually cool, but I was so excited to see her so honestly happy
755 Anonymous
I’ll go check it out!
757 Anonymous
Kukuri-chan getting closer to Aqua-sama is making her true, honest side gradually show, it’s so funny
759 Anonymous
It can’t be helped. The Hoge-lar Wave is hitting you from close range
That’s why even Kanon-sama gets all spaced out
761 Anonymous
Kanon-sama gets spaced out because there’s another source of Hoge-lar Waves nearby
When you think about it, Nee-san who’s looking after those two and even handling Hagetoru’s troubles is the most extraordinary
763 Anonymous
Garden Guard!?
765 Anonymous
Awashima-san is so embarrassed on social media, it’s cute, lol
768 Anonymous
Awashima Chigiri:
Uwaaaaah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s still kinda awkward, right!? The costume is a bit much, right!? So, please don’t look at me too much!
Mayuzumi Shintaro:
That’s not true at all
770 Anonymous
Oh, really?
772 Anonymous
Well, well..
774 Anonymous
Hey, save that for after the drama ends!
776 Anonymous
Emily-sama looks amazing!!
779 Anonymous
Emily-sama is great even in action scenes
She looks stunning as usual
781 Anonymous
Just like Kohina Yukari and Kuga Reira, it’s tough for Ayana-chan to be compared to Emily-sama like this
783 Anonymous
And on top of that, the action scenes for these three
785 Anonymous
The action scenes of these three are top-notch in the Japanese actress world
788 Anonymous
Even though Awashima-san can play a lousy office lady role, it’s unfair that she can also do this kind of role
Kuga Reira and Kobayakawa Yuki are amazing that they are overshadowed, but this person is quite high-spec too
790 Anonymous
Hey! That’s the head office building of TV Japan!
792 Anonymous
It’s getting a bit nostalgic now
794 Anonymous
Mikuni-sama is beautiful
796 Anonymous
Why is Mikuni-sama beautiful from every angle?
798 Anonymous
It’s funny that a gun of this size is with Onyudo’s physique
801 Anonymous
It looks like he is holding a toy gun
803 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san is hereeeee!
805 Anonymous
808 Anonymous
Wow, cool old man vs cool old man!!
810 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei is a genius after all, desu~wa
812 Anonymous
No, seriously, the producer who cast these two is amazing
They’re like the TV Tokyo producers who faithfully cast according to the original author’s script!
815 Anonymous
You can tell the station and the production team are seriously trying to make a good show, which is really likable
818 Anonymous
Because they’re big, they have a different kind of power compared to Aqua-sama’s action scenes!
Aqua-sama is big too, but being over 2 meters tall is just awesome
821 Anonymous
823 Anonymous
A ninja!?
825 Anonymous
After Garden Guard, now we have ninjas too!?
827 Anonymous
829 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, he’s so cool!!
832 Anonymous
Yeah, seriously, the action is getting better with each episode!
834 Anonymous
The helicopter is here again!
836 Anonymous
839 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san, congrats on appearing together with Aqua-kun, even if it’s not the same scene!!
842 Anonymous
845 Anonymous
Toa-chan has arrived!!
848 Anonymous
Toa-chan looks so cool!!
851 Anonymous
853 Anonymous
As it’s coming to this, Mayuzumi-kun’s performance..
855 Anonymous
Is this the climax?
859 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s pressure is incredible
862 Anonymous
I was sweating even though I was just watching through the screen
865 Anonymous
She truly is the number one actress in Japan. She’s definitely the real deal
867 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Sad news, Kanon-sama, Aqua-sama was NTRed in front of Kohina Yukari
869 Anonymous
872 Anonymous
Huh? Was that actually your aim?
874 Anonymous
Stop it, LOL
876 Verification Team *010meTA473
She wasn’t NTRed, you idiot!!
878 Anonymous
880 Anonymous
A fighter jet is here!
883 Anonymous
This is really hopeless
885 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is cool
887 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is great!
889 Anonymous
Hey, this person is drinking alcohol during work hours!!
891 Anonymous
Good news, Prime Minister Habu, you can also prepare for the apology case the day after tomorrow
893 Anonymous
So stop stockpiling apology cases lol
896 Anonymous
Representative Kokucho has also arrived!
898 Anonymous
Representative Agewa, it’s good to see you looking well
900 Anonymous
Kukuri-sama, great acting!
904 Anonymous
Ayafuji-san is here!!
907 Anonymous
908 Anonymous
909 Anonymous
912 Anonymous
A kissing scene is coming!!!
914 Anonymous
916 Anonymous
A baby is coming!
918 Anonymous
I panicked and covered my child’s eyes lol
921 Anonymous
Ayafuji-san: “What are you doing!?”
Well, that’s exactly right lol
923 Anonymous
That’s absolutely right
925 Anonymous
No way, LOL
927 Anonymous
Since Aqua-sama is a superhuman, it makes sense that the characters he interacts with are also superhuman, lol
930 Anonymous
Happy ending!!
933 Anonymous
935 Anonymous
Like I said earlier, using Rishe and Ryo to depict another conclusion between Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama is so cool
938 Anonymous
It’s a good thing Ryo isn’t Aqua-sama
If he were, Kanon-sama would have been taken to Japan and before we knew it, the country of Stars would have turned into the Udon Kingdom
941 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s true. It’s better as a drama than in reality. Reality is much worse… Wait, what?
943 Anonymous
Oh nooooo!
946 Anonymous
These two have such great chemistry with their smiles
948 Anonymous
Thanks to pausing the video, you can see how great these two are at acting
Their smiles are so genuine, it makes you think, “What a really nice smile.”
950 Anonymous
The ending theme is so cool, lol
952 Anonymous
The song for the ending theme is so cool, lol
955 Anonymous
I’ll leave work tomorrow looking cool while listening to this
957 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
It was a great drama. Tsukasa-sensei is amazing indeed
I was impressed by how she was able to bring out the festive atmosphere while also showing intense moments
960 Anonymous
We also think it’s amazing how Hakuryuu-sensei wears an office lady cosplay, even though she’s not that young
962 Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
Stop it!! It came back when everyone had almost forgotten about it!!
964 Anonymous
I won’t forget
966 Anonymous
I’ve recorded it properly!
968 Anonymous
I’ll post it on social media later!!
971 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
973 Anonymous
Stop messing around, LMAO!
975 Anonymous
Everyone, please don’t bully Hakuryuu-sensei, lol
977 Anonymous
The C part is hereee!
979 Anonymous
980 Anonymous
981 Anonymous
984 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, you’re alive!!
986 Anonymous
It’s great that Mayuzumi-kun’s success came at the end!!
988 Anonymous
Farewell, Headquarters Building. Thank you, Headquarters Building. Forever, Headquarters Building
990 Anonymous
This time’s MVP is Headquarters Building, got it w
993 Anonymous
Oh, it was the best Golden Week ever
995 Anonymous
With Morikawa’s wedding and all, that gloomy feeling just flew away
997 Anonymous
I thought it was a commercial and was going to take a bath, but this time I’m glad I watched the whole C-part
999 Anonymous
Nice Bath-neki, you got to see it
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, I hope there’s a sequel!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Hehehe, actually, Saba-chan also appeared in the drama, did anyone notice!?
The hanging advertis*ment in the train scene saying “Renting server for 721 yen” is referring to me. Ehehe!!

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