Male Idol V13c39

Volume 13 Chapter 39 Tsukimachi Ayana, Apology Date

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 In the drama, Aqua squeezed my breasts.

 Even on top of my bra…

 ’Even though it was in the drama, you can’t just squeeze like that!’


 Yukari-senpai, who saw the scene where my breasts was squeezed, scolds Aqua.

 ’It’s understandable if it’s in the drama script, but you were definitely secretly happy about it, right?’

 ’…Yes! I was so happy!!’

 Kohina-senpai, sitting on the sofa, looks surprised.

 ’Really? Is that all?’

 ’I thought, “lucky!” And, if I said I didn’t have any naughty thoughts, that would be a lie.’

 Aqua, kneeling down, speaks with determination.

 ’When I squeezed Ayana-chan’s breasts, rumors started circulating that I squeezed them too much!!’

 In the script, it says to squueze twice, but he got carried away and squeezed six times!!

 Kohina-senpai’s gaze sharpened.

 ’Really? You’re not underestimating it, are you?’

 ’…I’m sorry. It was just the right size, so I ended up squuezing it seven times!!’

 Kohina-senpai, who was sitting on the sofa, stood up.


 ’It’s not “Horray”! Why am I the one being humiliated?!’

 Ah…even thinking back now, that moment was really embarrassing.

 I lift my flushed face with my hand.

 ”I wonder if it’s time…”

 I check the time on the nearby clock.

 Today is the day Aqua and I are going on a date as an apology for embarrassing me.

 I’m wearing a slightly disguised date outfit and waiting for Aqua near the monument at the station where we agreed to meet.

 ”Hey there!”

 Aqua, who didn’t disguise himself at all, comes towards me waving his hand.

 No way… And he came here from the station, so he didn’t take a taxi, he just came here by train?

 I felt dizzy and almost fell down, but I desperately endured it.

 The girls around me were not just surprised, but frozen as if time had stopped just here.

 ”Wow, this train at this time is crowded, huh?”

 Huh? I must have had a simple (hoge) expression like Morikawa-san when reading the wrong script.

 ”Is there a men-only car too?”

 ”Why do they have to do something so inefficient when only girls ride the train?”

 Aqua gives me a cool and sharp look.

 Oh, did I say something strange?

 ”More importantly, it’s a day off so let’s hurry up and go!”


 I start walking with Aqua.

 The people around us start murmuring in low voices.

 ”Oh, isn’t that Ayana-chan?”

 ”Representing Japan, the center of a male and female idol group on a date!?”

 ”Let’s just quietly watch over them for now.”

 ”To Shumi, did you post on the bulletin board saying NTR is your thing?”

 ”To Shumi, your husband is going to cheat… Send!”

 ”Hey, everyone, block the view of the pair from the reporters! The Seibaku Newspaper will be here soon!”

 ”Make sure Aqua-kun and Ayana-chan are in each other’s blind spots with proper line of sight management!”

 ”Ayana-chan is managing Aqua-sama’s ejac***ion!?”

 ”You go home!”

 I hide my blushing face by pulling my straw hat down over my eyes.

 Ugh! If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have worn that bold white dress for the date outfit!

 Gosh, now everyone around me will know I’m serious about this kind of stuff!

 ”Ayana, is something wrong?”

 Aqua looks at me as I shy away, peering at my face.

 Ugh, is something wrong? No, nothing is wrong! It’s because of you, Aqua, that I’m like this!

 ”Uh, no, it’s just that maybe it was a bit early for the white dress.”

 Oh, did I get too worked up here? If only I had been as straightforward as Kanon-san, maybe Aqua would have noticed me a bit too.

 I sigh at my own inability to be honest.

 ”Well, I’m happy to see Ayana in her white dress. It’s classic and gives off a real date vibe, so it gets me pumped as a guy.”

 Huh? D-does that mean Aqua is happy seeing me in my white dress!? O-or is it that, um, he’s getting excited…?

 ”Hmm, now that you mention it, Kanon-san would probably look good in a white dress too.”

 ”Yeah, you’re right. But Ayana looks amazing in it too. In my opinion, the White Dress Quartet consists of Ayana, Kanon, Summer King, and Lapis.”

 What’s the White Dress Quartet!?

 Okay, I’ll message Natsuki the former president and Lapis-chan later. I think they’ll both be happy.

 ”Even if it’s not a white dress, just you wearing a dress, it feels special, and as a man… no, personally, it has an appealing aspect to it.”

 Oh, I see.

 I’ve heard that some men consider it indecent for a woman to show her legs.

 There was a time when there was a debate in the parliament about dresses that showed both shoulders and legs being too s*xual.

 Nowadays, the Prime Minister caused a stir by proposing a ‘Cool Aqua Policy’ for encouraging woman to show more skin during hot weather in order to cheer Aqua up.

 ”However, on the flip side, I also think, ‘I’d prefer if other men besides me didn’t see that much skin!’”

 Oh, it seems that maybe only Aqua has that possessiveness, but boys can also have such feelings.

 Oh, I wonder if Aqua feels that way towards me too? I would be happy if that were the case.

 ”Hey, Aqua, besides One Piece, what kind of clothes do you like? I haven’t bought any summer clothes yet this year, so maybe I should use it as a reference…”

 O-okay, I did my best! I added some slightly deceiving words at the end, but I think that’s the most effort I’ve ever put in, considering how I’m not usually honest.

 ”In that case, let me give Ayana some clothes as a gift today.”

 Aqua grabs my hand.

 My heart suddenly leaps at being touched like that.

 Wait, wait, isn’t my palm sweaty!?

 W-what should I do. It was so sudden, maybe I started sweating all at once.

 I hope I don’t smell sweaty. Oh well. If you’re going to hold hands, give me some time to prepare, like, at least a day in advance…or maybe a week. It still might make it hard to sleep, but I need time to prepare mentally.

 ”Look, isn’t this place nice?”


 I follow Aqua into the clothing store.

 ”Please, take your time looking!”

 The store clerk notices us and freezes.

 Sorry, sorry. We’re not just browsing.

 ”Hey, how about this one, or this one, or this?”

 ”U-um, I’ll try them on.”

 I enter the fitting room and put on the clothes as Aqua suggested.

 But, uh, isn’t this a bit short? If I move, my stomach will show!!

 After changing out of the white dress, I step out of the fitting room.

 ”S-so, what do you think?”

 I look at the mirror nearby.

 It’s a trendy outfit with chunky sneakers, short jeans, a slightly sweet tunic with frills, and a cap. With a mask on, it feels like a casual undercover date outfit.

 ”You look great, even if I do say so myself!”

 Aqua keeps his gaze fixed on my butt and legs, thumbs up.

 Seriously, Aqua is so easy to read. Even someone as clueless as me can tell right away.

 ”And then, after that, you can match it with sneakers and a cap, wear a simple miniskirt, and pair it with a t-shirt, hoodie, or a loose zip-up parka on top.”

 I put on the items handed to me by Aqua as is.

 It’s not a style I usually wear, but I thought it was easy to move in and nice.

 ”How was it? Did you like any of them?”

 ”Um, I liked all of them.”

 ”I see. Then let’s buy them all.”


 While I was surprised, Aqua handed his card to the store clerk and smoothly paid for everything.

 ”Is it okay?”

 ”Yeah. I just want Ayana to wear clothes that suit her. Besides…”

 Aqua stood next to me and put the jacket he was wearing on me.

 ”This looks good on you too, right?”


 Oh no! I can smell Aqua’s scent from the jacket…

 Plus, these sleeves are so long and baggy that it feels like I’m being hugged by Aqua all over.

 Uh, this might be bad….

 ”I-I’ll go change.”

 Phew. I almost dirtied the short jeans I was about to try on.

 Thanks to Kanon-san’s advice, I had put on a pad beforehand.

 Responsible Kanon-san compiled her own experiences and stories she heard from other wives to create a manual in case anyone gets asked out by Aqua, distributing it to everyone in the class.

 It detailed everything from pre-date preparation to what to do after the first “s*x” encounter, even including contact information afterward.

 ’Shumi’s really into data. But with someone like him, you never know what unexpected thing might happen. He’s always pulling those classic moves on you.’

 ’When it comes to manuals, it’s Shumi. Shumi and manuals go hand in hand. But me? I’m Morikawa Kaede, the girl who never reads manuals.’

 When they handed me that manual, I remembered seeing Kaede-chan and Emily-san getting grabbed by the head from behind by Kotono-san, saying, “You two better read it carefully. Mary can easily memorize it, right?”

 I wonder if those two had a good time with Aqua because of that manual. I mean, I wanted to read it properly too, but those long-winded comments from Kanon-san about Aqua sprinkled throughout make it so exhausting.

 Kohina-senpai and Emily-san said it’s okay to skip all that extra stuff, but I still try to read it all just in case there’s something useful in there, even though Lapis-chan said she reads it all too. I want to believe it’s just those two who skip through it.

 But even though I’ve read over half of this dictionary-sized manual, there wasn’t anything useful written in Kanon-san’s favorite syntax.

 ”Thanks. Are you sure it’s good?”

 ”Yeah. Because I recommended it since I want Ayana to wear it.”

 Hehe, I’m happy.

 Getting clothes from Aqua… no, from someone you like, makes me this happy.

 ”Hey, it’s not fair if I’m the only one getting stuff, so let me give you something too.”

 Lies… Actually, I wanted Aqua to wear something I bought.


 Yes! I thought he might refuse, but Aqua gives me a calm and gentle smile.

 ”Just wait a moment.”

 Hmm, what should I do?

 I think Aqua’s private clothes are all Corolle clothes from John-san.

 Hmm… I look around. At that moment, I spot a pair of sneakers nearby.

 So, the other day…

 ’Yesterday, on the social media trend ranking, there was something about Tenga-senpai going on a date.’

 ’Oh yeah, I remember that.’

 Everyone in the class perked up their ears to listen to the conversation between Toa-chan and Aqua in the corner of the classroom.

 ’Tenga-senpai said he was going to buy new shoes, so I went with him to look at them.’

 ’Hmm, now that you mention it, Aqua doesn’t really buy clothes, but when it comes to shoes… or rather, sneakers, you buy quite a lot.’

 ’Yeah! Corolle provides all the clothes for me, so the only things I buy myself are shoes. I don’t have a contract for shoes. And I also just really like sneakers, you know? Plus, my foundation holds charity auctions, so…’

 ’I see.’

 So, because of the counseling session at the resolution night the other day, Aqua started doing charity auctions where he signs the sneakers he wore for people with mobility issues.

 That money seems to be used for things like adding ramps to public facilities, buying wheelchairs and prosthetics to distribute to those in need, and advancing medical care.

 Aqua wants to do things right away, but Kanon-san is amazing at turning ideas into reality quickly. Setting aside the meaningless long text, the closer you get to Aqua, the more you realize that it’s impossible for anyone other than Kanon-san to be Aqua’s wife. Though, she’s being played with by everyone on the internet…

 No, actually, I remember one time when Emily-san, who was stepping side to side, was teased by Kanon-san with questions like “How are you feeling now? Hey, hey, how are you feeling now?” and Emily-san was shaking with fear. Later on, I vividly recall seeing Announcer Kaede, who was next to Emily-san, getting scolded by Kotono-san after being dragged into the situation.

 It feels like those two are always being scolded by Kotono-san. Or maybe I just have bad timing when I see them.

 After finishing my reminiscence, I head over to Aqua’s place with the sneakers.

 ”Hey, what about these?”

 ”Oh, these are nice!”

 Aqua tries on the sneakers I handed him.

 Even if sneakers aren’t Aqua’s usual style, I thought they could still be helpful if he signed them and donated them to charity.

 ”Oh, they fit perfectly.”

 Aqua spins around after putting on the sneakers.

 At first glance, they just look like plain white sneakers, but there’s a moon-like mark made of the same fabric on the side. It’s just the brand’s logo, but I like how it subtly adds a personal touch.

 ”How do they look?”

 ”They suit you really well.”

 ”Then, should I wear these?”

 Aqua says that, and the store clerk cuts the tag off. Then, they put the shoes he wore today into a box instead.

 While all of this was happening, I hurried to pay the bill. I mean, if I don’t hurry, Aqua might end up paying for my gift himself.

 ”How are you feeling? Not tired?”

 ”Oh, I might be a little thirsty from talking too much.”

 ”Well then, should we take a break somewhere?”

 I saw a hotel nearby with “Rest” written on it and my heart started pounding.

 Oh no, me and my silly thoughts! Why did my eyes have to wander to that place today of all days!

 ”What about that place over there?”

 Aqua pointed to the hotel with “Rest” written on it.

 Oh, um, wait! I mean, it’s fine to take a rest there, but I’m not mentally prepared yet, and, um, it’s still midday and going to a hotel with men and women mingling, it just doesn’t feel right for a girl my age, it’s embarrassing… Aahhhh! If only I had read the manual properly until the end.

 Um, I read just the adult part first, but I haven’t finished reading the rest yet, so I don’t know what to do.

 ”I’ve been here before, and it was good.”

 W-who with!? Of course I can’t ask that.

 Agh! Ayana Tsukimachi! I’ve decided to brace myself as a woman from now on!

 I even brought extra underwear and a sleepover set just in case.

 I am grateful in my heart to Kanon-san for creating the manual and to the other predecessors who shared their valuable experiences with me. But after reading the manual, I decided to write in the survey that the long sentences were unnecessary. Because if that hadn’t been there, I would have definitely finished reading the manual to the end.


 I take a deep breath and grab Aqua’s hand.

 Ah, I’m going to be embraced by Aqua today….

 Thinking that, Aqua drags me to the café next to the hotel.

 Huh? Th, that way!?

 I blush, having jumped to conclusions too quickly.

 ”I think I’ll have peach lemonade. What about you, Ayana?”

 ”T-then, I’ll have strawberry soda.”

 It’s such a cute little shop.

 Did Kanon-san come here with him after all?

 Or did he come with another cute girl? Places like this are usually only used for dates, right?

 I stare at Aqua intently.

 ”Hm? Is something wrong?”

 ”N-nothing. I just wondered who you came with, that’s all.”

 Ahhh! I blurted out a weird lie to cover up my embarrassment.

 Even though we’re not dating or anything, it’s so clingy to ask who he came with!!

 I’m such an idiot!


 Aqua looks into the distance.

 I wonder what’s wrong?

 ”I came here with Shintaro while we were shopping.”

 Aqua made a face as if to say, “Don’t ask me anymore.”

 Uh… yeah. It’s a bit embarrassing for two boys to be in this store.

 ”And for some reason, we ended up ordering the wrong thing and drank this together with Shintaro.”

 Well, if it’s embarrassing, you don’t have to say it… What? ‘Best Friends Juice’?

 It says it’s for best friends to drink together, but what kind of juice is this, I wonder.

 Aqua silently gestured with his thumb in a different direction.

 Oh, that table… hey, there’s one juice with two straws?

 ”Imagine the pain in the hearts of Shintaro and me as we drank that together.”

 Uh, yeah.

 I couldn’t say anything in the face of Aqua’s serious expression that I had never seen before.

 ”Oh, this is good.”

 ”Yeah, mine’s delicious too. Want to try it?”

 Was it because I was distracted? I absentmindedly turned the straw I had been drinking from towards Aqua, like I would with a female friend.

 Oh, oh, oh, what should I do… I might have made a mistake. I thought so, but Aqua said “thank you” and leaned his face towards the straw.

 Mm… Aqua’s lips overlapped with my faint pink lipstick and bite marks on the straw.

 It was just a few seconds, maybe not even three seconds. But that time felt like hours.

 ”Oh, the strawberry soda was good too. I don’t usually drink this kind of thing, but it was delicious. Thank you.”

 I swallowed hard, then turned my gaze to the drink Aqua was holding.

 ”Are you interested in mine? It’s fine. Here.”

 Oh no no no no no no no! Wait, wait! That’s not it! It’s not like that!!

 It’s not like that… But it’s not like that! Ugh!

 While suppressing the pounding of my heart, I leaned towards the straw of the drink Aqua offered.


 I tilt my head upwards and sip my drink while wondering how Aqua sees me.

 I couldn’t help but feel Aqua’s gaze on my lips.

 Maybe he’s conscious of me? Thinking that, I feel a little at ease.

 ”Th-thank you. It was really delicious.”

 ”Ah, yeah.”

 Both Aqua and I turn our faces away at the same time.


 Feeling too embarrassed to say anything, I focus intently on drinking the juice with the straw in my mouth.

 It’s the same straw Aqua was using earlier, but I try not to think about it too much.

 Aqua in front of me also finishes his juice in silence.

 ”T-this is practically s*x.”

 ”I want to spread it on social media for fans, but it’s private, so I have to keep quiet…”

 ”Block the window on the aisle side! We have to guard against the weekly magazine reporters taking photos!!”

 ”It’s okay, look outside. There are already security guards out there.”


 ”Looks like the Holy Aqua Religion is here too. They’re putting up barriers around the shops to create a territory where regular people can’t enter while handing out flyers and asking people to pray together.”

 People around us were glancing at us and whispering something.

 Oh no, how embarrassing! I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up from my seat.

 ”Let’s go!”

 I reached out my hand to Aqua.


 We quickly paid the bill and left the shop.

 Ugh, today feels like the most embarrassing day.

 But maybe thanks to that, I felt like I could relax a little more.

 ”Come on, the date has just started, so you have to stick with me all day today.”

 I playfully pushed Aqua forward with our usual distance.

 Hehe, I saw Kohina-senpai always doing this to Aqua, so I decided to copy her.

 ”Leave it to me!”

 Aqua turned towards me and smiled as usual.

 In this way, Aqua and I had a rare day off and enjoyed a date, just the two of us.

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