Male Idol V13c4-2

Volume 13 Chapter 4 Bulletin Board, Don’t Mix!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Part 2/2]
[Celebrating First Lead Role] “Nocturnal Darkness” Chill Livestream Thread [Aqua-kun Will Also Appear!]
423 Anonymous
Misuzu! Ahead! Ahead!!
424 Anonymous
Ah, this is Dameshima
425 Anonymous
This, is Dameshima
426 Anonymous
Is Misuzu-san clumsy? Note note
427 Anonymous
Kanae, I completely agree
428 Anonymous
I also go to the infirmary’s office many times
429 Anonymous
Kanae, everyone in the country thinks the same way, lol
430 Anonymous
Is Kanae our spokesperson, lol?
431 Anonymous
The kitty is here!
432 Anonymous
Cats, cats!
433 Anonymous
You wouldn’t expect to get numbers when you release a cat, right?
434 Anonymous
This cat has a nice face, LOL!
435 Anonymous
This cat is quite the talented actress, huh?
436 Anonymous
Has a big newcomer arrived in the cat world?
437 Anonymous
The voice is nice too
It’s a little low, which I like
438 Anonymous
Well, Ayaka has stopped pretending
439 Anonymous
Did Ayaka stop pretending?
440 Anonymous
Ayaka was actually a shitty girl, lol!
441 Anonymous
Her true nature is showing, lol!
442 Anonymous
From Kohina Yukari’s social media
This is the cat who ate my salted mackerel!!
443 Anonymous
444 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
445 Anonymous
Wow, did Kohina Yukari’s rival just show up like that!
446 Anonymous
They say rivals can come from unexpected places, but this is seriously unexpected LOL
447 Anonymous
From Mutsumiya Seijuu’s reply
There might be a chance
448 Anonymous
No way LOL
449 Anonymous
LOL, that’s funny!
450 Anonymous
Who would have thought that Kohina Yukari would be threatened by someone as an actress. Is it really the cat after all?
451 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is here!
452 Anonymous
453 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, your use of expressions has improved
454 Anonymous
Even though the other is a monster (bakemono), Shin-chan is also growing!!
455 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun, if you think about it, it’s amazing that he started as a daikon radish!!
456 Anonymous
Even in the interview for Heaven’s Sword, he said he didn’t want to overshadow Aqua with his acting
I like that about Mayushin-kun
457 Anonymous
Taking off his glasses was a great decision
It made his expressions better
458 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is growing well, and it makes this big sister happy
459 Anonymous
Even though there are many monsters around Mayuzumi-kun, it’s nice to see him growing steadily at his own pace without rushing
460 Anonymous
461 Anonymous
Personally, I admire Aqua-sama, but he’s too fast-paced, so Mayuzumi-kun is just right
462 Anonymous
So, when we look at Ayaka..
463 Anonymous
I get how Ayaka feels..
If you go to a good university because everyone around you says you’re smart, you end up feeling defeated when you see that everyone around you is really amazing. Mayuzumi-kun is awesome
464 Anonymous
465 Anonymous
466 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huff, huff, huff, is this from some kind of play!?
467 Anonymous
Did a naughty scene come!?
468 Anonymous
Makishima is here!!
469 Anonymous
Makishima, it’s just naughty scenes all the time!!
470 Anonymous
Makishima, understood, more naughty scenes!!
471 Anonymous
The staff is doing great
472 Anonymous
Is this really okay? Wow!
473 Anonymous
It’s Eroshima..
474 Anonymous
Eroshima, LMAO!
475 Anonymous
476 Anonymous
477 Anonymous
Hey, Ayaka, change there!
478 Anonymous
Actresses are amazing
If that happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to act, I’d just go crazy, lol
479 Anonymous
480 Anonymous
481 Anonymous
Suddenly, I can’t relax anymore
482 Anonymous
I can’t handle the live thread anymore
483 Anonymous
ERO Aqua-sama!!
484 Anonymous
485 Anonymous
That looks painful
486 Anonymous
It looks painful, but if it’s Aqua-sama playing, there might be a chance
487 Anonymous
Is this what they call a real fair trade?
In exchange for Aqua-sama touching you, you have to break one or two of your fingers
488 Anonymous
So you can get Aqua-sama to touch you ten times because you have ten fingers!?
489 Anonymous
Stop it
490 Anonymous
Wow, the people on this bulletin board really know their stuff
491 Anonymous
Oh no…
492 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is amazing
493 Anonymous
It feels like we’ve entered a whole new level after what happened earlier
494 Anonymous
I never expected Aqua-sama to take on a role like this…
495 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah…!
496 Anonymous
I feel like I’m going crazy
497 Anonymous
No way, no way, no way. I like Aqua, but I can’t handle the pain
498 Anonymous
Oh, yeah, I get it. I’m into that too
499 Anonymous
Oh, wait, I like this kind of Aqua
I want to be treated like a toy. Of course, in a naughty way too
500 Anonymous
I want to be taken by this kind of Aqua
501 Anonymous
Oh, I might like this kind of Aqua more
Maybe because I have strong desires for being taken forcefully
502 Anonymous
I understand. You want to make him do it even if we resist
503 Anonymous
I like being hurt, so I’m totally into it
504 Anonymous
Agreed. It’s like the pain is a reward from the master or a way of marking territory, isn’t it?
505 Anonymous
Hey, guys, this can’t be true, right?
506 Anonymous
Can the people on the bulletin board even split into two groups? Lol
507 Anonymous
The reaction on social media is crazy
Famous people are tweeting for and against it
508 Anonymous
Looks like social media is about to crash again
Even though they just upgraded the server
509 Anonymous
Confirmed that Kohina Yukari, Ayana-chan, and Kanon-sama are absent
510 Anonymous
Morikawa was also absent
511 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
So, like, are there other people who wrote the script?
Like, 2 or 3 people mixed in?
Makishima’s lines just feel off
512 Anonymous
513 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei is investigating!?
514 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Yeah… By the way, I don’t like this kind of him
But as a character, I like him. In fact, I really like him
But I think boys should be kind
515 Anonymous
Got it, sensei
516 Verification Team *010meTA473
Makishima is kinda sneaky, you know. Overall
That’s probably why I don’t like him. And he tries to shift the focus and manipulate person
517 Anonymous
Oh, I understand, I understand
518 Anonymous
What did he say again…?
519 Anonymous
What did he just say?
520 Anonymous
521 Anonymous
You’re the lip-reading expert, Neki, right!!
522 Anonymous
I’ll stay quiet because I want you to enjoy the story
523 Anonymous
Thanks for considering others
524 Anonymous
Isn’t this the Hoge Wave Research Institute!!
525 Anonymous
Thanks to Morikawa, the Hoge Wave Research Institute has become a tourist spot!!
526 Anonymous
Here we go again with a battle
527 Anonymous
I thought it would be more of a battle using special abilities, but it’s just like a powerful battle scene from an old States movie. It’s awesome
528 Anonymous
Nice. I prefer this kind of thing
It feels like they’re really communicating through their physical actions
529 Anonymous
I wonder if you can’t freely use those special abilities multiple times?
It feels like that
530 Anonymous
The police are here!!
531 Anonymous
Useless police are here!!
532 Anonymous
Is he using Shinozaki as a hostage to prevent them from intervening?
533 Anonymous
I wonder who that person in the scene is
534 Anonymous
I wonder who those three women from earlier were
535 Anonymous
Is it a hint?
536 Anonymous
Go for it, Mayuzumi-kun!
537 Anonymous
Do your best, Mayuzumi-kun!
538 Anonymous
What is Mayuzumi-kun’s special ability?
539 Anonymous
I don’t know
540 Anonymous
There’s no evidence that it has been used yet
541 Anonymous
542 Anonymous
The action scene just now was cool!
543 Anonymous
Hmm, you need quite a bit of muscle for that, right?
544 Anonymous
Is it really a girl doing this?
The intensity of the scene from earlier was quite something
545 Anonymous
The camera work is good too, so I don’t know
546 Anonymous
The scene earlier was powerful, like Aqu-tan
547 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san’s struggling expression is good
548 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san has become skilled
549 Anonymous
The growth of the guys is amazing
Everyone has improved since Aqua-kun appeared
550 Anonymous
Yeah, really
551 Anonymous
Will the day come when the guys dominate the drama and movie awards?
552 Anonymous
To achieve that, we need actors who can support, even if they can’t stand alongside Aqua-kun
Just like Kohina Yukari, who defeated Mikuni-sama in a united effort, the best work cannot be created by one person’s efforts alone
553 Anonymous
554 Anonymous
What’s going on?
555 Anonymous
Computer explosion!?
556 Anonymous
Oh, social media is down
557 Anonymous
Haha, that’s funny
558 Anonymous
Perfect timing, right? Haha
559 Anonymous
Bad news, the main server of social media got blown up. LOL
560 Anonymous
Poor social media-chan
561 Anonymous
Mai’s here!
562 Anonymous
Mai, the highlight in her eyes is completely gone…
563 Anonymous
It’s amazing how Natsuki-san’s sparkling eyes can turn into this
564 Anonymous
Sana has real talent
565 Anonymous
Mai-chan is furious!
566 Anonymous
You’re really angry, huh!
567 Anonymous
I didn’t know she could act like this
Natsuki-san is really talented
She’s the type of actress that Kohina Yukari likes to use
568 Anonymous
What’s amazing about this is that she’s doing this in just one guest appearance
569 Anonymous
Yeah, really
570 Anonymous
Are you guys watching the aspiring rookie actors?
f you don’t put in this much effort, you’ll disappear quickly. More than experienced actors
From an experienced person
571 Anonymous
I was planning to say that if she was a bad actress, it must be a favor or a compromise, but she’s actually really good and I’ve become a fan
572 Anonymous
Yeah, that happens a lot, lol
573 Anonymous
There’s no girl who dislikes a hardworking girl!
But, there are jerks who used to bully Ayana-chan
574 Anonymous
575 Anonymous
576 Anonymous
Oh no
577 Anonymous
Did Ayaka die?
578 Anonymous
It’s the natural outcome, as expected
579 Anonymous
Ah, Mai is completely broken
580 Anonymous
Mai’s powers are completely out of control
581 Anonymous
Something snapped when she killed her mom, huh?
582 Anonymous
Ah, for a moment, I saw Haa-sama with Mutsumiya-san!
583 Anonymous
Haa-chan-sama is the only source of comfort
584 Anonymous
Makishima, you’re the worst!!
585 Anonymous
Yes, everyone, this is the culprit!
586 Anonymous
It’s all Makishima’s fault!
587 Anonymous
That’s right
588 Anonymous
No, Ayaka is definitely the worst, but it’s true that Makishima is the next worst
589 Anonymous
590 Anonymous
Mating…between men?
591 Anonymous
592 Anonymous
So, is there a chance for Toa-chan and Aqua-sama too?
593 Anonymous
594 Anonymous
Gotta take the medicine!!
595 Anonymous
I didn’t hear anything about needing medicine!!
596 Anonymous
Aqtoa, Aqtoa!
597 Anonymous
Toaqua, Toaqua!!
598 Anonymous
Government announcement: In relation to Aqtoa and Toaqua, please do not call an ambulance under any circumstances
599 Anonymous
Government announcements are so funny lol
600 Anonymous
601 Anonymous
The staff who came up with this must be a genius
602 Anonymous
Wait a minute, does this mean Mai is the child of Toda and Takaaki?
603 Anonymous
That’s right
604 Anonymous
That’s what the research was about
605 Anonymous
So the Server is fake then
606 Anonymous
607 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s acting is unreal, it’s impossible
608 Anonymous
Scary, scary
609 Anonymous
I can hear voices from the neighboring church going crazy
Are they okay saying things like “Hail the birth of the evil god”?
That girl there seemed so serious..
610 Anonymous
611 Anonymous
The Stars Orthodox is the Holy Aqua Religion, so give up
612 Anonymous
Ah, I don’t mind being an evil god if I’m Aqu-tan
613 Anonymous
I can love Aqu-tan like this!
614 Anonymous
Wow, totally crazy!
615 Anonymous
This is not a typical villain story. It’s completely insane
616 Anonymous
I can be Aqua-sama like this too
617 Anonymous
Ah, I like pain and I like boys who are crazy
618 Anonymous
I want to be this kind of man’s toy
Other men are basically no good, but I want someone as cool as Aqua-sama
619 Anonymous
It’s dangerous when combined with Aqua-sama’s charm that ruins women
620 Anonymous
I didn’t expect this Aqua-sama
621 Anonymous
The live commentary thread is no good anymore
At least we can still have conversations here
622 Anonymous
It seems like people have different opinions about this Aqua-tan
623 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Hmm, personally, I like this character as part of the work, but it’s not that great
Kenzaki is better, after all
624 Anonymous
Aqua-tan is too dark
625 Anonymous
Who cast Aqua-sama for such a terrible role? LOL
626 Anonymous
You know, if it were any other guy, it would have just been unpleasant
But Aqua-tan’s acting skills and charm make the character really messed up
There’s this mysterious charm that makes you want to be corrupted by a guy like him
627 Anonymous
I guess it’s impossible for Nee-san too
628 Anonymous
Really, huh
629 Anonymous
630 Anonymous
You said what I wanted to say
631 Anonymous
632 Anonymous
633 Anonymous
Did this person really talk with such a smile to a dead body?
634 Anonymous
Shinozaki-san was dead…
635 Anonymous
No, no way. This Aqu-tan is impossible
636 Verification Team *010meTA473
Makishima wants to roleplay, but Mai is the one who actually got her hands dirty
I really dislike this kind of cowardly and cunning behavior. I really, really dislike it
If Aqua-sama were to become truly evil, I feel like he would do everything with his own hands
As a work, it’s interesting and the character is good, but… I don’t really like it
But, the fact that he makes me feel that way is what makes Aqua-sama’s acting so skillful!!
637 Anonymous
There’s this character named Makishima who messes with the emotions of girls
638 Anonymous
Are the new students starting in April going to be okay?
They better recover before the entrance ceremony!
639 Anonymous
Yeah, I think so too
640 Anonymous
641 Anonymous
In the end, they’re praising Aqua-sama. Hilarious!
642 Anonymous
It’s impressive how Shumi can make Aqua-sama accept anyone, but she still dislikes him
643 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi is the type who would unexpectedly stop and punch someone
644 Anonymous
Yeah, what about you?
645 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’ll use my justice (sexual) skills to bring back the evil lord to the path of erotica!
646 Anonymous
The kanji for “justice” is different, lol
647 Anonymous
Ah, yeah
648 Anonymous
You’re amazing. Just stay the way you are
649 Anonymous
Hagetoru is really funny, lol
650 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
If it’s not Makishima but Aqua-kun, it feels like it would have ended with us playing sports together!
651 Anonymous
This is the answer, right? lol
652 Anonymous
I can imagine that it’s saving everyone’s hearts, lol
653 Anonymous
My Aa-sama has to be like this after all!!
654 Anonymous
Chinposuki is getting closest to the truth, lol
655 Anonymous
Verification Team is really good
656 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, the person you passed by is the main culprit!!
657 Anonymous
So, does that mean Aqua-sama is not at fault and Makishima is entirely to blame?
658 Anonymous
659 Anonymous
No, they’re both at fault LOL
660 Anonymous
When I look at Takaaki’s expression, it seems like he knew everything
661 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san didn’t have any lines, but his acting was good
Everything was conveyed properly. He knew everything and still accepted Ayaka and Mai
662 Anonymous
Now people are saying Takaaki is the best guy
663 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s scene where he’s frustrated was also good
664 Anonymous
The ED title is here!!
665 Anonymous
Actually, this is the OP song, not the ED song
Aqu-tan’s new song is great!
666 Anonymous
Nyan Nyan, Shirogane Shiro!?
667 Anonymous
Shirogane Shiro!?
668 Anonymous
Hey, is this for real!!
669 Anonymous
Is that Aqua-sama’s cat!?
670 Anonymous
671 Anonymous
Yukishiro Mikuni makes a guest appearance!?
672 Anonymous
Parent-child collaboration is happening!!
673 Anonymous
Koguma-senpai seems frustrated, lol
674 Anonymous
Mikuni-sama, it’s great that you’re in the same work
675 Anonymous
So those three people in the background, huh
676 Anonymous
Emily-sama is here, yay!!
677 Anonymous
Toa-chan is here, woohoo!!
678 Anonymous
So it was Emily-sama, lol
679 Verification Team *010meTA473
No, I didn’t know…
680 Anonymous
Emily-sama, you’re too skilled, lol
681 Anonymous
You can produce such a low voice. You could be a voice actor
682 Anonymous
What are Emily-chan’s specs?!
683 Anonymous
Inko otome game
684 Anonymous
Toa-chan played a role where he was attacked, amazing
685 Anonymous
Hey! Can someone please record the voice of the scene where he was attacked?!
686 Anonymous
They’re trying to air it late at night, lol
687 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh? Shumi-san didn’t know?
688 Anonymous
This person is trolling, lol
689 Anonymous
It’s better not to hang out with friends like this. Yeah
690 Anonymous
No one understands it, just like Shumi, lol
Even the voice actress Saijo Shiori praises it
691 Anonymous
Shimizu Kisuka-sensei is the one who came up with the concept and the story. It’s really good, after all
692 Anonymous
Hara o Kiru (Commit Seppuku) was good too, but this seems good as well
693 Anonymous
The first episode is about Yakumo-sensei, lol
694 Anonymous
Is it really Yakumo-sensei?
695 Anonymous
Wow, Yakumo-sensei is amazing!
696 Anonymous
Yakumo-sensei, you’re also good at dark stuff, right?
697 Anonymous
Tsukasa Kei LMAO
698 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei, what do you mean by only directing Makishima?
699 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei, she’s here to toy with the bulletin board users
700 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Was it Tsukasa-sensei who was in charge of Makishima’s lines?
That makes sense
701 Anonymous
She’s completely here to mess with our emotions
702 Anonymous
Doesn’t Tsukasa-sensei have a high level of hostility towards the readers?
703 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei is cheating
704 Anonymous
705 Anonymous
When I saw this, I totally understood it, haha!
706 Anonymous
Wow, Tsukasa-sensei is amazing!
707 Verification Team *010meTA473
I heard about Tsukasa-sensei and I totally get it now
708 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei, you predicted it right, lol!
709 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei is awesome, wow!
You’re truly a pro
710 Anonymous
Wait, I missed it because of the impact of the script, but Tenga-senpai is the stuntman!!
711 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai did stunts, for real!?
712 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is seriously aiming to become an action star
713 Anonymous
That’s how amazing Tsukasa-sensei is already
714 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, do your best!!
715 Anonymous
It was Director Hongou in the first episode
716 Anonymous
Did Director Hongou change the camera work?
717 Anonymous
It was different from usual, right? It was good though
718 Anonymous
It felt a bit like the States’ movies
719 Anonymous
The C part is hereeeee!
720 Anonymous
So, it’s Director Motomura. This person also makes intense works, right?
721 Anonymous
The C part!?
722 Anonymous
Makishima is hereeeee!
723 Anonymous
724 Anonymous
Makishima, a lawyer!?
725 Anonymous
Stop it!
726 Anonymous
Don’t increase the number of victims anymore!!
727 Anonymous
Girl, run away!
728 Anonymous
Don’t get involved with that person!
729 Anonymous
730 Anonymous
It’s too cruel to end it here
731 Anonymous
I’m happy to see Aqua-sama in a suit, but Makishima is dangerous!
732 Anonymous
Makishima is a character who messes with us
733 Anonymous
I want to be messed up by someone like Makishima too
734 Anonymous
735 Anonymous
There’s something that attracts children with a strong desire for destruction
736 Anonymous
I can hear a mysterious prayer-like sound from the Holy Aqua Religion, but I wonder if it’s okay?
737 Anonymous
Don’t get too close!!
738 Anonymous
I hear something about Utopia
739 Anonymous
They’re completely crazy
740 Anonymous
What’s going on here…?
741 Anonymous
Even though it just ended, I already want to see the next one
742 Anonymous
It’s tough having to wait a whole week for the next one
743 Anonymous
Oh noooooo!
744 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei is definitely playing with us, lol
745 Anonymous
Don’t compare Aqua-sama and Tsukasa-sensei
746 Anonymous
Social media is back, lol
747 Anonymous
Makishima is trending at number 1, Tsukasa-sensei at number 2, LMAO
748 Anonymous
Even though it’s Mayuzumi-kun’s starring drama, Makishima is making a strong impact, lol
749 Anonymous
It’s popular even among the Stars
750 Anonymous
Seems like it’s getting attention in the States too
I think I would like this kind of thing
751 Anonymous
Go for it, Mayuzumi-kun, give it your all!!
With Makishima’s high level of completion, Mikuni-sama joining in, and everyone around being talented. The staff is amazing too
This is a huge opportunity for Mayuzumi-kun
752 Anonymous
753 Anonymous
Personally, I hope he doesn’t put too much pressure on himself
754 Anonymous
But I still like the natural Mayushin-kun. No need to rush
755 Anonymous
On the other hand, there is a theory that it’s good to be Mayuzumi-kun
Because Toa-chan is also the type who gets nervous, there is a possibility that if Aqua-kun is not always by Mayuzumi-kun’s side, he would have been spinning his wheels and not able to act naturally
756 Anonymous
That’s possible
757 Anonymous
Did Shumi go to sleep?
758 Anonymous
Yes, Shumi went to sleep
759 Anonymous
Did Shumi go to sleep? Lol
760 Anonymous
Nee-san also went to sleep
761 Anonymous
Shumi went to sleep while complaining about social media. Lol
762 Anonymous
There are still quite a few relaxed threads left
763 Anonymous
The main live commentary thread and other threads were filled with incomprehensible words
This place was really good
764 Anonymous
Fill it up
765 Anonymous
Fill it up more
766 Anonymous
Fill it up a lot
767 Anonymous
You’re filling it up too quickly, lol
768 Anonymous
Makishima really took everything
769 Anonymous
Yeah, for real
770 Anonymous
I can’t sleep with this confusion, lol
771 Anonymous
You shouldn’t be posting this late at night, lol
772 Anonymous
Look outside, everyone’s got their lights on, LOL
773 Anonymous
Well, it’s currently late Friday night at 3 AM
774 Anonymous
Don’t let this affect you tomorrow, lol
775 Anonymous
776 Anonymous
Got some breaking news
777 Anonymous
What is it, what is it?
778 Anonymous
Aqua-sama attacked The Saint’s headquarters!?
779 Anonymous
Hey! Huh!?
780 Anonymous
Real Makishima is hereeeee!!
781 Anonymous
Seriously, with the Aqua army, did they really spray a fire extinguisher at the publishing company’s building?
782 Anonymous
783 Anonymous
Hey, all programs have switched to an emergency special program
784 Anonymous
Hey hey hey
785 Anonymous
Shumi and Nee-san, wake up!!
786 Anonymous
Wake uppppp!!
787 Anonymous
Shumi, your Master (Danna-sama) is in big trouble!!
788 Anonymous
What’s happening?
789 Anonymous
In other countries, there was an incident on Friday, and it’s being reported as the “Friday Attack Incident.”
790 Anonymous
Hey, hey, what’s happening?
791 Anonymous
I can’t sleep anymore…
792 Anonymous
The members of the attack are Morikawa Kaede and Prime Minister Habu, lol
793 Anonymous
Where did you get that information?
794 Anonymous
795 Anonymous
On the national broadcaster, they’re still confirming the information, lol
796 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I panicked
Please stay calm until accurate information comes out
797 Anonymous
The Stars broadcast revealed the members of the attack
It seems that Emily-sama also participated
798 Anonymous
What’s going on!!
799 Anonymous
Something about the interview being too intense and Victoria-sama getting injured or not injured
800 Anonymous
Well, that’s not good
801 Anonymous
Huh? Why, The Saint?
The Saint wouldn’t do something like that
802 Anonymous
It seems like they mistook it for another publishing company, or the person leading the way got lost
They realized it was the wrong place after they arrived, lol
803 Anonymous
What the heck, lol
804 Anonymous
They totally got caught in the crossfire, lol
805 Anonymous
You shouldn’t let someone with no sense of direction give directions, lol
806 Anonymous
So why did they end up spraying the fire extinguisher?
807 Anonymous
Breaking news!
808 Anonymous
Breaking news!!!
809 Anonymous
Apparently, there was a fire at The Saint’s building where I happened to attack, so I used a fire extinguisher
810 Anonymous
This person is causing too much trouble
811 Anonymous
They’re just helping people, nothing special lol
812 Anonymous
By the way, where did this happen?
813 Anonymous
Sentence Spring
814 Anonymous
It’s fine if that place gets destroyed
815 Anonymous
Alright, disband
816 Anonymous
LOL, it’s a garbage company publishing
817 Anonymous
Released due to insufficient evidence, LMAO
818 Anonymous
What is the Friday attack incident all about..
819 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Confirmed. It seems to be okay for now
The claim of attacking the publishing company was a misunderstanding. It seems they went to protest because there were injuries
Or rather, they just wanted to say, “Come and interview me properly,” or they went to be interviewed themselves..
820 Anonymous
Oh, as expected of Aqua-sama
821 Anonymous
Just like Shumi said, Aqua-sama is straightforward and punches people
822 Anonymous
That’s great
823 Verification Team *010meTA473
Huh? Did something happen?
824 Anonymous
Something happened, but it’s already over
825 Anonymous
Since it’s over, you can go to sleep now
826 Anonymous
Disband, disband
827 Anonymous
I’m glad Aqua-sama isn’t Makishima
828 Anonymous
If it were Makishima, he would have blown up the publishing company. Lol
829 Anonymous
There’s breaking news again!!
830 Anonymous
What is it this time!?
831 Anonymous
Breaking news, Aqua-kun from Otomezaki Academy got into too much trouble, so he will be suspended for one week starting from the new semester
832 Anonymous
833 Anonymous
Yeah, it is
834 Anonymous
It’s funny that he’s finally coming back
835 Anonymous
While he’s suspended, he should focus on making babies or something
836 Anonymous
It’s getting out of hand
837 Anonymous
I’m suddenly feeling tired
838 Anonymous
I’m going to sleep
839 Anonymous
Goodnight, everyone
840 Anonymous
It’s almost morning in just a few hours..
841 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Sorry, the server is slow, so I’ll be doing maintenance
842 Anonymous
Take care, Saba-chan
843 Anonymous
Thank you always, Saba-chan
844 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Beep, beep, the server is currently undergoing maintenance
It’s scheduled to be restored on Saturday morning at 7 o’clock, so everyone make sure to get a good night’s sleep!
Well then, goodnight! *Snore*…

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