Male Idol V13c4

Volume 13 Chapter 4 Bulletin Board, Don’t Mix!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Part 1/2]
[Celebrating First Lead Role] “Nocturnal Darkness” Chill Livestream Thread [Aqua-kun Will Also Appear!]
1 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Looking forward to Aqua-sama’s villain role! Go Mayuzumi-kun!
Also, please stop spamming the Stars board with flag emojis and udon noodle songs, big sisters
2 Anonymous
It’s Mayuzumi-kun’s starring drama!
Good job, Saba-chan. Sorry, sorry
3 Anonymous
Everyone, think about Saba-chan’s workload!
Also, thanks for starting the Saba-chan thread
4 Anonymous
People on the board were joking around even during The Saint’s pre-survey, huh? LOL
Saba-chan, nice job!
5 Anonymous
Is it okay for minors to be on a late-night drama? It’s in Japan, so is it okay!
Good job, good job!
6 Anonymous
I’ll post the template, okay?
Pre-survey on “The Saint”
Top vote for representative: Great Kaiju Yukari-gon
Top vote for national anthem: The song of Great Kaiju Yukari-gon
Top vote for national flag: The flag where Great Kaiju Yukari-gon slurps udon
Comment from the editor-in-chief
Please don’t cause trouble, bulletin board users
7 Anonymous
I feel sorry for the editor-in-chief of “The Saint” LOL
But the crappy system that allows one person to vote multiple times is the problem
Because of that, the top 10 representatives are Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, Mast***ion Hagetoru, Shumi the Maiden, Koguma-senpai, Wild Kohina Yukari, Wild Morikawa Kaede, Chinposuki, Cunn* Nee-san, Hogekawa Kaede, and Gorikawa Kaede
8 Anonymous
Well, it’s Japan, so whatever!
If it’s Japan, it’s fine
If it’s Japan, can’t be helped
Seems like this has been trending recently, or rather, there are forces trying to make it trendy
9 Anonymous
Lately, why is Japan being treated like a sensitive issue by the world?
10 Anonymous
It’s because of the person in the right frame of the thread title
11 Anonymous
In my Stars school class, they told us to run away if we see a Japanese person. It’s ridiculous, right?
It’s only a small part that’s like that!!
12 Anonymous
Don’t worry, the world just hasn’t caught up yet
They’ll get used to it eventually, like us
13 Anonymous
Exactly, once they reach our level, they’ll start seeing Aqua-sama’s antics with the eyes of a mom watching her child grow. The world should hurry up and become like that too
14 Anonymous
Hey, stop it! Don’t raise any flags!
15 Anonymous
The most dangerous time is when you’re overconfident
by Veteran Citizen of the City Pleasure
16 Anonymous
That’s convincing, lol
17 Anonymous
No, no, we’ve definitely grown too!
18 Anonymous
19 Anonymous
Hey, hey, while we’re talking about that, it’s starting!!
20 Verification Team *07218KADO6
21 Anonymous
Someone’s here
22 Anonymous
Oh, speaking of which, where’s Shumi?
23 Anonymous
Isn’t that kid sleeping like a puppy?
24 Anonymous
Hey, hey, she’s already becoming a mom, but she’s still a kid?
25 Anonymous
I’m worried when I think about becoming a mom, but I think Shumi is cute in that way, whether she’s married or pregnant
26 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m awake
I’m awake, but I’m really sleepy
I’ve set up the recording just in case I fall asleep
27 Anonymous
Well, don’t push yourself too hard
28 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh no…!
29 Anonymous
You’ve been making me feel sick
I was going to say it, but Hagetoru has always been creepy
30 Anonymous
31 Anonymous
Let’s focus on the show instead of that
32 Anonymous
Oh! Tsuwabuki-san is here!!
33 Anonymous
34 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san, I became a fan after watching Onmyoji
35 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san looks more impressive when not the main character
Appearing in a supporting role seems to be a hit position
36 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san’s name wasn’t on the cast list, so maybe it’s a guest appearance
It’s late at night, so I thought maybe they didn’t have the budget, but with both BERYL members appearing in the work, that’s unlikely
37 Anonymous
The action scenes are good
There’s also an atmosphere that suits this time slot
38 Anonymous
It’s unexpected for BERYL to appear in a work with this kind of atmosphere
39 Anonymous
The camera work is good
40 Anonymous
Oh, this police station, I’ve been taken care of here
41 Anonymous
42 Anonymous
A real criminal!!
Hey, what did you do
43 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
At this police station, I was mistaken for a suspicious person and was taken care of
When I was a student, I wanted to eat the richly flavored Bappy Bang, so I collected the powder and put it in a bag, but I was fired
I think it was probably because when I dropped it that it panicked and behaved strangely
44 Anonymous
That’s correct
45 Anonymous
46Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? You too…?
By the way, I didn’t have any money and the electricity and water had been cut off, so I was just licking the salt and sugar in a plastic bag and getting reported. I don’t understand!!
47 Anonymous
You are finished after all lol
48 Anonymous
Bulletin board users, there’s nothing but garbage out there
49 Anonymous
By the way, the reason I was indebted to you was for a similar reason
I understood why the police were confused
50 Anonymous
I can’t stop laughing at how the people on this bulletin board are completely done. LOL
Shumi and Nee-san must be so shocked that they can’t say anything. LOL
51 Anonymous
Well, no wonder they’re treated like outcasts by the world. LOL
They blame it all on Aqua-sama, but there are plenty of others who are just as bad
52 Anonymous
Hey, you guys! Now that we’ve normalized diplomatic relations, the people from the Stars can see this place too. So, you know, try to, like, put on a good face or something!
53 Anonymous
To the people from the Stars,
This place is a dumpster
Dear Udon People,
KEIJIBANMIN (Bulletin Board User) = GOMI (trash)
KEIJIBAN (Bulletin Board) = DUSTBOX
54 Anonymous
I’m dying of laughter at how you gave up from the start. LOL!
55 Anonymous
56 Anonymous
I’m laughing so hard at how you first felt despair and then accepted it. LOL
57 Anonymous
Isn’t it about Stars?
No, unfortunately, Stars is no longer around
58 Anonymous
Bad news, Mayuzumi-kun’s starring drama is provoking the Stars fans right from the start
59 Anonymous
Do we have to call them people from the Udon Country from now on? Poor things..
60 Anonymous
Oh, it’s Awashima-san!!
61 Anonymous
Awashima-san is here!!
62 Anonymous
Awashima-san is wearing glasses. Cool
It might be surprising for those who only know her from Tora-uma, but Awashima-san has a lot of cool characters
63 Anonymous
At first glance, she seems capable, but there’s a sense that she’s been through some struggles
64 Anonymous
I wonder what the real deal is between Awashima-san and Mayuzumi-kun?
65 Anonymous
According to the data collection and analysis by the Verification Team of the Mayuzumi Bulletin Board, there is an 86% chance that something is happening!!
66 Anonymous
Well, since they appear in the same work, there must be something, right?
We know that there is something because they are co-starring, but I want to know if it’s love or not!!
67 Anonymous
It’s ridiculous to be vague about something..
68 Anonymous
I’ve never heard anything about Awashima-san’s preferences
I have the impression that she doesn’t talk about that kind of thing much
69 Anonymous
Awashima-san is a good actress, so I think there are many things that Mayuzumi-kun can learn from her
The other day, when Morikawa wasn’t there, Kohina Yukari took over the program without permission, and she was one of the young actresses that Kohina Yukari praised
70 Anonymous
I didn’t see that episode, but, whaaat!?
71 Anonymous
Yeah. I’ll copy and paste the summary from that time
– Awashima-san expanded her acting skills at Tora-uma
– Kobayakawa-san noticed her areas for improvement, so she will grow from now on
– Ayafuji-san is talented, so she should try doing more different roles
– Kanade-san wants to become a leading actress, so she wants to come across a good film around here
– Yukishiro Emily is either Yukishiro Mikuni who is extremely skillful, or a genius who can use clever techniques. However, compared to Aqua, Aqua is better in terms of acting experience and technique. To put it in a not-so-nice way, she is like a female version of Shirogane Aqua but still undoubtedly one of the top young talents
– Oto-san would have won the Rookie Award or something if Aqua and Emily-chan didn’t exist in this timeline. In other words, she is the only young talent who can compete head-on with those two
– Ayana-chan is an angel, Ayana-chan is the absolute justice. However, if she wants to stand alongside Aqua and Emily-chan, she still needs to work hard from here on. It will be a long battle, so I hope she doesn’t rush
72 Anonymous
Good job copy-pasting
I still really like Ayana-chan, but I won’t show favoritism, and I won’t touch on Aqua-sama, LOL
73 Anonymous
About Emily-sama, you can tell she’s really good at acting from the CM
It’s amazing that she can come this far, even though she lacks experience, knowledge, and skills compared to Aqua-sama
74 Anonymous
Until Kohina Yukari interacted with Aqua-sama, I didn’t see her much in interviews or variety shows, so I thought she was a scarier person
I think it’s important to praise capable people, and the more you know, the more you realize she’s a diligent researcher and studier. Her knowledge is amazing
75 Anonymous
Exactly. The high school theater production that Kohina Yukari coached at Power Price was amazing, LOL
I went to see the charity event during spring break, and it ended with a standing ovation
There’s a saying that greatness isn’t limited to famous athletes and coaches, but she is definitely a great actress and instructor
76 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is here!
77 Anonymous
78 Anonymous
Shin-chan, you forgot your glasses!
79 Anonymous
Huh? A character without glasses?
80 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun doesn’t have glasses!?
81 Anonymous
Everyone is freaking out just because Mayuzumi-kun isn’t wearing glasses, lol
82 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun looks really mean
83 Anonymous
This is Dark Mayuzumi, desu~wa!
84 Anonymous
Nice! I always thought Mayuzumi-kun would be like this
85 Anonymous
Hermie-dono has arrived too!
86 Anonymous
Haa-chan is so cute!!
87 Anonymous
She’s really cute
It’s the kind of cuteness that makes you want to keep her in your room all the time
Because she lacks emotional expression, she looks even more like a doll
88 Anonymous
When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be like a princess doll like this
89 Anonymous
I understand
90 Anonymous
I’m a little older than Kanon-sama, but when I saw Kanon-sama as a child, I really felt like there are real princesses
91 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m starting to feel a little excited and awake
92 Anonymous
You’re like an big sister
93 Anonymous
You’re definitely acting like a big sister, lol
94 Anonymous
Haa-sama is quite popular in roles like this doll-like one
She’s already in high demand in fashion magazines like Lolita and Gothic
She has a cult-like popularity in that genre, creating quite a following
95 Anonymous
Those guys are too scary, saying they don’t want Haa-chan to grow up, or if she does, they want her to stop at around 16
96 Anonymous
I understand. I want her to stay as a doll forever
97 Anonymous
Haa-chan was busy with work and couldn’t come back home with Aqua Papa, she posted on social media how disappointed she was
98 Anonymous
I also want to call him Aqua Papa and be spoiled!
99 Anonymous
By the way, I saw that The Saint was making fun of Aqua Papa
Aqua Papa: “I love it when my daughter rides on me.”
There was a photo of Kanon-sama playing horsey with Haa-chan on social media
100 Anonymous
I saw that too LOL
The Saint is using photos posted on social media to play with Aqua-sama as revenge
And before that, the Republic of Great Udon was planning a ridiculous new tax system called the Sex Tax
101 Anonymous
It’s uncertain whether it’s true or not, but did they say that a serious girl from a foreign noble family would bear his child… The Saint, would they get sued by Beryl’s legal department?
Also, if I can move in exchange for providing s*xual services to Aqua-sama instead of paying taxes, I will!!
102 Anonymous
Oh, it’s Mutsumiya-san
103 Anonymous
The veteran is here!
104 Anonymous
The other day, I saw Mutsumiya-san’s musical work and it was good
105 Anonymous
I saw it too
Mutsumiya Seijuu starred in it, Yakumo Itsuki wrote the script “Queen Mary.”
Mutsumiya-san, who played Mary-sama, was really good
I was also surprised to see Kohina Yukari and Kanon-sama blending in with the general public to watch it
106 Anonymous
On the first day, Mary-sama and Yakumo-sensei came to watch together
107 Anonymous
Don’t smoke in front of children, understood
108 Anonymous
Wow, this scene could be used for campaign posters in the future
109 Anonymous
I used to be a heavy smoker, but now I smoke harmless fake cigarettes from the Holy Aqua Religion
People in the Udon Kingdom prefer noodles, but we prefer biscuits
110 Anonymous
It’s so popular that it’s even traded in underground markets in other countries
111 Anonymous
Thanks to the Holy Aqua Religion, not only cigarettes but also drugs have been eradicated
A former terminal patient appeared on TV with a healthy smile, saying that once you try the harmless white powder or just regular grass with relaxation effects, you can’t go back to regular drugs
They used to be suspicious, but now they’re being considered for recognition by the government because of their high social contribution
By the way, they’re currently trying to help alcoholics using a mysterious broth that smells like udon, but the challenge is diabetes and high blood pressure, they said
112 Anonymous
Hey, that mysterious soup with the smell of udon broth, it’s just plain udon broth, isn’t it?
Trying to get rid of alcohol dependency and still having a touch of madness, I think that’s really crazy
113 Anonymous
Wowww, Natsuki-san is here!
114 Anonymous
About Sana-chan, I became a fan while watching the audition program
She’s so positive and cheerful, always reaching out to people from her team and other teams, she’s just too nice
115 Anonymous
It’s no joke that she was the student council president at Otomezaki, a troublesome group
One of the few people who can control Aa-sama
116 Anonymous
Sana-chan has a different last name, but she’s Prime Minister Habu’s daughter
I was really surprised when the Prime Minister came to Otomezaki’s graduation ceremony and I found out
117 Anonymous
I have attached the Seibaku Newspaper article from that time and the process that followed
Seibaku Newspaper reporter “What kind of person is former student council president Natsuki Sana?”
Otomezaki’s student: “She is like Prime Minister Habu without all the bad elements!”
Bulletin Board People/Politicians: “Oh, huh? Then wouldn’t it be better if this kid were the Prime Minister?”
Prime Minister Habu said, “Please let me still be Prime Minister,” and achieved the dogeza quota
118 Anonymous
At this point, it seems like she’s intentionally doing it to increase the opportunities for dogezaing, lol
119 Anonymous
Oh no, bullying is not good
120 Anonymous
Bullying is not good
121 Anonymous
Bullying is pointless
It’s a waste of time to do such things
122 Verification Team*07218KADO6
If you’re strong enough to bully, you’re weak inside
Only fools waste their strength bullying others
123 Anonymous
124 Anonymous
Looks painful..
125 Anonymous
That’s intense. Looks like they’re really getting punched
126 Anonymous
A slow-motion of the scene where the cheek was slapped
It was seriously intense
127 Anonymous
128 Anonymous
129 Anonymous
Is that for real?
130 Anonymous
Sorry, can’t watch the scene where she cuts her hair
It’s just too sad
131 Anonymous
Where’s the hero of justice, Aqua-sama?
132 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, please hurry and help!!
133 Anonymous
No way, this has to be a wig, right?
134 Anonymous
Her hair was long, but now it’s suddenly short, so it’s for real
135 Anonymous
It’s crazy that she did this with her real hair
136 Anonymous
Natsuki-san is really good at acting
137 Anonymous
No doubt about it, this newcomer is full of potential
I can see why Aqu-tan said she was the fastest to debut
138 Anonymous
Aqu-tan seems done as a mentor, but he seems capable as a producer
139 Anonymous
He’s so talented that he’s bad at teaching. That’s what makes me think he’s like Mikuni-sama, like parent and child
Marin-san is good at teaching though..
140 Anonymous
Natsuki-san appeared on a variety show during the day, and she was smart, knowledgeable, cheerful, funny, and just a really good person. And now she has this role..
141 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu, lol
142 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu: “I’ll bring a rocket launcher.”
143 Anonymous
That’s scary, lol
144 Anonymous
So, the opposition party are immediately criticizing the Prime Minister for using violence to solve violence, huh?
That’s hilarious, lol
145 Anonymous
In the end, talking doesn’t solve anything
When you think about it, Aqua-sama is truly a miracle. He solves things with udon noodles
Honestly, I thought I was dreaming and slapped my own cheek
146 Anonymous
Prime Minister, thanks to your daughter, you have a reason for tomorrow’s apology, lol
147 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is here!
148 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is amazing!
149 Verification Team *010meTA473
I might have woken up
150 Anonymous
Aqu-tan’s hair color is close to Lapis-chan’s!
151 Anonymous
Is this a wig?
152 Anonymous
Oh, I see
153 Verification Team *07218KADO6
154 Anonymous
Hey, what’s up with you today, seriously?
155 Anonymous
Oh, I see!
156 Anonymous
As expected, Aqua-sama rushes to a girl crying in the drama!
157 Anonymous
I was on guard because I heard he was a villain, but I’m glad he’s actually kind Aqua-sama
158 Anonymous
Change clothes!? Wipe the body!?
159 Anonymous
Sensei, I can’t change clothes by myself, please help me!!
160 Anonymous
I’m sorry. Sensei, could you wipe my back?
Oh, if you can, please take care of my armpits and under my breasts too!
161 Anonymous
Hey, where can we find a place that offers such a service?
162 Anonymous
Aa-sama looks great in a white coat!
163 Anonymous
If the school infirmary teacher looked like this, I’d go to school every day
164 Anonymous
See… Aqua-kun notices things!
165 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hmm… something feels off
166 Anonymous
What’s wrong?
167 Anonymous
I feel something’s off too
168 Anonymous
Forced mast***ion!?
169 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Did someone call?
170 Anonymous
You’re not forced, you do it willingly
171 Anonymous
Aqua-sama in glasses and a white coat, with a pale complexion. That’s totally my type
172 Anonymous
That’s right
173 Anonymous
174 Anonymous
175 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
176 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Ohhh, here comes a “steamy” scene!
177 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
178 Anonymous
Saba-chan is definitely a real person, lol
179 Anonymous
Hey, Stars, are you watching?
This is Japan’s rating range
180 Anonymous
I took off my pants
181 Anonymous
Hey everyone, don’t forget your promise with mom
Getting ready to watch Aqua-sama’s drama
– Make sure to climax once
– Wear homme underwear
– Keep spare clothes nearby
– Prepare toilet paper or something to clean up
182 Anonymous
I already put my finger in
183 Anonymous
If Agewa-san were there, I think she would say, “if it’s okay to do something like this in a drama aimed at young people?”
This is a huge loss for Japanese politics. She is the only one who can stop Prime Minister Habu, and I hope she comes back soon
184 Anonymous
I thought Prime Minister Habu was angry about her daughter’s s*x scenes, but I laughed when she kept asking Aqua-kun to take responsibility
185 Anonymous
It’s a crime of extortion. Great, she now have a reason to dogeza the day after tomorrow!
186 Anonymous
187 Anonymous
Shumi is quiet, are you okay?
188 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi normally mast***ing
Look, it’s been a long time since she’s doing it, and there’s only one married woman with a hot body
189 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hmm, something… something, no
I might not like this Aqua
190 Verification Team *010meTA473
I also don’t like this person
191 Anonymous
Hagetoru is being disliked, lol
192 Anonymous
Is Shumi not good at her?
193 Anonymous
Because Shumi seems sleepy, Hagetoru’s reaction to squ*t is different than usual lol
194 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Honestly, I really want to see Shumi spouting off up close at least once
I think she’s got some serious talent for it
195 Anonymous
You’re done for, LOL
195 Anonymous
It might be better for Shumi to think about the friends she hangs out with, LOL
196 Anonymous
Um, wait. I might not be able to do it either
It’s like, it looks kind, but it’s not the pure kindness like Aqua-kun
197 Anonymous
I was fine, but it seems like some people think that way too
198 Anonymous
There are mixed opinions on social media
199 Anonymous
Honestly, as long as I can have s*x, anything is fine. by a woman in her 30s
200 Anonymous
I feel the same way. Nowadays, young people have too high expectations because of Aqua-sama
Even if I’m being deceived, it’s okay if I can have s*x with such a cool guy for free
I would even go and deceive myself if it means they would have s*x with me
201 Anonymous
I said that and lost my virginity carelessly, but now I regret it
I mean, I wanted my first time to be with someone I love
Even if it didn’t happen, it would have been better to dream like Shumi
202 Anonymous
I see
203 Anonymous
What is it about Shumi who is thinking about becoming a mother but is still treated as being in the same rate as a virgin?
204 Anonymous
That’s Shumi
205 Anonymous
206 Anonymous
207 Anonymous
Oh…don’t cut at the good parts!!
208 Anonymous
Where should I take this right hand?!
209 Anonymous
The real thing starts from here!?
210 Anonymous
It was amazing…
I never thought that I would go this far in a drama, and time stood still
211 Anonymous
I also forgot to comment
This is a notice from Hoge Wave Research Institute
Hogelar waves are currently occurring across Japan
Please wrap aluminum foil around your head
Please note that aluminum foil cannot prevent Hogelar waves
213 Anonymous
That’s hilarious, can’t be prevented lol
214 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Wow, that’s amazing. So aggressive
215 Anonymous
You should be aggressive too!!
216 Anonymous
Looking forward to the next volume!!
217 Anonymous
Is Nee-san not here because she collapsed from overwork?
218 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’m here normally
Just taking a little rest and watching
219 Anonymous
Yeah, don’t push yourself too hard
220 Anonymous
Thanks as always, Nee-san
221 Anonymous
222 Anonymous
This is an Onmyoji!!
223 Anonymous
Is this the second season of Onmyoji?
224 Anonymous
Is Kamonohashi-san playing the role of the father? That’s cool!
225 Anonymous
Both of them are lucky to be able to co-star with Aqua-sama!
226 Anonymous
They are good parents
227 Anonymous
Dad noticed it properly!
228 Anonymous
He is kind and a good father
229 Anonymous
Even the mother (Kaa-san) seems like a nice person
230 Anonymous
When I was a child, I dreamed of having a family like this
231 Anonymous
Is it useless to investigate at this point?
232 Anonymous
Are the police incompetent?
233 Anonymous
Could this be a work from Dameshima?
If so, it’s better for me..
234 Anonymous
Misuzu seems like Dameshima-san (Slang of Useless Awashima)
She usually plays roles of capable women, but there is something that can only be obtained from the flawed Awashima-san
235 Anonymous
And then the other person cracks up
236 Anonymous
Is Miyata Rika-san playing the role of Kanae?
Although she is not the main person, she is good at blending in with her surroundings and blending into the work
237 Anonymous
I feel like she’s being tricked somehow
238 Anonymous
Will they leave evidence of that?
239 Anonymous
This is like on your opponent’s palm
240 Anonymous
241 Anonymous
The cat spoke!!
242 Anonymous
It’s a world with special abilities, so maybe cat can talk like human
243 Anonymous
Who is the voice actor?
It has a nice voice
244 Anonymous
Eh, who is it? I heard the sound of her voice, but I don’t understand it at all
I don’t think she’s a newbie since she’s pretty good, but I wonder what that means
245 Anonymous
Haa-chan, you’re so beautiful!
246 Anonymous
Haa-sama, I could watch you forever. It’s a total feast for the eyes
247 Anonymous
I wonder if there will be a life-size Haa-sama figure?
As a doll maniac, I’m willing to spend the equivalent of a domestically produced regular car
I want to dress up the doll forever
248 Anonymous
I totally get it…!
249 Anonymous
It might be impossible to make a life-size one, so how about releasing a 1/4 size for around 1 million yen?
250 Anonymous
Looks like the brand is receiving a flood of offers
251 Anonymous
After the fact!?
252 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!
253 Anonymous
Are they dropping hints…?
254 Anonymous
Hey, staff-chan!
255 Verification Team*07218KADO6
I sent a lot of inquiries saying that an important scene is missing
256 Anonymous
Once is enough, just once
257 Anonymous
Don’t be too aggressive
258 Anonymous
Is this drama going to be okay?
Will it be canceled after the first episode?
259 Anonymous
If that happens, you can continue watching it on a video streaming site!
260 Anonymous
Alright, I have the money
So please provide the uncut version on the streaming site!
261 Anonymous
I said earlier that it’s better not to casually lose your virginity, but Aqua-sama is an exception
262 Anonymous
It seems to be loyal to the lower body above all else
263 Anonymous
If the partner is Aqua-sama, then anything is fine
264 Anonymous
Sensei! I want to be spoiled too!!
265 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hmm, I might not be able to
I don’t really like this roundabout way of speaking
266 Anonymous
It’s rare for you, Aqua-sama, to be unable to do something..
Will it snow heavily or be stormy tomorrow?
267 Verification Team *07218KADO6
So, that means your usual “invitations” are not roundabout, right!?
268 Anonymous
269 Anonymous
You’re amazing
270 Anonymous
Hmm, you usually invite straightforwardly. Isn’t that naughty!
271 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hey, wait a minute!?
272 Anonymous
Even Aqua-sama, who is good at everything, has something he’s not good at
273 Anonymous
Oh, I can’t do it either
It’s not my favorite Aqu-tan
274 Anonymous
Sana is really good at acting. She’s amazing, just like my favorite
275 Anonymous
Natsuki-san is really good. I mean, she’s polite too
276 Anonymous
Mai, don’t let yourself be fooled by bad adults!
277 Anonymous
But it’s not bad to be fooled by the bad Aqua-sama too…!
278 Verification Team *010meTA473
It’s okay to have a villain, but I just don’t like this Aqua for some reason
Honestly, I want to sleep, but I’ll try to explain why I don’t like him before the show ends
279 Anonymous
Well, I think it’s okay to sleep when you’re tired, without forcing yourself
280 Anonymous
W-What? The Verification Team, of all people!?
281 Anonymous
Is the Verification Team really doing their job!?
282 Anonymous
Hey, you guys, it seems like the Verification Team never really does their job… it didn’t happen
283 Anonymous
Haha, that’s funny
284 Anonymous
Yeah, they didn’t do it
285 Anonymous
I’m hoping Shumi can help
I’m not really good with this Aqua-sama either
286 Anonymous
Oh, it seems like there are actually people who aren’t good at it
287 Anonymous
Seems like there are quite a few. It’s the same on social media too
288 Anonymous
Putting aside whether you like or dislike this character, I think his acting skills have improved
And also, Aqua-sama is still pretty good
289 Anonymous
The Empress and Aqua-sama are both really amazing
The Empress is great at technique, but Aqua-sama has this mysterious convincing power that’s just unfair. So overall, they’re about the same
And then there’s Awashima-san and Natsuki-san right below them. Natsuki-san is definitely better than those newbie actresses around here
290 Anonymous
This live commentary thread is no good
It’s filled with scenes hinting at something naughty and the residents of the thread screaming..
291 Anonymous
Hahaha, hilarious
292 Anonymous
Can’t be helped
293 Anonymous
It’s perfect if you go over there to scream and then come back here
294 Anonymous
And to top it off, there’s someone who’s actually mas***ting. And to think it’s someone I know
295 Anonymous
Mast***ion Hagetoru LMAO
296 Anonymous
Over here is the correct answer. She’s just saying “wow” over there
297 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun appeared without glasses and caused a commotion, using up one thread
Haa-chan, who looks like a doll, caused a commotion and used up one thread
People went crazy just from Aqua-sama’s appearance. They were taken to the infirmary and there was a lot of screaming. Just taking off the white coat and glasses made them go “hoge,” and a suggestive scene made them regress like a baby. The live commentary thread is hopeless now
298 Anonymous
299 Anonymous
They have absolutely no resistance, LOL
300 Anonymous
Everyone seems calm when looking at just this, but they’re going “hoge” in the live commentary thread
301 Anonymous
Toda’s here!
302 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san’s here!
303 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san is awesome!!
304 Anonymous
305 Anonymous
306 Anonymous
Hey hey hey! They weren’t a stranger, right?
307 Anonymous
Ah, girls are scary
308 Anonymous
I’m a girl too, but girls are scary
309 Anonymous
Hey hey, are you my former student?
310 Anonymous
Ah, a private tutor, ah
311 Anonymous
I sense a private tutor
312 Anonymous
Being a private tutor and having a student r*pe or mast***ion material, that’s a classic
And if you’re experienced, even better
313 Anonymous
Officer, this is the guy
314 Anonymous
Me: “Hey, what’s wrong? You seem restless.”
Student: “Sensei, my pee-pee has been itching since this morning.”
Me: “Oh dear, that must be really tough. Can you show it to me, little one?”
Student: “Okay” (unzips)
Me: “Little one, how about we have an extra-curricular health and physical education class together?”
Is there no demand for a home tutor who is an H-cup college student?
I can go right away!
315 Anonymous
Hello? Is this the police? We have some reserves here too!
316 Verification Team*07218KADO6
I also tried working as a tutor with that expectation, but there was nothing like that at all
By the way, I’m thinking of getting a teaching license this time, expecting that
317 Anonymous
Hey, stop it
318 Anonymous
You’re joking about being a school teacher, right?
319 Anonymous
You finished your school where you come for teaching practice
320 Anonymous
By the way, when I was in middle school, I had Emily-sama as my home tutor
She was so beautiful that I was really excited. And she smelled really good. I kept sniffing her all the time
321 Anonymous
That’s nice
322 Anonymous
If it’s a hit, Emily-sama will come as a private tutor, and if it’s a miss, Hagetoru will come. It’s like hell
323 Anonymous
Hagetoru is a miss, lol
324 Anonymous
Now that I’ve grown up, Hagetoru as a private tutor isn’t bad either
She might teach me some pleasant mast***ion techniques that I don’t know
325 Anonymous
326 Anonymous
Toda is being r*ped normally, it’s so sad
327 Anonymous
Ayaka, you’re joking, right?
328 Anonymous
Good news, the girl was a sc*mbag
329 Anonymous
Ayaka, did you have s*x with two guys?
330 Anonymous
I’m jealous, Ayaka!
331 Anonymous
Wow, that voice just now was attacked, it’s coming from the manko
332 Anonymous
Hey, I’m going to the bathroom. Uhihi!
333 Anonymous
See, just that one and the live thread is filled with weird voices
They can’t have a normal conversation anymore
334 Anonymous
Seeking asylum in Stars…?
335 Anonymous
Um, the country called Stars is already..
336 Anonymous
337 Anonymous
The word “Stars” has become like a forbidden word, lol
338 Anonymous
Shouldn’t we stop playing in a country that’s already gone?
339 Anonymous
I wonder how the people from Stars are watching this drama, lol
340 Anonymous
Oh wow!
Something’s coming!!
341 Anonymous
It’s like a flashy entrance like Tenga-senpai
342 Anonymous
343 Anonymous
The action scenes are cool
344 Anonymous
They’re really thinking about the way it’s filmed, the sound, and even the action itself
It feels like a Japanese or foreign movie
345 Anonymous
Wow, the way they move their arms is great
346 Anonymous
Oh, it’s Mayuzumi-kun!
347 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is doing the action?!
I thought so, but the person inside is actually a professional
348 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is trying his best though
349 Anonymous
Oh, Awashima-san is here!
350 Anonymous
Is this person capable?
Or is it a failure?
351 Anonymous
352 Anonymous
353 Anonymous
They escaped
354 Anonymous
This is the usual drama of the incompetent police at 24 hours
355 Anonymous
Even just rushing over is better
356 Anonymous
Ah, this is the pattern of Dameshima-san
357 Anonymous
This, Kanae is aiming for Awashima-san!
358 Anonymous
In the real world, after drinking, it’s usually a hotel
359 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s true
360 Anonymous
Be careful with women who approach you when you’re weak
They’re aiming for a one-night stand
361 Anonymous
I’ve seen this izakaya before, lol
362 Anonymous
Isn’t this where Beryl launched it, lol
363 Anonymous
There was Nee-san in the izakaya scene, lol
364 Anonymous
Is that for real!?
365 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
You noticed well even though it was barely visible at the edge
I’m sitting there because there aren’t enough Extra seats, with the management team
366 Anonymous
Thanks for that information
367 Anonymous
368 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun in a suit has arrived ahhhh!
369 Anonymous
Stop it, the Mayuzumi-kun in a suit hits me right in the feels
370 Anonymous
If he had glasses on too, I would’ve been in trouble
The suited glasses hit me hard
371 Anonymous
I understand
372 Anonymous
373 Anonymous
The thread got filled with just Mayuzumi in a suit
The live commentary of the main thread has ended
374 Anonymous
375 Anonymous
376 Anonymous
That’s cool!
377 Anonymous
Stop it, that hurts!!
378 Anonymous
Just one word and the thread sank, lol
379 Anonymous
Wait, what?
380 Anonymous
Stop smiling gently and then having a expressionless face
It feels like something is awakening
381 Anonymous
Ohhhh, I can’t tell if Mayuzumi-kun is nice or not
382 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun as a college student!
383 Anonymous
Kuroki Concern LOL
384 Anonymous
Kuroki Concern is bad
385 Anonymous
I remember that. I saw the footage on TV of them being raided multiple times
386 Anonymous
Kuroki Concern is so lol
387 Anonymous
It’s funny to see a company that actually did bad things, not just pretending
388 Anonymous
What was that Kuroki Concern again?
They were a subsidiary that illegally traded foreign sp*rm, right?
389 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s right. There were quite a few victims, weren’t there?
390 Anonymous
There were even some Yukishiro employees among the victims, you know
391 Anonymous
What about me?
I wonder if I’m really involved…
392 Anonymous
What’s the truth about Awashima-san and Mayuzumi-kun?
393 Anonymous
Isn’t that just a rumor? And the source is probably Emperor Sport or something
394 Anonymous
I wish people would leave things like this alone
395 Anonymous
If the target is Aqua-sama, then the Holy Aqua Religion would definitely crush them
396 Anonymous
Oh man, I don’t know. The Saint is also a publishing company of the Holy Aqua Religion, but they just use Aqua-sama normally for their material. Well, if it’s for humor, then it’s okay
But it’s not good for publishing companies to drag someone down for their selfish reasons
Media that confuse the rights to knowledge and invade privacy need to be properly eliminated
397 Anonymous
True. If someone is lying about something that needs to be made public, then it might be necessary to expose them. But who cares about a celebrity’s private life? Kidnapping and r*pe are definitely wrong, but going out for a meal, being friendly, and then going to a hotel and calling it r*pe is just plain stupid
Mayuzumi-kun and Awashima-san just happened to pass by the hotel when they were moving for a shoot, and even I saw that scene. Isn’t the journalist who wrote such an article out of their mind? Ah, just thinking about it is making me frustrated. Arghh!
If you’re a journalist, instead of teasing celebrities, write dreamy articles like The Saint’s s*x tax!!
398 Anonymous
Don’t cook, don’t cook
399 Anonymous
Bulletin board users sometimes cook
400 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If it’s about fried rice, leave it to ‘Fried Rice (チャーハン)’ Hagetoru-chan! Great!!
401 Anonymous
The kanji is wrong
402 Anonymous
You’re probably just making some grass fried rice or something
403 Verification Team *07218KADO6
How did you find out!?
404 Anonymous
405 Anonymous
This is hilarious
406 Anonymous
Evidence of bullying?
407 Anonymous
The ones who were bullying got what they deserved. Serves them right!!
408 Anonymous
Make it right properly!!
409 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to the campaign against bullying starting in April
Beryl will participate, right?
410 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Yes, we will participate
Shirogane Aqua: “Instead of bullying, let’s do sports together and sweat!”
Nekoyama Toa: “I really hate those girls who bully.”
Mayuzumi Shintaro: “I think it’s more fun to make friends than to bully someone.”
Tenga Akira: “Now is the time to break the chain of bullying! Let’s spread the circle of friendship!”
Shirogane Kanon: “Let’s become the person who quietly reaches out a hand to the child being bullied.”
Morikawa Kaede: “Let’s forget about that and have a barbecue together!”
Yukishiro Emily: “To the bully who is looking at this poster. If you don’t stop bullying right now, you will be cursed. If you don’t want to be cursed, help three children who are being bullied.”
Tsukimachi Ayana: “Bullying can corrode even the strongest hearts. So, don’t overlook the SOS signals from children who are being bullied.”
Kohina Yukari: “If there’s anyone bullying, I’ll knock them out!”
Prime Minister Habu and all the volunteer members of the parliament: “We will go to the bullies’ homes in the mountain villages!”
Everyone, please don’t take off or steal the posters
411 Anonymous
Oh, nice! Thanks!
412 Anonymous
The last two people, LOL
413 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is the scariest, lol
414 Anonymous
Oh, really? Are Aqu-tan and Morikawa in the same rating range?
415 Anonymous
416 Anonymous
This is just like a regular letter of misfortune from Emily-sama, lol
417 Anonymous
I feel like I’ll be cursed for real if Emily-sama says that to me, it’s scary, lol
418 Anonymous
They say they will display it in schools all over the country starting from the new school year, I’m really excited
But we don’t need posters of Kohina Yukari, Morikawa, and Prime Minister Habu
419 Anonymous
Makishima is here!
420 Anonymous
Huh? Where is Mai-chan?
421 Anonymous
Makishima is here!
422 Anonymous
Misuzu, that person is the culprit!

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