Male Idol V13c40

Volume 13 Chapter 40 Miyamochi Tamamo, Myself And The Shirogane Family

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My name is Miyamochi Tamamo.

 I first served as a personal physician to Kanon-sama from the Stars royal family during her stay in Japan. However, after Kanon-sama got married, I became the personal physician for the Shirogane family.

 ”Miyamochi-sensei, take care of me.”

 ”Me too too.”

 I exchanged greetings with Yui-san, who will assist me.

 Yui-san is a specialist in fertility and also holds a qualification as a nurse in charge of men.

 That’s why she wears a nurse uniform to assist me during the monthly check-ups, even though she doesn’t have to.

 According to Yui-san, “It makes Aa-sama happy, so I do it.”

 In that case, I thought maybe I should wear a nurse uniform for my employer… but Aqua-sama said to me like this.

 ’Miyamochi-sensei, please wear a white coat!! If possible, a mini tight skirt with stockings. And if the neckline of the coat is a bit loose, I would be even happier!!’

 Granting the employer’s wishes is also part of my job as a personal assistant.

 After checking the looseness of the neckline in the mirror, I sat down and crossed my legs.

 ”Now, before everyone arrives, let’s talk about Yui-san’s examination. There were no issues with your health.”


 I averted my gaze from the monitor of the computer where I had opened Yui-san’s file and looked directly at Yui-san.

 It was difficult for both of us to say and hear, but as the Shirogane family’s personal physician, I had to ask.

 ”Regarding pregnancy, have there been any changes in your feelings or anything?”

 ”Sure. Nothing’s changed. But… just seeing other wives and Aa-sama with happy faces up close makes me content.”

 Yui-san showed a fleeting, faint smile.

 I see. Well, if that’s the case, it’s okay.

 I also talked with Aqua-sama, and we settled on the idea of slowly watching over Yui-san, too. Maybe through raising children with Kanon-sama and the others, there might be some changes in Yui-san’s feelings.

 Hearts take the same amount of time to heal as they do to get hurt. Well, sometimes it might take even longer, and sometimes wounds don’t heal at all. But even so, we can keep on supporting each other.

 ”Got it. Well then, let’s work together today as well, okay?”

 ”Yes! I’ll do my best to help, even if it’s just a little.”

 Haha… even if it’s just a little, huh.

 Becoming a S*men Extraction Officer, which is said to be more difficult than becoming a doctor, and holding the professional qualification of the most difficult qualification in Japan, the Ochinchin sommelier, considered more difficult than a medical license or lawyer qualification, I wanted to say that it was just a joke.

 ”Well then, Miyamochi-sensei, I’ll call the first person in.”


 When Yui-san opened the door to the examination room, she called out the name of the person waiting outside.

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei, please come in.”


 Meanwhile, I opened Hakuryuu-sensei’s file to check her medical records.

 ”As for the diagnosis, the conclusion is that you do not seem to be pregnant yet.”

 ”…Is that so?”

 Hakuryuu-sensei dropped her shoulders with a dejected expression.

 Doctors have various ways of thinking, but I want to be a doctor who can empathize with patients at times like this.

 When I take my eyes off the computer screen, I turn my body towards Sensei Hakuryuu.

 ”Don’t get too down, okay?”

 I say this and place my palm on the back of Hakuryuu-sensei’s hand.

 ”Fortunately, Aqua-sama is cooperative when it comes to s*x, and there have been people who got pregnant at your age, Hakuryuu-sensei. Right? So let’s do our best together.”

 ”Yes! Thank you very much.”

 I turn back to the computer screen again and shift my gaze to other examination items.

 ”Oh, and while other tests show normal values… you seem a bit lacking in exercise.”


 Hakuryuu-sensei’s eyes visibly dart around in understanding.

 ”Of course, your work is important, but even more important is your health, Hakuryuu-sensei. Aqua-sama, who is also my employer, emphasizes this. So please make sure to get some sunshine and do some moderate exercise in the morning. Later, I’ll inform the editor myself.”


 I wondered if Hakuryuu-sensei seemed more downcast than before, or if it was just me.

 I suggested two simple exercises: walking and immersing oneself in activities like an air bike.

 ”Moderate exercise can also activate the brain and free you from anxiety and stress. It might be a good idea to start with a rule like doing it when you’re stuck in writing. First, let’s establish that routine and then gradually incorporate exercise into your daily life. If you can’t keep it up alone, both Yui-san and I will accompany you, and it’s also good to do it with other wives.”


 Hmm… I guess that’s about it.

 I gaze at the words written in the notes column.

 [Reality surpassing imagination, what should I do?]

 Hmm, that’s not a problem I can do anything about.

 I just ignore it.

 ”Well, if you have any concerns, feel free to consult with me anytime.”

 ”Yes, understood. Thank you for everything.”

 Hakuryuu-sensei bows slightly and leaves the examination room.

 Yui-san calls out the next person’s name as she exits.

 ”Shirogane Kotono-san, are you here?”

 ”Yes, I’m coming now!”

 I close Hakuryuu-sensei’s chart and open Kotono-san’s chart.

 ”Please take care of me.”

 ”Yes, me too.”

 Kotono-san is about three months pregnant.

 I’ve heard that she suffered severely from morning sickness.

 ”So, do you have any concerns about your health or anything else after that?”

 ”Thanks to everyone, things have settled down now. Morning sickness was tough at first, but I managed to get through it with sheer willpower.”

 Oh no, morning sickness doesn’t just go away with willpower, you know!

 Among the four members of the Verification Team, Kotono-san seems to have even more determination and spirit than Kaede-san.

 While I can’t help but worry, I make sure to advise her not to push herself too hard.

 [Note: Make sure to tell Emily-san later to keep an eye on Kotono-san so she doesn’t do anything reckless.]

 Kotono-san is the oldest and most responsible member of the Verification Team.

 So, when something happens to the other three, it seems to be Kotono-san’s role to make sure they don’t overexert themselves. If Kotono-san starts to push herself too hard, there’s no one else in the Verification Team who can stop her.

 Just like Aqua-sama, Kotono-san pays attention to details around her surprisingly well, and when Emily-san points something out, she listens to her more obediently than she listens to me.

 ”And as for the other tests, there were no abnormalities, and your numbers are perfectly healthy. Just remember… while intense exercise is not recommended, moderate exercise for stress relief is okay. Especially with Kotono-san’s personality, try not to overthink and build up stress, okay?”


 I gaze into Kotono-san’s eyes intently.

 Just to be on the safe side.

 ”If anything comes up, talk to someone about it. For work-related issues, talk to President Atori. For personal matters, talk to Aqua-sama or Kanon-sama. As for health concerns, come to me or Yui-san. And if it’s something really trivial, you can even seek advice from Emily-san or Kaede-san.”

 ”I will handle it.”

 If I don’t mention this, Kotono-san tends to shoulder everything alone.

 While Hakuryuu-sensei is surprisingly good at leaning on others, Yui-san next to me is not so great at it, so I’ll have to tell her later.

 ”That’s all from me. Is there anything else you’d like to ask?”

 ”Oh, um, about the gender of the child…”

 Ah, I see.

 ”As early as next month or the following, we should know. As you know, the probability of giving birth to a boy is low, but considering Kanon-sama is pregnant with a boy, and Kotono-san’s husband is Aqua-sama, we should be prepared for either possibility. Just be mentally prepared regardless of which gender.”

 ”T-Thank you!”

 Women who are pregnant with boys can receive financial support from the government and special assistance.

 In return, they are required to undergo an educational program provided by the government to become parents of boys.

 ”If a boy is born, Kotono-san will be enrolled in a special education program different from that of a regular mother.”

 When Kanon-sama’s pregnancy with a boy was confirmed, a special support team led by Prime Minister Habu was formed.

 I click on the file displayed on the computer screen with the mouse.

 [Shirogane Aqua, Special Support Team]

 As the highest authority, Prime Minister Habu’s name is listed, but on the other hand, to facilitate the support program, Kuga Rihito-san, along with her spouse, Shikimi-san also listed. Then, representing media control, there are Chairman Fuji Ranko, President Atori representing Beryl, and Mary-sama representing the Udon… or Stars, as well as Aqua-sama’s mothers’ support personnel such as Aqua-sama’s dear mother, Holy Mother Shirogane Marin, Nekoyama Kanata-san, Mayuzumi Kiyoko-san, Tenga Yumeko-san, along with Yui-san and myself, are also listed.

 Currently named “Shirogane Aqua,” but as with the involvement of each mother of Beryl, in the future, when the boys under Beryl’s care start their own families, this support program will also be utilized.

 ”Even when things were tough, the boys from BERYL worked together to get this far. So, let’s do our best as a team too!”


 I made fists with both hands and smiled. As Kotono-san’s doctor, I can’t show any signs of doubt.

 Even though I’m a part of the Holy Aqua Religion, my top priority is the Shirogane family since Aqua-sama asked me to be their personal doctor.

 Even if I have to go against Japan, the Stars, Prime Minister Habu, the church, or Mary-sama, I won’t let anyone use Aqua-sama’s wives or children.

 ”Thanks to you, I feel a lot less worried now. Thank you so much.”

 ”You’re welcome. Come talk to me anytime if you need to.”

 I reminded her one more time.

 I have to say it this way, otherwise, Kotono-san won’t actually come to me for advice.

 ”Yui-san, can you please take the next person?”


 Yui-san opens the door and calls out the next person’s name.

 Meanwhile, I close Kotono-san’s file and open the file of the next woman.

 ”Tamamon-sensei, please take care of me!!”

 ”Yes, I will take care of you.”

 I turn my body towards Emily-san, who is sitting in the chair.

 ”To cut to the chase, you’re not pregnant yet.”

 ”Haha, I see. So I just need to keep trying. Understood!!”

 Hey, don’t get up from your seat! The conversation isn’t over yet!

 ”As for your health… everything seems to be in good condition. There’s nothing specific to mention.”

 I take the opportunity to subtly ask Emily-san to keep an eye on Kotono-san.

 ”If that’s the case, leave it to me!”

 I wonder if that’s true…

 I thought everything was fine until just now, but when I saw her face, I suddenly became worried.

 ”So, is there anything else you want to ask?”


 Emily-san hesitated for a moment.

 ”I have a question for both of you…”


 Yui-san and I exchanged glances and responded with serious expressions to Emily-san, who also looked serious.

 It’s okay, leave any worries or concerns to us big sisters!

 ”Are there any other s*x acts that could result in pregnancy? I’m thinking Aqua-sama might not be thrilled if it’s just ha**job. Since we’re all here, wouldn’t it be fun to explore other options? Plus, for when I or Hakuryuu-sensei, or Kaede-paisen get pregnant, I want to think about different possibilities now.”

 I was prepared to laugh at the usual silly questions, but I was surprised by how serious this one was.

 ”Well… How about changing the approach even with ha**job?”

 ”For example?”

 ”We’re talking about the process here, but prohibiting Aqua-sama from ejac***ing activities and instead, teasing his desires during that time, whispering naughty words when passing by, or teasing with h**jib and stopping just before climax until the next day… Ah, but restraining from ejac***ing can be physically taxing, so it should be done on days off. This way, Aqua-sama can enjoy a satisfying ejac***ion, and the woman initiating the approach can enjoy it for a long time.”


 Emily-san’s eyes widen as she claps her hands.

 W-Why are you staring at me with that expression?

 ”Well, well, as expected. Just as I thought, Tamamon-sensei is properly naughty, which is reassuring. You really live up to your social media account name, Tama-mokkori (ball-bulging).”

 ”That’s not relevant!!”

 If that’s the case, maybe I should go back to using my old account name, Tamakorogashi (Ball-roller).

 ”Yui-san, do you have any other good ideas?”


 Yui-san hesitated for a moment.

 Meanwhile, Emily-san looked at Yui-san seriously, her eyes fixed on Yui-san’s chest.

 Besides Aqua-sama, do a lot of people with the Yukishiro bloodline like big breasts? Or is it just these two?

 Oh, but Marin-san, who Mikuni-sama married, and Noel-san, who Danjou-san married, also have big breasts. Could it be that Aqua-sama’s preference for big breasts is not because of Aqua-sama but because of the Yukishiro bloodline…?

 As I opened my mailbox, I informed Prime Minister Habu of an important matter that would shake up the nation.

 ”I think Emily-san believes that through s*xual activity, the unity of the family can be strengthened. So… what do you think about a game-like s*xual activity that the whole family can participate in?”

 ”I see…but wouldn’t that be the same as what Kohina-paisen taught Kanon?”


 Yui-san shook her head. “It’s a different game.”

 ”For example, a game where Aa-sama is blindfolded and he has to guess who is giving a ha**job or bl**job, or a game where he has to guess whose breasts he is touching, or a game where he has to guess whose armpit sweat comes from from sniffing. Or even a game where he has to guess whose woman’s vag**a is it from seeing the hole in the wall… if he guesses right, Aa-sama gets to choose the reward, and if he guesses wrong, we get to fulfill our wishes from him. How about that?”


 Emily-san whistled and breathed heavily, clearly excited.

 ”As expected, the world’s most lecherous profession, S*men Extraction Officer, can only be admired by the world’s lecherous. Our level of lewdness is on a different dimension from yours!”

 ”D-Don’t get all worked up like that. Come on.”

 Yui-san shows a shy expression.

 I wonder what’s making her feel embarrassed…

 ”All right! Well, I have to start getting ready, so…”

 Emily-san mutters something as she gets up from her chair.

 ”Hmm, in order to make a hole in the wall, I need to earn the construction fee to pay the contractor. Should I sell the new version of the tea leaf powder that just came out, or should I sell some grass with a relaxing scent… No, I think I’ll just work part-time at the bamboo forest to earn money.”

 I’m a little worried…

 Just in case, I’ll send an email to Kukuri-sama.

 ”Yui-san, can you please call in the next person?”


 I close Emily-san’s file and switch to Pegonia-san’s file.

 ”Pegonia-san, I heard you didn’t have much morning sickness, but are you really okay?”


 Pegonia-san shows a cheerful smile.

 Hmm, I wonder if that’s true. This person is really hard to read, and she never show any weakness to anyone, so I have to be even more careful than with Kotono-san.

 But what should I do… Well, I guess I have no choice. Time to pull out all the stops.

 ”…Pegonia-san. If something were to happen to Pegonia-san, Kanon-sama would be the one most saddened.”

 My serious words caused Pegonia-san’s expression to twitch ever so slightly.

 ”I understand that, as head of the maid, you can’t show weakness to anyone. But just as Pegonia-san takes pride in her work as a maid, I also take pride in my work. So, no matter how small, please be sure to consult with me.”


 Well, it seems like Pegonia-san understood what I was trying to say.

 Everyone, like Kanon-sama, is usually pure… however, there are some people like Pegonia-san who are not so easy to deal with.

 Ah… I feel a little uneasy when I imagine the future where Aqua-sama gets together with Kohina Yukari-san. Because that person is definitely confirmed to be a troublesome one.

 ”To be honest, it wasn’t that heavy, but it was really tough at the peak of morning sickness.”

 ”Are you okay now?”

 ”Yes. The peak is already over…”

 ”…Please make sure to tell me properly next time. It’s not just Kanon-sama who will be sad.”


 Pegonia-san looks really apologetic.

 Well, if she’s reflecting properly, then it’s all good!

 ”Is there anything else you need to discuss?”

 ”In terms of pregnancy or my body, there’s nothing in particular… but there’s a consultation with the young lady scheduled after this, so would you mind if I stay with you?”

 ”Understood. That’s fine.”

 Oh! I just had a good idea. How about from now on, Pegonia-san and Kanon-sama have meetings together?

 If Pegonia-san, who Kanon-sama loves so much, is there, then she can’t lie to Kanon-sama, right?

 ”Could you call for Kanon-sama?”


 I close Pegonia-san’s file and open Kanon-sama’s.

 ”Oh, Tamamo-sensei. Thank you for today.”

 ”Yes. Thank you. Hehe, your tummy looks a little rounder, doesn’t it?”


 Not only am I happy to see Kanon-sama’s delighted face, but Yui-san and Pegonia-san, who don’t show their emotions much, also seem to soften. She truly is Aqua-sama’s legal wife.

 ”Everything seems to be going well so far. How about you? Is there anything you find inconvenient or anything?”

 ”Hmm, I wonder if there’s any right now… But I’m a little concerned that my appetite has increased after the morning sickness has subsided…”

 Hehe, I see.

 Kanon-sama is at that age, and it’s only natural for a woman.

 ”It’s only natural since there are two in your belly. There are programs to help lose weight after giving birth, so Aqua-sama won’t dislike you for being a bit plump. Besides, Kanon-sama is already thin enough, but if you’re worried, shall I give you a workout program that you can do even during pregnancy?”

 ”Yes, please!”

 I open the file and print out the section about exercise.

 ”Numbers are also a sign of health… Is there anything else you’re concerned about?”


 Kanon-sama takes a breath and blushes.

 Oh, I have a very bad feeling about this.

 ”Lately, I’ve been having trouble because Aqua is so cool.”

 Yes. Pegonia-san and I instantly empty our minds.

 I’m sorry, Yui-san. I’ll leave the rest to you.

 ”From the beginning, he was already kind, but since I became pregnant, I noticed a new kindness in him that makes my heart flutter. For example, when we walk together, Aqua always walks on the dangerous side of the road, but not only that, he also stays close to me as if he can protect me at any moment. For example, if Aqua’s right side is facing the road, his left hand would be immediately behind me, without even thinking about it. Isn’t that amazing? Also, when I get sleepy and almost doze off during class because of my pregnancy, he secretly sends me messages saying to look at his face if I feel tired! What do you think? Isn’t that cool? And, the other day, even though I secretly took a bath to hide my growing belly from Aqua, he accidentally saw my protruding stomach. Just like Tamamo-sensei said earlier, I’m also a girl, so I didn’t really want Aqua to see my belly, but

 I saw Aqua looking at me, and then…he made a loud noise and grew in size down there. If Emily-senpai finds out, she might think I’m a bad girl, so I need you to keep this a secret. I was really h**ny at that time and couldn’t control myself. On top of that, when I saw my laundry after taking a bath, I found my underwear had been used…isn’t that a sign that we’ll have s*x as soon as I give birth? We’ll be trying to conceive right away, won’t we? Oh no, what should I do? I want to have as many of Aqua’s babies as I can, but after giving birth, I want to enjoy… male-female activities with Aqua even more… wait, I didn’t mean that! I never think about such things normally, so please keep this a secret from Emily-senpai! Oh, and that too…”

 How much time had passed?

 When I regained consciousness, the noisy clamor from before had become eerily quiet.

 ”Um, Sensei?”

 Oh, Kanon-sama, is something wrong?

 ”Um…where was the phone number for the neurosurgeon?”


 I look up the phone number for the neurosurgeon on my phone.

 ”Sensei, Sensei!”

 Is everything okay, Pegonia-san?

 Pegonia-san, who was standing near Kanon-sama, approaches me and whispers softly in my ear.

 ”It’s okay. It was just a normal routine.”

 ”Oh, right. That’s true.”

 I pat Yui-san on the side.

 Alright, we’re done.

 ”Ugh! You two think you’re whispering, but I can hear everything!!”

 We chuckle as we see Kanon-sama’s annoyed expression.

 I write on the chart that besides Aqu-sama’s brain, everything else is normal.

 ”Well, if there’s anything else that concerns you, please come talk to me again.”

 ”Next time, listen carefully, okay? It’s a promise.”

 I gave Kanon-sama a big, warm smile.

 But I made sure not to nod or say anything that could be taken as a commitment.

 ”Okay, so next up is Marin-san and the others, right?”


 I think the moms are coming in together for their check-ups.

 I asked Yui-san to call them in, and soon three women entered the room.

 ”Tamamo-sensei, thank you for taking care of my son.”

 ”Thanks for seeing us today.”

 ”We appreciate it.”

 I let them know that everything looked fine and none of them were pregnant.

 It seemed like they weren’t in a rush to be, either.

 ”Health-wise, everything’s good. Just a heads-up, though—you all need to get more exercise. So please make sure to stay active.”


 ”Got it.”

 ”I’m not very good at exercising, though…”

 I suggested that they try some simple workouts together, something they could stick with over time.

 Talking with other moms who can share similar experiences can be a great stress reliever, I thought.

 ”So, do you have any other concerns?”

 ”Aqua-chan doesn’t rely on me much!”

 I responded to Marin-san that it’s because he’s at that age.

 To avoid leaving it at that, I advised creating an environment where he feels more comfortable relying on others.

 ”Even if I get married, Shin-chan doesn’t want Aqua-kun to call him ‘dad’…”

 Well, of course not!!

 I told Kiyoko-san that Aqua-sama would definitely hate that too, so please stop.

 ”Haha, it’s the same at my house. Even if Subaru and Aqua-kun get close, I would never let them call each other ‘brother’.”

 Oh, really? I’d like to hear more about that later, so could you make time for a proper chat?

 Don’t worry. I don’t feel guilty about anything. I just thought it would be best to hear about it from an academic standpoint for Aqtoa and Toaqua’s future.

 ”Thank you, Tamamo-sensei!”

 ”Thank you for your help today.”

 ”Sorry for talking for so long.”

 It’s always a long story.

 It was better to summarize it at once since it took longer for each person.

 ”The next three people also want simultaneous examinations.”


 Kurumi Kokona-san, Kurogami Uruha-san, and Washimiya Lisa-san.

 While Yui-san is calling the three, I open the files of their medical records.

 ”Miyamochi-sensei, I’m counting on you today.”

 ”Y-yes, I’ll do my best.”

 ”Thank you for your help.”

 Come on, don’t be so nervous and formal.

 Think of me as a big sister who lives nearby, it’s okay. That’s what I tell the three.

 I think the first thing everyone is curious about is how Kurumi-san is doing. It seems like things are going smoothly for her according to the doctor in charge, Maria-sensei.

 The three of them hold hands and rejoice together.

 Yui-san and I couldn’t help but exchange glances and overflow with smiles.

 ”So, it’s about pregnancy… Is it okay to assume that the three of you are planning to graduate from school first?”


 I see. Getting married and pregnant after graduation…

 It seems like they decided on that after talking to Aqua-sama.

 Kurumi-san wants to go to a medical university, Kurogami-san hopes to study business management or language-related subjects to help Aqua-sama’s work, and Washimiya-san wants to go to university but also study to become a stage actress while doing Vtuber work… I see.

 Sugita-sensei, their homeroom teacher, might already know about this, but shall we confirm with her later just in case?

 ”Pregnancy is something that you hope for after graduation, but what do you do when you have s*x?”

 Three people blushed and looked embarrassed.

 Hehe, it’s ok, it’s ok.

 The lady next to me is a very erotic lady that even Hagetoru-san recognizes her as one of the most erotic girls around.

 When I was feeling down and questioning my own thoughts, Yui-san, who was next to me, said that even the teacher does the same thing. I was surprised that she knew what I was thinking.

 ”Uh… I use a sp**m extraction machine, so the s*men doesn’t go to waste.”

 ”And then…if we want to get pregnant later, or if other women are having fertility issues, it can be used for that too.”

 ”That’s right. Even if there’s extra, someone else could use Aqua-kun’s sp**m, so no one loses out!”

 Oh, what kind-hearted girls they are.

 I felt like crying from their kindness.

 ”Yui-san, you knew about it, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes, I forgot to tell you. I’m sorry.”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay.”

 That’s more Yui-san’s area, and it’s not my place to intervene.

 ”Well then, all three of you, if anything happens or if you change your mind, you can always come and talk to me.”

 ”Yes, thank you for your help today.”

 ”Thank you.”

 ”Miyamochi-sensei, thank you. See you later.”

 I waved and smiled as I saw the three of them off.

 Next is…

 ”Natalia-san is temporarily returning to her home country to talk to Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria.”

 ”I see, got it.”

 So, I guess she’ll be returning home soon.

 I closed the file with Natalia-san’s medical records.

 ”Just made it in time!”

 I heard a panicked voice, and Yui-san and I looked at each other.

 It seems that Kaede-san made it to the examination in time.

 ”Please take care of me!!”

 ”Yes, me too.”

 Yui-san handed a towel to the sweaty Kaede-san.

 I handed a bottle of water that was nearby to Kaede-san.

 ”Phew! I’ve come back to life!! Thanks!”

 I opened Kaede-san’s medical record file.

 ”Hmm… there doesn’t seem to be any health problems, and the previous fracture seems completely fine too.”

 Oh, but please don’t overdo it.

 I emphasized to the person not to push her too hard.

 ”So, about the pregnancy… wait, huh?”

 That’s odd. The data is missing.

 Hmm, why is that? Could it have been lost?

 Lately, there has been a trend called “hogeing,” where data suddenly disappears or files that were supposed to be saved go missing.

 ”Oh, I forgot to submit it. The kit is still at home.”

 ”Understood. Please make sure to submit it later.”

 Good. It seems like it was just a false alarm. I reassure myself that things can also turn out that way.

 ”Is there anything else you would like to ask?”

 ”Well, not really… I’m eating a lot and sleeping soundly at night too!”

 Then there’s no problem.

 If Kaede-san suddenly couldn’t eat or couldn’t sleep at night due to anxiety, that would be a serious issue, but it seems like she’s fine in this case.

 ”Well then, I have another appointment waiting for me!”

 ”Alright. I have already called a taxi for you, so please take it to your next destination.”

 ”Thank you for everything!!”

 Saying that, Kaede-san rushed out just like when she arrived.

 I wonder if she’s okay.

 ”Next up, it’s the maids from the Shirogane household, right?”


 Continuing on, I will examine Ruuna-chan, Rin-chan, and Rinon-san.

 Since Mikoto-chan is clearly out of my expertise, I left that to Koyomi-sensei.

 Whew… I’m really tired, but with this, everyone is safely finished.

 ”Thank you for today, Yui-san.”

 ”No, thank you as always. Well then, I have to go prepare for the next thing…”


 After seeing Yui-san off, I start preparing to go home.

 Huh? I hear someone’s footsteps.

 Could it be that they forgot something?

 ”Tamamo-sensei! I’m sorry, I’m late because of work!”


 I freeze at the sight of Aqua-sama.

 ”Huh? Wasn’t today the day for me…?”

 ”Yes. I asked about everyone’s check-ups and it seemed we agreed on another day…”

 Well, it’s okay with me whenever you come. I mutter to myself.

 ”I’m sorry. It seems I jumped to conclusions too quickly.”

 ”It’s okay.”

 Since I have the chance, I ask Aqua-sama if there are any health concerns.

 There were no problems with the regular check-ups that I had done separately from his wives, but I was worried that the numbers wouldn’t show up, so I decided it would be better to ask.

 ”What’s my concern lately…? Well, having a high s*x drive even after a lot of action?”

 ”In that case, you should clearly tell your wives and have them take care of it for you.”

 That’s definitely the best way to go.

 I tell Aqua-sama that although I understand he’s at that age, he shouldn’t be shy.

 ”But if it still doesn’t go away…”

 ”Doesn’t go away!?”

 I blush as I see Aqua-sama leaning forward eagerly.

 ”Well, what about getting involved with the maids? I’ve heard it’s good to change things up occasionally. When Shirogane family members, including myself, signed a contract, we had already included a s*xual consent form.”

 ”Huh? Even Tamamo-sensei!?”

 Oh? Did I not mention that?

 After all, wouldn’t it be strange if those who have already contracted with the Shirogane family haven’t submitted it…

 ”Eh? So, if I say I want to, sensei will…?”

 ”Yes. If you’re okay with my body, feel free to use it for s*xual needs at any time.”

 Even so, those around Aqua-sama are more attractive than me.

 It should be enough without embracing someone like me.

 ”If that’s the case… can I ask you right away? Just with your hands, is that okay?”


 Aqua-sama exposes his p*nis himself. I freeze at its size and length.

 No way, that’s clearly not a size that should go inside a girl!

 ”Um, well…”

 Should I just handle it with my hands for now? I slowly grip Aqua-sama’s and move it left and right.

 It’s hot, huge, and the veins popping out make it look really intense.

 ”Kuh, staring at me with those eyes while using your white coat’s sleeves to do that, Tamamo-sensei, what kind of person are you! Gwaaah!”

 Oops, it came out. Wow… So much s*men.

 Could it be that he released this much to imp***ate me? Oh, I see. From a girl’s perspective, there is no girl who wouldn’t be happy with this. The amount of it is like the size of love feelings.

 Oh no, what should I do? The s*men that was released while thinking of me has been wasted.

 ”Tamamo-sensei, it didn’t get better in one go, can we continue?”


 I looked at Aqua-sama’s , which was taller than before, and my eyes spun around.

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