Male Idol V13c41

Volume 13 Chapter 41 Shirogane Aqua, Between Soft And Plump

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 If I were to describe Miyamochi Tamamo-sensei in one word, she is overall soft and plump.

 Her voice is really soft, her chest is plump, and even her thighs from the buttocks are plump. In addition, she is a charming big sister with distinctive round eyebrows.

 My manhood, knowing that I can do naughty things with Miyamochi-sensei, is already at full throttle from the beginning.

 ”Do you have any preferred play or situations?”

 Guhehe… what should I do?

 It would be nice to have a play where I receive a naughty examination from the female doctor, but it is also hard to resist the idea of playing where I take the lead with the female doctor.

 As I turn my mind pink with fantasies, I hear footsteps approaching from outside.

 ”Excuse me. I came to get something I forgot… huh!?”

 My eyes meet when Yui walks into the examination room.

 Phew… I take a deep breath and put on a stern face.

 Okay, this isn’t cheating.

 Even though I know there’s no cheating in this world, years of conditioning still make me feel uneasy.

 ”Aa-sama… I’ll go change into my nurse outfit too.”

 Yes! Yes, yes, yes!

 Like a character from a States movie, I squat down, pumping my fist in the air, shouting ‘yes’ repeatedly.

 ”Aqua-sama, it’s so cute how you’re happy about this.”

 Tamamo-sensei gives me an adult smile.

 Ah, it’s all set.

 I want these two to heal my tired heart and body after dealing with a certain Kohina-senpai who’s more like a kid than an adult.

 ”So, please take care of me.”


 I explain to Yui and Tamamo-sensei what I want from them.

 Ah, they’re so kind to listen without being put off by what I say.

 This would usually make that Kohina-senpai totally cringe. Sometimes she even gets seriously exasperated. But for me, I don’t mind as long as I can get excited. Haha!

 ”Alright, let’s get going!!”

 I sat down in the chair and looked at the two of them with the same innocent, sparkling eyes I had when I was in elementary school.

 ”Aqua-sama… No, Aqua-kun. What’s up today?”

 Yes! This is it!

 Why do all the big sister (Onee-sama) types around me call me Aqua-sama? It should just be Aqua-kun!!

 Any boy who still has the heart of an elementary schooler like me would understand how I feel.

 Every guy wants to be pampered by an older girl and wants her to call him ‘kun’!

 I held back from making a fist pump and put on a troubled expression.

 Watch this, Shirogane Aqua’s best acting skills!

 ”When I imagine you, sensei, I can’t sleep because my pee-pee gets all tingly…!”

 It’s embarrassing to say it out loud.

 But beyond that feeling of embarrassment lies my utopia! The ideal paradise is waiting for me!!

 ”Can you show sensei a little bit then?”

 Yui softly places her hands on my shoulders from behind.

 Her perky breasts sandwich my head while I’m sitting in the chair.

 ”Come on, don’t be scared. Don’t move, okay?”

 Tamamo-sensei takes off my pants along with my underwear.

 Aaah, if I bend forward like this, I can see the bra from between her breasts!!

 My gaze is fixed on the cleavage of Tamamo-sensei’s breast. Ah, sadly I couldn’t see her bra.

 ”I’ll take off your shirt too.”

 Yui unbuttons my shirt while pressing her breasts against the back of my head.

 Just having the two of them undressing me is making me so excited.

 In this world, guys who can ejaculating over and over again are considered cool. I read in a book that the faster you are, the cooler you are…

 ’Hey, Aqua, are you really buying that?’

 ’Yeah… Leave it to me, Shintaro.’

 One day, I went to the bookstore with Shintaro, and my juniors Yamada and Kujaku to buy a book I needed.

 ’You’re curious about it too, aren’t you?’

 ’Uh… yeah!’

 I called out to the two juniors behind me.

 ’You guys must be interested too, right?’

 ’Oh, yeah.’

 ’No… not really.’

 Ha, Kujaku, I know you’re curious.

 Even though you’re acting all aloof, deep down, you’re interested too.

 You tagged along saying you were worried about just Maruo, but I know better!!

 I’m a perceptive senpai, Shirogane Aqua.

 ’Alright, I’m going.’

 With a face like Akio-san, who guided me in my past life, I entered the bookstore.



 ’What’s wrong?’

 ’Did he come to buy reference books or something?’

 Even if I disguise myself, I’ll be found out in seconds.

 Knowing that, I boldly walked into the bookstore.

 Because as Shirogane Aqua, I haven’t done anything wrong!!

 ’Is this it…’

 I entered the section with lots of female customers and grabbed a certain magazine without even looking at the cover.


 Yes, it’s a women’s magazine that I was interviewed for before.

 I’m trying to give off an atmosphere like, “I just came to buy this in place of Kanon.” Kohina-senpai… she said that so I could handle situations like this.

 In my mind, Kohina-senpai said, “That’s ridiculous. You idiot!” and gnawed at my head, but I ignored it.

 ’That magazine…’

 ’Just as I thought.’

 ’Aqua-sama is…’

 The surrounding area seems to be getting a little noisy.

 Could it be that my disguise as Shirogane Aqua has been exposed!?

 ’So Aqua-kun really likes Kohina Yukari, huh?’

 ’No matter what, Aqu-tan is into Kohina Yukari, right?’

 ’Aqua-sama, I’m quietly cheering you on, you know.’

 Huh? I froze for a moment, then looked at the cover of ANNANN that I had picked up.

 [To all women: Control your men. The way of Kohina Yukari.]

 Why of all things is ANNANN featuring Kohina-senpai!?

 And wait, doesn’t Kohina-senpai usually avoid this kind of magazine!?

 And if she’s going to have someone wrapped around her finger, why didn’t she call me for the cover shoot!?

 There’s always a free chair here!!

 ’Welcome back, Aqua. Did you get it…?’

 ’Uh… yeah…’

 My heart in tatters, Shintaro gently embraced me as I returned home.

 Thank you, thank you, Shintaro. You truly are my best friend.

 After hugging Shintaro, I hugged Maruo and Kujaku as well, as if returning from a battlefield.

 I heard the sound of people collapsing around me, but I was more eager to see the magazine I had purchased as soon as possible.

 ’Let’s go!’

 I took the three of them to the riverside where there weren’t many people.

 Alright, we should be safe here. The four of us spread out the magazine we had purchased in a circle.

 [Asking all women. Ideal male sexual life at night]

 This is the reason why we wanted to buy this magazine.

 ’I-Is it really okay for us guys to look at this?’

 ’Maruo… listen carefully. Because we’re guys, we need to know more about the opposite sex!’

 I persuaded the puzzled Maruo with a determined look on my face.

 ’Aqua-san… looks so cool after all! I’ll do my best to understand what is written here too.’

 Beside me, Shintaro nodded at Maruo’s words.

 Kujaku looked bewildered, but hey, you need to read it properly too!

 Otherwise, I won’t feel satisfied.

 When I bought this ANNANN magazine, I ended up buying two unnecessary reference books just to cover it up, and to be honest, it was more nerve-wracking than buying an adult book.

 And yet…

 ’The two reference books and the full three points of the ‘Ideal male sexual life at night’ section in ANNANN, please!’

 Excuse me, miss store clerk! Why did you have to loudly announce the title of the book I purchased back then!?

 Ah, even now, my wounded hart still aches when I remember it.

 But buying this book was worth it. Thanks to it, I learned that men don’t always have to endure ejaculation. Of course, there may be times during play where you still have to endure it.

 The four of us read the questionnaire from the woman written in the book, and then I, the person who bought the book, took it home with me.

 Um… afterwards, I remembered that Kohina-senpai found out that I bought the book. To make matters worse, she even sighed when she found out that I made a stain on Kohina-senpai’s gravure page. Remembering Kohina-senpai’s reaction at that time made my heart ache with excitement… not that other thing.

 ”Oh my.”

 ”Well, well.”

 Back in reality, I turned my gaze to Tamamo-sensei, who was looking enraptured at my penis.

 ”If it’s gotten this big, it must be tough for pee-pee too, right?”

 I nodded in silence.

 Then, Tamamo-sensei took off her pumps and directed her stocking-clad, sweaty toes towards me.

 This was also something I had requested.


 I sniffed the scent of Tamamo-sensei’s offered toes.

 Ah, the feeling of them being sweaty and worn all day for this job is absolutely irresistible!

 I gaze at Tamamo-sensei’s face blushing as I sniffed her feet, memorizing the panties visible through the stockings from the gap in her tight skirt.

 ”Sensei, I… I will massage your feet now.”

 Tamamo-sensei rubs my penis with her other foot as if stepping on it.

 It feels good to be stepped on by a woman.

 ”How does that feel? Does it still tickle?”

 ”Huff (Yes), huff, huff (it feels good).”

 I take deep breaths multiple times while burying my face in Tamamo-sensei’s sole.

 Oh, this is irresistible. The scent of the armpits, soles, and crotch of the beautiful girls in this world is divine.

 ”Then, I will use both feet now.”

 Ah… perhaps I smelled too much.

 Tamamo-sensei, who seemed embarrassed, moves her foot away from me and massages my testicles with that foot.

 ”Aqua-kun, it’s not good for your body to hold in semen until you get all bloated like this. Next time, make sure to relieve yourself properly before it gets to this point, whether it’s with your wife, the maids, or someone else.”

 I asked, just to be sure, “Is it okay for me to use sensei too?”

 ”Of course. Because this is considered a medical procedure. In fact, I’ve heard stories about urologists or pediatricians teaching boys under 18 how to have sex, and even providing sex training before retiring…”

 I see, so if there’s a urologist or pediatrician that I like, I can visit them for ‘relief’!

 Well, that’s not exactly something you’d find in books or online. I’ve become a bit wiser since coming to this world.

 ”Yui-san, can I ask for some support?”


 Yui’s hands reached towards my lower body.

 And then, she gently massaged each of my testicles with both hands.

 ”Come on, relax your body. Yes, you can use my breasts as a pillow.”

 I focused only on the lower half of my body as I rested on Yui’s soft, plump thighs.

 ”Alright, I’m going to give you a massage, so let me know if it hurts.”

 Tamamo-sensei firmly trapped my penis between the soles of her feet and started stroking up and down.

 Since she had to spread her legs wide, her tight skirt rode up, revealing her panties through the stockings.

 ”Does that hurt? Are you okay?”

 With Tamamo-sensei’s soft and gentle voice, I felt like I was about to cum… well, I wanted to.

 I slightly leaned forward towards my goal for cum.


 Gush! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

 I aimed at Tamamo-sensei’s panties and ejaculated through the stockings.

 Ah, it feels so good.

 I watched as Tamamo-sensei picked up my semen with her thumb and index finger, staring at the drooping thread with a fascinated expression.

 ”Wow… it flies so far. And the amount of this semen… Huh? Is it possible that pregnancy won’t happen with this?”

 Unconsciously, Tamamo-sensei gently rubbed her lower abdomen with her other hand.

 ”Oh my… your semen, not only the quantity of sperm, but each one is too strong. Normally, with thick and abundant semen, it should be easier to get pregnant… However, due to these excessively strong sperm that even surpass previous data, inexperienced like us, the girls’ egg cells seem to be surprised and have difficulty being fertilized. But, it depends on individual differences, and by repeatedly ejaculating inside, fertilization will be successful, so please be reassured.”

 Oh, I see.

 Well, I don’t understand complicated things, but it seems like the key is to have sex multiple times if you want to impregnate a girl. Yeah.

 ”Tamamo-sensei, Yui…san.”

 I show my still energetic penis to the two of them even after ejaculating.

 ”It looks like we need to perform a thorough treatment on the bed.”

 ”Now, come over here.”

 At first, the hesitant Tamamo-sensei and Yui seemed to be excited, their big sister-like atmosphere suddenly changing with a seductive breath. As a fellow actor, I could tell right away what state the two of them were in. They had both entered the zone.

 ”It’s better to keep the stockings on, right?”

 Tamamo-sensei tears the stockings.

 Thank you. Thank you so much!

 In my heart, I bow down in gratitude over and over again.

 ”Aqua-kun needs to impregnate a lot of women from now on. So… let’s use sensei’s body to learn a lot.”

 Tamamo-sensei straddles my lower body as I lie on the bed facing upwards.

 ”It’s okay. Don’t be scared. This is a medical procedure… right.”

 Tamamo-sensei held my penis in her hand and slowly pushed it into her vagina.

 ”It’s impressive that you can insert it all the way without losing your erection.”

 Tamamo-sensei covered me while wearing a white coat.

 Even through the clothes, I could feel Tamamo-sensei’s softness.

 ”You can also touch my breasts as much as you like.”

 When a woman tells you it’s okay to touch, a gentleman would obediently do so without a word.

 I massaged Tamamo-sensei’s breasts over her clothes.

 What, what is this!?

 No way, she’s not wearing a bra.

 Is she examining me with a cami and white coat on!?

 This is clearly lewd!!

 ”Look, you can touch them directly, not just over the clothes.”

 Tamamo-sensei lifted up her cami, and her soft breasts stole my sight.

 I wanted to suck on these breasts. Naturally, my mouth reached out.

 When shesaw that, Tamamo-sensei dropped her soft and squishy breast onto my face.

 I see… so this is where my ideal mochi-pounding event at night takes place!


 I suck on Tamamo-sensei’s mochi breasts to my heart’s content.

 Her breasts are so soft and squishy, easily stretching when squeezed by my hands. The best!

 I change positions while still inside Tamamo-sensei, and continue sucking on her breasts as if I had turned back into a baby.

 ”Ah, you really do love breasts, don’t you?”

 Yui wraps her raw breasts around the back of my head just like before.

 Ah, sandwiched between Yui’s firm breasts and Tamamo-sensei’s soft breasts, I feel like I’m about to ascend.

 ”If you want to cum, you must not hold back.”

 I want to cum. Thinking that, I lay Tamamo-sensei on her back and lay on top of her.

 Then Knot further covers us both from above.

 ”Hehe, I’ll support you so you can do the hip lifting exercise well, okay?”

 Alright! My innocent Shirogane Aqua inside me raises his hand.

 ”Okay, one-two, one-two. Can you do the seeding well?”

 ”Work hard to release all the white stuff inside sensei.”

 With support from Yui, I shook Tamamo-sensei’s body multiple times.

 The insides of Tamamo-sensei’s vagina were really soft, clinging to my penis like a vacuum and squeezing out semen. Ah, I can’t take it. Holding back like this is bad for my body.

 Caught between the soft and firm, I embarrassingly ejaculated inside Tamamo-sensei’s vagina.

 ”Oh…I knew it, but that’s a lot. I guess…even though it’s my first time, if a girl gets this much, she’d be surprised, right?”

 ”Is it feeling good, Aa-kun? You can shake and shiver just like that, so you can finish ejaculating properly.”

 I clung to Tamamo-sensei’s soft body as instructed by Yui, and continued to cum.

 ”You’re amazing at fertilizing girls.”

 ”Aqua’s face while thrusting was really cool.”

 This is it!

 Are you watching, Kohina-senpai in heaven!? This is it! I don’t want to be dominated by her as a reward, I want an older girl to do this to me! Just when I thought that, I felt like my head was being hit by a slipper, with Kohina-senpai in me saying, “Don’t kill me on your own. I’m still alive!”

 ”Oh, the bed sheets got messed up.”

 I got up with Yui and we both got off the bed. Tamamo-sensei also got off the bed, showing me her butt in her disheveled clothes while fixing the bed sheets.


 Unconsciously, I was stroking the perky butt in front of me over the skirt with both hands.

 If we’re talking about size, both Yui and Kotono are pretty impressive, but this softness is something I can only experience with Tamamo-sensei.

 I grab Tamamo-sensei’s soft butt and knead it over and over.


 I rub my penis against Tamamo-sensei’s soft butt.

 ”If you like Sensei’s butt so much, you can rub it as much as you want. Mm.”

 ”Oh, if you rub that hard, your thing might get hurt. Be gentle… okay?”

 Ah, Yui truly lives up to her reputation as a specialist in milking.

 She supports my waist, perfecting the piston movement.

 ”Tamamo-sensei… Can I cum between your soft, thick thighs?”

 ”Mm, go ahead.”

 Ah… the moment I inserted between Tamamo-sensei’s thighs, I realized. This isn’t a thigh. It’s a [pleasure hole (pussy)] to make a man feel good.

 Excitement hits my legs as Tamamo-sensei’s pumps fall off.

 I remembered the scent of Tamamo-sensei’s feet from earlier, and I felt even more excited.

 ”Oh, do you get excited not just by panties and armpits, but by this kind of scent too?”

 I’m so glad I married you, Yui…

 Yui, who noticed, picked up Tamamo-sensei’s fallen pumps shoes and pressed the inner part against my nose.

 The intense scent of Tamamo-sensei’s feet hit my brain even stronger than before.

 ”Then, aim for here even when you’re cumming, okay?”

 Yui brought the other pumps shoes to the tip of my penis, which was trapped between Tamamo-sensei’s soft thighs.

 Thank you, Yui. I accelerated my thrusts and cum inside the pumps shoes Tamamo-sensei was wearing, while it was trapped between her soft thighs.


 Even more excited, I pushed Tamamo-sensei down, straddled her, and forcefully moved between her soft thighs, squeezing my penis with them.

 ”Aqua-kun!? Ahh!”

 Making sure Tamamo-sensei understood that it was mine, after giving her a paizuri with chewy pussy, I ejaculated on Tamamo-sensei’s face.


 After releasing Tamamo-sensei, I turned towards Yui, showing off my excited penis.

 ”Oh, Aa-kun…?”

 ”It’s not ‘Aa-kun,’ it’s Aa-sama, right?”

 Grabbing Yui’s hands, I pushed her against the wall and inserted from behind.

 ”I need to give plenty of rewards to a naughty nurse like Yui.”

 I thrust into Yui’s obedient pussy several times.

 In short, Yui’s body is one that corrupts men inside and out. Not just her body, but her sweet voice and coddling personality also irresistibly lead men astray.

 I’m glad Yui wasn’t born into my world. If Yui were in my world, she would have ended up contributing money to an abusive man, selling her innocent, lustful body for prostitution, and being used by men as an outlet for their desires.

 ”Yui, thank you for liking me.”

 ”Yes…! Yui only likes Aa-sama. Only Aa-sama can use Yui’s body as they please.”

 I see. If only I can use her, then I must use her properly.


 I pressed Yui’s body against the wall and started a vigorous piston movement.

 ”Oh, oh, oh”

 Yui’s indecent voice leaked out.

 I matched the speed of my piston movement to it.

 ”Ah, oh, ah”

 I pounded Yui’s lower body so fiercely that her body floated off the ground.

 Spurt! Spurt spurt!!

 After this, Yui will probably take a pill.

 But, that’s not important. I always have sex with the intention of impregnating Yui.

 Listen, my sperm… If you are also Shirogane Aqua’s sperm, you will never be disheartened. What about pills and condoms? Still, it’s only by impregnating the women I love that this Shirogane Aqua’s sperm exists!!

 I will become the world’s number one idol in this world, making all women smile. So, you sperm too, become idols of the eggs and make them smile!! It’s okay, I am a man who takes responsibility for the semen I release, Shirogane Aqua. Leave the post-fertilization matters to me!!

 ”Haa, haa, haa…”

 I pick up Yui, who has collapsed on the ground, and gently lay her on the bed next to Tamamo-sensei lying on her back.

 ”Thank you. Thanks to you two, I feel like I can do my best starting tomorrow.”

 As I say that, the two smile brightly.

 ”So… as a thank you, I’ll make you feel even better from now on. If it becomes too much, just tell me. I’ll stop.”


 Tamamo-sensei, who thought the act was already over, showed a panicked expression.

 Yui, who was next to her, gently held Tamamo-sensei’s hand and said, “It’s okay.”

 30 minutes later…

 ”Oh, oh, oh!”

 Tamamo-sensei let out an indecent moaning as my serious piston made her feel like she was about to lose consciousness many times.

 1 hour later…

 ”Aaaaaah! Stop it, stop it, I can’t do this anymore. Aa-sama, no more, nnnnn!”

 I grab Yui’s big butt tightly as she raises a loud and sweet voice, and thrust deep inside her many times.

 3 hours later…

 ”Ah, ah… ah~♡ No! I love this…♡”

 Tamamo-sensei, perhaps giving up on being a sensei to me, loses her rationality and becomes a clingy girl.

 I like big sisters who let me be dependent on them, but I also like big sisters who depend on me. In other words, I just love big sisters!! And to add, I love girls in general!!

 5 hours later…

 ”Aa-sama, can I show you more lovey-dovey affection?”

 I nodded at Yui’s words.

 Beside me, Tamamo-sensei was completely exhausted after being covered in semen all over her body.

 Uh-oh… I might have overdone it. Kanon might scold me later for pushing her too far….

 Well, there’s no point in worrying about what’s already done. Even if something happens, I’ll take responsibility, so rest assured.

 ”Aa-sama…? I don’t want you to think about other girls while being intimate with Yui!”

 ”I’m sorry. Yui.”

 I gave Yui a cute hug and a kiss, then enjoyed a late-night extension with Tamamo-sensei by my side.

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