Male Idol V13c42

Volume 13 Chapter 42 Shirogane Aqua, The New Students

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 Guess I overdid it with the hustle yesterday.

 Thanks to that, I’m super sleepy today, but it’s my own fault, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

 ”Aqua, you okay?”

 Kanon peers at my face with a worried expression.

 ”Hm? Oh yeah.”

 I give Kanon a reassuring smile so she won’t worry.

 Morning classes are already over, so all that’s left is to grab lunch and get through the afternoon classes.

 ”You were probably up doing something weird until late at night, right?”

 Gulp! Ayana’s words make me freeze.

 Darn it… Has Ayana become sharper since she started living with Kohina-senpai?

 Maybe having the pure Ayana living with Kohina-senpai is having a really bad influence. Yeah, that’s it! It must be that way for sure!!

 ”Aqua’s definitely up to something with that face.”

 ”Yeah, definitely.”

 Pegonia-san, who had a sly look, whispered to me with narrowed eyes and smirked.

 Weren’t you supposed to be on my side?

 ”Aqua… just calm down.”

 Shintaro said, patting my shoulder.

 Ow, that hurts! Wait, that’s the last thing I need from you.

 ”Aqua-kun is cute.”

 ”Hehe, he was just messing around.”


 Kokona, Lisa, and Uruha all looked at me with gentle eyes.

 Guys, cut it out.


 Even Claire-san was giving me that gentle look, like she’s saying, “I understand.”

 I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pretended to go buy a drink and left the classroom.

 ”Oh, Aqua-sama.”

 Someone called out to me by the vending machine.

 ”Oh, Hisui-chan, how’s it going? Made any friends?”

 ”Yes! I made a lot!!”

 Hisui-chan showed me the screen of her smartphone.

 Wait a moment. Even though she has only been in school for a little over a month, does she know her classmates’s account, as well as all the students and teachers in the whole school? Isn’t that dangerous?

 The other day, I happened to see Kukuri-chan’s private phone screen by accident. But there were only about ten people in her contacts! I got really worried because there was only Hisui-chan in the classmate section, along with me, Emily, and Agewa-san.

 However, Kukuri-chan comes from one of the noble six families, so maybe her classmates don’t know how to approach her. Hmm… In that case, it feels like I have to take the initiative, but I don’t think Kukuri-chan is the type to do that. What should I do…

 Speaking of which, my other sister, Lazuli, said on her stream that she can’t make friends either. Maybe I should set them up to meet. They’re close in age, so it might work out surprisingly well.

 But, just the two of them might be tough…

 Alright! I’ll summon Kohina-senpai, who has plenty of experience being alone.

 Oh, what a brilliant idea I have!! As a senpai in life, Kohina-senpai can give them advice… Hmm? Is it okay to rely on advice from Kohina-senpai, who has enjoyed being a loner? I felt a moment of doubt, but I’m the type who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, so I decided not to dwell on it.

 Kaede, Emily, and Prime Minister Habu also said it’s better to take action than to just think about it!! After all, brains are just decorations, it’s pointless to use them!!

 ”Wow… Is school fun?”


 Hisui-chan flashed me a bright smile.

 Ah… we’re in the same boat.

 Seeing Hisui-chan’s smile, I couldn’t help but overlay it with the smile of Myojo Lily-san, whom I admired in my past life.

 I aspired to be an idol because of her smile.


 ”Ah… sorry.”

 Unconsciously, I touched Hisui-chan’s hair and lightly played with her ponytail with my fingertips.

 Oops. In my past life, that would’ve been straight-up s*xual harassment.

 But, when your favorite idol is smiling at you with such a radiant expression from such a close distance, it’s hard to resist… No, even so, it’s still not right, so I apologize to Hisui-chan once again.

 ”Um, uh, well, I don’t mind being touched by Aqua-sama, so it’s okay. Actually, I’d like you to praise me more like that. I’m the type that grows with praise!”

 ”I see, then should I praise you a lot?”

 With permission granted, I immediately began to massage Hisui-chan with both hands.


 So, it turns out Prime Minister Habu, Kaede, and Emily were right all along.

 If I had just thought about it, things wouldn’t have ended up like this.

 Action before thinking, that’s the answer to life.

 ’It’s okay, as long as you have allies who can cover for you when you mess up, you’ll usually be fine!! And the more you mess up, the more people around you get used to it. You just have to adapt others to your mess-ups!!’

 I can imagine Prime Minister Habu, with only this statement taken out of context, apologizing on nationwide TV the next day.

 Honestly, if this is forgivable, I felt like our Prime Minister could say anything and it would be okay.

 No… if this is acceptable, then Prime Minister Habu must be a good Prime Minister for the people of Japan in this world.

 ”Uh, um, Aqua-sama… please don’t go any further than that…”

 Hisui-chan’s face turned bright red as she looked up at me with teary eyes.

 Oops, I must have touched her too much unconsciously. Sorry about that.

 ”Hisui-chan, you’re solo and your home is really far, so you probably still has few people to turn to when you’re in trouble. That’s why, if something’s bothering you, you can come to me, the producer, right away. If it’s hard to talk to a guy like me, you can talk to Kotono, or Kaede, Emily, Kanon, anyone really, okay?”

 ”Yes! Thank you so much!!”

 Yeah, that’s a nice smile.

 I pat Hisui-chan on the head and leave the scene looking cool.


 Wait a second. What did I come here to do again? Oh…!

 On my way back to the classroom, I remember that I forgot to buy a drink, so I head to where another vending machine is located.

 It would be closer to go back to the place I was just at, but there’s no way I could do something so embarrassing.

 Fortunately, nobody caught me, so I keep a straight face and act like nothing happened.

 ”I wonder what Aqua-sama came here for…”

 ”Surely, he was going to buy a drink but forgot.”

 ”Huh!? Even high schoolers forget things like that!?”

 ”It’s probably Morikawa-san’s fault. Since the wedding, they have been saying that the Hoge-lar Wave observation has been activated.”

 ”Yeah yeah, and isn’t it cute how Aqua-sama is like that! He’s perfect as an idol, but if he were perfect in private too, there wouldn’t be any room for a chance.”

 ”That’s right. Makishima and Kenzaki are completely guarded, but right now, he’s the only ones with vulnerabilities. His defense has surpassed paper armor, practically nak*d.”

 ”If you say that, Kohina Yukari-san will get angry on TV again, saying it’s your fault for spoiling him!”

 ”It’s fine. Everyone’s spoiling them anyway.”

 ”Yeah yeah, we want to spoil Aqua-sama! This is our kind of play!!”

 ”Besides, I actually think Kohina-san is the one spoiling Aqua-sama the most. As someone known for her sharp intuition, I can tell.”

 ”””””Right, right!”””””

 While the girls around me were getting all excited, I caught a glimpse of Kohina-senpai’s name being mentioned, but it wasn’t about me.

 Probably something silly like another fight with a cat in the park or some nonsense. That’s just like Kohina-senpai.

 To avoid making the same mistake, I headed towards the vending machine in the old school building, where there weren’t many people around.

 On the way, I passed by Oto Rurika-san.


 Oto-san just said that as she passed by me, heading straight on without stopping.

 Pretty cool. I thought she seemed like someone with her own world, independent and all that.

 I gave a slight nod in return and headed towards the vending machine.



 I felt a presence and glanced towards the nearby staircase.


 I met eyes with Kukuri-chan as she came up the stairs from the lower floor.

 Oh, nice. She looks great in the Otomezaki uniform.

 ”Kukuri-chan, what are you doing here?”

 ”Uh, well…”

 Kukuri-chan shifted the lunch bag she was holding behind her.

 Huh? There’s only a vending machine and a restroom past this point… No, she wouldn’t be eating alone in the restroom, right? Well, as a Milk Dipper producer, I can’t overlook this.

 ”Kukuri-chan, it’s… kind of unexpected, but…”

 ”N-no, it’s not like that. Um… I’m not used to being approached so casually, so, um… to make it easier for everyone in class, um…”

 Oh… I see. Yeah, that makes sense.

 During Kanon’s time, it was like that at first too, where it’s just normal for everyone to find it hard to approach due to her status…

 I don’t mind that at all, but in Kukuri-chan’s case, I thought that kids from ordinary families might find it difficult to approach her, coming from high-ranking noble families, out of respect.

 ”Then, how about eating with Hisui-chan…”

 ”Well, Inori-san invites me normally… It seems like Inori-san has been at the center of the class since the first day, and everyone wants to eat lunch with her, so I feel bad if I’m the only one she pays attention to…”

 Gosh… What a good kid she is!

 ”I see…”

 Hmm, what should I do?

 I could just invite her to lunch normally, but I don’t think that would solve anything.

 After all, I’ll be graduating a year earlier, and even if Lapis, Subaru-tan, and Miyako-chan join later, I still want her to get along with the kids in her class.

 ”Kukuri-chan, wait a sec, okay?”

 ”Uh, sure.”

 When you’re feeling this way, it’s best to talk to a reliable adult.

 I decided to message KY-senpai, who’s experienced with being alone.


 Shirogane Aqua:

 Hey, isn’t Kohina-senpai kind of a loner?

 Kohina Yukari:

 Are you trying to pick a fight with me or something?

 Shirogane Aqua:

 No, no, it’s not like that. As a loner senpai, I wanted to ask Kohina-senpai for advice.

 I don’t have much experience with this stuff, you know.

 Kohina Yukari:

 Huh? Are you seriously trying to pick a fight with me?

 Shirogane Aqua

 So, back in high school when you were a loner, what did you do for lunch?

 Kohina Yukari

 You could just eat in the classroom like normal.

 Shirogane Aqua

 Well, there are kids who can’t do that and are eating in the restroom by themselves, so they’re asking for help.

 Kohina Yukari

 Huh?! Why should they eat alone in the restroom just because they’re a loner?

 There’s no rule saying loners have to eat in the restroom!!

 I once picked a fight with everyone in the class except for Ako, and made them all eat in the restroom with me!!

 Having lunch alone with Ako in the empty classroom afterwards felt so victorious!

 Shirogane Aqua:

 Sorry. I guess I shouldn’t have asked Kohina-senpai for advice.

 Your response was way beyond what I expected.

 I’m really sorry!!

 Kohina Yukari:

 You’re seriously just trying to start a fight, aren’t you?!


 Realizing that a call might come in, I quickly switched my phone to airplane mode to limit its functions.

 No good. I picked the wrong person to talk to. I deeply regretted why I even consulted this person.

 ”Sorry. I thought maybe they could give you some good advice, since they’re experienced, but I guess I chose the wrong person.”

 ”Oh, no… I don’t understand how things got to this point, but I was surprised too…”

 Huh? Oh… darn it.

 I just realized… I thought I was chatting with Kohina-senpai within the messaging app, but it turns out we were chatting on social media.

 Because of that, on social media’s trending topics, words like [This is the future of lonely toilet meals], [The loner meals of the new era], [Kohina Yukari is on another level], [True story], [Real deal], [Lonely King], [Ako Yuka strong love], [There’s something you can only get from Yuka-Aqu], [Did you know Kohina Yukari is actually a purebred princess?], [Kohina said her last name is from her beloved grandmother. Her real last name is…] are ranking first.

 Wait a second, the last two are intriguing, but right now, Kukuri-chan is more important.

 ”Kukuri-chan… If you want to be alone, I won’t say anything, but if you want to enjoy school life with friends, I’ll fully support you. Because, I made lots of friends at Otomezaki, and I met irreplaceable best friends like Shintaro and Toa. So, I want Kukuri-chan to make lots of friends here too. But, this is also my ego, so I’ll respect Kukuri-chan’s thoughts.”

 I face Kukuri-chan, gently placing my hands on her shoulders and smiling softly.

 ”So, what do you want, Kukuri-chan? If it’s hard to say now, you can tell me later, or if it’s hard to talk to a guy like me, you can talk to someone else. I just want to know what you want.”


 Kukuri-chan clenches her fists in front of her chest.

 ”Yes, I want regular friends too. Well, maybe not just friends, but I want to get along with my classmates. So, could you help me with that?”

 ”Got it! Leave it to me!!”

 But, the real issue is what to do.

 I thought about just going into Class 1A with Kukuri-chan, inviting the kids around while we eat lunch together, but I don’t think that would solve the fundamental problem.

 ”First, even if we invite friends… it’s about how to get along with the kids around us, right…”

 As I ponder what to do, Kukuri-chan’s phone rings in front of me.


 Kukuri-chan turns her phone screen toward me.


 I groan as I see the name “Kohina Yukari” on the screen.

 Guess I have no choice. I have to take it…

 I take the phone from Kukuri-chan and swipe the call button.

 ’You’re not answering my calls, huh?’

 ’How’d you know it was Kukuri-chan?’

 ’I saw through your call rejection. I called Kanon-san first, then confirmed you weren’t in class, and finally called Kato Iria from 1st year. I had to be sure. When I heard she got into Otomezaki, I thought she was really dumb, but she does come in handy sometimes. I might even join Otomezaki next year.’

 Gegege! I make a voice like Tachibana-san, played by Shintaro, calling Kenzaki’s name in the early days.

 ’I’ll do anything, just please spare me that!’

 ’Hey! Even if it’s a joke, being told in such a serious tone hurts, you know!’

 Oh, yeah. I quickly apologize, “I’m really sorry about that.”

 ’I understand. Anyway, on another note, I’ve arranged to have a girls’ get-together with Tsukasa-sensei next time. So, make sure to invite Kukuri-chan too. If you need tips on how to make everyone in the class enjoy their meals, I can help you out, so don’t worry!!’

 ’No, no, Kukuri-chan isn’t deliberately being excluded, so there’s no need to be at odds with her classmates! Instead, the focus should be on how to get along with the classmates who are a bit distant!!’

 I groaned over the phone.

 ’Well, it doesn’t matter which one, but tell Kukuri-chan to come. Oh, but since Tsukasa-sensei and I have a big age difference, I’ll also invite your other younger sister who is closer in age. That girl seems like she doesn’t have any friends for sure. Oh, you probably know this already, but I’m the type of person who acts on impulse, so I don’t want to wait. We’ll meet at the address I’ll send Kukuri-chan after school today. By the way, Aqua, you absolutely must not follow us!! Because, this is a girls’ gathering!!’

 Kohina-senpai only says what she wants to say and hangs up the phone unilaterally.

 I want to learn from her strong mentality.

 ”So that’s the situation. What do you think? If you don’t like it, just tell me without hesitation, and I’ll properly refuse.”

 ”Ah, no, since we’re here, I think I’ll give it a try. Like Aqua-senpai said earlier, even if Aqua-senpai gives me the first push, I feel like I might end up building walls around myself as I am now.”

 I nod silently to Kukuri-chan’s response and pat her head gently.

 ”Got it. If that’s the case, I’ll support you too.”


 Maybe I should leave this to Kohina-senpai for now…

 Wait, when did Kohina-senpai get to know Tsukasa-sensei?

 I’m even jealous, I haven’t even met Tsukasa-sensei face to face yet.

 ”Hey, since we’re here, why don’t you have lunch with me today?”

 ”Uh, yes!”

 I grab Kukuri-chan’s hand and we start running toward the cafeteria.

 Shoot, at this time, my favorite Oyako-Doon (オヤコ・ドゥーン) Aqua Special yakisoba is probably sold out.

 ”Sorry. The Oyako-Doon Aqua Special just sold out a moment ago.”

 The cafeteria lady points out.

 I follow her gaze to see Natalia-senpai and Kanon holding trays with Oyako-Doon Aqua Special yakisoba on them.

 ”Oh… Aqua-sama. Did you want the Oyako-Doon Aqua Special? Would you like to have mine?”

 ”Aqua, if you want Oyako-Doon, you can have mine.”

 Patricia-san, Natalia-san, Kanon, and Furia-sama Oyako-Doon!? Is that okay!?

 I can’t joke about that, so I just smile and play it off.

 ”No worries, I’ll order something else.”

 Huh? As I sit a bit further, I catch eyes with some girls from my class eating the Oyako-Doon Aqua Special.

 ”Aqua, do you want to try mine?”

 I gulp! Seeing the gooey eggs coating the juicy chicken and the rice grains standing tall, I can’t help but want a taste, but I manage to resist somehow.

 To conquer this desire, I stick to my usual go-to order.

 ”I’ll have the Katsu-Doon Aqua Special with Bukkake Wakame, please.”

 ”Coming right up! Here’s Aqua-kun’s Bukkake Set!”

 Woah, the Bukkake Wakame Udon and Katsu-Doon set looks delicious too!

 I’ll save the Oyako-Doon Aqua Special for tomorrow.

 ”Thanks for always making such delicious meals for me, everyone!”


 The cafeteria ladies, the idols of the cafeteria, serve up their best idol smiles.

 ”When Aqua-sama graduates, I’m going to work at the Beryl’s in-house cafeteria.”

 ”No, no, it’s gotta be the Shirogane Kingdom. They had job openings.”

 ”I heard we’d get in without even an interview, right?”

 ”So, they’re planning to build a school within the Shirogane Kingdom, but formal employment seems to be after all 2A graduates.”

 ”I’m definitely going there!”

 Wow, I head over to where Kukuri-chan has saved us seats with trays.

 ”That looks delicious.”

 ”Wanna try a bite?”

 I scoop up some Katsu-Doon with a spoon and offer it to Kukuri-chan.

 ”Um, well…”

 Despite her embarrassment, Kukuri-chan takes a bite of the Katsu-Doon I offer.

 ”It’s delicious.”

 ”Haha, I told you, right? Donburi’s good, but curry, udon, and even croquettes are delicious too.”

 As I dine with Kukuri-chan, I glance around the surroundings.

 Then suddenly, a woman approaches us.


 ”Oh, Iria-san.”

 Iria-san casually takes a seat next to me.

 ”Oh… Kukuri-chan was here too. Sorry, did I interrupt?”

 ”Oh, no. I’m totally fine.”

 Come to think of it, aren’t these two classmates…?

 It’s still strange to think that Iria-san, who’s the same age as Kohina-senpai, Kaede, Inko-san, and Maron-san, is actually a junior.

 ”Are you getting used to school, Iria-san?”

 ”Yes! This is already my fourth time entering high school! By the time you’re my age, you get used to everyone’s reactions!”

 I feel like my head is about to explode for various reasons.

 It’s just too much. What’s it like to go through high school for the fourth time!?

 Kohina-senpai’s lonely life seems like something I want to hear about, so I could talk about that, but in a different sense, Iria-san’s life, it feels like there’s more darkness to her situation than Kohina-senpai’s.

 I wonder if it’s just my imagination that the delicious Katsu-Doon from earlier and the wakame udon taste don’t feel the same anymore…

 ”Well, if that’s the case, Kukuri-chan, let me know if you want to enjoy the same lonely life as me!”

 Iria-san devoured the super-sized Katsu-Doon in no time, slurped down the miso soup like it was nothing, and left… Wow, talk about wild. Is this the nightmare generation…? I sighed and scratched my head again.

 ”Aqua-senpai, thanks for today. I’ll do my best at the girls’ gathering this afternoon.”

 ”Yeah, sure. And if you ever have any trouble… Well, even if you don’t, you can always contact me.”

 I said that to Kukuri-chan and patted her head again.

 ”Aqua-senpai… It’s better not to get too involved with irresponsible girls.”

 ”Don’t worry about that. I wouldn’t do anything like that with an irresponsible girl.”

 Because I’m a Milk Dipper producer.

 It’s my duty as a producer to ensure that the girls I produce enjoy their daily lives.

 ”Uh… um…”

 Kukuri-chan, who’s usually cool, turns bright red.

 What’s wrong?

 ”Ugh, Aqua’s up to something again.”

 ”No, no, I’m just acting as a producer. I’m just saying the obvious.”

 She stands beside me and peers up at my face from below.

 ”That’s what they call being taciturn. And, the way you said it earlier, you’d only do that with a responsible ‘girl’, right?”

 ”What’s that supposed to mean? I didn’t say anything weird, did I?”

 She smiles mischievously and waves her hand at me as she turns her back.

 ”I’ve got your word on it, okay?”

 ”Hey, what’s that supposed to mean!?”

 What’s up with her?

 Well, more importantly, I need to do something about Kukuri-chan now.

 ”Kukuri-chan, if you’re feeling feverish, should we go to the nurse’s office?”

 I scoop up the stiffened Kukuri-chan in my arms.

 Uh oh. I feel like her body temperature has risen since earlier.

 Maybe she caught a cold. I took Kukuri-chan to the nurse’s office.

 ”She’s okay. It’s just a slight temperature. Maybe she ate something warm and her body temperature went up. You know, it’s been hot lately.”

 ”I see…”

 I let out a sigh of relief and thanked Nurse Nemoto-sensei.

 Anyway, I’m glad Kukuri-chan didn’t have a fever.

 ”Are you okay, Kukuri-chan? If it’s too much for you to meet with Kohina-senpai, I can ask to reschedule for another day…”

 ”I’m fine. I really am…”

 Well, if she says so, then that’s good, but she really shouldn’t push herself too hard.

 Oh well, it’s almost time for afternoon classes.

 ”Well then, Kukuri-chan, see you later.”

 ”Yes. Thank you for today, Aqua-senpai.”

 I wave goodbye to Kukuri-chan and head back to the classroom.


 Why does it feel like there are fewer people than usual?

 Huh? Everyone left early!? Even Ayana!?

 No way, Ayana was just eating in the cafeteria like normal a while ago!!

 Did she get hit by a stray bullet and leave early because of that!? What the heck happened in the cafeteria where I was just a moment ago?

 At first, I thought it might be food poisoning, but my stomach is totally fine, so I don’t think that’s it.

 ”Kohina-senpai said so. It’s all Aqua’s fault. Right, Kanon-san?”

 ”Yeah yeah, it’s all Aqua’s fault! Right, Toa-chan?”

 Kanon and Toa exchange looks and laugh.

 Seeing that, I tilt my head in confusion. Hmm… well, those two in front of me seem to be having fun, so whatever!

 Kohina-senpai also said, “Don’t overthink it since your intellectual level is the same as Kaede, Emily-chan, and Prime Minister Habu!” Kohina-senpai is someone who praises me properly when I deserve it, even though I have the same intelligence as Mary and the other two at the prestigious school. So in order to meet those expectations, I will study seriously so that I won’t repeat a year.

 I stretch my body widely to ward off sleepiness and open my textbook.

 After 10 minutes, I realized that the textbook I brought with me was from last year!

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