Male Idol V13c43

Volume 13 Chapter 43 Lazuli, What’s Joshikai (Girl’s Gathering)?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My name is Lazuli Hauyne Noselite.

 I came to Japan to meet the coolest brother in the world, Aqua-niisama… or at least that’s what I thought, but somehow I ended up participating in an idol audition camp led by Aqua-niisama.

 ’What’s this? Lazuli, do you want to meet Aqua-kun?’


 When I nodded like that, my dear mother showed me a document written in Japanese.

 ’I see, I see… if that’s the case, sign this document here.’


 Since I couldn’t read or write Japanese, I signed in the section my dear mother told me to, even though I didn’t really understand it.

 Later on, I found it strange when I was asked to take photos, dance for some reason, and even sing.

 ’Huh? Is this an idol audition?’

 It seems like I was deceived by my dear mother.

 Before I could fully understood everything, I found myself participating in an idol audition training camp.

 ’Nice job, Lazuli! Suddenly feeling motivated.’

 Of course. Anyone who’s a fan knows just how passionate Aqua-niisama is about idols. It’s something you can feel through the screen, something you just know.

 With Aqua-niisama as one of the judges, there’s no way I could give a half-hearted performance. I mean, I wouldn’t want to disappoint him!

 ’Dear mother, why did you do this!?’

 After somehow managing to pass the idol audition, I returned home temporarily and confronted her.

 ’Well, Lazuli wasn’t fitting in at school here and was shutting herself in, so I thought a change of environment might do her good.’

 ’But that doesn’t mean you can just…’

 ’If I had explained it properly from the beginning, you wouldn’t have gone, right?’


 It hit too close to home, and I couldn’t come up with a response.

 Honestly, if I had known from the beginning that it was an idol audition, considering my personality, I probably would’ve been too lazy to go.

 ’I felt bad for Lazuli too, you know. But I did consult with Aqua-kun through Marin, and Aqua-kun said that if Lazuli seemed to be struggling, we could just let her retire halfway and send her home to play normally.’

 Huh? Really?

 So, does that mean I should’ve just retired without putting in any effort!?

 ’You’re probably thinking you should’ve just retired normally now, aren’t you? Well, not just me, but I’m sure Aqua-kun sees through it too.’


 I turned away from my dear mother, averting my gaze.

 ’Lazuli is pretty easy to read, huh? Well, putting that aside… At least from watching the online streams, it seemed like Lazuli was enjoying the training camp life over there more than when she couldn’t fit in here. How about it? Mom kind of want to hear directly from Lazuli’s mouth.’

 ’…It was fun, just normal.’

 I couldn’t say anything back because my dear mother was right.

 ’Well then, that’s good! I’ll apologize for doing things behind Lazuli’s back, but as they say, all’s well that ends well!’

 ’What’s that?’

 ’It’s a Japanese proverb.’

 Oh, I see.

 And so, after successfully passing Beryl’s idol audition, I officially signed with Beryl and moved to Japan.

 However, I felt like regular idol activities didn’t quite suit my personality, so after discussing with Aqua-niisama and Beryl’s staff, I decided to focus mainly on streaming as a net idol.

 And so, as I was thoroughly enjoying my hikikomori lifestyle in Japan, I receive a notification.

 Kohina Yukari:

 Come join our girls’ gathering. Aqua said it’s okay.

 I suddenly thought I might get a stomach ache, but today of all days, I’m feeling really good.

 I considered faking being sick, but Aqua-niisama inside me kept yelling at me desperately, “You’ll definitely get caught, so don’t do it!”

 But seriously, what even is a Joshikai? Hmm… Japanese is so hard.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll just ask everyone!”

 I turn on my computer and start preparing to start streaming.

 [Attention everyone!! So, I’ve been invited to something called Joshikai?]

 Yeah, that title works.

 Since moving to Japan, I’ve gotten used to speaking Japanese, but I’m still studying kanji because it’s tough.

 I press the button to start the stream… but just before, I remember that I’m not wearing any clothes and hesitate.

 Phew, that was close! I almost got banned for real there.

 I remember when I tried streaming without wearing any clothes and just adhesive bandages on my n**ples, I got banned within seconds.

 So, wearing just my underwear, I put on an oversized T-shirt that goes down to about my knees.

 The word “unemployed” written on this favorite T-shirt of mine, according to my listeners, means “freedom” and “ultimate strength,” a powerful and invincible word that embodies both. Since then, I’ve been rotating between this T-shirt and four others recommended by my listeners: one saying “You lose if you work,” another “TOKYO NEET,” one more “A woman who can’t cook is worthless,” and the last one saying “Flame-baiting streamer.”

 After putting on my clothes and sitting back down, I press the button to start streaming.

 [What’s Joshikai?]

 [↑It’s when girls gather to play ‘Heaven’s Sword.’]

 [↑Hey! Don’t lie!]

 [↑Huh? Is that a lie? Kanon-sama said it was true.]

 [↑I also thought that girls’ gathering is just like that. The source is Hagetoru.]

 [Let me explain! Girls’ gathering is a meeting where unpopular girls lick each other’s wounds and comfort each other.]

 [↑It’s fine if they only comfort each other by licking their wounds, but be careful because there are girls who pretend to comfort and take each other to hotels after the gathering, intending to lick each other’s important parts!!]

 [↑It’s about that Hagetoru person who aims for Shumi, right!!]

 Girls doing what? Licking each other… Does it mean using their tongues to lick? I find the Japan that the listener is talking about difficult and tilt my head.

 What exactly are they licking? Oh, I think I heard something about girls’ gatherings going to eat pancakes or sweet things, so maybe it’s about soft serve ice cream?

 [Here, it’s the face of a soft serve ice cream.]

 [You have a face like you want to lick it!!]

 [Huff, huff… Lazu-sama is cute. Urgh!]

 [↑Officer, it’s this person!!]

 [Hey, Lazu-sama and Lapis-chan both look like beautiful girls, so we really need to be careful.]

 [↑Totally. I’m worried that Lazu-sama might become prey for those girls who like younger-looking girls.]

 [A foreign girl who’s innocent and pure like Lazu-sama is definitely vulnerable to those with a liking for younger ones…]

 [↑Seems like the group targeting Kanon-sama has shifted their focus to Haa-chan, Fee-chan, Lazu-sama, and Lapis-chan, the Royal Loli Four.]

 [↑Speaking of which, does Lapis-chan also have noble blood from Stars…?]

 [The child of Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama, if it’s a boy, it’s dangerous, but even if it’s a girl, it seems pretty risky.]

 [↑That’s for sure. That’s why barely any information is leaking.]

 [↑We have to protect them!!]

 [↑ hat’s what most of the bulletin board users are thinking.]

 Hmm, they’re getting all excited discussing things I don’t know about again.

 ”Japanese is difficult, so let’s have a conversation using hiragana and katakana,” I said in the beginning.

 Isn’t this my livestream? And yet, it seems like only I am being ignored, what’s up with that?

 First of all, I don’t even know what “lolicon” means.

 Could it be a relative of the recon in FPS games?

 Oh, I get it now! It must be referring to that embarrassing play I did as a recon in VARIANT the other day!

 Grr, just like that, listeners immediately make fun of me! Even I’m doing my best not to drag everyone down, you know!

 [Shumi the Maiden: More importantly, who invited you to the girls’ gathering?]

 [↑That’s right]

 [LMAO, Shumi is here.]

 Oh wow, someone named something-san kindly left a comment for me using only hiragana and katakana, making it easier for me to understand!

 I think “otsu” means… something like “great” or “awesome,” right? As for the girl… I feel like it starts with “ma”… ma, mi, mu… Yes, “mu”!

 The problem is, figuring out what follows after “Something” is too difficult.

 Oh! The right words just came to me!

 ”Thanks, Loose Head-san (otome no yurumi => otome no shumi)!”

 I turn to the camera with a big smile to thank Loose Head-san.

 Aqua-niisama also said to do proper fan service, after all!

 [Loose Head LOL]

 [How did it even come to this!?]

 [Well, I kinda get what you mean!]

 [But still, she’s not wrong LOL]

 [Definitely provoking LOL]

 [Here we go again, another apology after causing a stir]

 [RamenHagetoru: I laugh so hard, give back the ramen you sprayed out]

 [↑Hagetoru and the bulletin board users, they’re everywhere]

 [Loose Head: By doing this, I’m avoiding controversy]

 [↑All of Stars shed tears]

 [Is this what they call true noblesse oblige?]

 Looks like Loose Head-san was the right call.

 Phew. Anyway, speaking of which, who was it that invited me again?

 I point the camera at the screen showing the message sent by Kohina Yukari-san.

 [RamenHagetoru: You definitely shouldn’t go]

 [Sommelier: Run away!]

 [Hagetoru LOL, Sommelier LMAO]

 [It’s all in good fun when these two joke around.]

 [Normally they only say light-hearted things, but this time the weight of their words is different.]

 [Loose Head: You should go because if you don’t, you’ll get in trouble. It’s better to listen to Hagetoru and Sommelier because they’re always getting scolded. Lazu-sama, you shouldn’t ignore their opinions.]

 [↑As expected of Loose Head. Exactly.]

 Hmm, maybe I should go after all.

 But, that person, even though she’s small, she has a strong presence and it’s kinda scary.

 ”Well then, assuming I go to the girls’ gathering, is it okay to just go like this?”

 I stand up so my whole body is visible, then I turn around in front of the camera.

 [Thank you for the bare legs. Thank you for the bare legs.]

 [Oh, that’s not good. This is really naughty.]

 [Just a T-shirt!? What about the bottoms!?]

 [You’re gonna get banned again!]

 [RamenHagetoru: Haa… haa…, Lazu-sama, what color are your panties?]

 [↑You’re already caught.]

 I sit back down on the cushion and check the comments flowing on the monitor.

 ”The color of my panties? They’re black, so what? They’re also low-rise with string sides. How about it? It’s mature, right? Since listeners treat me like a child, I splurged and bought these!!”

 I puff out my non-existent chest.

 Even this chest will someday grow big like Mother Marin and Big Sister.

 However, seeing how flat-chested my half-sister Lapis and my dear mother are, I can’t help but feel a little anxious.

 Perhaps, my dear mother’s genes are strong… No, that shouldn’t be the case.

 I also want to become a beautiful older sister with a glamorous figure, just like my big sister.

 [Shirogane Aqua: Black!? It’s still too early for Lazuli to wear black! Wear white children’s underwear that can properly cover your stomach!!]

 [↑Nii-sama LMAO]

 [Aqua-niisama, forgive her as she’s at an age where middle schoolers want to act mature!]

 [Aqu-tan, the other day, Lapis-chan bought some adult-like underwear!]

 [Shirogane Aqua: ↑What!? I’m going to check on it right away!! Everyone, take care of Lazuli for me!!]

 [Nekoyama Toa: ↑Aqua, Lapis-chan hasn’t finished school yet. Are you planning to go into her room while she’s not home? You’re the worst!]

 [Shirogane Aqua: ↑Ugh…!]

 [Aqua-sama, getting scolded by Toa-chan, lol.]

 [Yukari Goha: Nice! Keep it coming!]

 [↑ The one who invited her is here, lol]

 [Oh, speaking of which, isn’t it still school time…?]

 [Aqua-sama, Toa-chan, Loose Head, is it break time?]

 [Huh? Lazu-sama, where’s school?]

 [↑Hey, cut it out!]


 [↑You guys, knock it off.]

 [Lazu-sama, give us some head-pats!]

 I tremble as I read the comments.

 Even though I was happy that Aqua-niisama came to see me, why do you guys have to say stuff like that!?

 ”I chose the online option for school, so it’s okay if I don’t go!”

 I did consider St. Clarice and Mary, or even Otomezaki Middle School, but I couldn’t read the kanji written in the tests anyway!

 [Oh, yeah, that’s true.]

 [Sorry, my bad!]

 [Lazu-sama, there’s also transfer student slots, so why not study Japanese and go to Otomezaki next year!]

 [Should we talk about the time Lazu-sama didn’t get full marks on the Stars language test?]

 [↑lol LMAO]

 [Come on, guys, cut her some slack, lol.]

 [Anyway, that’s not the point, right?]

 [So, what were we talking about again?]

 [↑We got pretty off-topic, but it was about what to wear to the girls’ gathering.]

 [↑Oh yeah!]

 Yeah, yeah, that’s it!

 Finally, the conversation that went off track is back on track.

 [For now, it’s better to wear something underneath. If you keep it as it is, Lazu-sama’s noble panties might be visible.]

 [Lazu-sama, how about wearing the jersey you have behind? You know, the one you used for the show’s project. It has ‘Lazuli’ written on it, so I think it’s fine.]

 [↑Hey, cut it out!]

 [Guys, don’t feed Lazu-sama any more lies!!]

 [A jersey for a girls’ gathering!? Are you sure that outfit is okay!?]

 [Just three points for girl power… what a joke. Being called trash.]

 [For now, isn’t a simple skirt that boosts girl power enough? Lazu-sama, didn’t you have a black miniskirt?]

 A black miniskirt, huh? Yeah, I think it was just collecting dust in the closet!

 ”I’ll go get it!”

 I rummage through the back of the closet and pull out the skirt that was tucked away.

 Here it is. I put on the skirt and spin around in front of the camera.


 [That was close earlier, lol.]

 [RamenHagetoru: I thought we were about to see Lazu-sama’s panties for a moment lol]

 [Lazu-sama, be careful of the camera position. When you were rummaging through the closet, we almost saw your panties.]

 [Being so defenseless really screams Aqua-sama’s lineage.]

 [↑Could it be because of Marin-san!?]

 [↑Mikuni-sama has those moments too.]

 [↑So, what will happen to Aqua-sama, the child of those two!?]

 [↑That’s why we have to protect them!!]

 [Hmm… Miniskirts are fine, but that T-shirt though…]

 [It’s because you guys teach weird Japanese…]

 [Maybe, can the TOKYO NEET T-shirt work? It’s in Stars language, so at first glance, they won’t understand, right?]

 [↑No, they definitely will!!]

 [By the way, since NEET is a term from here, it won’t work on Lazu-sama, right?]

 [What did you guys explain NEET to Lazu-sama as?]

 [↑We told her it stands for INTERNET MASTER]

 [↑That’s too random overall!]

 [She’s getting deceived and it’s hilarious LMAO]

 [Nee-san: Did you happen to have a tunic with frills that makes you look more grown-up before? I haven’t managed to snatch it from the sammy place yet, but with the current atmosphere, I think it’ll suit you.]

 [Nee-san, you’re amazing]

 [I knew it, Nee-san is the real deal]

 Ah! By the way, I remember Kanon-neesama bought this for me secretly from Aqua-niisama before!

 I open the chest and toss out the clothes inside.

 Not this one. Not that one. Ah, this one!

 I take out a off-shoulder frilled tunic and then, before the t-shirt…oh, I need to aim the camera down!

 [Finally, safe!]

 [Thank goodness]

 [The sound of clothes being taken off is so loud!]

 [Someone, remind her to edit out this part]

 [Just hearing this sound makes me crave white rice]

 [It’s even more erotic because you can’t see it, you can only hear the breathing sounds, lol]

 [RamenHagetoru: Guhehe, the innocent rustling sound made by an ignorant beauty is irresistible!]

 [↑You should really get caught already, huh?]

 Oh wow! Isn’t it fantastic?

 I spin around in front of the mirror and make sure to check my appearance thoroughly.

 ”Listeners, what do you think of this?”

 I tilt the camera down to show everyone my appearance again.



 [She’s really cute.]

 [Because she’s naturally pretty, as long as she doesn’t wear weird clothes.]

 [Lazu-sama, you look awesome!]

 [Lazu-sama supremacy! Lazu-sama supremacy! Lazu-sama supremacy!!]

 [RamenHagetoru: Cool!!]

 [Sommelier: Lazu-sama, make sure not to wear the wrong sandals!]


 [Sommelier, you’re doing great!]

 [Oh yeah, remember when Morikawa made that mistake before!]


 [Morikawa once appeared on the show barefoot!]

 [↑Why did that happen LMAO]

 [↑Because it’s Morikawa, obviously!!]

 [It’s pointless to try to understand Morikawa’s actions.]

 [↑Just like Aqua-sama, lol]

 Shoes… Oh, speaking of that, Aqua-niisama bought me some cute shoes. I’ll wear those!

 And since I’ve decided on my outfit, I’ll take a bath for now.

 Oh yeah, I realize I haven’t taken a bath for about two days.

 ”Thanks, everyone! And finally, thanks to Sommelier-san for the shoe advice, and… um…”

 How do you pronounce “Nee-san” again?

 I think it’s a two-letter word for family (ka). And it has the word “woman (女/o-nna)” in it… Got it!!

 ”Thanks for the outer advice, Mom (Oka-san)!”

 I smile at the camera and wave.


 [Mom LOL]


 [RamenHagetoru: My monitor got really dirty from laughing so hard, with bits of fried rice flying everywhere!!]

 [↑That’s gross lol]

 [Nee-san looks like she’s rolling her eyes lol]

 [Oh, so Nee-san is like our mom!!]

 [From now on, I’ll call her ‘mom’ instead of Nee-san.]

 [↑Hey, cut it out, lol]

 [The folks on the bulletin board always turn everything into a joke.]

 [Lazu-sama is actually a good kid. She’s a good kid, but all her actions backfire!]

 [It looks like she’s just teasing, lol.]

 [Hey Nee-san, aren’t you mad?]

 [RamenHagetoru: You guys still have a lot to learn. Nee-san is surprisingly happy.]

 [Sommelier: ↑That’s right! Nee-san is weak against cute girls.]

 [Nee-san: Yes, I’m Lazu-sama’s mom.]

 [↑Lazu’s mom!?]

 [Mom’s here!]

 Huh? Did something seem off?

 Well, whatever. Aqua-niisama also said not to sweat the small stuff!

 ”Well then, my dear listeners, see you later! I’ll report back on the results later. Keep rooting for me!!”

 With that, I press the end broadcast button.

 At that time, I thought everything was going smoothly. A few hours later, I would end up posting a certain comment on social media.

 Lazuli Hauyne Noselite

 HELP ME! Listeners, please help!!

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