Male Idol V13c44

Volume 13 Chapter 44 Shirogane Aqua, A Girls’ Gathering? No, This Is A Carnival Straight From Hell

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 I disguised myself and headed to the venue where Kohina-senpai’s so-called girls’ gathering, attended by Kukuri-chan and Lazuli, was taking place.

 ”I think it’s this way…”

 On the way, I checked my reflection in a nearby shop window.

 ’Hmm, if that’s the case, just leave it to us.’

 ’Don’t worry, if you leave it to us, we’ll finish it perfectly.’

 ’Hehe, while counting the ceiling stains, it’ll be over before you know it. Okay?’

 As usual, I asked Pegonia-san to help me with my disguise, but for some reason, I ended up surrounded by the girls from my class who were still there.

 And that’s not all…

 ’Don’t worry, Aqua. I’ll make sure you look beautiful.’

 With those words, I was pinned against a wall and stripped of my clothes, turned into a dress-up doll.

 ’Hehe, Aqua, it suits you.’

 ’D-Does it really suit me?’

 Of course, there’s no way Kanon or Shintaro will come to my rescue. Instead, there’s Pegonia-san and my classmates, who just laugh as they see me being teased.

 Ugh… I never thought I’d be humiliated by girls in my own grade! But if I think of it as a game, it’s not so bad! It’s actually kinda fun! I’m Shirogane Aqua, a guy who doesn’t sweat the small stuff!

 ”Wow, that person is amazing.”

 ”That fashion, when a tall, beautiful girl like her wears it, it’s so impressive.”

 ”Ahh, let me call you Big Sister (Onee-sama)!”

 ”Is that Mary? Or maybe St. Claris?”

 ”I, too, wish to form a sisterly bond with that lady, desu~wa.”

 The stares from everyone around me are painful.

 Seriously, curly twintails and a Gothic Lolita style with a full-on Victorian-era pink dress and long gloves? That’s overkill.

 I try to avoid running into anyone I know as I quietly make my way to my destination, trying not to stand out.

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun!”

 But I ran into Kaede by chance while preparing for an outdoor shoot.

 I gestured for her to keep quiet.

 ”I’m in the middle of an important mission right now. Keep it hush-hush, okay?”

 ”U-Um, okay.”

 Kaede was simple-minded, which was a relief. It seemed like only Kaede and Kanon could be persuaded with something like this.

 I wished Kaede would stay like this forever. When I expressed this to her, for some reason, Kaede interpreted it as, “So, Aqua-kun is the only one who will love me just the way I am.” Well, she seemed happy about it, so it’s fine.

 Announcer Onidzuka, who was behind us, froze when she saw me, but I hoped she would just pretend she didn’t see anything.

 I heard that if I wanted to attend the girls’ gathering venue, I needed to dress with this level of combat ability, as embarrassing as it was.

 After convincing Kaede, I left the scene and headed towards my destination.

 I have to make sure I don’t meet any more people I know!

 ”Hey, junior!?”

 Just as I made that decision, I ran into Tenga-senpai. Why, just like Kaede, were you guys wandering around where I’m going?

 Also, even though it shouldn’t be obvious, both of you noticed too quickly!

 Huh? Is it because striking beauties over 180 cm tall stand out so acquaintances are easily recognizable? Oh, I see….

 ”Tenga-senpai… I’ll tell you since you’re a senpai, but I’m in the middle of an important mission right now.”

 ”A mission!?”

 It’s a relief that Tenga-senpai is someone who likes this sort of thing.

 ”Junior, is there anything I can do to help!?”

 Tenga-senpai eagerly grabbed my shoulders.

 Hmm, what should I do?

 ”Alright. Tenga-senpai, I’ll send you the destination and image data from now on. If the target person gets close to the destination, please contact me.”

 ”Got it! Stakeout, huh? Leave it to me!!”

 Tenga-senpai, saying that, hurriedly ran in the opposite direction of the destination.

 Is he okay? Hopefully, he won’t get lost. Anyway, I should send messages to Ayase, Shintaro, Haruka-san, and the manager, Miyuri-san.

 I stopped sneaking around and walked confidently towards the destination.

 I figured it’s better to get to the destination quickly rather than sneaking around if I’m going to be noticed anyway.



 When I arrived at the destination, I encountered Emily dressed in a dress similar to mine in front of the store.

 The blonde wig and the black dress with white accents suited her well.

 Whoa, at this point, she looks like a real princess from a medieval or fantasy anime!

 ”What’s with the outfit?”

 ”I borrowed it from Granny Mary.”

 She’s seriously the real deal….

 ”Just to confirm… I mean, I will, but is the purpose still a girls’ gathering?”

 ”Yeah, I came to see the carnival straight from hell called Joshi-kai.”

 I firmly shake hands with Emily in front of the store.

 Phew, I’m not alone. It’s reassuring to know I have allies.

 Huh? A message on my phone? Who could it be at such a busy time?

 [Tenga Akira: It’s a disaster! They’re out of the milk and anpan needed for the stakeout!!]

 Not my problem!!

 Wait, is that why Tenga-senpai ran off in the opposite direction!?

 ”Well then, let’s go before everyone else arrives. Emily… I mean, Emily-oneesama.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right, desu~wa. Ohoho!”

 We hold hands and enter the store.

 Huh? Could this be…?

 ”Is this… a date?”


 ”Emily-oneesama, did you say something?”

 ”No, nothing. But, did you say something?”

 I shake my head.

 Seems like it was just my imagination.

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. We’re fully booked for today…”

 Huh!? You need a reservation to get in here!?

 I never heard about that!

 ”It’s for the reserved ladies’ Shumi gathering.”

 Emily made a reservation!? Wait, what’s a ladies’ Shumi gathering!?

 ”Oh, I see. We do take reservations. Let me show you to your seats.”

 We’re led by the staff further inside.

 Wow, it’s amazing. The interior has a Western-style design, like something a princess-loving girl would adore.

 Ah, so that’s why we dressed up like this. At first, I doubted it was everyone’s hobby, but sorry about that. Wait, did I forget to mention the name of the restaurant Kohina-senpai reserved for us… Oh well!

 ”Which seats did Kohina Yukari-san reserve?”

 ”Huh? Uh… well, that’s confidential…”

 Well, that makes sense when you think about it.

 I glanced at Emily, then we both grabbed the waitress’s wrist and pushed her into the restroom.

 ”Um, what’s going on…”

 In perfect sync, Emily and I cornered the waitress in one of the restroom stalls, pressing her against the wall.

 The waitress blushed, alternating between looking at us.

 ”Hey, could you help us out a bit, sister?”

 ”Huh? Th-this voice, it’s… Aqua-sama!?”

 As I whispered sweetly into the waitress’s ear, Emily lifted her chin firmly.

 ”Don’t worry. If anything happens, we’ll take responsibility.”

 ”Huh, Emily-sama!? W-wait, you two taking responsibility!?”

 This isn’t just a matter of life and death… I mean, it’s a crucial mission for the survival of this restaurant.

 After all, we can’t forget that the one hosting this girls’ gathering is none other than Kohina Yukari.

 With Kohina-senpai involved, there’s a chance this place might go up in flames.

 And when something goes wrong, I’m the only one in this world who can stop it, from Kohina-senpai’s underwear color today to her future rotations, because I’ve got it all figured out!!

 ”So, could you help us out? Just a little, please?”

 ”Just a little!?”

 As I stared at the waitress, Emily whispered from the other side this time.

 ”Yeah, yeah, just the tip, sister. Just the tip, that’s all.”

 ”Just the tippp!?”

 Huh? Is it just me, or did things get a bit sketchy?

 No, must be my imagination.

 ”U-uh, I-I’m not much, but please, take care of me.”

 Looks like our persuasion worked on the waitress.

 With her help, we were led to a seat with a good view of where Kohina-senpai and her group had reserved.

 Now, all that’s left is to wait for Kohina-senpai and the others to arrive.

 Emily and I pretended to be regular customers and ordered food and drinks.

 ”Two Earl Grey sets for the young ladies’ gathering, correct?”


 ”Understood. Please wait a moment.”

 After placing our order, my phone rang again. What now?

 [Tenga Akira: ・-・--]

 Huh? For a moment, my expression turned into a simple [・ー・] face.

 ”Aqua-sama, is something wrong?”

 ”Um, Tenga-senpai sent a message…”

 I showed Emily the message screen from Tenga-senpai.

 ”Oh, this is Morse code.”

 ”Morse code? Is it related to semaphore or something?”

 ”No, it’s Morse code, not grass. It’s a signaling system used by the Japanese Navy.”

 I see… But why does Emily know about this? Besides Tenga-senpai, who seems like he’d be into it, Emily knowing this is a mystery to me. I tilt my head slowly, pondering.

 ”Nee-san is knowledgeable…”

 ”I see. So, what’s Morse code?”

 ”It means enemy aircraft spotted, implying the target is here.”

 I quickly shift my gaze towards the aisle.

 There, Kohina-senpai appears without any disguise.

 Wait, isn’t that just her normal outfit?! That girl, seriously!!


 Startled by Emily’s words, I avert my gaze from Kohina-senpai.

 Whoa. Just a brief glance, and she’s already shooting daggers at me.

 Despite feeling relaxed just moments ago, I remind myself that this is a battlefield.

 ”Aqua-sama… Kohina-senpai has been staring at us the whole time.”

 ”Don’t make eye contact. She’ll engage us!”

 In this tense situation where I can’t let my guard down for even a second, sweat forms around the stuffed part of my chest and the zipper hidden by decorative lace on my back.

 Emily takes out a compact mirror from her bag and pretends to check her appearance, secretly glancing at Kohina-senpai diagonally behind her through the mirror. Emily… she’s good!

 ”It seems like the target has lost interest in us.”


 Please, everyone, hurry up and come to the girls’ gathering.

 Kohina-senpai seems bored during the wait, glancing around restlessly.

 If this continues, there’s a chance she might bother us regular customers.

 Under this pressure, both Emily’s and my mental and physical strength are being worn down.

 Please. While praying silently, I glance at the cellphone on the table.

 Perhaps my wish was heard, as a new message has arrived from Tenga-senpai outside.

 [Tenga Akira: This is codename Tenga, codename Shirogane, do you copy?]

 Maybe something happened to surveillance officer Tenga-senpai. Thinking that, I quickly reply.

 [Shirogane Aqua: This is codename Shirogane, what’s up?]

 Excited at the possibility of other girls arriving, I message Tenga-senpai back.

 And soon, I receive a reply.

 [Tenga Akira: Nothing much. Just checking in!]

 I don’t need that right now!!

 Just for a moment, I thought the other girls had arrived, and I felt relieved, but could you please stop getting us all excited, me and Emily?

 Tenga-senpai keeps sending messages.

 [Tenga-senpai: My phone battery is running low. I’ll buy a charger at the convenience store!]

 Argh…! When he goes to buy red bean paste buns and milk at the convenience store… Argh!

 No good. I don’t have the energy to tsukkomi Tenga-senpai right now.

 ”Aqua-sama, Aqua-sama, that girl Kukuri is here.”


 Oh, really.

 It seems Kukuri-chan has changed her clothes.

 Unlike Kohina-senpai, who usually wears casual clothes and has minus girl power, Kukuri-chan is wearing pink and black, looking like she might be into those weird, clingy, and gloomy girl types.

 Emily and I hold our breath and eavesdrop on their conversation.

 ”Um… hi.”

 ”Sorry for calling you out of the blue. Well, have a seat.”

 Is she okay?

 I feel anxious about their encounter.




 Why are you both silent like that!!

 Kohina-senpai, you’re the senpai here, so please try to keep the conversation going.

 The atmosphere in the restaurant becomes even more tense than before.

 Then, I receive a new message on my phone.

 Tenga-senpai? It’s probably something silly again. I open the messaging app with a half-hearted glance.

 [Kohina Yukari: Hey… what should I talk about with high school students?]

 Is it you!!

 Even though it’s just a thought in my head, I accidentally call Kohina-senpai “you.”

 I repeatedly bow my head to the messages on my phone. The foreigner next to me looks puzzled, but this is a common sight in Japan. It’s almost like a tourist attraction, so I hope Japanese people get used to bowing to their phones sooner rather than later.

 [Shirogane Aqua: Wouldn’t it be nice to just get used to school life normally?]

 I think that’s good advice. I quickly reply to the message.

 Kohina-senpai, upon receiving my message, immediately checks her phone to see what was sent.

 ”How’s it going? Getting used to school?”




 No way!? Why did the conversation stop there!!

 Kohina-senpai taps on her smartphone screen and sends me a new message.

 [Kohina Yukari: It’s not continuing at all. Dummy!]

 Hey, hey, hey, it’s not entirely my fault, right!?

 [Kohina Yukari: Ask someone else.]

 Ah, another victim… I don’t know who it is, but oh well.

 ”Aqua-sama, Aqua-sama”

 Hm? Emily, what’s up?

 Emily shows me her phone screen.

 [Kohina Yukari: What should I talk about with high school girls?]

 Of all the times to ask that!

 Emily taps on her phone and replies to Kohina-senpai’s message.

 I wonder what advice she gave.

 ”Made any friends?”

 ”No… well, not yet.”



 Argh! Emily and I both groan in frustration.

 No, I remember what Kukuri-chan said earlier.

 If she’s still around, that means she still intends to make it!

 So why would you give up here?

 But with this atmosphere, I can’t help but wish someone else would come soon.

 Is there still no message from Tenga-senpai?

 I stare intently at my phone screen.

 Then, a new message from Tenga-senpai arrives.

 [Tenga Akira: Suspicious person sighted! Suspicious person sighted!! Found someone who looks really shady!!]

 Tenga-senpai… that’s not, like, a reflection of myself in the mirror, right?

 He was dressed all tough and hard-boiled even though it’s May, so as a junior, I’m really worried.

 ”Aqua-sama, a really suspicious person has arrived.”

 I shift my gaze towards the corridor.

 And then, a person wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a mask enters.

 The person is being escorted by a staff member towards the table where Kohina-senpai and Kukuri-chan are sitting.

 ”O-oh no, a confrontation!”

 Anticipating something happening, Emily and I brace ourselves.

 ”U-um, I’m Tsukasa Kei.”

 ”Ah… I’m Kohina Yukari.”

 ”I’m Sumeragi Kukuri.”

 Tsukasa-sensei!? No way! The sensei I saw during the year-end singing competition was definitely taller.

 It seems the Tsukasa-sensei I saw before was a body double.

 Ugh… I can’t see Tsukasa-sensei’s face at all from where I’m sitting!

 I don’t care about Kohina-senpai’s face, which I’m more familiar with than my own parents’, just show me Tsukasa-sensei’s face!!


 If someone else came, maybe this situation would improve.

 I feel like smacking my carefree self who was thinking that until just now.

 Nothing changes. Time passes heavily in the same state.

 [Tenga Akira: The night curtain falls outside. I shiver in solitude. I remember Haruka’s face.]

 Tenga-senpai… Please don’t send cryptic messages at a time like this.

 I ignore the message from Tenga-senpai.

 ”Oh, Aqua-sama. Lazu-sama has arrived!”

 Oh! Come on, Lazuli! If you show your usual self on the stream, you should be able to break this situation!!

 ”Fuhahaha, commoners. I have arrived!”


 I tilt my head.

 hen, I receive a new message from Tenga-senpai on my phone.

 [Tenga Akira: Sorry. My existence has been discovered by junior’s sister.]

 Huh? What happened?

 Messages continue to come from Tenga-senpai.

 [Tenga Akira: It seems like she arrived earlier than expected. Because of that, my suspicious behavior was noticed, it seems. So, as an apology, I taught her my special greeting. Also, don’t worry, I won’t say anything about my junior.]

 I don’t even have the energy to react anymore.

 I show my phone to Emily without saying a word.

 Then, Emily’s face also looks equally disappointed as mine.

 ”Commoners? Who are you talking about…?”

 ”Am I the commoner…?”

 Kohina-senpai!? Kukuri-chan-sama!?

 Lazuli shrinks under their pressure.

 I’m sorry, I’m sorry. She’s still new to Japanese, so she definitely doesn’t understand what “commoner” means!

 ”Haha, real-life Lazu-sama is cute.”

 Tsukasa-sensei, please stop without looking!!

 Or rather, is sensei really that kind of person!?

 ”Uh, um… I’m just a weed growing around here, Lazuli.”


 Lazuli, who has become smaller, sits in the seat.

 ”Are you, uh, okay?”

 ”Kohina-senpai is usually not that mad about stuff like this, and Kukuri-chan is gentle, so I don’t think they’re really angry. Maybe they were just surprised.”

 Yeah, even though Kohina-senpai has a narrow mind, I don’t think Kukuri-chan is mad.

 But… if that statement from earlier gets out on the internet, Lazuli will definitely be in trouble, so I hope those who witnessed it here will keep it to themselves. It’s all Tenga-senpai’s fault.


 Hey, are you kidding me!?

 Kohina-senpai, why are you suddenly quiet like a borrowed cat today?

 Just like you always do, push forward!

 Thinking that, I receive a message on my phone.

 [Kohina Yukari: What should I do? I ended up pressuring everyone like I always do without thinking…]

 Ugh! If that’s the case, just go for it without worrying like you always do! That’s the Kohina Yukari that Ayana and I admire!!

 But seriously, seeing Kohina-senpai vulnerable like this is kinda cute! But please don’t show me this side of you at a time like this!! Save it for when we’re alone… No, that’s not important right now.

 Huh? Notification? I open my phone’s notification screen.

 Lazuli Hauyne Noselite

 HELP ME! Listeners, please help!!

 Oh no! I need to do something quick!!

 I immediately reply to Kohina-senpai’s message.

 [Shirogane Aqua: Let’s order food for now! That’s the first step!!]

 Kohina-senpai quickly checks the message.

 ”Well, you must be hungry. Since it’s on me today, order whatever you like!”

 Honest Kohina-senpai is so cute, it makes me want to slam the table.

 If only she could always be this straightforward!

 Ignoring my inner turmoil, the “Lonely Four Heavenly Kings,” consisting of Kohina Yukari, Tsukasa Kei, Sumeragi Kukuri, and Lazuli Hauyne Noselite, kicked off their hellish girls’ gathering (carnival).

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