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Volume 13 Chapter 45 Shirogane Aqua, Lost Item

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 ”Miss, your evening tea set for two is ready.”

 The waitress who had just served Emily and me brought our Lady’s Night Lunch dishes to the table.

 Turning away from Kohina-senpai’s table, Emily pulled out a flag stuck in the Omurice we had ordered and fluttered it in front of us.

 Is something the matter?”

 ”I see, is that so… Understood. Thank you.”

 Emily nodded in understanding.

 The waitress smiled and nodded back before leaving the table.

 ”Aqua-sama, this is actually a semaphore signal used in the navy. By the way, the only reason I can understand this is because of Nee-san, etc.”

 Oh, I see.

 I get it now. But why can even the restaurant waitress use semaphore signals like it’s nothing!?

 ”As a woman, it’s common to admire flashy military movies or anime during childhood at least once. In reality, many people who have decided to remain single after high school or college graduation often aspire to join the Self-Defense Forces, wanting to become someone who can protect at least the boys in their own country.”

 No way… It seems like I’ve been underestimating this world and this country.

 ”So, what does that mean?”

 ”It seems like the atmosphere at the table with the target is hell…”

 Yeah. It looks like hell even from here, so it must be hell up close too.

 Is it rude to ask for the meaning behind signaling that specifically?

 But what should I do in this situation? I rack my brain for a good solution.

 It’s easy when you’re the one doing it, but advising others is proving to be so difficult.

 ”Aqua-sama, the girls’ gathering has just begun. There’s no need to rush. Let’s enjoy our meal while it’s still warm.”

 ”Oh, right. That’s true.”

 I’m having a young lady’ lunch, or just a kid’s lunch.

 There’s shrimp fry, hamburger, omurice, spaghetti, and fries. Well, it can’t be bad, right?

 ”Aqua-sama, it looks like their food has arrived too.”

 I look over to the table where Kohina-senpai and the others are sitting.

 Oh! I don’t know who suggested it, but it seems like they arranged a course menu that can be shared by everyone at that table.

 It’s surprising how food can be a conversation starter and help people bond.

 ”Um, I’ll serve it for everyone.”

 Kukuri-chan, you’re doing great!! Keep it up.

 Although she seems a bit unsure since it’s her first time, Kukuri-chan struggles a bit while serving the pasta from the large plate onto smaller plates.

 ”Sorry. I’m okay with not having pasta.”

 So, why did you order that? Well… why did Kohina-senpai choose this restaurant in the first place?

 Kohina-senpai can eat course meals and small portions, but she generally has a childlike palate, so I’ve never seen her eat anything other than meat sauce spaghetti or Napolitan.

 That’s why she prefers places like Ramen Takeko over restaurants with pasta that girls would like.

 ”It seems like she asked Kanon, ‘Where are the places girls would like?’”

 ”Oh, that makes sense…”

 With Emily’s explanation, I understood everything.

 Kohina-senpai went to a restaurant that caters to younger people by going out of her way to match their tastes rather than her own preferences.

 It feels like that backfired, leaving me with mixed feelings.

 ”Having vegetables in it is a bit…”

 Lazu-sama… no, my sister, Lazuli.

 It’s understandable to have preferences, but surely you don’t refuse to eat all vegetables, right?

 Wait, you can’t eat tomatoes or vegetables? What have you been eating to survive in a foreign country!?

 ”Um, sorry. I mostly drink milk and eat cheese to, but actually, I’m not good with cheese…”

 Tsukasa-sensei!? About half of the menu here has cheese in it, are you okay!?

 Also, I’m interested in the milk from a cow that seems to be eating nothing but cheese, so could you please turn this way for just a moment!? Just a tiny bit, maybe just the tip of the n**ple!!

 ”Uh… okay”

 Kukuri-chan places a separate small plate in front of herself.

 Don’t give up, Kukuri-chan! You can do it!! Even if you stumble, get back up. That’s what being an idol is all about!! I cheer for Kukuri-chan with all my heart.

 ”Um, then I’ll serve the pizza next, okay?”

 That’s it! Go for it, Kukuri-chan!!

 I… no, Emily, Tenga-senpai, and even the waitress, we four are on your side!

 ”Triple cheese, huh… Sorry, I have heartburn, so I’ll pass today.”

 So, last night I made porridge for you, and this morning I left yogurt, bananas, jelly drinks, and even some snacks that Kohina-senpai can eat alone for breakfast!

 And yet, when I checked social media at noon, you had thick sauce yakisoba because your stomach felt better!? Come on!! That’s why you keep hurting your stomach again!!

 ”I am a meat lover!! Don’t compare me to those BB pellet-like people who only eat trendy weeds!!”

 Lazuliiii! Why do you keep throwing yourself into the fire like that!

 ”The woman who eats nothing but weeds is me.”

 Emily… that’s just a joke, right?

 You’re not really eating weeds anymore, right? When I looked at her suspiciously, Emily quietly averted her gaze.

 Let’s report this to Kanon, Kotono, and Kaede right away. How did this happen?

 ”Even though I call myself a cheese cow, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry that I actually don’t like cheese.”

 So, show me the milk of that cow that looks like it eats cheese!!

 Oh well. Let’s just stare at Emily’s cow, which looks like it eats cheese, in front of me.

 There’s no helping it. It’s definitely not grown from weeds, it’s definitely grown with bamboo Ramen oil. I can tell!!

 ”Oh, then I’ll eat this too…”

 Kukuri-chan quietly placed a pizza in front of her table.

 You did well. I think Kukuri-chan really did her best.

 We silently applaud Kukuri-chan’s efforts in our hearts.

 ”I’ll eat salad quietly today.”

 ”Then I’ll have a mountain of potatoes and Karaage set!!”

 ”Then I’ll have quiche and paella.”

 Is this a lie? These guys are starting to eat the sharing menu items separately….

 Can that even happen?


 Four girls silently devouring their meals in front of them.

 The oppressive atmosphere feels like hell, even reaching our table.

 Kukuri-chan really did well. She worked hard!

 ”Aqua-sama… The hamburger that was so delicious just a while ago doesn’t taste the same.”

 ”Me too. I can’t feel anything even when eating my favorite shrimp fry…”

 Kohina-senpai took action first to try to do something about it.

 Lazuli tried to lighten the mood with jokes.

 Kukuri-chan tried to use sharing food as a conversation starter.

 Everyone really did their best.

 …Tsukasa-sensei. Only Tsukasa-sensei is left now.

 If it’s the genius scriptwriter Tsukasa Kei recognized by me and Kohina-senpai, can’t she write a script that can turn around such a desperate situation!? Emily and I entrust a glimmer of hope to Tsukasa-sensei.

 ”By the way, everyone, how was that Makishima from the other day? Personally, I think he was able to portray a really shallow character depth… I mean, don’t you think?”

 Tsukasa-sensei!! That’s great!!

 Even though you’re talking about everyone, the topics Tsukasa-sensei brought up are like targeted questions aimed at Kohina-senpai.

 Truly a genius scriptwriter. She know exactly who to focus on!

 If Kohina-senpai becomes more outspoken as usual, the conversation should liven up a bit!!

 ”I don’t like that person.”

 ”Me neither.”


 Phew! I feel like I’ve been hit by a stray bullet.

 E-everyone, even if you don’t like Makishima, please don’t dislike me!!

 ”Oh, we get along well, don’t we?”

 ”Yeah, definitely!”

 ”Yes, that’s right.”

 Huh? Wait, could it be that they’re bonding over the fact that they all dislike the Makishima I play?

 Sob, sob… The tomato spaghetti in my mouth tasted like tears.

 ”Even though he give such impressive lectures, when it comes to facing real challenges, he relies on others and can’t handle the pressure, always finding a way to escape. In the same situation, he would take the initiative himself. Well, it just irritated me a bit, so maybe that guy improved his acting skills a little.”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Aqua-niisama isn’t that uncool!!”

 ”If it’s Aqua-senpai, rather than hurting others, he’s the type to go and get hurt himself.”

 Oh, thank you, everyone.

 I never expected to receive praise from Kohina-senpai. I’m genuinely happy.

 And Lazuli, thanks for thinking of me as a cool big brother. I’ll do my best to be a cool Nii-sama in front of you.

 And then, Kukuri-chan, I’m feeling hurt right now. So, please pat my head and comfort me!! Oh… It wouldn’t be bad to be comforted by a younger girl if I imagine it…. I just had a thought that being pampered by a younger person isn’t so bad either.

 ”Oh, but I think Tsukasa-sensei’s direction is good. Because Makishima is that kind of character, it highlights the kindness that Shun unexpectedly shows despite his aloofness, and how he can be surprisingly humane and empathetic despite his cold image. Dark hero types rely heavily on viewer empathy. In that regard, Makishima’s acting skills make him a good stepping stone.”

 ”I think the drama is interesting because there are enemies like Makishima. But, I don’t want to see Aqua-niisama like that, so I hope Shun deals with him quickly and decisively!!”

 ”Setting aside personal preferences, as someone from a former noble family, I was intrigued by Makishima’s perspective written by Tsukasa-sensei. It not only reflects the essence of the drama but also resonates with real-life situations, offering various viewpoints and ways of thinking that are enlightening.”

 I couldn’t help but notice how mature Kukuri-chan is, to the point where you wouldn’t think she’s younger than Kohina-senpai.

 And sandwiched between those two, Lazuli’s reactions are just purely adorable.

 ”T-Thank you, everyone.”

 Although I can’t see Tsukasa-sensei’s face from here, her tone of voice sounds somewhat pleased.



 I tightly hold hands with Emily, filled with joy.

 The conversation has flowed smoothly.

 Truly, Tsukasa Kei-sensei is a genius scriptwriter!

 When I think all that’s left is to open up, suddenly the food that didn’t taste good before now tastes delicious again.

 It might be rude to stay longer, so maybe I should leave after finishing my meal.

 In the meantime, can I just enjoy listening to the fun girls’ talk while standing at the back with my arms crossed?


 …Why are you staying silent there!!

 Huh? Weren’t they in the middle of a conversation just now?

 You could have transitioned to talking about other dramas, discussing about me, recent work stuff, or various other topics. But why did you stop there!?

 ”This is one of those things.”

 ”One of those things?”

 Emily, with a serious expression, clasped her hands and rested both elbows on the table.

 ”In this kind of flow, someone might start talking. Just as you get excited and open your mouth, you end up speaking at the same time as someone else, then you both give way and it becomes quiet. It’s a kind of consideration that loners who have experienced such situations tend to have, where they stay quiet to be kind to others.

 Oh… I hang my head at Emily’s words.

 That’s right. Everyone at that table, except for one person, are all kind and good kids.

 That’s why, somehow, I want to liven up the conversation.

 ”Aqua-sama, Aqua-sama!”


 As I rack my brain for a solution, Emily sends a signal with her eyes as if to say look over there.

 Is something wrong with the waitress?

 Trying not to be seen by Kohina-senpai and the other customers, the waitress signals us with hand signs.

 ”She’s saying to leave it to her.”

 The savior has arrived!!

 Despite the despairing situation, the waitress starts to move to break the current state somehow.

 Isn’t she cool? If I were a girl, I might have said, “Hold me!”

 ”Here you go, this is a service from our store.”

 The waitress serves the dessert, a pudding a la mode, in front of everyone.

 Common food, especially desserts, never fail to spark lively conversations among girls!

 ”Oh, that looks delicious.”

 ”I love this!”

 ”Wow, me too!”

 ”Thank you.”

 The four of them had happy expressions as they looked at the luxurious pudding a la mode.

 This is it! They were getting a little closer to the girls’ gathering they had been longing for.

 ”When it comes to girls’ gatherings, desserts are a must. That lady over there really knows her stuff.”

 The waitress… without a doubt, you are today’s MVP.

 Kohina-senpai and the others were suddenly energized by the luxurious appearance and delicious taste of the pudding a la mode, breaking the chilly atmosphere from earlier.

 ”By the way, talking about this pudding a la mode and Aqua that came out earlier reminded me, Tomarigi’s pudding a la mode is delicious too.”

 ”T-t-that’s right! I asked my big sister to take me there, and it was so tasty!”

 ”I used to eat a lot when Aqua-senpai was around. Aqua-senpai used to secretly add an extra cherry for customers who came alone as a special service from me. It brings back memories…”

 Thinking about it, I remember doing such things.

 In the beginning, there were many tired-looking women like Ako-san who came alone, so I consulted with the owner and decided to do a special service together to cheer everyone up.

 ”Oh, I… haven’t been to Tomarigi yet…”

 Lazuli, who couldn’t join in the conversation, looked dejected.

 Kohina-senpai then patted Lazuli’s head.

 ”Well, how about we all go to Tomarigi next time to have some pudding a la mode together?”


 At Lazuli’s words, Kohina-senpai, Tsukasa-sensei, and Kukuri-chan looked at each other.

 ”Of course!”

 ”Let’s go together, everyone.”

 ”Well then, I’ll make the reservation.”

 It seems like the date and location for the second girls’ gathering have been decided.

 Knowing the initial desperate situation, I feel like I’m about to cry with emotion.

 This is it! Now, finally at Kohina-senpai’s table, the girls’ gathering I wanted to see was about to begin.

 ”By the way, speaking of Aqua, I remember that he almost died from the dish Ako made the other day.”

 ”I want to hear more about that story!”

 ”I-I want to hear it too…”

 Kukuri-chan and Tsukasa-sensei eagerly join in on Kohina-senpai’s story.

 Ah, I remember there was something like that too.

 ”Aqua-sama, did that really happen?”

 Emily’s eyes sparkle.

 It’s not that I don’t want to remember it, but for some reason, I seem to have forgotten important details, so I don’t remember it well either.

 ”Actually, Ako-san cooked for me…”

 I talked while remembering that moment with Emily.

 It seems like the people at the other table are also getting excited about my story.

 Yeah, it looks like everything is going well.

 ”Here is your pudding a la mode.”

 The waitress brought us pudding a la mode to our table.

 ”Thank you, miss. Thanks to you, I’m saved,” I expressed my gratitude.

 ”Miss… are you interested in Shirogane Kingdom?”


 ”There’s the contact information for Kanon, the administrator, on this business card. If you’re interested, please contact her. Hehe… I’ll recommend you to the administrator.”


 Emily handed a piece of paper to the waitress and whispered something to her.

 I wonder what they’re talking about.

 ”I told the waitress that she’ll bring friends next time.”

 ”I see, that’s nice.”

 So, they’re coming with Kanon and the others. Sounds good.

 At that time, I thought of getting back at Shintaro by making him cross-dress and hosting a cross-dressing party.

 I hope he feels the same embarrassment I felt. Hahaha!

 Huh? But, since Toa often wears girls’ uniforms, maybe it won’t have the same effect… Oh well, details, details!

 ”Oh, it all worked out in the end, didn’t it?”

 ”Yeah, it did.”

 ”That’s right. I was worried for a while there, but we managed to pull through.”

 ”Yeah, yeah! …Huh!?”

 Emily-san and I blinked our eyes and turned our heads towards the source of the voice like robots running out of battery.

 ”Did you have fun observing us?”

 Gah! Kohina-senpai’s smiling face grabbed the back of our necks so we couldn’t escape.

 Um, um, where is everyone…?

 ”By the way, the other three are in the bathroom.”

 Oh, right. There’s no one at the table…

 ”Just so you know, I’m not really mad. I just came to say thanks for the trouble.”

 ”What!? Kohina-senpai saying thanks!? Does that mean Japan will sink tomorrow…”

 It seems like all the words I was thinking in my heart came out.

 Kohina-senpai increases the pressure with a smile.

 ”Do you get some kind of s*xual excitement from being scolded by me?”

 ”N-no, I don’t think so…”

 As I averted my gaze, Kohina-senpai sighed and eased the pressure, saying,

 ”Well, whatever. I appreciate you guys. Thank you.”

 Saying that, Kohina-senpai returned to her table before everyone else came back.

 Phew, I managed to survive somehow.

 ”Emily… Shall we go home?”

 ”Yes, let’s do that.”

 Thinking it would be really awkward to stay longer, Emily and I drank our post-meal tea and left the restaurant.

 Before we knew it, Kohina-senpai had paid for everything.

 It seemed like when the three people who had left came back and went to the restroom, our bill had been settled along with theirs.

 Additionally, it seemed that Kohina-senpai had noticed that the waitress had been helping out, as she received a grateful message saying, ‘It’s way too early for you to treat me, so just let me treat you quietly.’

 ”I’m tired.”

 ”Same here…”

 When Emily and I made eye contact, we smiled at each other.

 ”When you’re feeling down…”

 ”Let’s look at Kanopon’s carefree face and feel better!”

 Feeling a connection with Emily, I skipped home with her.

 After changing into fresh clothes at home and sitting on the sofa, I noticed a message on my phone.

 Could it be a thank-you email from Kohina-senpai? I thought I should thank her for treating me too.

 Kohina-senpai, despite appearances, actually has some pretty cute qualities. Thinking that, I opened the message that had been sent to me.

 [Tenga Akira: The Hidden Moon, I, tremble in loneliness…]

 Ah… I completely forgot about Tenga-senpai! I’m really sorry!!

 In order to go pick up Tenga-senpai, who is trembling in loneliness, I hurriedly rode my bike into the night streets.

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