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Volume 13 Chapter 46 Shirogane Aqua, Mother’s Day Operation!!

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 ”Good morning!”

 I visited Beryl’s headquarters building and cheerfully exchanged greetings with the people passing by.

 The reason I visited the headquarters building was one and only, because I was summoned by Shintaro and Tenga-senpai.

 ”Hey there!”

 I energetically opened the door to the waiting room that had become our gathering place.

 Inside the room, Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai were facing each other with tense expressions.

 ”In the end, this day has come without anything being decided, huh?”


 ”It can’t be helped. It seems we have to use our secret weapon here.”

 Tenga-senpai, who stood up, widened his eyes and turned his face towards me.

 In response, Toa and Shintaro also directed their gazes towards me.

 Huh? Me?

 ”Junior. I have a favor to ask of you as a fellow man!”

 Tenga-senpai firmly grabbed both of my shoulders.

 When someone tells you they have a serious request as a guy with a serious face, there’s no way you can refuse, right?

 I return Tenga-senpai’s serious gaze.

 ”We’ve caused a lot of trouble for our mom all this time, so I thought maybe we could do something for them on Mother’s Day.”

 Tenga-senpai caused trouble for Yumeko-san when he was down after being rejected by Haruka-san, Kanata-san worried a lot when Toa was shut in, and Shintaro was rebellious during his study abroad and rejected Kiyoko-san with a cold attitude, so they all want to send words of gratitude as an apology… I see.

 ”But… when it comes down to actually doing it, we just couldn’t come to an agreement on our own. That’s why we consulted Aqua.”

 Understanding the situation, I pat Shintaro on the shoulder.

 Regretting the past may sometimes be necessary, but for the three of them, and for everyone’s mothers, they thought that what comes next is more important.

 ”If it’s about that, leave it to me!”

 Listen up. My name is Shirogane Aqua, the lover of all moms in this world.

 When it comes to moms, leave it to the Mother-con Master Aqua, also known as the Mature Woman Killer Shirogane Aqua!!

 ”Speaking of Mother’s Day, it’s all about carnations, right?”


 Shintaro and Tenga-senpai exchanged glances.

 Could it be that this world doesn’t have such a culture?

 ”Come to think of it, Subaru mentioned something like that.”

 It seems that only Tenga-senpai and Shintaro didn’t know about it.

 ”However, lately roses and orchids seem to be good too. Just staying here won’t do. Let’s go to the store!”

 I head to the nearby flower shop with everyone.

 Along the way, people notice us and their gazes gather.

 ”What? Is this for a TV show?”

 ”This is near the main office building, right? Are we all going for lunch?”

 ”Nah, it’s still too early for that.”

 ”Probably Aqua-kun did something silly again.”

 ”Yeah, sounds like him.”


 ”Posted it on the bulletin board.”

 ”Shumi, since your husband is up to something again, it’s better to subtly check before something happens. Send it!”

 ”From Beryl’s Shirogane Aqua dedicated form, send an email to Nee-san saying Aqua-kun is up to something again.”

 ”Morikawa… it might get complicated if she shows up, so we don’t need to contact her.”

 We arrive at the flower shop we were heading to and enter the store.

 ”Welcome… oh!?”

 The shop assistant probably didn’t expect all four of us to come together.

 Blinking, she forgot to move and stood frozen in place.

 Hey, are you okay?

 I grabbed the lady’s hand and spoke gently.

 ”Lady, I came to buy flowers, is it okay?”

 ”Yes, if you’re okay with ‘my flowers’, feel free to buy as many as you like.”

 Huh? For a moment, I felt like the nuance of the flowers the shop assistant lady mentioned was different, was it just my imagination?

 ”Do you have any recommended flowers for Mother’s Day?”

 ”Oh, those flowers…”

 The lady showed a dejected expression.

 Oh? Did I do something wrong?

 ”Well… recently, sets with sweets have been popular.”

 Oh, so flower shops also sell sets collaborated with famous sweet shops.

 From Japanese sweets to castella, juice, jelly, baked goods, and cookies, there are various options.

 ”That’s nice. I think I’ll buy the flowers that come with these baked goods and cookies.”

 Tenga-senpai picked up the classic carnations that come with Western sweets.

 Wow, that’s great! I think it suits Yumeko-san, who gives off a lively vibe.

 ”I hope your mom will be happy, Tenga-senpai.”


 Tenga-senpai smiled satisfactorily, feeling like he made a good purchase.

 ”Well then, I’ll head out first. If I catch the train now, I should be able to deliver it today! Thanks for your help, junior. I appreciate it!”

 After completing the payment, Tenga-senpai asked the store clerk to prepare the items first. Since the station was nearby, he headed to his mom’s place a step ahead.

 ”So, did you guys find anything good?”

 ”I think I’ll just go with flowers. Mom is on a diet.”

 Kanata-san is on a diet?

 Why would she do something so wasteful!!

 Kanata-san’s soft waistline is the best, it’s a shame to throw that away!

 Well, I guess I have no choice. If it’s come to this, I’ll have to fatten up Kanata-san. I felt a mysterious sense of duty burning within me.

 ”Hey, aren’t the cute ones around here, like, Kanata-san’s type?”

 ”Yeah, maybe… Since Subaru might buy carnations, should I go with roses instead?”

 Hmm, I think this rose suits Kanata-san’s smile that bloomed like a flower.

 ”Then, I think I’ll go with hydrangeas. The color seems like something my mom would like.”

 ”Oh, that’s a good choice.”

 Hydrangeas for Kiyoko-san.

 Hydrangea flowers do seem to suit Kiyoko-san’s vibe.

 It makes me want to hug her tightly from behind.

 ”By the way, isn’t Aqua buying anything?”

 ”I decided to get orchids. That’s what I’ll go with.”

 Mother likes orchids the most.

 So, I decided to give her this on Mother’s Day.

 ”””Thank you very much.”””

 After thanking the store clerk lady, we leave the shop.

 ”Are you planning to give something else besides flowers?”

 ”Hmm, maybe I’ll give some clothes.”

 There were plenty of clothing stores nearby.

 For now, should I go there?

 ”Welcome… Wow!?”

 Oh, the saleswoman froze again.

 Three guys, high school students at that, coming to a women’s clothing store was probably not a good idea.

 ”Excuse me. We’re here to buy clothes.”

 ”I-I-Is it for Toa-chan!?”

 Huh? Oh, Toa sometimes wears girls’ clothes.

 ”No, not for Toa, he wants to give clothes to his mom…”

 ”I see. Please come this way if that’s the case.”

 The saleswoman switched to professional mode and guided us to a corner with recommended items.

 ”For your dear mother, I think something around here would be suitable considering her age.”

 ”I see.”

 Toa carefully looks at each piece of clothing.

 Shintaro seemed restless and fidgety, as if he wasn’t used to being there.

 ”Shintaro, why don’t you sit on that sofa over there?”


 I guided Shintaro to sit on the sofa in the store and then looked around at other corners.

 Oh, these shirts around here would suit Kotono. Wait… maybe they would look good on Kaede too?

 Kaede often wears feminine outfits like dresses, but I feel like she would also look good in a tight skirt that accentuates her legs with this kind of shirt. And if she wears glasses, she might even look like an intellectual announcer.

 ”Miss, how about this shirt with a matching mini skirt… Oh, that looks nice. I’ll take that!”

 Nice. Kaede with an intellectual announcer vibe isn’t bad either.

 Oh, on the contrary, those s*xy dresses over there might suit Kotono.

 When I eat at the hotel restaurant, I feel good. Alright, I’ll buy this too.

 I think Kanon would look nice in this relaxed chiffon blouse. It seems like she could wear it even if she’s full.

 I’ll go with jeans for Yui. Let’s go with skinny jeans that will show off Yui’s curves.

 And Ai tends to buy safe clothes, so something a bit more youthful would be good for her.

 ”I’ll take all of these together, please.”


 As I finish paying and have my clothes wrapped up, someone who also finished shopping approaches.

 ”Aqua, did you buy something too?”

 ”Did you find something nice?”


 Toa shows me the items he bought.

 Wait, a wallet? Huh? Isn’t that clothing?

 ”Huh? Isn’t that clothing?”

 ”Yeah, when I asked the store clerk, she said if it’s something I received from my childhood, I would want to use it every day, and she suggested considering accessories. Oh, but I did buy clothes too.”

 Oh, that’s nice.

 Kanata, there are surprisingly many simple clothes, so I think a feminine blouse would be nice.

 ”Well then, I’m going to meet up with Subaru for a meeting later.”

 ”Alright, do your best!”

 ”Yeah, Aqua, thanks for today!”

 After seeing off Toa, I went to pick up Shintaro who was sitting on the sofa.

 ”So, what are you going to do, Shintaro?”

 ”Oh, um, I’m thinking of giving something along with flower, but I can’t think of anything good.”

 I see. Leave that to me then!

 I took Shintaro and headed to a recommended shop nearby.

 ”Ah, ah, ah”

 Not only the store clerk but all the customers in the store were looking at us.

 ”Ah, Aqua… A-are we really going in here?”

 ”Yeah, of course we are!”

 I grabbed Shintaro’s shoulder and stepped into paradise.

 Woah! It already smells good from this point.

 ”Are you looking for something…?”

 As the person who seemed like the store manager appeared, I responded with a serious and composed expression.

 ”It seems Shintaro is going to give underwear to his mom, so could you help choose it together?”

 Yes, this is a secret garden for women, and for me, it’s paradise. It’s a lingerie shop!!

 ”Umm, are you really going to buy it?”

 ”Of course. How about underwear in the same light blue color as that hydrangea over there?”

 When the store manager picked up the underwear I pointed to and held it against her body, I was surprised.

 Oh, they offer that kind of service!?



 When I turned around after being called out, customers had gathered around us.

 Uh, what’s going on, everyone?

 I was nervous, thinking I might be kicked out.

 ”If it’s okay with us,”


 ”””””Shall we try them on?”””””

 ”Thanks a lot!”

 That’s awesome, isn’t it!!

 What’s wrong, Shintaro?

 I support the swaying Shintaro’s body.

 ”Aqua, it seems like this place was too early for me.”


 Sorry, Shintaro. I got carried away too.

 ”Um, thanks everyone. Let’s enjoy that later… Manager, do you have pajamas or something like that?”

 ”Yes, we do!”

 I lend my shoulder to Shintaro and head towards the corner selling girls’ pajamas.

 ”How about this one, the texture feels nice, and it’s perfect for the upcoming season, right?”

 ”Oh, that’s good, isn’t it?”

 Short-sleeved with shorts. And it’s a cat pattern!?

 Kiyoko-san, she doesn’t seem like she would wear this, so it’s actually good.

 I desperately hold back the urge to grin as I imagine Kiyoko-san wearing this in my head.

 ”I got it. I’ll go with this one.”

 Shintaro paid the bill first and had the pajamas wrapped.

 Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to purchase the hydrangea-colored underwear from earlier and had the staff wrap it together.

 When it comes to sizes, leave it to me. I never forget the three sizes of a woman I once embraced. That is Shirogane Aqua.

 ”Sorry, Aqua. This is my limit. I’ll head back first.”

 ”Oh, I see. Okay. Sorry, Shintaro.”

 ”No, thanks to you, I made a good purchase. Mother, she likes cute things unexpectedly, but she always says they don’t suit her and doesn’t buy them, so I think she’ll be happy.”

 I understand, Shintaro.

 As I bid farewell to Shintaro, I return to the underwear shop.

 Of course, I have only one goal in mind.

 ”So, how is it?”


 Not only the customers but also the staff and the store manager lined up wearing the recommended underwear.

 Oh, how happy I am. I think I’ll live here for about three more days.

 Well, joking aside, I’m choosing underwear as a present for my mother in a normal way.

 It seems that from my preliminary investigation, underwear ranked in the top 3 of things that sons give that make mothers happy on Mother’s Day.

 By the way, the most appreciated gift is a son’s virginity.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 ”Yes, thank you too.”

 I thank everyone and give them the underwear I tried on.

 This is my gratitude to everyone who showed me such wonderful things.

 Then, I sign boldly on the shop’s glass window, “[Shirogane Aqua have come here!]” and leave the place.

 ”I’m back!”

 I return home with the present in hand.

 Immediately, my mother welcomes me.

 ”Welcome back, Aqua-chan!”

 I place a large pot of orchids near my welcoming mother.

 ”This is for mom. Hey, today is Mother’s Day, right?”

 ”Aqua-chan gave this to me!? I’m so happy! Thank you!!”

 I caught my excited mom as she jumped towards me and spun her around right there.

 Seeing my mom genuinely happy made me happy too.

 ”Where is everyone?”

 ”They’re in the living room!”

 If that’s the case, why not all go out for a meal together… No, I’ll treat everyone to my cooking for the first time in a while!

 ”Alright, then I’ll make something. Everyone, change into nice clothes and let’s enjoy the meal together.”

 ”Yeah, got it!!”

 That day, I invited my mom, Mommy Mikuni, Shitori-onee-chan, Lapis, and Lazuli to enjoy a family gathering with six of us.

 I actually planned to prepare a gift for Mommy Mikuni too, but it seems it’s customary for the person who donated the genes to celebrate on Father’s Day.

 Today, Kanon seems to be spending time with Grandmother Mary, so I think I’ll stay over here tonight.

 ”Mother, it looks good on you.”


 I loved Mother, dressed in the underwear I chose, with all my heart.

 This is the best way to show filial piety in this world!!

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