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Volume 13 Chapter 47 Shirogane Aqua, The Special Battle Weapon For Shirogane Aqua

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 ”What? The guest has a fever?”

 While visiting the TV station for the recording of beryl&beryl, I happened to overhear a conversation among the staff who seemed to be in a rush.

 ”Oh… I see. Since it’s a live broadcast, we were thinking of going without a guest this time…”

 So it’s going to be a live broadcast instead of a recording… It doesn’t seem like they can postpone the schedule.

 ”I don’t know what show it is, but if it’s okay, can I step in as a replacement?”

 ”I-Is that alright?”

 ”Of course!”

 It’s a mutual help when in trouble.

 Above all, since I’ve caused quite a bit of trouble for the TV station, I want to gradually repay them whenever I can.

 ”I’d like to say that, but just to be sure, my staff is in the waiting room there, so let’s check with the office first.”


 One of the staff ladies hurriedly headed to the staff room and returned at Kenzaki-like speed.

 ”I got the permission!”

 Oh, that was quick.

 ”Well then, let’s go!”

 Wait, where’s the script?

 Huh? No time to read the script!? The script was blank the moment my appearance was decided!?

 They’re asking for everything to be ad-libbed, and while it’s awkward to say it myself, is that really okay…?

 I have no idea what’s going to happen. For now, I’ll ask Kohina-senpai to dogeza in my place if something happens… I think that person is currently recording in Minato Ward, so she should make it about an hour after the show ends.

 ”Yes, then please come out when the timing is right. We’ll go with the flow after that!”


 Ah, I should have at least asked for the name of the show and the co-stars.

 I strain my ears to gauge the timing.

 ”Alright, everyone, it’s time to introduce today’s special guest! Here we go!”

 Huh? That voice sounds really familiar.

 With a hint of doubt, I peek out from the side of the stage.


 ”Huh? Huh…? Whaat!?”

 ”Wait, what?”

 ”No way!?”


 The audience who noticed my presence first let out surprised voices.

 Well, hello there, everyone. I wink towards the audience, causing another round of screams.

 The three hosts, noticing the audience’s reactions, slowly turn their heads towards me.


 ”Oh, hello there, sorry for the interruption.”

 I give a slight nod to the three hosts from eau de Cologne who caught my eye.

 Come on, even the staff should have mentioned if Ayana was going to be on the show.

 Wait, what kind of show is this? I’ve watched all the shows Ayana has been on, but from looking at the set, I can’t figure out what show this is.

 ”Huh? Wait, wait, wasn’t today’s guest supposed to be Prime Minister Habu?”

 Maron-san looked surprised.

 So, today’s guest was Prime Minister Habu.

 By the way, did she have a fever? Is she okay?

 [I heard she got a fever from using her brain that she doesn’t usually use.]

 I looked at the cue cards and made an indescribable expression.

 ”The Prime Minister Habu got a fever, so I’m here as a replacement today.”

 So, where should I sit?

 Oh, there. Got it!

 ”So, what is this show?”

 ”It’s a talk show where guests speak candidly without any taboos, and this is the first broadcast special.”

 Oh, I see.

 So, the recording for that show I mentioned before is today.

 I glance at the cue cards held by the staff in front of me.

 [In this show, the audience ask questions, and the guest and one of the member of eau de Cologne group will answer it. Basically, there are no restrictions on the questions, but if a really bad question comes up, at that point, there will be a commercial break, and after the break, the audience who caused the issue will become a teddy bear.]

 Oh, I see. Got it.

 I slightly lifted my hips and sat back down, showing an attitude that I’m ready for any question.

 In this Shirogane Aqua, there are no restrictions on questions!!

 ”Now, let’s pick the first questioner.”

 Ayana stepped forward, reached into a transparent sphere, and caught a piece of paper dancing in the wind.

 ”Um… the first questioner is number 7!”

 ”Wow, lucky number 7!”


 I also applauded with a smile. Congratulations!

 The person holding the number 7 card stood up, surprised.

 ”Um, so the person who drew the lottery and the guest will answer questions, right? In that case, I have a question for Tsukimachi Ayana-san and Shirogane Aqua-san! Honestly, what do you think about Kohina Yukari? Please give us your honest thoughts without any restrictions!”

 Taking a deep breath, I turned my gaze towards the staff.

 ”Huh? Is this question not off-limits?”

 Seeing my serious expression, laughter erupted from the audience.

 ”Aqua, it’s an honest talk without restrictions!”

 ”Well, even so, isn’t this question too intense from the start!”

 Why of all questions, this one.

 I covered my face with both hands.

 ”Well… I respect Kohina Yukari as an actor.”

 ”As an actor, right. Not as a person?”

 ”Come on, Maron-senpai. Don’t nitpick on that!”

 Huh? Showing respect (????) to Kohina-senpai as a person? Respect (????), as I know it, is different from the respect (??) character in kanji, right?

 ”But… well, I think everyone misunderstands this, but Yukari-senpai is actually quite kind. She can be hard to understand and strict in some ways, but she’s not aggressive towards anyone from the start. Just, after finishing eating, I want her to make sure to soak the dishes in water.”


 The audience erupts into laughter in response to my ad-lib for Ayana’s words.

 Ideally, after finishing your bento, could she also rinse the container lightly with water and throw it away as trash? Can she do that much?

 ”So, what about Aqua?”

 Ayana, I wish you hadn’t brought that up to me without asking. Let’s just leave that as a closed topic.

 ”Well, to be honest, just like Ayana, I also respect Kohina-senpai as an actor. Besides, I’ve been quite helped by that person, so I’m grateful for that too. But you know, I want to say it out loud. We’re also looking out for each other here! It’s a mutual thing, you know!”

 Even though she’s strict as an actor, she’s way too lazy in her personal life.

 Eventually, she even finds going to the bathroom too much of a hassle, and I worry she might end up peeing in a bottle like Lazuli at home.

 ”Yes. That’s the end of this question!”

 As I spread my arms wide and forcibly cut it off, laughter could be heard from the audience.

 ”Well then, Kurushima Fran, let’s move on to the next question!”

 Next is Fran-chan.

 Fran-chan draws a lot and shows the number written on it to the camera. Next is number 39.

 Number 39 claps hands with their accompanying friend in joy and stands up from their seat.

 ”Question for fans of Tsukimachi Ayana! Please recommend your favorite Ayana-chan!!”

 ”Wait a minute! Me!?”

 Ayana gave the staff a look as if to say, “Isn’t this a no-go.”

 ”Ayana, this show is a no-holds-barred talk show without any restrictions.”

 When I did the same thing to Ayana as before, laughter erupted from those around us.

 ”My recommendation would be from the matchmaking party. There’s a scene where Ayana looks back at me while we’re duetting, and that moment was just amazing.”

 ”Huh? But isn’t that something only Aqua-sama can see?”

 That’s right. That’s why it’s good.

 I playfully poke Fran-chan’s puffed-up cheek. Hmm. Why do young girls’ cheeks feel so unique when poked? It’s the same with Fee-chan and Haa-chan’s cheeks; I just want to keep poking them forever.

 ”Jeez, stop it.”

 Ayana covered her red face with both hands and shook her head from side to side.

 That cute side of her really gets to me.

 ”As for me, I have to say, Ayana-senpai’s crying face is the best. Oh, not when she’s sad, but when she’s crying tears of joy. She doesn’t show it often, but like when we had our first nationwide live tour with eau de Cologne, or when Aqua-sama came to help, those are tears of happiness.”

 ”I totally get it!”

 Not even Ayana herself, or even Kohina-senpai, has realized it yet, but I know. Well, maybe it’s not that I know, but being so close, I happened to witness that scene by chance and noticed.

 If Ayana is able to make a big leap as an idol or actress from now on, I believe Ayana’s smile… or to put it more simply, her way of expressing emotions when she changes from sadness or despair, anger or pain to joy.

 But, I don’t tell her that myself because I want to cherish the natural fluctuations of emotions that I show in the moment. So, it’s not the right time now.

 ”Maybe next time. The Ayana at school. The real Ayana talking with her classmates is the best!”

 ”Eh! Aqua-sama, that’s not fair!! Fran and the fans won’t be able to see that at all!!”

 That’s true…

 ”When that happens, please check out my social media! Ayana appears quite often there!! Also, Ayana’s uniform will soon switch to summer attire, so everyone, look forward to it.”


 Ayana playfully taps my shoulder.

 See, all the fans are happy too.

 ”Both of you, don’t bully Ayana-chan too much. Got it!”

 Phew… That saved me during the show.

 As expected, she is from the same generation as Kohina-senpai. I was almost taken by surprise if I had let my guard down.

 Maron-senpai’s cool big sister vibe really resonates with me, so please hold back during the show.

 ”Maron-senpai, Fran is doing business as usual, but Aqua is bullying me!”

 ”There, there. I’ll talk to Aqua-kun later and sort it out.”

 Grrr! Seeing Ayana bury her head in Maron-san’s ample chest, I shed tears of frustration in my heart.

 Please scold me with Maron-oneesan’s chest too later!!

 ”Well then, is it my turn next?”

 Following Fran-chan, Maron-san draws a lottery ticket.

 It’s number 29. The big sister with number 29 looks surprised, freezes for a moment, then looks around nervously before standing up.

 Yes, the winner is the big sister!

 ”Um, sorry… I got picked all of a sudden, and it startled me…”

 ”Haha, did you get surprised and blurt out a question? It’s okay. Take your time.”

 Wow, as expected of the captain of eau de Cologne.

 I feel like wanting to rely on this big sister figure. I even have a faint hope that if I were to ask while bowing down, she might pamper me.

 ”Um, well…”

 ”Hehe, anything is fine, really. Do your best!”

 Maron-san… If you quit eau de Cologne, would you consider being my personal pampering and support assistant?

 It’s an easy job where you pamper me when I mess up or feel tired, and cheer me on with ‘do your best’ before I go to work!

 ”Uh… then, if the two of you were to get married, what kind of family would you like to build?”

 ”Huh!? M-me and Aqua-kun!?”

 Maron-san shows a surprised expression.

 Seeing the usually composed big sister figure looking bewildered… is the best!

 ”Oh, not in that sense… Oh, but, that sense works too.”

 ”No, no, that’s not it, right? Geez! I jumped to conclusions and got it all wrong.”

 Maron-san, with tears in her eyes, pouted with a red face.

 Maron-san… do you know that I have a weakness for cute and pampering big sisters?

 I never expected to find Shirogane Aqua’s special battle weapon here… Is this the nightmare generation? Terrifying!!

 ”Um, when you get married, children… well, not now! No way, no way!”

 ”What do you mean by ‘no way’?”

 I am Shirogane Aqua, a man who goes all out on attack power while nak*d.

 I boldly step into that territory.

 ”Uh… well, as a general rule, you know, if you’re getting married, you want to have children with the person you love, right?”

 ”That’s right. I understand. So, Maron-san, how many children do you want?”

 Maron-san covered her face with both hands.

 ”Geez, Aqua-kun, you tease so easily!”

 ”So, in reality, how many do you want?”

 Maron-san pushed my hand away from her face and muttered in a small voice while glancing at me.

 ”I… really want it so badly.”

 ”Huh? What do you mean?”

 Of course, I could hear her, but I pretended not to hear that part.

 ”I… I really want to have a soccer team.”

 ”Huh? What did you say!?”

 I asked Maron-san again.

 ”I’m saying I want to have a soccer team! And if possible, one that can compete!!”

 Compete!? That’s 22 people, no, if you include substitutes, that’s 46 people!?

 Let’s make it happen! Right now!!

 ”Geez! You definitely heard me the first time!”

 Maron-san patted my back.

 ”So, what about you, Aqua-kun?”

 ”Oh, I just want a peaceful family where we can chat on the sofa and relax.”

 That’s not a lie. In reality, that’s how my family is like.

 By listening carefully to everyone’s stories, I reduce misunderstandings within the family.

 ”Oh, that’s not fair!”


 For now, I write in my mind’s big sister notes that Maron-senpai is a pervert.

 It’s really important, so I put a double circle around it so I won’t forget.

 ”Well then, Maron-senpai, please draw the next question!”

 ”Huh? Me again!?”

 Maron-san, half in tears, draws the next lot.

 It’s number 45. The big sister who got number 45 jumps up in joy. Nice!

 ”Now, I have a question for both of you! How many times a week would you like to have nighttime activities to create a soccer team!?”

 Oh, the lamp’s color changed from red to green.

 That means it’s commercial break time.

 The big sister who asked the previous question was grabbed by the security guard and escorted out of the studio.

 ”So, how many times a week will you do it?”

 ”Huh? 7… ugh! What, are you trying to make me say? Ugh!!”

 I was smacked on the back by Maron-san.

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