Male Idol V13c48

Volume 13 Chapter 48 Shirogane Aqua, Drowning In Strategist’s Strategies

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 As the commercial break ends, the on-air lamp lights up.

 ”Oh, oh? Where did that person go?”

 I pretend to be surprised.

 Of course, this is just an act.

 ”That person from earlier? What are you talking about?”

 ”I wonder?”

 ”That over there is a stuffed teddy bear designed by Nene-cho-san, Koguma-senpai from the beginning.”

 Wait, a teddy bear stuffed animal? That teddy bear over there is a bear!

 Eau de Cologne pretends not to know and then smiles.

 ”Well then, it’s Maron-senpai’s turn next. Please draw a lot.”

 ”Wait a moment, isn’t it earlier…”

 ”The earlier one is invalid. Even if you answered behind the scenes, it’s still invalid.”

 Hahaha. Good job. Ayana, keep it up!

 To enjoy Maron-san’s embarrassment, I silently cheer Ayana in my mind.

 ”Ugh, I don’t want to anymore!”

 Maron-san reluctantly draws a lottery while showing a cute gesture.

 Even just a little, I want her to share this cuteness with her same-aged friend, Yukari-senpai.

 ”Let’s see… Number 62.”


 Number 62 stands up.

 ”I have a question for both of you. Maron-san and Aqua-kun, you both are active on social media, but do you not participate in events like celebrity competitions or summer sports festivals?”

 Celebrity competitions, summer sports festivals.

 It’s basically a tournament where female celebrities wear swimsuits or gym clothes and engage in refreshing, yes, refreshing physical activities.

 ”Last year, there was no one to team up with, but I think this year the Nightmare Generation will participate. Inko-chan will be in the cheering squad though.”

 So, does that mean Kaede from the Nightmare Generation will also participate… Will she dominate the competition?

 Oh, but since Kohina-senpai is bad at sports, it might balance out to zero.

 ”I also asked Ako-san about BERYL. I think she might participate.”

 The audience cheers at my response.

 Actually, this information hasn’t been officially released yet, but I confirmed it with Ai through Grandma Ranko who watches from the corner, so it should be okay to say.

 ”Moreover, I heard a rumor that they might include Maruo, Kujaku, Hajime, and even have guests like Tsuwabuki-san, Kamonohashi-san, Charlie-kun, and maybe even invite Rihito-san and Kaede’s father for the first-ever male-female competition using special techniques.”

 ”Oh, really? Is it okay to share that information!?”

 ”It’s fine, it’s fine. They’re all from the same Fuji family, and Grandma Ranko watching discreetly from there hasn’t said anything, so it should be fine. By the way, if Kaede participates, I think I’m the only one in the world who can beat her, so I’ll do my best with all seriousness.”

 Laughter erupts from the audience at my response.

 Depending on the sport, I think other girls could beat Kaede, but the more the competition becomes purely physical, the more Kaede dominates.

 ”However, recently, Kaede seems a bit strange. She mentioned feeling like her power is dropping while staring at her own fist the other day.”

 ”Eh? Is Kaede-chan okay? She seemed fine during the wedding.”

 ”Maybe it’s like she got sick due to the changing seasons. Since our family doctor was off, she went to a doctor near her workplace to get checked.”

 ”I see.”

 Kanon and Kotono also mentioned that Kaede might have been exhausted from the rush of the wedding and all.

 And Emily said, “Despite appearances, Kaede-paisen is sensitive in a weird way.”

 It might be a bit odd, but Kaede does have a surprisingly delicate side. Even though she may seem absent-minded at times, she actually pays attention to those around her and is capable of thoughtful gestures.

 ”…Wait, huh? The hospital near the national broadcaster, wasn’t it mentioned in the weekly Hogé News of the national broadcaster that the quack doctor was caught there recently… Well, if that’s the case, Kaede-chan who reads the news must have noticed it herself. Yeah, yeah, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

 Huh? Maron-san, is something wrong?

 Maron-san mutters something quietly next to me.

 ”Then it’s my turn!”

 Fran-chan energetically draws a lot.

 ”I got it. Number 35! A loser!?”

 Is she talking about me!?

 For a moment, I almost thought I was being called and about to stand up from my seat.

 That was close. The desire within me to always be a loser in front of girls leaked out.

 ”Oh, it’s me.”

 The big sister in the audience points the number 35 paper towards the camera.

 ”Hmm. This big sister is such a weakling. Loser, loser!”

 ”Wow, thank you so much!”

 Fran-chan… I’ll pay you later, could you do that for me too?

 I’d prefer to do it surrounded by everyone with eau de Cologne if possible, but just imagining Ayana looking at me with such a cold gaze makes me shiver.

 ”Big sister, sorry for the joke. Thanks for going along with it!”

 That’s what it is after all. The good thing about eau de Cologne is that Ayana, being the leader, is straightforward.

 ”Um, earlier we talked about getting married. Now, what would happen if Aqua-kun and Fran-chan were siblings, what would you want to do with each other?”

 I see. Fran-chan as a sister…

 I can’t help but picture my pathetic self being Fran-chan’s horse every day in my mind.

 Yeah, it doesn’t feel strange at all. This is definitely it.

 ”Huh!? If Aqua-sama were my big brother, I might end up taking him around every day. I could even do things like pick him up from school, what do you think? I would definitely brag to my classmates about how cool Fran’s big brother is.”

 Fran-chan smiles, showing her teeth. It’s a nice smile.

 Certainly, Fran-chan, who is more lively than Lapis, seems like she would take me around.

 ”As for me, let’s see… My Lapis is more of an indoor type, but Fran-chan seems like she would enjoy shopping, so maybe we could wander around Harajuku or Shibuya together?”

 ”As expected, Aqua-sama! You really understand me… no, you understand girls! Oh, and also, if I had a big brother like you, I would want to share drinks with you and lick apple candy together. Hey, Aqua-sama, be Fran’s big brother!”

 Fran-chan places her index finger on her lips and looks at me with upturned eyes.

 Oh, Fran-chan, even though you’re in elementary school, there’s a certain charm about you that’s more alluring than Ayana, a high schooler. Even now, your lips are so plump and fresh, exuding a dewy freshness that makes a guy want to kiss you.

 I’m really glad my little sister is Lapis. Fran-chan is still in elementary school, but if my sister were Fran-chan, I think there might have been a chance for a mix-up.

 ”Well then, how about we all play together next time?”

 ”Yay! I love Aqua-sama!”

 As Fran-chan clings to my arm, pretending innocence, she rubs her flat chest against my arm.

 It was a good thing I spontaneously suggested playing with everyone earlier. If we were alone, I would have definitely been lured to a hotel around Dougenzaka. I commend my own judgment for preventing a potentially serious situation just in time.

 ”Okay, it’s my turn next.”

 Ayana draws lottery number 74.

 Wearing AyanaGoods, Number 74 stands up and strikes a guts pose.

 If she’s a fan, she must be thrilled. I get it.

 ”To the two of you, classmates from the same school, the ace of a male and female idol group representing Japan, and an actor who looks up to the same mentor. Please tell us how you feel about each other from your respective perspectives!!”

 I see… this is a serious question.

 I switch gears and answer the question with a sincere attitude.

 ”As an actor, Ayana is more of a comrade than a rival. It’s to defeat Kohina-senpai.”

 ”Hmm… does that mean I lack the ability as a rival?”

 ”No, no, not in that sense…”

 I am taken aback by Ayana’s response.

 Ayana, seeing my reaction, playfully sticks out her tongue.

 ”Haha, just kidding. Well… let’s say we’re comrades until we defeat Kohina-senpai. After that, I’ll defeat Aqua!”

 ”Oh, that’s great. That’s what I hoped for.”

 I don’t dislike it, rather, I like Ayana’s attitude.

 Even though in this world, as a man, I have a far greater advantage, Ayana’s attitude of treating me as an equal has had a significant impact on other actors as well. I believe that I am not isolated as an actor because of Ayana’s attitude. That’s why I really enjoyed acting with Ayana in the Yuu-onii.

 ”So, how about as an idol?”

 ”Well, she’s already a senior in the idol world. Instead of being rivals, I feel like I have to work hard in a position where I have to chase after her.”

 ”Oh, there you go again. Always praising me like that.”

 I’m not really praising her though.

 It’s true that the set may have cost a lot of money, and our staff consists of impressive members, but I think the overall quality of the live performance is higher with eau de Cologne.

 It really comes down to the difference in experience. Originally, in my past life, I had just debuted as an idol from a research student. The number of stages as a top idol is different.

 In that sense, there are many things to learn from Iria-san’s Fairies and other idols.

 ”What do you think of BERYL from Ayana’s perspective?”

 ”Well… to be honest, in terms of Aqua’s solo, it’s not my place to comment, but as BERYL, there are still many areas for improvement, right?”

 ”You’re right.”

 ”Each member of BERYL has a unique personality, so it’s a bit challenging to maintain a sense of unity. But once they overcome that, I feel like no one can catch up anymore. Because, sometimes when the four of them are perfectly in sync on stage, it’s amazing.”

 I really think Ayana watches closely.

 There is still room for improvement in BERYL. It’s a group with nothing but potential.

 So, I want to keep saying, “Follow me and I’ll lead the way.” I believe that if they follow me, Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai will be there for me.

 I let out a sigh and relax my expression.

 ”So, how about as classmates?”

 ”As classmates… there’s nothing special about Aqua.”

 Nothing special? I almost slipped out of my seat.

 It’s like suddenly getting a cold shoulder like in the old days. Can you stop that?

 ”Well, it just reminds me of something. The Ayana I remember as a classmate is the initial cold Ayana for me.”

 ”Wait a minute, don’t remind me of those days. Geez!”

 Ayana recalls her past self and feels embarrassed.

 Looking back now, I think I was able to push through that cold Ayana back then because my fetish were completely twisted. Thank you, my fetish. I am grateful for the distortion of my own fetish.

 ”Okay, that’s the end of this question! Let’s move on to the next one!”

 Ayana forcefully cuts off the question.

 It’s great, isn’t it? Both the audience and I had a grin on our faces at Ayana’s reaction.

 I recognized that Ayana’s fans are definitely in the same rank as me.

 ”Oh, Ayana-chan. They said the last part will be questions from the viewers.”

 ”Huh? Is it that time already?”

 While the camera wasn’t facing this way, I glanced at the cue card the staff member in front of me was holding.

 [The final question, Aqua-kun will draw lots together with Maron-san, Fran-chan, and Ayana-chan in that order. Here, the two of you should cooperate to choose the cards with questions.]

 I see. Understood.

 ”So, first up is Maron-san and me.”

 ”Yeah, Aqua-kun, which one should we pick?”

 Maron-san’s hair had a nice scent that tickled my nose.

 It was slightly sweet, soft, and had a gentle fragrance akin to soap. It’s the kind of scent that really appeals to men!

 ”Maron-san can choose, it’s fine.”

 ”Well, then it’s meaningless. Shall we choose together?”


 Maron-san, would you become my personal big sister if I pay you?

 Honestly, I’m fine with having as many big sisters as possible.”

 ”Then, Maron-san, let’s point to the card we want to draw at the same time.”


 Maron-san looks up at my face and smiles. Wait, that idol smile from up close is unfair.

 I might misunderstand that she’s interested in me!!

 ””On the count of three!””

 Oh, Maron-san and I are pointing to the same card.

 ”We did it! Aqua-kun, we got the same one!”

 Oh no. If this were a private moment, I might have kissed her the moment she turned towards me because she’s too cute.

 Is this the nightmare generation? If I let my guard down, I might get swept away in an instant.

 I thought the captain of the top female idol group, eau de Cologne, was on a different level.

 ”What was written there?”

 I whisper in Maron-san’s ear as she flips the card.

 ”Um, well…”

 Blushing, Maron-san turns the card she was holding towards me.

 [Question for Aqua-kun and Maron-san! What do you think are each other’s attractive points as the opposite gender? Please take turns telling each other and compete!! Guhehe… Question number 0721, from RamenHagetoru]”

 RamenHagetoru is always a regular viewer of my streams!

 I’m happy that they’re watching even with this sudden appearance.

 ”Well, I think Maron-san’s sisterly side is an attractive point as the opposite gender. No matter how strong a man is, there are nights when he wants to be pampered.”

 ”Oh, you’re cheating by saying it first!”

 Seeing Maron-san’s face turn bright red, I grin.

 ”Um, um, like big… parts…?”

 ”Big? Where!?”

 I couldn’t help but be surprised by Maron-san’s risky response.

 Truly the nightmare generations, they leave no room for carelessness or mistakes.

 ”Ah, no! That’s not it!!”

 Maron-san, whose face turned even redder, naturally raised her voice.

 ”It’s not that, it’s more like, the height of our eye level, when we’re standing side by side like this, I thought it’s just the right height where I have to look up a bit!!”

 I breathed a sigh of relief at Maron-san’s answer.

 Phew, I almost made one of the top idols say something naughty.

 ”I see. If that’s the case, Maron-san is just the right height from my perspective too. Look.”

 I pulled Maron-san closer and rested her head on my shoulder.

 Yellow screams echoed from the audience as they witnessed this.

 ”How is it?”

 ”It’s not ‘how is it.’ Geez!”

 Maron-san’s face grew even redder.

 There’s further pursuit with the Shirogane Aqua style.

 ”Look, at this rate, I’ll win.”

 ”Ah, eh, ah…”

 Beside the flustered Maron-san, I count down from 10 to 0.

 ”6, 5, 4, 3…”

 ”Wait, wait, what do you mean by ‘hard parts’!?”

 Hard parts!? What is this person saying during the live broadcast!?

 Even I, as expected, am surprised and my mouth falls open.

 ”Eh…? Ah…”

 Seeing my reaction and the reactions of those around her, Maron-san seems to realize the meaning of her words, and her face turns bright red up to her ears.

 ”Not like that, I meant chest and abs! When you hugged me earlier, I thought they were nice!! Th-that, it’s not in a weird way!!”

 If it’s not in a weird way, then you understand the meaning, right!?

 ”Geez, why does it have to be like this only today!”

 Maron-san, who covered her face with both hands, folded her knees and curled up compactly.

 ”Well, um… there are many other charming aspects, but today is my defeat.”

 Feeling sorry for her, I raised both hands in surrender.

 If I push any further, Maron-san might turn into Koguma-senpai.

 I regret underestimating the danger of the nightmare generation.

 ”Yay! Both of us won against Aqua-kun!”

 Maron-san, who revived after winning the match, hugged Fran-chan and Ayana in joy.

 She’s so cute, but is she really lewd on the inside… irresistible.

 ”Well then, Aqua-sama, please draw a card with Fran next.”

 ”OK, which one will you choose?”

 I choose a card while consulting with Fran-chan.

 Just like before, I wonder why Fran-chan is so skilled at leaning her body against mine.

 Compared to the innocent Ayana and Maron-san, she comes with a way of entrusting her body to a man properly.

 ”I have a hunch, but I feel like this one looks good. What do you think, Aqua-sama?”

 ”Well then, let’s go with that.”

 I lock eyes with Fran-chan and draw a card we chose together to show everyone.

 Then, a loud applause erupted from the audience.

 What could it be? I glance at Fran-chan, then turn the card with a question written on it towards us.

 [Question for Fran-chan and Aqua-san. Please tell us the recommended points of each other’s idol groups!! Question number 0902, 9n2-neesan]

 I see. This is indeed a good question.

 I look at Fran-chan again, and we both show our teeth with a grin.

 ”The good thing about eau de Cologne is that everyone has their cute side. But when they get on stage, they all look really cool. It makes my heart race, and before I know it, I find myself crying when the live performance ends.:

 In response to my answer, everyone in the audience nodded in agreement.

 ”So, the recommended point of eau de Cologne that I support is definitely their live performances. You can understand everything by going to their live shows. That’s where it all starts.”

 Fran-chan clapped her hands enthusiastically at my passionate speech.

 ”Wow, thank you very much!”

 Fran-chan may have a mischievous side, but she’s a good girl.

 I love Ayana too, but I also love eau de Cologne and sometimes their performances are so captivating that they almost overshadow Ayana.

 They are undoubtedly leading the way for the next generation of idols.

 For the Milk Dipper I produce, Fran-chan will be a high wall for them to climb.

 ”Then, Fran’s recommended points for BERYL are… hmm… there are so many, what should I do? While live performances are great, what Fran likes the most is challenging things together with everyone at beryl&beryl, and also chatting on streams and talk shows. That’s what Fran likes the most.”

 I see. I also enjoy doing various things at beryl&beryl and chatting with everyone on streams.

 Although I really wanted to mention live performances, I know that those two are popular, and I think that’s the current situation with BERYL.

 ”Of course, I recommend the live performances too, so make sure to buy the upcoming BERYL live DVD or Blu-ray!”

 I think these words say it all.

 Ayana and Maron-san seem to be very reliable, but surprisingly, it’s Fran-chan who is the most reliable. She’s aware of when our DVDs and BDs are released, and in a sense, as far as I know, she might be the most professional idol in this world…

 ”Thank you, Fran-chan.”

 After thanking Fran-chan, I wait for Ayana to arrive.

 ”Well then, Ayana, shall we pull together?”

 ”Huh, no way.”

 What’s with the ‘no way’! You don’t have to answer immediately!!

 Laughter could be heard from the audience.

 I make a disappointed face.

 ”Geez, it’s not the usual joke! Come on, let’s choose together.”

 When I make a slightly lonely face, Ayana immediately treats me kindly.

 Kohina-senpai told me that I overdo it and it’s obvious that I’m doing it on purpose, but I’m a man who will keep pushing until I get a reaction.

 ”Shall we go with this one?”


 We flip over the cards we chose.

 [Question for Aqua-sama and Ayana-chan! Please tell each other your honest feelings as the opposite gender! Question number 0473, from Shumi-san the Maiden]

 Oh, it’s the person who often sends silent super chats to my stream!


 Ayana puffs out her cheeks towards the camera.

 I-Is something wrong?

 ”Geez!! The person who asked this question definitely knows what they’re doing!”

 Laughter and applause echoed from the audience in response to Ayana’s reaction.

 I could hear voices saying “Shumi is great” and “As expected, Shumi understands.”

 Is Shumi-san the maiden a celebrity?

 ”So, Ayana, what do you think of me? I find you very attractive as the opposite gender.”

 I understand myself well.

 I, who have focused all my strength on attack power, believe that a preemptive strike is everything.

 ”Ah! It’s unfair to casually say something and end your turn!”

 I was gently hit by Ayana, her face turning red.

 She’s cute when she does that.

 ”So, how is it?”

 ”Well, um… generally, I guess it’s charming.”

 As I took a step forward, Ayana gave a vague response.

 I won’t let this opportunity slip away!!

 ”No, no, not a general opinion, I want to know if Ayana finds me attractive or not!”

 ”Ugh!! Fine, fine. You’re attractive, I find you attractive too!”


 Ayana’s face turned bright red as she turned to Maron-san for help.

 ”There, there, Ayana-chan. You did well.”

 Fuhihi, thanks to the mysterious Shumi-san, the ultimate assist!

 Like a perfect combo between me and Shumi-san, we managed to knock Ayana down.


 After being comforted by Maron-san, Ayana, who had revived, looked at me and puffed up her cheeks.

 ”But, I really hate that Aqua from earlier.”

 Gasp! W-Wait, Ayana-san, that was just for the show, right!?

 Oh, when I approached Ayana, she hid behind Maron-san and turned her face away with a pout.

 Wait a minute, is the show going to end in this atmosphere? Isn’t this turning into a broadcast accident?

 This is really bad. Just as I thought I had to do something, someone appeared in my field of vision.

 ”Help, Great Kaiju Yukari, go!”

 As I called out, Kohina-senpai in casual clothes stepped in front of the camera.

 It was good that I had sent a message before the show started.

 ”I’m really sorry for this idiot!! Come on, you apologize to Ayana-chan too!”

 ”I’m sorry!”

 Ayana stuck out her tongue and made a face as if saying, “That’s a lie.”

 Phew, that was close. I regret getting carried away during the live broadcast.

 ”So, despite everything that happened, thank you all for watching the first live broadcast special.”

 Next to me, Maron-san tries to wrap up the show.

 However, on the other side, Kohina-senpai quietly starts talking to me.

 ”Hey, by the way, am I getting paid for this?”


 ”Huh? That won’t do. I’ll make sure to deduct it from your pay and tell Ako.”

 ”Oh, come on.”

 ”Hey, you two! Remember, everything you say is being recorded!!”

 In the end, with Maron-san’s tsukkomi, the show concluded amidst laughter from the audience and staff.

 It was a total mess in the end!!

 ”So, why did it turn out like this?”

 ”It’s all Prime Minister Habu’s fault for getting a fever.”

 I shifted all the blame onto Prime Minister Habu and made a run for it from the studio.

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